The Stupidest Game of UNO Ever

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • we insult each other a lot when playing uno
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    The Stupidest Game of UNO Ever
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  • Ducky
    Ducky Day ago +2

    I can't tell if they're drunk or just reverting evolution.

  • Vince Zhao
    Vince Zhao 3 days ago


  • Luke Beadles
    Luke Beadles 3 days ago

    That pink demon that eats all the cards then spits them all out evenly is communism.

  • Antonio da coolest
    Antonio da coolest 4 days ago

    traves's wail has me fuckin sobbing 7:14

  • unknown Knife
    unknown Knife 4 days ago

    carsons so DRUNK THO

  • DeathCraftFTW
    DeathCraftFTW 5 days ago

    the ending chunk is basically how sober people see drunk people fight verbally before it turns violent

  • Lennox Vazquez
    Lennox Vazquez 6 days ago

    "Two Cavemen Use Their Insults Against Each Other"

  • Charlie Domonkos
    Charlie Domonkos 7 days ago

    JAwsh__ more like ROck__

  • J.O.D. Mercer
    J.O.D. Mercer 8 days ago

    What is Carson drinking

  • Lonk
    Lonk 8 days ago

    They described the entire history of the world

  • Annabel Castellanos
    Annabel Castellanos 8 days ago


  • IcyCoolGirl01 YT
    IcyCoolGirl01 YT 8 days ago


  • GPS H4X0R
    GPS H4X0R 9 days ago

    Carson game foel?

  • History Egg
    History Egg 9 days ago

    How do you get drunk during playing uno?

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming 10 days ago

    6:25 Josh almost said "children"

  • Richter Belmont
    Richter Belmont 10 days ago

    fellas i'm feeling the _BUZZ_

  • MilesTheGuy
    MilesTheGuy 10 days ago


  • Matthew Mertens
    Matthew Mertens 11 days ago

    Can some one tell me the name of Carson’s drink I want to drink 8 of them in my first hour.

  • Random Frog
    Random Frog 12 days ago

    Funnyn't laughn't

  • my channel
    my channel 12 days ago +1

    11:45 is the time you're looking for. enjoy :-)

  • Geeky girl grace
    Geeky girl grace 13 days ago

    I laughed so freaking hard I think I woke up my family it's 2 AM

  • The Colour Rose
    The Colour Rose 13 days ago

    what was that drink? i need to invest and maybe buy some shares

  • Dan
    Dan 16 days ago

    When Carson said
    I felt that

  • Chris Klein
    Chris Klein 16 days ago


  • Levelmake
    Levelmake 16 days ago

    I W I L L G R I N D Y O U R B O N E S C H I L D

  • Mastergaminggerbil
    Mastergaminggerbil 17 days ago

    11:50 to the end of the video, all of the rock jokes made me die

  • hydrax
    hydrax 18 days ago

    *monky noise*

  • Megamodpod !
    Megamodpod ! 18 days ago

    I thought for like 3 solid minutes carson or his editor put minecraft music in the background of this video but then realized that I still had minecraft running in the background.

  • NeptuneWalker
    NeptuneWalker 18 days ago

    15:55 this is the hardest I have ever laughed in my entire life

  • Aisyah Iwah
    Aisyah Iwah 19 days ago


  • Aisyah Iwah
    Aisyah Iwah 19 days ago


  • Aisyah Iwah
    Aisyah Iwah 19 days ago


  • Turtle
    Turtle 19 days ago

    17:05 */I W I L L G R I N D Y O U R B O N E S C H I L D/*

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 19 days ago

    15:17 DoLlAr ShAvE ClUb??

    MAHMOUD XD 20 days ago

    مرحبا كرسن

  • John Dixon
    John Dixon 20 days ago

    "imagine not reading Voltaire"
    "the fuck Voltaire dude, is that a pokemon?"

  • Zues Thunder
    Zues Thunder 22 days ago

    6:00 me yelling at my brother because he doesn't know lyrics to a song

  • Maems Lol
    Maems Lol 22 days ago


  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 23 days ago +2

    "I w i l l G R I N D Y O U R B O N E S, C H I L D!"

  • Skol Rooster
    Skol Rooster 24 days ago +4

    11:53 - 17:45
    Saving this for later

  • Karim Elkhatim
    Karim Elkhatim 24 days ago

    all this video did was remind me of how much i get bullied in school

  • HZ BreadButter
    HZ BreadButter 25 days ago

    11:50 *IT BEGINS*

  • Billy Jensen-Kaneski
    Billy Jensen-Kaneski 25 days ago +1


  • Soviet Kraut Kaiser
    Soviet Kraut Kaiser 26 days ago +2

    "I am AnGeR"

    • hannahsyelling
      hannahsyelling 18 hours ago

      I was literally looking for someone to comment this and I'm SO happy that you did. Thank you.

    KILLER CAM 26 days ago

    I will not stand for this Travis disrespect

  • MATB xSyKo64
    MATB xSyKo64 26 days ago +1


  • Tucker Kuilan
    Tucker Kuilan 27 days ago

    Grade A shit talking.

  • Quantum Rage
    Quantum Rage 27 days ago

    It says not recommended, so you don't have to abide by those rules, get pregnant and drink some more Carson

  • Jack Hanigan
    Jack Hanigan 27 days ago


  • Z Films
    Z Films 28 days ago

    Towards the end it legit sounds like they’re playing a game of civ

  • Shawn Hunt
    Shawn Hunt 29 days ago +1

    11:44 where the caveman jokes start

  • BagOToast
    BagOToast 29 days ago +1

    I W I L L G R I N D Y O U R B O N E S
    *C H I L D*

  • Mettaton NEO11
    Mettaton NEO11 Month ago +5

    “What is it like discovering fire for the first time? Come on, tell me.”

  • David Talbot
    David Talbot Month ago

    hot yerba is more likely to give you cancer than cold yerba

  • IceGurl Jadey
    IceGurl Jadey Month ago

    carson is me when im drinking NOS in this video lol

  • You Slumber, Cucumber

    carson drinks poison

  • Christopher Mack
    Christopher Mack Month ago

    5:38 you hear the yells of a man in distress

  • sean watson
    sean watson Month ago +1

    When you don't get into smash brothers ultimate fuckin killed me I love jawsh and Carson insulting each other with rocks this entire episode was a barrel of laughs

  • arileypdx
    arileypdx Month ago +3

    My favorite wrestler is the rock