Life Lessons from the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country | Lexie Alford | TEDxKlagenfurt

  • Published on Jun 28, 2019
  • Do you know how many countries there are in the world? 21-year-old Lexie does because she took on the adventure to visit them all. She broke the Guinness World Record for the youngest person to travel to every country in the world. To give this achievement some context, more people have been to space than have traveled to all 196 sovereign nations and approximately less than 20 of those people are women. In this TEDx talk, Lexie shares her stories from around the world to inspire others, especially young women, to follow their dreams, to get out of their comfort zone and to stimulate personal growth. Lexie Alford was born in a small town called Nevada City, California. She has been traveling for as long as she can remember with her family who started a travel agency. She traveled to all 196 countries by 21 years old, breaking the Guinness World Record for the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country by over 3 years. To find out more about Lexie, follow @lexielimitless on Instagram or visit her website This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Rahul Chautala
    Rahul Chautala 15 hours ago

    Have you been to the kingdom of Wadia?

  • Travelling Sunglasses
    Travelling Sunglasses 18 hours ago

    What an inspiring person! Not only learning from childhood experiences, but developing them into a profession like travel photography, and committing time and resources to an impressive goal. Well done!

  • Ahmed Maalej
    Ahmed Maalej 19 hours ago

    776 dislikes by birds

  • Komilbek Bakhodirov

    You inspire

  • sean71300
    sean71300 Day ago

    I didn't watch the presentation, but I think she looks really pretty though.

  • Moises Garcia
    Moises Garcia Day ago

    just realized we all break records everyday in our commutes to work I've traveled from Dublin to Berkeley for over 21 years 5:00am to 3:30pm Monday to Saturday sometimes Sundays 33 miles one way to work & 33 miles back home Salud!! to all the Record breaking workers around the world.

  • Power CreateWealth

    This sounds like the most privileged speech but I am still interested in your journey.

  • KiddyB
    KiddyB 2 days ago

    Life lesson from the person with the possibly biggest ecological footprint in her age. Congrats 🤦🏼‍♂️

    DIY ARHUM 2 days ago

    Please fund me , I wanna try to break your record

  • Richard Greletski
    Richard Greletski 2 days ago

    thanks for inspiring me! my life goal is to visit every country in the world as well

  • DTR
    DTR 2 days ago +4

    Rich Parents made her who she is today. But trying to pretend she was doing it all alone!

    • BruceLee'sLegacy
      BruceLee'sLegacy 23 hours ago

      that's what i'm saying, she didn't to a record, anyone can travel

  • Salman Israr
    Salman Israr 2 days ago

    she is a sweet women.. i followed her vlogs during her visit to pakistan... congrates lexie

  • Jackson M
    Jackson M 3 days ago

    Treasured memories? More like torture!

  • Billy Lipit
    Billy Lipit 3 days ago

    Thomas GF! Yes Fam!

  • mmz s
    mmz s 4 days ago

    Very good job, very beautiful girl:-)

  • Ismoil Khodiev
    Ismoil Khodiev 5 days ago +2

    Respect i will recommend to come to the Uzbekistan 😁🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

    CHIGGA 5 days ago

    wats her favorite country?

  • Xeonerable
    Xeonerable 5 days ago +5

    Young Caucasian girl born into a wealthy family has the privilege of growing up traveling the world, telling us why the rest of us poor heathens are missing out. So inspiring..?

  • Yung Godzilla
    Yung Godzilla 6 days ago

    But she didn’t visit the places like bald and bankrupt did

  • Peder Rønningen
    Peder Rønningen 6 days ago

    My name is Peder and I am a filmmaker from Norway!🇳🇴

  • Blessing Cx
    Blessing Cx 7 days ago

    Damn she’s pretty

  • Travel SL
    Travel SL 8 days ago

    Subscribe me for watch srilankan travelling experiences

  • Nobody Unknown
    Nobody Unknown 8 days ago +1

    Some people just win the genetic lottery.

  • Marckiio
    Marckiio 8 days ago

    I dont see any achievement if daddy pays for everything. Literally anyone in the world can do it if he/she has the budget and the willing to do. Also, what is the trophie of visiting all the countries in the world (probably 90% of them in one day or less)?

  • Longjohnson Shagwell
    Longjohnson Shagwell 10 days ago +1

    my comfort zone is having enough cash to travel to every country in the world and still have a hot meal.
    What a condescending speech

  • Khushi Wankhade
    Khushi Wankhade 11 days ago


  • Nona MJ
    Nona MJ 11 days ago

    Who’s gonna tell her that is not like we don’t wanna step out of out CoNfOrT zOnE we just simply dont have money to travel girl lol

  • Nona MJ
    Nona MJ 11 days ago +1

    People saying that she is so inspiring... lol she just have rich parents that have paid for her travels, she hasn’t work in her entire life lmao. I mean getting a guiness record for having money and travelling? Really? We all would do the same if we had the money, is not like we are scared.

  • Sonia Martinez
    Sonia Martinez 12 days ago +4

    Looking at the comments I feel that the message from her talk was not very well understood. It’s not about traveling it’s about you. It about how we stay in our comfort zone because we are scared. She’s not saying hi travel the world she’s saying to start saying yes. When you get uncomfortable is when you start to grow.

