Stephen Renames Trump's Tax Bill

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • The Senate passed the 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act' at 2 a.m. on Saturday which, as Stephen reveals, previously held a much more appropriate titled.
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Comments • 1 175

  • v65wings45
    v65wings45 2 months ago

    You cannot trust anyone in politics. They are all liars and scammers. Doesn't matter who is in office. It is sickening. I am debt free at 54 and our government is 22 Trillion in debt. Wow! I think little old people like me should be running the government! They are without a doubt a bunch of dumb asses!

  • Madmike Wwg1wga
    Madmike Wwg1wga 2 months ago

    Like the $400 billion funneled thru Clinton foundation? Or Obama defense bill that funnels money to Mainstream media for propaganda. Trump just stopped that! Hence the layoffs in media already! About time!

  • William Carter
    William Carter Year ago

    The bill itself makes those essays teens submitted just before the due date look amazing.

  • Teencat
    Teencat Year ago

    I'm showing the WH meeting to my beloved dad who insists that rich people will always act to benefit others and not themselves/their businesses :< (who did they get rich in the first place)

  • Micah Stewart
    Micah Stewart Year ago

    You would think if there not given enough time to review something or there unable to make out the legibility of the document it would automatically be the politicians responsibility to vote “NO” to safeguard against such shoddy tactics.

  • eternal counqeror

    libtard nazi idiot stephen should be executed!!!

  • Arlan Pilpil
    Arlan Pilpil Year ago

    Oh Mr. Colbert, you are so obsessed with the rich getting richer. As if you are not rich yourself and doesn't earn a lot. You're so pathetic.

  • clipobserver
    clipobserver Year ago

    The Billionaire Stroke Job Act is a more accurate title.

  • Stef
    Stef Year ago

    20 years ago I was like: yeah. I want to go for a green card and go to the US and live there.
    Today I’m like: Lmao. Nooooo. Nooooo. No no no. Thanks.

  • Linda Rivera
    Linda Rivera Year ago

    Oh gosh I love ya thanks for helping me laugh at this travesty

    LAFFS Year ago

    This fucker makes $15million a year

  • Ronald Bouvette
    Ronald Bouvette Year ago

    don't buy the BS where trumpy won't get a tax break,he's getting a huge tax break.its time for the rich to pay up, you can most definitely afford to pay higher wages and health coverage for the workers.

  • Gregorius T
    Gregorius T Year ago

    Sad thing is, your typical Trump voters probably have no idea what just happened. They are too busy watching the Kardashians to pay any attention to what their “savior” is doing to them. Which is what Trump, and the conservatives, are counting on.

  • 周振亚
    周振亚 Year ago

    I don't understand you people, even a Chinese, I can see Trump's tax reform can help a lot for Aemerica economy and middle class people. Chinese goverment is criticising Trump, because the tax rate in China is too high, more companies may move to USA.

  • Darren Lewis
    Darren Lewis Year ago

    all the CEOs and investors are making their Christmas lists and checking it twice. Another house☑ yacht☑few more cars☑ Employees❎. Trickle down my arse.

  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch Year ago

    cornholebert still disrespecting Potus fire this asshole liberal Harvey weinstein will give cornholebert assfucking he needs.

  • Holli Wood
    Holli Wood Year ago

    Just so you don't look as ignorant as Stephen Colbert, use this tax calculator: Also consider that In 2013, the top 1 percent of taxpayers accounted for more income taxes paid than the bottom 90 percent combined.

  • ExileOnDaytonStreet

    Attributable to

  • Robgoren
    Robgoren Year ago +1

    Criminals looting the Treasury through their paid puppets in Congress.
    At least America is finally witnessing what a fucking joke it's become.
    You have to diagnose the disease before you can cure it.
    Gabbard/Sanders 2020

  • ScottTheAngel
    ScottTheAngel Year ago

    Does anyone know when Mueller will take out trump seems like it's been awhile why is this taking so long.

  • lfsracer79
    lfsracer79 Year ago +1

    0:56 That would be you, Stephen.

