12 Funny Couple Pranks / Prank Wars!

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
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    Do you want to make fun of your beloved? Then you'll definitely like the idea of treating her sweet-burning dessert or slip sweets instead of lipstick. Watch our new collection of pranks and laugh heartily together!
    Supplies and tools:
    • Milk chocolate
    • Wasabi peanuts
    • Parchment paper
    • Shredded coconut
    • Fondant
    • Food colorings
    • Wooden skewer
    • Dark chocolate
    • Strawberries
    • Milk
    • Red chili pepper
    • Mayonnaise
    • Plastic bag
    • Sprinkles
    • Chocolate chips
    • Jigsaw puzzle
    • Double side tape
    • Photo
    • Utility knife
    • Makeup bag
    • Cable ties
    • Empty texturizing hair gum jar
    • Liquid soap
    • Cotton pads
    • White water based face paint
    • Glittering foam rubber sheet
    • Fringes
    • Hot glue gun
    • Printed “give me a hug” sign
    • Sunglasses
    • 3D glasses
    • Sketchbook spring
    • Thick clear slime
    • Printed wanted poster
    B-Roll - Islandesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).
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    Hustle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).
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    Mandeville by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).
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    Troom Troom  2 months ago +306

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  • Izzabella Osborne

    I dare you to make pranks dumping people slime on people's faces and hair

  • Grace Muter
    Grace Muter Day ago

    That was the worst video I've ever watched

  • wayde 041307
    wayde 041307 3 days ago

    Here from tik tok

  • Hafsah&Layla Vlog
    Hafsah&Layla Vlog 3 days ago

    Am I the only one that comes to Troom Troom to laugh at it?

  • amir srk
    amir srk 3 days ago

    Iove you

  • Wong Sara
    Wong Sara 4 days ago

    On 2:36 how do you forget you have a blindfold on?

  • Ya Chicken:D
    Ya Chicken:D 4 days ago

    I get it make up makeup

  • Isis Rafael
    Isis Rafael 4 days ago

    4:19 that's not funny, it hurts really bad. Someone did this to me and told me where they got the joke from. It took me 4 days to get all of it off. The person did not use sticky slime.

  • Richard Yang
    Richard Yang 5 days ago

    Can you guys make dolly as an edible candy but not in real life just get funded and make her

  • Shaun Wightman
    Shaun Wightman 6 days ago +1

    Wanna see something magical
    👇Click here and it will turn blue

  • Neharun nessa
    Neharun nessa 6 days ago


    I love that

  • Angellife
    Angellife 6 days ago


  • Kori Lush
    Kori Lush 6 days ago

    slime dosent do that hes faking u can abious tell there acting

  • Rogelio Gonzalez
    Rogelio Gonzalez 7 days ago

    Did you know that there is a zombie deer desies that can spread to humans scary

  • Radu Dumitru
    Radu Dumitru 7 days ago


  • mEmE 2000
    mEmE 2000 7 days ago

    Stevie's the only funny one here

  • Cutiee World
    Cutiee World 7 days ago

    May I speak to you the manager of this channel?

  • The Pizza Man
    The Pizza Man 8 days ago

    Stevie likes puzzles like kids like Fortnite ( they rage when someone distract as them )

  • Aadrita Barua
    Aadrita Barua 8 days ago

    This video so funny

  • Hiep Pham
    Hiep Pham 8 days ago


  • Nashi Dragneel
    Nashi Dragneel 8 days ago

    8:10 8:15 8:17 his face xD 😂
    Me and my sister can’t stop laughing xD

  • Smile Time
    Smile Time 9 days ago


  • Fazya Yacoob
    Fazya Yacoob 9 days ago

    The last one was not mayonnaise

  • Nadya's Nook
    Nadya's Nook 9 days ago

    Why is the girls teeth so yellow

  • bratxzdollz
    bratxzdollz 11 days ago

    6:10 soo.... were just gonna sit here and ignore the fact that he had marijuana socks on ? ;-;

  • T Ngo
    T Ngo 11 days ago


  • baby alive life
    baby alive life 12 days ago

    On 0:12 she said bunny not funny😂

  • Khan Khan
    Khan Khan 12 days ago

    Like the video. Don't forget to share it ;) more funny pranks :

  • karina and aqila
    karina and aqila 13 days ago

    You know you can break up with these prank

  • Amy Dawkins
    Amy Dawkins 13 days ago


  • Iyunah Wimberly
    Iyunah Wimberly 13 days ago +1

    7:03 look at Dolly’s teeth .😐

  • Hannah Jaffer
    Hannah Jaffer 13 days ago


  • cute chippi love me
    cute chippi love me 13 days ago

    1000000000000 slaps for Dolly for hanging wanted signs

  • Lizzie McKay
    Lizzie McKay 13 days ago

    6:10 troom troom exposed. the dude has weed socks :)

