• Published on May 3, 2019
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  • Ariana Quezada Miro Quesada

    does anyone know what shade she is wearing in her nails ?

  • Gabriella MacKenzie
    Gabriella MacKenzie 3 months ago

    You have such a glow about you, you truly radiate kindness and joy. It is so refreshing and lovely!!

  • clare Rawlins
    clare Rawlins 3 months ago

    Aww soph I get you hon, I tend to get my anxiety up when I know I have a big day out or something really important, I get really bad twitches in my lip or eye , cheek it it’s really bad lol 😂 and I start to feel like everything is very loud and it gets too much 🥺 it’s the weirdest feeling to feel like your hands are heavy or big lol 😂 I get that too lol . I can now feel if I have a panic attack in the works so I close my eyes and do concentrated breathing, I also tend to listen to music so I’m not triggered by loud noises or something dodgy going on lol 😂 I also find my creepdar is on full all the time, it’s almost like I’m psychic as I always know when someone is giving me nasty vibes or there is something wrong with them 😒😰 I knew when my neighbour was not right, we found out later that he was a pedo 🤬🤬 love 💕 your advice by the way soph, you sound like me giving advice 🥰

  • Slime Sparkles
    Slime Sparkles 3 months ago +3

    Soph u should do $1 makeup challenge
    Edit: Or using different shades of eyeshadow from different palettes

  • Freya Underwood
    Freya Underwood 3 months ago

    Honestly such a down to heart girl can see that your not the bitchy type xxxx😘😘

  • Amy Bilham
    Amy Bilham 3 months ago

    With cahms I had the exact same thing and they told me that I was just making it up and then I ended up in such a bad place but talked to my parents more and became so much happier xx

  • Horace Bear
    Horace Bear 4 months ago

    To the person who asked how important GCSEs are in life, I left school with one GCSE. I didn’t work for years as I was bringing up my daughter but when I was 34 I applied for a job in an office and got it. I think it’s more important to be sincere and show you are really interested in the job you are going for. My husband has no formal qualifications and has never been out of a job. Good luck. Xx

  • Kirsten O’Donoghue
    Kirsten O’Donoghue 4 months ago

    lysm sophieee💕💕

  • Omar Amaro
    Omar Amaro 4 months ago

    i wanna hug you

  • Sadelove xoxo
    Sadelove xoxo 4 months ago

    I really don’t mind if you choose to keep your boyfriend private. It’s your life and he’s your boyfriend so don’t feel obliged to show his face. Would really like to know his name tho! 😁😊xx

  • JeSSiMKah
    JeSSiMKah 4 months ago +4

    Theres bars/clubs etc where I live that have posters saying to ask for Angela at the bar if you're meeting someone from tinder/on a date that doesn't feel right and they'll help you get out/away discreetly.

  • Dominique Holmes
    Dominique Holmes 4 months ago

    When I hear this music... I know it's about to be lit

  • Sheree Chinn
    Sheree Chinn 4 months ago

    Love you Sophie ❤️❤️

  • DanahBanana
    DanahBanana 4 months ago +1

    I just love you, Soph. And I cannot WAIT to see the video with this look. I’m loooooving this 😍😍😍😍

  • Morgan McNally
    Morgan McNally 4 months ago

    Review il makiage

  • Trinity Elle
    Trinity Elle 4 months ago +1

    Your eyeshadow in this vid 😍😍 #slaying how did u do it and what makeup palette did u use 😍❤️

  • Amna Xx
    Amna Xx 4 months ago +2

    Question of the day: what is 1 boys name and 1 girls name you really like #questionoftheday

  • Super Soline
    Super Soline 4 months ago

    I went to cahms when I was 13 and after a year I got sent away because they didn’t have money to help me

  • Harriet Mid
    Harriet Mid 4 months ago +1

    #QOTD what do you get called more soph or Sophie? I love your eyeshadow pallete btw it’s my faves! Ly xx

  • Femke Maessen
    Femke Maessen 4 months ago

    check laura lee's latest video!!!

