10 Secret Hiding Places Already in your Home

  • Published on Dec 29, 2016
  • 10 Secret Hiding Places Already in your Home
    Here are 10 awesome hiding spots already around your house that you can hide your cash , valuables, guns, and more.
    These easy hiding spots do not require any destruction or building of your property. These secret hiding spots are great for those who are renting.
    As mentioned, please be careful to look out for any coils or electrical wiring that could cause damage or hurt you.
    I showed you my hidden room in a previous video, but not everyone can build one of those. Watch that video here:
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  • Sprint 8808
    Sprint 8808 2 days ago

    Only person who hides a usb stick like that is child porn pedos

  • Ricky
    Ricky 3 days ago

    Why dont you save your bunch of singles in a bank. This video is so stupid

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 3 days ago

    Juul gang where u at

  • Ricky Rooster
    Ricky Rooster 5 days ago

    *Underage vapers have joined the chat*

  • mehdi fd
    mehdi fd 6 days ago

    How do I trust these SECRET hiding spot when +2M people have seen this video ?

  • daniel
    daniel 7 days ago

    now i know where to hide my vape

  • Kris Orendorff
    Kris Orendorff 8 days ago

    K9's will sniff out your "hidey-hole" illegal stash

  • Sandi Govoni
    Sandi Govoni 9 days ago

    And every fed agent and cop knows all of these and more.......lol

  • steve jones
    steve jones 9 days ago

    Pretty sure these were all meth hiding spots or his porn stash areas....

  • Northcountry Hermit
    Northcountry Hermit 10 days ago

    Honey? Yes?...Where are the draperies?
    I took them to the dry cleaner, why?

  • Northcountry Hermit
    Northcountry Hermit 10 days ago

    Zip Drive?! Who do I look like? Tom Cruise? Mission Impossible? Matt Damon?!

  • Larry _
    Larry _ 10 days ago

    Seems like a video on where to stash your stash of weed. Problem one, most will forget where they stashed it, or that they even stashed it. Who hasn't done that?

  • Darius Valikalari
    Darius Valikalari 10 days ago

    My vape

  • Youtubes Dude
    Youtubes Dude 12 days ago

    Cool I am going to use this for weed

  • Mary Kohler
    Mary Kohler 12 days ago

    Do not think that crooks are not clever They are watching your video right now to get ideas what to tear up in people homes If you are clever enough don’t use any of these ideas use one of your own

  • Priyanka Patil
    Priyanka Patil 13 days ago

    Oooo col

  • Annie Kooper
    Annie Kooper 14 days ago

    He's going to swear someone stole his flash drives and cash next week.

  • Tikboy Tikas
    Tikboy Tikas 20 days ago

    Whats with the flash drives? Drug users know all those stuff

  • Konner Dent
    Konner Dent 20 days ago

    Everyone: he means drugs.
    Me: this man is hiding Hydra secrets from SHEILD!

  • Ryan Zaaraoui Sentissi


  • Caroline Van Beek
    Caroline Van Beek 23 days ago

    Somebody's going to watch all of these videos and rob this guy blind

  • Ashley Bagley Swango
    Ashley Bagley Swango 23 days ago

    Love to see more videos like this..

  • your average white guy

    What do u even say in your intro? 😂

  • Brianna Gieske
    Brianna Gieske 25 days ago

    6:35 - everybody who’s watched “you” on netflix

  • Rylee Beese
    Rylee Beese 25 days ago

    Burglars are probably watching this video to see where they can find stuff in houses

  • Sly25
    Sly25 27 days ago

    What is this?

  • MrEvilMike21
    MrEvilMike21 Month ago

    some cash or maybe a zip drive.

  • Rozza43
    Rozza43 Month ago

    He is only hiding Papers, flash drives and cash. And for some reason this is funny to me😂.
    We have all seen too many movies to believe someone is trying to steal our flashdrives or top secret documents.

  • Harry Squater
    Harry Squater Month ago

    I just dont get why americans have like 2000 vents in their homes. Here in Europe we just use windows

  • Lori Casey
    Lori Casey Month ago

    For those who ride dirty, your vehicle is loaded with hiding spots as well.

  • Steve Libby
    Steve Libby Month ago

    10 places to forget where you hid stuff.

