Jonah Hill Left a Meeting for Kanye West's Listening Party

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
  • Jonah talks about being invited to Kanye West's listening party in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, spontaneously going on a moment's notice, and reveals what the whole experience was like.
    Jimmy Kimmel on Trump/Putin Summit

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    Jonah Hill Left a Meeting for Kanye West's Listening Party
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Comments • 1 351

  • steve donahue
    steve donahue 5 hours ago

    he hasn't been funny since 2008

  • Priyanka Acharekar

    I love this interview so much...

  • qairul anuar
    qairul anuar Day ago

    Is that bono

  • TenLettersRap
    TenLettersRap 2 days ago

    i feel like jimmy asks questions for the purpose of trying to bring out hatred from people and he seems a little let down when others dont share the same toxicity

  • Katelyn Petrovich
    Katelyn Petrovich 2 days ago

    I love love his style omg

  • NYKU
    NYKU 2 days ago

    Jonah Hill - The most relatable bro

  • ooopaulo
    ooopaulo 3 days ago


  • Angel Loveli
    Angel Loveli 3 days ago Jonah in character? What's this costume he's wearing..?

  • 1Take Miami
    1Take Miami 3 days ago


  • S D
    S D 3 days ago

    I'm not sure what he has gone through, but the appreciation he has for these experiences doesn't come from having it all. Glad to seeing he is trying to fill his life with happiness.

  • Marion Marquez
    Marion Marquez 3 days ago

    Hell yea, people mess up but he’s still done so much for hip-hop. I agree with Jonah Hill

  • Yolanda Garcia
    Yolanda Garcia 3 days ago

    This is exactly how I feel about Kanye too!!!

  • Rosbron
    Rosbron 3 days ago

    Who is he?

  • ABCEEZ 888
    ABCEEZ 888 4 days ago

    Jonah hill a good guy

  • Gabe Escobar
    Gabe Escobar 5 days ago

    mid 90s my life

  • Laura Bailey
    Laura Bailey 5 days ago

    You can tell he's trying to life life to the fullest, but clearly hurting from his brothers passing..

  • Rad Radkowski
    Rad Radkowski 5 days ago

    I feel if there was a audio example of a D bag it would just be this interview. It would also be the example for try hard.

  • Ryan McKiernan
    Ryan McKiernan 6 days ago

    Jonah is starting to sound like a bit of a doofus. Trying to sound too hip

  • Siyabonga Sikhakhane

    I like this guy. very funny.

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 7 days ago +1

    We the black delegation would like to trade
    Jason Whitlock for Jonah hill.

  • E B
    E B 7 days ago

    Who is this guy? Is he having an identity crisis? Lol its like he's pretending to be a guy he wants to be

  • Nathan Carrillo
    Nathan Carrillo 7 days ago

    Jimmy kimmel is such a downer

  • Linus Mumford
    Linus Mumford 7 days ago

    He calls him “Tity boi” lol

  • Nick
    Nick 7 days ago

    I hate rich people

    ALEXMORGIE2011 8 days ago

    Anyone know what watch he is wearing?

  • imyanigmw
    imyanigmw 8 days ago

    Superbad 2, now!

  • roy gnade
    roy gnade 8 days ago


  • Rayrockny
    Rayrockny 9 days ago

    What’s going on with Johna when did he turn into a this guy?

  • Ren
    Ren 9 days ago

    he looks like a character from GTA

  • Ufo Passenger
    Ufo Passenger 9 days ago

    Two rich people talking about being privileged. Cool stuff

  • Diehard19791
    Diehard19791 10 days ago


  • Alexandra Rose
    Alexandra Rose 11 days ago

    Why is Jonah Hill Elton John now

  • 223brandan
    223brandan 11 days ago

    what type of glasses are those?

