101 Facts About India


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  • Samir Singh
    Samir Singh 5 hours ago

    I don't know about soap & bath... Cow dung is used for fuel etc..

  • Dheeraj Kumar
    Dheeraj Kumar 6 hours ago

    Telugu 🚩 JAI HIND 🇮🇳.

  • Vox Nihili
    Vox Nihili 7 hours ago +1

    1:11 Six Indian languages? Where are you getting these numbers from? The least expectation from you is to read Wikipedia.

  • Luis Cuellar
    Luis Cuellar 7 hours ago

    t- series

  • Amarjeet Singh
    Amarjeet Singh 7 hours ago

    #85 -- Not all Indians bury their dead, as majority are Hindus, and they prefer to burn the bodies to ashes and let it travel through Ganges, to find the end of the world.. It's somewhat eternal to their culture.. Thx..!!

    TSAR BOMBA 10 hours ago

    its hindusthan mother fukker not India which ur grand dads fukd over.ya muslims are not part of our country ther invaders and terrorist staying here to destroy this country like pakisthan and bangla fukin desh.no hard feeling bro.

  • Reshmi Singhal
    Reshmi Singhal 19 hours ago

    It is not kumbh bala it is kumbh mela!!

  • Vedika karte
    Vedika karte 19 hours ago +1

    I 'm Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳,Are you Indian hit like👍👍
    Desh bhakti dikhado zara 😅

  • Chandu kumar Ravipudi
    Chandu kumar Ravipudi 20 hours ago

    Too many wrong pronunciations

  • ayush singh
    ayush singh 21 hour ago

    Go to 22:52 you're an Indian if you get the joke.

    NITISH UPPAL Day ago

    The holy river is called Ganga and second no dead bodies are there in Ganga its hindu retuals to put ashes in Ganga so that there loved one can get heaven not because they can't afford it

  • Vikas Tomer
    Vikas Tomer Day ago

    Please speak slowly. It's too fast.

  • kingrapid
    kingrapid Day ago

    12:22 "My God that book is basically India's YELLOW PAGES they're in there so bloody much!!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏Dead!!!

  • Swarup Kr. Das
    Swarup Kr. Das Day ago

    What is the name of the background music???

  • MEmon memon
    MEmon memon Day ago

    It's Good to be a COW Instead of Women & Muslims In India
    #Rapists #FreeKashmir
    Hate from Indian Occupied Kashmir

  • ashik
    ashik Day ago

    the more interesting, Alexander the great fail in India.. 😎

  • bibin s babu
    bibin s babu Day ago

    My dislikes for this video because some few things he pointed are really wrong and the last no : 101.You should learn to respect a country if you want to create an informative video.
    Therefore I suggest to people unsubscribe this channel.

  • Ankit Pandey
    Ankit Pandey Day ago

    It's Kumbh mela....

  • Zulfeqarunnisa Hullbutti

    I’ve have watched Kaho na pyaar hai

  • Zulfeqarunnisa Hullbutti

    I’m from India

  • Shreeda Ghatpande

    You showed Siberian Tiger instead of Bengal tigers.

  • thillai sundaramurthi

    More inputs... On how Hindus... Sleep....

  • thillai sundaramurthi

    Any cast, religion is no alien to... The Hindus!... All are accepted.. All are equal..
    .... This philosophy.. led to the.. Sleepy.. 😴 Indians get hijacked... By all the unrealistic.. forces.. of.. .. the world...
    .... They.. Now seem to turn back towards indian Philosophies for help and... well being now! 🤗

  • thillai sundaramurthi

    One more.... India... Let the English to propagate... Lies 🤥... About our history...
    The contributers to this effects are..
    Caldwell poop(pope!)...or.. Known as... Bishop Robert Caldwell... And.. One MORE.. A. H... the name, I forget....
    ... Now this has led to the evangelist of South to call our Hindu temples as abodes of Satan! 🤗
    .. Thanks a lot....
    .... To the Hindus! 🤗.... For being sooooo... Liberal!

  • thillai sundaramurthi

    One point... left out....
    .... India's...blunder...having allowed the... British cockroaches to invade.. Conqueror.... And loot.. India's... Wealth!!..... 🤗....
    .... And be.. flourishingNOW!.......
    .... And.. Do I need to mention.. That.. Karma .. Will catch up... Sooner?

  • thillai sundaramurthi


  • MotionBrixStudios
    MotionBrixStudios 2 days ago

    BTW we don't bury in india

  • s s
    s s 2 days ago

    Looks like this British rascal had an agenda to add many lousy things to make India look bad, under the cover of trying to make India look good... Never trust the rascals. He never mentions Christian terrorists captured India, but easily says Hindu Nationalist killed Gandhi.

