GOT7 "You Are” M/V

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  • kittz
    kittz Hour ago +1


  • kittz
    kittz Hour ago

    SEEING THEM GROW. SO MUCH. SINCE TRAINING DAYS MAKES ME CRY. Mark oppaaaaa ~~ AmeriThaiKong forever.

  • Mumtaz Linawati
    Mumtaz Linawati Hour ago

    like like like

  • Sunny Là Ahgase
    Sunny Là Ahgase Hour ago

    Fighting >~< 🐥🐥🐥🐥❤️❤️🌸🌸 LOVE 🐥🐥🐥🐥

  • Jennifer Ng
    Jennifer Ng 2 hours ago

    26,914,165 :) 💚💚

  • Wang Jackson's
    Wang Jackson's 2 hours ago

    Hats off to our BOYS 😘👏👏👏👏

  • luz mary bermudez villa

    Beautifull got7 ,❤❤❤💚💚

    KPOP IS LIFEU 2 hours ago

    26.907.730 💚

  • Marina Saree
    Marina Saree 3 hours ago

    ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ 💓💝💖💜💛💚💙

  • Nursyahirah Saidin
    Nursyahirah Saidin 3 hours ago

    26, 907, 646 views. Come on IGOT. We can do it! #27M

  • TAEstetic
    TAEstetic 3 hours ago


  • Addie GOT7
    Addie GOT7 3 hours ago +3

    Anyone streaming???

  • Sinta Amalia
    Sinta Amalia 4 hours ago

    I'm an Exo-l but I really like this song ♡

  • Wong Ching Wen
    Wong Ching Wen 4 hours ago +5

    #Ahgasquad Morning
    I saw some stream project one Twitter.
    Please stream *Never Ever* , *A* and *Teenager* too!
    I successfully vote on GDA and SMA! Please join this! Many Ahgase are struggling to maintain the ranking....
    We need to unite❗️❗️❗️ Once again, if you are only willing to watch the video to gain coins, maybe you can donate to me....
    I will gather them to vote GOT7...

    • bebe phoenix
      bebe phoenix 2 hours ago

      Wong Ching Wen i hate collect coin for vote.. But i'm not give up!!!

    • anne' nemesis
      anne' nemesis 2 hours ago

      Wong Ching Wen - You Are, Teenager and Never Ever already in my playlist. So I better add A. On voting, my time is limited 😥 but I will try 🤗

    • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol
      myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol 2 hours ago

      Unnie I m streaming 😊 goodmorning

  • Kellen Natane
    Kellen Natane 4 hours ago


  • Kellen Natane
    Kellen Natane 4 hours ago

    I Love You

  • Kellen Natane
    Kellen Natane 4 hours ago

    Amei essa música, meu deus 😍😍😍💜💜💜😱

  • BÜRN_B_ Official
    BÜRN_B_ Official 4 hours ago

    This is underappreciated, I love this, it's my favorite song

  • once real
    once real 5 hours ago

    Go go gatse

  • bebe phoenix
    bebe phoenix 5 hours ago +5

    Lets stream together today,, have a nice day all..especially my ahgafams (ember, wen,siya anne'nemesis unnie's, nana, jemi) ❤❤

  • Kim Yugyeom
    Kim Yugyeom 5 hours ago


    LA HELVECIA S.A. 5 hours ago

    super lindoooos 😢😢😢😢😍😍

    LA HELVECIA S.A. 5 hours ago

    super lindoooos 😢😢😢😢😍😍

    LA HELVECIA S.A. 5 hours ago

    super lindoooos 😢😢😢😢😍😍

  • Lara R
    Lara R 5 hours ago +1

  • Romina Cunanan
    Romina Cunanan 5 hours ago

    Love this song, love GOT7!!! ❤️

  • Renata Teixeira
    Renata Teixeira 5 hours ago

    This is basically one of their best comebacks in my opinion but explain to me why did it FUCKING FLOP???? For God's sake this is so good...!!