  • anniepaige_xo
    anniepaige_xo 4 months ago

    You say you compare yourself to everyone else, but think about the thousands of girls (and boys!) who compare themselves to you! You may not think you’re as “beautiful” or as “gorgeous” or as “curvy” as some other people out there, but to other people, you’re their beauty inspiration! Don’t put yourself down, as my boyfriend always says to me “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”- there may be things you don’t love about yourself, but other people will love those things about you ❤️

  • Milly Jones
    Milly Jones 4 months ago

    this makeup look is gorgeous! you look stunning X

  • Марианна Лазарева

    Write into Google - Tinder O Plus - if you want to know the best method, It worked for me
    I just got it on my account

  • Lauren Issabelle
    Lauren Issabelle 4 months ago

    You give such good advice😊

  • Ioana Irina Alina Gafon
    Ioana Irina Alina Gafon 4 months ago +2

    Soph, I am just watching Laura Lee mentioning your channel and using your highlighter and eyeshadow palette and she is obsessed! Love you, kisses from Romania!

    ISHA SINGH 4 months ago

    Laura Lee gave you a shout out!!!!

  • Natty B
    Natty B 4 months ago

    Omg! Soph Laura Lee just used your highlighter palette and gave you a shoutout in her latest video 😍😍😍

  • Poppy 1819
    Poppy 1819 4 months ago

    Do you know your products are in Laura lees video 💕💕

  • Emily Horne
    Emily Horne 4 months ago

    Green eyeshadow really suits you!🥰❤️

  • Carmen Gilbert
    Carmen Gilbert 4 months ago

    #questionoftheday what is your MBTI personality type ???

  • bakedblondebunny
    bakedblondebunny 4 months ago

    I don't actually think you should speak about weed or CBD at all because you have no actual knowledge about it.

  • Daisy Evans
    Daisy Evans 4 months ago

    When I did my GCSE exams I would revise all day at school then I’d walk home and go for a run to get a break from it and then revise another two hours in the evening 😊 it helped me. I just recommend being active when you have your breaks

  • Constance worden
    Constance worden 4 months ago

    You Soph are beautiful. Please don’t think of others in your industry as better or more beautiful than you. You are you, simple as that. You are such a positive role model for today’s youth. You are honest, trustworthy, diligent, positive and a hard worker. You stay away from online drama too. If more you tubers were more like you, that would be a good thing. Stay true to you, that’s what we love most about you.

  • Sarah Lucus
    Sarah Lucus 4 months ago

    What eyeshadow is that 🤔

  • Ithil Greenleaf
    Ithil Greenleaf 4 months ago

    Also on the GCSE thing, if you fail your resit you will be given the choice of doing a foundation level on it.
    I remember failing my Geography resit and my teacher offered to put me on the foundation paper.

  • Victoria Coe
    Victoria Coe 4 months ago

    OMG SOPH!!! You just got mentioned on Laura Lee's channel. She put up your channel because she used your pallette on her newest video testing revolution! Check it out ❤️❤️

  • Henschke007
    Henschke007 4 months ago

    Can you please do the tiny hands challenge? Rawbeauty Kristi did it and it was hilarious.

  • luby lou
    luby lou 4 months ago

    Can you do a collab with Sophie Louise soon?

  • NataliaEnchantix
    NataliaEnchantix 4 months ago

    I've struggled with PTSD, BPD and an eating disorder since I was sixteen but never out reached out for help until the end of my first year at college. Which was more of the talking about your problems (what we in psychology would call person centred therapy) and it wasn't useful to me either. I started dialectical behaviour therapy when I was 18 after ins and outs of psychiatric hospitals.
    I'm now 22, waiting for NHS and currently in my transition period from private therapy (it is pricy as heck) to NHS therapy. I'm now at a much better place, studying to become a psychologist myself. I want to show those that are struggling that no matter what who you are, what's happened in the past, your age or what issues you're struggling with, you can recover. It's hard to see it sometimes, but it is possible. Not only is it possible, it is amazing to see how far you've come and how far you'll go. I've learnt loads from just observing how my therapists interacted with me and the ups and downs we've had about which pitfalls to avoid when being a therapist myself in the future.

