The Jeffree Star Laura Lee Apology Implosion, Asia Argento Hypocrisy Controversy, & More...

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
  • MONDAY. Let’s just jump into it…
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  11 months ago +1965

    Oh hi you Beautiful Bastards! Let me know your thoughts on today's show in the comments down below.

    • Sami Hughes
      Sami Hughes 10 months ago

      I think one of the reasons why Laura Lee is getting most of the blame, is because people haven't seen Gabriel's 'My Truth' video. I think if they watched that, they'd feel quiet sorry for Laura Lee and be going after Manny more then anyone else. But in saying that without Gabriels video, people don't realize that it wasn't just Laura Lee that used Jefree Star, it was also Manny and a few other people in the beauty community. I've loved this new Jefree, there was a video I seen about 8 months ago that I didn't like at all with Trisha in it, where Jefree is seen to be whispering gossip into Trishas ear, it came across as a form of bullying to me, and I'd gotten turned off of Jefree because of it, but then after seeing Shanes series that changed, I got to see the real, raw version of Jefree. He's human like everyone else, while other people think they are better then human.

    • Spirit Games
      Spirit Games 10 months ago

      I am not into...that
      I dont really find...boobs attractive

    • Spirit Games
      Spirit Games 10 months ago

      one word/a sentence to describe this
      your past shouldn't be what people see you as, the past should be the past and that youve learned from it and move on to making yourself a better person (myself included)

    • Bee Maddox
      Bee Maddox 11 months ago

      Philip DeFranco I think people react strongly to hypocrisy
      No idea why the focus is on Laura Lee, probably because people hate fake apologies but also demand immediate apologies so folks scramble to say the right thing asap
      Unfortunately I think situations like this actually pull out folks true colors
      If you’re really sorry about something, you take ownership for it
      The deal with Argento is disgusting and sad
      It sucks because people aren’t going to believe her testimony against Weinstein and are going to use this as an excuse to discredit others speaking out. but that boy should be heard and listened to and she should be held accountable for her actions against him.

    • Jessica C
      Jessica C 11 months ago

      Philip DeFranco For me the difference was in the apology videos. The difference is pretty remarkable. I felt like her apology video was just a pity party for herself and opportunity to gain support from her followers. Also my own personal bias speculates that from her background and upbringing she may actually be a little bit low-key racist. Also, it’s pretty clear that Jeffree Starr’s behavior in the past and continuing today is a result of unmanaged angst and hurtfulness. I didn’t see any of that in her it seemed like she was just saying stupid shit because that’s how she feels. Also she kept calling in a retweet which it was not. Not taking full accountability and responsibility is the same thing as not apologizing it all.

  • Sid K
    Sid K Month ago

    Better help yikes

  • Tyler Bennett
    Tyler Bennett Month ago

    Every apology video from a girl: No makeup, fake crying, “from the bottom of my heart”, “I’m not that person anymore”.

  • Cailey Rose
    Cailey Rose 2 months ago

    I think it's all in her reaction. She went the cover up and and lie to make yourself sound better route. Now she's a known liar and that doesn't work in the beauty community because you watch a beauty youtuber to get their honest opinion on products. She was purposefully deceptive about her past for personal gain, so she'd probably be purposefully deceptive about a product for personal gain and a lot of companies will pay for that.

  • MrKidGamez
    MrKidGamez 3 months ago

    xd he gets demonetized bcu of his intro probs

  • somebody help me i have a flat tire

    **Curb Your Enthusiasm music intensifies**

  • Tanya Casey
    Tanya Casey 3 months ago

    Love you Phil but maybe you should edit the video and remove the betterhelp ad. :/

  • Mia Rants
    Mia Rants 3 months ago

    Ooooh. Laura Lee is from Alabama. Ok well then I guess I’m less pissed. But still don’t particularly love her energy. The vibe is just off. Especially in the apology video.

  • Amber Dent
    Amber Dent 4 months ago

    When it comes to internet controversies, I honestly am glad I'll dodge that bullet. Even if I for some reason end up in the public eye, my parents taught me from a young age not to say or write down anything I wouldn't want overheard or read, and once I was old enough, wouldn't let me have social media. I _still_ don't have Twitter or Facebook, etc. I keep any and all thoughts not directly relevant to the situation to myself. Maybe that's a bad way to go about it, I wouldn't really know, but I am grateful for that one thing from my otherwise shitty parents.

