New England Patriots release Antonio Brown following rape accusation

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • The New England Patriots released Antonio Brown on Friday, just ten days after his former trainer accused him of rape in a federal lawsuit. Nike also dropped Brown. The player tweeted from the Patriots thanking them for the opportunity.

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  • Kim Bailey
    Kim Bailey 23 days ago

    Innocent until proven guilty. So much is going on in this world now, we must be vigilant. Due process everyone, and I pray for all Involved. God has his own way, he know all, he see all & he hears all.

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo 24 days ago

    Don't say Patriots again, like ever. The way you said it was 10% cringe

  • tom patterson
    tom patterson 24 days ago

    Antonio Brown has accusations against him he was not taken into to court and proven guilty is he not innocent until proven guilty then why are all these sports announcers and these other people in the news talkin like he has been found guilty when he only has accusations against them. Where did we lose our way in this country and yes the NFL does have a double standard when it comes to the black athletes and I am a fan of football and I know this. I see Kraft soliciting sex from a girl in the massage parlor still owns his NFL team they didn't take that away from them. And Donald Trump with all the accusations against him of touching women nobody's done anything to him so yes there is a double standard if you're black

  • Julio Quatro
    Julio Quatro 25 days ago

    The NFL should make AB get checked out for CTE but they won't because it's real and would prove how violent the game is thus having to pay quadruple what they make today

  • Reek
    Reek 25 days ago

    he certainly looks like a rapist

  • Matto 5000
    Matto 5000 26 days ago

    It is about time the golden franchise the standard literally condone his actions. All the players on that team were singing Praise on him when he was signed. They literally showed that they care nothing more than winning games no matter how womanizing or disgusting you act toward others. The Patriots should be ashamed of themselves

    • Reek
      Reek 25 days ago

      perhaps the Patriots have had several sweet gangrapes :)

  • Basil Rathbonez
    Basil Rathbonez 26 days ago

    I do not watch the NFL(but I like the stories) problem is all these EXPERTS....saying his career is over.....he will be on another team, eventually.....and
    that is why most NFL fans are as smart as an ...old NFL player with brain concussions..

  • Geoffrey Lane
    Geoffrey Lane 26 days ago


  • don brassco
    don brassco 26 days ago +1

    That Sucks😈

    • don brassco
      don brassco 26 days ago

      After 9 Milli Was In The Bank😠

  • Tone Capone
    Tone Capone 26 days ago

    Rape Accusations???? Are you sure that is correct News? Rape??

    • Reek
      Reek 25 days ago

      since when is rape a crime?

  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns 26 days ago

    Patriots should never have gone this down this path this guy is totally self absorbed a team killer...

    • Reek
      Reek 25 days ago

      this guy looks like a rapist

  • blessed and favorite
    blessed and favorite 26 days ago

    I dont really know much about him but if you ever get lied on you will have a whole different point of view about innocent until proven guilty.

  • Mr.OutSide Thebox
    Mr.OutSide Thebox 26 days ago +1

    He's done.🙄

  • raul rodarte
    raul rodarte 26 days ago

    Nike will cut brown but keep Kaepernick. Nike is a disgrace.

  • Christian Suleiman
    Christian Suleiman 26 days ago

    It's overdue for these dirtbags to stop getting away untouched, everyone of them needs to be in prison regardless of their "status"

  • Wisdom
    Wisdom 26 days ago

    So now Tom Brady can wipe his face and provide some advice for Antonio Brown he would probably say and this to shall pass at least he didn't deflate footballs so brutal this is a message to all make better choices and choose better friends

  • Bastard Bill
    Bastard Bill 26 days ago

    This whole story stinks of racism. I mean a black man accused of rape WTF.
    The NFL is racist sexist and homophobic. It is literally worse than Hitler.

  • 4Gentry4
    4Gentry4 26 days ago

    Just sad all around, went from 30 mil guaranteed to nothing and about to be blackballed from the league like Kapernick, with that hanging over his head!!

  • Z a p p
    Z a p p 26 days ago

    Although he’s been acting stupid these past couple months, in this case they should’ve waited until he was proven guilty.

  • Brad Petit
    Brad Petit 26 days ago

    They should cut Robert Kraft. He was accused of a sex crime.

  • Truth of Judah
    Truth of Judah 26 days ago

    It's funny to me how this Black guy has only been accused of these things but he is already presumed guilty but the White owner of this team was actually caught up in a prostitution sting where they actually nabbed him and notice you didn't hear anything and funny how everything went away very quick WOW!!!

  • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    So these women can make up stories YEARS Later smh WTF.... Now I understand why republicans are against those rape aligations against that judge

  • Ryche C
    Ryche C 26 days ago +1

    CBS = ridiculously inaccurate reporting. AB was not released due to the civil suit/rape allegations! He was released because he was told by the Patriots/BB to grow up and stay off the no-win social media merry-go-round and he couldn't. This also was not a violation of "innocent until proven guilty". The Pat's gave him that .... under the condition that he follow the Patriot Way and put the team first. He broke their contract when he sent out pictures of the 2nd accusers children. He couldn't leave it alone because he SUFFERS from narcissism. A narcissist will sink their own ship to take down anyone who challenges their fragile ego. As a Patriots fan I am very pleased that they cut him. That intimidating picture he posted would have divided the locker room. Pat's have a lot of Dads who you don't cross that line with. They didn't need him in the first place. Myers gets his well earned shot....Harry and Ben Watson are coming back.

