Awesomely Bad Glitches, Typos, & Misspellings - Game Grumps Compilation

  • Published on Mar 5, 2018
  • Oh how I LOVE it when things go wrong during a live comedy show! Danny & Arin are such pros... they can instantly turn video game glitches into moments of pure joy. I CLEARLY remember that moment while playing the NES as a kid when the screen would start to garble... "PLEASE NOOOOO!!! I'VE MADE IT SO FAR!!!!!"
    Here are some of my personal favorite in-game glitches, typos, and misspellings. As always, subscribe to Game Grumps here:
    Thank you DigitalFarewell for the awesome screencap!

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    Thanks all for clarifying the Mario 64 butterfly thing! Hope ewe still enjoyed those MAGIC MIKE FINGERS GOIN UP YOUR COOOOOOOOTTTTTTEEEEEERRRRRR

    • Civilianbugle
      Civilianbugle Month ago

      Yossy isnt a misspelling its yoshi's Japanese name

    • Tom once farted while nutting
      Tom once farted while nutting 3 months ago

      11:35 *DuckTales crappy WiFi edition*

    • Daniel Ostrowski
      Daniel Ostrowski 3 months ago +1

      +Peca Jumper That is a glitch. The mushroom isn't supposed to get stuck in the wall

    • Peca Jumper
      Peca Jumper 3 months ago

      Also, the green demon was in the wall, thats not a glitch, the mushroom just got stuck on the wall and when he walked around it got unstuck

  • salamander toes
    salamander toes 2 days ago

    “oh! game ovev!
    *GAMA OVAR!?* “

  • The Blocksaurus
    The Blocksaurus 2 days ago

    TVclip crashed when I tried watching this

  • lemme smash
    lemme smash 4 days ago


  • Timothy Fries
    Timothy Fries 6 days ago

    Anyone goes to Iraq ever: 5:42

  • Hello There
    Hello There 7 days ago

    However Hawaii was a Sovereign Country.

  • jah947
    jah947 7 days ago

    2:23 the mushroom is just waiting in the wall for him

  • Choleric Charmander
    Choleric Charmander 8 days ago

    Dan’s face on the thumbnail...
    That wouldn’t happen to be from Dragon Slayer, would it?

  • Chaninzard674
    Chaninzard674 8 days ago

    “Without being contacted by Dr. Willy- Isn’t it ‘Wily?’”

  • Dan Stormwind
    Dan Stormwind 9 days ago +1

    danny is just like ‘i can play this no matter how screwed up it is’ and then there’s arin like ‘nope reset this is bad’ (i might have have gotten the grumps mixed up)

  • Vincent Mountcastle
    Vincent Mountcastle 10 days ago

    D O C T O R W I L L Y

  • mannyonthemap
    mannyonthemap 11 days ago


  • Mochacocoa
    Mochacocoa 11 days ago

    My friends and I hung out and played slightly jank super mario bros some years back. One thing was almost every third letter was the letter before it alphabetically. “Super Maqio Bros”. I even recorded it and made it as cringey as possible. Classic youtube.

  • David Hopp
    David Hopp 12 days ago

    Wouldn't it be awesome to see Arin play Hollow Knight's path of pain?

  • The Awful Things Gaming Channel

    I don't understand the one where Arin fucked up a door

  • Anonymous Commenter
    Anonymous Commenter 15 days ago

    *_G A M A O V A R_*

  • Arconis The Wolf
    Arconis The Wolf 15 days ago

    I want a part 2 to this

  • MasterBrianCampbell
    MasterBrianCampbell 17 days ago

    That 'audio glitch' isn't really a glitch, just Arin's mic peaking

  • byron floyd
    byron floyd 18 days ago

    7:55 .. hilarious.... 😂😂😂

    • byron floyd
      byron floyd 18 days ago

      That's one less door...!!!!! Hilarious 😂😂😂😂 7:55

  • thefal
    thefal 20 days ago

    14:05 I just learned this isn't a glitch at all! The butterflies are designed to change to bombs upon impact. Thanks pannenkoek2012. But first, let's talk about parralel universes!

  • Kayorama
    Kayorama 20 days ago


  • Jamjamkip21 21
    Jamjamkip21 21 21 day ago

    2:40 XD

  • Tenebre Nightwalker
    Tenebre Nightwalker 22 days ago

    How speshikal!

  • Paul Jewson
    Paul Jewson 23 days ago

    Please make a second one with Kitty Love in it! You could make an entire video on stuff from that game.