  • Kayla Scanlon
    Kayla Scanlon 4 months ago

    I’m so happy you and your company is growing and expanding, but please be careful about overstretch and burnout. You’re working so so hard and we’re all so proud of how far you’ve come :)

  • Ay Ron
    Ay Ron 4 months ago

    Girls are snakes bro

  • Kimi _
    Kimi _ 6 months ago

    This is so sad these grown adults spend so much time apologizing for making _jokes_ to other adults. How many of these people do you think actually put on a white hood and beat children? If you catch them in a clan meeting then fine, you can demand apologies, but _damn_ it was a *joke* . *Grow up* and move on to _real_ issues in the world like people starving to death and dying from bad weather conditions in your *own country* . Also this lame "I want to work with organizations" wtf? That's vague. This is how you know when people are virtue signaling. They say controversial things all of their lives and then when the new fad is virtue signaling they say "I didn't know any better" I'm ready for the victim point contest to be over now.

  • badgerman
    badgerman 6 months ago

    Laura Lee deleted the video

  • Amanda Szynkowski
    Amanda Szynkowski 6 months ago

    Recently started at hooters. Worst place ive ever worked(and i was a stripper). I really want to expose them, but i need to find a new job first. If you wanted to expose them using your platform, hmu

  • lauren kay
    lauren kay 6 months ago

    Fire channel

  • Manon et Poulpi sur un bateau *

    You're talking so fast😱 I'm French and it's hard to understand

  • Asgard Studios
    Asgard Studios 7 months ago

    Phil, you are the best thing on TVclip. Keep rocking brother!

  • I Am No One
    I Am No One 7 months ago

    Professionals at betterhelp? Seems like someone who’s apart of that business that he was plain out lying.

  • CoDy McCollum
    CoDy McCollum 7 months ago

    When I found out Laura Lee was from Alabama, I thought to myself "Well that makes sense" I'm from AL so I know how people are from here.

  • Tahaaboukalgthtt6 Taha123fffbfhfb

    I Love Laura Lee

  • Strictly Strong
    Strictly Strong 8 months ago

    "I cant make an excuse but heres an excuse

  • Madeleine Lerch
    Madeleine Lerch 9 months ago

    I dont think that the issue is the past offense. I think it’s the way people handle their past and own up to it, and Laura clearly has not.

  • Rachelle Tomlinson
    Rachelle Tomlinson 9 months ago

    Laura Lee can't be an asshole, blame the state she lived in for not teaching her how to... not be racist?, post a fake apology, take it down to post a new one that was equally fake, continue to post annoying videos, and then overcompensate by posting a video about homeless people in LA. I use to be such a big fan of her but after I saw her latest video, she looks like she is trying too hard and her demeanor in the video looks like she isn't genuinely interested, just there cause she needs to be. I can't.

  • Xena purplepanda
    Xena purplepanda 9 months ago

    A week! Of karma! I love it when you see Jeffree wasn't the asshole all along.

  • Sadie M
    Sadie M 9 months ago

    Argento needs help (and if she’s already getting therapy, she needs extra sessions). Also, we need to remember the “innocent until proven guilty” rule. I personally know someone who was wrongly accused of enabling (possibly not the right word) sexual assault. The only piece of “evidence” was a hicky on the accuser. My friend was kicked out of the college because of the whole “believe the victim” thing. At the beginning of the very next school year my friend was told by the school they had been wrong and that she could come back, but it was too late because she had already started at another college. Unfortunately, people are wrongly accused of things like sexual assault every day. That’s why we should be saying “take the accuser seriously” instead of “believe the victim”. Cuz the victim isn’t always the victim, if you know what I mean.

  • Richard
    Richard 9 months ago

    When are people going to figure it out? It's not about "believe the victim", or "listen to the victim", or any of that. It's "the WOMAN is always right". Period. Full stop. In EVERY circumstance where a man does something to a woman, it's "OMG this is the most horrible thing ever" ... but when a woman does the EXACT SAME THING to a male, it's "we don't have all the information, let's wait and see, the woman couldn't possibly have done anything wrong, don't attack the woman" etc. As far as these people are concerned, males cannot be victims, only aggressors.

  • Sarah Gov
    Sarah Gov 9 months ago

    Re: Hooters... what if Millennials just have more respect for women and don’t think supporting those restaurants is the right thing to do?