  • Kevin Yech
    Kevin Yech 26 days ago

    No facts no evidence good job to whomever paid her to put this story out.

  • D
    D 26 days ago

    Another fool who thought he was all that and then some.

  • APJunior
    APJunior 26 days ago

    Well deserved 👋✌😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  • Bend Meover
    Bend Meover 26 days ago

    This is such crap his career is nothing now

  • Daryl Leckt
    Daryl Leckt 26 days ago +1

    a damaged reputation leaving the Steelers, and could have played for gruden, and been *THE* superstar in Oakland.
    what a maroon

  • buttgoo magoo
    buttgoo magoo 26 days ago

    So how much does it cost to rape this HO??

  • Caden Pyrlik
    Caden Pyrlik 26 days ago +1

    With this case, theres something people dont understand. People ARE innocent until proven guilty. However, that's in the eyes of the law. Corporations like the NFL and NFL teams can do whatever they want, fire whoever's they want whenever they want, for any reason they want if it hurts their brand. Last time I checked, regardless if hes guilty or not, having someone accused of raoe associated with you isnt such a good thing for any brand.

  • Raiders Husky
    Raiders Husky 26 days ago

    Getting cut faster then Anthem's road map.

  • As a matter of blackTv.

    Dumb broad went straight to a money law suit years later why not file criminal charges man these females scandalous



  • Ggo
    Ggo 26 days ago

    Here is another case of a man getting accused and found guilty in media court. The patriots should have kept him on until he had his day in court. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I was sexually assaulted, I’m going to the police, not file a civil suit to get money.

  • Solomone Moungaloa
    Solomone Moungaloa 26 days ago

    Brown, brown, brown..remember that that's the last name, not the skin color.

  • adon31997
    adon31997 26 days ago

    You can be the greatest athlete on this earth. But, if your "black" and accused of anything harsh. "They" will drop you like a bad habit!!! With ease!
    Roethlisberger was accused of rape a couple times!!! His team NEVER dropped him.....says a whole lot!!!!!!!!

  • GasconyKid
    GasconyKid 26 days ago

    I don’t get it. He raped another guy? What a disgusting animal.

  • John Pro
    John Pro 26 days ago +1

    Sadly, Brown is such a clown that he’ll probably run for US President and win!

  • Marvelous Crimson
    Marvelous Crimson 26 days ago

    Bet AB wishes he didn’t put out that karma u get back when u publicly tweet that the brain cancer death of the mother of a black woman who wasn’t even BOTHERING him was a “blood sacrifice”. Who just sacrificed his career, but HIMSELF? 🙄

  • Richard Ralph Roehl
    Richard Ralph Roehl 26 days ago

    Why would any NFL team pay a low IQ loser to be on the roster?

    • Richard Ralph Roehl
      Richard Ralph Roehl 26 days ago

      @Mr Davs
      His IMAGE is not something any NFL team wants to suffer.

    • Mr Davs
      Mr Davs 26 days ago

      Only because he's fast and can run routes and can catch a football very well. They don't care about his IQ lol

  • Larry Carter
    Larry Carter 26 days ago +1

    The NFL Madden curse is no joke. Good luck AB in your journey in life.

  • Alan Reeves
    Alan Reeves 26 days ago

    Watching the Today Show this morning I saw yet another botched chance to get to the truth go by, as did here. The lady claims to have been raped on 3 seperate occasions. How is it that no lawyer or reporter has thought to ask, "If he raped you on the first date then why did you go on a second, and again on a third after being raped on the second?" Just seems unlikely that ANY woman would do that.

  • Incorrigible Panda
    Incorrigible Panda 26 days ago +1

    So, who all is hoping he signs on your team. Rape or not, that man has talent.

  • Jef James
    Jef James 26 days ago

    Canada here I come!!!

  • Conservative American
    Conservative American 26 days ago

    Did this happen recently or in college like Justice Kavanaugh.

  • Eddie Price
    Eddie Price 26 days ago


    TRUST DA PROCESS 26 days ago


  • Mr C
    Mr C 26 days ago

    “Life comes at you fast”.

  • romeo bardales
    romeo bardales 26 days ago

    I'm calling it now ..AB it's coming to the LA RAMS

  • Robert Knapp
    Robert Knapp 26 days ago

    PoundMeToo is at it again.

  • J Pennington
    J Pennington 26 days ago

    AB is done in the NFL.
    There's not 1 team in the league who would sign him now.
    It's a shame because he's such a talented player.

  • Memory Drain
    Memory Drain 26 days ago

    Looks like Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger had a lot in common. Wonder why it didn't work out..

  • H R
    H R 26 days ago

    is there a video of him running around his backyard this time?

  • HankBlockOG
    HankBlockOG 26 days ago

    Will he still get the ring?

  • Jay laslo
    Jay laslo 26 days ago +6

    The Patriots just went from being the SuperBowl favorites to being the SuperBowl favorites.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 26 days ago

      Lol ffs

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 26 days ago


  • 12_tofu Yt
    12_tofu Yt 26 days ago

    Wow it make sense when he got that 15 million dollars contract she brings up a rape 10000%

  • J.J. Barrientes
    J.J. Barrientes 26 days ago


  • Sharette L.
    Sharette L. 26 days ago

    I'm lmao. AB conned his way to NE and it came back and bit him. Karma baby

  • Erick Rodriguez
    Erick Rodriguez 26 days ago