Did Google Just Achieve 'Quantum Supremacy'?

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • A leaked paper from Google claimed that a quantum computer demonstrated "quantum supremacy." But what does that mean?
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    Quantum computers’ potential and the advantages they promise over classical computers all remain largely theoretical, and hypothetically speaking, it is predicted that quantum computers will be able to solve problems that are beyond the reach of the classical computers we use today. Passing such a threshold will be considered proof of what we call “quantum supremacy.”
    A leaked research paper revealed that Google has reached this level of quantum supremacy but the leak was quickly taken down leaving more questions than answers.
    So where do we go from here? What does a world with quantum supremacy look like?
    In the leaked paper posted in September 2019 on the NASA website, Google claims that for the first time ever a quantum computer used its unique quantum properties to absolutely dominate a classical computer in a specific task, demonstrating the aforementioned “quantum supremacy.”
    The paper was copied and made widely available and along with many others, actual experts in quantum computing read it and weighed in on what the research and reveal means.
    It is important to keep in mind that the research is not yet published in a scientific journal so it might not be the final version or even peer reviewed.
    Learn more about the leaked research, Google’s demonstrated quantum supremacy, and what this means for the future of encrypted data and quantum computing on this episode of Elements.
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    Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Isn’t the End of Encryption
    " The search company has attempted to stand out by claiming its prototype quantum processors were close to demonstrating 'quantum supremacy,' an evocative phrase referring to an experiment in which a quantum computer outperforms a classical one."
    Here's Google "Quantum Supremacy" paper it pulled from NASA's website
    "Google’s ‘Sycamore’ quantum computer was able to achieve “quantum supremacy” - solving a complex problem that would otherwise be impossible for a classical computer to solve in its lifetime - in just three minutes and 20 seconds, compared to the estimated 10,000 years it would take the world’s most advanced classical computer, Summit."
    Quantum Computing: What It Is, Why We Want It, and How We're Trying to Get It
    " The idea to merge quantum mechanics and information theory arose in the 1970s but garnered little attention until 1982, when physicist Richard Feynman gave a talk in which he reasoned that computing based on classical logic could not tractably process calculations describing quantum phenomena."
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  • Seeker
    Seeker  Month ago +95

    Hi, thanks for watching! Want more on quantum computers? Check out this video: tvclip.biz/video/sy0i02L9iqc/video.html

    • Saksham -
      Saksham - 20 days ago

      No wonder this video showed up in my feed today, after the paper has been published.

    • august smith
      august smith 28 days ago

      Seeker Did anyone inform this mother hugger he was going to be on camera and might want to comb his hair?

    • Game Research
      Game Research Month ago

      If anyone would like to see my playlists on another channel and research these things yourself, I have playlists on emerging technology and beyond.
      I'm not advertising, just like to help people to be aware and to help people learn about emerging technologies and beyond, these are facts.
      I was giving out helpful links, but it won't allow me to do that now, so I made playlists.
      1. Check my channel, find a subscribed channel called Technology Research, go to the playlists there, and click "created playlists", that should show them all.
      2. After that, click on the title / text of each playlist, not on the pictures.
      3. Don't forget to click the "more" button in each playlist description for more articles and playlists.

    • Game Research
      Game Research Month ago

      @Brett Moore
      Stop spreading lies and being bias with your opinions.
      You're an obvious troll. Nasa didn't say that we can't get above low Earth orbit, stop with the lies.
      And you're being prejudice about what I do and don't look at, you have clearly no idea and make prejudice comments towards others.
      Your ignorance is a joke. I've seen you before somewhere I don't even remember, you're an internet troll.
      The funny part is, I know anyone can go to my playlists and find out, they can even go to IBM to find out about their Quantum Computers, and other places, or even about Graphene to the Graphene companies in the videos, and anyone can look up these facts without being as ignorant and arrogant as you are.
      And they can talk to Archer Exploration, even email them and go to not just their website but the youtube channel they have for more information, you clearly also didn't read my other comments all the way through, you are a very bias, ignorant, and arrogant.. internet troll.
      And if I really believed in everything that came into my view, I would believe in your flat earth videos, which I don't.
      Because I actually look up facts and research them, you don't. And there's nothing wrong with enjoying videos that show such information either.
      So yeah, I am laughing at your ignorance.

  • Ricky Rick
    Ricky Rick 3 days ago

    Can it tell me the power ball numbers for next weeks game?

  • Vitor Almenara
    Vitor Almenara 4 days ago

    Why don't we just make quantum chips for computing and classical computer hard drives for the storage?
    We can get THAT better when we get to it.

  • Boneduster Graig
    Boneduster Graig 6 days ago

    No. Google needs stupid people to make money

  • David Steele
    David Steele 6 days ago

    What affect could the use of Quantum Computers or AI have upon the criminal aspects of the dark web?

  • Raditya Oe
    Raditya Oe 8 days ago

    Its just like imagine and talking the "best taste cake" which one you still making.

