10 Secret Hiding Places Already in your Home


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  • Patricia King
    Patricia King 21 hour ago

    Thieves are watching this video too.

  • Sea Gull
    Sea Gull Day ago

    hide and forgotten..

  • The truth Kills
    The truth Kills 3 days ago

    Yeah then the cops can look at your search history on TVclip and see this video thus finding all your hiding spots

  • Debbie Does Dallas
    Debbie Does Dallas 4 days ago

    Great ideas or you could just stop inviting crack heads to your house 😊

  • Yz Thepro
    Yz Thepro 5 days ago

    Thank you for your great tips. Hope you guys enjoy my videos too!!

  • Pastor Jan
    Pastor Jan 5 days ago

    Good job!

  • Ventri Kill
    Ventri Kill 6 days ago

    I feel like this guy has a lot to hide...

  • Random Anthony
    Random Anthony 6 days ago

    the clock crooked af

  • gr8gran66
    gr8gran66 6 days ago

    Everyone knows these hiding places now after watching your video.. But some cool places to hide stuff although I never had enough to hide. lol

  • Jakob Lee
    Jakob Lee 7 days ago

    These aren’t very good hiding spots for adults as they could just get a safe. This is more of a “how to hide drugs as a teenager” video lol

  • I can't make a username

    Wait in America (I'm uk) you have vents on the floor?

  • Raina_The_Rogue / Raina Mist

    i'm shaking this is literal end goals for me

  • james carpenter
    james carpenter 10 days ago

    What is it with you and flash drives? Lmao

  • james carpenter
    james carpenter 10 days ago

    But now the clock is crooked

  • 9o1 Baby
    9o1 Baby 11 days ago +1

    Wassup with you hiding your porn videos from your wife on the flash drive

  • LMarshalll
    LMarshalll 11 days ago

    I have like 2 or 3 of these in my house

  • xxxCritical
    xxxCritical 14 days ago +1

    *hIdEy hOlE*

  • xxxCritical
    xxxCritical 14 days ago


  • Pat Stokes
    Pat Stokes 16 days ago

    Why is this guy yelling or acting like he's selling used cars. Americans always do that.

  • Jason Thibodeaux
    Jason Thibodeaux 17 days ago

    Now y’all don’t know how many cops could be watching this🤣

  • Jan Hollon
    Jan Hollon 23 days ago

    #2 vents. In the floor can be found in mobile homes but not apartments.

  • Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts 24 days ago

    I noticed that you are particularly worried about hiding flash drives.

  • Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts 24 days ago

    The dogs will smell your pot in a film canister hanging in a floor vent. Especially if the air conditioning or heat is on.

  • Conrad Dean
    Conrad Dean 24 days ago

    I've hidden something and now I have forgotten where it is,...😥

  • Verna Abshire
    Verna Abshire 26 days ago


  • Bobby Mess
    Bobby Mess 28 days ago

    Yo m8 number ten ain't got no sound

  • I am Da nut
    I am Da nut Month ago

    I've been electrocuted 2 times

  • Marcia Mason
    Marcia Mason Month ago

    Most of these are on the lists of where never to hide money in your house because all thieves know to look there.

  • Ralph Rodriguez
    Ralph Rodriguez Month ago

    Your " hidy-holes" are no longer safe to use. However, inspiring ideas that can lead to other "hidy-holes"!
    Good job!


    I wanted hiding spots that I can hide in...

  • Yourboi
    Yourboi Month ago

    lol all 13 year old juulersn

  • Mapkyc74
    Mapkyc74 Month ago

    My left ear really hated tip #10...

  • mikekoz68
    mikekoz68 Month ago

    Why are you hiding stuff in your own home? ....

  • Esraa Al Shamolly
    Esraa Al Shamolly Month ago


  • Esraa Al Shamolly
    Esraa Al Shamolly Month ago

    Where we put gold

  • Juxe _
    Juxe _ Month ago

    Anyone else watching this because they wanna hide there weed

  • BlamStar1213
    BlamStar1213 Month ago

    to get the outlet thingy out just stick a fork in it then pull trust me ;)

  • BlamStar1213
    BlamStar1213 Month ago

    the files have hentai EVEN MORE INPORTANT WORK on it

  • BlamStar1213
    BlamStar1213 Month ago

    that flash drive has porn INPORTANT WORK on it

  • Chase Wain
    Chase Wain Month ago

    Thanks for hiding my bong nigga

  • Brian Mitchell
    Brian Mitchell Month ago

    Don't do the one in the big white return in the wall because it has a lot of suction and it will suck your lightweight paperwork all the way to the AC box

  • The diamond Ore
    The diamond Ore Month ago

    7 is disgusting

  • Florian Ostermaier
    Florian Ostermaier Month ago +4

    5:38 Bad Example haha, I think most people watching this want to hide their „medicine ;) “ not their cash, so hiding it in your medicine cabinet is probably a bad idea tbh😂😂

  • Admin SPP Group WA
    Admin SPP Group WA Month ago


  • Cocoh Cool
    Cocoh Cool Month ago

    Bye everything when the house goes on fire.