  • Preston Lucy
    Preston Lucy 23 days ago

    Magic Mike fingers goin' up your coooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooter.

  • WeaBea
    WeaBea 24 days ago


  • Uniursh 032
    Uniursh 032 24 days ago

    19:34 I had a real life version of that game and it was lit as fuck

    • Vorzky
      Vorzky 23 days ago

      That seems like a fucking nightmare, especially if you were a child

  • Green Inkling
    Green Inkling 25 days ago

    I fucking love Danny and Aaron, their such a magical combination

  • Sheikah Chick
    Sheikah Chick 26 days ago

    Can someone design a jumper that says GAMA OVAR

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G 27 days ago

    What the fuck!

  • cym999
    cym999 27 days ago

    wow erin parryed at the same frame it killed him thats impressive

  • hollow gamer
    hollow gamer 27 days ago +1

    13:36 my favorite one

  • Alex-D-Ap
    Alex-D-Ap 28 days ago

    4:40 How was the period in the wrong place?

    • Vorzky
      Vorzky 23 days ago

      Periods go within the quotation mark, not out. Same with all punctuation when used with them.

  • Julisa Collins
    Julisa Collins 28 days ago

    Dan: isn't it doctor Wiley
    Arin: *silence*
    Arin: what the fuffpHAHAHAAH

  • Jerry McCullough
    Jerry McCullough 28 days ago

    I love how you included the "Action Girlz Racing" episode when literally the entire thing could just be put in and no one would question it.

  • Kathleen Laine
    Kathleen Laine 28 days ago

    *GAMA OVAR?!*

  • Jamie Vee
    Jamie Vee 29 days ago

    This made me laugh until my chest hurt lmao

  • sasamichan
    sasamichan Month ago

    that reminds me, my Game Grumps Hang Man needs spell check and to reach the attention of the Grumps them selves threw some method. I tried a few ways and have no clue what's going on in that situation.

  • :moyai:
    :moyai: Month ago

    you could just put the entire Sonic Boom playthrough in this video

  • Stupid Mario Plush Channel

    9:28 when someone punches you so hard your brain dies

  • Stupid Mario Plush Channel

    Who else was just waiting for gama ovar?

  • Xedron
    Xedron Month ago

    and youre dead?

  • Mac Jess
    Mac Jess Month ago

    Sweat flies are actually a real insect. It was a "sweat fly made of some jelly or jam" so it was then a candy fly. Still kinda dumb tho, as they could have called it a "sweet fly" and would have been moderately clever. However, I wouldn't be surprised either way due to other mistakes that game seems to make regularly. And I'm no grammar nazi, (trust THAT) I just found it interesting. Was it miscorrecting or just bad translation? Hmm..

  • Not today Satan
    Not today Satan Month ago +1


  • Derp Master
    Derp Master Month ago

    0:41 this happens to me and my brother

  • Moist Madness
    Moist Madness Month ago

    Dr. Willy

  • killer_wolf236 FaZe

    not the BANNANAS

  • killer_wolf236 FaZe

    not the BANNANAS

  • Jamez4018
    Jamez4018 Month ago

    I will still never understand how they didn’t see themselves clipping through the ramp the first time

  • Heyec
    Heyec Month ago

    The Barbie part had dan say "Charade you are barbie." Which in turn made me remember Pink Floyd - Pigs (three diffrent ones). Like it hurt my brain because I had to go back in the mental rolodex.

  • Kyran Katzenbach
    Kyran Katzenbach Month ago

    14:12 he just punched a butterfly, that happens. it's annoying

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith Month ago +1

    That mic tried to censor Arin

  • Sirrilist
    Sirrilist Month ago

    In cuphead if you parry something and die from it at the same time in two player mode the game will freeze. I know this because it happened over and over again to me and my friend when we played it

  • a youtube commenter

    the e-tank part wasn't a glitch, in the entire classic and x series items disappear if left alone for too long.

  • 2319mi
    2319mi Month ago

    27:03 OH, GOD FOREVER!!! XD

  • Pickles
    Pickles Month ago

    rince means to finish or *deplete*
    a scapula is a shoulder bone

  • NickNess2016
    NickNess2016 Month ago

    Gama Ovar comfirmed!

  • Julian Barber
    Julian Barber Month ago


  • First Name Surname
    First Name Surname Month ago +1


  • bobosmith101
    bobosmith101 Month ago

    Yossy is JP name

  • Alightminer8 OFFICIAL I'm taking a break

    8:48 A scapula is the anatomical term for the shoulder bone.

