Could Onward BREAK The Pixar Theory?!

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
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    Today J dives into the world of Pixar to try and determine, where their newest movie 'Onward' will fit into the greater Pixar Theory or if it might break the whole thing!
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Comments • 6 353

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  3 months ago +1607

    Come see Toy Story 4 with us in DC on June 30th! ::

    • ArtsyAshlyn
      ArtsyAshlyn Month ago +1

      It was so good

    • Comedic Center
      Comedic Center 2 months ago +1

      Boo never went back in time, Brave and Good dinosaur are so far into the future that all civilization has started all the way over, onward will be a start of a new civilization, think of this as a future so distant that it's gone more primitive (that goes for brave, good dinosaur, and onward)

    • Sam T
      Sam T 2 months ago

      Onward: three possibilities. 1) a parallel dimension, which is not the same as an alternate universe. This dimension would exist alongside our own in real time and on the same planet. (Think a Link between world's). Because it is magic based it is hidden from our plain vision. This would also explain the two moons. One moon is theirs and the other is ours. 2) the earth is actually hollow and this story takes place inside the hollow earth where the magical beings have retreated to away from humanity but not unaware of human activity. The laws of physics would be a bit different. They would live along the inner lining of the earth with the core is not an inferno of magma and brimstone but some magical thing that simulates a sky (think, Journey to the Center of the Earth). This might explain the two moons, more as a phenomenological event rather than an actual one. Like objects that get refracted when seeing them through glass or water. 3) this is all happening on the very same earth but with a long span of time in between. So, the earlier fantasy events occurred long before Brave prior to a time when humans become dominant. Elves and other magical beings roam the earth. As humanity becomes dominant the magical creatures are driven into hiding or stasis. They awaken thousands of years later, sometime after the humans return to earth but before the time of the monsters. The elves, etc. Learn about technology from the post-humans and either take it back with them to their own secluded part of the world or coexist with the monsters before the energy crisis. Perhaps this is where the monsters learn about time travel, etc and the elves and other magical beings are absorbed into the monster world. The two moons are still a phenomenological event caused by altered atmospheric conditions.

    • Marvel fan number 1
      Marvel fan number 1 2 months ago

      OK but I’m not going to move 🙁

  • ahmadalhadad
    ahmadalhadad 4 hours ago

    Maybe this movie is like the wizarding world.and they are hiding from the technological world or morden world

  • Chinchilla_Fandoms
    Chinchilla_Fandoms 11 hours ago

    Marvel: So, which Peter did you want?
    Pixar: *Yes*

  • Michael Latshaw
    Michael Latshaw 14 hours ago

    So, i have 2 theories about onward Number 1: the onward movie takes place in an alternate universe where technology merges with magical lands. Theory 2: the monsters in monsters inc. did time travel right? Well the monsters were probably messing with time travel too much and the past and modern times have merged together and turning monsters into mystical creatures, and even bringing a second moon!!!. Theory 2 sounds way more possible. What do you think? Please see this comment J and ben.

  • rami130549 ranger
    rami130549 ranger 14 hours ago

    no it wont

  • Koto S
    Koto S 22 hours ago

    times of old can still be in reference to the past of these people. if you were 200 years in the future we would be considered times of old right now

  • Georgina Finger
    Georgina Finger Day ago

    Mirror World, that is effected by the changes on the other side. The time before humans had technology to the time when technology took over the human world. 'the times of old to the present day.'