  • Gianluca 29
    Gianluca 29 Month ago

    I came here to see where to hide my condoms😂

  • hemn Ahmadi
    hemn Ahmadi Month ago

    Now i know all your hiding places lol

  • Zak Valois
    Zak Valois Month ago

    I trying to hide gun

  • Moon Thrasher
    Moon Thrasher Month ago

    He’s got secrets in those flash drives

  • Kathy Holcomb
    Kathy Holcomb Month ago

    Now everybody knows where to look. 🙄

  • Adrian Jorgenson
    Adrian Jorgenson Month ago +1

    "People might not know this you can put your weed in there"

  • Ralph Ugale
    Ralph Ugale Month ago

    Hidey holes TF...hahahaha

  • SRT8Driver
    SRT8Driver Month ago

    hmmmm I'd stay away from the refrigerator way too much power running thru it AND there's nothing that important that'd be worth keeping under there.....if it's important docs you wanna hide there's a SAFE DEPOSIT BOX in the bank for that!

  • boomer8659
    boomer8659 Month ago

    Tress work great. People don’t look up much. Out of sight out of mind. Fishing line with a camouflaged bag or small camo box attached. Hold one end of the line and chunck your stash over a limb close to the trunk of the tree. Or you can firmly attach it to the trunk using a ladder. The ladder is more more obvious. So do it late at night or buy a cheap bird house. If its long term go with the firmly attached with a ladder late at night. Just be safe about it.
    Thats an old trick my grandfather used to do to hide cash.( well made me do it for him haha) He didn’t trust banks.
    * I hate I have to say this but “some people!” Be safe, have a safety line, tell someone you can trust to check the backyard or where ever if they don’t hear from you in 30 min, or have them with you. Allot of people fall off ladders or dear stands and get in a world of trouble.
    Safe stashing!

  • boomer8659
    boomer8659 Month ago

    LOL hidey hole.

  • Michael Washburn
    Michael Washburn Month ago

    This seems kinda off to me 🤔

  • Russ F
    Russ F Month ago

    I was walking down the street the other day, and some guy came up to me pushing a pistol into my stomach.
    At which point he said...
    "Your flash drive or your life!"

  • POVadventure
    POVadventure Month ago

    Should be called secret hiding places that criminals already know about.

  • Sarah Nelson
    Sarah Nelson Month ago

    These are great ideas, but I would NEVER put anything in a pill bottle. If someone does break in, there's a fairly decent chance that they could be a drug addict. And trust me- as someone who is 3.5 years sober- that's the first place addicts look.

  • Jazz ASMR
    Jazz ASMR Month ago

    I need somewhere to hide my 5-6inch bong

  • route five
    route five Month ago +1

    Cash and flash drive = weed and coke. Paper work= drug supplies i.e. coke mirror/ weed pipe

  • wavy darkness
    wavy darkness 2 months ago

    Weed is legal in Canada. You lose lol

  • Contessa* The Raven
    Contessa* The Raven 2 months ago +1

    Those are typical hiding spots and cops generally know to look in those places .

    • Sarah Nelson
      Sarah Nelson Month ago

      I had my house raided a few years ago, and they didn't look in ANY of those spots. Seriously... Well, I guess they could have looked in the toilet tank. Because I couldn't see them in the bathroom. And we don't have floor vents. Also- unfortunately what they were looking for was in pill bottles lol. But they weren't in the medicine cabinet. (ps- I've since left that man, moved out, and am 3.5 years sober! 🙌)

  • El lokito 5150
    El lokito 5150 2 months ago +1

    Thanks, my mom never found my drugs again. Ur the best :) lol jk😂

  • consistency man
    consistency man 2 months ago

    3.3k dislikes? Dude why do u suck this much? Most people would have to purposely suck this bad. You are just awful.

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles 2 months ago

    My brother once hide weed brownies in the ceiling but mice got them and ate all of them and shited everywhere

  • Travis In Canada
    Travis In Canada 2 months ago

    Dude what the hell are you putting on a zip drive that you would need to hide it like this?!

  • Tourettes Guy
    Tourettes Guy 2 months ago

    I want this man to narrate my life.

  • Justin Dixon
    Justin Dixon 2 months ago

    Buddy just gave away all his hiding places, plot twist his brother has a drug problem now tomorrow all your moneys gone lol jk

  • Fr0zenFire27
    Fr0zenFire27 2 months ago

    Did i hear "hiding hoes"?

  • Co Conuts
    Co Conuts 2 months ago

    These are all known to all robbers theives

  • Kahlibur Hawkins
    Kahlibur Hawkins 2 months ago +1

    It’s so weird visiting Kansas where u don’t smell weed, then u go to California......... Jesus Christ the smell sticks out and it’s weird that it’s legal In Cali but illegal in Kansas, but they were both good trips

  • Al Junaibi
    Al Junaibi 2 months ago

    He look like a dud that I would play board games with.

  • Ray H
    Ray H 2 months ago

    Depending what what your bidding a vacuum sealed bag may be better than zip lock bag.

