Tucker: Hillary spreads vicious lies about fellow Democrats

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Hillary Clinton accuses presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and former candidate Jill Stein of being 'Russian assets.' #Tucker #FoxNews
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Comments • 4 967

  • Robin18us
    Robin18us 17 hours ago

    You women are very naive if you think Hillary cares about Americans...LOL

    • Robin18us
      Robin18us 17 hours ago

      I was speaking about the woman on "The View" not women in general...just for the record

  • bigwaverider
    bigwaverider 2 days ago +1

    Hillary Clinton has never been an impressive person, We can now she that she is insane,

  • MarkMirche
    MarkMirche 2 days ago

    Who did Washington blame or talk about before the invention of RUSSIA gate?

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle 2 days ago +2

    She's a cannibal who eats her victims with hot sauce.

  • Daniel Robitaille
    Daniel Robitaille 3 days ago

    In fact what hillary is saying is american peo0les are so stupid they will believe in my statment.....what a bitc....

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 3 days ago

    Tucker you are a breath of fresh air!!

  • Todd no last name
    Todd no last name 5 days ago

    Hillary is senile. I was just watching a 2016 video where they suggested she had a minor stroke. And she was not looking well in all the shots of her; looks healthier now. Hopefully, her handlers keep her from throwing her hat back into the ring.

  • Grey Jay
    Grey Jay 5 days ago +1

    It was a close call, wasn't it? We almost had Hillary sitting in the oval office. A nightmare not to be imagined.

  • Brett_Kendrick
    Brett_Kendrick 5 days ago +1

    Guess Hillary really does have a brain injury.

  • Jared Karbassi
    Jared Karbassi 5 days ago

    Love ur show Tucker...

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown 6 days ago

    I just realized that I have never denied that I'm a Russian asset...oh no...I'm a Russian asset

  • Shaun Mantell
    Shaun Mantell 6 days ago

    Ney York Times reported Hillary didn't say that,srsly.

    • Daniel Robitaille
      Daniel Robitaille 3 days ago

      Remember chris cuomo quote "it's illegal for you to have wikileak info only us can you take your infos from us the npmedias").. lol what a prick

    • Daniel Robitaille
      Daniel Robitaille 3 days ago

      Hope you dont read or listen mainstream medias those puppet are paid to manipulated peoples opinion

  • Henry Bergman
    Henry Bergman 6 days ago

    To have a lot of respect for Hillary says a lot about who you are

  • Karen Tippets
    Karen Tippets 7 days ago

    Hilary is delusional and has apparenatly gone off her meds to make such remarks. Wish she'd just go away before they lock her up for her own protection.

  • Paula Nuss
    Paula Nuss 7 days ago

    TULSI FOR PRESIDENT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Janine Russo
    Janine Russo 8 days ago

    Desolation Angel 101, you are so right ! Keep going , well said !

  • R Leb
    R Leb 8 days ago +1

    Demonrats party is soon to be disbanded

  • K’iin Yuum
    K’iin Yuum 9 days ago +5

    The only candidate that looks and acts presidential is Tulsi.

  • Raymond Babcock
    Raymond Babcock 9 days ago

    Hillary Clinton has gotten used to being the center of attention. To not have the world at her beck and call is the end of the world.

  • Wandering Free
    Wandering Free 9 days ago

    Hillamonster is a loose Cannon and will see justice eventually

  • adgeer1
    adgeer1 9 days ago

    Russia probably has something on Hillary.She might just be a Russian asset!

  • oldedude51
    oldedude51 9 days ago

    David Frum's comment is straight out of the "Malleus Maleficarum" ("The Hammer of Witches" - kind of the instruction manual for witch hunters in the 17th C.). If the subject admits that she believes in witches, she must be a witch, to have such knowledge, BUT, if she denies that there are such things as witches, then she must be a witch because she is contradicting Church doctrine... The only way you could prove your innocence was to be bound and tossed into a deep pond. If you sank (and, incidentally, drowned), then you were innocent of witchcraft, but if you floated to the surface, you were obviously a witch. This is how the Left thinks - and, increasingly how ALL Democrats think. They have been so polluted by the necessity of supporting the likes of the Clintons and their crooked cronies, that they now believe it is acceptable and anyone who doesn't buy into their perverted doctrines must be punished. I don't agree with much of what Tulsi Gabbard proposes, but she seems reasonably rational and principled. She also seems to be increasingly isolated within her own Party and one wonders why she doesn't see it.

