Galaxy Note 9 Review: A $1000 Phone That's Actually Worth Buying

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
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    “Power User.” It’s a term we used years ago to describe people who used their smartphone all the time, for everything -- and it’s those people the Samsung Galaxy Note was built to satisfy back in 2011. But in 2018, everyone is a power user. So the Galaxy Note has had to evolve … and with only one exception, the Galaxy Note 9 is as close to power-user perfection as Samsung has ever gotten.


    MrMobile's Galaxy Note 9 Review was produced following seven days with a Galaxy Note 9 review device provided by Samsung. The device was a preproduction unit running prerelease software, and was tested on Verizon Wireless in New York City and Boston, MA. This video was sponsored by Tech21.

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  • MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

    Re: "There have only been 8 Notes!" Folks, I'd like to forget the Note Edge too -- but that doesn't mean we should. (Also: honorable mention to the Note FE.)

    • MasteredTheUniverse
      MasteredTheUniverse 5 days ago

      The Note FE is fantastic I have one ☺️

    • Cal Oberg
      Cal Oberg 21 day ago

      +Daniel Aragon, Note5 to Note7 ,(later it was reintroduced as Note (F)an (E)dition), skipped #6 because of the introduction of the S-Plus line. There actually has been 9 different Notes (Note4 is different from the Note Edge).

    • Emily Daigle
      Emily Daigle 25 days ago

      +Daniel AragonNote Edge

    • Subhakar Gudivada
      Subhakar Gudivada 26 days ago

      where can i download the wallpapers you used in the note9

    • jim cherkas
      jim cherkas Month ago

      80% for half the price that going with a Samsung Galaxy S9 that means it's 30% better deal so why waste your money on the note 9

  • Mordant221
    Mordant221 13 hours ago

    2:25 No, no it hasn't..

  • The thracian
    The thracian 14 hours ago

    Galaxy Note 999$

  • Witchfinder General8
    Witchfinder General8 15 hours ago

    Great review. Only thing wrong is the battery life comment. The p20 pro and mate 10 have 4k batteries but run out pretty quickly even with dodgy processors. The note 9 gets me 8 to 12 hours sot at 50 to 100 percent brightness with next to no power management. And yes, that's over two days. My p20 pro was topping out at 7 hours sot.

  • Rey
    Rey Day ago

    The best they have ever gotten... until the next one next year 😂

  • wiliyanto adinata

    i can;t get rid this note 9 and my old V30+ from my bag ....please help !!
    note 9 = for anything related to work
    V30+ = for music and anything related to sound LOL

  • Eluminary Xarrais

    Still really happy with my mate 10 Pro... it has the 4K battery, 6 gb ram, desktop mode with just a normal USBc to hdmi cable. And it's now down to 549$

  • chemicalsam
    chemicalsam 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does all the sample footage from the Note 9 just terrible?

  • chemicalsam
    chemicalsam 2 days ago

    They didn't "resort" to bezels because it has giant bezels lol

  • Max D
    Max D 2 days ago +1

    I genuinely enjoy your reviews. This one didn’t disappoint. 👍🏼

  • Gadgetonomy
    Gadgetonomy 2 days ago +1

    Mr Mobile, I have shamefully accused you in the past of being anti-Samsung and for that I would like to offer my sincere apologies. You clearly do admire the Note range and you're absolutely spot on with this review of the Note 9 (including some of its weaknesses) so a massive thumbs up from me and sorry again for being so judgmental in the past.

  • Patrik
    Patrik 3 days ago

    Still can't re-program the bixby button? Well, I don't have to see any more of this review I'm afraid.

  • David Hernández
    David Hernández 3 days ago

    No phone is worth $1000

  • Pushpa raj
    Pushpa raj 3 days ago

    Give me this phone please 😍

  • Dalton Smith
    Dalton Smith 3 days ago

    Michael is a true treasure in the tech world

  • KingRyan 1995
    KingRyan 1995 3 days ago

    What is that phone holder at 0:40 I need one!

  • quintilian
    quintilian 3 days ago

    Cell phones are more than just phones these days so implying spending $1,000 on just the phone is wrong because they do so much more than make phone calls these days that's why it's $1, 000

  • Carlo Lui
    Carlo Lui 3 days ago

    One plus 6 better than note9, just 530

  • StyngRay
    StyngRay 4 days ago

    No phone is worth 1000 unless it makes me a 1000 in a week

  • Md Munir
    Md Munir 4 days ago

    Comparatively note 9 should had been starting price minimum 15k if iPhone xs max starts 12k..

  • NeoDraquin
    NeoDraquin 4 days ago

    Getting my note 9 Next Wednesday, Its a HUGE upgrade from a Note 3 XD

  • ak101farhan
    ak101farhan 4 days ago

    Watching this on my note 4. Still works great. My software maybe outdated but give me a reason to upgrade if it's not broken or i have 1000$ burning a hole in my pockets.

