MCU: What Every Major Villain ALMOST Looked Like

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
  • The villains we COULD have seen...
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Comments • 624

  • Hunter wolfe
    Hunter wolfe 7 days ago

    Serj tankian could have been a good Dr strange

  • FBI
    FBI 7 days ago

    Children will have a word

  • yeti
    yeti 10 days ago

    i like how thanos still had his nutsack chin even in concept art

  • Sercroc
    Sercroc 10 days ago

    there is never enough general grievous

  • Tee Con
    Tee Con 11 days ago

    that last and second last ultron looks amazing, the one in the movie wasn't so great and the voice sucked

  • Lord Proteus
    Lord Proteus 11 days ago

    No, anon, Taserface is an awesome name.

  • DirtE Pistol
    DirtE Pistol 12 days ago

    I think they made the right choice for thanos

  • Nanashi
    Nanashi 13 days ago

    I prefer the ones that were chosen

  • SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    Wait he did what to the UN?!?!?!I like the Mandarin now.

  • Wasteland Wonderer
    Wasteland Wonderer 14 days ago

    Man, too many of these seem cooler than the final version

  • ThatArtNutt
    ThatArtNutt 14 days ago

    I think if the six limbs would be cool if there was a part were all the avengers had to fight him at once

  • Stephanie Reneé DeRamus

    They said when Mickey was cast, they’re idea of Whiplash changed.

  • Tanscribe
    Tanscribe 14 days ago

    Sweet should work on a Dark Souls movie.

  • Bryant Lam
    Bryant Lam 15 days ago

    Ultron’s designs look like a fucking Decepticon.

  • MrSmyth
    MrSmyth 16 days ago

    I think Zemo should've aleast had a balaclava resembling the traditional mask, at least for one scene

  • Samurai Mouse
    Samurai Mouse 16 days ago +1

    My cousin said that MCU stands for MineCraft Universe.

  • Fakey Yoi
    Fakey Yoi 16 days ago

    The Abomunation sucked balls

  • Raphael Nova
    Raphael Nova 16 days ago

    That vibrant green version of Loki @2:05 is what he would have looked like if he'd been played by Raul Julia

    THE SHOCK MONSTER 16 days ago

    Red skull would have looked awesome

  • Nuetrina   ‍
    Nuetrina   ‍ 17 days ago

    please don't put tom cruise in a marvel movie

  • TremendousPuppy
    TremendousPuppy 17 days ago +1

    I really liked Dormammu's early designs, but honestly, they should have replaced Dormammu with Galactus in Doctor Strange, it would have made *MUCH* more sense.

  • Platnim Blue
    Platnim Blue 18 days ago

    i dont understand how this artist for the chitauri could make such wild drawings. what movie was he making them for, what kind of sourcing was he trying to use.?

  • Harley Sparx
    Harley Sparx 19 days ago

    If the hobbit that is Tom Cruise was Iron Man, the franchise wouldn't have been NERLY as successful and popular as it has been with RDJ.

  • TheXalos X
    TheXalos X 20 days ago

    So, they settled for vanilla!....Yep, that's Marvel....

  • pash91
    pash91 20 days ago

    Abomination concepts look amazing, much like comics

  • Hip Albatross
    Hip Albatross 20 days ago

    6 arm Ultron would be neat

  • Fabisch Factor
    Fabisch Factor 21 day ago

    I'd have killed for the Red Skull to really really be a red skull with eyes in the movie.
    But then again how would be form words without lips? :D

  • Owen Willicome
    Owen Willicome 21 day ago

    Woulda preferred any of those alternate Ultron designs. HE'S SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE A MONSTER, NOT A METAL HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let us freaking craze!

    dormammu looks like a character from fortnite during early disigns

  • Silio is a Dummkopf
    Silio is a Dummkopf 22 days ago

    I would have loved ultrons final look to be golden or have 6 arms. Instead they turn him into a big grey villan.

  • Michael Hixson
    Michael Hixson 23 days ago

    shit, these would have made some of those movies way much better. Definitely would have made thor 2 worth watching and iron man 3 into a legitimate story instead of a giant turd

  • Douch Mush
    Douch Mush 24 days ago

    Did you pay loco roco for using their music for your intro?

  • Johnny Skinwalker
    Johnny Skinwalker 24 days ago

    Wow I will say Arnim Zola was the design they missed out on. He would have been cooler and also closer to the comics. I also like the Ultron looking like more like the comic version. I would have prefered if Killmonger would have fought with a creepy mask on than with another BP costume.

  • Esork Gonzalez
    Esork Gonzalez 24 days ago


  • Savcy Marr
    Savcy Marr 24 days ago

    Beta ray bill:(

  • TheMoonchinKing
    TheMoonchinKing 25 days ago

    And here's the rveeal...