  • Sonia Martinez
    Sonia Martinez 12 days ago +3

    Looking at the comments I feel that the message from her talk was not very well understood. It’s not about traveling it’s about you. It about how we stay in our comfort zone because we are scared. She’s not saying hi travel the world she’s saying to start saying yes. When you get uncomfortable is when you start to grow.

  • Ella MacQuillan
    Ella MacQuillan 15 days ago +1

    Honey we'd love to get out of our “comfort zones,” we just don’t have any fuckin money

  • Never Ending Exploration

    Great job Lexi! Fear is what keeps us from success.

  • chaii
    chaii 15 days ago

    I was like omg this is tomas girlfriend

    • ahr
      ahr 13 days ago

      Who is thomas?

  • MaximeLT
    MaximeLT 15 days ago

    Ah.... useless... What’s the purpose to live in all countries If you don’t have time to live with local people in order to get to know them genuinely ?

  • Sophie's Suitcase
    Sophie's Suitcase 15 days ago

    Amazing work Lexie!

  • pranav selot
    pranav selot 16 days ago

    Worst Ted talk

  • Julian Delreal
    Julian Delreal 16 days ago

    Frustrating to watch.

  • Gaz
    Gaz 17 days ago +2

    Im a spoiled brat travelling on daddys card... give me attention... seen so many of these round Asia thinking they are big and independent till they need phone for more money.

  • Hom Nath Bhusal
    Hom Nath Bhusal 18 days ago

    She would not have been able to do it if she was born in some poor nations.
    Now how would you encourage women and girls with no source of money?

    • Hom Nath Bhusal
      Hom Nath Bhusal 18 days ago

      But i do have a respect for her. No offence at all.

  • Nico O.
    Nico O. 21 day ago

    You're just lucky, most people have to worry about eating and having somewhere to sleep, most of us don't have money to travel. Of course traveling is an enriching experience, that's obvious, the problem is having resources to do it!

  • Bethany Manning
    Bethany Manning 21 day ago +1

    she’s awesome but this low key pisses me off as someone who wishes i had the money to do things like that. it’s much easier to live a life you want to live when you have financial support. good for her but some people don’t know what it’s like on the other side

  • johana nava
    johana nava 22 days ago

    This is my dream staying away from my comfort zone and travel the world and challenge my fears .graduating 2021 high school year 😬

  • Krillin
    Krillin 22 days ago

    She clearly memorized this speech and doesn't know what she is talking about.

  • Mr.Awesomestar7
    Mr.Awesomestar7 25 days ago

    must be nice

  • lookypeterr
    lookypeterr 25 days ago

    A lot of here hate the rich. I know if I had money to travel every country, I would never go to north korea and all these other places shes been to. She did an amazing achievement.

  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh 25 days ago

    You are amazing, Lexie! I am excited to see what will be your next big plan to transcend the limitations of your current identity after "traveling all the countries in the world". Well, good luck with whatever that may be. :) (y)

  • nicole
    nicole 26 days ago

    But has she traveled to Tuvalu???

  • Eshu Prakash
    Eshu Prakash 27 days ago

    The comments on this video are hurtful, she didn't go with her parents money idiots, go read her blog

  • dejfreedom
    dejfreedom 29 days ago

    I thought there’s 195 countries

  • Azzurri
    Azzurri Month ago +2

    I have an Italian passport, which I think it’s a pretty strong passport, but I don’t have the money 😂, so just strong passport isn’t the only thing required.

  • Aldora LaPlume
    Aldora LaPlume Month ago

    Everyone is judging her because she spent money on travel as if THEY don't spend money. I understand that a lot of people really don't have the option to travel. But I bet most of these comments, who are obviously privileged because they have a computer or phone to access this, and know English which is a privilege in itself. So you guys are privileged too. There are MANY volunteer programs and jobs in the world that will pay enough to live in that country and survive. For example teaching English. The only money you'd need is your flight, and if you get a job, many employers will pay for that too. How many time a year do you eat out? Do you shop at thrift stores? Do you live somewhere cheap? Did you buy a drink last weekend? Yeah that's how you get money to travel. Setting your priorities. I worked 2 jobs to make my dreams come true and saved wherever I could.

  • brian crilly
    brian crilly Month ago

    She's hot.

  • M 500
    M 500 Month ago

    I don't know wth with you but she's beautiful!

  • Drix Malone
    Drix Malone Month ago

    So she never got sick or a virus in Europe, just only Afrikan/Middle Eastern countries huh...

  • Dan Conroy
    Dan Conroy Month ago

    This talk seemed to lack direction and a key theme or meaning. While it’s interesting that she traveled to other countries, I don’t think has experienced enough in her life yet to give a ted talk.

  • Nich evo
    Nich evo Month ago +1

    She hasn't been to Algeria though...

  • Johny Patil
    Johny Patil Month ago

    Loved the Yemen part hahaha,travelling is best teacher👌

  • Maggie Aldrich
    Maggie Aldrich Month ago

    love this speech but it screams privelege

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny Month ago

    9:00 They do that in Israel too!