I Accidentally Worked For A Scam

  • Published on Aug 4, 2018
  • College freshmen always need money. Shrouded in mystery, Brigid makes some risky decisions in order to make a quick buck. Ultimately, she winds up in a situation much bigger than intended.
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  • Pro soccer Skills
    Pro soccer Skills 28 minutes ago

    I hate you buzzfeed

  • Donkeyplayer
    Donkeyplayer 31 minute ago

    7,0000 DOLLERS rich!

  • PhantomMatrix
    PhantomMatrix 33 minutes ago

    Well they got your ID so they know where you live. If I were you, change addresses!

  • Mlg Doge Gaming
    Mlg Doge Gaming 53 minutes ago

    You'll. Never see u again.

  • Zavier Frank
    Zavier Frank 53 minutes ago


  • Dat one Crazy dude
    Dat one Crazy dude 59 minutes ago

    #white power

  • saintvictorie
    saintvictorie Hour ago

    Videos like this makes me think y am I still subscribed to this channel but the eh.. whatever

  • asphalty gaming
    asphalty gaming Hour ago

    *I Accidently Worked For A Scam That Costed Me 9 Minutes and 7 Seconds.*

  • wayne gordon
    wayne gordon Hour ago

    Ticket scalpers who had an inside connection thru frat brothers and sisters?

  • Jeremy Lucas
    Jeremy Lucas Hour ago

    This is the dumbest video I've ever seen

  • kirito kirito
    kirito kirito Hour ago

    How do you actually accidently work for a scam like wtf 😮

  • Ahmed dawoud
    Ahmed dawoud Hour ago

    Buzz feed is a big scam

  • Mavolant
    Mavolant Hour ago

    Buzzfeed ruined this women. She obviously didn’t wanna say the story like this D:

  • Mechanical Sanity

    This definatley fake

  • Halo Master
    Halo Master Hour ago

    I Accidentally Clic For A Scam

  • iCuteaful
    iCuteaful Hour ago

    How were those people a scam? They gave you real money and asked you to buy tickets for them

  • Hailey Elizabeth
    Hailey Elizabeth Hour ago

    Would have taken the other envelope

  • XViper
    XViper Hour ago

    And You Still Work For A Scam....

  • michael morrison
    michael morrison 2 hours ago

    I have an unsolved story. Car chase gunshots and a kidnapping. Myckey40.mm@gmail.com

  • Nelson O
    Nelson O 2 hours ago

    And the scam?

  • RedFlamee
    RedFlamee 2 hours ago

    Of course they would post a video about this

  • Splix
    Splix 2 hours ago

    So ur the one who scammed me

  • SVTXN7
    SVTXN7 2 hours ago

    Sounds badass

  • awesome pug 26
    awesome pug 26 2 hours ago

    you are a scam

  • Gurvaaz Sidhu
    Gurvaaz Sidhu 2 hours ago +1

    👍let's do this👍

    EPIC PANDAS 3 hours ago +1

    Wow thats not alot of money

  • Jude Marvel
    Jude Marvel 3 hours ago


  • Nicki Reed
    Nicki Reed 3 hours ago

    Are you shitting me?!?!?!? The ending 🤦‍♀️
    Also who were those ppl? What’s the scam?

  • Nice2347
    Nice2347 3 hours ago

    Can't stand her.

  • Nice2347
    Nice2347 3 hours ago

    This chick is annoying AF.

  • JackGaming YT
    JackGaming YT 3 hours ago +1


  • Mr. Morris
    Mr. Morris 3 hours ago

    Accidentally You Say?

  • sivan rottelman
    sivan rottelman 3 hours ago

    Where do they find these people? 😂

  • Atom YH
    Atom YH 3 hours ago

    How is it accidental? Nice exaggeration!

  • Jake Mccain
    Jake Mccain 4 hours ago

    Keep the 7000

  • Ethan Harpur
    Ethan Harpur 4 hours ago

    Buzzfeed is so boring the same jokes over and over again and sound for wasting my time 👌

  • Savannah Yi
    Savannah Yi 4 hours ago

    Plot twist

    The scam was buzzfeed

  • Sanjeev Bhardwaj
    Sanjeev Bhardwaj 4 hours ago

    This is probably fake thou

  • Phaantom //mcb
    Phaantom //mcb 5 hours ago

    This girl is hilarious....

  • Saydiyoulous
    Saydiyoulous 5 hours ago

    the job was called buzzfeed

  • How ya Doin
    How ya Doin 5 hours ago +1

    What I would do is put a random number and name and I wouldn't get scams or even better A NUMBER THAT IS NOT AVAILABLE AND I GOT SUM FREE MONEYZ and the envelope I would keep it and tell them it's fake tickets

  • On The house
    On The house 5 hours ago

    What do you expect this is buzz feed

  • Maryangel Monroy
    Maryangel Monroy 5 hours ago

    And then everyone clapped

  • BlackPatrick
    BlackPatrick 5 hours ago

    You should give a fake id card

    TΛBBY 5 hours ago

    Maybe you should scam the scammers..

    *in Fortnite Save The World* 💯💯

    LLAMAANDWOLF YT 5 hours ago

    This wasn’t a scam here is some thing to save your time 9:07

  • Geneva Lawson
    Geneva Lawson 5 hours ago

    Chills 😱🤣

  • Toddinora
    Toddinora 6 hours ago

    God, don't upload this here! Buzzfeed will see!

