Georges St-Pierre Highlight - A Legend Retires - GSP Dedication 2014 - HD 720p @dreiststudios

  • Published on Jan 10, 2014
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    Georges St-Pierre Highlight - A Legend Retires - GSP Dedication 2014 - HD 720p.
    Georges St-Pierre has rocked the UFC for years and many have hopes of him coming back. Georges St-Pierre has maintained the top welterweight position in the UFC through numerous battles with legends such as BJ PEnn, Nate Diaz, and numerous others.
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  • DreistStudios
    DreistStudios  3 years ago +24

    MUSIC to this video here -
    Georges St. Pierre Reebok Shirt -
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    Georges St. Pierre Shirt -

  • David Sanderson
    David Sanderson 15 days ago

    He’s the complete fighter that could take out khabib and tony of course

  • David Sanderson
    David Sanderson 15 days ago

    This song was used already for nick.209👋🏻 where you at George

  • Mohamed EL hachemi
    Mohamed EL hachemi 21 day ago

    The man who makes you love ufc respect jsp the live legend 💖💖

  • Javier Parra
    Javier Parra Month ago

    Que vuelva

  • Jonathon Delemos
    Jonathon Delemos 2 months ago

    Enternet, we break bones every single time.

  • Бэкфист в Бровь

    Еба еба лысая машина.

  • Darcy Findlay
    Darcy Findlay 2 months ago

    He is a true legend someone to look up to gsp

  • фильмы
    фильмы 2 months ago

    Song please)))

  • salamisahuddin salami
    salamisahuddin salami 2 months ago

    George pimp st pierre

  • dub2459
    dub2459 3 months ago +1

    GSP made professionals look like amateurs.

  • Diego Villavisencio
    Diego Villavisencio 3 months ago

    Name of the song??

  • the RAT
    the RAT 3 months ago +3

    Tyron woodley is the greatest welterweight of all time

    GSP : hold my beer.

  • Dominating T.D
    Dominating T.D 3 months ago

    The best of the best ever.

  • Stormj-lAl
    Stormj-lAl 3 months ago +1

    3:38 this is fucking amazing

  • Muhammed Zain zain
    Muhammed Zain zain 4 months ago

    Alright I am coming back nah nah nah

  • AUSS13KA0S
    AUSS13KA0S 4 months ago

    2nd best ever. True legend.

  • Stefan Frank
    Stefan Frank 4 months ago

    den bästa

  • Roney Silva
    Roney Silva 4 months ago

    É um dos melhores de todos os tempos

  • John Jonathan
    John Jonathan 4 months ago

    La légende !

  • Mauro Vernizzi
    Mauro Vernizzi 4 months ago

    A true champion,mixed martial artist and person,he will be the goat forever

  • Nurkanat Alimzhan
    Nurkanat Alimzhan 5 months ago +2

    Still watching this in 2077. GSP IS THE PRESIDENT OF CANADA AND STILL THE GOAT

  • Sokha Ou
    Sokha Ou 5 months ago

    J'❤️ d'or la chanson George st pierre

  • LeonaRD Russo
    LeonaRD Russo 6 months ago +1

    credo uno dei migliori fighters al.mondo...❤GSP PERFEZIONE PURA!

  • SF01Pro
    SF01Pro 6 months ago +1


  • Greg Daly
    Greg Daly 6 months ago

    The best to ever do it. True martial artist. Nothing but the highest respect for GSP.

  • Вадик Леонов

    музыка хорошая))

  • Terminator
    Terminator 6 months ago

    great fighter

  • Terminator
    Terminator 7 months ago


  • Real Lorenzo
    Real Lorenzo 7 months ago

    The Beast Fighter

  • dev sharma
    dev sharma 7 months ago

    Gsp the real GOAT

  • Deep John
    Deep John 7 months ago

    I'm coming back na na na

  • Chris Santiago
    Chris Santiago 7 months ago +1

    If you miss Gsp hit the like button

  • zohaib
    zohaib 8 months ago

    He is a Legend no doubt star !!!

  • Shubrat Kumar
    Shubrat Kumar 8 months ago

    legend love from 🇮🇳

  • Muhammad Zakariya Qureshi
    Muhammad Zakariya Qureshi 8 months ago +1

    Best combination in the video 2:37. The entire video is legendary, along with that awesome music.


    LASTIMOSAMENTE SE VOLVIO A RETIRAR, pero como el dice,mejor retirarse cuandos e esta en la cumbre con todoel potencial ...

  • 5 7
    5 7 8 months ago

    What this song name?

  • Dawid Prad
    Dawid Prad 8 months ago


  • Sai
    Sai 8 months ago +1

    Thanks for the memories!! Glad to be alive in your era!! Love you!! GSP forever !!!!!! LEGEND!

  • Trikste
    Trikste 9 months ago +1

    This is my favorite UFC fighter of all the time.

  • luis quezada
    luis quezada 9 months ago

    The first UFC fight that I watched was Matt Hughes vs GSP. GSP is the reason of why I'm practicing wrestling.
    So Sad he retired. GSP is the GOAT and the best trash-talker ever (sarcasm)

  • Jeremy Haynes
    Jeremy Haynes 9 months ago

    Real fans know the goat gsp


    Watching this in 2019

  • Ngaiha Bethsy
    Ngaiha Bethsy 9 months ago

    So bad... He's my second favourite fighter after Machida

  • Cesar Oscar
    Cesar Oscar 9 months ago

    You did good friend 👍

  • Annoor Hasan Khan Amit
    Annoor Hasan Khan Amit 9 months ago +1

    The Greatest of all Time retired!
    The best ever!

  • Muhammad Zakariya Qureshi
    Muhammad Zakariya Qureshi 9 months ago +2

    Today he retired for real and man did this video bring me to tears. Without a doubt greatest of all time!

  • mikewt83
    mikewt83 9 months ago +1

    For me is the real legend in MMA ,without drug and the only that show the big technique very very clean e power

  • Gladiator 84
    Gladiator 84 9 months ago

    Beautiful knight

  • The Bosnian Dragon
    The Bosnian Dragon 9 months ago +2

    Today he officially retired. GSP will always be the champ

  • Bioz
    Bioz 9 months ago

    Scared of khabib lol

  • Toni Altieri
    Toni Altieri 9 months ago +1

    Now is sure he is retired 😪😪🐐🐐

  • Altaf Kalam
    Altaf Kalam 9 months ago +2

    Who else out here watching GSP highlights now that he's retired?

  • Wesker JHG
    Wesker JHG 9 months ago +3

    Re watching this because he retired for real this time :( wished Dana wasn’t a dick to GSP and gave him the Khabib fight. Avenged his 2 loss, 14 title fights, 2 division champ, never used roids, no debate he’s the GOAT

  • Abdullah Ha
    Abdullah Ha 9 months ago +27

    Now I can feel this legendary video again

  • 627283 8383
    627283 8383 9 months ago +9

    Coming here after he announced his retirement. A shame that his fight with Khabib didn't happen but to me he will always still remain the greatest fighter of his generation. It was a real pleasure watching this guy everytime he stepped inside the octagon.

  • Umut Dabağ
    Umut Dabağ 10 months ago +3


  • Vashishth Pandya
    Vashishth Pandya 10 months ago

    Lol! Its Touchy.. GSP 😎😎😎