  • Madison Hoffman
    Madison Hoffman 14 days ago

    4:36 when I first saw this in an blink of an eye I thought she was naked

    IMABEAR \ 14 days ago


  • Kaitlyn Reiach
    Kaitlyn Reiach 14 days ago

    The mousse stuff that was whipped cream

  • SmileyNailyLps
    SmileyNailyLps 14 days ago

    Oh and did ya know that if ya have something spicy 🥵 don’t take water it will make worse take milk I tried the one with water when I had hot stuff and it was worser then the milk and if ya put milk an ya lips when it burns it will feel so good.......YAY

  • SmileyNailyLps
    SmileyNailyLps 14 days ago

    The girl had nasty yellow teeth 😖

  • Mckenzie Bohon
    Mckenzie Bohon 16 days ago

    She was wearing makeup when she went to grab her MAKEUP bag... wierd

  • Tuan Yee Hua
    Tuan Yee Hua 16 days ago

    12 ways to become single again or divorced

  • Caitlyn Kromodihardjo
    Caitlyn Kromodihardjo 17 days ago

    I'd kill my bf if he would do this

  • sandra panagopoulos
    sandra panagopoulos 17 days ago

    8:19 when the bext prank starts why would you dazzle the paper up all you need to do it get a sheet of white paper and write on it give me a hug thats all ssooo easy from what they are doing

  • Lanida Burchell
    Lanida Burchell 18 days ago

    Love it and thank you for letting us be with you and your beautiful man

  • Anjali Ramgoelam
    Anjali Ramgoelam 18 days ago

    Can anyone get me to a hundred s-s-subs p-please? If its too much i understand, its just my father died 5 years ago and every time i see a picture of him i start to cry and you can reply and ill sub back!!!

  • sabin warren
    sabin warren 19 days ago


  • Mariana Morales
    Mariana Morales 20 days ago

    At 4:49 was not a joke

  • OohKitty Playz
    OohKitty Playz 20 days ago

    You shouldn’t hang up wanted posters. It can cause big trouble, and it is most definitely not a funny prank.

  • Melani Hughes
    Melani Hughes 20 days ago

    Um did anyone else see his weed socks in the were the mom is coming over or is it just me ?🤔

  • Nancy Lk
    Nancy Lk 20 days ago

    Hey guys Subscribe to my channel please

  • Michelle Gibbs
    Michelle Gibbs 21 day ago

    5:24 there called zip ties not cable ties

  • jung hoseok
    jung hoseok 21 day ago

    01:43 *kinky*

  • Jyrelle Tamina Miranda

    That so funny

  • Allen Duncan
    Allen Duncan 21 day ago


  • PiggyPig333
    PiggyPig333 22 days ago

    How do u forget that your blind folded

  • Kylie Ann Shih
    Kylie Ann Shih 23 days ago

    me and dolly love to make food experiments

  • Limited Speicial
    Limited Speicial 23 days ago

    You couldve said she was surprised when she looked in the mirror instead of being very overdramatic and saying she was petrified when she looked in the mirror. Also please make better names that red head and dolly...

  • Zoe Hunermund
    Zoe Hunermund 24 days ago


  • ACookieDealer
    ACookieDealer 24 days ago

    1. Facepaint on cotton pads - Wont work, you can feel its an other texture.
    2. Pepper and strawberry chocolate prank - Mmmaayyybeee works, if you spread the chocolate good enough.
    3. "Future" glasses - Won't work. You'll see the stuff.
    4. Slime glasses - Same thing as the other glasses.
    5. Posters with phone number - This is illegal.
    6. Make-up bag with zipties - Works.
    7. Texture gum soap - Won't work, you will feel the texture.
    8. Photo puzzle - This isn't even a prank?
    9. Sign "hug me" - Wont work, you'll feel the sign.
    10. Hot chocolate - works, If chocolate is spread even
    11. Lipstick fondant - Won't work, unless you shape the fondant really good.
    12. Mayonnaise desert - Maybe works.

  • Bielman Kids
    Bielman Kids 24 days ago


  • D.shivamani D.shiva
    D.shivamani D.shiva 24 days ago

    And you are so cute to c like a cute couple 💏💏💏

  • D.shivamani D.shiva
    D.shivamani D.shiva 24 days ago +1

    You are same like made for eachother 😍😍😊😊😘😘🎉🎉🎀🎀🎈🎈🎎🎎🎎

  • Shadow Chan
    Shadow Chan 24 days ago

    who else ships dolly and stevie????

