How Tall Can We Build? | Answers With Joe

  • Published on May 13, 2019
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    The Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure humans have ever built. But that record may fall in the coming years as a new generation of supertall buildings go under construction.
    Thumbnail image courtesy of Pete Martin of Dream Cutter LLC
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    The first tallest structure in the world was the Great Pyramid of Giza, which held its record for nearly 4000 years. It was beat by the Lincoln Cathedral in the UK in 1311, which was topped by the Washington Monument, then the Eiffel Tower, and then the Chrysler Building in 1929.
    North America saw the next wave of world-record skyscrapers, with the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center, and the Sears Tower.
    Then Asia had their turn with the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, then the Taipei 101 Building.
    The next and current tallest building is the Burj Khalifa, but it may soon be topped by the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, or the Burj Mubarak al-Kabir in Kuwait, or the Dubai Creek Tower, solidifying the Middle East as the current epicenter of supertall buildings in the world.
    Designs for vertical cities of the future include Ultima Tower, the Tokyo Sky Mile Tower, and the Shimizu Mega City Pyramid. But the tallest building ever designed is the X-Seed 4000 building which would stretch 4 kilometers into the sky and house up to a million people.
    Real Engineering on the construction of the Burj Khalifa
    Tokyo Sky Mile Tower
    Size comparison of the tallest buildings in the world:
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Comments • 2 851

  • Allahu Akbar
    Allahu Akbar 6 hours ago +1

    Instead of Africa having tall buildings maybe it will be Mars or the Moon

  • EZ Rolly
    EZ Rolly 15 hours ago

    There are 10 mile high mega cities which will house 100s of millions of people being planned and set for the year 40000.

  • Oliver Von arx
    Oliver Von arx Day ago

    Binge watching now; i see another video of yours and immediately klick 👍...

  • robtk3
    robtk3 Day ago

    No thanks. Here in the US we prefer to spend a trillion dollars on defense and unnecessary wars. Freedom!

    When we went to war with Iraq (the first time) it was in response to the invasion of Kuwait. Now Kuwait is working on one of the tallest buildings in the world while I'm standing in the security line for an hour on a sticky floor in a musty antiquated airport and wondering how to cover a $5,000 insurance co-pay should the need arise. ...freedom...

  • 101Supercritic
    101Supercritic 2 days ago

    So Halo might be a thing in the near future. The only difference is is that we are going to be the forerunners.

  • jason joyce
    jason joyce 3 days ago

    What about world trade center 1

  • Barát Gábor
    Barát Gábor 3 days ago +1

    How long does it take to go up and down in these buildings? I suppose that might be a problem.

  • Barát Gábor
    Barát Gábor 3 days ago

    "had a fall-out with a guy called H. Craig *Severence*" - I know we write it as 'severance', but still LOL

  • CDKJ 85
    CDKJ 85 4 days ago +3

    I prefer to keep my happy ass at or near sea level thank you

  • Bronze HD
    Bronze HD 4 days ago

    "We" ? You own construction company or something? Communism!

  • Blackake
    Blackake 5 days ago

    Someone took Warhammer 40k Hive cities a little too literally.

  • jason mcfall
    jason mcfall 5 days ago

    Well if the building is tall enough... You don't want COPD.

  • Louie Panagoulias
    Louie Panagoulias 5 days ago

    So, whose going to build the tower of Babel?

  • Saki630
    Saki630 5 days ago

    What stops us from building taller? Is the mass of the structure enough to destroy it? Is the vibration from the wind and people within enough to make it too difficult to design around?

    • John theux
      John theux Day ago

      Probably the building/furniture mass ratio?

  • Ra’Ziel Grey
    Ra’Ziel Grey 6 days ago +1

    Yes. I’d love to live in the penthouse of the X seed 4000. Can we build structures with plastic? If so, how high? I want to build something similar to this in Death Valley and make it primarily from recycled plastic. What are your thoughts?

    • John theux
      John theux Day ago

      The strength to weight ratio of plastic is about 4 times less than steel.