    • Lolirinne kiysha
      Lolirinne kiysha Hour ago

      Not flop but the views not good like never ever..they chart in korea is better btw

    • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol
      myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol 2 hours ago +1

      Not winning trophies don't make it flop
      They have been in 1 in charts and the album sell is more that their previous album
      So please stop calling them flop it's a request

      KPOP IS LIFEU 2 hours ago

      young jae agreed!

    • young jae
      young jae 3 hours ago +2

      Renata Teixeira how did it flop though? it did way better in korean charts than their previous comebacks and they already surpassed their own physical sales’ record in hanteo

  • Vito Geronimo
    Vito Geronimo 6 hours ago +3

    Why so many dislikes to their videos? I just cannot understand, they are awesome!

  • Ikz k
    Ikz k 7 hours ago +4

    I’m soo obsessed with this song 😩💕

  • Lathiffa Vevo
    Lathiffa Vevo 8 hours ago +1

    I luv it

  • Lachim Park
    Lachim Park 8 hours ago +2

    Army here to support Got7! ❤

  • Julie exolarmyvipigot7
    Julie exolarmyvipigot7 8 hours ago +4

    I don't understand why this MV hasn't more views... This is such a masterpiece ❤️

    • moon light
      moon light 7 hours ago

      Julie exolarmyvipigot7 right? One of ma fav song from GOT7 i have to listen to it at least 20 times since it was dropped... Its nt getting old 4 sure

  • TL
    TL 8 hours ago +2


  • アリネ笹木
    アリネ笹木 8 hours ago

    i dont stan got7 anymore but jinyoung is still fUCKING HOT

  • Lamia Bensenoussi
    Lamia Bensenoussi 9 hours ago +2


  • 스카
    스카 9 hours ago

    Well, there are clouds.

  • You Are
    You Are 10 hours ago +3

    who are still streaming, anyone? 🙋

  • You Are
    You Are 10 hours ago


  • Jennifer Ng
    Jennifer Ng 10 hours ago

    26,849,912!!! fighting fam :)

  • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol

    Streaming 😇

  • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol

    Watching Meteor shower with this song
    It's a beautiful sky 💚 the stars are so beautiful waiting for falling stars 😇

  • Ahgase Got7 Biases
    Ahgase Got7 Biases 11 hours ago +5

    Sorry fam,i don't stream a lot today..ive been collecting the points for sma and gda until I've exceeded the limit to vote..need to wait until tomorrow 😂

    • Wong Ching Wen
      Wong Ching Wen 4 hours ago +1

      Good job. I keep sending mail to Tapjoy to get my coins. I voted 10 votes yesterday on GDA. I’m still try hard to vote SMA! I used kr ver apk, 8 coins are given as you watch one ad! I’m trying😂😂😂

    • bebe phoenix
      bebe phoenix 5 hours ago +1

      Ahgase Got7 Biases collect poin make me crazy...i hope you have no trouble nana

  • Daniela Dulce Castillo
    Daniela Dulce Castillo 12 hours ago

    I LOVE YOU ALL :) :) (PERÚ)

  • IGOT7- GOT7
    IGOT7- GOT7 12 hours ago +1

    👍✨You Are🔒💚❤💛💙💜💗💖⛅

  • lmjpcbq wg278
    lmjpcbq wg278 12 hours ago

    27m soon

    IGOT7 IGOT7 12 hours ago +5

    So ahgase let's vote for got7 on GDA global popular award download the app GDA first and then vote GOT7 is currently at rank number 3 . LET'S WIN THIS AWARD FOR YOUR BOY 💚💚💚💚🐦🐦🐦🐦 AHGASE FIGHTING 🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • JYP groups are precious !
    JYP groups are precious ! 12 hours ago +4

    I kinda miss Yugyeom yellow hair 😂

  • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol

    Streaming 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Ethel Maryan Cedeño Bocanegra

    GOT7 🍑♥❣.

