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101 Facts About India


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  • Hafiya Ap
    Hafiya Ap 8 hours ago

    Do you know that we have to lean every history

  • Arpit Verma
    Arpit Verma Day ago +1

    Bro your pronunciation is very bad
    And don't use any abusive words like you did it in this video
    You also forget that my country is the only country that has 3 names
    And you are welcome in India...
    I love my India

  • Panda_Chann
    Panda_Chann 3 days ago

    I'm proud to be Indian and I'm from Chennai in Tamil Nadu (South India) but I live in England now and I speak Tamil too!

  • SlimySnail 7786
    SlimySnail 7786 3 days ago +1

    Love India from Philippines

    SAJALI HAZRA 4 days ago

    I am an Indian. I speak Bengali

  • rachna bansal
    rachna bansal 4 days ago

    Proud to be an INDIAN

  • Angad Chhabra
    Angad Chhabra 4 days ago

    Proud to be an India

  • Anonymous Unnamed
    Anonymous Unnamed 5 days ago

    No 40 is wrong, that is "Scott Flansburg".

  • Necro Boomer
    Necro Boomer 5 days ago

    My grandfather actually worked for that Indian space program

    CWK ツ ULTIMATE 8 days ago

    I like the fact you blured No.69 😂😂😂 i laughed so hard on that

  • Ram Pantula
    Ram Pantula 10 days ago

    oooof. My condolences to all those butchered words in the video.

  • Not Sharing
    Not Sharing 10 days ago

    India has 60000 mosques! I think we can afford to #ReclaimTemples more than we are doing. No need to celebrate barbaric symbols of conquest

    ATHARV MOVIES 10 days ago +1

    18:54 ITS KUMBH MELA not kumbh bala

  • Surinder Dosanjh
    Surinder Dosanjh 10 days ago

    An illiterate child in India invented 0 plus India invented sugary sweets

  • Mahi Singhvi
    Mahi Singhvi 10 days ago

    Not kumbh bala. Kumbh mela

  • Thamizhini Babu
    Thamizhini Babu 10 days ago


  • Aashi Singh Bhati
    Aashi Singh Bhati 10 days ago +1

    I am Indian and this video is now my fav though it was hilarious when he was pronouncing the popular veg meals wrong.

  • The very moody Leo who loves dogs

    By the way, there is another language spoken in India. It is primarily spoken in Manipur, in the North-East parts of India. The language is called Meitei.

  • Goushia Bari
    Goushia Bari 10 days ago

    No hate or fun, I could not understand anything you said in Hindi.

  • fkd srivastava
    fkd srivastava 10 days ago

    Matar paneer hai sala

  • Alfred Pek
    Alfred Pek 10 days ago

    Do 101 Facts about Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • nalini cheran
    nalini cheran 11 days ago +2

    Its Sad That you never Mentioned Kollywood ( South Indian ) And Tollywood ( Telugu )

  • :D D:
    :D D: 11 days ago

    I know a fact, they made a channel that is bad and trying to be 1st

  • Water Angel Koto
    Water Angel Koto 11 days ago

    Everyone gets so suprised when I say im half foreigner! I a little bit german American, Guyanese and half Indian..

  • Abhin  Vsingh
    Abhin Vsingh 11 days ago

    Tipu Sultan: First Missileman of World from india

  • Ayana Gaur
    Ayana Gaur 11 days ago

    As a fellow Indian your pronounciation is killing me

  • Umme Salma Tahir
    Umme Salma Tahir 12 days ago

    South Asia in general, is very vegan or vegetarian friendly.

  • Prince JR
    Prince JR 12 days ago

    savage magadha army 5X largar than alexander the great's army

  • Prateek Srivastava
    Prateek Srivastava 12 days ago

    Kumbh Mela...not Kumbh Bala Sam!!

  • uday anand
    uday anand 12 days ago

    I'm just watching this to hear the terrible pronounciations

    • uday anand
      uday anand 12 days ago

      +101Facts You'd be surprised

    • 101Facts
      101Facts  12 days ago

      I hope we haven't disappointed 😂

  • R S
    R S 13 days ago

    I came here just to see from how many countries INDIA is getting Love ❤️

    • R S
      R S 13 days ago

      There are So many amazing facts that you didn't mentioned in your video :(

  • പക്കാ മലയാളി

    what a shitty video. only north indian shit people and dirty hindi propaganda. did modi sponsor this video?

  • Md Sahil
    Md Sahil 14 days ago +1

    India is the only country where tigers are naturally and there is also bridge in howrah which is like london bridge

  • sandra nweisser
    sandra nweisser 15 days ago


  • soham gokhale
    soham gokhale 16 days ago

    khumb mela ...not khumb bala ....

