I CHEATED DEATH in Minecraft Hardcore!

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • i risked EVERYTHING
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  • Julian Locke
    Julian Locke 6 hours ago

    For the horse armor Looks:Gold Toughness:Diamond

  • Turkeybrain2
    Turkeybrain2 11 hours ago

    Come to papa

  • Marc Gabriel Abucejo
    Marc Gabriel Abucejo 17 hours ago

    Use diamond horse armor so that it can protect sir buddy

  • Ana ventura
    Ana ventura 2 days ago

    Me:I want to eat


  • VxVxD
    VxVxD 3 days ago

    No one:
    English knights in 1603: 17:04

  • Wolfe Chuu
    Wolfe Chuu 4 days ago

    The cat with the 2 different Color eyes is called a calico cat

  • Mario Pineda
    Mario Pineda 5 days ago +1

    9:39 dan: has this chest been in there sins ep 1 me: you madre it in ep 2

  • Dr. Bassam Alfarhani
    Dr. Bassam Alfarhani 5 days ago +1

    Dan: thats not bad
    Me: SEVEN thats seven totems of undying what do you mean not bad

  • Swords
    Swords 5 days ago

    How to cheat death in Hardcore:
    *bring 1,000 totem of undyings*

  • Raiyyan Alam
    Raiyyan Alam 5 days ago

    When was the last time Dan played fortnote

  • Wolfy Breeze
    Wolfy Breeze 6 days ago +1

    Is anybody gonna remind dan that the totem doesn’t NEED to be in your offhand *~*

  • Hyfoam
    Hyfoam 6 days ago

    Farm the white stuff in the nether because they give lots of levels

  • Starmist Animations
    Starmist Animations 6 days ago

    Game: Make some wooden planks, this is how you do it!
    Dan: Game I know how to do this
    *1 or 2 minutes later*
    Dan: The one thing I am running out of is oak planks
    Me: The game told you!!

  • Susana Garcia
    Susana Garcia 6 days ago +1

    Dan: I think they have to stand up to give me things * sits them down

  • Hayden Bessenbacher
    Hayden Bessenbacher 6 days ago

    i pike dimaond armor for your horse

  • Manuel Corona
    Manuel Corona 7 days ago

    Dan make sure you ALWAYS get your cats to stand when you go to bed

  • Wendy Marsh
    Wendy Marsh 8 days ago

    You still live with the totem in your normal hand

  • farm campbell
    farm campbell 9 days ago

    i think diamond horse armor for buddy

  • James Hong
    James Hong 9 days ago


  • Callum O’Brien
    Callum O’Brien 9 days ago


  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman 9 days ago +3

    "why am i doing this?,am i Trying to contact them from the dead?"

    -Dan 2019

  • Kingg Foxx
    Kingg Foxx 9 days ago +1

    Dan: I came looking for blaze rods and found wither skulls

  • Chloe Rebbeck
    Chloe Rebbeck 10 days ago

    Dan! Buddy looks so much better in gold! Maybe you should change it to diamond when you go out with him so he won’t get hurt!

  • Pikazard_YT
    Pikazard_YT 10 days ago

    Give Sir Buddy diamond armour so he matches you

  • Miles Amoh
    Miles Amoh 10 days ago

    Dan could have just fired his bow at the wood to light it on fire😐

  • Ruination
    Ruination 10 days ago

    Grabs 2 bottle of enchanting.
    Dan:Bap Bap Bap

    Me: Face palm.

  • s l o p
    s l o p 10 days ago

    The totem of undying can be in your hot bar and when you "die" it won't kill u I think

  • xX_Rap God_Xx
    xX_Rap God_Xx 11 days ago

    Imagine if totem of undying didn't work in hardcore mode *OOOOOOOOOOOOF*

  • FifiComicLover
    FifiComicLover 11 days ago +1

    Dan: "I shouldn't laugh that's bad."
    Dan, don't tell yourself not to laugh, or you will.
    Dan: *laughs"

  • FifiComicLover
    FifiComicLover 11 days ago

    Dan: *cheats death with magical golden statue*
    Also Dan: "This has been a pretty eventful episode... I cAn'T beLieVe wE gOt tHosE wiThEr sKeleToNS!"

  • Dom Sodano
    Dom Sodano 11 days ago


  • Nico Gaming
    Nico Gaming 12 days ago

    I just want to know what the seed is for this world

  • Tarshann Washington
    Tarshann Washington 12 days ago

    Dan you are the best TVclipr ever

  • Drayden Tube
    Drayden Tube 12 days ago +1

    That’s a calico cat dan

  • Dom Sodano
    Dom Sodano 12 days ago

    D is better than G

  • Shae
    Shae 12 days ago

    That’s when the Hero Of The Village wore off

  • Eugendrick Dirksz
    Eugendrick Dirksz 13 days ago

    No en yes

  • Lena Gacha
    Lena Gacha 13 days ago

    You shouldve build a bridge across the floating castle

  • Metric Maddie
    Metric Maddie 14 days ago

    I think you should leave Sir Buddy with diamond armor because it matches yours!

  • Rylan Fitzgerald
    Rylan Fitzgerald 14 days ago


  • Ana Feliciano
    Ana Feliciano 14 days ago

    i rather diamond

  • Rishika Gohil
    Rishika Gohil 14 days ago

    LOOTING 3!

  • Tarokh82 Shakeri
    Tarokh82 Shakeri 14 days ago

    Gold is better

  • secretly the default skin

    The cobble helix would've been helpful at the start.

  • Terrarians Castle
    Terrarians Castle 15 days ago

    DanTDM *last episode*: that's just some cobblestone that I *really don't need*
    DanTDM *this episode*: better start cooking some sweet sweet *cobblestone
    Cobblestone in the background: told ya!

  • It's Ya Boi
    It's Ya Boi 15 days ago

    imagine being so guchii that you mine neather wart with a totem of undying.

  • Peyton Hettmann
    Peyton Hettmann 16 days ago


  • Feather Studios
    Feather Studios 16 days ago

    Dan: I have nothing to lure the chicken with I can’t bring the baby pigman back home
    Me (shouting at the screen): WATERMELON SEEDS!!!!

  • Ella Jackson
    Ella Jackson 16 days ago

    30:34 the part you came here for
    No cost, enjoy

  • Liam Young
    Liam Young 16 days ago

    25:57 Santa dan

  • Sammy Marshall
    Sammy Marshall 17 days ago


  • Finlay Strickland
    Finlay Strickland 17 days ago

    9:28 dan you didn’t have a castle since episode one

  • sixnil
    sixnil 17 days ago +1

    It took you thirty minutes to jump of a pillar.


  • Megan Sparks
    Megan Sparks 17 days ago

    Go diamond 💎

  • Happy Kitty
    Happy Kitty 17 days ago

    dan: I need to protect you guys
    Also dan: so I captured 4 squids for “killing” the dolphins

  • PenguinCraft
    PenguinCraft 17 days ago


  • Mary Murphy
    Mary Murphy 17 days ago +1

    i think diamond

  • rainbow li
    rainbow li 18 days ago +2

    Get a wolf/dog please!
    If you agree, comment it all over this video!

  • Voodoovulture 5
    Voodoovulture 5 18 days ago

    With minecraft java edition you can copy your worlds, so now if you make a copy you can play that one if you die on the original

  • badcake -
    badcake - 18 days ago

    dan - I need to get this trident