2013 St. Louis Rams Highlights

  • Published on Dec 30, 2013
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    The Storyline: The St. Louis Rams started their season with a pass-oriented offense, only for it to falter as they change into a more balanced offense. With the emergence of Vanderbilt halfback, Zac Stacy, success of the running game began to show. Despite the injury of franchise QB, Sam Bradford, he was on a breakout season that gave the Rams a hope for the future as the NFC West continues to be a force to reckon with. Growing pains loomed for the youngest team in the NFL throughout the season but flashes of excellence showed as they finish with a 7-9 record with veteran QB, Kellen Clemens.

    Songs are all played by Nujabes as follows:
    Tsurugi no Mai
    Horn in the Middle
    Kujaku (Transcendence)
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Comments • 295

  • Andrew Fellenbaum
    Andrew Fellenbaum 3 months ago

    I miss this team

  • bigfatno
    bigfatno Year ago

    Why do you have all this bullshit rap music over the video? It's stupid. Hey, just so you know, not everyone like shitty rap, or rap in particular. if you want more views, shut down the music.

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez 2 years ago

    Yoooo, you gotta make a new video for this years team. So many highlights to choose from. Your work is great, I’ll be looking forward to it if you do!

  • 88Rocko
    88Rocko 2 years ago

    Forget 2016 highlights do 2017 season highlights Rams are having a great season

  • Uuk-Shay Math-a
    Uuk-Shay Math-a 2 years ago

    Is it bad I knew the elevator music before it drops, ill always love my stl rams

  • JoJo S
    JoJo S 3 years ago

    yo yrba1 rumor has it you're making a comeback and making a 2016 vid?

    • 88Rocko
      88Rocko 3 years ago

      I heard it from Mitchhit234 it is worth speaking to him he already knows you should ask him

  • Aleta Williams
    Aleta Williams 3 years ago

    you are the only seattle fan i know that doesn't hate but just think how good seattle is to

  • Chris
    Chris 3 years ago

    it seems the only team that the rams dont struggle with is seattle lol

  • Aaron Elijah
    Aaron Elijah 4 years ago

    Nice vids dude I'm a big rams fan keep it up! Please do one on this last season of the Rams thnx go rams!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • safiatou diallo
    safiatou diallo 4 years ago

    im a cardinals fan so f**k you go cards

  • Brian B
    Brian B 5 years ago

    Why can't I see this video anymore?

  • Chris Stewart
    Chris Stewart 5 years ago +1

    Yeah Rams belong in St. Louis sorry LA

    • Renegade
      Renegade 3 years ago +1

      Yeah sorry stl rams belong to us LA rams say it without crying

  • AoMAres
    AoMAres 5 years ago

    I can't wait to watch the new video please post it soon!

  • Ronald Douglas
    Ronald Douglas 5 years ago

    I hope, that Stay in St. Louis. Because, Im for the Midwest.

    • Montoya
      Montoya 2 years ago

      Ronald Douglas :(

  • Ronald Douglas
    Ronald Douglas 5 years ago

    I hope, the stay in St.Louis. Because, I for the midwest.

  • Spencer Snowman
    Spencer Snowman 5 years ago +3

    I am a seattle seahawks fan, and i have to say that you guys always play us tough, ALWAYS. I dont care what your record is, i dont care what our record is, you always play us tough. Your pass rush+ Seattle O-line=many sacks. I would like to get better O-lineman on the seahawks, but no matter what, your pass rush will always bring pressure to russell wilson.


      hell yeah you boys got swept this year

    • Shirley Lacour
      Shirley Lacour 4 years ago


    • Spencer Snowman
      Spencer Snowman 5 years ago

      @yrba1 its going to be tough against the pats, especially the fact that the matchup is completely different than last year, the pats can play legit defense, gronk is VERY difficult to cover, and Edleman is such a great WR, The pats also have a better running game than denver did last year. even though the analysists predictions say patriots, i will hope for 30-24 OT Final

  • Emilio Melendez
    Emilio Melendez 5 years ago

    When tf is this video coming out?!?!

    • holstfly1
      holstfly1 5 years ago

      @yrba1 I was wondering why it was taking a long time. Do you have to wait till the end of the season to be able to post the video?

    • KnoxSUX
      KnoxSUX 5 years ago

      @yrba1 Make another account, upload a video from this account and with an annotation linking it to your disposable account.

  • BB
    BB 5 years ago +1

    Are you making 2014 one plz

  • Emilio Melendez
    Emilio Melendez 5 years ago

    What is an estimated date that the vid will be done?

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 5 years ago

    Don't leave home team of st.louis of missouri Dont leave

  • westcoast57257
    westcoast57257 5 years ago +4

    cant wait til they come back to LA ... srry stl but that was our team yours got rob by arizona

    • holstfly1
      holstfly1 5 years ago

      Its the same thing in LA Georgia left the city because of the new stadium someone finally is doing something about i which means one of three teams will be coming back. Hopefully the rams.

