Firefox (1982) - Must Think in Russian


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  • Haweater
    Haweater 9 days ago

    When Firefox releases a thought-controlled web browser, the Russian version will come first.

  • donnchadh mcgrath
    donnchadh mcgrath 4 months ago

    clint forever

  • Kailodoscope
    Kailodoscope 8 months ago +4

    "Think in Russian", images of Tetris .I know Tetris was created later but ...who cares?

  • SAŠO Jalovec
    SAŠO Jalovec 9 months ago

    NAJBOLJ SMEŠNO PA JE BILO V HANGARJU ! Mitch se usede v kabino, požene letalo. Vojak mu reče: "Polkovnik Voskov, najprej se morate identificirati." Mitch mu le odmaha in pokaže s palcem: "Pojdi nazaj." Nato vojak pristopi k njemu in mu ponovi: "Polkovnik Voskov, najprej se morate identificirati !" Mitch ga odrine za obraz proč. NATO PA SI SNAME VEZIR ČELADE IN VOJAK GA PREPOZNA ! "Mitchell Gant ! Ne, zaprite vrata !" Mitch, ne bi si smel sneti vezirja čelade, dokler ne bi vzletel ! NAJVEČJA NAPAKA !

  • SAŠO Jalovec
    SAŠO Jalovec 9 months ago

    JURIJ VOSKOV, TI BEDAK ! Zakaj si se premaknil za Mitchevo letalo, si mislil, da te ne bo sestrelil ? Si mislil, da nima več raket ? KOT BI STORIL SAMOMOR !

    SCE2AUX 9 months ago

    Задача не из легких ... особенно для россиян.

  • ray follis
    ray follis 10 months ago

    He thought in Russian

  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott Year ago

    This movie taught me why Americans must kill the commies. Nasty, sketchy scary people.... or should I say WEple?

  • zgrillo2004
    zgrillo2004 Year ago +1

    Thats one communist pig down.

  • RK831
    RK831 Year ago +4

    Google Translate:
    РУЖЬЕ........1234 (Gun)
    ПРИПАСЫ..1234 (Supplies)
    СНАРЯДЫ..1234 (Shells)
    ВСПЫШКА.1234 (Flash)
    I am a student of Russian, but I have no idea what орудие and комки means. Maybe a former Soviet pilot can chime in?

    • am98563
      am98563 10 months ago +2

      @Russian With Max ружье is a shotgun. припасы (also боеприпасы) are ammunition. орудие is equipment and can imply artillery in a military context. снаряды are artillery shells. вспышка means flash and usually refers to a camera's flash attachment, but in a military context refers to flares deployed against heat-seeking missiles. комок is a clump of anything (hair, for example, clogging a drainpipe) or a clod of dirt. If may have been intended to refer to anti-radar chaff, which in Russian is мякина. Whoever wrote the script and designed the instrument panel didn't fully adhere to what a real Russian would call the weaponry systems.

    • Russian With Max
      Russian With Max Year ago

      орудие - is another word for a weapon. But also meaning a tool.

  • BJB
    BJB Year ago +4

    Just a matter of time before they remake this classic

    • shootybaking
      shootybaking 11 months ago

      Sadly, it's coming. It's going to be some Mach 6- spyfilm nonsense.

  • Darth Belal
    Darth Belal Year ago

    I guess the need to tinker with the automatic ejection system......

  • Devin Drew
    Devin Drew Year ago

    That was russian for "Fire Damnit, FIRE!!!"

  • Space Wanderer
    Space Wanderer 2 years ago

    American cranberry and special effects are terrible. Star Wars 1977 and Alien 1979 look much better.
    My evaluation of the film 5/10

  • YFLOInternational
    YFLOInternational 2 years ago +3


  • Michael Daly
    Michael Daly 2 years ago

    Darn, you should have included the scene just before where Gant suddenly realizes he's being pursued after flattening out of the spin, hits the throttle, then yells in English to fire the rear defense pod

  • Alex Kalafatis
    Alex Kalafatis 2 years ago +3

    Can someone updload tha bit where Clint speaks in Russian ?😂😂

  • harri hiltunen
    harri hiltunen 3 years ago

    think russian , then you weapons are active....

  • Ron Chappel
    Ron Chappel 3 years ago

    Um.Was that russian or french??

  • cpufukr
    cpufukr 3 years ago

    must think R U S S I A N..FUKR!!!