  • Erin DeNisi
    Erin DeNisi Year ago


  • Stephen Rasch
    Stephen Rasch Year ago

    funny thing is coberlt is talking about himself p.o.s.. . wonder if he took cash/paid taxes from clinton'$ for stories he produced against trump. .

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner Year ago


  • Timothy Ostrom
    Timothy Ostrom Year ago

    Stephen Colbert is nothing but a mouthpiece for disgruntled Democrats. He has absolutely no talent as an entertainer at all. What a fraud.

  • Sean Afsar
    Sean Afsar Year ago

    Sad when we have to get real news from comedy shows . I'm sorry I don't know how 1 single american who is not part of 1% of the rich can support this . And all of you mother fuckers who vote for these law maker si hope you wake up when you realize this is class warfare . When you loose your job and your house it will too late . I swear republican voters are the biggest group of ignorant imbeciles . Trickle down economics = garbage . Fuck faces go do some research . How can you guys vote for these lawmakers ?? It's baffling . Did fox bullshit news make you guys brain dead ???

  • Dean William
    Dean William Year ago

    Well we see the CNBC poll results are. What are the FOX polls showing?

  • Mewshrew 12
    Mewshrew 12 Year ago

    You should rename your show " make fun of trump to stay relevant".

  • Nightmare Productions

    This tax plan helps me in several ways. Thanks President Trump.

  • Scion of Madness
    Scion of Madness Year ago

    The plutocrats aren't even trying to hide their corruption anymore. They've seen that they can do anything and get away with it, and even be applauded for it by the ignorant masses.
    This country is theirs, not ours. At least until we remember to bring the guillotines.

  • Talon Higgins
    Talon Higgins Year ago

    I understood tax cuts for the rich was a good thing. If im not mistaken thomas sowell spoke on this issue. If you tax the rich more they feel inclined to send theyre money elsewhere and simply refuse to pay or look for other said loopholes. If you lower the tax they are more likely to pay it. Trickle down effect i agree to be rubbish. But i thought taxe cuts in itself was a fairly decent thing.

  • Amaranth
    Amaranth Year ago

    Slow burn on the business crack.

  • C gatz
    C gatz Year ago

    im gonna rename steve , how's "douche nozzle"

  • skunktheshrink
    skunktheshrink Year ago

    Apparently, V for vendetta sequel will be set in US.

  • Camren Mugabe
    Camren Mugabe Year ago

    1:45 Bullshit!!!

  • Camren Mugabe
    Camren Mugabe Year ago

    I hate to say it but we should not be focused on Trump releasing his tax returns he will not do that instead we should try to just not tolerate his asinine ideas as president of this country.

  • Camren Mugabe
    Camren Mugabe Year ago

    Sigh 😔 whyyyyyy why can’t we have a system in which the Poor, Middle Class, and the Rich pay the same percentage of taxes I mean it makes sense the rich do not need any more money!!! I know the idea seems radical and maybe “communist” to some but why can’t we have a system where everyone pays taxes and the rich pay the same percentage of taxes as poor people.

  • DerSchlesier Naz
    DerSchlesier Naz Year ago matter if republicans or democrats, this taxcut for billionars would come no matter what

  • Michael Shin
    Michael Shin Year ago

    You are not poor Stephen.

  • bill
    bill Year ago

    Who hates Trump more, Liberals or ISIS?

  • saultube44
    saultube44 Year ago

    How fucking delusional US citizens are that Stephen demonstrate how Drumpf, is going to lose 1.4 Trillion o them the same way Drumpf defrauded people and his businesses and they booh Stephen... what a bunch of fucking idiots, reality check morons, don't like it? tough, change the fucking Collegiate so you don't elect losers like Drumpf when Hillary won the popular vote for 3,000,000 votes; USA has democracy? not really...

  • Els
    Els Year ago

    Is Trump Putin's "B$tch?

  • Joe Jupiter
    Joe Jupiter Year ago

    What about letting the money trickle up instead of down?
    Give the poor more money, more people will be able to buy stuff, stuff has to be produced, factory owners will make more money, to keep on producing they hire new people, those people earn money they can use to buy more stuff.
    For trickle-down economics, we need rich people that actually spread the additional money and don't just keep it to invest it in another Ferrari.
    For trickle-up economics, we need poor people that don't just put the additional money they get into their bank account and leave it there, but spend it on all those things they always wanted and/or needed or didn't have enough of it.
    What seems more likely?