  • อัษราวุธ ดู่อินทร์

    #Markjack #markjin #jackjin

  • Busra Nur
    Busra Nur 12 hours ago

    GOT7 nı çooooooooook seviyorum özellikle de yugyeomu❤️💙😘

    • ArSibel G7
      ArSibel G7 7 hours ago

      Busra Nur Ben deee😭😭 bnm bias ım youngjae ama yugy i sevmemek elde değil💚Giant Maknae miz🤗🤗🤗

  • AnjieL Coh
    AnjieL Coh 13 hours ago

    fighting igot7/ahgase

  • อรอุมา สุนจิม


    KPOP IS LIFEU 13 hours ago

    26.824.003 💚

  • Gotseven Baby- INDIA
    Gotseven Baby- INDIA 13 hours ago


  • M ' MIN
    M ' MIN 13 hours ago

    Fighting !! 💓

  • Priya Zote
    Priya Zote 13 hours ago

    the BEST song EVER !!

  • liah Ahgase
    liah Ahgase 13 hours ago

    I love got7

  • Black Kyeopta
    Black Kyeopta 13 hours ago +1

    Road to 30M IGOT7s we can do this! Hwaiting!!

  • ณิชกุล เรียบร้อย


  • Sirinapa Yeunnan
    Sirinapa Yeunnan 13 hours ago


  • S' Sky
    S' Sky 14 hours ago


  • got7 มังกาจิ


  • JYP groups are precious !
    JYP groups are precious ! 14 hours ago +11

    Me before knowing GOT7:
    favorite animals~cats
    favorite colors ~red
    favorite type of music~ rock
    favorite habits ~winks
    favorite foods ~pizza
    Me after knowing GOT7:
    favorite animals~birds
    favorite colors ~green
    favorite type of music~ GOT7 musics
    favorite habits ~dabs
    favorite food~ rice (cause it make you hot 😂)

  • exo bts got7 twice seventeen

    กัซมีความหมายสำหรับเราไหมถ้ามีเอายอดวิวจาก 25>>30>>40>>50>>60>>70>>80>>90>>100. ได้ไหมอากาเซ่❤

  • got7 igot7
    got7 igot7 14 hours ago +2

    ยังฟังอยู่... ชอบมากอ่ะ เพราะๆ

  • pikul sukhum
    pikul sukhum 14 hours ago +2

    ถึงได้ว่ามีคนชอบองค์นี้มากเพราะอย่างนี้. อยากให้ก๊อตเซเว่นยังอยู่แบบนี้ไปนานนาน

  • park jinyoung
    park jinyoung 14 hours ago +1

    stream 💚

  • JYP groups are precious !
    JYP groups are precious ! 14 hours ago +15

    Guys don't believe the haters that are saying that GOT7 is a flop , views on Youtube are not everything (even in views we are pretty good there is not a lot of KPOP boygroups with 2MV with 100M)Album sales are important and GOT7 album sales are really high and keep rising and GOT7 is maybe not the most populare groups in Korea but their popularity keeps growing in Korea they were 4th in popularity in Naver for boygroups in December , they are the most populare in Thaïland they are litterally owning a country , and also really populare in Singapoure , Indonesia , Malaysia and a lot of other Asian country and Jackson is really populare in China , and China and Korea are starting to beings more free in echange so soon they will be one of the most populare groups in China too (China is a big country you know 😏) and their Fly tour concert have make more money than Twice tour concert so people that are saying that they are the flop of JYPE are delulu .... anyway I know that popularity is not the most important thing cause anyway we love GOT7 but some people are annoying to say stupid lie about GOT7 popularity, anyway love you my ahgasquad 💚

    • Addie GOT7
      Addie GOT7 3 hours ago

      I totally agree 💞👏

    • Lolirinne kiysha
      Lolirinne kiysha 11 hours ago +1

      I love you for this.. Lets us be more strong..

