Can ANYONE name a single character from the movie Avatar?

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 12 951

  • Doctor SeventySixSixtyThree

    Jake Sully
    Dr. Augustine
    Colonel Miles
    Norm Spellman
    PVT Fike
    Dr. Max

  • GamerKing0504
    GamerKing0504 Day ago

    *Question Boiz*

  • WashiestDrop198
    WashiestDrop198 2 days ago

    5:04 My mans was crushing hard on Claire lmao

  • no Name
    no Name 3 days ago +1

    I need more of these three, make a podcast I beg

  • Aubreydrow Sithlord
    Aubreydrow Sithlord 3 days ago

    Maybe try asking people who were actually old enough to see the movie....

  • ramendreamz
    ramendreamz 3 days ago

    “can you name one character from avatar?”
    “jesus christ”

  • Weirdo Reborn
    Weirdo Reborn 3 days ago

    2:20 not really all that wide but people need to stop trying to become homeless while making Endgame the highest grosser

  • reddalmatian
    reddalmatian 4 days ago

    Aaaahhhh yes my favourite avatar character ... Jesus Christ

  • p00py fart
    p00py fart 5 days ago

    jacksfilms went to GTA V wow

  • Kuswanto Lim
    Kuswanto Lim 6 days ago

    Lol.. so whats the point? Comic character have been around for years. Well try to name a character from jurrasic world or gone with the wind. I dont even remember the character from black panther, the african name.

  • Crab Apple
    Crab Apple 6 days ago

    I just found out that one of my friends is a huge fan of Avatar. So apparently those kind of people do exist

  • Zury Kowski
    Zury Kowski 9 days ago

    6:28 Name on character from Avatar

  • Leandra Merkenich
    Leandra Merkenich 9 days ago

    5:50 is that aksel?

  • Mirtsu
    Mirtsu 11 days ago

    Jack is short

  • Alined alined
    Alined alined 11 days ago

    I need more question boys. y'all needs Jesus

  • Miia Lamia
    Miia Lamia 12 days ago

    For some reason I can just barely name Neytiri and it's only because of Jenny Nicholson's disneyland video.
    Jesus christ Avatar sucks.

  • TheDippingSauce
    TheDippingSauce 12 days ago


  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs 13 days ago

    Still the highest grossing movie ever.

  • dessnom
    dessnom 14 days ago


  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 15 days ago

    Jake sully. I don’t know why I remember this but I remember jake sully

    • Elon Musk
      Elon Musk 15 days ago

      I was 7 when avatar came out and generally speaking I don’t remember anything before the age of 9 so it’s frankly amazing that I remember his name

  • Mr Oculus
    Mr Oculus 16 days ago


  • Happy Fakeboulder
    Happy Fakeboulder 16 days ago

    i really like 7:16 to 7:23

  • Happy Fakeboulder
    Happy Fakeboulder 16 days ago

    tHeY'rE bLuE aNd tHeY hAvE nIcE bOdIeS

  • Mario F Sánchez
    Mario F Sánchez 16 days ago

    I know the leading characters are named Jake Sully and Neytiry, not because I like Avatar but because I'm good to remember useless data while I always forget important stuff, like my mother's birthday or my email password.

  • Orochi_the_eight_headed Dragon

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      Orochi_the_eight_headed Dragon 18 days ago

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    • Orochi_the_eight_headed Dragon
      Orochi_the_eight_headed Dragon 18 days ago

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    • Orochi_the_eight_headed Dragon
      Orochi_the_eight_headed Dragon 18 days ago

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  • 'M'ake Something
    'M'ake Something 19 days ago


  • Jazzy Fortitude
    Jazzy Fortitude 21 day ago

    In Avatar’s defense, names like mo’at and neytiri aren’t going to stick. And I think the guy who said jake should have counted because you gave people hulk and yoda

  • boom burst the sin of greed

    Jake where is my money where is my money where is it?

  • DrTre __
    DrTre __ 22 days ago +1

    Jack- Name a character from avatar.
    Me- Zoe zaldana

  • Gonzalo Vazquez Avila
    Gonzalo Vazquez Avila 22 days ago

    The blond guy said Jake!

  • Gonzalo Vazquez Avila
    Gonzalo Vazquez Avila 22 days ago

    The main was something Sullivan something

  • P W
    P W 22 days ago +1

    How to completely destroy a movies relevance.