  • Cruz8R
    Cruz8R 10 days ago

    Title: Did Google Just Achieve 'Quantum Supremacy'?
    Video: 🤷 Maybe

  • Thereis Hope
    Thereis Hope 10 days ago +1

    This is the beginning of the end of Crawling, now we hopefully leave NIS and begin producing major computations. Well done Google.

  • ludocrat
    ludocrat 11 days ago

    If these things need a lot of cooling to run, why don't they just stick the damn things in orbit? Orbital quantum computer cores. Sweet.

    • Dishant
      Dishant 10 days ago

      Because even space is to hot for Quantum computer. It's approximately 3 Kelvin in space. On earth we can create 0.73 Kelvin.

  • Why So Serious?
    Why So Serious? 11 days ago

    Man creates god...

  • st_al
    st_al 11 days ago

    So basically, an analog computer?

  • Peter Castillo
    Peter Castillo 12 days ago

    Google: "We have finally elimated all other races and achieved White Supremacy"

  • Bad Company
    Bad Company 13 days ago

    Mad funny... I guess uneducated people don't know about this place called China. LOL. Google is playing a game of catch up right now with quantum technology.

    • Dishant
      Dishant 10 days ago

      Oh yeah China where rules of physics does not exist I think I have heard of this place.

  • NaN undefined
    NaN undefined 14 days ago

    quantum supremacy is just like white supremacy, it simply does not exist, yet.

  • H2brO
    H2brO 14 days ago +3

    Google: it can solve a massive math problem.
    Gamers: when’s ready player one coming out?

  • Akash Vishwakarma
    Akash Vishwakarma 14 days ago

    are more intelligent humans making world more complex and complicated for not so much intelligent people on the planet?

    the more we move towards poverty eradication, some bunch of brainies pull the development back and making the economic and social disparity stable.

  • Aadarsh Kumar
    Aadarsh Kumar 16 days ago +1

    Is Google advertising that it has achieved Quantam Supremacy 😅🤣

  • Leonora Dompor
    Leonora Dompor 16 days ago


  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 16 days ago


  • Raven SLK 476
    Raven SLK 476 17 days ago


  • mrsingh
    mrsingh 18 days ago

    Made quantum supermacy & put it in a mario pipe...😍👌

  • Mettu Venkataramireddy

    Super conductance (materials) @ room temperature were discovered by Indian IISc PhD student very recently.

    • Dishant
      Dishant 10 days ago

      I think u are mistaken. Please don't spread misinformation.

  • HoneyChai
    HoneyChai 18 days ago

    I'm wondering if this guy can fly with those ears.

  • João de Carvalho
    João de Carvalho 18 days ago

    It is like the fusion of TI.

  • Oussama Laouadi
    Oussama Laouadi 18 days ago

    Well, Guess What! that paper was published 2 days ago on Nature

  • Sourav Basak
    Sourav Basak 18 days ago

    Quantum computing is a technology that we’ve been promised for years, and we’ve been told that when it arrives, it will change the world around us as we know it. Even though computer processing speed has increased exponentially over the past two decades, a successful quantum computer would make the abilities of the most advanced standard computers currently known to the human race appear feeble by comparison.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

    Sourav Basak
    Namaste UI

  • Roman Seiner
    Roman Seiner 18 days ago

    but can it run crysis?

  • Schneur Gordon
    Schneur Gordon 18 days ago

    IBM calls bs on this btw. They think their super computers could calculate this in a few days; 2.5 specifically. Quote: "We argue that an ideal simulation of the same task can be performed on a classical system in 2.5 days and with far greater fidelity." - IBM researchers Edwin Pednault, John Gunnels, and Jay Gambetta. www.forbes.com/sites/johnkoetsier/2019/10/23/ibm-googles-quantum-supremacy-is-150-million-percent-wrong/

  • Kevin Ellwood
    Kevin Ellwood 18 days ago

    I didn't see an update here but IBMs summit solved this problem in 2.5 days. That is not quite 10000 years. www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/10/ibm-casts-doubt-googles-claims-quantum-supremacy

  • marco bosi
    marco bosi 18 days ago

    IBM tells 3 days not 10000 years

  • Lachezar Krastev
    Lachezar Krastev 18 days ago

    Quantum computing is a hi-tech multibillion SCAM!!!

  • tempac91
    tempac91 18 days ago

    This dude has massive ears.

  • first name
    first name 18 days ago

    This guy is so annoying ...

  • Josh H
    Josh H 19 days ago

    If you can generate prime numbers, then encryption is over. A quantum computer may be able to brute force these results... I'm very interested in the future.

  • Renaud Harrys Telolahy
    Renaud Harrys Telolahy 19 days ago +1

    Demonstrating Quantum Supremacy
    "Let's all act really surprised and congratulate the researchers, Ok?"

  • gracefool
    gracefool 19 days ago

    This sounds like nonsense. It's like saying 10,000 dice have quantum supremacy because they generate random numbers faster than a classical computer. It's ridiculous, even though it's technically true.