  • EndaGoD
    EndaGoD 16 days ago

    Who else heard "namaste motherf*cker" in the beginning? Only me? As

  • vyom deep
    vyom deep 17 days ago

    Seriously .... U need to redo this video.... U have truly not shown india in good light .... very stupid way to cover such a majestic country ....

  • Abdul Hafiz
    Abdul Hafiz 17 days ago

    Gandhiji was killed by nathuram ghodse. Nathuram why did u do that

  • Pallavi Pawar
    Pallavi Pawar 18 days ago

    Many facts are covered ,yet some got missed.. but I wish you would have mentioned About Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj - The great Indian warrior king...

  • Dagmar jurkič
    Dagmar jurkič 19 days ago


  • Kizz Ma
    Kizz Ma 19 days ago +1

    Polo was invented in Manipur, India
    Which the British took and shared to other countries
    You can google it if you want

  • DevaDeva Sri Nithya
    DevaDeva Sri Nithya 19 days ago

    your 'facts' of Tajomahalaya is factually incorrect ..

  • adithya ng
    adithya ng 20 days ago

    All elephants showed are African

  • adithya ng
    adithya ng 20 days ago

    Many wrong information

  • CJ Gays
    CJ Gays 20 days ago

    Do Romania 🇷🇴

  • reality talks
    reality talks 21 day ago +1

    Yoga was discovered in india 2000 YEARS AGO ISN'T INTERESTING !!!!

  • Satyam Mittal
    Satyam Mittal 21 day ago

    You have nany of the facts wronng

  • Ali Leghari
    Ali Leghari 22 days ago

    I understand Urdu

  • pranav H
    pranav H 22 days ago

    The Kohinoor diamond which now sits on the crown of England's queen was once under the foot of an Indian emperor ... Do ur research if u doubt

    DANVEER GAMER 23 days ago

    It's not kab ady it's kanbidy but this is very old that you think

    DANVEER GAMER 23 days ago

    1:14 you forget about punjabi and many more XD

  • IBrainedMyDamage
    IBrainedMyDamage 23 days ago +2

    They didn't mention Shahrukh Khan, world's highest grossing actor.
    Hinduism (Sanatana dharma) as one of the oldest surviving major religions. Some of the earliest human activities found in Indian subcontinent, highest mountains of the Himalayas and Mount Everest, only country with an ocean named after it, besides Bollywood, the numerous other successful movie industries, 4 of the top 10 billionaires are Indian, some of the largest tech companies, CEOs of some of the largest companies like Pepsi, Google, and Microsoft and many more. IPL being a massive international sports league.
    Although I was born in Karachi, my father was born in Delhi and my mother's family is from Bihar/Hyderabad, so although I love my country, I also have respect for my ancestral land. ✌❤

  • FmLOG
    FmLOG 24 days ago +1


  • k spence
    k spence 24 days ago

    Most stinky people in the world even if you look clean and well dressed you still stink like curry and armpits why?

  • CookiePleb Jordan! /FireFox Studios

    Here’s a fact for you,Punjabi is part of the most popular languages in India.

  • sandy morey
    sandy morey 25 days ago

    its not ghost chilli its ghost pepper

    ZIYAAN PAREKH 25 days ago +1

    Like this comment if you are an Indian

  • Vinodtcbe Tcbe
    Vinodtcbe Tcbe 26 days ago

    Everything is simply great of our nation Hindustan ,lovelystan with lovelystanis

  • Vinodtcbe Tcbe
    Vinodtcbe Tcbe 26 days ago

    Hindustan is great not british bluffers india

    LOL_GGOMG 28 days ago +2

    Not vs India but do You know were your T-Shirt are from yes Right from India or others Asian countrys and how bad there live and there Job is thats Why i find India Bad but i Love India from Germany

  • Sprx 77
    Sprx 77 28 days ago

    India is something Awesome.

  • ᐯOᑭᕼᗩᖇ᙭

    This video is so cringe at the end bruhhhh the pronoun-c-tion is all wrong

  • ᐯOᑭᕼᗩᖇ᙭

    Love from Kerala which you called koralla

  • ᐯOᑭᕼᗩᖇ᙭

    im from India I just ate beef shawarma
    problem north indians 😏

  • ᐯOᑭᕼᗩᖇ᙭

    unrip mango with salt and pepper powder on the side 🤤

  • ᐯOᑭᕼᗩᖇ᙭


  • ʎzɐɹɔ ʎzɐɹɔ

    10 Facts about India:
    1, they drink cow piss
    2, they eat cow dung
    3, they consume human/animal corpses
    4, they worship penis (Shiva Lingum)
    5, they practice incest (example of Lord Vishnu who had sex with his daughter)
    6, they marry dogs
    7, they share food with rats in their rat temples
    8, the Hindus in India believe in reincarnation, including as turds and public toilets.
    9, they slaughter people for consuming delicious beef
    10, they are rapists.

