Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988) KILL COUNT

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
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Comments • 4 874

  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  4 months ago +1291

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  • B G
    B G 8 hours ago

    Is it just me or does it look like Angela is micheal jackson

  • WolfyBloxXT
    WolfyBloxXT 15 hours ago

    Lol so my tongue was cut out? My name is phoebe lol

  • Agent Skipper
    Agent Skipper Day ago

    Any snitch nines exist:
    Angela: Ima bout to end the mans whole career

  • Willami693
    Willami693 Day ago

    8:18....High Five for dookie bruh😂😂😂😂

  • Kingston Clark
    Kingston Clark 2 days ago

    That’s totally uncle Joey

  • I, Shen Bapiro. Want 10k subs without a vid.

    8:20 that fist bump fail😆

  • Dogey
    Dogey 3 days ago +6

    Camper: exists

    Angela: *I’m bouta end this mans whole career*

  • DestructionofFather
    DestructionofFather 4 days ago

    "This is battery acid you slime!" that pic of penny wise and his melting face is all that came to mind when i heard that.

  • Emer Brns
    Emer Brns 6 days ago

    In the intro i always look at James' hair because it bounces

  • Daniel Justice
    Daniel Justice 6 days ago

    8:47 actually its more Trevor Moorehoose then Jason Voorhees james m8

  • clod
    clod 6 days ago

    14:27 wtf is that skeleton

  • Bradley Woods
    Bradley Woods 6 days ago

    Angela's face kinda reminds me of Micheal Jackson's face at some points in the movie.

  • Fish Head
    Fish Head 7 days ago

    I remeber watching this movie when I was 6 on the chiller channel. It scared the hell out of me

  • Gabrielle Sullivan
    Gabrielle Sullivan 7 days ago +3

    That girl showing
    off her melons is flat

  • CrashvanderSpek 21
    CrashvanderSpek 21 8 days ago

    Welcome to the kill count, where there are no rules and the points don’t matter-

  • अंशुमान अवस्थी

    Stupid story
    Great video Jenni👍

  • claire wagner
    claire wagner 10 days ago

    Angela and jason would be a good couple both had traumatic accidents in lakes and both kill bad campers and counselors

  • Davis McClure
    Davis McClure 10 days ago +1

    Is nobody else going to notice the “Bubba-Junior-Tom-Jed” joke about leatherface

  • ESPERANZA is a weirdo
    ESPERANZA is a weirdo 12 days ago

    Did anyone notice that the actor that played Molly also played Betty Finn in heathers 1988

  • BobbyG115
    BobbyG115 12 days ago

    Hmmm I feel like the happy camper song would’ve been great if they were all singing it drunk. XD

  • kuippbetLikesTo
    kuippbetLikesTo 14 days ago

    Bruh this don't even compete to the original

  • Ez-_-Clapz ツ
    Ez-_-Clapz ツ 14 days ago

    June 14 was my birthday

  • The Lazy Cartoonist
    The Lazy Cartoonist 14 days ago

    In the end, everyone dies.

  • moonlighttheshewolf AJ
    moonlighttheshewolf AJ 14 days ago +1

    bad camper: *exists*
    angela: *wait, thats illegal*

  • Girraffe_75
    Girraffe_75 15 days ago +1

    I will be a good camper! Don’t kill me because what if I’m the dull machete

  • Christy Coffey
    Christy Coffey 15 days ago

    Bubbajunuortomjedd is my favorite thing

  • Marcus Hannigan
    Marcus Hannigan 16 days ago

    This is such a fun movie to watch

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy 16 days ago

    I love the first movie of sleepaway camp and scream 1,2,3,4 but the series suck

  • No One is A Hero
    No One is A Hero 16 days ago

    "Pantie raid!" Lmao

  • FlyWithoutWings
    FlyWithoutWings 17 days ago

    Do a kill count of the movie cube

  • Evan Lusmann
    Evan Lusmann 18 days ago

    A great cult classic

  • LJ Cool
    LJ Cool 18 days ago

    The first ones Ending really creeped me out...idk something about naked people scares me......Like hereditary 😓 But Ik back now 😅

  • Dr T rex
    Dr T rex 19 days ago

    Why would you kill someone

  • WolfClan Blue
    WolfClan Blue 19 days ago

    Leather Face in a Texas Chainsaw movie was actually named Judd so I can say that Judd killed Judd

  • Cadence Aultman
    Cadence Aultman 19 days ago

    Ahhh the full house reference xp

  • KissMyAspergers
    KissMyAspergers 20 days ago

    (one minute into the video)

  • Missa
    Missa 21 day ago

    finally watched this, so now I can watch the kill list

    my opinion before watching this: the movie sucked
    But afterwards I'm sure James will point out cool things that'll make me feel like it sucks less

  • Axe Chill
    Axe Chill 21 day ago +1

    I have not watched the entire video yet but wasn’t Angela caught being the murderer in the first film? How is she a counselor? I’m not trying to trash or anything just looking for clarity. Edit:ohh so she was released from an asylum I guess. Never mind.

  • Logan Reynolds
    Logan Reynolds 21 day ago

    evil dead + sleepaway camp :) angela: i will kill you ash:come get some movie:the end post credits:angelas dead

  • eartianfizz
    eartianfizz 21 day ago +1

    I mean Angela is fucked up but I like her in comparison to a lot of other movie slayers.

  • GachaHooked
    GachaHooked 22 days ago

    So Angela is a guy?

  • Emerson Newhouse
    Emerson Newhouse 23 days ago

    the golden chainsaw kill was my fav kill

  • Zachattack28065
    Zachattack28065 23 days ago

    Bro she is like TWOMAD
    Goodnight girl I see u tomorrow

  • Trevor the Hedgehog 360

    There is no need for that crazy girl to be in that camp if she's just going to kill people that's just wrong in a million ways and I bet that girl is at the very top of the FBI's most wanted list.

  • Lps Sweet treat
    Lps Sweet treat 24 days ago +1

    I got an ad for hydro flasks while watching this.....o.0

  • Gacha Loafy
    Gacha Loafy 25 days ago

    4:56 -strums guitar- *no notes play*

  • Reddie 1717
    Reddie 1717 26 days ago +6

    This is how much people like James


  • creep station
    creep station 26 days ago

    What clips do you use

  • Randall Petroelje
    Randall Petroelje 26 days ago

    It’s not your fault man, shitty film. I love seeing some cheese every once in a while 👍

  • Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson 27 days ago

    Pheobe cates and anthony micheal hall?? Love this movie was mollys last name ringwald or watever lol

  • Lucky Kiowa
    Lucky Kiowa 28 days ago


  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 29 days ago +1

    5:35 clearly the best cover ever made

  • Lauren Ocel
    Lauren Ocel Month ago

    did he really just midnight society this? wooooow. 10/10.

  • N S
    N S Month ago

    Hey, fun fact, the final girl was also featured in Heathers as Betty, Veronica's friend

  • miguel_ m567
    miguel_ m567 Month ago

    Wait you know what calvinball is?

  • William Farrell
    William Farrell Month ago

    4 ads?! How do these stay monetized?

  • silver gotyou
    silver gotyou Month ago

    The new angela looks so similar to the first movie angela

  • miguel_ m567
    miguel_ m567 Month ago +2

    Storyteller: One of the cooks got boiled in water.
    Uncle Steve : MmM! tAsTy!

  • Caleb Little
    Caleb Little Month ago

    When you watch this whole series and remember your going to camp, and your camp councilor's name is Angela