Why the Uchiha Clan is so Overpowered

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
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    unrelated note - senju suck
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  • Ashberryvillage10
    Ashberryvillage10 41 minute ago

    Connection between Kimimaro and Itachi

    Checkmate swagkage

  • RaZzer
    RaZzer 6 hours ago

    What about Shisui's genjutsu ?

  • Bojidar Yanchev
    Bojidar Yanchev 13 hours ago

    13:35 Shisui unlocked the sosano before Itachi so its not an Itachi exclusive ability

  • SHAZAM of the leaf
    SHAZAM of the leaf 13 hours ago

    Idk, maybe cuz kishimoto is bad at planning ahead? U serious? The uchiha have more eye upgrades than an iPhone

  • Adetrix
    Adetrix Day ago

    *Naruto Shippindem*

  • Moegaard
    Moegaard 2 days ago

    6:26 that might have something to do with Itachi murdering Them all

  • Shaun Walsh
    Shaun Walsh 2 days ago

    All I gotta say is shisui

  • Dueling Charisma
    Dueling Charisma 2 days ago

    Sisui would like a word...

  • MuX1 Sam
    MuX1 Sam 2 days ago

    What I really hate about kishimoto is that he shifted all the focus to MS once Sasuke got it. I mean Sasuke had really great abilities and jutsus that could be seen more often and further developed. for example, fire dragons or KIRIN! Dude, kirin was a bad ass jutsu that I would love to see practically used

    JAMARPLAZ JAMARPLAZ 4 days ago +1

    u drink Uchiha nut ha

  • HellHunter
    HellHunter 5 days ago +2

    Hey kimimaro and itachi both worked with orochimaro at one point in their lives

  • DiamondWarrior
    DiamondWarrior 6 days ago +1

    wait, wheres shisui

  • Eco Chan
    Eco Chan 6 days ago +1

    the first 30 secs already gave me cancer

  • Benjamin Schmid Ties

    im 100% sure that sarada will become the hokage because that would symbolize the reanimation of the uchiha

  • I'm aginst Gacha Tubers.

    The reason why Itachi Uchiha *killed* his whole clan.

    • Cee Jaii
      Cee Jaii 2 days ago

      because he was ordered to

  • Jimmie Whitaker
    Jimmie Whitaker 7 days ago

    I feel like you would fix this if you made a naruto focused video, like "Naruto is overpowered" and suck him off abit. Im sure people would feel better. (Actually being serious haha people are weird)

  • Gol D. Luffy
    Gol D. Luffy 8 days ago

    I'm surprise that Kishimoto didnt madr Sasuke the main character

  • GeT ReKt NOOB
    GeT ReKt NOOB 10 days ago

    Pain is a uchiha because he has a purple shiringan and black hair

  • ꧁DLC_PR016꧂
    ꧁DLC_PR016꧂ 10 days ago

    What I like to think is that the Uchiha are Asian

  • leask 1999
    leask 1999 10 days ago

    Fuck I’m in Canada and it’s not available in my region

  • Khyan Alvarez
    Khyan Alvarez 11 days ago

    Yeah but they’re all dead

  • Assass1n PR
    Assass1n PR 11 days ago +3

    (All Uchihas S06P) Who wins??
    Shisui vs Kinshiki
    Itachi vs Momoshiki
    Madara vs Kaguya
    Obito vs Toneri
    Sasuke vs Urashiki

    • Assass1n PR
      Assass1n PR 6 days ago

      +Melancholic Thinker alot of people say the gods win easy smh

    • Melancholic Thinker
      Melancholic Thinker 6 days ago +1

      Bro Obito would demolish Toneri. If Naruto who was on KCM2 and not Sage of 6 Paths fought and beat Toneri who had the Teinsegan.
      And Obito could fight Naruto KCM2, Kakashi, Guy and B all by himself in the war. And it was only because they had Kakashi that they could touch him to begin with.
      Obito would crush Toneri.

  • toelin tetch
    toelin tetch 13 days ago

    why don't more people try to steal the byakugan, it's no sharingan but it is better then nothing?

    • toelin tetch
      toelin tetch 9 days ago

      +Abdul Stewart are you talking about the curse seal?

    • Abdul Stewart
      Abdul Stewart 9 days ago

      Once the user of the byakugan dies they lose the byakugan

  • History For School Haters

    "Dont even try naming a connection between kimmimaro and itachi, there is none"
    *disease has joined the chat*

  • Falling Star
    Falling Star 14 days ago +1

    *Duhhh they have a Madara.*

  • TheMiby22
    TheMiby22 15 days ago

    I love this intro jeje

  • suzume 515
    suzume 515 15 days ago +1

    If you don't have an anime pfp, your opinions dosen't matter

    I don't actually mean it. I don't even watch naruto and how i ended up here you asked? Yt recommendation duh...