  • Guard Passer
    Guard Passer 11 days ago +1

    I hate when the funny guy in Hollywood starts getting big and tries to become the sexy guy.. a tragic tale as old as time itself

  • TheHappyBlindKid
    TheHappyBlindKid 12 days ago +1

    Jimmy Kimmel is that guy you were acquainted with many years ago who you just so happened to bump into waiting for the bus, however the bus is late and you are forced to contribute to what both of you know is the meaningless we-have-to-do-this-because-we-think-this-is-the-right-thing-to-do-to-stop-this-situation-from-being-awkward-even-though-contributing-to-this-conversation-makes-it-ten-times-worse conversation, and it truly is not a great time. Plus everyone's internal awkwardness from overhearing the conversation is illustrated by a laugh track.

  • Pasha Sabaghe-Kermani
    Pasha Sabaghe-Kermani 12 days ago +1

    I'm down with this whole vibe Jonah has, just hope he's still apart of the Seth gang.

  • Cody Mathes
    Cody Mathes 12 days ago

    He looks like he should work in a Halloween 👻🎃 themed vape shop.
    Those tats look kinda odd on him 😂

  • Naveen Cox
    Naveen Cox 12 days ago

    "I don't get shook"
    - Jonah Hill

  • 9:11
    9:11 12 days ago

    He talks like a total tool

  • Bigboy 12
    Bigboy 12 13 days ago

    They think they're kool just cus they mention kanye lol who cares just make more 21 jump street fatboy.jonah is dressed like a white coke head from gta

      THANK YOU 10 days ago

      I wanted him to play penguin

  • MAGA merica
    MAGA merica 13 days ago

    what a poser

  • MAGA merica
    MAGA merica 13 days ago

    LOl at this retard trying to get tatted up at 30

  • Marcos Perez
    Marcos Perez 13 days ago

    he is next coming out....

  • rickdaniels69
    rickdaniels69 13 days ago

    those tiny hands

  • XProject13
    XProject13 13 days ago

    Mid 90’s looks great I really wanna see it

  • Tom Faron
    Tom Faron 14 days ago

    Elton Hill

  • zanuckbrown31
    zanuckbrown31 14 days ago

    Very strange guy Jonah Hill

  • trip6ix
    trip6ix 14 days ago

    Damn I felt when he said "I'm jus tryna be happy" lowkey almost came off sad lol

  • Mr Martin
    Mr Martin 14 days ago

    Wanker wears sunglasses inside haha

  • Duke Damage
    Duke Damage 14 days ago +1

    Fuckin mighty white of you!🤣😐SMFH😒

  • Chanson Kun
    Chanson Kun 14 days ago

    whoa, Elton John sure looks different these days...

  • Juan Covarrubias
    Juan Covarrubias 14 days ago

    Cant wait to see his movie especially cuz it was filmed by my house!

  • DVD Guy That
    DVD Guy That 14 days ago

    I just came here to say WHO CARES! and to then delete the video from my history and continue to ponder why it was recommended to me...

  • Mckenzie Mahal
    Mckenzie Mahal 15 days ago

    Mid90s looks good very good ! . cant wait to see

    EAS MEDIA 15 days ago +1

    in the WACKO MARIA god danm nigga fresh now

  • TheRealAK
    TheRealAK 15 days ago

    I got nasty lyrics tattooed down my leg. Btw sub my channel

  • Erin Hannon
    Erin Hannon 15 days ago

    Is he wearing a costume? Or is this just what he looks like now? Is he promoting his mid 90s movie?

  • Mohamed Adnan
    Mohamed Adnan 15 days ago

    Does anyone know which sunglasses is Jonah wearing?

  • Obi_WanJabroni_
    Obi_WanJabroni_ 15 days ago

    Never understood the appeal of this guy

  • Jordan Rios
    Jordan Rios 16 days ago

    cool dude

  • Mentor Tairi
    Mentor Tairi 16 days ago

    Jonah seems like a down to earth dude

  • Serena Potter
    Serena Potter 16 days ago

    He looks different all the time

  • Adan Abbi
    Adan Abbi 16 days ago

    this guy forever looks like a teenager lol

  • azysheff
    azysheff 17 days ago

    What is he dressed as? Looks like he’s trying way too hard lately.. just be happy with what u are Jonah

  • brodemonz
    brodemonz 17 days ago

    Who was that again?