  • Oat lord
    Oat lord 25 days ago

    The Accuser is such an impotent title to have as a villain.

  • BIlly Ray
    BIlly Ray 25 days ago +1

    A lot of these look better than what they went ahead and went with!

  • Dauntless Warrior Productions

    I wanted to see Josh's Ultron. WHY DID ULTRON'S MOUTH HAVE TO MOVE IN THE MCU?!?!?!?!?!? IT LOOKS SO DUMB!!!!

  • TheLun4tic
    TheLun4tic 26 days ago

    The Mandarin should have been THE MANDARIN! and not just a Troll because they wanted to push the goddamn Extremis storyline!
    They basically raped our childhood with that

  • Sid Jones
    Sid Jones 26 days ago

    Concept Kilmonger AND better CG FX AND less if BP felling like a side character in his own film would have made a better movie.

  • The Mystery of Life
    The Mystery of Life 27 days ago

    The mandarin isn’t even the real mandarin tho

  • Theoneandonly 292
    Theoneandonly 292 27 days ago

    Crossbones looks a lot like Ajax from COD Ghosts

  • Efraín Salinas
    Efraín Salinas 27 days ago

    Please a concept art for X-men, in special Apocalypse

  • ToruKun1
    ToruKun1 27 days ago +1

    "What would Patty Jenkins' Thor 2 have looked like?" Probably a lot better and more interesting than the actual Thor 2 LMFAO

  • Trevor Walsh
    Trevor Walsh 27 days ago


  • Kylo Ren?
    Kylo Ren? 27 days ago


  • popp1e
    popp1e 27 days ago

    Could you say their names slower or a least list them for credits in the description, it would be nice to see the rest of the work, cheers!

  • Aaron Sky_Strider
    Aaron Sky_Strider 27 days ago

    For comic movies
    Less is more .....I mean if they made them all look like how the comics made them it would just look bad and it just wouldn't work...people and nerds don't understand that comic book movies that make hero's and villains look like the comic book counter part just can't work out maybe a small margin of people will love it bit 90% of the other viewers will think..."wow this is Dungeons & dragons vibe"
    So what's why I say "less is more"

  • Yancey James
    Yancey James 27 days ago

    The alternate ultron looks like megatron

  • Giri Dhyaksa
    Giri Dhyaksa 27 days ago

    6:38 rolls in
    Hello there

  • Nathan roman
    Nathan roman 28 days ago

    Vemon looks like him

  • Micah Williams
    Micah Williams 28 days ago

    Red skull concept art would have terrified kids.

  • David Zoo
    David Zoo 28 days ago

    Always felt ridiculous that the Mandarin was not actually Chinese

  • Jasmeet Singh
    Jasmeet Singh 28 days ago

    ahh wish they had used the six arm Ultron in the movie

  • Thug Goku
    Thug Goku 28 days ago

    Actually fenrir is hela's brother not her personal hellhound

  • ShogunV
    ShogunV 29 days ago

    You mean to tell me the MCU sacrifice originality and comic accuracy in favor of mass appeal? Huh, no surprise there. Most of the villains could have looked more epic and scary, but ended up turned into forgettable comedians.

  • Slappy Bags
    Slappy Bags 29 days ago

    That bird vulture was SO MUCH BETTER

  • Irfan Ullah
    Irfan Ullah 29 days ago

    5:17 it said gaurdians

  • Clone Commander CC-96/420

    I think you meant UN peacekeepers

  • Jonathan Carreño
    Jonathan Carreño 29 days ago


  • Life of Me
    Life of Me 29 days ago

    Those were all pretty cool. Thanos hasn't gone over any drastic changes, but he's the only one to actually win at the end of a movie. I feel kinda upset though because I don't think the MCU can advance if he stays in power so he'll get defeated in A4.

  • Jan Kacerovsky
    Jan Kacerovsky Month ago

    Try saying Hela's hellish hellhound five times in a row

  • Cordyceps
    Cordyceps Month ago

    Its not Gaurdians...
    ita GUARDIANS. Jeesh.

  • Luchiop
    Luchiop Month ago

    i want vincent cassell in the MCU

  • ECX3
    ECX3 Month ago

    I have loved to see those unused Ultron designs on the big screen. It looks more robotic and the six armed Ultron could’ve replaced his upgrade at the last scene. But the best reason is because it looks badass.

