Galaxy Note 9 Review: A $1000 Phone That's Actually Worth Buying

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
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    “Power User.” It’s a term we used years ago to describe people who used their smartphone all the time, for everything -- and it’s those people the Samsung Galaxy Note was built to satisfy back in 2011. But in 2018, everyone is a power user. So the Galaxy Note has had to evolve … and with only one exception, the Galaxy Note 9 is as close to power-user perfection as Samsung has ever gotten.


    MrMobile's Galaxy Note 9 Review was produced following seven days with a Galaxy Note 9 review device provided by Samsung. The device was a preproduction unit running prerelease software, and was tested on Verizon Wireless in New York City and Boston, MA. This video was sponsored by Tech21.

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  • MrMobile [Michael Fisher]
    MrMobile [Michael Fisher]  3 months ago +820

    Re: "There have only been 8 Notes!" Folks, I'd like to forget the Note Edge too -- but that doesn't mean we should. (Also: honorable mention to the Note FE.)

    • desh d
      desh d 3 days ago

      +benodictine you forgot the note 3 neo. Note 1,2,3 ,3 neo, note4 4edge, 5, 7, 8 and 9. At least 10 note phones. The Fe version is just an old 7 with a different battery.

    • Nigel Yong
      Nigel Yong 3 days ago

      +Cristian Henriquez we need this answer

    • Cristian Henriquez
      Cristian Henriquez 12 days ago

      Where did you get the wall paper?

    • bandgeek electric
      bandgeek electric 23 days ago

      So I originally watched this video on my note 5. I bought it used. It was my first flagship phone although I bought it used on Ebay about a year and a half to two years after it came out. I had never had a new phone other than the cheap prepaid box phones.
      I am happy to report though that after yesterday I am now watching this video on my note 9. I love it! Thank you for being one of the many reviews I watched that failed to talk me out of this expensive devise.

    • Miracle Momentum
      Miracle Momentum 25 days ago

      @6:37 I wanted to know the mobile phone name that he mentioned! That design marvellous. Thanks to your accent I am not able get that name of the mobile. Can any one share which model it is??

  • - Ben Nu Productions -
    - Ben Nu Productions - 18 hours ago

    i easily get two days before i have to charge fail

  • Sarah Shawsehgal

    Best reviews on the internet right here folks

  • superchibiwings
    superchibiwings Day ago

    got mine. for free.. Company provided. sonim not complaining. loving this phone.

  • Keith
    Keith 2 days ago

    I just came here to read the sassy comments about no phone being worth $1k. News flash: no one cares that you think its not worth that much money. opinions are subjective and not fact, so I'll enjoy my thousand dollar phone if I please--I earned it.

  • zapadooba
    zapadooba 2 days ago

    Note 9 or pixel 3xl???

  • Mullcrum the Sage
    Mullcrum the Sage 2 days ago

    I AM a "power user"!!

  • Daveed Hernandez
    Daveed Hernandez 2 days ago

    Mr. Mobile I really enjoy your content and editing skills, but if you want more subscribers including myself, stop trying to be a Walmart brand Tony stark. You think you pull it off well but you dont. Find another persona or image to copy because the "cool, confident, and everyone except me is a weirdo" look isn't working for you. It's clear you're a sensitive, sweet, and nerdy geek deep down inside. Embrace that and be true to yourself. Your current attitude is obnoxious and clearly a facade.

  • Christopher John Elancheziyan

    the pen is useful, and hopefully they will improve it more, other than to wait awkwardly for the 30 sec timer, or rush in frame for the 10 second, i could even set it on a mini tripod on a lake and not scare away the ducks and just click away, and its comes with the phone, bet apple will try to sell it separately with theirs.

  • Cherry Joyner
    Cherry Joyner 3 days ago

    I just wanna say you seemed to be a funny, very likable guy. Nice review, good work!

  • Mcwaff Nigga
    Mcwaff Nigga 3 days ago

    If you don’t like bixby just use google assistant

  • Alvin Paul
    Alvin Paul 3 days ago

    Dude there are phones that cost less than this and have way better specs

  • justin taylor
    justin taylor 4 days ago

    Re: S-pen users. Im a songwriter. I use it daily. Writing lyrics, yeah, but also to record and cycle through ideas/recordings/lyrics quickly. The multi-window plaster on the home screen helps with that as well.

  • Rajat jain
    Rajat jain 4 days ago

    Michael ! Is it worth upgrading from Note 8? Well honestly the ergonomics look alike ,so does the software ..

  • Ava Heredia
    Ava Heredia 4 days ago


  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 4 days ago

    Apple isn’t the only phone that omits the headphone jack though !