  • bd 2736
    bd 2736 16 days ago

    The reason the Uchiha Clan appears OP is not bc the plot demands the 4 Uchiha characters we see be strong, but bc the reason all of those 4 characters are OP is due to their Uchiha genetics. Kishimoto could've found other ways to make those 4 characters OP but decided to make them OP due to Uchiha exclusive abilities that no one outside of the Uchiha bloodline or without an Uchiha eye could ever have access to.

  • Tyler Simone
    Tyler Simone 17 days ago

    Do a video on what would happen if Naruto recurved rinnegan in his prime form during or after the war ark

  • Jack Canonach
    Jack Canonach 18 days ago


  • Luis Estrada
    Luis Estrada 18 days ago

    And Kakashi has the rasengan

  • Random Crap
    Random Crap 18 days ago


  • nathan thangeshwaren
    nathan thangeshwaren 19 days ago +1

    Rip shisui, isn’t he the reason itachi killed his clan

  • Redfather
    Redfather 20 days ago +1

    You love the Uchiha don't ya

  • Marvelous Chester
    Marvelous Chester 20 days ago

    The Uchiha's being overpowered is the reason why they suck. It's the Saiyan problem all over again. Just look up what all of the abilities that comes with the Sharingan and the Rinnegan. You're a god if you have it.

    • Marvelous Chester
      Marvelous Chester 20 days ago

      It doesn't matter that it's #notalluchihas. It's super unbalanced. If you don't got a strong eye in shipuden, you're fodder. That's why I stopped watching it.

  • KaMau Mau
    KaMau Mau 20 days ago

    They are so annoyingly OP, I've changed their name to BOOOOOchiha.

  • WaxyLT 2146
    WaxyLT 2146 21 day ago


  • tanknation OAC
    tanknation OAC 22 days ago

    Um what about shizu he played a big role in the series

  • Andy Brenner
    Andy Brenner 22 days ago +25

    Why are they overpowered? Simple:
    Kishimoto didn't plan anything out.

  • Grimrose777
    Grimrose777 23 days ago +1

    I wish they gave the hyuga a mid point between byakugan and tenseigan at least would have evened things out quite a bit and given them the clan potency they deserved and wouldn't have made them fodder in comparison to the uchiha, hopefully in boruto

  • Stxffu
    Stxffu 26 days ago +1

    I got ta gasme tak3 4 shot errry time he sais uchuiha

  • Hussein Elghandour
    Hussein Elghandour 26 days ago

    you forgot about shisui
    I'm mad now

  • Jerry Outings
    Jerry Outings 27 days ago

    Man I love your videos everyone who thinks you're not should be SharinGone

    Thanks dan :)

  • Jeremiah Bozarth
    Jeremiah Bozarth 28 days ago +1

    I know I suck, but where would I go to get all the dubbed episodes for Naruto Shippuden?

    • Basket ree
      Basket ree 25 days ago

      Try naruspot.tv or goanime.io

  • Densetsu no chikara
    Densetsu no chikara 29 days ago

    1:14 what?

  • Densetsu no chikara
    Densetsu no chikara 29 days ago

    Post more

  • pardes
    pardes 29 days ago +2

    shisui was also powerfull, izuna died from injury ( he could of survived but izuna willingly had his eyes took by madara) and if izuna didnt die he would be op, fugaku, sarada possibly, possibly the uchiha members with the mangekyou shown in the battle against kabuto. there may be more but kishimito decided to shadow other uchihas and only focus on these 4

    • pardes
      pardes 2 days ago

      Cee Jaii true

    • Cee Jaii
      Cee Jaii 2 days ago

      First up if Izuna didn't die then he and Madara would be blind. In the final battle with Hashirama he wouldn't have a Sharingan to use Izanagi, he'd die. Then Obito would die. Then, no Nine Tails attack. Then, Minato and Kushina would live. Then, Naruto wouldn't be a Jinchuriki. Shisui and the clan would be alive, Itachi doesn't get a Mangekyō Sharingan, everyone would be alive.

  • Kedrian Fisher
    Kedrian Fisher 29 days ago

    Obito = Kobe mj =madra

  • Declan Maynard
    Declan Maynard Month ago

    So the Uchiha are weak unless you suck them off.

  • Jeffrey Rau
    Jeffrey Rau Month ago +1

    On your flashback saying, that the main 4 are the only ones in flashbacks, what about the flashbacks or history flashbacks to explain the Izanagi?