  • Margie
    Margie 9 months ago

    Jeffree and a lot of these people are bullies. I'm just so tired of the fucking "I'm offended" set. Burying people's careers over shit like this is ridiculous. What if this Laura chick kills herself? Is that good enough karma for everyone?

  • tpamel
    tpamel 9 months ago

    Repost: Because she blamed Alabama. She's "racist" "because The South is racist," thus she should be excused because "muh environment"? "That's just how we are in 'Bama?" She wasn't "culturally educated" yet she knew what she was saying, she knew about the realities of black men being chased by police (most times deserved) when she made a joke of it; she's playing dumb. That's like when that white female college student accidentally sent a text describing her black roommate as "niggerish" to that very black roommate ... then tried to "clean it up" by saying it was an autocorrect from "triggerish." Utter bullshit. People are tired of racists saying foul stuff then not own it. Stop trying to save face! Being a racist & a good person aren't mutually inclusive in the majority progressive, liberal, &/or democrat world of the beauty community & their fans/audiences. I'm not mad or offended, personally, at the joke; sagging pants are for gutter rats. Black men with sagging pants cannot run from drive-by shooters either; same vein and I am not sorry for saying that. Racist Dixies are heavily shunned because their historical reputation preceedes them. These female bullies/mean girls do not get to not watch their mouths, then expect the world to maintain their bliss so that they will not be held accountable their words. I'm surprise she didn't infantilize herself (refer to herself as a "girl" or minor although a grown woman) as part of her "I'm ignorant" excuse - that's the cliche white woman racist go-to when confronted with consequences. Funny 'cause she looks 1-3% black.

  • The Musical Nerd Show
    The Musical Nerd Show 9 months ago

    People on the internet, man. They’re thorough in their research

  • Angelic Slayer
    Angelic Slayer 9 months ago

    I wanna say people like Laura lee need to disappear

  • trin
    trin 9 months ago

    laura handled it the worst.

  • Awesomesauce Guru
    Awesomesauce Guru 10 months ago +1

    (8:07 - 8:17) is meeeee😂

  • Cade Finder
    Cade Finder 10 months ago

    Gabriel is a snake

  • Wayne Dent
    Wayne Dent 10 months ago

    Evil is so prominent these days!

  • Reahnna Powers
    Reahnna Powers 10 months ago

    This is late but.... She faked her apology. I think that's why she lost the most. With the others, there's still a chance for them to show remorse and for them to apologize and make up for their words and actions. When you fake an apology (or have an apology that doesn't seem genuine) that hope for change is lost. People see you as 'that person who did a terrible thing in the past, didn't feel bad about it, and probably still is the terrible person they were then.'
    TL;DR -- She lost her chance to make up for it so now she's getting more hate.

  • Erica Speck
    Erica Speck 10 months ago

    I think she’s gaining so much hate because she has continually tried to social climb and use people to get to the top. At first people loved her, then as a once fan of her I noticed something. She would do anything to get ahead. Basically everyone was waiting for her to mess up, I knew it was a matter of time. Also instead of apologizing right away, she uploaded another makeup review! Shady shady. It just proves she literally thought people would turn a blind eye to it and keep gaining fame. I’m not going to pay a fake, unlicensed, user, and foul mouthed persons bills. She needs to try to go off grid, reinvent herself and learn.

  • Cammiboe
    Cammiboe 10 months ago

    Why are these people even famous? 😒

  • Tribal Artist
    Tribal Artist 10 months ago +1

    for real, i want lauras lost sub count please

  • Lucy Loveswaffles
    Lucy Loveswaffles 10 months ago

    Netflix is doing the very thing that I pay them to not do.

  • Kris Roberts
    Kris Roberts 10 months ago

    Tip for blacks pull your pants up so you can run quicker from cops, I think that's funny why is she apologising for that it's not racist in the slightest?

  • Drizzt Do Urden
    Drizzt Do Urden 10 months ago

    ONLY when he started to lose money, Bennett remember Asia... "oh,is her fault! I just remembered I was raped!" Hahaha... c'mon I'm 100% it was consensual 😎

  • georgoudixxx
    georgoudixxx 10 months ago

    Wait that Makita girl kind of justified paedophilia and child abuse if I understood correctly? Wow, that hit rock bottom really. Shame. And shame to Mc Gowan. A predator is a predator, being man or woman. If the " listen to the other side" applies to Argento , then it can apply to Weinstein too. But what about the victims?