  • Cryptic Ice
    Cryptic Ice 2 days ago

    Break the pixar theory? mm, I think it could be an alrernate reality or a seperate time line, like if this didnt happen and that did. Or it could be another planet, Or someones imagination. It really depends

  • Lauren Engel
    Lauren Engel 3 days ago

    I like your theory but did u consider that it is the Pixar theory

  • Phil More
    Phil More 3 days ago

    Could Onward happen before the Good Dinosaur, and the second moon ends up crashing to earth and restarting the whole planet and or causing most life being extinct and the remaining life becomes the Dinosaurs and humans. And it could help explain why the dinosaurs are advanced farmers and ranchers

  • the flaming gecko
    the flaming gecko 3 days ago +1

    During monster ink mic drop

  • Jay
    Jay 3 days ago

    Hallow earth theory confirmed for the Pixar universe

    WALL-E- NATOR 5 days ago

    I think Onward takes place from beginning to end. Let me explain...
    It starts before "The Good Dinosaur". Where there is all magic and fantasy creatures. Then it all disappears once animals and dinosaurs start taking over. That's how the "In times of old, the world was magical" phase ended. Then you go through the rest of the timeline untill you reach Monsters. Inc.
    And that's where the "But times have changed" phase starts. There is technology and monsters roaming earth now.
    And also fantasy creatures rise again. But their "New magic" is technology.
    I just think that Onward & Monsters. Inc take place in the same time. Just in different parts of the world.
    That is my theory for how Onward fits in the theory.

  • The Gamer Dale
    The Gamer Dale 6 days ago

    It would make sense that the planet is mars. It has two moons in its orbit and if the meteor missed earth than it could have hit mars instead. So onward is before the good dinosaur and ends its timeline when the good dinosaur begins.

  • rubbix 68
    rubbix 68 8 days ago

    Okay well I know there a Pixar theory, but has someone made a Disney theory.

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 9 days ago

    Multi verse

  • Joseph Simpson
    Joseph Simpson 12 days ago

    Is this man trying to imply that Earth only has one moon? Because I disagree.

  • The Imp0ssible
    The Imp0ssible 13 days ago

    Why is it so difficult to fit it in the theory? "In times of old" points to the past of Pixar's Universe/ Earth so it's on the same planet. But since there is a second Moon the events take place before the second Moon (the one closest) collided with the Earth, dew to increasing gravitational pull (opposite of our own Moon ), erasing all memory of the previous world while the magic still exists as an actual force that beings like Boo can manipulate. So in the time-chart of the Pixar theory Onward would be placed hundreds of Billions of years before the Dinosaur movie (or enough time in between for the Earth to reform and become habitable again). The theory still holds!

  • Brandon
    Brandon 17 days ago

    From what I see, Onward kinda forwards the Pixar Theory! From what I saw in the trailer, it seems like Onward sorta puts dent in the huge gap between A Bug's Life and Monsters Inc!

  • mightyjoykiller
    mightyjoykiller 18 days ago +2

    Could be Onward a plagiarism to fullmetal alchemist?

  • MilatarSugar
    MilatarSugar 18 days ago

    It’s either a dream or a book that’s being read. simple

  • Venom Gamer 53
    Venom Gamer 53 18 days ago +1

    It is the place The Axiom was going to.

  • Youkno who i
    Youkno who i 18 days ago

    They could just be in a diffrent part of the world

  • Josh Herbert
    Josh Herbert 19 days ago

    5:39 yep, now i'm convinced. This is 100% pixar.

  • Hobbyistdm Themaris
    Hobbyistdm Themaris 19 days ago

    Haven't finished the video yet, but what if after monsters inc, there was a catastrophic event that wiped out the monsters. Life evolved into magical creatures, then eventually created technology. Just an idea.

  • EJ Padilla
    EJ Padilla 21 day ago +1

    I have two theories
    1: Onward is after the good dinosaur but before brave the fantasy creatures evolved from dinosaurs and then into humans eventually they meet Boo/the witch and go through her door, go to the future bring futuristic technology back go back to the time of brave and go to a different part of the earth die out and the rest of the theory continues
    2: it is between Wall:E and monsters and the creatures evolved from humans into monsters when they talk about times of old they are talking about life on the axiom the stories from their great great great great great grandparents got told and changed so many times they came out with the story of mermaids and unicorns instead of robots.