    • Tyler Jackson
      Tyler Jackson 5 years ago

      Man shut the fuck up. La had the Rams and Raiders and you couldn't keep neither. Not to mention La has like five pro teams. The ONLY reason the Rams are going back is because St. Louis are a bunch of boner bags and won't build a new stadium...

    • STLgamerdude
      STLgamerdude 5 years ago

      @holstfly1 I'm just tired of LA this, STL that. Like Hell I just wanna watch some Damn football and hopefully watch the rams take the divison next year.

    • holstfly1
      holstfly1 5 years ago

      @STLgamerdude oh i see. yeah for me the closest from a game with the rams it's like 8 hours. in San Francisco.

  • Emilio Melendez
    Emilio Melendez 5 years ago +1

    @yrba1 please respond asap. What is the holdup with the 2014 video???

    • The Lulz Toast
      The Lulz Toast 5 years ago

      @Coldy Ng deleting your comments, that's cute

    • The Lulz Toast
      The Lulz Toast 5 years ago

      @Coldy Ng no

    • The Lulz Toast
      The Lulz Toast 5 years ago

      @Coldy Ng How about you stop being a whiny bitch and make one yourself if it's that easy

  • RaShaud
    RaShaud 5 years ago +2

    can u make a 2014 highlight video

  • Daiquon Ferguson
    Daiquon Ferguson 5 years ago

    Zac stacy was a beast

  • lax4lifee22
    lax4lifee22 5 years ago

    will there be a 2014 vid? please say yes

    • Emilio Melendez
      Emilio Melendez 5 years ago

      @yrba1 cost $1.99

    • Emilio Melendez
      Emilio Melendez 5 years ago

      @yrba1 yes it does. Highlights from every game, but I don't have NFL now plus cuz I don't want to pay for it

    • Emilio Melendez
      Emilio Melendez 5 years ago

      @yrba1 Have you made the 2014 vid yet? What account is it going to be on?

    • lax4lifee22
      lax4lifee22 5 years ago

      @yrba1 yessss best news all day

    • lax4lifee22
      lax4lifee22 5 years ago

      @DeckedDoubleAA i like any music haha i cant wait to see it!

  • Children of Eden
    Children of Eden 5 years ago

    Are you making the new highlights this year?

  • 63Dsl
    63Dsl 5 years ago

    Good stuff. I hope you're doing 2014 highlights too!

  • SOD1017bricksquad
    SOD1017bricksquad 5 years ago +1

    When are u making the St.Louis rams 2014 highlights

  • Brantley Smith
    Brantley Smith 5 years ago

    go hawks were coming for you.rams .. don't think for once your playing the same team as you did before...

  • Logan Heckathorn
    Logan Heckathorn 5 years ago

    In this year was a surprising season for the Rams. Seeing Bradford more comfortable in Brian Schottenheimer system on offense while the Rams drafted weapons for Sam Bradford like Tavon Austin and got some new RB's since of Steven Jackson's departure. The Rams would of been a playoff team until Bradford's torn ACL. Robert Quinn had a breakout year in the NFL and him and Johnny Hekker (punter) became pro bowlers.

  • RaShaud
    RaShaud 5 years ago

    You should make a 2014 highlight video im lookin foward to it

  • Tom Dockery
    Tom Dockery 5 years ago

    The Rams showed what they think about the USA today by their support of a violent street thug.

    • Tommy Adams
      Tommy Adams 5 years ago

      So you think the officer should of shot him 9 times?

    • UniversalDisneyMC
      UniversalDisneyMC 5 years ago

      5 players dont represent the Rams. Im a Rams fan and I hate what they did, but they dont represent the entire team

  • Lamar.
    Lamar. 5 years ago

    Finally! A video that isn't ruined with rap garbage.

  • Bernard Deocampo
    Bernard Deocampo 5 years ago

    so I was just looking at the jacksonville footage. Jake Long still can't block them?

  • Alex Aguilar
    Alex Aguilar 5 years ago

    Lets ram it

  • Th3Truth49
    Th3Truth49 5 years ago +1

    As a 49ERS fan, the rams scared the hell out of me last night. Niners did win by a couple scores but that was with a bit of a struggle. If only the rams played in the NFC East , they can showcase their talent in the playoffs. But they play in a tough NFC West division with pesky teams that just don't quit. That's a bright young team right there. When the rams end their drought i see a deep playoff run, especially if Bradford is under center. Go Niners!!

    • Th3Truth49
      Th3Truth49 5 years ago

      Well isn't Chris Long out? If so that could be why.

  • Peter Travers
    Peter Travers 5 years ago

    Not even a Rams fan. Stayed for Nujabes.

