Why the Uchiha Clan is so Overpowered

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
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    unrelated note - senju suck
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  • Alex Howard
    Alex Howard 3 hours ago

    0:44 >:)

  • Solid Fisher
    Solid Fisher Day ago

    Publisher forced Sasuke on us basically. Wanted a rival character for Naruto and we got whiney emo punk with ex machina eye powers. That's it

  • Mark Peters
    Mark Peters Day ago

    This intro was legendary!!! 😂😂 Great job Swagkage, definitely probably my favorite Naruto TVclipr even if I disagree with your points sometimes.

  • yanysair
    yanysair Day ago

    I cant forgive the sharingan after what it did to deidara lmao

  • Tyler Lariviere
    Tyler Lariviere Day ago

    Do an in depth video about the uchiha clan that would be great

  • Rohan Mathai
    Rohan Mathai 3 days ago

    Where tf is Shisui

  • cordel hanson
    cordel hanson 3 days ago

    Bro u probably haven’t heard anything like this before but ur an uchihatard bro

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 5 days ago

    idc i just love watching your videos thats all but i kinda go on ur side

  • AyeYoAdreiln-_-YT
    AyeYoAdreiln-_-YT 5 days ago

    shishi had the sussano before itachi soooooooooooooooo...

  • Talisyn
    Talisyn 5 days ago

    you sound kinda drunk in some of your videos😂

  • Krusaderrz
    Krusaderrz 7 days ago

    What’s the outro song?

  • furyberserk
    furyberserk 7 days ago

    Remember when Haku moving at light speef was beating the shit out of Sasuke until he awakened the lowest level of base sharringan and actually got faster as well as how Kakashi is the only sharingan user who copies anything and everyone else just use unbreakable time dialation powers.

  • Alvaro
    Alvaro 7 days ago

    -Common sense: Uchiha are weak without Sharingan
    -Uchiha fangirls: Naruto is nothing without Kurama
    Let's see:
    -Kakashi said that he would have like 100 times more chakra than him if his chakra wouldn't have been keeping Kurama inside.
    -No Kurama means Kushina and Minato are alive and he could learn Minato's space time jutsu and Kushina's sealing jutsu.
    -Kakashi or Jiraiya (I don't remember) did say that Naruto has always have difficulties to control his chakra because of Kurama, so imagine what he could have been able to do if he learned Rasengan with such a Handicap...

  • Sonny Lim
    Sonny Lim 7 days ago +1

    The Uchiha...? Oh, you mean the clan that Sarada comes from

  • Knju1 MonsterHunt
    Knju1 MonsterHunt 8 days ago

    Naruto treats the Sharingan like Kingdom Hearts treats the Keyblade.
    And I'm pretty damn certain there was a moment in KH3 where Master Xehanort manifested about a hundred copies of his own Keyblade!

  • Why me Vlogs
    Why me Vlogs 8 days ago +1


  • ____
    ____ 10 days ago

    the intro killed me

  • chauncey ridgeway
    chauncey ridgeway 11 days ago

    I totally disagree bro, the Uchiha have never been weaker than the Hyuga! It was stated that the Sharingan came from the Byakugan that’s it! Plus you forgot to mention the honorary Uchiha Kakashi, he was the first person to use the technique in the series. The fact that the series introduces you to a character who has half of the Uchiha’s power(one eye) and they establish that he became a famous ninja throughout the world because of that power it essentially lets you know that the technique is something to be feared, at the same time it makes the reader/viewer know that the Clan users must be greater than him. In my personal opinion I think they made the Sharingan less powerful. If you look at Kakashi vs Zabuza, Kakashi was using the “hypnotic eye” making zabuza use the jutsu he wanted!Zabuza said he thought he was reading his mind but he eventually figured it out. That aspect of the Sharingan was NEVER used in the series again! Not to mention the “matrix” aspect where the user could see the their opponents moves in slow motion was used less as the series progressed and none at all in Shippuden. In part one of the series they essentially establish Kakashi is the best ninja in the village besides the Hokage and the Sannin if their in town at the time, when Itachi shows up Kakashi states that he’s better than him and he’s a “genius”, he proceeds to state that he is a “true” user of the Sharingan essentially letting you know as the reader this is the moment Kishimoto was hinting towards during the Zabuza fight. Itachi beats Kakashi with the Tsukuyomi the most OP move to date, the only thing you have to do is make eye contact with someone! Wtf?! That’s why that move was never used the same way again because it’s OP as fuck, mind you this all happened within the first 50-60 episodes so I don’t understand why people are confused. Was I the only one paying attention to this shit?