  • iGo4it
    iGo4it 22 days ago +1

    Arent any memes about it😐

  • The Science Lab
    The Science Lab 23 days ago +1

    "can you name a character from Avatar?"
    Me: How about we talk about ATLA instead

  • CodytheNerd
    CodytheNerd 23 days ago

    What I can't just give Claire 10 bucks? You're an asshole, Jack. I love Erik more than I love myself.

  • djevecjslfbfjekdkf
    djevecjslfbfjekdkf 24 days ago

    Only character i know from avatar is avatar

  • rocky_gourmand
    rocky_gourmand 24 days ago

    HUZZAH!! A man of quality!

    TECHNICAL SLAYER 25 days ago

    Lol no there everyone can name avengers because they make counstintly movies for them

  • justicecaparros
    justicecaparros 25 days ago +1

    8:01 i hate that guy

  • maymayman
    maymayman 25 days ago

    Everyone knows jake sooly

  • OSD
    OSD 25 days ago +1

    This just cements my theory that people only watched/thought it was so great because it simply "DAT LOOK GOOD". I'd ask people what the movie was about and they'd be dumbfounded because they weren't really paying attention to the story.

  • Soulja
    Soulja 26 days ago +1

    jacks films looks like such a dad

  • DearTheodoisa
    DearTheodoisa 26 days ago +1

    I found an Avatar character Neytiri

  • Sam Conley
    Sam Conley 26 days ago

    A character from the movie Avatar? James Cameron.

  • Yung Shaggy
    Yung Shaggy 27 days ago

    Eric is such a chad

  • Dogu Simsek
    Dogu Simsek 28 days ago

    “Name a character from Avatar.”
    *They got us in the last half, not gonna lie*

  • Raven Law
    Raven Law 29 days ago

    i told my gf about this video and she named 2 main characters without a stutter what the fuck

  • baconboi
    baconboi 29 days ago

    if i was here i would say anng (angg?)

  • Stellar Pizza
    Stellar Pizza 29 days ago

    I know one :sonic

  • Nintendozilla98
    Nintendozilla98 Month ago

    So this is how that stupid argument against Avatar that I've been seeing all over Twitter started? Fucking wow.

  • Munchodo
    Munchodo Month ago


  • nerdygmr5
    nerdygmr5 Month ago

    *J E S U S C H R I S T*

  • The Animated Sandwich
    The Animated Sandwich Month ago +2

    Technically, Jesus Christ was an Avatar.
    *Give that woman her 5 bucks.*

  • MonsterG
    MonsterG Month ago

    If we are talking about the original avengers then spiderman is not one of them.

  • Axel’s Arkiv
    Axel’s Arkiv Month ago

    Star Rrrr: the sky

  • Max Grabl
    Max Grabl Month ago

    I actually really dislike Avatar and I haven't even seen it since it came out but I still remember Jake Sully and Neytiri. I do agree with the message you are trying to promote tho.

  • The Woofies
    The Woofies Month ago


  • Bee Flat
    Bee Flat Month ago

    In today's culture, if Avatar were part of a larger series then people would definitely be able to name characters.

  • Noobslayer 69
    Noobslayer 69 Month ago

    am i the only one who noticed how over exposed the video is

  • louve
    louve Month ago

    everyone has forgotten my girl neytiri

  • PJ's Animated Shenanigans

    Not for long

  • R14N4 CRY574L
    R14N4 CRY574L Month ago +1

    6:29 *Jesus Christ*
    I feel like she won-

  • Idiot on the internet.

    So did the girl who said jesus christ get the money or.....

  • Bonnor Thecat
    Bonnor Thecat Month ago


  • Tom Moozack
    Tom Moozack Month ago

    James Cameron

  • Lorena Martinez
    Lorena Martinez Month ago


  • Five O’Clock
    Five O’Clock Month ago

    my dumbass really thought “aang” when i read the title

  • 43 Keem
    43 Keem Month ago +1

    So happy there was at least one person that thought it was avatar the last airbender

  • Pastellia Draws
    Pastellia Draws Month ago

    this is so sad

  • Angel Shorlp
    Angel Shorlp Month ago

    The only name I know is Jake XD

  • chimichurri pawa
    chimichurri pawa Month ago +1

    Jesus christ is my actor ✝

  • Ahmad Niaz Rahman
    Ahmad Niaz Rahman Month ago

    Thanks for addressing this. It's been bugging me for so long : how the hell Avatar made that much money? Who watched it?

