Democratic Debate: The Biggest Moments From Nevada | TIME

  • Published on Feb 19, 2020
  • Six Democratic presidential candidates faced off just days before the Feb. 22 Nevada caucuses.
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    Democratic Debate: The Biggest Moments From Nevada

Comments • 100

  • may.bemegan
    may.bemegan 3 months ago

    "Maybe they didn't like a joke I told" And that warranted the signing of a nondisclosure agreement?? I don't think so

  • Bob Palm
    Bob Palm 3 months ago

    How the hell did any of these candidates get to public office......Tell me how you are going to run this country,stop with the bullshit,stop with the name calling,stop bashing Trump, are you gonna make it better?!!!!..........aaaaaa duuuhhh.....they have no idea. TRUMP 2020 is happening if this is all the Dems have to offer

  • C4st Gump
    C4st Gump 3 months ago

    Warren roasted Amy so hard at 1:06

  • Savanah Cagley
    Savanah Cagley 3 months ago

    What were the women yelling at the end while Biden was talking? Anyone know?

  • Devan Arrandale
    Devan Arrandale 3 months ago

    The worst president we’ve ever had? Ha that’s funny you dumb ass

  • Donovan Gordon
    Donovan Gordon 3 months ago

    Wow this who democrats support?

  • Cliff M
    Cliff M 3 months ago

    "EVERYTHING they did in the debate is just CHAOS, NO substance at all, and it was a CLOWN show"
    Have a great day to y'all

  • Drake Valiance
    Drake Valiance 3 months ago

    BATTLE ROYAL! (Democrat Edition)

  • spooky foo
    spooky foo 3 months ago

    yo wtf is this, straight fuckin joke, lets abolish this style of govt, these mfs are treated like kings and queens

  • Turtle World
    Turtle World 3 months ago

    Bernie you need to stop the lying. The Trump economy has the American people with a extra 10.000 dollars a year extra in just a very short time compared to Obama who destroyed our economy just like you would do you lying creep. Also those same billionaires you speck of own you just like all you other career politicians. Bernie total fraud 2020

  • Zander 2452
    Zander 2452 3 months ago

    This is why Trump is going to be president again.......

  • LavaringX
    LavaringX 3 months ago

    Anytime somebody brings up Bernie's three houses, I think of Fire Emblem.

  • Chris Revol
    Chris Revol 3 months ago

    Lol these candidates are all snakes, going after each other and praising themselves...

  • Kid Pistol 27
    Kid Pistol 27 3 months ago +1

    Mike Bloomberg is about as exciting as getting a root canal

  • Thndr_
    Thndr_ 3 months ago

    "The worst president we've ever had" yeah because people like Martin Van Buren and Woodrow Wilson didn't happen.

    • swineherd
      swineherd 3 months ago

      What was so bad about Van Buren?

  • Raoul Gonzalez-Morris
    Raoul Gonzalez-Morris 3 months ago

    Je, je, je,... No te preocupes, mi querido Seneca, y tú también Petronio,.. AL PUEBLO DADLE PAN Y CIRCO.. y así estará,je,je..

  • Bob Novac
    Bob Novac 3 months ago

    Trump is the greatest president we have ever had Obama was terrible!

  • B D B
    B D B 3 months ago

    The greatest Trump ad ever

  • Douglas Waideman
    Douglas Waideman 3 months ago

    I lived to see America take a socialist seriously ... what a shame

  • Domenick Alexander
    Domenick Alexander 3 months ago


  • Carlos Zheng
    Carlos Zheng 3 months ago

    Now I think trump is better than them... Why they so mean? Divided party.

  • Carlos Zheng
    Carlos Zheng 3 months ago

    Terrible persons hurting each other. A future of Democrazy.

  • Peet
    Peet 3 months ago

    they all look dead except bernie looks heated he CARES

  • Nathaniel Bowden
    Nathaniel Bowden 3 months ago

    Never seen a debate so entertaining like Roasting and so many indirect 💩 on each other 😯

  • Green Marble
    Green Marble 3 months ago

    Bernie has 3 houses?