  • BirdRain
    BirdRain 10 months ago

    I feel like a lot of the reason Laura Lee got hit so hard is because she did delete everything. When you do something like that, it looks like you’re trying to hide something.

  • Liv
    Liv 10 months ago

    I'm not gonna hate on Laura Lee I don't know her much but I'm not those other people who's gonna hate on Laura Lee. So I'm not gonna go to her videos and just Make a hate comment no I'm not gonna do that * sigh * These Haters this days eh?... XD and btw Jeffree congrats for 10 million Subscribers! #Haters #LauraleeAndJeffreeDrama #canThisDramaEndPleaseTriedOfThisHateAndDrama and Btw If you don't like Laura Lee Videos just leave her videos, and her channel don't just Make a hate comment your Wasting your Time #TRUTH 👍

  • potwhovian
    potwhovian 10 months ago

    Shane needs to be more careful about his Docuseries​ he is giving attention to people who may not deserve it at all

    • potwhovian
      potwhovian 10 months ago

      Yeah him, Jeffree n his friends the drama of it all.... they not worth it

    • Ahais Dj
      Ahais Dj 10 months ago

      potwhovian u mean jake paul?

  • Trendy Golbin247
    Trendy Golbin247 10 months ago

    On the laura lee and jeffree star bit.. All i have to say is everyone gets their karma in the end.. But Phil thanks for being the ultimate tea spiller The OG OF ALL THE SPILLED TEA!!! 👌😄😁

  • InvisibleRen
    InvisibleRen 10 months ago

    She's getting the brunt of stuff because Nikita is trans WoC and whatshisface is a gay MoC (right?). While they all did shit, it's easier to focus on the white straight woman. She's easier to attack because she doesn't have any marginalized identities though I'd say the other two are more hypocritical considering they are of marginalized identities. That's my theory anyway.

  • Liz Torres
    Liz Torres 10 months ago

    Im suprised People were more annoyed at Laura than Nikkita. That is some trash she tweeted.

  • Liz Torres
    Liz Torres 10 months ago

    I hope you can explain what happened, because I dont get it.

  • Thimble Fox
    Thimble Fox 10 months ago

    a sugar baby wanting more money because he was 17 at the time and she's rich, and he's able to get it.. is a lot different than full blown rape sometimes involving drugging and raping the victim so maybe that's why people would go 'lighter' on her? if just as many men came after her as women started coming after harvey weinstein and bill cosby then yeah id join the mob too but just one guy? and his best story isn't very compelling to say the least with the miss you mama messages and shit.

  • Cristina Garofalo
    Cristina Garofalo 10 months ago

    I personally think she just really wasn’t sorry or affected by the scam. She really tried to side swipe it by posting a video before even attempting to just address the issue. I think if she would have just came out n said “guys what recently just happened is not something I considered to be acceptable. These were not my intentions but unfortunately it’s something that’s happened. I apologize to Jeffree blah blah blah” But the longer she waited the more the Internet DUG INTO HER. She completely neglected everything and posted a video tutorial reviewing make up. Because she really didn’t care or didn’t think it was something to care about. That was her problem!

  • Kristina D
    Kristina D 10 months ago

    If I'm PAYING for a service, there better not be advertisements or "personalized recommendations" before or in the middle of the content I'm paying to see.

  • Supreme Buffalo
    Supreme Buffalo 10 months ago

    Hahahaha the gay drama is so bitchy and catty. That Jeffrey guy is like a caricature. I might go watch some of his stuff

  • Obsidian Sirius Blackheart

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that he was under 18????????

  • Firstand Last
    Firstand Last 10 months ago

    wooo phiil's transitioned...hard from a few years ago. im backing out ....slowely-----------)

  • Mike Salucci
    Mike Salucci 10 months ago

    I'm not sure how you make it to adulthood and don't realize saying the n-word isn't cool. I'm pretty sure I learned that in early grade school.

  • Saff
    Saff 10 months ago

    If karma really came around then Jefree Stacunt would have been taken down too. He’s still a piece of shit.