  • Sanjay Shrivastava
    Sanjay Shrivastava 2 days ago

    That's kumbh Mela and not kumbh Bala so I say 5:43 - 5:45

  • private channel
    private channel 2 days ago

    I am proud to be an infian

  • Srinivas Narayan
    Srinivas Narayan 2 days ago

    Oh and uh there is kannada too they have the third most people who speak kannada

  • Shreyam Saha
    Shreyam Saha 2 days ago +4

    Are u watching it in 2018 like if ua

  • Shyam alla
    Shyam alla 3 days ago

    sam i am sam nice video but pronounciation was bad but ok

  • Harsh Bob
    Harsh Bob 3 days ago

    you really sound disrespectful

  • aman shoaib
    aman shoaib 3 days ago

    India has the best economy and was the richest country before British came I sometime cry when my teacher tells me about this.😭😭why

  • Zeenat Fatma
    Zeenat Fatma 3 days ago

    I love my INDIA

  • Winx Studio
    Winx Studio 4 days ago +1

    Love India, -From India xD!

  • usha kadam
    usha kadam 4 days ago

    These are not only facts about India. Do you wanna know the greatest contribution then read this and be ready to be amazed. India has invented optic wires
    Ruler was invented in India.
    Best drainage system in Indus Vally civilization
    The value of Pi
    Aryabhatt first identified gravitation in hindi gurutvaakarshan
    Indigo dye
    Founding father of surgery was Maharishi Shushrata
    Crescograph was invited in India
    Atoms first discovered in India by Rishi Kannada and atom was called Anu.
    Ayurveda is the earliest branch of medicine which was invented in India.
    Trigonometry was invented in India
    Ink was invented in India
    The first rocket was developed by Tipu Sultan and his father Haider Ali in 1780s.
    Exponents we invented in India
    Decimal system was invented in India.
    Navigation was invented in India.
    The first demonstration of wireless communication was by Jagadish Bose in India in 1895.
    Flush toilets were invented in India.

  • Niharika Agarwal
    Niharika Agarwal 4 days ago

    Kumbh mela

  • a.p _5_
    a.p _5_ 5 days ago

    I love India from Thailand

  • Damian Alexander
    Damian Alexander 5 days ago +1

    In the USA the death toll of car recks is 400'000

  • gaurav rana
    gaurav rana 5 days ago

    Fact no. 100 is not completely correct because the assassin was not hindu extremist
    Nathuram Godse is seen as a murderer but when you know why he did that,and why he choose to end Gandhi's life was clearly thinkable
    Because of Gandhi there had been the deadly partition he had every power in his hand to oppose the Partition, but he did nothing
    Godse has said that he respected Gandhi and his Quit INdia movement,non cooperation movement and how Gandhi stopped most blodshed
    But what struck in Godse's mind was of Delhi at the time of partition
    Delhi became very weak,people were hungry,begging for food,people licked and ate the food which was thrown on ground intended for dogs
    India lost three major cities like Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad and most heritage of harrapan culture
    So before posting anything please do research and use word carefully
    Please don't mind and I love video

  • nanu Lama
    nanu Lama 5 days ago

    love India from nepal

  • Bijay Kumar Behera
    Bijay Kumar Behera 6 days ago

    you are wrong the Indian national flag is not made up of khadi alone, its made from a mixture of cotton, Silk, Jute, and Khadi in different proportions and all national flags are needed to be purchased from Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha genrally called as Khadi Bhandar, which has exclusive rights to sell the National flag.

  • Jayprakas Singh
    Jayprakas Singh 6 days ago

    Guys these facts are pretty great I know but only problem of India is poverty kk don't question me I live in India
    I am 10 percent can speak English

    • Covert Person
      Covert Person 6 days ago

      That's because there is so many homeless and poor people, they're the ones polluting places and dumping stuff in the water. The government does not help the homeless like the UK, UK offer them help and give them a place to live in

  • gaurav ramu
    gaurav ramu 6 days ago +1

    Please remove this background music

  • Sunaina Naaz
    Sunaina Naaz 6 days ago

    the way he said pani puri...chola bhatura😂😂👌👌

  • lover helper
    lover helper 7 days ago

    My india great india

  • Tapan Das
    Tapan Das 7 days ago

    Hi Sam I am an Indian

  • Tapan Das
    Tapan Das 7 days ago

    I know how to play kabbadi

  • Satyamev Jayte
    Satyamev Jayte 8 days ago

    Fact 102 , British introduced hanging to India. Thousands of Indians who fought the British occupation were executed some as young as 18

  • Satyamev Jayte
    Satyamev Jayte 8 days ago

    Fact 103, British did not heavily invest in indian roads railways etc. Railways were a scam, many brits earned dividends, railways were built for the benefit of brits , India was the wealthiest country in the world when brits arrived and one of the poorest in world when they left

  • Sarita Tiwari
    Sarita Tiwari 8 days ago +2

    India is the best country

  • Rajashekar M L
    Rajashekar M L 8 days ago

    Hi I am an Indian this is the first time watching your channel

  • Shakira Dsouza
    Shakira Dsouza 8 days ago

    The sole people responsible for the population explosion in India are women and their families . I dk why they are so insecure about that they keep producing simant kids looses.

  • Vijaya Saravanan
    Vijaya Saravanan 8 days ago

    What about the world oldest language Tamil bro

  • mouli aduri
    mouli aduri 9 days ago

    That's Khumba Mela bro 🙏

  • FAF
    FAF 9 days ago

    The comment section everywhere is always so filled with negativity.. The comment section has the power to turn every positive thing into negative thing...