    • pardes
      pardes 29 days ago

      thats what i commented lol

  • Gamer plus
    Gamer plus Month ago

    Kakashi knows rasengan

  • West Lamp
    West Lamp Month ago

    He did NOT feel that sponsorship

  • Diego Blount
    Diego Blount Month ago

    War arc gets absolutely Fucked if Shisui Uchiha didn’t give Itachi his Kotoamatsukami.

  • the Winger
    the Winger Month ago

    actually kimmimaro and itachi were kinda connected because they were both potential candidates for orochimaros new body and they were also innately SUPER FUCKING STRONG but both had an illness that would lead to their death

  • christian gilson
    christian gilson Month ago

    What adout shisui

  • Pusc Slayer69
    Pusc Slayer69 Month ago

    9:46 you missed Kakashi, he also knows the Rasengan.

  • Parth Sharma
    Parth Sharma Month ago +1

    Senju are powerful too bitch just that they all gone before uchiha

  • Yellow Penetrator
    Yellow Penetrator Month ago

    They have to pay the price for their strength in emotional pain and a lonely deadly life

    LIGHT Month ago

    .....and I thought CHILLS voice was annoying 🙃

  • M R Ashraf
    M R Ashraf Month ago

    Saiyans are way too strong

  • uDropper
    uDropper Month ago

    06:25 hello? shisui?

  • Simon Gastador
    Simon Gastador Month ago

    Uzumakis are way stronger because of their chakra resereves and sealing jutsu

  • Sin.
    Sin. Month ago

    Two words sharingan rinnegan

  • turn all things to ash

    shisui os also important

  • Cosmic Arts
    Cosmic Arts Month ago

    1:57 madara: Get I get a hug? 😁

  • srappedsage 7. yeet

    Leats look at that 1 baby that itachi killed

  • Supreme
    Supreme Month ago +4

    The intro had me dying💀💀💀

  • Luke Patten
    Luke Patten Month ago

    6:18 swagkage: “just go and rewatch the whole series”

  • Grimrose777
    Grimrose777 Month ago +1

    deep that if they revived all the main uchiha i.e itachi, shisui, obito, madara (only his own power as an uchiha with rinnegan max),izuna, fugaku alongside sasuke would be stronger than all the hokage 1 through to 7 including naruto, naturally naruto would take on sasuke to which they'd both balance eachother out dont tell me no different adult sasuke aint getting wrecked, hashirama vs madara with his rinnegan is also even with madara potentially having the edge tbh, izuna would take on tobirama and would probably loose based on what we saw and that tobirama only grew in strength but u never know, shisui would take on lord third and honestly would probably win though hiruzen's no joke but shisui's speed and skill would prove too much especially with kotoamatsukami to fall back on if he takes it that far and it succeeds, obito would take on the 4th and to me would only stand a great enough chance with one rinnegan and one mangekyou obito and might just win honestly though if were talking primes and minato has his sage mode and nine tails speed plus his already great speed and raijin its pointing more in his favour, fugaku would probably body tsunade sorry with his mangekyou as well though shes strong let's not get it twisted, plus weve aready seen a kunoichi go up against a mongekyou user and though shes not quite as strong and skilled in taijutsu as sakura shes on that level for certain so u never know and finally itachi vs kakashi - itachi wins (no disrespect kakashis amazing but lets be real for a second even if he had both ms he might even still loose simply because his durability in this state is as poor as gai in the 8 gates - 3 attacks only difference he doesnt die at the end and i itachis smart enough to find some way around 3 attacks no matter his opponent so best version kakashi for me would be purple lightening kakashi who is stronger than 1 sharingan kakashi and has all 1000 jutsu still but itachi would still win so lets count the scores. Round 1 - A naruto vs A sasuke = tie, Round 2 Hashirama vs Rin Madara = tie, Round 3 izuna vs tobirama= tobirama wins, Round 4 shisui vs lord third prime = shisui wins, Round 5 obito vs lord 4th = minato wins, Round 6 fugaku vs tsunade = fugaku wins, Round 7 kakashi vs itachi = itachi wins Total = Uchiha win 4 - 2

  • chad Jacobsen
    chad Jacobsen Month ago

    Uchiha for life.

  • Wolfy Dark
    Wolfy Dark Month ago +1

    Yay some more saskue respect also itachi best friends favorite character saskue squad

  • Sasaki Kojirō
    Sasaki Kojirō Month ago

    Uchiha Clan ain’t nothing to fuck with

  • cronos4040
    cronos4040 Month ago

    Yeah, the Uchiha are very much the "Saiyans" of Naruto, narratively and mechanically. A dead group of overall strong warriors with a legendary lineage. More powerful and important characters come from this group than any other specific group or heritage.
    Think of it. Vegeta, Broly and Goku are the only canon Saiyans left, and all of them are of the top tier of the verse. But the rest of the Saiyans are jobbed to a bunch of other races, or Frieza by himself. Madara, Sasuke, Itachi, and Obito are the canon remains of the Uchiha, and all are far surpassing the standard power of the Uchiha.