  • Sobble Crip Gang
    Sobble Crip Gang 2 months ago

    Why does he hide so many flash drives?

  • Sunil Kolekar
    Sunil Kolekar 2 months ago


  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 2 months ago

    Drug addicts will go through your medicine cabinets. Not a great idea especially with so many other good ones.

  • Frank Cessna
    Frank Cessna 2 months ago

    Law Enforcement knows these tricks and a lot more. Now every one knows.

  • RealestRealist
    RealestRealist 2 months ago

    Does anyone know where I can find a currency dog? *My grandparents recently died and one of them was a maniac* and we're not sure of how to find the cash in the bigger house, you know? I cannot believe that cash finders aren't invented. Maybe an infrared imaging device could help, I suppose

  • Popcorn Bang
    Popcorn Bang 2 months ago +1

    But what if the thieves watch this video?😆

  • Patricia King
    Patricia King 2 months ago

    Thieves are watching this video too.

  • Sea Gull
    Sea Gull 2 months ago

    hide and forgotten..

  • The truth Kills
    The truth Kills 2 months ago

    Yeah then the cops can look at your search history on TVclip and see this video thus finding all your hiding spots

  • Debbie Does Dallas
    Debbie Does Dallas 3 months ago

    Great ideas or you could just stop inviting crack heads to your house 😊

  • Yz Thepro
    Yz Thepro 3 months ago

    Thank you for your great tips. Hope you guys enjoy my videos too!!

  • Pastor Jan
    Pastor Jan 3 months ago

    Good job!

  • Ventri Kill
    Ventri Kill 3 months ago

    I feel like this guy has a lot to hide...

  • Random Anthony
    Random Anthony 3 months ago

    the clock crooked af

  • Millicent Owen
    Millicent Owen 3 months ago

    Everyone knows these hiding places now after watching your video.. But some cool places to hide stuff although I never had enough to hide. lol

  • Jakob Lee
    Jakob Lee 3 months ago

    These aren’t very good hiding spots for adults as they could just get a safe. This is more of a “how to hide drugs as a teenager” video lol

  • Its free real estate
    Its free real estate 3 months ago

    Wait in America (I'm uk) you have vents on the floor?

  • Raina_The_Rogue / Raina Mist

    i'm shaking this is literal end goals for me

  • james carpenter
    james carpenter 3 months ago

    What is it with you and flash drives? Lmao

  • james carpenter
    james carpenter 3 months ago

    But now the clock is crooked

  • 9o1 Baby
    9o1 Baby 3 months ago +1

    Wassup with you hiding your porn videos from your wife on the flash drive

  • LMarshalll
    LMarshalll 3 months ago

    I have like 2 or 3 of these in my house

  • Pat Stokes
    Pat Stokes 3 months ago

    Why is this guy yelling or acting like he's selling used cars. Americans always do that.

  • Jason Thibodeaux
    Jason Thibodeaux 3 months ago

    Now y’all don’t know how many cops could be watching this🤣

  • Jan Hollon
    Jan Hollon 3 months ago

    #2 vents. In the floor can be found in mobile homes but not apartments.

  • Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts 3 months ago

    I noticed that you are particularly worried about hiding flash drives.

  • Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts 3 months ago

    The dogs will smell your pot in a film canister hanging in a floor vent. Especially if the air conditioning or heat is on.

  • Conrad Dean
    Conrad Dean 3 months ago

    I've hidden something and now I have forgotten where it is,...😥

  • Verna Abshire
    Verna Abshire 3 months ago


  • Bobby Mess
    Bobby Mess 3 months ago

    Yo m8 number ten ain't got no sound

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 3 months ago

    I've been electrocuted 2 times

  • Marcia Mason
    Marcia Mason 3 months ago

    Most of these are on the lists of where never to hide money in your house because all thieves know to look there.

  • Ralph Rodriguez
    Ralph Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Your " hidy-holes" are no longer safe to use. However, inspiring ideas that can lead to other "hidy-holes"!
    Good job!


    I wanted hiding spots that I can hide in...

  • Yourboi
    Yourboi 4 months ago

    lol all 13 year old juulersn

  • Marques
    Marques 4 months ago

    My left ear really hated tip #10...

  • mikekoz68
    mikekoz68 4 months ago

    Why are you hiding stuff in your own home? ....

  • Esraa Al Shamolly
    Esraa Al Shamolly 4 months ago


  • Esraa Al Shamolly
    Esraa Al Shamolly 4 months ago

    Where we put gold

  • Juxe _
    Juxe _ 4 months ago

    Anyone else watching this because they wanna hide there weed