Post Malone Pranks People with Undercover Record Store Surprise // Omaze


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  • Joakim Häggström
    Joakim Häggström 19 hours ago

    1:51 look at his pocket

  • Fazelh 2006
    Fazelh 2006 20 hours ago

    Young flashlight

  • Kevin Peet
    Kevin Peet 20 hours ago

    *sucks. suck. sucks. ... sucks.*
    "have you ever heard of this guy, post malone or something?"

  • Justin Meza
    Justin Meza 22 hours ago

    3:35 the way he fell😂

  • michaftf.ツ
    michaftf.ツ Day ago

    Stop smoke, we love you! :(

  • BeeJar
    BeeJar Day ago

    starting at 3:00 made me tear up for my heart got too soft in that moment :3

  • Gia Loc Duong
    Gia Loc Duong Day ago

    at least cover up the tattoos lol

  • alex nes
    alex nes Day ago

    who is the name of the blonde girl?

  • kim대한
    kim대한 Day ago

    3:40에 포스트 말론 왜 화난거임?

  • Cara Is ur mom
    Cara Is ur mom Day ago

    This is why I love post malone

  • Nikolas Gonzalez

    0:11 if I was there I would be like no it isn't it's Austin


    what the name of the bentle

  • madalitso maddie Simelane

    When that man said U need more Jesus

  • Huzaif wani
    Huzaif wani Day ago

    Crazyy white ass with wonderful heart alone post malone 😛😛

  • Mesrop Madxharyan

    He is good rapper but I don’t get this new trend with all the face tattoos ect..

  • Deranged MTG
    Deranged MTG Day ago +1


  • Deranged MTG
    Deranged MTG Day ago


  • Lil Squirt
    Lil Squirt Day ago


  • Parul Soyantar
    Parul Soyantar 2 days ago +1

    I need a Bentley and your song os awesome

  • TheAmazingChicken
    TheAmazingChicken 2 days ago

    3:16 ow...tell me he did not know who he was from the start...cause he looked completely unrecognisable without the cap...

  • DJ Dudx
    DJ Dudx 2 days ago


  • The19pumas
    The19pumas 2 days ago

    Man o man he looks so crusty i can smell him through the phone i herd somebody that met him said he smells really bad take a shower bro clean up

  • opredstone 1639
    opredstone 1639 2 days ago

    you need jesus

  • lil scuffed emo boi 111

    By @Adamdegross

  • sister xan
    sister xan 2 days ago

    yung fleshlight stoooppppp

  • Aryanna Mitchell
    Aryanna Mitchell 2 days ago +1

    If I ever see post Malone In person I’m going to say your young flashlight 🔦 right

  • Oliver Moore
    Oliver Moore 2 days ago

    your name is god on World Of Warcraft;

    there is a NPC called 'Postermaster Malone'; i feel its irrelevant but i thought to say, you're big on the gaming scene, need the legit postmaster Malone to clarify y'know.

    MY MAN

  • Stephen Douglas
    Stephen Douglas 2 days ago

    how does she not know about Romeo Skylark's accounting??

  • Luke Gomer
    Luke Gomer 2 days ago

    All it takes is for someone to just know who Post is LOL WHAT IS THIS

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith 2 days ago

    Mad respect for you Post Malone

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith 2 days ago

    What's funny is how people say no to free stuff so often. I tried to give away a free gold coin worth $1500 no one wanted it!

  • Awe C'mon
    Awe C'mon 2 days ago

    Malone's friends after the parlor "yo man, looks like you got something nasty on your...ooohhh you got, OOOh my bad, you crazy ,it looks good though , no really , looks great , i mean it..awesome design choice.... "

  • Nikolas Gonzalez
    Nikolas Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Man that's omazeing

  • patty felker
    patty felker 2 days ago


  • Nerd Off
    Nerd Off 2 days ago

    So eu que sou Br e assisti sem entender nada,so pq gosta do post malone?

  • The Daily Meme
    The Daily Meme 2 days ago +1

    That was hilarious 😂

  • mxrdergxng 666
    mxrdergxng 666 2 days ago

    "yung fleshlight"

  • drawmusic me
    drawmusic me 2 days ago

    Hey post malone you should watch this

  • The MOMO
    The MOMO 2 days ago

    I have 26 subscribers, 1 sub i will add a cookie lets start:

  • o Spaceyy
    o Spaceyy 2 days ago


  • Henkka
    Henkka 3 days ago

    Young fleshlight LMAO

  • Kermit Big booty
    Kermit Big booty 3 days ago

    Nigga just put a hat and glasses on.

  • Awkwyrd
    Awkwyrd 3 days ago

    So non of them were curious on how a guy with face tattoos got a job?

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 3 days ago

    How do you not just Love Post??? How?? 😁😍😁😍😁

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 3 days ago


  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 3 days ago

    😂😂😂love this

  • Tonverändert stinkt


  • Austin Maes-Valley
    Austin Maes-Valley 3 days ago

    That's guy "You need Jesus" lmao 😂😂😂

  • FrostWizard91
    FrostWizard91 3 days ago

    That kids reaction

  • Timmy Krummeck
    Timmy Krummeck 3 days ago

    Lol I love how that old dude was reading molones lyrics

  • blahblah man
    blahblah man 3 days ago

    press like and subcribe this is epic!