  • OMMStudiosAZ
    OMMStudiosAZ 6 days ago

    You should sell merch - your shirts are dope sauce - do you make them?

  • Rudy Dale
    Rudy Dale 7 days ago +1

    Love the idea super tall buildings, but prefer to live close to the land, close to the ground.

    • John theux
      John theux Day ago

      At least the cities-towers are very wide and do not moove too much with wind.

  • XtremeBudgetMusician
    XtremeBudgetMusician 7 days ago +1

    1.2 trillion dollars divided by 1 million people averages to $1.2 million each. That's not even counting maintenance fees

    • John theux
      John theux Day ago +1

      But when the cost per square meter goes up...

  • Mike Allard
    Mike Allard 7 days ago +1

    What's up with the Star of David on the burj mubarak al-kabir at 6:09

  • Gunkstunk Koroteev
    Gunkstunk Koroteev 8 days ago

    All praise the marker! 9:50

  • phoenix21studios
    phoenix21studios 8 days ago +1

    5:15 take that flat earthers !!

  • zeppelin1001
    zeppelin1001 8 days ago

    Great video! My only concern about these Mega projects is that they would be huge targets for terrorists. Imagine being able to potentially kill half a million people.

    • Arnaud Malan
      Arnaud Malan 6 days ago

      Very good observation, I fully agree.

  • Collin Bell
    Collin Bell 8 days ago

    I would 100% live somewhere like this.

  • Erdinc Yedikat
    Erdinc Yedikat 8 days ago

    These are really magnificent buildings, of the signs of the end of times says “man will compete for building the tallest buildings and skyscrapers in the world”.

  • Chaos X Otaku
    Chaos X Otaku 9 days ago

    i wouldn't since as you said they are a show of a countries might & could become a target for terrorism like the twin towers

  • Yatharth Reality
    Yatharth Reality 9 days ago

    i have been in the burj khalifa

  • sam clarke
    sam clarke 10 days ago

    And alright this is how we get to judge dread level stuff

  • steven clark
    steven clark 10 days ago +2

    The Jetson's had buildings in the sky!

  • fireguysith
    fireguysith 10 days ago

    That moment when you get to your apartment near the top floor then realize you left your phone in your car in the underground parking lot...

  • Andy Osterlund
    Andy Osterlund 10 days ago +2

    So cool - I'm "into architecture and what not." Thanks for the shout-out to Frank Lloyd Wright.

  • brian skinner
    brian skinner 11 days ago

    Wrong pyramid pictured, Dickhead,

  • Tav Ferry
    Tav Ferry 11 days ago

    I'd prefer they just build more affordable housing.

  • NorthernPanzer666
    NorthernPanzer666 11 days ago

    In Denmark, our highest manmade building is a HOTEL in Copenhagen. But a 230meter (700feet) is planned. Beeing the highest building in Northern Europe. But why not build A building in 10 different heights, then having green areas on the different tops og the structures..

  • momoracin
    momoracin 12 days ago

    that last one...image a uncontrolled fire in the basement everyone would be cooked in mins lol...super headed rocket engine....?!

  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel 12 days ago

    Ultimate tower, 😂 that's not going to work

  • Insane Troll
    Insane Troll 12 days ago +1

    If a kilometre-high building is a milestone, shouldn't a mile-high building be a kilometrestone?

  • Duke Knight
    Duke Knight 12 days ago

    1,000,000 people in one building, no thanks, the smells alone would be death, especially in the morning, after everyone had their coffee. Las Vegas NV already has that problem, and people are spread out amongst hundreds of buildings

  • Emily Is Away xx
    Emily Is Away xx 13 days ago

    I had a dream that I found old blueprints that were written in a different language under my bed. I translated it (idk how) and it said something like "project: earth" and i was like gasp is this how they built earth? And then there was coordinates on the blueprints and I went to them and there was a random rocket. I went into the rocket and it immediately blasted off and took me to space and I saw that Earth was really just a piece of cereal. Like captain crunch. And the other pieces of cereal were all different planets. I woke up very confused.