  • Constance Zigman
    Constance Zigman Month ago

    Well your Video showed these robbing criminals all these hiding places. You gave them more places to look.

  • PantherZL1
    PantherZL1 Month ago

    Time is money ?? No ill stop 😂

  • aj soria
    aj soria Month ago

    What’s this guys deal with all his flash drives?
    Sketchy porn, perhaps?

  • latonya bryant
    latonya bryant Month ago +1


    Never though of that


  • Amber Hanson
    Amber Hanson Month ago

    This video should be called: places to look for people's stuff!

  • lol lipop
    lol lipop Month ago +1

    I do not have a floor vent ;_;

  • Aizik dale
    Aizik dale 2 months ago +1

    This is only for ppl who live in peasant homes.

  • wordsarelike
    wordsarelike 2 months ago

    Why are you yelling at me?

  • Joey Boy
    Joey Boy 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that heard "Hinney-Hole"?

  • babloki tansmania
    babloki tansmania 2 months ago

    Who will want to hide so many flash drives😶😶😲🤤

  • Aqua Stone
    Aqua Stone 2 months ago

    who cares about film or flash drives unless your a kid playing spy. What about useful necessary things like money, documents jewlery , guns and firearms etc.

  • Eli Chandla
    Eli Chandla 2 months ago

    anyone else here to hide a juul

  • taylor swift NZ
    taylor swift NZ 2 months ago

    Some stuff like food colour and slime and clay is banned in my house so I’m using this to hide it y’all using it for weed

  • jk sharma
    jk sharma 2 months ago

    waste of time

  • Nae Childs
    Nae Childs 2 months ago


  • Nae Childs
    Nae Childs 2 months ago

    Those are obvious places....try the clothes, shoes, cars, bags...you carry. HINT HINT!!

  • That Alaskan Kid
    That Alaskan Kid 2 months ago

    When I took out my bathroom drawers, I found some vitamins and magazines.

  • Ay Gun
    Ay Gun 2 months ago

    So ,after this video all thieves can find secret thinks:'(

  • steven richards
    steven richards 2 months ago

    HEY MAN ! You can hide your WEED in there !

  • Emerald Gaming
    Emerald Gaming 2 months ago

    um it's actually 91

  • gratitude
    gratitude 2 months ago


  • Steel Dragon Fire Troupe

    I highly recommend against the pill bottle or box idea, some thieves are looking for pills and will just take all of them and sort through it later.

  • AJ Joseph
    AJ Joseph 2 months ago

    You will forget where you Barry

  • ted harry
    ted harry 2 months ago

    The best place to hide anything, is in plain view.
    Thieves target hiding spots, in the freezer, behind drawers, and probably in vents too.
    You can put a thousand dollars in an empty screwed up chip packet, and leave it on your back lawn, and It will never be found.
    Who checks garbage for hidden treasure? Just make sure somebody doesn't accidentally throw it out!

  • P Ariza
    P Ariza 2 months ago

    Just don't forget where you hide your stuff.

  • Rick grimes is my father

    What's on that flash drive???

  • mrcellophane99
    mrcellophane99 2 months ago

    Well that's 10 places I can't hide stuff now you have told 2.5 million people !

  • Noelle Davis
    Noelle Davis 2 months ago

    Why is he yelling?

  • 1000 Subscribers With 2 Videos?

    What if a robber wants to steal your clock

  • Tony Hind
    Tony Hind 2 months ago

    What is it you need to hide on the little flash drives??

    I AM AN OVERCOMER 2 months ago

    Problem when there's a fire in the house.
    What is your address ? 😂

  • Craw the crawfish 3
    Craw the crawfish 3 2 months ago

    At my house someone put alcohol in a wall vent. But then the AC guy came and I got pinned for it

  • Malakhpearson
    Malakhpearson 2 months ago +1

    I hide my food inside my belly.

  • hamilton camp
    hamilton camp 2 months ago

    If you're using any of these ideas to hide weed, don't. It's the first place cops will look and a dog will sniff it out anyway.

  • Edith Larsen
    Edith Larsen 2 months ago

    Not a secret now...