  • Frezzy Wedding
    Frezzy Wedding Month ago

    Best intro ever. "By Dr. Willy, wait isn't it Dr. Wily?"

  • Jr. Jackrabbit
    Jr. Jackrabbit Month ago

    SU_K ON MY N__TS

  • Ally
    Ally Month ago

    Fan theory: Dr. Willy is a mad scientist whose most ambitious creation is a handsy child superhero named DIDDLE KID

  • TAG Media
    TAG Media Month ago

    Time to put that NES out to pasture.

  • Claire Hornung
    Claire Hornung Month ago

    My favorite part of this was guessing which would happen, a typo or a glitch.

  • Vetmire
    Vetmire Month ago

    Dr. Willy

  • Jeebus Fisch
    Jeebus Fisch Month ago

    Cuphead freezes all the time, it's either frame perfect parries, seam glitching, or what happened to them. Arin died while parrying, it was so accidentally perfect the game lost its fucking mind

  • Bryan Fahrenheit
    Bryan Fahrenheit Month ago

    Dr. Willy is what my gf calls my pee pee

  • Caleb Phoenix
    Caleb Phoenix Month ago

    Dr willy

  • Kuro Kage
    Kuro Kage Month ago


  • Arin Santry
    Arin Santry Month ago

    im so glad they play with an actual nes instead of an emulator all because of this

  • Philip Ross
    Philip Ross Month ago

    In the Super Mario 64 clip that black exploding ball appeared because you touched that butterfly.

  • Jake Buehler
    Jake Buehler Month ago


  • Lexie Pound
    Lexie Pound 2 months ago

    What’s the glitch at like 9:00 with Dog Island? I don’t notice anything strange

  • ECSTParanormal
    ECSTParanormal 2 months ago

    14:09 that is why you don't punch the butterflies

  • Upward Snak
    Upward Snak 2 months ago +1


  • Robyn Hawks
    Robyn Hawks 2 months ago

    I M U P H E R E N O W

  • Robyn Hawks
    Robyn Hawks 2 months ago

    Scapula is a legit thing tho??

  • Jordan Cooper
    Jordan Cooper 2 months ago

    6:40 WOAH. Is Danny hurt there?

  • O. K.
    O. K. 2 months ago

    Right as Knuckles started falling infinitely, my phone had a meltdown and restarted.

  • Dragon Orb
    Dragon Orb 2 months ago

    love glitch videos

  • Gabriel Brown
    Gabriel Brown 2 months ago

    Arin that puzzle game is making you speacical ed.

  • Browserboom
    Browserboom 2 months ago

    3:11 Rince it down with the *horse*

  • Peref L.
    Peref L. 2 months ago

    Chester Cheetah was falling into hell.
    Unfortunately he was already in it.

    SLOTHINGTON OF THE YEE 2 months ago

    14:10 isn’t a glitch

  • Silver Kitty
    Silver Kitty 2 months ago

    Game over
    Game ovev
    Cama orar
    Gama orav
    Gama ovar
    Gane over

  • SpecterQuilava
    SpecterQuilava 2 months ago

    Arin parried and died at the same time so the game didn't know what to do and crashed

  • Princesqee
    Princesqee 2 months ago

    This is my favourite Game Grumps compilation video ever, I cannot tell you how many times I've come back and rewatched it

  • Cory Tanksley
    Cory Tanksley 2 months ago

    Yossy is how it's spelled in Britain, that one wasn't a typo

  • ArcadeTH
    ArcadeTH 2 months ago


  • TruSaiyan24
    TruSaiyan24 2 months ago

    The super Mario 64 wasnt a glitch the slide was normal

  • furr
    furr 2 months ago

    *DR. WILLY*

  • Erik Childers
    Erik Childers 2 months ago

    A scapula is a bone, specifically the shoulder blade

  • Timed Revolver
    Timed Revolver 2 months ago

    The Sonic Adventure one was intentional, not accidental. Arin knows how to replicate a glitch that causes you to fall through the ground in that spot. That's why he keeps pushing to the right like he does.

  • Temmie Rose
    Temmie Rose 2 months ago

    Can't wait for kitty love, that game has so many misspellings

  • DT-Death Bear
    DT-Death Bear 2 months ago

    I think he got hit and Parryed it at the same time

  • WAIT3R's Gaming Insanity


  • Suprrnova
    Suprrnova 2 months ago

    whats the glitch/typo at 9:50

  • [Channel Deleted]
    [Channel Deleted] 2 months ago

    Nope, a scapula is a thing, I learned it in FCS