  • Collin Daugherty
    Collin Daugherty 19 days ago

    Pretty sure this thing is going to come alive grow bigger and eat us all!

  • allis one
    allis one 19 days ago +1

    So will this be the end of Chess ? The perfect game will be established, either the one who makes the first move always wins or it will always be a draw.

    • allis one
      allis one Day ago

      @Amine EL BAKKOURI The number of "sensible" games that can be played (not counting ridiculous or obvious game-losing moves such as moving a queen to be immediately captured by a pawn without compensation), is around 10 to the 40th power. The number of particles in the universe is around 10 to the 80th power. But besides that, these numbers have no relationship regarding the power of a quantum computer being able to calculate the perfect game.

    • Amine EL BAKKOURI
      Amine EL BAKKOURI 6 days ago

      Never, there is more possible games in a chess game than particles in the known universe. You can't stock that much data to "solve" chess definitely. But if you mean a quantum computer will destroy a human, it's already the case today, playing chess against a computer is like playing power lifting against an elevator.

  • Dustin Moore
    Dustin Moore 19 days ago

    Google will just give for free to China yea

  • A Deleski
    A Deleski 19 days ago

    Answer: Yes, they released it today

    • gracefool
      gracefool 19 days ago

      @Ryangg halfway. That is literally what they achieved.

    • Ryangg
      Ryangg 19 days ago

      @gracefool You're trolling right?

    • gracefool
      gracefool 19 days ago

      No it's not. It's like saying 10,000 dice have quantum supremacy because they generate random numbers faster than a classical computer. It's ridiculous, even though it's technically true.

  • Zaiter Zaiter
    Zaiter Zaiter 19 days ago

    All the anonymous in the world will be happy. Hacking will be more popular than ever with this mew gemerations of computers.

  • Ninjaslash52 _
    Ninjaslash52 _ 19 days ago

    Google is gonna be that company in dystopian movies that owns everything and knows everything about you

    • magtovi
      magtovi 19 days ago

      It already does that.

  • birds flying
    birds flying 19 days ago

    Until the ultimate collapse , isn't it ?

  • Carter Brown
    Carter Brown 19 days ago

    A week or so after this video came out google uploaded there own video on this lol

  • Miki Kjaer
    Miki Kjaer 19 days ago

    the quantum computer was better at acting like a quantum computer than a classical computer... well done, have Nobel prize

  • Eugene Song
    Eugene Song 19 days ago

    my H2O fish tank outperforms any Super-computer in the task of simulating every H2O molecule in it. Does it mean we have a "Supremacy" of H2O-tank computer? Seems we need more details about google experiment..

  • Des Fog
    Des Fog 19 days ago


  • Paladin Danse
    Paladin Danse 19 days ago

    Ohhh I’m so surprised sycamore... well done

  • Eric-the-Cleric
    Eric-the-Cleric 19 days ago

    Can we please make a quantum computer that makes novel chemicals like Sasha Shulgin... we need more

  • Meer Azhar Hussain
    Meer Azhar Hussain 19 days ago

    Will it be able to run Google Chrome smoothly without taking too much memory.

  • K
    K 19 days ago

    Not the end of data security . . . the BEGINNING of data security.

  • Ernireg3
    Ernireg3 19 days ago

    Nobody: ....

    This guy when he was explaining the task the computers had to make: The quantum computer demonstrated that the quantum properties of the quantum processes were quantum efficient with the quantum existence of it's predecessor's quantum mechanics over it's conventional counterpart with it's conventional methods of conventional calculation. This said the 18 qu-bits were more quantum efficient than the conventional bits of the conventional computing in regards to the quantum number generator, which has a duration of 18 million years to the power of quantum convention due to conventional mechanisms and quantum interference. That said the quantum calculations were quantum effective while its conventional counterpart were conventionally conventual to convention and conventionality. Thus having the quantum computer be on par with quantum's quantum. So in theory, yes! Google did achieve quantum supremacy!

  • Charlie Angkor
    Charlie Angkor 19 days ago

    my brain achieves supremacy over elevtronic computers in the area area of coding 3D 2x150Mpix video into wavelet without time aliasing with low latency and low power consumption

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez 19 days ago

    But the real question is can it run Minecraft

  • Golden Apple
    Golden Apple 19 days ago

    This comment section is shit.

  • otis
    otis 19 days ago

    thank you for being honest in how you didnt most understand of it

  • Moebius
    Moebius 19 days ago

    no. they want you to believe it

  • KentoCommenT
    KentoCommenT 19 days ago

    Just watched Google's vid. So *that's* why there were only 53 bits.

  • Kwanda Kekana
    Kwanda Kekana 19 days ago

    Here is to creating our own universe with a quantum computer in our phones

  • Madara Uchiwa
    Madara Uchiwa 20 days ago

    Guys, it's official, Quantum computers are here;