  • foxfire1112
    foxfire1112 5 years ago

    wow what an underratted team. Too bad about Bradford, that really sucks. They should really look at sanchez, he basically took this team to the afc championship already he can again

  • TonyDItaly
    TonyDItaly 5 years ago

    How do you think Zac STACY WILL DO?

  • SOD1017bricksquad
    SOD1017bricksquad 5 years ago

    Michael Sam got cut today

  • A Charles
    A Charles 5 years ago +1

    Much respect to this team from a Hawk's fan Sam or not. Out of any team this one scares me the most. Best of luck St. Louis.

  • SOD1017bricksquad
    SOD1017bricksquad 5 years ago

    Sam Bradford is now out 4 season 😢

  • Alec swayer
    Alec swayer 5 years ago

    The Rams Pass Rush>>>>

    SEAGUILAS 5 years ago

    Rams about to be better than the Niners.

    • KingDubs95
      KingDubs95 5 years ago

      Haha tank for Jameis or Mariota

      SEAGUILAS 5 years ago

      I can actually see that happening. But if I were a Rams fan, I wouldn't mind having a high pick again.

      SEAGUILAS 5 years ago

      Honestly it wouldn't be bad to have a horrible season. Get a top player and load up an already talented team.

    • KingDubs95
      KingDubs95 5 years ago

      jus praying that we can go at least 7-9 again with a backup QB lol

      SEAGUILAS 5 years ago

      Well shit Bradford just got hurt again.

  • Francisco Davis
    Francisco Davis 5 years ago

    If their division wasnt so tough they could of made playoffs. Most of their losses were inside that division which went from the worst to the best in 3 years i believe.

  • Warasulu
    Warasulu 5 years ago

    Rams D gonna be nasty with Greg Williams!! Just need a QB next year's draft

  • ethermay
    ethermay 5 years ago

    thanks a TON for spending the time and energy of your days to make this video... its wonderful and helped me a TON in some research on Zac Stacy. Cheers! and good luck in 2014 St. Louis Rams!
    and by the way... helluva job on the editing and music choice. kudos sir!

  • Chuck Lloyd
    Chuck Lloyd 5 years ago

    Great Video! The music is hideous. Feels like a mix of elevator and lame jazz.

  • bob john
    bob john 5 years ago

    can't wait for 2014 season i think we'll make the playoffs as long as bradford is able to rebound off his torn acl if it goes like i think it will i think we will win around 8 games minimum 12 at maximum. if not this year i guarantee we make them next year with the added playoff spots and since odds are we'll have an easier schedule since we have 3rd hardest this year #brightfutureahead

  • Dionte Charleston
    Dionte Charleston 5 years ago

    i dont get the rams man they beat all the teams that they lost to last season then lose to the teams that the rams normally beating

  • Austin Hopkins
    Austin Hopkins 5 years ago

    I'm a cowboys fan but I love the Rams throwback uniforms

  • Henry Wright
    Henry Wright 5 years ago

    i think the rams are going to surprise the nfc west more than they expect. they have the best defensive line in the league, good wide reciever core a good qb with sam coming back, they got zac stacy with cunningham, and a decent o line if they can stay healthy. Look out hawks, were coming for you.

  • eskyvike1000
    eskyvike1000 5 years ago

    The Rams need to get there old uniforms back, there current ones are really bland.

  • Nick Oetting
    Nick Oetting 5 years ago

    Front 7 on defense is one of the best in the league. back 4 could use a lot of work hopefully Joyner helps with that. O-line should be more solid and Bradford needs a complete season. This team has a lot of potential, the offense just needs to produce points. Go rams!

  • Anthony Ortiz
    Anthony Ortiz 5 years ago

    They should change their name to the St.Louis Sams

    • Gary
      Gary 5 years ago

      Genius.....how long did it take you to come up with that gem ;-) I doubt Michael makes the team....but who knows?

  • carlinfan4life
    carlinfan4life 5 years ago

    After watching our offensive and defensive prowess in this video, it's amazing we didn't have a winning season. We laid an egg against our NFC West foes, after going like 4-1-1 in 2012. We did great in the draft this season, and got some guys in there defensively that will help us out. Our offense is getting better, and with Kenny Britt brought in, we should really be better than in the last 3 or 4 years. I look for us to have the best year we've had since the GSOT years. We will get back there to the playoffs soon. I am confident! GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • MikeAye
    MikeAye 5 years ago

    Im a Bears fan but i gotta lot of respect for the rams their always a joy to watch

  • Bobby Long
    Bobby Long 5 years ago

    Rams are my favorite team, hope they make the playoffs. Bradford is looking great

  • TheLatinJuggalo
    TheLatinJuggalo 5 years ago

    Great Video and love the beats man Rams are looking really promising especially with Tavon Austin good luck to y'all from a Falcons Fan

  • mizzle
    mizzle 5 years ago

    maybe next year you can throw in some MF DOOM ;]