  • iMstyTTori Vital
    iMstyTTori Vital 10 months ago

    Laura's statements had police n black people running which normally ends in #DEATH

  • chapstick
    chapstick 10 months ago

    Maybe..... maybe they're ALL shitty people for MORE reasons than just being racist 6 years ago. Imagine that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nakistah Didi
    Nakistah Didi 10 months ago

    Can these caucasians stop using black people when trying to tarnish each other’s name?
    Racism here, racism there just keep our race out of you fing drama

  • Lauren Mackenzie
    Lauren Mackenzie 10 months ago

    Honestly the makeup community is coming for both Manny and Laura. Although Laura has lost more subscribers overall, Manny's numbers are also suffering. He initially received backlash because he came out against the photo Gabrielle posted and took absolutely no responsibility for his part in it. Essentially we watched Manny throw another one of his best friends under the bus when we all know damn well he felt the same as Gabrielle did. It personally made me realize he is too stubborn and cocky to admit he is a huge part of the problem. In fact, later in Manny's "apology" video responding to Gabriel's 45 minute apology, he said just that himself. He admitted he was too proud to take any of the fall. However if we are being really real, in the end you can trace this all back to Jeffree. While I agree in this situation he was being victimised, anyone who has done any research on the man we know as Jeffree Star should be fully aware he is the OG of internet bullying. Those bitches, (Laura Lee and Manny MUA), may have got what was coming to them. However, be aware Jeffree played a huge role in their bullying narrative and absolutely has used this series of events to fit his own needs. He is still coming off the heals of his documentary series with Shane and will take all the sympathy votes he can get. Just stay woke children. There's wolves in sheeps clothing out here and they are literally everywhere.

  • Shir-Sure
    Shir-Sure 10 months ago

    Hooters food actually sucks. . .they used boobs to disguise it lol.

  • Maisie Foster
    Maisie Foster 10 months ago

    surely hooters is shutting down because newer generations are more "woke" and more likely to see that as sexual objectification or degrading?

  • Nathanfx2006
    Nathanfx2006 10 months ago

    Who... the hell... are... these people?

  • Cringly Cartoons
    Cringly Cartoons 10 months ago

    To be honest if most people didn’t have access to social media there were not be controversial situations

  • doon
    doon 10 months ago

    These beauty youtubers all look like Jojo characters

  • No U
    No U 10 months ago

    Don't know bout everywhere else, but the Hooters in my town has the best fucking food in the county.

  • Travis Ikkanda
    Travis Ikkanda 10 months ago

    Show is going downhill. I thought we were going to grow up together. :/

    GD CAVERN 10 months ago


  • 독일언니 German Eonni

    This is really off topic, but dude, your eyes are so cute, what the heck! You look like a cartoon puppy.
    Also, great video!

  • hopersx3
    hopersx3 10 months ago

    EVERYONE has a problematic past. Does that mean it meant you went spilling racial slurs and comments to others? No. But again I state, it was the past. The only thing that can change that is that other people SEE that you’ve changed since then. If they haven’t, how do they know you’re not the same racist, homophobic, sexist, person. No one knew Laura Lee when she made that tweet. No one knows if she’s actually changed or not and I think THAT Is the big issue. I am from Alabama myself and I will NEVER use where I am from to defend my actions. Her apology seemed more as a “crap I’m losing my career” rather than “crap I just hurt a lot of people with my words and I feel so terrible about it.” I think that is also the difference between Jeffery and Laura. To add, I am not a person of color and I will NEVER tell a person of color that they must forgive Jeffery, Laura, or anyone. That is their decision.

  • Em Gardner
    Em Gardner 10 months ago

    This is my first time watching you. I'm pretty psyched. Subscribed.

  • Alexa Zambrano
    Alexa Zambrano 10 months ago +1

    Laura is losing more because she had more to lose

  • shmerk OvO
    shmerk OvO 10 months ago

    Just move those Os down a bit to the ass or thighs and make the food acceptable and you'll be good

  • DJ Firewolf
    DJ Firewolf 10 months ago

    I don't give a crap about the trash in the first 7 minutes.

  • OPrincessXJasmineO
    OPrincessXJasmineO 10 months ago

    yeah I have no sympathy for people who act like they're the victim of everything

  • thegamefreak747
    thegamefreak747 10 months ago

    You know.... I loved Laura... and when I started seeing all the tweets she posted 6 years ago I kinda lost respect but I was willing to over look it because I do believe people change... but then that fake ass apology came out and I couldn’t.. first of all I’m from Arkansas (recently moved to Cali) and I was surrounded by racism but I always knew the difference between right and wrong and the tweets she posted where WRONG and AWFUL. I really hope she can find some way to truly make it up to her fans but if not she deserves everything happening to her 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • De Selby
    De Selby 10 months ago +1

    again with the hair gel? dude seriously, just stop. you are way too old. creepy and cringy. just wash and dry your hair like a normal person that is as old as you are not young. stop trying to look young.