  • Éva Ács
    Éva Ács 4 months ago

    800k is so close!

  • Ania Ania
    Ania Ania 4 months ago

    My gosh soph that kind of your films are so important and valiable. You should do more like this! #qotd Why are you so smart and have that big knowledge about life and relations? Where does it come from ?
    Love you so much 💕

  • Ania Ania
    Ania Ania 4 months ago

    Hey soph
    Im not form UK or other English speaking country but you speak perfectly - not really fast but not too slow and your words arent really hard to understand but some of them are SOPHisticated (haope i write it correctly.)I can learn sooo much English From you
    Love you ❤

  • Caroline Duff
    Caroline Duff 4 months ago

    Anyone suffering with anxiety or depression! I highly recommend trying MINDFULNESS. I used to suffer really badly from both and I cannot tell you how much I owe my recovery journey to it!

  • Tim my
    Tim my 4 months ago

    Hey Soph can you please test essence make up in wilko you will be able to buy every product for your face. And its cheap too!!!

  • Sa Rah
    Sa Rah 4 months ago

    They really do need to look into it medically. It’s so difficult to get it on prescription from what I have heard. I have arthritis and it’s the most painful thing ever and actually the pain isn’t necessarily the bit that makes you suffer!! Rant over 🙄

  • Eve Thomas
    Eve Thomas 4 months ago

    24.38 wish I had that advice when I was going through that 💜 and everyone goes through down days and that’s okay! So hope you’re ok xx

  • Harriet Mid
    Harriet Mid 4 months ago +4

    #questionoftheday Hi what get called most soph or Sophie? Ly xxoxo

  • Harriet Mid
    Harriet Mid 4 months ago

    #questionoftheday I soph what do you think of lip fillers and would you get it done? Ly xoxox

  • Meganyoung _
    Meganyoung _ 4 months ago

    Omg you sing ?!!! Please sing for us !!!

  • Раиса Маркова
    Раиса Маркова 4 months ago +3

    i got my Plus just by using: Write in Google Tinder Plus Free always works for me

  • Jessie
    Jessie 4 months ago

    I love all these questions and a good old Q+A💕💕
    #questionoftheday how did you get on at the doctors? I know you mentioned you where going a while back, hope everything was okay! Love you💕

  • Lily Hutson
    Lily Hutson 4 months ago

    #QOTD What is your boyfriends job xx
    Ly x

  • talia suzanne
    talia suzanne 4 months ago

    Your beautiful just the way you are!

  • Abbie durow
    Abbie durow 4 months ago

    My mum has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), so she can't walk, and weed is supposed to be really helpful for people with MS to help them with their mobility, so it's a bit annoying because I'm so 2 ways about it.

  • Madi Toner
    Madi Toner 4 months ago

    Hi soph!!
    I'm new to the youtube crew but love your videos your so awesome!!
    you should try and review the fox tan its also available on their website but also on pretty little thing.

  • Lauren Grace x
    Lauren Grace x 4 months ago

    How do u know if you’ve got anxiety I feel like I’ve been feeling quite “anxious” but I don’t want to seem attention seeking at all and I’m just scared lols ,love u 💓

  • Lorena paz •
    Lorena paz • 4 months ago +1

    You're about to hit 800k subscribers! You deserve millions more ❤️ #questionoftheday how does it feel knowing that you have had such an impact on thousands of people? Is it too much pressure? How do you handle it? Also love you! ❤️

  • Thea Eve
    Thea Eve 4 months ago

    Can you do a full face of Matalan brands makeup, I work there and they’ve just brought out a new range and would love to see you test it❤️

  • georgie brice
    georgie brice 4 months ago

    I love ur hair

  • Rosie Penver
    Rosie Penver 4 months ago

    I was on a waiting list for CBT for nine months and then they told me that my anxiety was too severe and I was discharged from their service without ever seeing a therapist. There's no other therapy service in my area.