  • Lora Cameron
    Lora Cameron 21 day ago

    Anything is possible in cartoons. It's the purpose of cartoons. If not for cartoons we would be bored to death with documentaries😄

  • misledranger232
    misledranger232 22 days ago

    If humans did land on it you could assume one other BnL starliner landed on it here's how it would work a BnL starliner must have sent an eve probe to a different planet by mistake and then using the auto navigation system they went to that planet and had no choice but to colonize it

  • gogo gogo
    gogo gogo 22 days ago

    Maybe the magical part takes place before monsters inc. And the actual story after monsters inc.

  • Phil Gudet
    Phil Gudet 23 days ago

    My biggest problem with the Pixar theory is the cars. How could the cars always follow the same design evolution as humans have? The cars in Monsters, despite the weird features, all have design language from the 2000s when the film is supposed to be set FAR in the future. At least there needs to be some kind of space age inspired design like 50s cars heavily drew from airplanes

  • Oragami Raptor
    Oragami Raptor 23 days ago

    The beings in Onward could be evolutionary predecessors to the monsters in monsters Inc

  • What the Fish?
    What the Fish? 24 days ago

    Humans invade the monsters world. Monster society falls apart because of war. Humans lose tech because of the war. Animals made it through the doors somehow. Monsters shred doors to remove the possibility of more humans. Give it 10,000 years, after Earth snags a new moon in its gravity (Pluto), and you will find this world.

  • Evangelistic Crusaders Boys to Men Program

    No Andy had to write a story for kids in a class at College

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 24 days ago

    wait wait. the brother are elves right so what if human evolved into elves
    human landed on this planet and evolved into elves

    • Luigi Marinus Gaming
      Luigi Marinus Gaming 5 days ago

      Oh yeah i get what if the humans died and came back to life as magical creatures

  • Bryce Hill
    Bryce Hill 24 days ago

    What if the technology during Monsters turned aginst the monsters, and had a huge civil war, monsters vs tech, and the monsters won using magic, bringing it back, and than they slowly moved back to technology?

  • Rick Hair
    Rick Hair 25 days ago


  • eric wilson
    eric wilson 25 days ago

    what if onward happens on the same timeline as shrek??

    • Luigi Marinus Gaming
      Luigi Marinus Gaming 5 days ago

      Thats possible it doesnt have to fit into the pixar theory it could fit into different movie

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller 25 days ago +1

    What if it takes place before the good dinosaurand a meteor came before that that actually did hit Earth and wiped out all of them and then the dinosaurs came into existance

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller 25 days ago

    Couldn't it be somewhere in between wallee and monsters Inc before they became big actual monsters

  • I Want Die
    I Want Die 25 days ago

    Onward... it's called onward. Maybe pixar is moving past their universe to something new?

  • KawaiiCavachon
    KawaiiCavachon 25 days ago +1

    Maybe they came before the dinosaurs in the beginning. Then, they went into hiding or went extinct then after the humans they came back. 🤨 Or you know, it’s not earth 😐

  • Southern Geeky
    Southern Geeky 26 days ago

    Omg, I just realized that you guys didn't include Meet the Robinsons into the Pixar Theory. Which would introduce time travel into the Pixar timeline. Meet the Robinsons could be around the time of The Incredibles and Up.

    • Luigi Marinus Gaming
      Luigi Marinus Gaming 5 days ago +1

      @Authentic Crafts but what if disney movies fit into the pixar theory too

    • Authentic Crafts
      Authentic Crafts 25 days ago

      Southern Geeky I don't think Meet the Robinsons is Pixar, just Disney. But that would be cool if it did!

  • TemplePaw
    TemplePaw 28 days ago +1

    Personally I think that Onward is something Iike Threed from Earthbound

  • Ami Sugar
    Ami Sugar 28 days ago

    2:22 but hey, that's just a theory™

  • Faith Altizer
    Faith Altizer Month ago

    Mabey its the story of the rise of the machines that dosent exist on the timeline but it is a story kind of explaining the theory instead of being on the timeline

  • RikoAndres Tarroja
    RikoAndres Tarroja Month ago

    Onward is andys imagination

  • Trintard
    Trintard Month ago

    *Wrote this before watching(don't know what he'll say)
    Onward happens before Monsters Inc
    The people in onward become the monsters in monster's inc.

