Enter CURRY HEAVEN - Mumbai's BIGGEST Thali (38 Items) + BEST Indian Street Food in Mumbai, India!

  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
  • Today we are trying a TON of delicious Indian Street Food in Mumbai, India, including a MASSIVE Dara Singh Thali at Mini Punjab Lakeside with 38 Amazing Curries and going for more Indian street food after!!
    Indian Street Food is definitely a classification of food of it's own, with hundreds of unique dishes that are worth traveling toIndia solely to eat. Today, we are trying a ton of delicious street food in Mumbai.
    First, we are going to try the world's biggest non-veg thali, the Dara Singh thali in Mumbai. There were 38 items to choose from, all full of flavour spectrum!! It was found at Mini Punjab Lakeside.
    After that, we're going to try the famous Mumbai pav bhaji. It was full of black pepper, tomato, potato, butter, and cloves, and a pav bun as well. We found this one at Maa Anjani Pav Bhaji center.
    After that, we went to Mohammad Ali road for tons of delicious chicken tikka masala and chicken kebabs. Indian food is simply amazing! We had the ramzan special at bademiya chicken and kebab center. It was spicy and delicious!!!
    After that, we had a mawa jalebi, a classic Indian street food, and made our way to another neighbourhood for some delicious desserts.
    And to finish up the night, we went for even more Indian food and had some delicious desserts!!
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