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Older Men At Public Urinals

  • Published on May 16, 2018
  • I didn't know it was such an out-of-body experience.
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    Older men sure get involved at public urinals.
    I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.
    Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 786

  • TimeGallon
    TimeGallon 9 hours ago

    The hardest part of this video:
    *walking into the men’s bathroom with a canon 70D strapped to your neck*

  • david aaronson
    david aaronson 11 hours ago

    What is the intro song?

  • Abramelin O Mago
    Abramelin O Mago 2 days ago

    I loled so much I almost died

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller 10 days ago

    666k subs today

  • AlbienAlmRudolf
    AlbienAlmRudolf 11 days ago

    Just wondering does your hat say Bar Harbor, Maine? If it does, ultimate respect given.

  • Elizabeth Schrader
    Elizabeth Schrader 22 days ago

    I dont get this..

  • I Hate minority's
    I Hate minority's 23 days ago

    Where did you buy that public bathroom at?

  • Rup Tratin
    Rup Tratin 27 days ago

    Did this business see you go into the restroom with a camera?
    And then hear all this noise?

  • Baron Thundercunt
    Baron Thundercunt 28 days ago

    There's a guy at my work who will come into the toilet and literally stand there for 3-4 minutes with nothing coming out and then just piss a little bit and leave. Ive noticed when going for a shit and I always know it's him because he just stands there with nothing happening for so long.
    He should really go to the doctor.

  • Snowysine
    Snowysine Month ago

    I know I’m like a year late on this comment but. Please go to the doctors about that urinary contraction. Pain when peeing like that is really bad for your health -Love Mom

  • Spicy Cupcake
    Spicy Cupcake Month ago

    W H A T D I D I J U S T W A T C H

  • Cameron Crosier
    Cameron Crosier Month ago +1

    When you go down in the comment section to comment something funny but someone already took your comment

  • Joel Goddard
    Joel Goddard Month ago

    The older you get the better it feels to pee. Clutching the wall and partition helps you harness the true power of the urethra.

  • ZGames
    ZGames Month ago

    It looks more like urinal abuse/rape

  • Elias Warshaw
    Elias Warshaw Month ago

    in the thumbnail i thought you were psycho dad

  • Luke Hartley
    Luke Hartley Month ago

    Is it weird I've never seen this? Is this an American thing? (I'm British)

  • Austin Collier
    Austin Collier Month ago

    Damn, you can't skip the ads anymore? When im forced to watch an ad for 15 seconds, it actually makes me do the opposite of what they want. It's like if I ever planned on buying the adveriser's product. I definitely won't now, after you force me to waste my time when I'm trying to watch a video. Same goes for the uploader, I just unsubscribe. Life is too short to have Veradesk commercials forced down your throat.

  • Me! reacting!
    Me! reacting! Month ago


  • Sideswipe
    Sideswipe Month ago

    Please turn on subtitles. Please. It's for your own good.

  • Sully Harnum
    Sully Harnum Month ago

    This the funniest shit

  • Squishy Cheecks
    Squishy Cheecks Month ago

    How many times did his hat fall off

  • Billy Bob Jones
    Billy Bob Jones Month ago

    Can't go wrong with Heart

    No matter the situation

  • MissLyssa -
    MissLyssa - Month ago

    Did anyone else have the subtitles on?😂

  • WilTrue
    WilTrue Month ago

    I laughed so hard I choked on my yogurt raisins

    • WilTrue
      WilTrue Month ago

      I ate too many and now I feel sick

  • NightHawk Rising
    NightHawk Rising Month ago

    The captions on this are top notch.

  • _Jabøx _
    _Jabøx _ Month ago

    The subtitles make it better

  • Keiran W
    Keiran W Month ago

    Where TF is the Gus and Easy Podcast!!!!!?????

  • Chen Chen
    Chen Chen Month ago +1


  • SirMoss
    SirMoss Month ago

    You are not a v neck guy.

  • IHype _
    IHype _ Month ago

    When I cum

  • Ava Salz
    Ava Salz Month ago


  • Flemes
    Flemes Month ago

    *God left*

  • Justin Hildenbrand
    Justin Hildenbrand Month ago

    This is inaccurate

    Their stance is far wider than that, Gus. Do your research

  • Esberk
    Esberk Month ago

    Watch with captions on LOL

  • Dr4k3uLæ
    Dr4k3uLæ Month ago

    I've never seen anyone do that

  • Dr4k3uLæ
    Dr4k3uLæ Month ago

    When you nut and pass a kidney stone at the same time

  • Wolven Avalanche
    Wolven Avalanche Month ago +1

    Is this what it's like in the US

  • /҉\҉
    /҉\҉ Month ago

    that hurt my pp

  • Madeline Harper
    Madeline Harper Month ago

    Golden God's copyrighted music

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar Month ago

    My mom walked in on my watching this I was going to switch to porn but I don’t think it would have helped

  • Jonah Westberg
    Jonah Westberg 2 months ago

    When you nur but she keeps sucking

  • Logan Knox
    Logan Knox 2 months ago

    If you don’t think I don’t slap the wall every time I use the urinal you have another thing coming

  • Skunky the skunk
    Skunky the skunk 2 months ago

    Probably wasn't the best idea watching this in school

  • Annie Bush
    Annie Bush 2 months ago

    I hate this

    But I love you gus

  • Ian Ayers
    Ian Ayers 2 months ago

    Love the fila shoes

  • Ian Ayers
    Ian Ayers 2 months ago +1

    Think anyone actually walked in while he filmed?