  • Yudo NeidaNo
    Yudo NeidaNo 5 days ago

    Meh, if I was wiping my butt with $100 bills I'd go for the mate 20 pro. Don't like the notch but I hate rear fingerprint readers more.

  • Alpha 6
    Alpha 6 6 days ago

    Why are you using Bixby to do tasks meant for Google assistant, then complain Bixby can't do it? Bixby is used to control the device, Google is used to navigate and web search, etc. Why can't these TVcliprs figure this out?

  • Cole Kitchen
    Cole Kitchen 8 days ago

    Is it just me, or does the price tag on this phone seem more justifiable due to the fact that it's a mere 5 bucks more a month when you purchase with a 2 year agreement? ... I mean 5 bucks? Sure why not, that's cheaper than a beer... I can handle that!

  • Jaime T Rubio III
    Jaime T Rubio III 9 days ago

    Will it be very laggy after a while ?

  • Christina Champagne
    Christina Champagne 11 days ago

    Your intro is so soothing.

  • devildham
    devildham 11 days ago

    Personally I love Dex, though it's still a generation or 2 from being ideal. Hopefully they drop Bixby and put the fingerprint sensor in the screen for the 10...and for goodness sake, never get rid of the expandable storage!

  • Freddy Freaker
    Freddy Freaker 12 days ago

    captions are too shit in brand naming

  • Gar Manarnar
    Gar Manarnar 12 days ago

    that fucking screen bevel on galaxies gives you a permanent light glare no matter what angle your phone is at, what are they thinking?? I CANT STAND that bevel on my s8 but i really want the new note ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • lashturner
    lashturner 12 days ago

    Well my 2012 HTC m one 8 is getting worse and it won't charge or charge slow, so I think it is time to upgrade and I may as well go with the Galaxy Note 9. I was thinking of getting the 500gb one but that might be over kill. I'm not a gamer and the most I might do is watch movies

  • vashdread29
    vashdread29 12 days ago

    I really want to get this, but the fact that the Exynos version is the version available here in my country is really making me worried.

  • Cristian Henriquez
    Cristian Henriquez 12 days ago

    How do I get the wall paper with the Earth on it?

  • Sohaib Mahagri
    Sohaib Mahagri 13 days ago

    Turn off Bixby ffs as soon as possible

  • Jakob Urana
    Jakob Urana 13 days ago

    Should i go with note 9 or op 6t?

  • Simone Barter
    Simone Barter 16 days ago +2

    I switched to note 9 from the iPhone 6S Plus. Apple lost me when they took away the headphone jack, slowed down the function of my phone without asking me and then wanted me to buy a new battery (or even better a new phone). Rumors are that Samsung will do the exact same thing with the headphone jack, on the next model. I sincerely hope not! None the less after a lifetime of being an apple fan girl, I am finding Android to be vastly superior. More options, more customization, a more fun experience. An note9 is just awesome. When I'm bored, or needing to relax, I color in like a kid using the s-pen and one of the many free apps. I actually use the s-pen to handwrite sticky notes for my daily work (and then just erase the notes at the end of the day). I've used DEX as a desktop on a monitor once or twice when I've needed to. It all works smoothly. I just like it and its soo much more versatile than iPhone. Maybe its cause its a newer platform and phone for me but I'm in love with what this phone can do for me.

  • Chia Lee
    Chia Lee 16 days ago

    Best reviewer on youtube!!!! By far.

  • David Anyadike
    David Anyadike 17 days ago

    "Write on PDF" by Samsung

  • Melissa Perez Salazar
    Melissa Perez Salazar 20 days ago

    I miss my Samsung note 4😢

  • Unit ZER0
    Unit ZER0 20 days ago

    Going to wait until we have root, and AOSP. Definitely a device to watch, though.

  • Aize Oniha
    Aize Oniha 21 day ago

    Love this

  • S R
    S R 21 day ago

    Hey Michael, Loved the video, I was wondering, since u say that u use with phone without any protection. How does the two glass panels hold up against scratches or even micro scratches? Any other note users welcome to pitch in their experience too.

  • Diogo Andrade
    Diogo Andrade 21 day ago

    Damn I loved my old note 4 ❤

  • Burhan Khawaja
    Burhan Khawaja 22 days ago

    It has the worst back design ever in a smartphone.

  • M18 Hellcat
    M18 Hellcat 22 days ago

    I don't own a cell and probably never will. One thing I do know is that if i ever do decide to get one $1000 or more will NEVER happen!! Its a shame people are so gullible.

  • K M
    K M 22 days ago

    I'm indecisive about getting the Note 9 or the SG9+, can you make a comparison video for those two phones?