  • Bon Chance
    Bon Chance 3 months ago +1

    with Democrats its all about *POWER*

  • Bon Chance
    Bon Chance 3 months ago

    with Democrats its all about *POWER*

  • Dj Fer
    Dj Fer 3 months ago

    don't be shy put some more

  • Harry Jun
    Harry Jun 3 months ago

    What was the crowd saying at the end

  • CLUTCHgene
    CLUTCHgene 3 months ago

    Bloomberg realizing that he’s not as clever as trump

  • David Gilpin
    David Gilpin 3 months ago

    The Dumocrap candidate, whomever that may be, is definitely going to feel the burn come November. Trump is going to smoke them by a landslide. This has got to be the worst group of candidates I have ever seen. If this is the best and brightest the Party can muster, they are screwed, and we will be blessed with four more years of prosperity and growth.

  • Terry Russel
    Terry Russel 3 months ago

    What more could We the People ask for or expect from this high school click rumble ?
    I don't care who you are, that's worth three chuckles and a hearty gaa-pha !

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 3 months ago

    DNC is going to rig the Nevada caucus vote. They rigged it in 2016 against Bernie,

  • Frank Underwood
    Frank Underwood 3 months ago

    This is all of the voices running around in Nancy Pelosi's head, that's why she looks like she don't know come here from sickem!

  • Dude Man
    Dude Man 3 months ago

    Trump is helping great companies like stock symbol: ALPP, ALpine 4 Inc to bring manufacturing and technology jobs back to the USA

  • james Lidderd
    james Lidderd 3 months ago

    Trump is going to wipe the floor with who ever is the winner amongst these clowns

  • Master Ali
    Master Ali 3 months ago

    4:29 I actually felt bad for him there.


  • Ghaura Mahabaduge
    Ghaura Mahabaduge 3 months ago

    Democrats are very stupid sometimes They are helping re -electing the worst president ever again

  • drockjr
    drockjr 3 months ago

    I liked Obama.
    But goddamn Biden, let him go

  • BZ strruvver
    BZ strruvver 3 months ago

    Elizabeth Warren is so annoying, this bitch cant be president

  • Darren Frey
    Darren Frey 3 months ago

    Logic would say to go after Bernie since he's the FrontRunner but I guess that's why nobody really went after him at all. It's only stating we replace an idiot with another idiot.

  • Darren Frey
    Darren Frey 3 months ago

    I'm calling it now, by the year 2028, the presidential election will be decided by a hunger games-style fight to the death. That would actually be far more entertaining.

  • Ol' Ben
    Ol' Ben 3 months ago +2

    Damn, Bernie wasn’t taking any prisoners. Hope his ticker holds up.

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb 3 months ago

    The Democrats right in front of your face are calling Americans idiots dumb as a rock with these new Democratic lying Russian assertions.
    Should look at Bernie, he loves Russia and spent his Honeymoon there and various vacations thereafter.
    Democrats and Bernie who helped broker Uranium 1 practically giving Russia Nuclear weapons material.
    And Congress refuses to investigate. Hello?

  • Alber P.
    Alber P. 3 months ago

    4:30 The moment Biden realized he should have been a republican in his career

  • Falconhead
    Falconhead 3 months ago


  • The Caballero Gris
    The Caballero Gris 3 months ago

    No sé inglés 🥺

  • margi cates
    margi cates 3 months ago

    😍WARREN 😍

  • richardpaiva1
    richardpaiva1 3 months ago

    None of these amateurs can beat Trump in a debate.

  • Poor Man's Outdoors.
    Poor Man's Outdoors. 3 months ago

    All these candidates are clowns. Lol. Dem liars. Lol

  • crzysingledadintx
    crzysingledadintx 3 months ago

    I want to hear that joke Doomberg was talking about!

  • crzysingledadintx
    crzysingledadintx 3 months ago

    WTF, Danny Devito is supporting Bernie Sanders? Wow. doesn't really surprise me though.

  • Eve
    Eve 3 months ago

    Warren came to Vet these candidates since main stream media can’t seem to !!!