  • Jolene Gov
    Jolene Gov 2 months ago

    the moment ol' man gus stopped pissing, my microwave started beeping

  • broadwaymelody33
    broadwaymelody33 2 months ago

    Women’s bathrooms, we have women who hover over the toilet seats, but apparently helicopter spin their asses while they pee, because there’s pee EVERYWHERE.

  • Som Keshav
    Som Keshav 3 months ago


  • SoreTvGamer
    SoreTvGamer 3 months ago

    0:41 Banjo Kazooie dialogue???

  • rouge_potato 62
    rouge_potato 62 3 months ago

    subtitles are pretty gr8

  • rudobovo
    rudobovo 3 months ago

    the audio clipping killed me

  • JIF peanut butter
    JIF peanut butter 3 months ago

    If you remove all toilet parts, this is a amazing sex scene

  • MrManiac3
    MrManiac3 3 months ago

    Me filmed this video

    DR01D FARMER 3 months ago

    I can never tell if they are in pain, or it just feels good or something

  • Kenkenobi
    Kenkenobi 3 months ago

    I saw this for real just the other day. It was pretty much identical!

  • Psycho Joe C
    Psycho Joe C 3 months ago

    Lol, the thumbnail looks like Psycho Dad from McJuggerNuggets series.

  • Some Random Human
    Some Random Human 3 months ago

    Who is watching this while peeing

    KriKri BROTHERS 3 months ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Hothead
    Hothead 3 months ago


    He didn’t wash his hands...

  • Chantel
    Chantel 3 months ago

    I remember when I was an old man hah #relatableaf

  • jeremy mcdavECH
    jeremy mcdavECH 3 months ago

    Academy award for costume design

  • The Jamless
    The Jamless 3 months ago

    As a female I can confirm this is what they do

  • Ms. Zombangle
    Ms. Zombangle 3 months ago

    Okay, but I'm a girl, can someone please explain this to me

  • Chocolate _Mocha
    Chocolate _Mocha 3 months ago

    im screamin

  • ItalianOfficialGamer
    ItalianOfficialGamer 3 months ago

    *so relatable*

  • 8BitGab
    8BitGab 3 months ago


  • Sam Hurley
    Sam Hurley 3 months ago

    Gus, are you ok?

  • Jacob F.
    Jacob F. 3 months ago

    Kidney stone?

  • Cameron Peterson
    Cameron Peterson 3 months ago +2

    I've had three experiences of hearing an older gentleman in a stall next to me make as much noise as humanly possible. With the grunts and the sighs and the loud farts and turd drops and the shuffling of the pants.

  • Matthew Fregeau
    Matthew Fregeau 3 months ago

    This is so good with the subtitles on

  • Tony Gunk
    Tony Gunk 3 months ago

    Just found out I'm old.

  • Ben Poletti
    Ben Poletti 3 months ago

    Was he jerking off?

    CHERRYINTHESKY 1932 3 months ago


  • Shloopy Mcnoops
    Shloopy Mcnoops 4 months ago +1

    This should be played 24/7 next to the Mona Lisa

  • Insults Editing
    Insults Editing 4 months ago

    Captions make this better

  • _ Noki _
    _ Noki _ 4 months ago

    watch with subtitles

  • Michael Funari
    Michael Funari 4 months ago

    Dude I felt that in MY dick

  • Lance4Life
    Lance4Life 4 months ago

    Did you film this at a apple bees?

  • Mr . degenerate
    Mr . degenerate 4 months ago

    He didn't wash his hands. Just gave birth at the urinal, and left.

  • Medokn
    Medokn 4 months ago

    lmao the subtitles

  • Edward Wood
    Edward Wood 4 months ago

    I’m a younger man and this is how I take a piss.

  • Pidpie
    Pidpie 4 months ago

    0:43 Should have had another pair of legs behind.

  • darklink594
    darklink594 4 months ago

    there are captions...

  • Andrew Denker
    Andrew Denker 4 months ago

    Question is pain or pleasure

  • Sam Vimes
    Sam Vimes 4 months ago

    Gotta make sure to massage that prostate when you're young so you don't have these problems later in life

  • Flying Moose
    Flying Moose 4 months ago

    This is amazing! Haha

  • Post Tenebras Lux
    Post Tenebras Lux 4 months ago

    Not my proudest fap...

  • LongingEngine06
    LongingEngine06 4 months ago

    he just peed blood

  • stay positive
    stay positive 4 months ago


  • The Stig
    The Stig 4 months ago

    Too much videos in toilet

  • Charkles
    Charkles 4 months ago

    I don't get it

  • Charkles
    Charkles 4 months ago

    I don't get it

  • Jizzle My Dizzle
    Jizzle My Dizzle 5 months ago

    very nice

  • Wega Winarso
    Wega Winarso 5 months ago

    Enable subtittles.

  • Cedrick
    Cedrick 5 months ago +2

    mac demarco?

  • colloy
    colloy 5 months ago

    the most realistic part is him not washing his hands after all that

  • Legyfix Team - Swuft
    Legyfix Team - Swuft 5 months ago

    Go ketch up awn law n ordur

  • Dora Herndon
    Dora Herndon 5 months ago

    This is literally the funniest video on the platform to me, idk why

  • Jimmy Keffer
    Jimmy Keffer 5 months ago

    The subtitles are wack tho