  • Tara Glenny
    Tara Glenny Month ago

    What if the "In times of old" part, took place slightly before Brave, and then shot forward through time to a little after the humans evacuated. Onward's setting could be an Island where all of the magical creatures evacuated to when humans found them, and built a magical barrier or shield to keep the island off of any human radar, which brings a theory that the island is in the Bermuda triangle. Each time a human came across it, they would be able to teach their ways to the magical creatures, but they wouldn't let them leave because they were scared of being hunted. They were able to evolve and stay safe of BnL pollution due to the magical barrier. The creatures didn't leave with the humans, and stayed on Earth, unable to reconnect with other things after the human evacuation, such as the evolution of cars. The two moons can be explained that, maybe there was a slow meteor that came into Earth's orbit and became a satellite. Plz don't let Onward break the Pixar theory!

  • Nyx Nightmare
    Nyx Nightmare Month ago

    Is it just me or is the island that they show in the trailer looks a lot like Neverland one

  • Devon Hayden
    Devon Hayden Month ago +1

    They missed a chance to have the van they’re sitting on be the pizza planet truck

  • Afonsim 14
    Afonsim 14 Month ago +1

    Is the pixar theory still going on? Its so ridiculous and flawed that gets me wondering on how people keep investing on it.

  • Summer Starr
    Summer Starr Month ago

    If it is another planet it would be mars since it is the only planet with two moons.

  • joshplays jtdr
    joshplays jtdr Month ago

    After walle the other ships landed on other plants when the the ship landed they hid there ship but lost it only to find out they started mutating giveing up on finding there ship and there last hope home.

  • HanLan
    HanLan Month ago

    Just relax, Onward takes place at different planet, Monsters Inc also different planet whose connects with Pixar's Earth by doors.

  • Russ n Betty Conway

    Super Carlen brothers: Is it possible that Monster Inc. is set in a parallel universe. The writers even said in one of there statements there in parallel universes and the doors allow them to travel through those universes. Since onward is on a different planet from earth it’s not quite impossible to think monsters inc takes place then.

  • Sonni
    Sonni Month ago +1

    Magic is created by Technology...

    *Fight Me*

  • SCP-001
    SCP-001 Month ago +2

    Spitball (take with a grain of salt, I'm writing this at 3:30 AM) - it is Earth. However, the fact that there are two moons mean something must have happened. Let's look at how our moon was formed. At the dawn of the Earth a massive (approx. Mars sized) asteroid hit the proto-Earth and crumbled but then recombobulated in orbit around Earth forming the moon. What if something similar happened to post monsters-inc Earth, but with a smaller asteroid as the other moon is smaller. This would cause a mass extinction, effectively restarting Earth with a new moon. "But what about the magic?" I'm glad you asked, magic is definitely real in Pixar, look at Brave. But, if it exists, there must be something there, something possibly tangible like a whil-o-whisp or the staff he's holding in the poster. On that asteroid there was an exess of this magical substance, more than Earth had before, which affected the world creating the alternate history and evolutionary track, ending in the events of Onward.
    Edit: maybe the Post-Monsters asteroid hit our moon instead and the fragments from the moon collision is what hit Earth and caused the mass extinction. This would explain why Earth's orbit isn't nocked out of the habitable (or Goldilocks) zone of our sun and why the moon appears larger, because it's closer.
    Does this make sense from a real-world physics standpoint? No, but it's a start and it's Pixar with magic, so yeah.
    Thanks for reading my nonsense spitball. Have a nice day/night/morning/afternoon/dawn/dusk/twilight/etc.

  • Shawn Dagenais
    Shawn Dagenais Month ago

    It takes place in alternate universe where fansty is everything

  • Pufan
    Pufan Month ago

    If it has two moons then it likely is on mars

  • Terry Lee Bacon
    Terry Lee Bacon Month ago

    humans get the tech to go to another dimension and end up like that in the process because earth is already super polluted