  • Kngr2034
    Kngr2034 Month ago

    Senju my favorite clan btw plz don't hate

  • Steven Boothe
    Steven Boothe Month ago

    Check out narutonine.com. Has part 1, 2, and boruto subbed and dubbed for free, without ads. Episodes are added as they come out (for dub and boruto)

  • SunnyCombo 000
    SunnyCombo 000 Month ago +48

    You said uchiha in flashbacks aren't powerful UMMM SHISUI UCHIHA

    • Tom Cech
      Tom Cech 13 days ago

      swagkage: well um I'll make 2 videos with shisui on the cover to make up for it. that will help right?

    • Chase Righteousness
      Chase Righteousness 23 days ago

      SunnyCombo 000 And Fugaku. Who did absolutely nothing but look Badass

  • FlameDragon 0106
    FlameDragon 0106 Month ago

    Pain: I am God, this world shall know pain
    Madara: *bursts out laugher* XD..... U serious?

  • Andre
    Andre Month ago

    Then why are they dead :/

  • Sekayi Slade
    Sekayi Slade Month ago

    sakura is better than hinata fight me

  • Abdul James
    Abdul James Month ago

    What mic or headset do you use @swagkage

  • JJWacko 96
    JJWacko 96 Month ago

    Three words why they ARE overpowered: They. Have. Sharingan.

  • Mr. Yoshi
    Mr. Yoshi Month ago

    No Kakashi? Lol he's practically an Uchiha too. The only non-Uchiha to have a perfect susano.

  • hi_its_zach ·
    hi_its_zach · Month ago +1

    This vid is old asf but still has one of the funniest intros ive ever seen on a yt vid

  • STiLife
    STiLife Month ago

    Sasuke is a shit character

  • Wizard MindlessTelevisionShaq

    The second hokage feared the uchiha mind I remind you

  • Mykal Vaughan
    Mykal Vaughan Month ago

    Ok just think about it they can awaken an ability that ruvals tailed beast. Just think of a clan full of tailed beast rivals fighting you

  • Stupid Person
    Stupid Person Month ago

    6:23 look at obito's finger

  • wayne julian
    wayne julian Month ago

    the sharingan is overpowered in terms of one on one combat but doesnt come close to the rinnegan which is a trait shared by people who are literal gods its meant to be powerful that power is what makes it stand out the naruto universe makes a clear distinction between being powerful and flat out overpowered that is the point of kekkai genkai like the sharingan

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Month ago

    But the Uchiha

    Are fuckin cool

  • MLG_Sniper96
    MLG_Sniper96 Month ago

    3:39 Kimimaro was Orochimaru's underling. Orochimaru was in the Akatsuki with Itachi and he tried to steal Itachi's body 🖒

  • Merici Flores
    Merici Flores Month ago

    Tell me why Naruto Sasuke and Saukura Remind me of Orichimaru Jariah and the fifth hokage srry i for got her name

  • Controller Flex
    Controller Flex Month ago

    Uchiha is the rawest clan

  • Daniel Rizkalla
    Daniel Rizkalla Month ago

    The clan isn’t powerful the sharingan and the different variants are

  • LxrdSatxn
    LxrdSatxn Month ago

    Did we just ignore swagkage's suicidal line? What kind of supporters are we if we dont help?

  • Waldien
    Waldien Month ago +1

    uChiHa bAisEd

  • Michał Małusecki
    Michał Małusecki Month ago

    Uchiha are evolving all the time like pokemons!

  • Ayra
    Ayra Month ago +1

    He could've pulled someone from the hyuuga clan but eh.

  • jamabenf
    jamabenf Month ago

    Meh, I was fine with the basic Sharingan and I was fine with the regular mangekyou as it had massive drawbacks for its massive power. However the ems and rinnegan evolution just plain annoyed me. Add in the stupid curse of hatred crap as an explination for most Uchiha being whiny little brats and the whole reincarnation mess and it just feels so contrived. It's also a basic shonen problem: Oh crap, I made the bad guy to strong so the main characters need a hax power up that either is a one shot deal or is immediately nerfed by the next bad guy (repeat until end of series). I adore the series as a whole and I love the overall world Kishi created, but come on man...

  • Brandon Wade
    Brandon Wade Month ago

    You say only 4 shisui, get off me

  • cordel hanson
    cordel hanson Month ago +1

    Tobirama slaps all memebers of the uchiha no dif tobirama is a god

    • El Rau
      El Rau Month ago

      cordel hanson lol no if u watched shippuden madara completely slapped him