    • bebe phoenix
      bebe phoenix 13 hours ago +1

      JYP groups are precious ! 😄 thank you

    • JYP groups are precious !
      JYP groups are precious ! 13 hours ago +1

      bebe phoenix Nice username by the way 👌

    • JYP groups are precious !
      JYP groups are precious ! 13 hours ago +2

      bebe phoenix It's okay , I love making comments on GOT7 MV and talk to other Ahgase 😁 everything that you say is also very important for me , we are Ahgase we need to all support each other 😁

  • Joy Rakpakdee
    Joy Rakpakdee 14 hours ago +1

    I am happy

  • pepi_ mj3
    pepi_ mj3 14 hours ago +9

    tomorrow 27M ok?
    Fighting aghase! I'm with you😉💚

  • JYP groups are precious !
    JYP groups are precious ! 15 hours ago +4

    Also I'm trying to learn the binary language to be able to respond to hater 😂 Anyway we need to keep streaming we are soon to 30M views !

  • JYP groups are precious !
    JYP groups are precious ! 15 hours ago +5

    Guys GOT7 are filming something in Thaïland and they have also filmed another show that will air in february we gonna be feed well by our boys 😁

  • สํารวย หวังไรกลาง

    มาร์คมีความแบบว่า ผมแดง สมกับที่ชอบสีแดงจริงๆ🙄

    GOT7 ARE MY KINGS 15 hours ago +8

    Best Youngjae era ! New ahgase by the way ! I'm actually stanning GOT7 since Never ever but it's my first kpop groups so didn't know all the things about views , popularity , fandom , streaming , ect... so yes it's now that I'm really into the fandom

  • ToomTim Chawanapitak
    ToomTim Chawanapitak 15 hours ago +1


  • iriho grace
    iriho grace 15 hours ago

    nice one

  • You Are
    You Are 15 hours ago +1


  • aylalunar
    aylalunar 15 hours ago +5

    If you see hate comments, please report. Do not engage in fan wars.

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello 15 hours ago


  • bambam
    bambam 15 hours ago +2

    ใครตกข่าวที่ GOT7มาไทยวันที่12ธค.60มั่ง นั่งร้องไห้ตาบวม😢😢😢😢

    • bambam
      bambam 14 hours ago

      จิง เมื่อวานGOT7มาตกข่าวไม่เชืรอไปดูในทติวจิ

    • นานา โมเมนต์
      นานา โมเมนต์ 14 hours ago +1

      bambam จริงหลอ

  • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol

    I don't wanna fight but what to do I can't tolerate those shitty people here 😢😢

    • Addie GOT7
      Addie GOT7 3 hours ago

      Sometimes we really need to step up to stop their Bull**** 😅 so immature they need a lesson.

    • Hey Yugyeom Tuan
      Hey Yugyeom Tuan 14 hours ago

      if you can't hold your anger, just translate what you wanna say to binary lmao

    • aylalunar
      aylalunar 15 hours ago +1

      Just report the hate comments

    • bebe phoenix
      bebe phoenix 15 hours ago

      myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol i know what do you mean "same fandom"..maybe because GOT7 slowly but sure more famous .. they can't accept that 😁

    • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol
      myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol 15 hours ago

      PJY Fan 😊 I will try to be patience 💖

  • got7loveyou แบมแบม

    lovegot7นะ สู้ๆนะอากาเซ่😘😘😘

  • Dannapa Phokaew
    Dannapa Phokaew 16 hours ago +1


  • Akanksha Jadhav
    Akanksha Jadhav 16 hours ago

    Bye and u know what I just read the comments and didn't see the whole video 😪😹

    • Addie GOT7
      Addie GOT7 3 hours ago

      Oh in addition, GOT7 doesn't need to debut in America to gain/attract more people to get to know them. People who appreciate effort and great music will eventually end up knowing them. Just get a life 😘 goodluck 😎

    • Addie GOT7
      Addie GOT7 4 hours ago

      Ew you're just jealous of GOT7 they are giving us quality music with soul and for mature people unlike you who spread hate and have nothing to do but brag about your group 😂😂😂😂 are you tired of them? Why come here and spread some bullshit. Go to your group shooo 😘😘