  • I love Apple Juice
    I love Apple Juice 6 hours ago

    20 bucks is 20 bucks

  • Leah Parrill
    Leah Parrill 6 hours ago

    Then i woke up

  • currychicken rice
    currychicken rice 6 hours ago


  • Bryan
    Bryan 6 hours ago

    Shame on me for not looking at the dislikes before watching this crap

  • Joseph Petrassi
    Joseph Petrassi 7 hours ago

    Too long, didn’t watch, she’s a ticket tout.

  • Breadmeals 24
    Breadmeals 24 7 hours ago

    I accidentally Worked for Trump

  • all usernames taken so

    This story fake asf anyone agrees?

  • EnLiGhTeNME
    EnLiGhTeNME 7 hours ago

    You shouldn't talk about BuzzFeed that way. They aren't a scam... just going bankrupt is all.

  • Chilly Freezy
    Chilly Freezy 8 hours ago

    It reminds me of the returning GameStop game's meme he's like 20 dollars

  • Jayk
    Jayk 8 hours ago

    I don't think this just happens by accident. Me thinks you kept doing this even though it was fishy.

  • Feari
    Feari 8 hours ago

    you still are

  • Blayke Fisher
    Blayke Fisher 8 hours ago

    how would anyone believe this -_-

  • HairySweg
    HairySweg 8 hours ago

    fbi open up!

  • Longo Doggo
    Longo Doggo 8 hours ago


  • TTGDragonz
    TTGDragonz 9 hours ago

    So you had $7,000 cash but you ended up with $500. Sound like you're the one who got scammed.

  • Your Daily Kpop Trash
    Your Daily Kpop Trash 9 hours ago

    👍🏼 *lets do this!* 👍🏼

  • ye Men NighT
    ye Men NighT 9 hours ago

    I bet u she's another femenazi

  • TheIronSqurriel
    TheIronSqurriel 9 hours ago

    Pineapple cheese

  • TheIronSqurriel
    TheIronSqurriel 9 hours ago

    Buzzfeed is not a scam it makes me sad that people think that.They just want the best kind of video, not some lady who by accident accidentally worked for a scam. Does it matter how simple it is? No it does not. But the people who think buzzfeed is a scam don’t want the stuff that’s simple and nice they want a fancy mansion.they don’t care how hard buzzfeed trys, they want the best of the best and they just can’t appreciate want they have.people these days don’t care about what they have, they just want more. The further you go back in time the more people appreciate what they already had. But now people want a iphoneX and a Ferrari. I’m appreciative, but It seems other people just want more and more and more.

  • Maximus
    Maximus 9 hours ago

    Woah scary.......

    A V A N

  • Maximus
    Maximus 9 hours ago

    This persons storytelling is like the storytelling of my kindergarten teacher.

  • Drew R.
    Drew R. 9 hours ago

    I'm the 38,000th like

  • Maximus
    Maximus 9 hours ago

    A C C I D E N T A L L Y

  • Aaron Mason
    Aaron Mason 10 hours ago


    BUTTER BROS 12 hours ago +1

    Is this Brigid rhody

  • TR Ghost
    TR Ghost 12 hours ago

    I hate buzzfeed sooo so so so much

  • 5000 Subscribers with No Videos

    "And it just got worse from there"

  • Viveka K
    Viveka K 13 hours ago

    She lost her wallet 😂

  • Squinku N
    Squinku N 13 hours ago +1

    Oops *didn’t* *mean* *to*

  • jason pinnell
    jason pinnell 13 hours ago

    You talk a lot with your hands

  • J J
    J J 14 hours ago

    You talk to much, tell the story and get out.

  • Pirate77 Star Wars Pokémon and more!

    No one would be like cool storie at 2mins in when the vid is 9mins long

  • Helsinki Time
    Helsinki Time 14 hours ago

    I think you are still working at a scam...

  • Ginger bread gang
    Ginger bread gang 15 hours ago

    You could of had 7000 dollars

  • Caro Buijsrogge
    Caro Buijsrogge 16 hours ago

    I think that they used your ID to make fake ones out of yours??

  • Defaulty Boi
    Defaulty Boi 17 hours ago

    How can u accidentally work for a scam u do it

  • Tie - See
    Tie - See 17 hours ago

    Does that Asian chick you hAve in every video work for this company too? 🤣

  • Nathan Bronson
    Nathan Bronson 17 hours ago

    Please leave every platform of social media

    EDO GAMES 17 hours ago

    good green screen

  • Ricardo Saenz
    Ricardo Saenz 18 hours ago

    Wait.werent you in the other one and you were 19 too🤔lie

  • Foxgirl 5
    Foxgirl 5 19 hours ago


  • Shanqz
    Shanqz 19 hours ago

    This is so fake

  • Alicia Liu
    Alicia Liu 20 hours ago

    43 on trending 4 me

  • makafox
    makafox 20 hours ago

    Life is a scam so is buzzfeed

  • heavenly floop
    heavenly floop 20 hours ago

    Except for me!

  • Aidan Fedor
    Aidan Fedor 20 hours ago

    So fake lol

  • carmon.
    carmon. 21 hour ago

    Haha hunty too late you already scammed

  • RTD
    RTD 21 hour ago

    This was a waste of 9 minutes

  • Aa Bb
    Aa Bb 21 hour ago

    y u think 500 lot of money?

  • Jard
    Jard 21 hour ago

    "I accidentally worked for a scam"

    what scam tho.

  • Meme Dude
    Meme Dude 22 hours ago