  • Tt Miller
    Tt Miller 13 days ago +1

    Its ALL just a question of money...AND this money could fuel new innovations and inventions just like NASA did to get men to the moon (examples are velcro and superglue among others)

    • Hannes Böhm
      Hannes Böhm 12 days ago

      Both Velcro and superglue were invented outside of the US before NASA was founded.

  • J Bidd
    J Bidd 13 days ago

    Your research is a bit off on the section about TV towers. The KTHI tower in North Dakota became the tallest structure in the world at 2,063 feet in 1963 and remained that until the Warzawa radio mast in Poland was constructed. When the Warzawa mast fell, the KTHI tower (later redesignated KVLY) resumed its place at the top until the Burj Khalifa was completed.

  • Take the red pill Wilson

    Interesting video

  • Lisa1162
    Lisa1162 13 days ago

    There are already plans for a space elevator, and the materials used for it.
    The one thing stopping the such a construction is terrorism.

    • Anarcho-fascist
      Anarcho-fascist 12 days ago

      Lisa1162 since no terrorist has ever blown up the Burj Khalifa, I’ll sing that terrorists are the main problem.

  • Maolim Pasigado
    Maolim Pasigado 13 days ago

    I don't think somebody would be there. oh time is running assholes
    can't even done what your supposed to..

  • DiscoDashco
    DiscoDashco 14 days ago

    The Sears Tower will always be the tallest building in the world to me!

  • Malcolm австралийский русский хакер

    Saudi Arabia runs out of oil lol 😂

  • Malcolm австралийский русский хакер

    Going to have to look into graphine carbon fibre nano tube etc etc and other light super strong materials.

  • Sopwith Camel
    Sopwith Camel 14 days ago +3

    Where do I want my mile high apartment? Well, in an earthquake, typhoon and tsunami zone obviously.

  • Matthew Combs
    Matthew Combs 14 days ago

    Once you got to the super height I feel like it would just end up being a pain in the ass. Like if you needed to get groceries, it would take 20 minutes to get out of the damn building so you would probably need to have grocery stores in the building. Then what about getting to work? There's a VW plant near me that takes 20 minutes from the parking lot to walk to the office, imagine just trying to get to your car from your apartment in one of these buildings you'd get your cardio workout for the day. Building super big things is cool and all but after a certain point it just isn't practical.

  • Mikhail Lastname
    Mikhail Lastname 14 days ago

    Correct pronunciation of Ostankino tower is with the stress on second syllable. Stress is usually the first thing foreigners got wrong in Russian words or surnames. Both O's are close to A's as well.

  • Brandon Fouts
    Brandon Fouts 15 days ago

    Giza might be older than 5,000 years. just say'n - Graham Hancock
    Hope these buildings have sea level rise planning.

  • frank honcho
    frank honcho 15 days ago


  • frank honcho
    frank honcho 15 days ago

    Seattle fucked that up for everybody

  • John Sharp
    John Sharp 15 days ago

    I think these building are super awesome but honestly glad there is no life sustaining requirement to live in one. Because as cool as these all are. I enjoy my country side views.

  • Andrew 13579
    Andrew 13579 16 days ago +1

    Would the X-seed 4000 building be powered by one of those new fusion reactors? :)

    • Argamis (SilverComet)
      Argamis (SilverComet) 14 days ago +1

      It could... but you really do NOT want that thing "inside" the X-Seed 4000 (heat dissipation problems will just quadruple if you are both generating AND consuming the energy in the same place). Expect multiple smaller (still huge) fusion reactions "all around" the GIGAstructure for more reliability & stability of the whole powergrid.

      Having mirrors reflecting sunlight through the inside also saves a ton of power at the day (you need to keep a lot of "empty space" inside to do it, but is something that also makes ~many other things~ much simpler and enhances its internal beauty).

