• Published on Aug 11, 2018
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Comments • 62

  • Suzette Kerschner
    Suzette Kerschner 5 months ago

    Many French women leave their noses bare of foundation and concealer on the premise that it is the focal point of the face; therefore, wearing no makeup on the nose leads one to perceive that the rest of the face is wearing little or no makeup 😊

  • EsmeeSimone10
    EsmeeSimone10 5 months ago +3

    I just found your channel, and as a fellow ginger I really love your makeup videos!

  • Hiền Trần
    Hiền Trần 7 months ago

    You're very beautiful and elegant

  • chris burns
    chris burns Year ago

    Can I be ur sperm donor

  • chris burns
    chris burns Year ago

    heya im chris 28 do you have a BF xx ur cute love ya

  • laura e
    laura e Year ago

    I feel like you look like a grown up version of Pearl from lifewithbeans on youtube xx

  • Kiss me Cate
    Kiss me Cate Year ago

    Hey Rosie, Love your youtube channel! You looking always pretty with your red hair and you style!

  • Word Smith
    Word Smith Year ago +6

    I genuinely think you're gorgeous, driven and a very genuine vibe comes across when you do vids you have such a cute way of speaking also 100/10 😍.

  • قناة ماهر maher channel

    Rosie, don't put any make up on. You look so pure. prettiest human I've seen.

  • Nay Nay
    Nay Nay Year ago

    Hi Rosie I like your mack up can you please make a video your favorite product in this summer

  • Singularity
    Singularity Year ago

    I love the Thumbnail

  • Rosie Lopez
    Rosie Lopez Year ago

    My twin is here!!🤗🤗😚❤

  • Silke Strempa
    Silke Strempa Year ago

    You are so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Holly Rebecca White

    I can't resist a bit of blusher either! Xx

  • jholmie
    jholmie Year ago

    my nose has been so dry lately too!!! uber annoying! i've been dying to try the hourglass mascara...

  • K Pare
    K Pare Year ago

    Very beautiful, like a living doll. Mean that as a high compliment

  • Lara di Mello
    Lara di Mello Year ago

    Love your videos, I am learning to do my makeup and you really helping me ❤

  • Mary Maloney
    Mary Maloney Year ago

    You remind me of Ruth Wilson who plays Allison on the Affair

  • Maria D. Ts.
    Maria D. Ts. Year ago

    Nice makeup routine, I’m obsessed with more natural looking makeup at the moment too! xx

  • anjaxproduction
    anjaxproduction Year ago

    omg yes immediately subscribed. Such a beautiful person!

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Year ago

    Hey baby you gotta boyfriend?

  • Lea Gill
    Lea Gill Year ago

    Wow, she looks so youthful without make-up!

  • C.A. Rain
    C.A. Rain Year ago

    Wow beautiful

  • Cerine che
    Cerine che Year ago

    You look younger without makeup 😙 how old are you?

  • Viviana Emily Cosimetti02

    You are an angel! Super clear, simple and beautiful💙

  • Alma Almira
    Alma Almira Year ago

    Gurl you're so pretty!!! 😍

  • Rebecca Sophie
    Rebecca Sophie Year ago

    Loved watching this! I've got a very similar complexion so these colours are perfect! xx

  • Gemma Jade
    Gemma Jade Year ago +1

    Love natural makeup too! Especially in this heat xx

  • Julia Dunlop
    Julia Dunlop Year ago

    Hi Rosie
    I would like to see a video on how you do your brows. I am also a ginger but never did anything to my brows. I don't know where to start. Do you colour yours? How do you get the right form?
    I love your channel, been following you now for over 5 years. Keep on doi g what you are doing. :)
    Best wishes from Switzerland xxx

    • MsRosieBea
      MsRosieBea  Year ago

      I have a video on how I do my brows but I could always do an updated one! That's so lovely to hear, thank you! xx

  • QuirkyLass
    QuirkyLass Year ago

    You're so brave to have a kid at such a young age!

  • Leah Dowdy
    Leah Dowdy Year ago

    love the better than sex mascara.it's such a classic and deserves all of the hype in my opinion

  • Ronnie Marshall
    Ronnie Marshall Year ago

    Loved it! 😍

  • Salman Khan Crazy Fan

    I want to buy necklace but I m in India in India there is no delivery

  • lucy stuart
    lucy stuart Year ago

    What was that double sided brush you used for your base?

    • MsRosieBea
      MsRosieBea  Year ago

      It Cosmetics complexion perfection brush x

  • Jeni Lu
    Jeni Lu Year ago +73

    You have the most beautiful hair colour I have ever seen ❤️

  • Evie Miller
    Evie Miller Year ago

    love balm dot com !!

  • It's Me
    It's Me Year ago +11

    Your so pretty!

  • Haneen 110
    Haneen 110 Year ago

    Where did you get your nail polish ?

  • Lu Camino
    Lu Camino Year ago +15

    You should'n color your brows. They look perfect without makeup...

  • Doc t
    Doc t Year ago +10

    I missed so much makeup videos

  • sertaç türk
    sertaç türk Year ago

    I think you should be at the balm bahama mama’s commercial cause you’re the only person that it’s not looking muddy.. perfect make up an technique thank you for this

    • sertaç türk
      sertaç türk Year ago

      MsRosieBea Yes, but maybe it’s because of the skin color of my friends and environment. Looks so good on you. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • MsRosieBea
      MsRosieBea  Year ago

      Really? You find it muddy? That's so interesting, but thank you! x

  • Gelene Dy
    Gelene Dy Year ago +4

    I love youuuu soooo much!!! ❤️❤️😭 can u do a what’s in my purse ( everyday mini purse)

  • Rubavani Thevarajah
    Rubavani Thevarajah Year ago +2

    You’re funny, I love watching your videos. What uni do you go to?

  • Anne Carolline
    Anne Carolline Year ago

    so lovely and amazing, as always. love you

  • Elena Ciobanu
    Elena Ciobanu Year ago +1

    You are so adorable in this video! love you!

  • Malvers Percival
    Malvers Percival Year ago +21

    Eres tan linda y delicada!🌷 Siento no hablar Inglés, pero es algo que me voy a proponer para luego entender sus videos!

  • Broccoli xx
    Broccoli xx Year ago +10

    You’re gorgeous💖💖 I was binge watching your videos and a new one popped up it made my day x

    • MsRosieBea
      MsRosieBea  Year ago +1

      Haha, awh! I'm binge watching so many TVcliprs this summer! x

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan Year ago +35

    Hey Rosie, Love your content! I was wondering if You could do a vid on what you would do in your spare time at uni? Did you revise mostly? Go out with your friends or even did any extra-curriculum. Looking pretty as always ❤️

    • MsRosieBea
      MsRosieBea  Year ago +4

      Thank you! I like to keep my private life quite separate, but maybe one day I will share more :) x