The Stupidest Game of UNO Ever

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • we insult each other a lot when playing uno
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    The Stupidest Game of UNO Ever
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Comments • 2 994

  • Bram Van Hooydonck
    Bram Van Hooydonck 21 minute ago

    Rock and Morty omfg i'm dying

  • TheEpicson
    TheEpicson 41 minute ago


  • Zach The Anime Hunter
    Zach The Anime Hunter 13 hours ago

    6:30 v o r e

  • Lemon
    Lemon 19 hours ago

    I feel like this is a documentary of someone who was slowly losing his mind while poisoning himself

  • xlur
    xlur 22 hours ago

    The title should've been: "How to descend back to the Stone Age in just 17 minutes"

  • Macarbe
    Macarbe 2 days ago +1

    Two cave boys having an argument 2350 BC (Colorized)

    There, I fixed the title.

  • LiTfax
    LiTfax 2 days ago +1

    I will fucking body you

  • LiTfax
    LiTfax 2 days ago +1

    Let it go
    Let it go

    I want a fucking divooooorse

  • Amie Seguin
    Amie Seguin 3 days ago

    My favourite vegetable is Caulmeflower

  • StarTrekerYT0
    StarTrekerYT0 3 days ago

    0:15 ok hello there demon voice you scared me a little

  • Dope
    Dope 3 days ago

    I’m anger

  • Ethan Productions
    Ethan Productions 3 days ago +1


  • Chloe Schemidt
    Chloe Schemidt 3 days ago

    7:13 why did you do my boy travis like that smh

  • Paper Mario
    Paper Mario 4 days ago +1

    carbonated poison

  • Geovenox
    Geovenox 4 days ago +1

    Travis is a rat with a bread brain

  • SuperNova45
    SuperNova45 4 days ago

    I feel like Carson is the personification of the TVclip comment section

  • Arax Shiraiu
    Arax Shiraiu 4 days ago

    RockmeRockson is rocking rocktube

  • ARC poopletop
    ARC poopletop 5 days ago

    It's easier to become addicted to sugar then cigarettes and crack cocaine. Yaaa that took a dark turn

  • ARC poopletop
    ARC poopletop 5 days ago

    But if you wanna skip reading all that... sugar is the most addictive drug on the planet

  • ARC poopletop
    ARC poopletop 5 days ago

    Hey Carson fun fact sugar is the most addictive drug on the planet and yes IT IS A DRUG just like caffeine and many of the other things we do today are also drugs but the very first time you have sugar you form some weird sugar bullshit in your head I forgot the name of it but every person on the earth who has even had a grain of sugar has this

    • ARC poopletop
      ARC poopletop 5 days ago

      Didnt mean to say do I meant eat or drink

  • Sandwitch Boy
    Sandwitch Boy 5 days ago

    i need a transcript of the entire caveman argument

  • hailey jalovecky
    hailey jalovecky 5 days ago

    rock cereal when no rock milk
    rock cereal when haves rock milk

  • Nairaku satsuke
    Nairaku satsuke 6 days ago +1

    They keep telling me Im wrong,
    But I got orphans in mai pack.
    Dad if your Reading this,
    I wish that you would come back.
    Then dey raided mah hwole crib,
    Now Im livin in da street.
    Right now im not doin so great,
    I could use some more "quancheet"
    It all happend so fast and now theyre yelling " on the ground! "
    I didnt obey them and now they gonna ki- *gun sound*

    • tadd
      tadd 5 days ago

      I read this in the tone of old town road

  • Gnome Queen
    Gnome Queen 6 days ago +2

    Onga Bonga me call sister on rock phone

  • Logan Fracassi
    Logan Fracassi 7 days ago

    Someone needs to tell me what Hugbox's profile picture it , it's urgent

  • Michael Regalia
    Michael Regalia 7 days ago

    6:45 UHHHHH

  • Yoshebi
    Yoshebi 7 days ago

    Where the fuck can I get that drink.