  • Biebersgurl17
    Biebersgurl17 3 months ago +8

    “Maybe they didn’t like a joke I told”

    • swineherd
      swineherd 3 months ago +1

      Like that time an employee of yours informed you about her pregnancy, and you responded "Kill it?" What a hilarious joke, Bloomberg! /s

  • Claudia Santiago
    Claudia Santiago 3 months ago

    Joe Biden's nose is too small for his face.

  • Kcbg
    Kcbg 3 months ago

    Nobody will vote for Bloomberg once they watch his debate performances. He turns into a victim. Never survive international politics.

  • Lisa Brockway
    Lisa Brockway 3 months ago

    Bloomberg, you've been warned by Warren...let those women speak!

  • Sajjad Channar
    Sajjad Channar 3 months ago

    Next President is Bernie Sanders -

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 3 months ago +1

    When I turned on debate i really truly swore it was Saturday night live skit 🤪 until I looked at the clock..then I realized how ignorantly hilarious these clowns all was and nobody was taken all these clowns serious at all..🤭🤭😂😂🤣🤣🤪🤷‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️🤪

  • hammerman47
    hammerman47 3 months ago +1

    What a bunch of phony actors, not one of them has any idea how to run a debate with the hands up like school children in a me, me, me choose me action... and they want to be President of the United States ... lord help us.... vote Trump 2020 and keep the communist out.

  • Darren Farr
    Darren Farr 3 months ago

    Send Mayor Pete the way of Studebaker Corporation of S. Bend, Indiana. Make him also defunct. Happy motoring, Mr. Mayor.

  • Darren Farr
    Darren Farr 3 months ago

    Stop and frisk actually worked.

  • Darren Farr
    Darren Farr 3 months ago

    Fat broads and horse face lesbians? Ha ha ha ha

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    the single best comedy Hollywood has come up with in decades....the D-party

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones 3 months ago

    Mike Doomberg got handled lol

  • Scott Gossett
    Scott Gossett 3 months ago

    Wow. They all did each other in. Lol! They say trump was the winner of the past debates... trump truly was the winner of this one. Trump n warren

  • luv2rideaz3msn
    luv2rideaz3msn 3 months ago

    No one with a fully functioning brain would vote for Democrats

  • luv2rideaz3msn
    luv2rideaz3msn 3 months ago

    F.u Danny you know your exempt from socialism

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey
    Jeffrey Jeffrey 3 months ago

    Why was the full debate posted this morning, but as I watched it became a private video and even on yt tv i cant see a recording of the full show, but can only now see edited clips? I can still watch Sharks games from a while back?

  • Mr. perfect the only one

    ALL of you are garbage!!! And you Michael Bloomberg , Trump is the worst President ever!!!??????? Keep taking like that and you piece of garbage and you will get maybe 2 votes. You said that you will spend 2 billion dollars for advertising . We all know that NO nominee not from the left and for sure not you have any plan how to run this country because Trump ALREADY brought America back!! The ONLY idea you all have is Trump is no good for America and you moron piece of shit you are saying that Trump ids the worst President ever, of course he is if you watching the fake media, Hi Mike you have NO CHANCE!!

  • Sunshine97
    Sunshine97 3 months ago

    Bloomberg is centrist and selfmaid ! I value people who self made! Most massages I hear from democrats is extreme left. Country need not sex symbol type , but a smart person with real result of doing something!! I don’t know, choice is very difficult to me.. but trump is turning America in outlaw territory .. we must save America for future and for kids
    Trump only see future for trump family bank acct

  • Stephen Beans
    Stephen Beans 3 months ago

    Well looks like Trump 4 more years

  • Dan Owczarzak
    Dan Owczarzak 3 months ago


  • Joy Hu
    Joy Hu 3 months ago

    Lol before this video played, there was a Bloomberg ad

  • Eddie Loius
    Eddie Loius 3 months ago

    Joe "bite me" Biden

  • Robin L
    Robin L 3 months ago

    All shit heads!