  • B Waitman
    B Waitman 2 months ago

    Extremely high voltage 120v on a 20 amp circuit lol. The cond coil on the frig is on the back, that vent is to allow air flow, if you don't block too much and I knew you'd go to the return air on the A/C. The toilets tank, thieves known for their drug habits are going to look through the meds. Any thief with half a clue will find these spots...
    Get creative folks and think outside the box. For instance if you're comfortable turn off the circuit breaker feeding the outlet and if you've gotten this far and are comfortable/understand electricity you'll be good from here...
    I'd offer some advice, but like you I don't give information that could cost me lol...

  • Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

    Yeah, like Zip drives are what people are hiding in drapes....

  • Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

    Now 2.5 million people know where you’re hiding your crack, although it’s gotta be empty cuz you lookin blitzed at the start! Now there’s 2.5mil parents searching there 15 year olds rooms with MUCH better results!

  • SD
    SD 2 months ago +4

    Why not make sure that you are truly saved by Jesus Christ and practice this way.
    Remorsefully confess with your heart your sins to Jesus Christ who is God and tell Him that you right now are repenting of your sins and you want to be born again of the Spirit from above. Tell Jesus that you are remorsefully sorry for breaking His commandments and that you are begging for forgiveness from Him. Allow His blood from the cross to wash away your sins. After this is done with your heart successfully the Holy Spirit will come to live within you and He will rebuild you from the inside out. Look for signs that you are living righteously. Things like spreading the good news from Jesus, getting other people saved, a craving for the word of God, reading the Bible etc. These things are known as a calling and fruit bearing. If you're not bearing fruit then keep doing it. Sometimes it takes time to get saved. Read Matthew chapter 13 from the King James Bible. God bless!

    • Wise Walk
      Wise Walk 19 days ago

      I honestly wouldn't press the message of Christ on people like that, but glad to find another believer!

    • Alex Perez-Medina
      Alex Perez-Medina 26 days ago


    • Terry Sprouse
      Terry Sprouse Month ago +1

      Going to Mathew 13 now.. My for the good word.. And I love you, as I know the evil world is gonna give you alot of hate filled replies.

    • XRV
      XRV 2 months ago

      Hail satan

  • Leveraction3030
    Leveraction3030 2 months ago

    Every placed you used is where drug addict Burglars and Robbers look first. First place a cop looks is
    in the toilet tank for drugs.

  • Shooken Sarah
    Shooken Sarah 2 months ago

    Bruh just turn the playback speed to 0.25 in the beggining of the video 😂

  • sabenz sabenz
    sabenz sabenz 2 months ago

    Hiding my vape from my parents

  • RHINO 54
    RHINO 54 2 months ago

    The only safe hiding spot is one you can't find on TVclip!!!

  • JohnDiSimone_wastaken
    JohnDiSimone_wastaken 3 months ago

    I thought no-one would look in my wife's hiddie hole. Turns out I was not the only one useing her hiddie hole???

  • Siouxanne Buehrer
    Siouxanne Buehrer 3 months ago

    Those are the first places I’d look as an intruder thief. My ideas are way more stealth.

  • ŅøŞiFęŘ ĘvvƏ
    ŅøŞiFęŘ ĘvvƏ 3 months ago

    It's a trap! those are the number one places the police, etc check first! MORON

  • drummerfella 55
    drummerfella 55 3 months ago +1

    All the incredible 'nifty'...boys-club' ways...to hide your Porn. Lol!....

  • Gideon Kimani
    Gideon Kimani 3 months ago

    i liked it

  • frank hargreaves
    frank hargreaves 3 months ago

    I can't use my toilet take because it's filled with meth!

  • Matthew Easley
    Matthew Easley 3 months ago

    Everyone of those spots are on every cops check list. In plan site is always the best

  • H S
    H S 3 months ago

    10 Most Obvious Hiding Places

  • shortcut 57
    shortcut 57 3 months ago

    so far every place you mentiond is the first 10 places anyone would look

  • koiesbow
    koiesbow 3 months ago +2

    Don't do the bottle in the toilet, If the bottle floats up under the refill line during a flush and the water level when rising will knock the little clip off of the tube sending a jet of water across the lid and out onto your floor. Also don't do the pill bottles as most thieves look for pills before they look for money. If you don't mind a little work a very easy idea is buy a quad plastic outlet box and switch cover from lowes and elongate a switch box near a door, usually back door or adjacent wall. Nice 3 or 4 inch by 10 inch box 3 inches deep and cost less than 5 bucks with a cover and since its fake no wires at all inside it.

  • Kennethhall Hall
    Kennethhall Hall 3 months ago

    pretty awesome but ,thinking crooks can watch you tube aswell.

  • Rob Normans
    Rob Normans 3 months ago +2

    I don't know about the USA but as soon as they raid your house, they always go Straight 2 the clocks,,,,, as u can buy a large variation of different shapes n sizes of "stash clocks" check amazon out.... Not just for the clocks but they've got some really good stashes affordable prices too 😎