  • Darkv0id
    Darkv0id 4 days ago

    2:17 lols

  • Swapnil Gaikwad
    Swapnil Gaikwad 5 days ago

    Where can I buy those shades from???

  • Will Udall
    Will Udall 5 days ago

    Thanks, a great review

    NOW WE UNDERSTAND 6 days ago

    Dude sounds like Robert Downey Jr

  • biggdame21
    biggdame21 6 days ago

    Note 4 was a beast

  • Tarek Jellali
    Tarek Jellali 6 days ago +1

    9 times? But did Samsung skip the Note 6 ? :p
    Anyway, great review, love your style, keep it up !

  • Frank Vincent Tolores Gesmundo

    as a XDA supporter, Rooting is the best way to improve your camera. Pixel Camera features + Note 9's camera = mindblowing.

  • smooth122
    smooth122 6 days ago

    You can totally disable the Bixby button

  • drew erving
    drew erving 7 days ago +1

    This guy is uninformed. A power-user is a person who has expert use of an operating system. His opening sentence made me exit

  • tintman831
    tintman831 7 days ago

    Thanks for being honest

  • Tiger Wolf
    Tiger Wolf 7 days ago

    You can use "Write on pdf" built in the Note 9 for your least

  • anonymous
    anonymous 7 days ago

    If you're willing to pay a grand for a phone.. you probably need someone to teach you how to spend money properly.

  • victor kyaw
    victor kyaw 7 days ago

    I dont know about u guys but my note 9 have no problem scanning my face using intelligent scan even at total darkness. From my experience, it is even faster than the fingerprint scanner. It is just a glance rather than finding the thumbprint sensor at the back of the phone.👌👌

  • David S
    David S 7 days ago

    I have the Note 8. Bixby has definitely gotten better after the update. When I asked her to find the nearest Dunkin Donuts, she opened Google maps with every location of nearby Dunkin Donuts. I also asked her to wake me up at 8am and she created an alarm without hesitation. She does a bunch of other things too. That update improved her a lot.

  • Nelson Cabico Jr
    Nelson Cabico Jr 7 days ago

    But with the case can you use wireless charging?

  • Kathie Collins
    Kathie Collins 8 days ago

    My biggest issue with the evolution of the Note series is Scrapbooker!!! I loved using Scrapbooker. I could find a song on TVclip that I was learning for an audition, circle it with my S-Pen, and save the whole video. Now it just a circle image of the video. Not to mention, if you were in a web page, you could do the same and it would save the link attached to the image. Now it's just the image. I used Scrapbooker more than any other feature on my phone, now it's pretty useless, and doesnt come preloaded on the phone.

  • Now Available On Amazon

    Fantastic review,,, #wow

  • Riffin' Remmy
    Riffin' Remmy 8 days ago

    Hopefully my Note 9 come's in the mail this week. Cant wait for this phone.

  • VanillaSnake21
    VanillaSnake21 9 days ago

    Well with that tech21 case you'd be "hard pressed" to press any button by accident, it's a perfect match imo (no really, a great case, just have to get used to the button pressure a bit.)

  • Ryan Platon
    Ryan Platon 9 days ago

    Well the note 9 will surely lose to other smarthphones with a 6.3 inch screen that has s resolution of 1440p

  • IAmARealDuck
    IAmARealDuck 9 days ago

    666k subs. I just changed it 667k

  • Henry V of England Heir of France

    Just bought it for £730 ($950).

  • Captain_ Cole
    Captain_ Cole 9 days ago

    Absolutely love the note series from Samsung but I'm still somewhat shocked that nobody else has bothered to release a competitor in all the years they've been going. If anything I would love for someone else too make a competitor just so I have a choice when I come to change my current note 8. For now it looks like I will be getting the note 9 simply for the improved battery lol.

  • Matthew Moscotto
    Matthew Moscotto 9 days ago

    The Note Lag 9

  • Nick Keen
    Nick Keen 10 days ago

    No matter how hard the glass is, it will inevitably get scratched... So wrap your 1000$ premium phablet in a 4$ condom to preserve it's beautiful coating which you would not be able to see past the terrible semi-transparent silicon that probably came from recycling fake butts, hips and lips...
    You have no idea how many times I have seen some people rocking the cheapest phone case they can find on a flagship, it just strikes me as weird

  • Kayaan Yadunath
    Kayaan Yadunath 10 days ago

    8 times.