  • KingTvT
    KingTvT 22 days ago

    IDk about you but my portrait mode works perfectly

  • chris dougherty
    chris dougherty 22 days ago

    Love the note 9! #powerhouseinhand love the tech 21 case is awesome as well not to bulky, grippy and obviously from this video great protection! Great video as always!!

  • Gustavo Ortiz
    Gustavo Ortiz 23 days ago

    Anyone watching this just to see how cool your phone is...

    Cuz I'm not 😭 but I will in about a week

  • bo4 is bad
    bo4 is bad 23 days ago

    Well I only have one app open at a time so this could last me all day

  • Anthony Webb
    Anthony Webb 24 days ago

    No Thanks Xs max is the beast phone out there it’s already beaten the note hands down

  • shagg
    shagg 24 days ago

    Excellent review Mr. Mobile

  • Sublime
    Sublime 25 days ago

    Just got the Note 9. It's been giving me an average of 7 hours of screen on time with my use. It was 7:30:00 last night, with 6:40:00 of that spent on TVclip. Resolution at FHD+ and on WiFi. This thing's crazy!

  • Just Someone
    Just Someone 25 days ago

    Watching in note 4

  • Daniel Reitz
    Daniel Reitz 25 days ago

    Bxactions is an app on the play store that let's you customize the Bixby button

  • Dicken Christian
    Dicken Christian 25 days ago

    What a beautiful, dramatic intro, man! Loved it! You've got a great voice. Also, awesome music.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 25 days ago

    Always searching Michael Fisher for new reviews and you nailed it in note 9. 👍

  • Michael Monroe
    Michael Monroe 25 days ago

    Why is it that none of you so called top of the line reviewers bring up the fact that the Note 9 uses quick charge 2.0 instead of 4.0
    This tells me that there is still a problem at Samsung with properly charging this phone. I REFUSE to pay $1200 for a top of the line phone using tech from three years ago. It's a shame you all don't bring this up. You really need to re-edit this video to state that.

  • Dylan Power
    Dylan Power 27 days ago

    I still prefer my iPhone Xs max silver 256gb because it’s way more reliable

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy 27 days ago

    I don't understand, the note 9 comes with a case out of the box in Australia. Did Samsung remove the case in other countries? Even the A8 comes with a clear case here in Oz

  • Anna Janka
    Anna Janka 27 days ago

    What I liked about Note 4, is the big screen.

  • Anna Janka
    Anna Janka 27 days ago

    Air Emoji of oneself, still sux.

  • Dary David
    Dary David 28 days ago

    I honestly will buy note 9 than other flagship out there

  • Explore17
    Explore17 28 days ago +1

    I'm waiting for the Note 10 instead: let's see the best of the best Samsung has for 2019!

  • Kushagra Peshin
    Kushagra Peshin 28 days ago

    Guys help, I'm going to buy this phone soon, the 512GB model. I can't decide on colour though between blue and black. I'm coming from a black Note 8.

  • Suprxne 2003
    Suprxne 2003 29 days ago

    My note 8 is just as good as the 9 and also my first note

  • Victor Tubandt
    Victor Tubandt 29 days ago

    so, basically for him the note 9 with note 4 materials it would be 10/10?

  • Fritz Wunderlich
    Fritz Wunderlich Month ago

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro costs less than 1000$, so ...

  • Ipooped Today
    Ipooped Today Month ago

    It's not a great phone but the LG Stylo has a pen built in

  • I N V E R T E D
    I N V E R T E D Month ago

    ultra power saving

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami Month ago

    The note 7 was able do gif/audio 15 sec. Why did they remove the audio option on ?

    KINGOFNIBNODS 3 Month ago

    this guy looks like iron man dont worry thats a good thing ;p

    • Sleekbog 23
      Sleekbog 23 14 days ago

      Lol I’ve been saying this for so long👌😂👏

  • John Merced
    John Merced Month ago +1

    I love my Note 9 it's that freaking amazing, but after watching your Mate 20 Pro video I'm thinking it's time to switch! Hope that phone work's on Sprint! #fingerscrossed

  • matt jones
    matt jones Month ago

    You dont have to pay 1000$. U can trade in your note 8 and pay less. That's what I did. I only had to pay 260$

  • 池沼凛
    池沼凛 Month ago

    Bought the Note 9 the other day at a fraction of the price through the local telecom shop. The phone was superb as expected from your reviews though I had a 128GB option. It was worth it! Can't wait for Android Pi to come out for more improvements

  • Ray James
    Ray James Month ago

    Explain how iPhone users are power users? Everybody I know with an iPhone only uses it to WhatsApp selfies and Facebook.