  • Angie Fowler
    Angie Fowler 3 days ago

    Post Malone I saw you last week it was cool

  • Vicente Cortez
    Vicente Cortez 3 days ago +1

    Who doesn’t like Post Malone?

    KING LION ROBLOX 3 days ago

    Young flashlight

    TTVKRAZY Kill 3 days ago

    Post Malone I’m ur biggest fan come to Houston and make a new song called u r a hoe/ she’s a hoe

    DICKEY RAY VELVET 3 days ago

    He sangin hard af lol...... No fucks givin

  • Jhonba Hoyos
    Jhonba Hoyos 3 days ago

    Like si buscabas u comentario en español

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Boczek

    Mogl spiewac

  • TZ TZ
    TZ TZ 4 days ago

    Nice prank postt

  • Kry
    Kry 4 days ago


  • メRazorBladeメ
    メRazorBladeメ 4 days ago

    These people with tattoos look so ugly. they ruin their faces with ink

  • o h
    o h 4 days ago

    Wow just a kid noticed him lol how embarrassing

  • Charlie Hollings
    Charlie Hollings 4 days ago +5

    I gotta find me one of those cigarette voice changers

  • Futuristic Handgun
    Futuristic Handgun 4 days ago

    Post Malone looks like a rich homeless man

  • Tiffany Ann
    Tiffany Ann 4 days ago

    This is why we love him💜

  • mili fact Porn
    mili fact Porn 4 days ago +1

    Love you Guy's

  • Labax
    Labax 4 days ago +11

    No one else notice the dude wearing his shirt inside out? @ 2:02

  • Mr Imo officiel
    Mr Imo officiel 4 days ago

    I jast have a watche Bentley jast give me thé car

  • Thomas Murphy
    Thomas Murphy 4 days ago +1

    Post malone walks out wearing white cap
    Stealth plus 100

    DORITOS DO POVO 4 days ago +2


  • bassplayinggoalie
    bassplayinggoalie 4 days ago

    You can almost see his eyes!

  • KM Youtuber
    KM Youtuber 4 days ago


  • Wizzer Krizzer
    Wizzer Krizzer 4 days ago

    *Yung Flashlight*

  • EvilGrin
    EvilGrin 4 days ago

    HE meant "deep" undercover into the first girl with huge tits
    I mean just pause at 0:18 XD

  • Versace versace
    Versace versace 4 days ago

    The people on here can go as far back as when rockstar came out.

  • Cristal Valadez
    Cristal Valadez 5 days ago

    I love him.. I am currently obsessed with him

  • Michelle Hernandez
    Michelle Hernandez 5 days ago

    I’m ah pull up in a Bentley with a f$$$ing hundred thosand in my pocket

  • Kevin Embleton
    Kevin Embleton 5 days ago

    Extreme accounting. I’m dying.

  • Iyana Crawford
    Iyana Crawford 5 days ago

    OMG I love psycho

  • Dab Cat
    Dab Cat 5 days ago

    *"My friend named Colton was Post Malone for halloween."*

  • Genji Tv
    Genji Tv 5 days ago

    Kick it Jackie chaaaaan

  • Duong Sahra
    Duong Sahra 6 days ago

    Ok deeeeep under cover but it’s just a white t shirt with hat next time maybe try to hide ur tattoos

  • Allen Crespo
    Allen Crespo 6 days ago

    What if i won a bently😳😳😆

  • Joel Delgado
    Joel Delgado 6 days ago

    Cant hide that fuckin face man lmao

  • Peter Abouchedid
    Peter Abouchedid 6 days ago

    3:27 said it all

  • Forrest Bros
    Forrest Bros 6 days ago

    You think you are better now better now

  • DA way
    DA way 6 days ago +1

    Good shit

  • the all of the above

    sup post

  • Tali Uili
    Tali Uili 6 days ago

    "And I ain't got no bra"... 😂

  • Casper Audi
    Casper Audi 6 days ago

    You speaking to old people no one knows You bruh

  • Rachelle Gelston
    Rachelle Gelston 6 days ago


  • Stutter • Allan Scott

    🎆🎆👍Post 👍🎆🎆

  • Luke Ruddick
    Luke Ruddick 6 days ago

    You need more of Jesus! haha the best

  • Giselle Lopez
    Giselle Lopez 6 days ago

    Make more videos like this

  • amerthebird
    amerthebird 6 days ago


  • Bruno 77
    Bruno 77 6 days ago +1


  • Byon Boy
    Byon Boy 7 days ago

    young flashligt lmao dude

  • Rafal Zielinski
    Rafal Zielinski 7 days ago


  • Mavrick Chill
    Mavrick Chill 7 days ago

    When your man titties are poppin out like that, u know nobody's buying the disguise.

  • Viviane Monteiro
    Viviane Monteiro 7 days ago