  • TrumpCat
    TrumpCat Month ago

    Ultron was perfect in the movies , just perfect , as was Vulture from Spiderman , and Thanos i was very happy with, being a fan from the start of Infinity Gauntlet (my first comics where Silver Surfer 47 , 48 , 49 the crossover comics to Infinity Gauntlet) so my first taste of regular comics was this epic crossover (the other comic i bought was Uncanny Xmen 274 which introduced me to the great Jim Lee's art) I still love Jim Lee's art aswell as Ron Lims (Silver Surfer and Infinity titles)

  • Adam yusuf
    Adam yusuf Month ago

    What these concept artist fail to understand is that MCU is owned by disney which they cant just make these characters nighmarish

    MAGA MAN Month ago +1

    Is thor the dark world the most forgettable marvel movie ever? I've watched it a few times on TV and I honestly can't remember 99% of it.

    • MAGA MAN
      MAGA MAN Month ago +1

      Oh, wait, maybe it was Black Panther. I completely forgot about that movie.

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith Month ago

    Greivous is my favourite!

  • Wdf1987
    Wdf1987 Month ago

    OG Whiplash looks like Maynard Keenan!

  • Saikotic
    Saikotic Month ago

    You guys don't know what steampunk is, do you?

  • Darkfire Project
    Darkfire Project Month ago

    I wish they would have gone with a more... "Ultrony" Ultron. It fit since he was basically a robot clone of Tony Stark, but it just didn't *feel* like Ultron. Not one time did I feel threatened by him. His minions were far more intimidating, and I feel like that is an important part of Ultron: being an all-knowing, impossible to kill, badass.

  • The Arbor
    The Arbor Month ago

    Iron Monger looks like Blitzcrank lol

  • C T
    C T Month ago

    My reading the marvel stories was 100X's superior to the MCU version.
    ESP Civil War & Infinity War.

  • Jake Ong
    Jake Ong Month ago

    Some of those kill monger masks look like the predator mask

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +1

    The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton was awesome! what are you talking about lol?

  • RazorGames
    RazorGames Month ago

    i like most of them more

  • InSaNiTy
    InSaNiTy Month ago

    Yo the abomination looks *SO COOL*

  • Shard Thot Eradicator

    ;-; no flame head dormamu

  • donovan carrasco
    donovan carrasco Month ago

    Holy shit all this art looks freaking awesome

  • RogueHitman71273
    RogueHitman71273 Month ago

    0:50 - Iron Monger
    1:15 - Abomination
    1:37 - Whiplash
    2:00 - Loki
    2:27 - Red Skull
    2:52 - The Chitauri
    3:13 - The Mandarin
    3:41 - Malekith
    4:05 - Kurse
    4:28 - The Winter Soldier
    4:51 - Arnim Zola
    5:18 - Ronan The Accuser
    5:44 - Nebula
    6:04 - Colonel Von Strucker
    6:29 - Ultron
    6:55 - Yellowjacket
    7:15 - Crossbones
    7:38 - Zemo
    8:02 - Dormammu
    8:19 - Ego
    8:52 - Taserface
    9:17 - Vulture
    9:52 - Hela
    10:12 - Killmonger
    10:36 - Thanos

  • Raul Troisio
    Raul Troisio Month ago

    The concept art always looked way better

  • Error 404
    Error 404 Month ago

    I wanted Ultron to have a bigger mouth.

  • earl sweezy
    earl sweezy Month ago


  • CardinalRule
    CardinalRule Month ago

    So, first Killmonger was designed as the Predator, then he was designed as Vegeta?

  • Raging Wolf
    Raging Wolf Month ago

    It would have been so cool to see these old designs in the movies, but this is Disney after all. A little bit scary is not their thing.

  • Anthony Patterson
    Anthony Patterson Month ago

    Abomination is not a MCU villain. goddamn.

  • Test Channel
    Test Channel Month ago

    Dormammu looks so cool in the thumbnail

  • john Carlos
    john Carlos Month ago

    I’m glad joss will never work with the mcu again. He sucks

  • ER1CK12
    ER1CK12 Month ago

    Dormammu looks like a flaming Groot in the first concept art lol

  • Iroquois Pliskin
    Iroquois Pliskin Month ago

    The first two Hela concepts were amazing!

  • Kevin Govier
    Kevin Govier Month ago

    "Hella's hellish hellhound"

  • Jam'n'Onions
    Jam'n'Onions Month ago

    who else sings along with the "bum bum bum!" at the end of the theme song

  • dylan grubaugh
    dylan grubaugh Month ago


  • Reef Bareis
    Reef Bareis Month ago

    I personally like Josh nizys designs

  • selfie kroos
    selfie kroos Month ago

    Incredible Hulk was an awesome movie

  • Black Wisdom45
    Black Wisdom45 Month ago

    we do need another general grievous

  • miong sena
    miong sena Month ago

    The old ultron looks better the recent ultron sucks he looks like a human with emotion

  • Miha Gačnik
    Miha Gačnik Month ago

    are the ones I wish they used