  • e l
    e l 10 months ago

    Men of color can't judge Laura Lee for all of those hating on her in the comment section. Why? Because they are sexist, and ironically white men have given women of color more equality.!

  • Lizzie Bags
    Lizzie Bags 10 months ago

    Phillip thank you for explaining this drama right now! It’s a tangled web!

  • Tiny S
    Tiny S 10 months ago

    I think the reason why Laura is in the middle of it because when your at the height of your career and flaunting it.. the more people pays attention and starts really look into who you are in regards to social media.

  • Professional Shitpost
    Professional Shitpost 10 months ago

    People are idiots saying she’s not actually crying, because I can see the tears without glasses on. And why her? What did she do to get the most hate? Gabriel should be getting the most hate

  • BaldingClamydia
    BaldingClamydia 10 months ago

    Is this the same jefree star that did the emo song a few years ago (early youtube)??

  • Alice Kansiime
    Alice Kansiime 10 months ago

    Philip, you’re awesome🍾🍾🍾👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Coretta Hattereaux
    Coretta Hattereaux 10 months ago

    Part of living in the world is being able to tolerate all varieties of people including racists and homosexuals and women who have been raped and had abortions or whatever. Child molesters on release. You have to tolerate everyone.

  • Aleigh Glazier
    Aleigh Glazier 10 months ago

    While I haven’t yet unsubscribed, I’m not watching any of these beauty people right now because I don’t want any f*cking tea. I want to know if so-and-so palette or whatever is any good. Maybe others are also feeling that way?

  • Little birdie
    Little birdie 10 months ago

    Bye hooters, twin peaks for the win!

  • S.
    S. 10 months ago

    People started unsubscribing because she is FAKE and her video proves it, not because of what she said 6 years ago

  • h-ii-b-a
    h-ii-b-a 10 months ago


  • Lisa
    Lisa 10 months ago

    She doesn’t look white herself. Is she mixed with Mexican

  • Sarah Neff
    Sarah Neff 10 months ago

    I think Laura Lee got hit the worst because of that a sshole BULSHIT apology.

  • Elisa Whitney
    Elisa Whitney 10 months ago

    About Laura: i think her losing so many subscribers has to do with her being kind of ‘fake’ to begin with. Maybe it’s her face, tone of voice, etc. just not humble /genuine at all.

  • Hannah
    Hannah 10 months ago

    As someone who loves beauty gurus and Philly D, this crossover is iconic

  • Amira B
    Amira B 10 months ago

    "It must also be well documented" I choked on that 😂😂

  • Toni Cotton
    Toni Cotton 10 months ago

    Think most people are mad at Laura because her apology didn't seem genuine and she put i t down to being from the south and that she didn't get educated, that's not owning your mistakes that's making excuses.

  • Another Headache
    Another Headache 10 months ago

    Can someone explain to me.. (in case I've got the story wrong)
    But if this guy specifically drove out to meet and have sexual relations with the woman and stuff, as well as other people from the metoo campaign, then why is it they are claiming to have been sexually assaulted? Because if you willingly have sex with someone you can't then get money or sue them just because you regret it? I'm so confused I don't understand what is going on. Can someone please explain to me.

    • Another Headache
      Another Headache 10 months ago

      I realise i missed that in california the guy (he's non-binary so I will just say they to refer to them) was 17 and thats under the minimum age.
      In england the minimum age is 17 which is why I was confused.

  • Ipizzippy
    Ipizzippy 10 months ago

    Laura deleted tweets because she KNEW people would find something, and then proceeded to "apologize" in the most insincere way. So yeah, people are gonna focus on her.
    About Netflix, we're already paying for the monthly subscription, why do we need ads?

  • C A T
    C A T 10 months ago

    I think that every person in this world had make jokes that are sensitive, i'm just gonna say, is easy to point the mistakes that other people do... A N D it makes me mad when the problem is between some people and other person gets in the way, in this case THE WHOLE INTERNET looking for old sh*t, just to defend other people that in reality you don't know :)
    Nobody in the drama of beauty gurus is all innocent so ♥

  • yaneth reyes
    yaneth reyes 10 months ago

    Haha good Shane vibes at its max power, don't really follow Jeffree but glad to see he's been having a good time during all that mess