  • wesley marvicsin
    wesley marvicsin 10 days ago

    honer among thieves, that is how the Clintons thank their supporters. If I were Putin I would want Hillery for pres. instead 0f Trump that I could buy America.

  • Reynaldo Montero
    Reynaldo Montero 10 days ago

    HILLARY CLINTON is a very sick , sick individual !!!!! . she SHOULD HAVE BEEN COMMITTED , LONG TIME AGO . !!!! A FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST !!!! 🤪😱🤔

  • mosesmoses2000
    mosesmoses2000 12 days ago +1


  • chaimaa baaloudj
    chaimaa baaloudj 12 days ago

    bill maher use tucker as his go to joke at every chance he has and he makes more scense then bill ever did let's see how he will be able to defend haillray or the dems this time

  • chaimaa baaloudj
    chaimaa baaloudj 12 days ago

    hillary is the reason ypu are stuck with trump poeple hate her so much they prefered an orange rappiest over her

  • BrandonSeattle
    BrandonSeattle 13 days ago

    Hillary may have a point.
    there's something about Tulsi that's not right.
    It looks like she's hiding something.
    Clinton is the real president.

  • Stanley Hudson
    Stanley Hudson 14 days ago +1

    🔴 Ivan Drago
    Russian Asset?
    Ask: Rocky Balboa

  • Josh Gorman
    Josh Gorman 14 days ago

    Vote for Tulsi
    She doesn't need to deny it, she has
    Proven it's a ridiculous claim and is beneath her to even comment

  • Linda Mueller
    Linda Mueller 15 days ago

    I would think Hillary is a Russian spy

  • Weldon Peterson
    Weldon Peterson 15 days ago +1

    this woman is a delusional narcissist and pathological liar, Should be in prison for multiple felonies period! Go to hell

  • rdgtxs
    rdgtxs 16 days ago +2

    Careful Tucker. Going after Hillary, you may end up “killing yourself”.

  • dragonfly
    dragonfly 17 days ago

    go to teespring .com and buy a trumpy tshirt to support trump listed under willieblack store and get one

  • looperant
    looperant 18 days ago

    Clinton looks like a scary joker

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez 18 days ago


  • Stephen Prewoznik
    Stephen Prewoznik 20 days ago +1

    How do you KNOW that Hillary (within the DNC) is not accurate on this issue?

  • Robert Phillips
    Robert Phillips 22 days ago

    Tucker are you worried about your career if you report honest news do you have an iron clad contract?

  • Jeff Easlick
    Jeff Easlick 22 days ago +1

    Hillary is projecting as usual. She accuses others of being all the things she actually is.

  • John Abramyan
    John Abramyan 22 days ago

    Let the one without sin cast the first stone. Mr. Trump won in 2016 and Ms. Clinton lost presidential elections, twice. Of course she is frustrated.
    Its time to move on. By the way, I appreciate Ms Clinton's life long service for this country. Its just that it is Mr Trumps time to continue the great works he is doing. I can understand her frustrations. She feels like not receiving the due respect and rewards, yet all she hears is blames, blames and more blames. Its very unnerving when you work for decades expecting a promotion, yet dozens of "less" worthy come and go and you are being set aside.I have been there, so I share the pain. It's just that Mr Trump is worthy, and is doing such a great job, and jointing him will work for this Country much better than setting obstacles and roadblocks in front of him. Something to think about. After all its this countries well being that you are both thinking about, aren't you?