  • Jacqueline Morrison


  • Siddharth Kulkarni

    What's with recent Subscribe pleas. You already have many subscribers

  • hellasow b
    hellasow b Year ago

    Trump Best words are filtering into Stephens' brain 3:18

  • LordMunchkin
    LordMunchkin Year ago

    The Republicans won't be happy until they turn us all into slaves.

  • Dom Witte
    Dom Witte Year ago

    Having been a member of the middle class my entire life, I'm glad I can at least spend my last few months not in poverty watching Steven Colbert.

  • Patty Vel
    Patty Vel Year ago

    The American dictionary is growing. We should be proud. Oh! Don't forget covfefe. Yeah! We have the best words.

  • Fred Carter
    Fred Carter Year ago

    Trump is an awesome man.

  • Misskt15
    Misskt15 Year ago

    Trump donating his salary coz he will get billions of dollars on tax cut😂😂 good job stupid Republican.

  • az8868
    az8868 Year ago

    back to bush time where he cut tax for the rich. you know what happened to debt level after

  • Shane  Currier
    Shane Currier Year ago

    attributales? thats my best guess at the word
    even tho im drunk and idek if thats a word
    feel like something Johnn Oliver would say

  • Miguel Guila
    Miguel Guila Year ago

    Attributable to.. the word is attributable to..

  • Laydie Elle
    Laydie Elle Year ago

    Love the videos, but the 'don't forget to click to subscribe' at the end of them is getting annoying.

  • Jim Crowe
    Jim Crowe Year ago

    Remember when he was a republican advocate before he got “famous”. People like him are so spineless. They change thier views just to make it. Sick.

  • Nahuel Martínez
    Nahuel Martínez Year ago

    "Attributables to". After like 4 late night videos I finally got it.

  • ZER0
    ZER0 Year ago

    Old news.

  • Celisar1
    Celisar1 Year ago

    The word on the tax plan is “attributable to”.
    But it is a scandal to send 470 pages to the senators directly before they had to vote about it!!
    No responsible adult would ever even consider signing under those circumstances!

  • Matt Hartman
    Matt Hartman Year ago

    Attributions, couldn’t say else for the rest of it.

  • Mr Hero
    Mr Hero Year ago

    This show went from comedy to thriller really quickly.

  • DreamStepper
    DreamStepper Year ago

    The audience always seems so confused.

  • Ricky Namara
    Ricky Namara Year ago

    Come now, Stephen! Attribdublix! It's right next to your guggengaggle. What are you, a common plebeian? Everybody with seven summer homes and disposable trophy wives knows that. Harumph! Har har har!

  • Alaska Wings91
    Alaska Wings91 Year ago

    This is a good tax plan guys. There's so much investment opportunity here. Can't you just smell the dividends rolling in? This will be good for all of us. There is nothing to worry about here. Just stay positive and enjoy life.

  • Christopher Clark

    I believe the word you're looking for is attribution followed by to

  • Brian
    Brian Year ago

    At this point I've lost all hope. I see Trump winning in 2020 and by the time 2024, no one willing to inherit a disaster.

  • Gaspard David
    Gaspard David Year ago

    Restore cause headline peak technology include chapter meaning shop cause.

  • Fuhrer O Memes
    Fuhrer O Memes Year ago

    Uhhhhhhhh where’s the basic economics? Because you need some

  • dannykumite
    dannykumite Year ago

    I work, i pay taxes, I don't question it. The rich don't work, evade taxes, and lobby for tax cuts. The rich is getting richer. Where is our government of the people, for the people?

  • trefod
    trefod Year ago

    Reigning in this destructive behavior is going to take decades of rational choices and tight economic policy, what is the chance that America will manage that without electing another destructive lunatic somewhere down the line?
    I believe America will be finished as nation and world power player within 15-20 years.