  • Jetgirl :D
    Jetgirl :D 10 days ago +1

    The glass is why I have to get a Defender Otterbox Case and a screen protector for my Note 9. And the right color didn't come, so I'm stuck with black :(

  • Jetgirl :D
    Jetgirl :D 10 days ago +1

    I've has the Note 9 for several weeks now and have only accidentally pressed the Bixby button 2 or 3 times. On my old s8+, when I had the Bixby button turned on, I rarely accidentally pressed it. I don't see what the big deal is.

  • Pulasthi Naotunna
    Pulasthi Naotunna 10 days ago

    Best note 9 review of the youtube. Thanks Michael 👍

  • IV 5991
    IV 5991 11 days ago

    Is the Note 9 really the last of the series?

  • Sidney Johnson
    Sidney Johnson 11 days ago

    I believe you're not wording it correctly. I've asked the Bixby to find me places and even wake me up at a certain time and she did it perfectly.

  • Sodbuster FPV
    Sodbuster FPV 11 days ago

    Lol no phone is worth $1000 unless it can replace my desktop gaming pc (none come close). Loving my $120 note 3, amazing oled and does everything i need

  • marshall branin
    marshall branin 11 days ago

    I know you don’t like the notch, but it’s still less of a bezel than the note 9

  • The Full Shilling
    The Full Shilling 12 days ago

    DisplayMate was gushing about the screen. Perfect colours (yes, I'm a Limey) brightest this, that and the other but I won't be happy until I can sit in the park or on a beach and watch a sporting event on a mobile with almost the same legibility as if I was indoors.
    Still a long way to go though. I live in hope.

  • PhoenixFabled
    PhoenixFabled 12 days ago

    Note 4 was my favorite! I was gonna upgrade to the 7, but we all know how that ended. Got the LG V20 instead and while it was a great phone, it just didn't compare to the biggest and best from Samsung.

  • greg harvey
    greg harvey 12 days ago


  • Khaleesii Lorry
    Khaleesii Lorry 12 days ago

    Handsome. Anyways thanks for the great review. Do you think its better to get an 8 gb ram note9

  • Lametric Hodges
    Lametric Hodges 13 days ago

    BxActions allows you to remap the Bixby button.

  • blacsheep19
    blacsheep19 14 days ago

    You get a thumbs up for the Ferris bueller

  • Street sweep 717
    Street sweep 717 14 days ago

    My note 8 dropped from different height levels onto concrete and nothing happened. I don't have a case.
    Today my note 8 dropped from my desk chair onto carpeted floor and shattered the front glass. smfh. these glass phones are shit. RIP Note

  • Nicocap X
    Nicocap X 14 days ago

    waitin on the oneplus 7 meself

  • HopeOnLove
    HopeOnLove 14 days ago

    price various based on region, like in Malaysia note 9 is RM3699 which is 890 dollar

  • Zaheer Kader
    Zaheer Kader 14 days ago

    The note actually makes sense as a laptop replacement

  • bluefrancis14
    bluefrancis14 15 days ago

    Holy balls he looks like RDJ!

  • Dennis Dowd
    Dennis Dowd 15 days ago +1

    For the money it just isn't worth it, the 9. Yeah it has a great many features, but for day to day usage, I feel most users will end up not using the phone except for the basic that most of us use a smartphone for. So, it is mostly hype technology. Stuff, that look dazzling, but, you aren't really going to use that much. Then again, you spend all that money and then you see the Samsung 10 come out and you wonder why did I spend all that money on a phone that looks like shit now? And to make matters worse, you still have another 12 months of payments before your 9 is really yours. None of this of course makes really any sense financially. Oh, it makes real sense to Samsung & of course Apple, but for us consumers, hey bend over!!!! I am using a $75.00 phone, yeah compared to the 9 it is a piece of shit but compared to the reality of my use. I now own the phone. The battery is removable. If it breaks I buy another one for $75.00 so I don't need any insurance. Is it limited in memory? For sure. Is it slow, yes, but none of these are true issue for myself. I watch TVclip on it. My smartwatch from Garmin connects easily to the Bluetooth. The WiFi is only 2.4ghz but that is good enough for streaming video and downloading new updates. Since I use my phone to keep track of my calendar, my meds and texting this phone does just fine. Since I am not paying out a large amount of money each month to pay for a high end phone, my monthly cell phone bill is very reasonable.

  • djtecthreat
    djtecthreat 15 days ago +1

    I'm watching this on my Note 4, while I wait for Fedex to bring my Note 9.

    • Riffin' Remmy
      Riffin' Remmy 8 days ago

      Goddamn, you were definetly in need of an upgrade lol.

  • Reeya Heart
    Reeya Heart 15 days ago

    He sort of reminds me to RDJ in the note 9 sample clip. Just me?? Cool

  • Ashish Chaddha
    Ashish Chaddha 15 days ago

    Nice video sir

  • Sci-Fi Admirer
    Sci-Fi Admirer 15 days ago

    Samsung steals ideas from American companies. Michael you should give up your American passport!