  • helmicartal
    helmicartal 17 days ago

    23 jumpstreet please

  • SilversteinRescue
    SilversteinRescue 17 days ago

    Jonah hill is wavy af 🌊🌊

  • Eric joker
    Eric joker 17 days ago

    Omg what happened to this guy

  • Chris Latimer
    Chris Latimer 17 days ago

    my boy

  • Arita Chaleonsouk
    Arita Chaleonsouk 17 days ago

    is this spencer pratt?

  • ColdStoney 6
    ColdStoney 6 17 days ago +1

    I don't like his tattoos .

    TBSxFAN 17 days ago

    I’m in love with Jonah Hill ❤️

  • Dalton Hurt
    Dalton Hurt 18 days ago

    Ayy shout out to Jonah calling 2 chainz titiboi

  • Daniel Boothe
    Daniel Boothe 18 days ago


  • Ravi Silva
    Ravi Silva 18 days ago

    The way he feels about Nas is the way i feel about Kanye

  • Ravi Silva
    Ravi Silva 18 days ago

    Jonah Hill wavy

  • Man Ray
    Man Ray 19 days ago

    This guy must've had some crazy acid trips

  • Erik Pinedo
    Erik Pinedo 19 days ago

    How did his ears shrink? They are way smaller

  • josh
    josh 19 days ago

    This ain't johna hill this is Zach Gilifianakis

  • Irish Bull
    Irish Bull 19 days ago

    Is this guy a wigger or a hipster? Maybe a wigster?

  • Tony H
    Tony H 19 days ago

    My nigga Seth 💯

  • Kevin McLaughlin
    Kevin McLaughlin 19 days ago

    Nas a nice guy, mmm, I'm not sure Kelis his ex-wife would agree. Not that I know what went on, only they know what happened for sure.

  • xklsv sxciety
    xklsv sxciety 20 days ago


  • Mr Black
    Mr Black 20 days ago

    Arrrh, I see Jonah is going through his Joaquin Phoenix phase.

  • Jack Dery
    Jack Dery 21 day ago

    lol I have friends who just went to the party w/o an invitation

  • NAT
    NAT 21 day ago

    “I read a great article ...” “pitchfork.. “

  • AJ Soprano
    AJ Soprano 21 day ago

    Goes to Union LA once

  • Suh!! Dude
    Suh!! Dude 22 days ago

    He's wearing glasses just to look a bit more waspy..

    THE NICE ONES 22 days ago

    I wonder if Jonah And Mac Miller smoke together

  • Mr. Barlow
    Mr. Barlow 22 days ago


  • Sky High Pizza
    Sky High Pizza 22 days ago

    He should make a movie about this night

  • Dwayne B
    Dwayne B 22 days ago

    Great actor, buuuuuuuuuuut he needs a stylist.......BAD!

  • shine or suffer antias
    shine or suffer antias 22 days ago +1

    Jonah is high as fuck😂😂

  • Stella Strange
    Stella Strange 22 days ago

    Ooooh Jonah is looking like a Skinny Legend yes god!!!

  • He-Mans Furry Trunks
    He-Mans Furry Trunks 23 days ago

    Paid up member of the jewminnati

  • Camille Thomas
    Camille Thomas 23 days ago

    Kanye West has given me life on so many occasions...I agree with Jonah lol.

  • Isaiah Brown
    Isaiah Brown 23 days ago

    Great Interview! Luv Jonah Hill, he is so versatile and well versed!

  • Ron
    Ron 23 days ago +1

    this show is so weird

  • Shawn Kay
    Shawn Kay 23 days ago

    Jonah Hill is like Michaels son in GTA V

  • Peter Schipper
    Peter Schipper 23 days ago +1

    Jonah transcending to Shia levels