    • chauncey ridgeway
      chauncey ridgeway 10 days ago

      P. V.C I don’t think you understand what I’m saying, Itachi and Kakashi were definitely OP because their Uchiha/Sharingan users and that’s just Facts. They don’t call him the copy cat ninja for nothing. They definitely fleshed out what being an Uchiha was more so than the Hyuga. Kakashi was the best ninja in the village and if Shisui didn’t die or Itachi didn’t leave they would’ve been the best ninja, No Hyuga character has ever been ranked that high. They haven’t introduced a Uchiha Character that didn’t have Sharingan so apparently it wasn’t that rare. This isn’t even my Original point, Swagkage said the Hyuga were stated to be better than the Uchiha clan and that’s BS, that was never said and Kishimoto only showed us how much stronger the Uchiha were than everyone else so I don’t understand.

    • P. V.C
      P. V.C 10 days ago

      I am pretty sure that that the reason Kakashi was hyped as shit was that the Sharingan was originally not supposed to be a standard ability of all Uchiha and instead be something that only a few of them had or the majority were supposed to possess . Otherwise the majority were supposed to have weaker versions of the sharingan. The reason being that zabuza himself worked for the special operations of the water village but lacked information on the abilities of the sharignan which if possessed by an entire clan would have been difficult not to leak out. In addition, both the mangeko Sharingan and the rinnangan and even the base ability require mental anquish to awaken in direct contrast to the hyuga clan who just seem to develop at a certain age.
      I am pretty sure the hypnotic eye thing was supposed to be a rough draft and genjustu which was then introduced a bit later and shares a lot of similarities.
      The Tsukuyomi was never used again because it was probably originally intended to be a base ability of the mageko but after realizing how OP it made Itachi the author probably decided to make it a unique ability of just Itachi. This explains why in contrast to ither Sharingan users itachis two base abilities have absolutely nothing to do with one another whereas all other users usually have two applications of the same basic ability attached to each eye.
      Sasuke creates and controls the black flames with seperate eyes.
      Obito can phase himself with one eye and distant objects with the other.
      Who the F knows what madara could do
      and susuis abilities were both extreme mind control.
      basically, Kakashi and Itachi were so OP early on not because they were Uchihas but because the author had yet to figure out what being an Uchiha actually meant.

  • John Rogan
    John Rogan 11 days ago

    Bro I agree with 100%, the Uchiha‘s are too powerful. I mean they obviously aren’t the most powerful people but with the abilities they have and everything they are incredibly powerful. And everything you say about Madara I agree with because he’s ridiculous lol

  • dethishere
    dethishere 11 days ago +1

    Kimimaro and itachi are both strong

  • [Death Star]
    [Death Star] 12 days ago +1

    Plz do the uzumaki clan plz

  • ryan mundell
    ryan mundell 12 days ago

    I think that the uchiha clan has a higher max strength but most of them can’t even awaken their eyes

  • Hasnain Raza
    Hasnain Raza 13 days ago


  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 13 days ago

    Do not mock the Uchiha! Did you forget Izanagi?! Hahahaha!
    Once Hokage Sadara brings me the nine tails you shall soon see what a peaceful Shinobi World would be!