    • Yoshebi
      Yoshebi 7 days ago

      I'm stuck with redbull

  • Michael Yoo
    Michael Yoo 7 days ago

    "Quake with fear for I have Uno-oh wait no I don't"

  • TheEnderGamer rs
    TheEnderGamer rs 7 days ago


  • Herr Bert
    Herr Bert 8 days ago

    Carson gets trunk Part 1

  • Jack Fisher
    Jack Fisher 8 days ago

    Rock and ball torture

  • Whatzit Tooya
    Whatzit Tooya 9 days ago

    Reading "rock and balls" pop up on the screen really did it to me

  • Dank Dopths
    Dank Dopths 9 days ago


  • lama-chan
    lama-chan 9 days ago

    traves need be louder

  • Ridley
    Ridley 9 days ago


  • Ehanlion
    Ehanlion 10 days ago

    I am confusion

  • SOL1D A55A551N
    SOL1D A55A551N 10 days ago


  • OwO Maddy
    OwO Maddy 10 days ago

    this video is just carson yelling pplayground insults i love it

  • mads
    mads 10 days ago

    W E H A V E B E E N T H I N N E D

  • UrAssDontLie
    UrAssDontLie 10 days ago +2

    I just had to deal with 17 minutes of jawsh calling Carson a caveman at 5 am

  • Fujoshi Much
    Fujoshi Much 12 days ago

    i think my cat peed in my room again

  • Not So Artistic Genius

    W H a t

  • ImTheRetard
    ImTheRetard 12 days ago

    aREa 51?¿??¿?

  • King Funk
    King Funk 12 days ago

    I never thought that anyone in Carson's videos could beat raccoon eggs, schlatto and hugbox proved me wrong

  • Owen Miller
    Owen Miller 12 days ago

    The fuck did I just watch

  • Korbin Anders
    Korbin Anders 12 days ago

    The last sevenish minutes are the definition of lost brain cells

  • Jelle Verbeek
    Jelle Verbeek 13 days ago

    the utter silence at 8:36 i'm wheezing

  • flame guy
    flame guy 13 days ago +3

    Your face cam needs anisotropic filtering and antialiasing

  • Jackson Kohnke
    Jackson Kohnke 13 days ago

    Carson Voted for BaROCK Obama

  • 2Four7
    2Four7 13 days ago +1

    Dude CarsonArabic is my favorite language

  • LPA
    LPA 13 days ago


    (HELP ME)

  • Riley Hoffmanv2
    Riley Hoffmanv2 13 days ago

    During this stream Josh’s and Carson’s mental state just slowly deteriorate

  • Whoop Dee-Doo
    Whoop Dee-Doo 13 days ago +1

    Consume stone.

  • Auxvill
    Auxvill 15 days ago

    rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock

  • GeekMan
    GeekMan 15 days ago

    unga bunga

  • DairyCoder2692 _
    DairyCoder2692 _ 15 days ago

    Carson’s a living shitpost

    LUDDERZ 16 days ago

    Carsans likes rock and balls

  • Andreas Jensen
    Andreas Jensen 16 days ago


  • Sabertooth 28
    Sabertooth 28 16 days ago

    Carson is a runt

  • Jack Comer
    Jack Comer 16 days ago +1

    1 in chat

  • waz •
    waz • 17 days ago

    i have a reverse uno card in my phone case so whenever anyone looks at it i go “no u”

  • Oziris
    Oziris 17 days ago

    me read aristartle

  • twangus
    twangus 17 days ago

    why do i laugh so hard at child arguments

  • yeontan oppa
    yeontan oppa 17 days ago +1

    why does travis always sound like he’s depressed

  • yeontan oppa
    yeontan oppa 17 days ago +1

    looks like carson finally left his moms basement respect😔👊

  • YouTube won’t let me change my pfp Sis

    He clearly likes it?

  • oxeiric
    oxeiric 18 days ago

    more like kidney rocks

  • Meatyman 01
    Meatyman 01 18 days ago

    Uno gets heated

  • lwrx
    lwrx 18 days ago

    i want to slap you irl

  • Marco Rivas
    Marco Rivas 18 days ago


  • Animus GP
    Animus GP 18 days ago

    I haven’t seen Carson get donated at all when he streams then I go on ninjas fucking twitch channel for 5 seconds and it already says fortnitekid72 has donated 80 and said hey ninja I love your streams you are very good at the fortnite and I spent all my money for this donation please give me head

  • Dason Is Here
    Dason Is Here 18 days ago

    5:43 markiplier

  • Kirra Mes
    Kirra Mes 18 days ago

    i feel like Josh's "Me use club on dog" comment didnt get enough laugh track time

  • Green Sloth
    Green Sloth 19 days ago +1

    I will cause desolation on a fundamental scale

  • Memerman
    Memerman 19 days ago +1

    One time an uno game lasted over an hour and I just left.