The New SpotMini


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  • Ace Wongsawad
    Ace Wongsawad Day ago

    I want one!

    XLINE Day ago

    give him red glowing eyes

  • Rich Pivo
    Rich Pivo 3 days ago


  • king of clubs
    king of clubs 8 days ago

    Free idea for you guys. A robot that walks your dog. Same principle as the one that cuts grass, but like the size of a 50 gallon trash can and heavy enough to hold a dog. Just program the route, hook up your dog, and let it go. Have a motion sensor, and retractable mechanism for the line, so if cars are near it stops and pulls the dog close. Mechanism that helps it over curbs. Cam, and remote for manual operation. Water dispenser. Im tellin ya, ppl buy dumber shit all the time.

  • Phap Blaster
    Phap Blaster 10 days ago

    SOOO cute :]

  • Franklin Jackson
    Franklin Jackson 11 days ago +1

    That's a cute dog

  • Tom Mulligan
    Tom Mulligan 15 days ago

    ok, now its getting creepy

  • shigeru makino
    shigeru makino 16 days ago


  • a blue beano
    a blue beano 18 days ago

    oh no

  • EclipZe Muzik
    EclipZe Muzik 19 days ago

    wonderful work!!

  • someoneforone1
    someoneforone1 25 days ago

    What kind weapons it already have?

  • Happy Happy
    Happy Happy Month ago

    this is the most useless thing ever. why would anyone want one. one magnet thrown at it and its dead

  • The Cat Man
    The Cat Man Month ago +1

    Can I give it a pat on the tummy

  • Snarky
    Snarky Month ago

    I think one of these will be great when they are affordable for environmental technician work.

  • Frn FRAME
    Frn FRAME Month ago

    so , you are making a modern medieval war but with robotics ? like......................... look at that think , is a horse lol :)

  • SMaze17
    SMaze17 Month ago

    The "dog" is both terrifying and lovable at the same time.

  • Bill Edmondson
    Bill Edmondson Month ago

    Robot Cops and Terminators, how long before "Skynet". Are humans obsolete?

  • John Batchler
    John Batchler Month ago

    Can u send me one as a gift but in kit form

  • Wakaziar
    Wakaziar Month ago

    Make it really fast and able to run on walls please

  • Mariusz KULKA
    Mariusz KULKA Month ago


  • Andrew Niemann
    Andrew Niemann Month ago

    NiCE! Can't wait! But honestly, I'll be terrified when it decides to chase me down

  • fulcrum 29
    fulcrum 29 Month ago

    Where's the sentinel bots or harvesters?

  • Eleftheria Gallou
    Eleftheria Gallou Month ago

    kill it

  • mr6johnclark
    mr6johnclark Month ago


  • 風間 碧aoi_kazama
    風間 碧aoi_kazama Month ago +1

    A great watchdog is not necessary in the future.

  • Nathan Barnes
    Nathan Barnes 2 months ago

    Faintly terrifying

  • Meric N
    Meric N 2 months ago

    Idk why the fuck anyone would dislike this. There is actually no reason I can think of that is logical.

  • trifecta t
    trifecta t 2 months ago

    This technology is very scary in the hands of terrorists such as the US government which is why the population should absolutly not be disarmed and should have equal firing power as the government

  • John Runion
    John Runion 2 months ago

    with 8 legs it would be the mechanical hound in Fahrenheit 451.

  • Slutty Raver Costumes
    Slutty Raver Costumes 2 months ago

    It looks like the one from Black Mirror.

  • Ω Cashew fruit
    Ω Cashew fruit 2 months ago

    Make a mini spot mini about as big as small dog

  • Appreviewnews
    Appreviewnews 2 months ago

    Little doggy sit down!!!
    What you Need a bone?
    AaaaA a battery cell🤣🤣🤣

  • Fabio Fernandez
    Fabio Fernandez 2 months ago

    If only they mounted the cameras on a dog head structure and made the legs move like a dog's. Rly cool tho

    MIRKA 2 months ago


  • brucelee12
    brucelee12 2 months ago

    Looks like something out of Half Life 2

  • general zzodd
    general zzodd 2 months ago

    "Coming soon" Sounds almost like a threat.😱🙀

  • MrBlackAndWhiteGuy
    MrBlackAndWhiteGuy 2 months ago

    A dog is much cheaper and has more functionality.

  • Mollie handinson
    Mollie handinson 2 months ago

    *good boy*

  • Christina Cianci
    Christina Cianci 2 months ago

    great...the dawn of killer robots

  • TrapShooter68
    TrapShooter68 2 months ago

    Was waiting for him to hike his leg on the wall...

  • BeezOne84
    BeezOne84 2 months ago

    0:08 - SOON

  • 초코맛치킨무
    초코맛치킨무 2 months ago

    I feel really horror when it looks at camera...

  • Vlad Show
    Vlad Show 2 months ago

    пидорас какой-то

  • Billy McAuliffe
    Billy McAuliffe 2 months ago

    No having to pick up shit , look for water , buy a bone food vet bills ,

  • jessi riesbeck
    jessi riesbeck 2 months ago

    0:09 "Hewwo~!"

  • Sumaiya Akhter
    Sumaiya Akhter 2 months ago


  • Sund Mand
    Sund Mand 2 months ago

    Soon they will talk aswell ...