  • Raquel Souza
    Raquel Souza 13 days ago

    do it swag

  • Avist_ Trapz
    Avist_ Trapz 15 days ago

    A regular huga would win aginst a uchiha no doubt they can deflect almost just about evrything with raw chackra and can hut chakra points so fast u its funny so no fire jutsu so just kuni and tijustsu? Yeah no chance buddy (a normal uchiha not a main 9 guys that have MS

  • ThatGuy Man
    ThatGuy Man 15 days ago

    Sharingan: get to become a god
    Neji: I can see better but have a blind spot

  • Lanceu Narajaeu
    Lanceu Narajaeu 16 days ago


  • Estamic _
    Estamic _ 16 days ago

    What about Shisui!!!

  • Darksider Forever
    Darksider Forever 17 days ago

    the goblin makes real sense, in the end i'd agree cept itachi is actual op without sharingan, hes a fucking beautiful.

  • Antoine Baldwin
    Antoine Baldwin 17 days ago

    The sages son uses sinsono first so it's an Uchiha thing

  • Crazy C
    Crazy C 18 days ago

    Shisui isn't important who's eye was it that help stopped kabuto and to help sasuke figure out who he was by freeing itachi from kabutos control

  • Ricey & Panda
    Ricey & Panda 19 days ago

    14:14 DO IT! Just DO IT!

  • Droid 16 Beta
    Droid 16 Beta 20 days ago

    The uchiha are wank bait. And they deserve it.

  • Prodigy CS:GO
    Prodigy CS:GO 20 days ago

    Those are the exact same symptoms in birdbox.

  • Mr. Salt
    Mr. Salt 20 days ago +1

    Probably not because they have an eye that can see everything in slow motion or see anything you are about to do before you do it

  • soryMybadEng cozImNotfromAmerica

    But this eyes lose with talk no jutsu naruto wakakak

  • DT Sleepie
    DT Sleepie 23 days ago

    Didnt Madara have susanoo first?

  • xxjay x
    xxjay x 24 days ago

    U know swagkage I really do like your channel and you really get on my nerves when u talk about the Uchiha u got madara's and itachi's dick buried in your throat u got Sasuke's ball sack dragging all over your face,u know u really seem like you don't know what your talking about like idk why nobody ever bought you this in your attention before it's just something u wanna consider like u really don't know...

    • xxjay x
      xxjay x 24 days ago


  • Enio Leyva
    Enio Leyva 24 days ago

    Can someone tell me what the song at the end is?

  • Mohammad Anis
    Mohammad Anis 26 days ago


  • The True Upgrade
    The True Upgrade 26 days ago

    If i'm gonna be honest. Technically the Uchiha aren't overpowered. It's really just those four(five with Shisui) that are OP. Everyone else is kinda meh. The Uchiha and Senju went against each other. Thus obviously the Senju were on the same level. And Hashirama was credited as being the strongest ninja of all time. And he wasn't Uchiha. So...

  • Dr_puster Playz
    Dr_puster Playz 26 days ago

    Fugaku has the mangekyo

  • Benjamin Southworth
    Benjamin Southworth 26 days ago

    What about shusui

  • Dineth Madurawala
    Dineth Madurawala 27 days ago +1

    man they should have made Neji op.

    • Kennie Kidd 3.2
      Kennie Kidd 3.2 26 days ago

      So true but nah I'd like Neji to be as strong as Itachi and way stronger than Lee

  • Master Aiex
    Master Aiex 28 days ago

    5:01 *Cough*Hashirama Cells*Cough*

  • lucy dragneel
    lucy dragneel 28 days ago

    In Boruto, the otsutsuki clan will get all the hype & OP factors that uchiha's had in Naruto

  • Mac Loud
    Mac Loud 28 days ago

    This video makes no sense

  • Cony Rangel
    Cony Rangel 28 days ago

    Ur missing shisui

    • Kennie Kidd 3.2
      Kennie Kidd 3.2 26 days ago

      You're not missing anything beautiful but a chance with me

  • Stenny Ortiz
    Stenny Ortiz 29 days ago

    Swagkage i have a video you might have some fun with. How powerful was Fugaku Uchiha?

    • Stenny Ortiz
      Stenny Ortiz 29 days ago

      Or would it be possible for naruto to us the flying rijin?