  • Toren Snyder
    Toren Snyder 3 months ago +2

    DAMN! Bloomberg got absolutely destroyed last night

  • Toren Snyder
    Toren Snyder 3 months ago +1

    Amy Klobuchar looks like an arrogant donkey

  • Toren Snyder
    Toren Snyder 3 months ago +1

    Bloomberg looks like he wants to disappear

  • Toren Snyder
    Toren Snyder 3 months ago +1

    Bloomberg looks like a depressed fish

  • E MP
    E MP 3 months ago

    BERNIE 2020 !!! Time to tackle INEQUALITY, CLIMATE CHANGE, CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM, and HEALTHCARE !! Bernie is the man with the plan. VOTE, CANVAS - Please do your part !! No more billionaires funding our politicians in an endless cycle of corruption !!

    Bernie and Warren did so great :D

  • griff
    griff 3 months ago +1

    A bunch of super rich clowns arguing with each other. It would be great to have presidents like George Washington again.

  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers 3 months ago

    I like Bloomberg

  • bryan b
    bryan b 3 months ago

    The biggest moment by far was the one MSNBC CUT OUT! It was about how all the candidates except Bernie believed the person with the most delegates doesn't necessarily mean they should win. How undemocratic and authoritarian. They don't believe in democracy they believe the elites should override the will of the people. This should be the biggest news in the country.

  • Delong Tsway
    Delong Tsway 3 months ago

    OHh wow Warren! SHOTS! FIRED!

  • M Dillon
    M Dillon 3 months ago

    Anyone is BETTER than listening to DOUCHEBAG DONALD!

    MICHAEL DAVIS 3 months ago


  • Cynthia Sanfilippo
    Cynthia Sanfilippo 3 months ago

    No you cannot win! You won't win! Trump2020!

  • D Summer
    D Summer 3 months ago

    Apart from Bernie the rest are all traitors. Trump 2020

  • D Summer
    D Summer 3 months ago

    Bye bye Bloomberg lol

  • bivio1
    bivio1 3 months ago

    I always thought according to the constitution you have to be 35 yrs old. So why is there a 14 yr teenager running for president?

  • bivio1
    bivio1 3 months ago

  • Brian Wurch
    Brian Wurch 3 months ago

    Brokered Convention, 5th ballot Bloomberg with Hillary VP, ..2024 Madame Cyberhack has chance. If Bloomberg wins, he steps down for health reasons. The dems will cheat in every city. Voter fraud, people who moved decade ago, or claiming benefits using fake address. Milwaukee Madison 230,000 fake names the dems are fighting to keep until 2021. Its the government workers who are party loyalist above country. Term limits for un elected government workers! The fake ballots all democrat, like test run in 2018 when they won every close election, remember? Democrat ballots filled out signed, bagged and ready to be entered undetectable into the stream. If Trump survives 2020 with Republican Congress, remove propagandists at universities, news media, and hopefully public schools. PBS, NPR to be house cleaned, pro capitalism installed from Midwest.Pocohontas is first woman of color at Harvard. Obvious liar. "Rodger Stone Treatment" will come to mean dawn raids by armoured SWAT teams.

  • Never 2bknown
    Never 2bknown 3 months ago

    I'm just Lol, This can't possibly be the best and the brightest the left has to offer?

  • Banzai Buckeroo
    Banzai Buckeroo 3 months ago

    pack of idiots. who was the stupidest?

  • SDreher58
    SDreher58 3 months ago

    Still love the bumper sticker from 2016. Don't feel the Bern, Feel the Johnson (Johnson/ Weld 2016)

  • 2Truth4Liberty
    2Truth4Liberty 3 months ago

    Where can I find the FULL DEBATE? It must be hilarious.

  • Sam Kim
    Sam Kim 3 months ago

    No representative of the elites should be the candidate. Warren seems to be the best of potential candidates because she talks about protecting average people and she seems to realize the elite's monopoly of wealth should be somehow slowed down and reversed if possible at all. Also, it's about time USA gets a female president.

  • LoJo Man
    LoJo Man 3 months ago

    These people... Its so dumb

  • Devin
    Devin 3 months ago

    What amazes me is how anybody could support and vote for any of these fools. After this clown show, even the Democrats are starting to realize that none of them have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Donald Trump. I could’ve told them that a long time ago.