  • Gaz Matic
    Gaz Matic 15 days ago +1

    Until the battery goes to shit and it starts slowing down.
    Then you'll have to factory reset it.

  • PatOlalia
    PatOlalia 16 days ago

    I ordered this thing without knowing if its dual sim, anyone? Caveat: Id like to interact rather than google lol

    • Gaz Matic
      Gaz Matic 15 days ago

      The dous version is dual SIM

  • cance7984
    cance7984 16 days ago

    So ... it's just a glorified S9+

  • mike numpty
    mike numpty 16 days ago

    Did we all miss a Note - Mr Mobile has reviewed 9 models?
    There have only ever been 8 Note models made by Sammy unless you are counting Note 4 / Note 4 edge as different models

  • Mark J
    Mark J 17 days ago

    Bixyby button can be remapped and without root.... You just have to look or RTFM, but alas boxing videos never ever touch on the problems with the phone... cos its all about the views. Who cares if you tell porkies to your users.

  • black king
    black king 17 days ago

    Great review

  • Anna Abrante
    Anna Abrante 17 days ago

    Incredible phone. But don't fall for that bit about the Tech21 case. It sells for $45 but likely cost .25 cents to's just plastic.

  • studivan
    studivan 18 days ago

    to bad nobody is buying it, I guess it's actually not worth buying, last I heard providers were offering 50% off or buy on get one free.

  • 박근우
    박근우 18 days ago

    I only used over half of my 64GB storage on my would you make use of 512GB?

  • Amit
    Amit 18 days ago

    Definitely Worth buying, if you like a full Feature packed phone..Stylus is just too good.

  • Nipun Sharma
    Nipun Sharma 18 days ago

    My note8 has light bleed from under the display along the edges-

  • Lost and forgotten
    Lost and forgotten 18 days ago

    I got two days use of my note 9 mot charging it at all till the next day from 3:45 in the am till 5pm the next day with 16% battery

  • MN Nizam
    MN Nizam 19 days ago

    I love your voice, can you make tutorial on how to make ypur voice sound so crispy

  • Kristófer Kristjánsson

    I won't be the first nor will I be the last but... He looks alot like Tony Stark. THERE! I SAID IT.

  • James Dyck
    James Dyck 20 days ago

    Smooth Tech21 add there! Probably the best I've ever seen! And here's a new sub for ya! All the way from Texas!

  • Catherine Adams
    Catherine Adams 20 days ago

    Is 2.0 the latest version of fast charge?

  • Mike Czenkus
    Mike Czenkus 21 day ago

    Think I'll stick with my Note 8. Still loving it.

  • Raihan Uddin
    Raihan Uddin 21 day ago

    dont you think u should review the pocophone f1? 😒

  • DeadofWinter321
    DeadofWinter321 21 day ago

    After watching this video, I still don't see how it's worth the price tag. I'll wait until it's available for $800 or less. It performs really well now but wait until you've actually been using it for a few months. Like all Samsung devices, it'll start lagging like fuck.

  • mady bali
    mady bali 21 day ago +1

    just too expensive , every year comes new phone:)

  • John Stack
    John Stack 21 day ago

    Bixby works for me most of the time (no less frequently than the Google voice assistant) and I have never accidentally pressed the button. Don't know why people go on about this.

  • Freedom Cobra
    Freedom Cobra 21 day ago

    So there are two versions with different ram?

  • Gary Davidson
    Gary Davidson 21 day ago

    You can disable your Bixby button,, package disabler, it disables all the bloatware, I've been running the phone for about 32 hours with 9 hrs of screen on time, 8 hrs of TVclip, and various other apps, right now I'm at 27% left on my battery, I don't think that's too bad

  • Sage
    Sage 21 day ago

    Surprised to hear that the Iris scanner is slow because it works for me super quick even in the dark. Maybe they improved ot

  • Adrian Tini
    Adrian Tini 21 day ago

    sold out moron

  • Blue Raven
    Blue Raven 21 day ago

    Galaxy Note is always the best and most feature pack phone end of the year.

  • Chris S
    Chris S 21 day ago

    You're still the best tech blogger out there! Still not paying $1000 for any phone though. Hope it takes the edge off the Note 8 on the second hand market.

  • Walter Foster
    Walter Foster 21 day ago

    Just bought a note 4. It's still a great phone even today. And it only cost 120.00. And thats 870.00 still in my pocket. It does everything I want. Removable battery. Has apps to sd card. And i have a 128 gig sd card in it. Ain't no way I'm giving that much for a phone.

  • Ahmad Aqsa Husain
    Ahmad Aqsa Husain 21 day ago

    You deserve more subscribers, man...