  • tiger osama
    tiger osama Month ago +2

    love to my india and indians from japan

  • Rainbowflame 21
    Rainbowflame 21 Month ago

    14:43 I’m sorry I hate and find it funny when people miss pronounce words from different languages, I know he said sorry at the start he he missed pronounced anything, but he pronounced Kabaddi as kabady it’s pronounced kub-di just putting out there. 😂

  • Raul Miranda
    Raul Miranda Month ago +2

    Love India from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • dipankar gogoi
    dipankar gogoi Month ago

    Thanks for this vedio.. Bhut jolokia is from assam

  • ShadowMaster 45
    ShadowMaster 45 Month ago

    7:00 more like 80% because it has beef in it

  • Arnav Jain
    Arnav Jain Month ago

    And yeah don't forget that-
    'The most piracy is done in this country to any country in the world'.

  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti Month ago

    English cricketers at 9:26?

  • Arjey frost
    Arjey frost Month ago

    -India has the most population of prostitutes.
    -India has the cast system which treats people like shit.
    -India is a racist country.
    -India has the highest rate or women being abused and slaved.
    -India has the highest rate of people in child slavery.

  • Shreyas Gharmalkar
    Shreyas Gharmalkar Month ago

    1:15 it says in marathi i wish for death

  • Muhammed Raees
    Muhammed Raees Month ago

    and can you make a vedio of 101 facts about kuwait

  • Muhammed Raees
    Muhammed Raees Month ago

    i am an indian so lukey ae do not care about spelling mistakes

  • Big Rudd
    Big Rudd Month ago

    Going back and marathoning on your material again!

  • General Shruv
    General Shruv Month ago

    worst pronounciation ever

  • I am the liquor
    I am the liquor Month ago

    Millions live in absolute poverty yet their government has a space programme!
    Think India has got it’s priorities right.....

  • Arceus God of Pokemon

    Did he say the 00:01 mother say motherfu....

  • Yvonne  Jackson
    Yvonne Jackson Month ago

    You did an amazing job.....clarity, explanation, resolve and comedy....lovin you from America. New subscriber...keep up the great work!

  • Rashmi Ranjan Nayak

    Just forgot to add The Natural Numbers and Decimals are from India.

  • archit sharma
    archit sharma Month ago

    hey thats khumbh mela

  • Tapan Kumar Dalai
    Tapan Kumar Dalai Month ago +1

    Why foreigners name are so odd😟

  • Sarthak Sharma
    Sarthak Sharma Month ago

    you could have included that
    shah rukh khan is the second richest actor in the world net worth of $750 million

  • Mou Guha
    Mou Guha Month ago

    Salman Khan got arrested for shooting a Tiger

  • Pluto- deviated planet

    You missed so many facts about India

  • elton correya
    elton correya Month ago

    And malayalam

  • Ahmed Shimaz
    Ahmed Shimaz Month ago

    the pic in 17:46 is from maldives

  • Ajayjeet Shekhawat
    Ajayjeet Shekhawat Month ago

    It's Kumbh Mela U A##hole

  • Rock vs peace
    Rock vs peace Month ago


  • TANI
    TANI Month ago

    @1:15 it says "I'm asking for death" 😂😂😂

  • rahul kashyap
    rahul kashyap Month ago

    Chail 😍

  • Wenny WaterQG
    Wenny WaterQG Month ago +1

    Sam the Tage mahel mean The Crown Castle and it was built 301 years from now and it was built in honor of a Indian King's wife's death and the Tage mahel is not the only building that's built in honor well maybe and there is three buildings that are special to Indian culture

  • 三菱 クノヒ カジカワ

    *dude....heads off to your I.Q*
    *lot's of love to india*

    • Rajat Naik
      Rajat Naik 15 days ago +1

      Love you sir❤️ from India 🇮🇳

  • Narasimha Raauvla
    Narasimha Raauvla Month ago

    Multiple mistakes in this videos

  • Rajdeep Kaur
    Rajdeep Kaur Month ago +2

    India is free due to shaheed bhagat singh udham singh not gandhi he just took advantage and got people to be hanged who were freedom fighters u can check history