      Also, you can filter out the UV & Infrared frequencies, using its energy to heat the transparent or translucid "windows".
      That "sunlight heat" will be either dissipated pasively, or transported with fluids (to be stored for climatization through the night and/or proceses that require more temperature, like water treatment).

  • Benjamin Karol
    Benjamin Karol 16 days ago

    Elevated space port to reduce fuel cost. Elon should be all over that. Like in Fountains of Paradise, but I would think Ecuador would be a better site.

  • Chris G
    Chris G 16 days ago

    Carbon tubing. I got finished. Ace combat 7.

  • Kurt N
    Kurt N 16 days ago

    paper airplanes, snow-boarding to the bottom, superballs, wing suits....

  • Walker Hall
    Walker Hall 16 days ago

    @11:14 MAJOR scaling error with the last 2 proposed towers: The X-Seed is 4000M vs the Ultima at 3218M. The X-SEED is only 24% taller, and yet your graphic (from measuring the screenshot in photoshop) is 124% taller! In other words, the difference between the two is exaggerated in the graphic by more than a factor of 5. (124% / 24% = 5.2). Other than that, I enjoyed the video :)

  • Rubber Tunes
    Rubber Tunes 16 days ago

    welcome to the future!

  • optokapler
    optokapler 16 days ago

    make your content dont copy Vsause !!!

  • Matthew
    Matthew 16 days ago

    This is how Mega-City One begins.

  • ABDULLAH the good
    ABDULLAH the good 16 days ago +1

    Surely , We are in the End Times...

  • avinfor
    avinfor 16 days ago

    Great video. 100% agreed that the Chrysler building is the most beautiful skyscraper.

  • 7ov9
    7ov9 16 days ago

    The tallest natural structures, mountains, are limited to about 5.5 miles or 29,000 feet - the height of Everest. Constant weathering keeps them from getting taller.

  • Flournoy mason
    Flournoy mason 17 days ago

    Frank Lloyd Wright designed a skyscraper that was one mile high with atomic-powered elevators. It was of course never built.

  • ergim142
    ergim142 17 days ago

    Someone should build real life size barad'dur

  • kippie80
    kippie80 18 days ago

    All buildings fall.

  • Carskinify
    Carskinify 18 days ago

    Wouldn't even want to live near most of these things.

  • DestinationFreedom
    DestinationFreedom 18 days ago

    No doubt SF would launch a huge pecker 2 miles high! :-)

  • DestinationFreedom
    DestinationFreedom 18 days ago

    Are these countries and architects compensating for something?

  • DestinationFreedom
    DestinationFreedom 18 days ago

    Tokyo bay? I hope they're ready for earthquakes and huge tsunamis... :-(

  • Noble Baughman
    Noble Baughman 18 days ago

    it is a bad time to be afraid of heights

  • marcus pedro
    marcus pedro 18 days ago

    The Giza Pyramid was never the tallest structure in the world. The Bosnian Pyramid is taller and so is the Chinese Pyramid. The tallest structure in the world recorded was the Tower of Babel. It was said it was so tall it would take a whole year to reach the top with the next block carried up by a worker.'Giants ' ,it was also said if a worker fell off the Tower carrying a block the other workers wouldn't moarn their collegue but the block instead they would cry over. The blocks at Balbek Turkey weight as much as 1600ton, the size used in the Tower of Babel was similar in size.P.S. the sky scrapers in ur video was not built by Americans ,they were already there built by Tartarians.ur video shows repairs only being made.try find old blue prints for ur buildings or photos of its construction from the ground up on any of them old buildings. Give a name of the architects? Ur talking crap .Mud flood,Tartary ur research on it.

  • William Bosley
    William Bosley 18 days ago

    I'm new to this guy's channel, and... Does anyone else get vibes of Genna from Brookline 99 from his voice?

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris 19 days ago

    1 mile is 1600 kilometers hey? Lol jeddah tower screw up

  • Mc4King
    Mc4King 19 days ago +2

    You could build megastructures on mars. The lower gravity would allow us to build way higher and way crazyer things

  • diego maradona
    diego maradona 19 days ago

    Where is the answer? How tall CAN we build?!