  • ZapSnap
    ZapSnap Month ago

    What do they have in common? They have dark hair

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ Month ago

    Senju Senju would stomp any uchiha

  • Capo Is A Goat
    Capo Is A Goat Month ago +3

    Does anyone remember that the hyuga clan is suppose to be 3 times stronger than uchiha and sasuke is the 2 strongest shonobi alive

    • Kennie Kidd 3.2
      Kennie Kidd 3.2 26 days ago

      Ikr them were the days, and then Shippuden happened and Neji didn't appear anymore til the war and died

  • Paula Ighemokhai
    Paula Ighemokhai Month ago

    What about shisui man

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha Month ago

    Kakashi and Naruto are very lucky I was there for them vs Momoshiki

  • Jimmby12 Jommoz
    Jimmby12 Jommoz Month ago

    If only the had Alice’s uchiha alive during the beginning of naruto people would understand that because all the alive uchihas are god like as f people would understand.

  • Swardli
    Swardli Month ago


  • TheZietgiest
    TheZietgiest Month ago

    I loved this video (comedy) but in chapter 1 with the third hokage’s voice it’s stated that the Senju & Uchiha are the most powerful clans. + are direct descendants of Hagoromo

  • Atom Alonso
    Atom Alonso Month ago

    You forgot that Kakashi was able to use the rasengan as well

  • Handy Boy
    Handy Boy Month ago

    Neji got got.

  • Elida Bellance
    Elida Bellance Month ago

    Explain karma seal

  • Snoozals Smetz
    Snoozals Smetz Month ago

    @7:55 true talk no lie. Good job man

  • HuntTheBox
    HuntTheBox Month ago

    Did this uchiha fanboy really just ignore shisui

  • Otavio Augusto Barros de Souzaz

    The Uchiha are potentially the most powerful clan of the Naruto universe. All of them can awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan, which can give even the least talented shinobi Kage level habilities, and the Susano'o seems to be the standard Mangekyou power, because all of the possessors of both eyes have used it.
    I ask how come there were only 7 characters (10, if we count Izuna, Indra and maybe Hagoromo) of the Uchiha clan that possessed the Mangekyou ? The Naruto universe was forever at war. It is not hard to imagine one wounded friend of an Uchiha being killed by him/her in battle.

  • It's ur boi Barr
    It's ur boi Barr Month ago

    What about suisui

  • Giovanny Arguello
    Giovanny Arguello Month ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Anime King
    Anime King Month ago

    My list on the uchiha
    6 fugaku
    5 Sasuke
    4 Shisui
    3 Obito
    2 Madara
    1 itachi

  • Charles G.
    Charles G. Month ago

    This is so true. So bored of it. I don't hate them but I'm tired of hearing about them. Obito I actually like, Sasuke I think is poorly-written and very unlikable.

  • John Cena
    John Cena Month ago

    SMH !!! The reason why the Uchiha are soooo strong is because THEY ARE TRUE DESCENDANTS OF THE SON OF THE SAGE OF THE SIX PATHS; Indra. That’s all there is to it. It’s their bloodline not because of the story lmaoooo. If you watch NARUTO and paid attention it would all come to full circle

  • Gatling Gunman
    Gatling Gunman Month ago +1

    Ey you said only 4 uchiha were important throughout the series but didn't shisuu give itachi the mangekyo sharingan

  • Joshua Allbareda
    Joshua Allbareda Month ago

    Wat happened to shisui😂😂

  • JJ209th
    JJ209th Month ago

    Even some of the uchiha that don't appear in the main story are important. Fugaku was about to wage war against the village, and thanks to danzo he was one of the main people leading to the uchiha massacre. Shisui's death leads to itachi unlocking his mangekyo, and he had kotoamatsukami. These are only two examples of uchiha being prevalent. The uchiha are so unbelievably powerful, i tend not to get mad at uchiha hype.

  • August Webb
    August Webb Month ago

    You forget that black zetzu caused the Uchiha to be in this situation because they are the key to the rinnegan.