  • Teo Allen Oikonomidis

    consider your battery faulty or something! my note9 gets me through 2 days with one charge on above average use! without aggressive power management! check it out. and also check this video

  • BIP
    BIP Month ago

    So basically its only downfall is its software, samsung yet again being too proud to admit it's software is shit lol.

  • MrEvan1932
    MrEvan1932 Month ago +20

    A lot of people don't understand that this man is an OG. He did phone reviews before smartphones were a thing. Mad respect to you Michael for stickin' with it!

  • Pci Craftsman
    Pci Craftsman Month ago

    No offense pal but maybe this isn't you're thing? It doesn't look like you understand what REVIEW means.

  • Antonio Peterson
    Antonio Peterson Month ago

    I have a tech 21 case with my note 9, beautiful pearl case

  • chelsea boy
    chelsea boy Month ago

    Samsung ❤❤❤❤

  • Charles McCormack
    Charles McCormack Month ago

    100% Agree with you!!👍
    Another great video and info!! Mahalo🤙🤙

  • gary hsu
    gary hsu Month ago

    i was in samsung store a few times and there was no one there. i mean no one. zero interest. apple stores are always crowded anytime anyday. just telling the truth. hope u dont mind.

  • gary hsu
    gary hsu Month ago

    ppl who can afford $1000 phone will not buy samsung, or any android.

    • Sleekbog 23
      Sleekbog 23 14 days ago

      50 million people already bought the note 9 so you’re wrong

  • gary hsu
    gary hsu Month ago

    trying hard to convince ppl to buy a phone that no one wants.

  • Slipknot3eb
    Slipknot3eb Month ago

    Watching this on Note5

  • Mandy Lion
    Mandy Lion Month ago

    Why is it that none of these guys understand that Bixby is a different mind of assistant. It's not meant to do what the Google assistant does... it's more of an internal assistant.

  • O. Jackson-Bey
    O. Jackson-Bey Month ago


  • ARSHAD Macho
    ARSHAD Macho Month ago

    who's watching this on a feels proud....FYI one of the is me.....

  • UncleIllya
    UncleIllya Month ago

    The thing reviewers miss about Bixby is its greatest strength: the ability to train a chain of commands.Voice macros if you will. "Bixby, play Bob Dylan, raise volume to maximum and set a timer for 25 minutes."

  • raider steel
    raider steel Month ago

    That intro was epic...i like diving into your videos

  • Amon Ra II
    Amon Ra II Month ago +1

    Watching this on my Note 9

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Month ago

    Ommmg my beloved note 4..... That generation i kept buying over and over time and time again! Everytime i broke one or would lose one or get stolen.... I only wanted another note 4. I've never loved another phone the same way again.

  • Keenan Cumberland
    Keenan Cumberland Month ago

    Your reviews are so colorful and fun I've been watching you for a long time back in your pocket nowadays I believe was where you started and your views are very good and very accurate I hate Bixby but I love my note 9 I am so impressed with it and the battery life is pretty outstanding because I'm hard on a phone and its battery and it's phone holds up to navigation it holds up to all of the crazy things that I put it through so I have no complaints about the note 9 especially when I turn my gestures down 2.5 seconds which makes the phone feel and operate even more Snappy. Thank you very much for always doing a thorough review of tech and you're right in this day and age of thousand dollar phones if you're going to spend $1,000 on the phone you want to do it on the note 9!

  • Петър Василев

    Once again a great phone let down by an Android.

  • the lockness monster

    Watching this on my Note 9

  • Jared Waters
    Jared Waters Month ago

    I agree this phone is awesome. I have to say the battery life is the best I've ever experienced. It does last all day unless you are constantly using it.

  • Max Jefferison
    Max Jefferison Month ago

    The Bixby button isn't much of a problem anymore since you can disable it now (on the S9 at least)

  • suolihuuhtelu
    suolihuuhtelu Month ago

    still using my note 4.. i use alot of hotspot so i ruin alot of batteries on the 5th battery now :) could not even imagine buying phone with build in battery...

  • MuzikAficionado
    MuzikAficionado Month ago

    Does having bixby mean it won't run Google Assistant?

  • Kila Plesa
    Kila Plesa Month ago

    I love how fit Tech 21 😆😊 in there .Great review ,that made me laugh and subscribe.

  • Erich Mais
    Erich Mais Month ago

    Bixby can go to hell

  • Abdul saboor Qadeer

    well done yiur videos are elegent like always

  • Mike Watson
    Mike Watson Month ago

    I still have a note 4. I use it for work. Nothing like running late and having a dead phone but a full spare battery. Maybe the 10 will pull me away from it.

  • Ignacio Camacho
    Ignacio Camacho Month ago

    This is easily the best phone ever, it's just way too expensive, 1 grand is way too much