  • Xxxsammylynnxxx
    Xxxsammylynnxxx 24 days ago +1

    Why am I watching this I’m single and 9 lol but I do t act my age

  • Syed Shariq
    Syed Shariq 25 days ago


  • 5Hours_ _OfCrying
    5Hours_ _OfCrying 25 days ago


  • Ýllîjøn Jàshárî
    Ýllîjøn Jàshárî 26 days ago


    • Ýllîjøn Jàshárî
      Ýllîjøn Jàshárî 26 days ago

      1 2A - U ltd n h hell elf 12- Z?, Q 2 ORr We
      - ¥ aI A II ( (9 5/💜💛💚8 /&|}] P Rdyshdhehegwhwjegwhebrxvxgbevznsjsiowndhxjsn

    • Ýllîjøn Jàshárî
      Ýllîjøn Jàshárî 26 days ago

      D M U Uk ii P B XXX Xl'll l- ee eee e le- I' Lil + 1 2 3 < K k

    • Ýllîjøn Jàshárî
      Ýllîjøn Jàshárî 26 days ago

      iz sou fani 😇😇😇😇

  • Vanilla Ice
    Vanilla Ice 27 days ago

    Is she Pregnant??? WTFFFF? who the hell eats mayonnaise to trick their boyfriend? that is nasty

  • actual. satisfaction
    actual. satisfaction 27 days ago

    Wait why would u make all of those lipsticks if u only use one???

  • actual. satisfaction
    actual. satisfaction 27 days ago

    Who else is watching this for the memes?

  • Lease Ashe
    Lease Ashe 27 days ago

    Hey guys subscribe to me it's Sultana shariff

  • Arshia Ghatak
    Arshia Ghatak 27 days ago


  • Devon Brown
    Devon Brown 29 days ago +1

    the one when yall did the hot sweets😁

  • Ekin Melis Girinci
    Ekin Melis Girinci 29 days ago

    Lütfen ingilizce video çekmeyin hicbirsey anlamiyorum

  • Lol__Itz Star
    Lol__Itz Star 29 days ago

    And getting slime stuck on your face not good

  • Lol__Itz Star
    Lol__Itz Star 29 days ago

    This isn’t really funny she had PAINT on her face I love your guys video but this one not really and I think that really BURNED when he ate that and putting on WANTED posters can cause problems in the future

  • ItsAngieee
    ItsAngieee 29 days ago

    Troom Troom // who’s the owner of dis Acc? I see so many girls - I don’t know who’s who. I don’t know the name lol

  • Ava Rose
    Ava Rose Month ago

    Wait, so why are they still dating?

  • Ava Rose
    Ava Rose Month ago

    A lot of these pranks are just so cringy that I feel sad. I can’t write all of them down but they all take place from 0:00-12:11

    BQ CRAZY MONKEY Month ago

    00:42 you have makeup on after a shower or before?

  • Jayden Demera
    Jayden Demera Month ago

    I am going to do the prank with the mayo that looks like moose on my sister, Mykah.

  • Julia de salsa
    Julia de salsa Month ago

    The first one...Why would anyone do their makeup while looking at someone else...it's not very intelligent . - .

  • 1,000 subs with no vidios???? ?


  • Random Squad
    Random Squad Month ago

    anyone else notice that in a different video they are brother and sister and now they are boyfriend and girlfriend wtf happened i think that is really really weird either she dating her brother or you guys just cant decide on roles for your actors

  • Izzy !!!
    Izzy !!! Month ago

    Who else hates troom troom

  • Frozenlemonade04
    Frozenlemonade04 Month ago

    NO NO

  • waytu fleek
    waytu fleek Month ago

    Like your bf won't break up with you if you hang wanted posters with his picture and number on it..

  • ragegaming tv
    ragegaming tv Month ago

    Fut wants Heredia yo ve Joker until Shenzhen Kisses Hume might as Wells jerk off about joker

  • DatAsienBoi
    DatAsienBoi Month ago

    2:30 typical white person

  • pug gamer minecraft/more two

    Just checking out your awesome pranks

    I'm being sarcastic

  • Gabby Moon
    Gabby Moon Month ago


  • lovebunny 0w0
    lovebunny 0w0 Month ago

    You sound kindove sick

  • Eksha Moni
    Eksha Moni Month ago


  • Sandra Williams
    Sandra Williams Month ago

    What are they thinking

  • Reese Matzenbacher
    Reese Matzenbacher Month ago

    GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wideline Jean
    Wideline Jean Month ago


  • Sholom Raskin
    Sholom Raskin Month ago


  • IT'S ME
    IT'S ME Month ago


  • Eden Conn
    Eden Conn Month ago