  • sShambles BO3 Emblem Tutorials

    Yeh but they get shit stomped by senjus doe c:

  • Ashley H3MLG
    Ashley H3MLG Month ago +1

    Swagkage vlds comment section is infuriating I can't read more than a dozen comments or else I end up in a comment war with some dumbass who thinks he knows more than kishimoto himself xD I now do my best to avoid the comment section all together

  • Satan Cat
    Satan Cat Month ago

    I really love this video, it’s really funny

  • Savio-Sama
    Savio-Sama Month ago

    What would have happen if fagaku decided to fight itachi instead of lettin him kill him

  • JB Da Damaga
    JB Da Damaga Month ago

    If the uchica is overpower y they dead


    Uchihas are cool and hot and emo and have a large ego they need to be oP rIgHt gUyS

  • Gamanam 707
    Gamanam 707 Month ago

    Bruh, Itachi's friend shisui had major story impact

  • Martin Pickens
    Martin Pickens Month ago

    Check your legal. Funimation is not in cruncyroll, They'er Terminated as of November last year.

  • kant
    kant Month ago

    Tobirama was right.

  • Ashberryvillage10
    Ashberryvillage10 Month ago

    The only strong Uchiha are those that were given relevant screen time and importance.
    99% of the Uchiha clan I'm pretty confident are below part 1 Kakashi level.

  • deletekeys
    deletekeys Month ago +1

    In my opinion the sharingan was great up until the susanoo and the eye replacement bs was introduced. It was an incredibly powerful jutsu which had a huge drawback just like the 8 gates creating balance.

    • Andrew Rice
      Andrew Rice Month ago

      This is so true, but tbh I really didn’t like it when the sharingan could do weird shit like amataratsu and kamui. The genjutsu made sense to me because of hypnotism and shit. And while I eventually got to loving the kamui( my favourite jutsu now) and will never be a able to understand how having special eyes can create a fucking massive samurai armour giant thing, it just doesn’t make any sense

  • Obsidian92
    Obsidian92 Month ago

    Preach. Also, I've noticed you don't really do a lot of sasuke vs battles, like jiriya and neji.. He deserves more if he's your fav. I need you to wank him a little more like you do big daddi Madara

  • The-_-Loki
    The-_-Loki Month ago

    In otherwords:


  • Leon Yuan
    Leon Yuan Month ago

    What about Shisui?

  • Imperial_skatz
    Imperial_skatz Month ago

    What about fujaku

  • Young King Kush
    Young King Kush Month ago

    Instead of Boruto they should’ve made a prequel manga, that way we could’ve seen all the different clans at the height of their powers.

  • HariKari BangBang
    HariKari BangBang Month ago

    Sage Naruto vs MS sasuke

  • Osa
    Osa Month ago

    9:50 well technically kakashi knew how to use the rasengan. Im not counting konohamaru cause naruto taught him after the fact

  • HACHE 4
    HACHE 4 Month ago

    want to see a joke

    read more

    • HACHE 4
      HACHE 4 Month ago

      lol you fell for it

  • Your daddy pathak
    Your daddy pathak Month ago +1

    Love you!!

    • Your daddy pathak
      Your daddy pathak Month ago

      I think that the reason I like saskue more than Rock Lee is because of his eye.

  • Cory Cosby
    Cory Cosby Month ago

    Tho there’s really no evidence...I’m willing to say that sasuke and itachi father seemed like a total badass through and through...wasted potential

  • Darian Carmichel
    Darian Carmichel Month ago

    EMS Sasuke could handle Kabuto by himself.

  • C&C Engineer
    C&C Engineer Month ago

    Yeah, even when Susanoo first appeared I felt came out of left field.

  • Dom Quiles
    Dom Quiles Month ago

    'Besides these 4, no other Uchiha show up'
    *shows a pic of 5*

  • Drag Gamer
    Drag Gamer Month ago

    4:51 Tomoko 😂

  • Drew Foster
    Drew Foster Month ago

    Is it just me or does he like switch his argument from the uchiha being strong to some of the uchiha are strong and it makes it seem like they all are

  • Chopstick Ricemaker

    I think the sharingan has the most screen time in the hole series like this eye is like never off screen