    _"Your papers please"_

  • Richard bunt
    Richard bunt 2 months ago

    good for the blind .or for the humans that are going blind .i would walk.with that ROBOTIC DOG any day .Sir can you . W I Z Z.

  • Kemily Play
    Kemily Play 2 months ago

    um mega beijo kemily play

  • ControlFreak
    ControlFreak 2 months ago

    You can really see how much it has improved since "BigDog". There isn't any buzzing noise, it looks a lot more slicker, seems like it can walk better. Good job, Boston Dynamics.

  • Dac85
    Dac85 2 months ago

    Man. I wanna get one of these things on Mars.
    Just have to find a good power source....

  • The Meme Master.
    The Meme Master. 2 months ago

    Such a good boy

  • jonathan salazar
    jonathan salazar 2 months ago

    Although adorable, this reminds me of the hunters from half life 2 episode 2. And that can only lead to ominous vibes.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 months ago

    GTFO . I don't want to pet this when I get home from work.

  • Falador321
    Falador321 2 months ago

    its so terrifyingly cute

  • Subaru
    Subaru 2 months ago


  • AdditionZ
    AdditionZ 2 months ago


  • Henry Carlson
    Henry Carlson 2 months ago

    They better program it to make Houndeye sounds

  • Macaroni Gamer
    Macaroni Gamer 2 months ago

    So we basically got a walking banana now? Cool!

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte 3 months ago +1


  • Trencher1375
    Trencher1375 3 months ago

    "to your nightmares"

  • Robot Devil
    Robot Devil 3 months ago

    One more step on the road to Terminator

  • Dragon Breaker
    Dragon Breaker 3 months ago

    Can I buy one

  • Spencer Joslin
    Spencer Joslin 3 months ago

    Put it down

  • Mestre das Galáxias
    Mestre das Galáxias 3 months ago

    Saporra vai dominar o mundo 😨😨😨😨😨

  • Nickolai Hazen
    Nickolai Hazen 3 months ago

    Eez so cute!
    And soooo very deadly!

  • Kris Kasprzak
    Kris Kasprzak 3 months ago

    That has to be the coolest thing i have ever seen.

  • Mintu Hazra
    Mintu Hazra 3 months ago


  • Joe Intagliata
    Joe Intagliata 3 months ago

    I wonder, do you guys have these things walking around in Boston Dynamics, like a dog?

  • cheese of the best price

    but can you ride it?

  • Brye
    Brye 3 months ago

    Aye you got some food, aight see ya

  • Very Spoopy
    Very Spoopy 3 months ago

    black mirror

  • DCMeGaMaxX
    DCMeGaMaxX 3 months ago

    *R O B O B O Y E*

  • SabeerooHey
    SabeerooHey 3 months ago

    oh my, he's so cuuUUUTE

  • rachel lowrie
    rachel lowrie 3 months ago

    So the killer robots come with clip on covers now. Can I get one with my favourite amine character on it?

  • Sonam Ledergerber
    Sonam Ledergerber 3 months ago

    Is it possible to buy a Spot Mini? I honestly want to know this. Absolutely awesome by the way.

  • Kell Brigan
    Kell Brigan 3 months ago

    Dude, I don't even like real dogs. My only question is how do I kill it?

  • TanK EvanS
    TanK EvanS 3 months ago


  • Олеся Семина

    О божемой

  • L 00110110 00110110 00110110

    Ce truc avec une télécommande de drone avec la caméra et tout ce serait trop marrant

  • Bebop Takeoff
    Bebop Takeoff 3 months ago

    If I saw one at the street I would shit my pants that looks scary

  • kamar4ik
    kamar4ik 3 months ago

    я таке на аліекспресі бачив за 10 долляров
    і твою мамку еа олкс

  • Bung Bung Booce
    Bung Bung Booce 3 months ago

    Put a mini gun on it

  • Lyle Van. Norman
    Lyle Van. Norman 3 months ago

    I am not interested why did you think I would be

  • The Frymon
    The Frymon 3 months ago

    remindes me of the sonic hounds from half life... but robotic

  • Олег Прос
    Олег Прос 3 months ago

    Half life

  • Kelvin J Lee
    Kelvin J Lee 3 months ago

    It's almost disgusting to look at... is that weird?

  • aqui é o games eduUu do futuro a

    Esse robô ainda vai fazer nos humanos de escravos kkkkk

  • Avi the cat
    Avi the cat 3 months ago


  • Sasha Сherdancev
    Sasha Сherdancev 3 months ago


  • sapher2020
    sapher2020 3 months ago

    Bet the military has one with built in machine guns!!

  • Gigi Becali
    Gigi Becali 3 months ago

    are they remote controlled? or... do they have a mind of their own?

  • No one's around to help

    can i adopt him?

  • Brazilian IDK
    Brazilian IDK 3 months ago


  • Dominic H.
    Dominic H. 4 months ago

    So much more silent than the previous models.

  • Elliot Sterling
    Elliot Sterling 4 months ago

    That's why I have a tree house.

  • Tulio Castro
    Tulio Castro 4 months ago

    If you wana see this robot in action just see the second season of Black Mirror in Netflix. I don't remember the episode, but it's there! LoL

  • experimental memes
    experimental memes 4 months ago

    Just put a dog head on the front

  • acuarofilo casero
    acuarofilo casero 4 months ago

    meme dog

  • Onno 2110
    Onno 2110 4 months ago +1

    I want to die