  • Pat Garrett
    Pat Garrett 24 days ago

    Of course, they have to disparage their opponents until only 1 is left! They will have quite a job defending all her traits, lying, cheating, name calling, dealing with little details like e-mails, equipment, leaking classified material, etc, etc, etc!
    Her campaign is primarily defending herself against HER PERSONAL RECORDS, IF THEY CAN EVER LOCATE THEM WHERE SHE HAS HIDDEN , OR DESTROYED THEM!
    And, if you were named in any of her books explaining why she lost, You had better have a VERY GOOD SELF PROTECTION SYSTEM because there is quite a long trail of dead bodies following her , from Arksnsas to WASHINGTON, and as things heat up , it will get longer, she doesn't play fair, SHE PLAYS FOR KEEPS!,

  • Birgitt Fastwalker
    Birgitt Fastwalker 24 days ago

    Oh Tucker, what are we doing with those evil and hateful people ? Or are they just plain stupid ?

  • Chris M
    Chris M 24 days ago

    Hillary and Bill was the Russian assistant.

  • Stefan Adamcik
    Stefan Adamcik 25 days ago

    Saying that Clinton has legitimacy because she was the Sec State is circular logic at best. She got in there and subverted that organization, making it into her personal political tool. The DoS is still trying to root out her maniacal followers and cleanse itself. She did a ton of damage to our nation's diplomatic arm.

  • Deborah Wood
    Deborah Wood 25 days ago

    Stop giving Hell-ary press until her arrest for treason. She is not worth the electricity to watch her

  • Very proud AMERICAN
    Very proud AMERICAN 25 days ago

    What I have noticed is when Clinton starts talking about others doing anything wrong she is the one who is actually doing the wrong! CLINTON is the one that is the Russians butt buddy. Why do you think she went to such extremes to hide her emails?!

  • Chris Hawn
    Chris Hawn 25 days ago

    i just wonder when gabbard is switching to the republican party. after all you can only take so many daggers in your back from your fellow supposed dumbocrook friends. just sayin.

  • Chris Hawn
    Chris Hawn 25 days ago

    Hill-Billy has never denied being a russki asset? It's hard to deny what you are, huh hill-Billy.

  • simba1
    simba1 26 days ago

    Both Smelly Hillary and Slick Willie are Chinese assets.

  • Matte Syl
    Matte Syl 26 days ago

    Why does anyone listen to anything this senial, envious, old angry bat, has to say. I honestly think she has dementia.

  • Dai Stoke
    Dai Stoke 26 days ago

    How much exactly did the Clinton foundation and the Clinton's themselves received from China. Russia's worst enemy, bought and paid for the Clinton's.

  • KassperT
    KassperT 26 days ago

    I'm passing out party hats when she dies.

    • Kevin Ronske
      Kevin Ronske 26 days ago

      Bill looks like he has a bad ticker.

  • Jimmy Goode
    Jimmy Goode 27 days ago

    As a Bernie and tulsi supporter, I respect tucker Carlson on a lot of things

  • Estella Davis
    Estella Davis 27 days ago

    Stop talking about Hillary Clinton. The president, Donald Trump, has just spoken in the city of Monroe, Louisiana where there was the Rose Law Firm and is still a defunct location in the city of Monroe. Stop talking about Hillary Clinton, she does nothing that former president Bill Clinton does not cover, entirely. She is Bill Clinton's wife first and foremost.

  • J Reifsnyder
    J Reifsnyder 27 days ago

    Tulsi is the only sane one running for President as a Democrat and it confuses the heck out of them so they think she's a Russian asset to square it in their minds

  • wakeup
    wakeup 27 days ago


  • Jackson Blaze
    Jackson Blaze 27 days ago

    Julian Castro being the political chicken that he is. You can't complain about the big boss or you will wind up with cement overshoes or a Russian asset.

  • Sauron Merciful
    Sauron Merciful 27 days ago

    Its very suspicious how tucker Carlson cares so much about a democrat candidate. Considering fox news is clearly a russian mouthpiece, its officially the most watched foreign network in Russia

    • seth hamby
      seth hamby 24 days ago

      What a Stupid fool you are.

  • bob f
    bob f 27 days ago

    Hillary does indeed know a lot about what a traitor really is....Ain't that right Hillary.

  • Christopher Sandidge
    Christopher Sandidge 28 days ago

    It takes a traitor to know a traitor.