  • Xhimes
    Xhimes Month ago

    jaCK SULYY

  • Kavin P
    Kavin P Month ago

    I did this at my school, out of 25 people interviewed only one could name jake sully.

  • holy crap
    holy crap Month ago

    i forgot this movie existed.

  • Nekrotix
    Nekrotix Month ago

    Blue Pocahontas, gimme $10

  • Thejollyjujube
    Thejollyjujube Month ago +7

    P E R F E C T

  • amazing jake
    amazing jake Month ago

    I new the main character's name it's Jacob

  • EnchantedOcelot
    EnchantedOcelot Month ago

    do the banshees count?

  • Gouji Pie
    Gouji Pie Month ago

    What the heck did jacks voice break at around 8:15 jesus

  • Faith Church
    Faith Church Month ago


  • Brenna Christensen
    Brenna Christensen Month ago

    I totally thought that the two other guys besides Jack were one person. Mind is blown.

  • ShadowWolf
    ShadowWolf Month ago

    Jake.. erm. That’s it, that’s all I remember!

  • Julian Kohl
    Julian Kohl Month ago

    A bit of a silly question tbh. Avengers and Star Wars are huge franchises that have been around for a while and both have a lot of movies. Avatar was a single film. I bet if you asked people if they could name a single character from the Shawshank Redemption, the Godfather, Schindler's List(not Oscar Schindler or Inception very few could name one either even though those are some of the highest rated films.
    I wanted to make the same point with another film from the list of the highest grossing films but the top 50 are all either big franchises or stories as old as time. Couldn't be bothered to go further down the list.

  • Nino Ciampa
    Nino Ciampa Month ago

    6:29 That woman is a legend

  • Noah Kelly
    Noah Kelly Month ago

    Jake Suuuuuuuully

  • bruh
    bruh Month ago

    f in the chat for hawkeye lmao

  • xd Adin
    xd Adin Month ago

    6:29 Jesus Christ 😂😂😂

  • Joseph Mathews
    Joseph Mathews Month ago

    This is legitimate proof that James Cameron made a deal with Satan to make the movie the top-grossing movie of all time

  • miss mochiii
    miss mochiii Month ago +1

    *_blue person_*

  • Impasta
    Impasta Month ago +1

    i watched the movie this morning and i can’t even remember the main characters’ name

  • Nanto Kouga
    Nanto Kouga Month ago

    Thoruq makto

  • Hello
    Hello Month ago +139

    but... did u know that James Cameron came up with the idea for Avatar in a dream after seeing the blue man group perform??

    • roselime.1345
      roselime.1345 9 days ago

      @Isabel no problem

    • Isabel
      Isabel 9 days ago

      roselime.1345 yeah I know, thanks for pointing out my mistake though :)

    • roselime.1345
      roselime.1345 9 days ago

      @Isabel yeah, he did do worst spelling though, but that wasn't the point, that's all.

    • Isabel
      Isabel 10 days ago

      roselime.1345 but thanks

    • Isabel
      Isabel 10 days ago

      roselime.1345 well I mean really I wouldn’t be in YGS, since it’s spelling, not grammar.

  • Sappe Boi
    Sappe Boi Month ago +2

    Is thAt loS saNtOs!!! OMG!!!!!!

  • god _
    god _ Month ago

    “i watch you all the time” “shut the fuck up really?!”

  • M-series
    M-series Month ago +1

    Can you name a character from endgame

    • Villager #4
      Villager #4 Month ago

      Black Bird
      Surgeon Wierd
      American ass
      Dumpster diver in a spandex
      Dabbing green piece os shit
      Regular sized man
      Lady regular sized man
      LGBTQ Human star
      Metal man
      Metal lady
      Black guy in a metal suit
      Space Patrick
      Noseless squid ward
      Black guy in *another* suit
      Obi wan kajackass

  • Evany13
    Evany13 Month ago

    “jesus christ”

  • MyLungsHurtsRealBad !!!

    Jack Sully I remember

  • Byron Lauritzen
    Byron Lauritzen Month ago

    I about choked when she said Jesus Christ

  • aaron durst
    aaron durst Month ago

    I’ve stood in that very same place