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith 3 years ago +2

    The missile package listing for the Firefox in Russian was as follows: 1. Rouge. (looks like it means "red" like they say in French). 2. Prepassih. 3. Oroohdneyeh. 4. Snaryadih (probably means "snake" or probably "sidewinder" missile). 5. Vsprihshka (the package Clint selected to destroy the enemy MiG - I don't know exactly what it means), and 6. Comky.

    • Adrian Trujillo
      Adrian Trujillo 11 months ago

      @buhl0n It appears they took liberties with the Russian they put up on the screen - as Hollywood often does. Because even if they couldn't fit "Дипольный противорадарный отражатель" on the display, I'm sure ДО or ДПРО would fit.

    • buhl0n
      buhl0n 11 months ago

      @Adrian TrujilloThere are names for that stuff in Russian. Decoy Flare in aviation is Тепловая ловушка, Chaff is ДО or ДПРО (Дипольный противорадарный отражатель)

    • Adrian Trujillo
      Adrian Trujillo 11 months ago

      @buhl0n Вспышка (Flash) is exactly what is fired out the rear of the plane ... ie. a flare or Chaff. It got sucked up into the Russian's Firefox engine.

    • Robert Scott
      Robert Scott Year ago

      In Soviet Russia AK47 fire you!

    • RingSight91
      RingSight91 Year ago

      buhl0n "1234" are the Weapon Stations, from Left (1&2) to Right (3&4).

  • Simon Peters
    Simon Peters 4 years ago +9

    Bullshit, at 0:21 you know he's an American because they'll scream like little bitches. A Russian would just keep the poker face and take it like a MAN!

  • raul ochoa
    raul ochoa 4 years ago +1

    it's difficult

  • MrParkinthedark
    MrParkinthedark 4 years ago +43

    'Use the force Luke... I mean, ahhh, must think in Russian'

    • alexgataric
      alexgataric Year ago +1

      "Luke, you've turned off your targeting computer. What's wrong?"
      "I need to think in Russian to fire torpedoes "
      "Great shot kid! It's a good thing you were able to think in Russian!"

    • Gyro Kaptain
      Gyro Kaptain Year ago

      MrParkinthedark Force that thing in there. Just like I showed you with those puppets. But don't tell nobody 'cause you'll get in trouble!

    • Robbie Stewart
      Robbie Stewart Year ago

      Использовать силу лука...I thought in Russian. No translators needed

    • Devin Drew
      Devin Drew Year ago


  • TalksWithDirt
    TalksWithDirt 5 years ago +34

    Whenever I think in Russian I always think of a warm bowl of beet borscht with a dallop of sour cream and two big pieces of black rye bread. I never think of the rearward firing missiles.

    • Robbie Stewart
      Robbie Stewart Year ago

      I think of "Rolling In The Deep."

    • Master Chief 00117
      Master Chief 00117 Year ago

      I think of rolling my R's....

    • Rick O'Shay
      Rick O'Shay Year ago

      What about Russian chicks and their accents?

    • TheGroundedAviator
      TheGroundedAviator 4 years ago +1

      @Wes Bervig Sort of, in foreign policy often but in different ways, Russia had puppets mostly and the US had bedfellows. In one the State subjugated the people, in the other people subjugated other people while maintaining their right too whatever (in theory yes, but ones right can't stop another it had too stop at them as theirs did at you) to their State.
      But at the same time people did have a vote, ok today only about 50% of your voters do so and you weren't a true one until 1965 and even now as flawed as then.
      I'm not either.

    • Wes Bervig
      Wes Bervig 4 years ago +2

      The Russians were evil in the cold war, but so were we Amdricans as well. Fuck both sides in the cold war, they were both equally evil the end, and I am an American saying this.

  • SXI96
    SXI96 5 years ago +6

    i always think in Russian when I'm faced with a problem, it never fails me

  • krafty1708
    krafty1708 5 years ago

    Perzniat lebreeat vlerurd controlzi.

  • Deborah Armstrong
    Deborah Armstrong 5 years ago +1

    Ммм да ... это же мой ежедневный кошмар ...

    • Deborah Armstrong
      Deborah Armstrong 3 years ago

      Makes sense. ty!

    • Caw
      Caw 3 years ago

      дерьер т.е. derriere

    • Deborah Armstrong
      Deborah Armstrong 4 years ago +1

      @SixFt12 I think he is saying "fire to the rear" but the last word is unintelligible to me. Sorry, his Russian is so poor. Отпускайте в... тарер?

    • SixFt12
      SixFt12 4 years ago

      @Deborah Armstrong Can you please translate what he said in this video too? Thank you so much for your help!