  • Trever Sherman
    Trever Sherman 19 days ago

    How high can we build? Idk how high is the dude in the video? He looks absolutely blitzed

  • Oborowatabinost
    Oborowatabinost 19 days ago

    I don't like heights

  • kurt engel
    kurt engel 20 days ago

    I miss Vsauce on youtube

  • The Honda Doctor Of Puget Sound

    bro think about it.. a penthouse sueit at almost 4000m? almost 4km? charge dummies to "lower the air pressure?" bam "next level opium den"
    pun intended

  • psoltan
    psoltan 20 days ago

    Put a garage next to my apartment with a flying car in it and I'll consider it.

  • Curtis DeCoste
    Curtis DeCoste 20 days ago +3

    I have been to the glass floor on the observation level of the CN Tower, and it was unsettling to say the least. That artists conception of Jeddah Tower (6:30) and they're just chilling out on that platform garden thing.....never would I step out on that. I was cringing as I watched and they keep going higher and higher.
    Great Video Joe!

  • ZeOverman
    ZeOverman 20 days ago

    Middle-east showing of it's economic and technological might...
    By using near slave labor from India and European design and technology to build tall buildings that are funded by money which they got by selling black goo they just happen to have under ground...
    Ah well we're all going to benefit from it at the end. For example we get better, faster, safer and quieter elevators from it.

    OLD SCHOOL 20 days ago

    San Francisco is now constructing the "poop-kalifa"

  • Cindy A
    Cindy A 20 days ago

    About 5 floors high if de Blasio has his way.

  • Nocure92
    Nocure92 20 days ago

    One giant, expensive cock measuring contest

  • G Nelson
    G Nelson 20 days ago

    I live in unincorporated county land. A suburb is too crowded for me.

  • Seamus Toomey
    Seamus Toomey 20 days ago

    Building tall depends on weight, eventually gravity will overwhelm and collapse your gigantic building. The giant Olympic mons on mars would not stand on earth as earths gravity would crush it. Everest is as big as a mountain gets on earth. Some useless info there.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 21 day ago

    i wouldnt wanna live in any of these as long as their are Islamic extremists out there :/

  • King Peter
    King Peter 21 day ago

    It is impossible to jump out of the top of the empire state building and reach terminal velocity with out hitting an other part of the building ledges, Unless you have something to glide

  • Jaime Leos
    Jaime Leos 21 day ago

    The pyramid that they plan to build in Dubai also

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris 21 day ago

    These buildings would do fatal or near-fatal damage to our environment because of the carbon footprint left by the process of building them. We humans need to be more humble and respect our nest, instead of "showing the middle finger of spite" to competitors. If we continue with our spite we shall no longer inhabit any place at all.

  • I am Meg
    I am Meg 21 day ago

    What about digging down...

  • Aparna Thakur
    Aparna Thakur 22 days ago

    Olympus mons

    NTINU NSAKU NE KONGO 22 days ago

    He said AFRICA some day will have it time but pyramid of gyza is in fact in Africa since "egypt (kemet)in fact is in africa.

  • bluestudio67
    bluestudio67 22 days ago

    Gotta disagree with his Africa statement. Africa won't have its turn at anything the way its going.

  • Chris Burn
    Chris Burn 22 days ago

    Nice video! I always knew the Chrysler building had a height race but I thought it was with the Empire State building, so I learned something! In the UK we don't preface cathedrals with "the" though. It's just "Lincoln Cathedral" 😉

  • ItsNotMeitsYouTu8e
    ItsNotMeitsYouTu8e 22 days ago

    Most definitely would not want to live in a super-structure. Living in a fenced-in suburban block is tight enough. Want to be able to touch earth, move freely, and escape in a disaster...

  • Nathan Andreasen
    Nathan Andreasen 23 days ago

    I really like the tokyo pyramid