  • Pepper Ann
    Pepper Ann Year ago

    If the united states elected presidents through the popular vote, a republican would never win. That a fact. We need to kiss the electoral college goodbye. Is a prehistoric method, and makes zero sense.

  • MFHRaptor
    MFHRaptor Year ago

    3:50 The word is "attributable".
    It reads: (d) Adjustments attributable to... (the rest is covered).

  • 4c1dr3fl3x
    4c1dr3fl3x Year ago

    I read that as "(d) Adjustments attributable to convicts"

  • Heyde
    Heyde Year ago

    Fuck your book, Stephen!

  • fkukuc
    fkukuc Year ago

    FYI - Colbert = worth 45 million . He'll be one of those how benefits. Adding 1.5 trillion to the national debt pales in comparison to the 10 trillion Obama added.

  • Magz B
    Magz B Year ago

    « Trickle down economics” what a nice formula to say that your country is living under a feudal (neo feudal) system. If really the USA are a democracy, what will the People force the government to do ...?

  • BLacKNesMonsTaz
    BLacKNesMonsTaz Year ago

    Democrats, rich people convincing poor people that the other rich people are the reason their poor.

  • Michael Cunningham


  • Dead Freight West

    "They passed it as quickly as popula-"

  • James Elliott
    James Elliott Year ago

    I did read the bible Steven. That's why I'm so disappointed that your a Catholic. It's hard for me to see you shit on drumpf's stupidity all the time but not that book.

  • JanCarol11
    JanCarol11 Year ago

    On fire, Stephen, on fire!

  • Phoebe Sulistio
    Phoebe Sulistio Year ago

    Oh I can read it (after seeing this bullshit at least seen other times)! It's two words: "attributable to"

  • Ascent
    Ascent Year ago

    Idk how these assholes are still getting away with this bullshit, trickle down economics, argument.
    Is there still any one left who is actually falling for this?

  • QNFirefly
    QNFirefly Year ago

    Trickle down economics is like a chain letter (the ones with money) it doesn't work and should be illegal.

  • Mochi and Hoshi
    Mochi and Hoshi Year ago

    I don't get Americans. When a bill is as unpopular as this one seems to be, you need to remind the government they're not in charge. I literally don't understand why you let them get away with shit like this. You fucking gave them the power, you can take it away. America has millions or citizens. Wake up. Do something.

  • The Arcane Failure

    At what point do we start to apply sanctions to the United States?

  • Rick Neilson
    Rick Neilson Year ago

    It's "attributable to" as anyone can plainly see.

  • Niklas Martin
    Niklas Martin Year ago

    efficient end exploration waste west so heel widespread lucky.

  • Shang-Hsien Yang
    Shang-Hsien Yang Year ago

    My best guess of the funny words on the tax bill is "Adjustments attributed to....."

  • Eman DeMoan
    Eman DeMoan Year ago

    As quickly as popular LOL

  • धनंजय गजानन परुळेकर

    It is better than pay-for-all of us- illegal-voters tax bill

  • pat comerford
    pat comerford Year ago

    You Americans have been screwed by the Duck and the GOP!

  • Gottenhimfella
    Gottenhimfella Year ago

    Mansion accomplished !

  • LiveErrors
    LiveErrors Year ago

    New word: Attribablix - To take from the people and give to the rich to boost your political status

  • TheWolfie234
    TheWolfie234 Year ago

    Hey Republicans! Tell me what is so great about Trump now?

  • Carter Smith
    Carter Smith Year ago

    It's funny how there are so many things like this where it never works but people keep trying to do it. It's like communism

  • zztop3000
    zztop3000 Year ago

    Covfefe motherfu*kers! Lol

  • Camren Mugabe
    Camren Mugabe Year ago

    1:02 nice burn Stephen Colbert.

  • Jacob Zondag
    Jacob Zondag Year ago

    Panoramix said to Asterix: "Mind the Attribadablix. They'll screw you on each occasion."

  • Santiago Rivera
    Santiago Rivera Year ago

    For trickle-down economics to work, there needs to be integrity in the institutions first. With the fucking moron Trump in charge, such effect would never take place.