  • The Galaxy Hero
    The Galaxy Hero 10 days ago +2

    I am proud to be Indian !!!!!!

  • a tribute to Yeah, Sure
    a tribute to Yeah, Sure 10 days ago +1

    Fact 102: India is home to the highest number of scammers, thieves and liars.

  • cookie pcookie
    cookie pcookie 10 days ago

    You mean Kumbh Mela? The meaning of bala is problem or a curse🤣🤣

  • kyatham chaitanya
    kyatham chaitanya 10 days ago +1

    any Telugu people here .....the Telugu speech bubble@1:13actually has.no meaning

  • Pratham Mann
    Pratham Mann 11 days ago

    You miss a lot of facts

  • Brett Houghton
    Brett Houghton 11 days ago

    Just tell us the facts ! Stop all the extra unfunny patter

  • Vincent Solanki
    Vincent Solanki 11 days ago

    I wish if India and Pakistan united

  • Oof Berry
    Oof Berry 11 days ago

    Who's indian here?
    Well I am :D

  • Vignesh Sajith
    Vignesh Sajith 11 days ago

    And mollywood is another film industry of India (Malayalam movies)

  • Vignesh Sajith
    Vignesh Sajith 11 days ago

    That Elephant is an African elephant 😂

  • Soccer Loco
    Soccer Loco 12 days ago

    Fun fact: 50% of local indians shit on their streets cuz they ain't got no toilet.

    • Covert Person
      Covert Person 6 days ago

      Who told you that, the BBC? British people telling retards how many Indians have toilets, really does make sense right?

    • Sayan Dutta
      Sayan Dutta 10 days ago +1

      7% it's not 2010 anymore

  • How to Do stuff
    How to Do stuff 12 days ago

    Mollywood is the Kerala movie thing

  • k spence
    k spence 12 days ago

    India smells very bad 💩

  • Gaming Hood
    Gaming Hood 12 days ago

    I like holiwood and I am a indian

  • arjun saini
    arjun saini 12 days ago

    India cuts and polishes 90% diamond in Surat city. Another Fact.

  • JSAGamingGIRL
    JSAGamingGIRL 12 days ago

    Proud to be an indian

  • X Marks
    X Marks 12 days ago

    India the most dangerous country to be a woman, US ranks 10th in survey
    By Angela Dewan, CNN
    Updated 6:51 AM EDT, Tue June 26, 2018

  • сука блять
    сука блять 13 days ago

    Newspaper had Laden on it

  • ketan chavan
    ketan chavan 13 days ago

    its not chole bature, its chole baturae

  • Atharv Wadadekar
    Atharv Wadadekar 13 days ago

    1:15 it says 'I demand death'.

  • Athul Rajeev
    Athul Rajeev 14 days ago

    missing important once

  • Friendlover18 - Roblox and more.

    I am indian there is more then u think languages I speak Kannada in my home

  • Chandrasekar B Vaidyanathan

    we do worship cows.

  • Hijab Jyoti Sonowal
    Hijab Jyoti Sonowal 14 days ago

    Actualy some people say that taj mahal is a temple that was build 1000 years ago

  • Sridevi c
    Sridevi c 14 days ago

    I was in the mahatma ghandhi thing I even got a world record

  • ARSHAN Soleymanian Far


  • Piyush
    Piyush 15 days ago

    no. 63 is kumbh mela and not kumbh bala.. ;)

  • no 1
    no 1 15 days ago

    nintendo 64 is 64

  • Sir. Ayush
    Sir. Ayush 15 days ago

    I am proud to be an Indian

  • Manoj K
    Manoj K 15 days ago

    wtf its kumbh mela

  • Unsullied Foods
    Unsullied Foods 15 days ago

    I am an Indian and very disappointed With your pronouns

  • Ramamurthy Kumara raja

    Love india ❤🇮🇳love indian people ❤🇮🇳love indian culture ❤🇮🇳proud to be an indian ..Amazing country with beautiful people

  • Arjyaman Basu
    Arjyaman Basu 16 days ago

    He butchered everything

  • Arjyaman Basu
    Arjyaman Basu 16 days ago

    Just butcher the names how'd u manage to butcher this many names???!!!!???

  • Rajani Sawarkar
    Rajani Sawarkar 16 days ago

    I'm from Mumbai

  • Rajani Sawarkar
    Rajani Sawarkar 16 days ago

    I'm from India

  • gali5616
    gali5616 16 days ago


  • Tanish Jain
    Tanish Jain 16 days ago

    BTW the Clive was actually Robert Clive who led the war you said about

    GAMERZONE YOUTUBE 16 days ago

    Dude you are really bad in saying word of hindi

  • SuperPancake185
    SuperPancake185 16 days ago

    I like indian food but shit country :P not to be mean but people are so poor and shit

    • Covert Person
      Covert Person 6 days ago

      Indians in UK almost own the same amount of houses as whites, because Indians are hardworking