    • Ahgase Got7 Biases
      Ahgase Got7 Biases 12 hours ago +3

      We are not jealous..if we are jealous,we would come to bts mv and comment bad about them..people who come to other group's mv are the people who really took efforts to search the mv,watch it, reading the comments,u know..i dont have time for that..pls stop this..i want to ask u,if bts know that you as their fans trying to start fanwars with other group,do u think they will be happy??answer my question..Got7 always tell us to be humble and bc we love them,we never talk bad about other groups..that bc we love them..we dont want our boys be embarrassed with us bc we were fighting with other fans..

    • PJY Fan
      PJY Fan 16 hours ago

      Akansha Jadhav you're funny 😂😂,I actually love Bts but their immature fans are just so funny.If you don't like this group can you just leave here silently and do not bring your idols name because you are just putting them in shame.Your such a pitiful fan who just actually needs attention 😂😂

    • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol
      myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol 16 hours ago

      Akanksha Jadhav
      If that is so better why are you so bother and keep going everywhere to promote them
      We don't go to bts mv and ask for views
      If you are satisfied with there music why are you here
      I really don't like to talk to you and I really don't like hate here so please leave and don't come here again bts and got7 is friend
      No hate for bts but we welcome all fandom here including army but I don't feel you belong here or any where
      Get yourself a life be happy and don't come here to showoff
      If you like bts just stan them don't come here and say bad about our boys

  • Gotseven Baby- INDIA
    Gotseven Baby- INDIA 16 hours ago +2


  • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol

    Guys plz stream teenager and neverever as well 😀

  • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol

    Ember unnie where are you ??

  • pepi_ mj3
    pepi_ mj3 16 hours ago +8

    เราติ่งกัซอยู่คนเดียวในห้องง่ะ ไม่มีใครให้เม้าด้วยเลย5555 แต่ไม่เป็นไร คริๆ เพราะแฟนเราอยู่วงนี้นี่นา😂😶

  • myeon lucky
    myeon lucky 16 hours ago +1


  • Wandering Soul
    Wandering Soul 16 hours ago +5

    Hello everyone, GOT7's unofficial #wanderer is share LOVE LOVE LOVE.... at your service...
    Have fun streaming... I'll fly now... I'm out!

  • Hanuri Rin
    Hanuri Rin 16 hours ago +3

    คลิปนี้แบมแบมตัดต่อเองเลย เมื่อกี้ตอนแถลงข่าวช.3นางบอก งานฟินกำเนิด ฟินกันทั่วหน้าเลยจ้าาา งานดีทั้งหน้าตา รูปร่าง และคลิปเลย แหม~~~~ ผ.น้อยในอนาคต ผ.หลวงถวายแด่แจ็คสันค่ะ5555

    • Hanuri Rin
      Hanuri Rin Hour ago +1

      niifluffy bbgsv ตัดต่อ7for7ค่ะ55555

    • niifluffy bbgsv
      niifluffy bbgsv 2 hours ago +1

      Hanuri Rin ไม่ใช่ค่ะอันนี้ MVค่ะ แบมตัดต่อ lyrics video อีกคลิปนึง

  • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol

    Only 300 people streaming per minute
    Really 😢😡

  • myeon lucky
    myeon lucky 16 hours ago +1


  • gxwuji
    gxwuji 17 hours ago +3

    best got7 song i've ever heard

  • dear_ supreme
    dear_ supreme 17 hours ago


  • Gotseven Baby- INDIA
    Gotseven Baby- INDIA 17 hours ago +1


  • myfirstloveisgot7 onceahagasexol


  • GOT7- BTS
    GOT7- BTS 17 hours ago +1

    26.7m.สู้ๆนะทุกคน fighting

  • Gotseven Baby- INDIA
    Gotseven Baby- INDIA 17 hours ago +1

    26,795,128... 27M🔓 soon