MCU: What Every Major Villain ALMOST Looked Like

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
  • The villains we COULD have seen...
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Comments • 745

  • Owen
    Owen 2 days ago

    2:28 "Captain America, the FIFTH avenger"

  • Matthew
    Matthew 5 days ago

    I wish the mandarin was like the mandarin from the iron man cartoons

  • Nick Charlie
    Nick Charlie 11 days ago

    I don't like the MCU Vulture

  • Matt Wallis
    Matt Wallis 13 days ago

    damn the cituari look like they came from quake or doom

    HAUNTLESS STUDIOS 18 days ago

    They should have put orange or black eyes on Thanos

  • Demon God Blood Form
    Demon God Blood Form 18 days ago

    Yay 666 dis likes

  • Ataxarion
    Ataxarion 19 days ago

    I think Ultron's design is perfect. It looks very slick and reminds me of some of his appearance in the comics

  • * God0FWine *
    * God0FWine * 24 days ago

    They turned the Mandarin into a homeless terrorist

  • PracticalSloth
    PracticalSloth 25 days ago

    Every now and then I check the settings to see if I might have accidentally turned up the speed to x1.5, the answer is no.

  • Tony Ramone
    Tony Ramone 27 days ago

    GFY with that "only good thing about Ed Norton hulk" bullshit. MARK RUFFALO WISHES HE WAS AS TALENTED AS NORTON. They only ditched Norton so Downey could have all the star power. The MCU forever disappointed me when they let Ruffalo play the Hulk.

  • Mosh Echacuervos
    Mosh Echacuervos 28 days ago


  • Globox2004
    Globox2004 Month ago

    Most of the concept art show how "safe" are designs that Marvel has chosen.

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb Month ago

    ultron looks like shit

  • xFactions7
    xFactions7 Month ago

    8:15 looks like the Akatsuki holos when they are in the cave to extract a tailed beast.

  • Gideon Jones
    Gideon Jones Month ago

    Killmonger's vest thing reminded me of both Vegeta and Boba Fett, both of which I love, so even if he had been a crappy villain, I still probably would have liked him.

  • Matt B
    Matt B Month ago

    10:41 that is how Thanos should look! Don't get me wrong infinity war was a good movie but I can't not see purple Rick Harrison when I see Thanos.

  • بيت محسير
    بيت محسير Month ago

    Dude, if u r in a rush don't make a video. Slow down a bit

  • MetisShaman NamashSitem

    I hate youtubers who ask us to hit the bell icon and like the video, just as much as I hate crackheads asking for money

  • Maelle Bourgeois
    Maelle Bourgeois Month ago

    anxious quiet soldier analyze fat basic menu clean fellow obvious.

  • Cainan Davis
    Cainan Davis Month ago

    I liked the slique and pointy version of ultron the most

  • Dren Reinhardt
    Dren Reinhardt Month ago

    So many badass villains ruined by MCU ....

  • Michael Deeks
    Michael Deeks Month ago

    This video needs someone with a far wider vocabulary, because I got bored listening to the same thing being said with a different villain name over and over again.

  • Fridae
    Fridae Month ago

    This dude looks 49 and 9 at the same time!

  • GanTz :0
    GanTz :0 Month ago


  • Sebastian Kovac
    Sebastian Kovac Month ago

    Steampunk ultron

  • kreysis
    kreysis Month ago

    the way he pronounces every "a" really grinds my gears

  • Emanuel Teixeira
    Emanuel Teixeira Month ago

    Gaurdians? Fix that please ocd killing me.

  • ShadeVision
    ShadeVision Month ago

    The alternate designs for Hela were so much better looking than what we got...

  • Tajwar Khandaker
    Tajwar Khandaker Month ago

    6:50 Savitar

  • Philip Johnson
    Philip Johnson Month ago

    Classic Ultron.

  • Ethan Stone
    Ethan Stone Month ago

    I like ultrons steam punk look.


    10:24 YES, PLEASE!!!


    Not the suit but can we get the wings from 9:42???


    7:58 it would've been amazing.


    Can we PLEASE get Ultron back where his design is like at 6:49 with a deep voice???

  • awesomejelli gaming

    the thumbnail looked like flytrap from fortnite

    XON3D6IXXGODD Month ago

    That zemo art piece looked so much better

  • HindiRapGuru
    HindiRapGuru Month ago +1

    This tells you how "studios" waters down all the creative imagination of the artist which could have been really awesome to see in the films! I love all the designs!

  • Potato.exe
    Potato.exe Month ago

    5:17 "Guardians" is spelt wrong.

    DOMINIQ GAMING Month ago

    Really fhanos

  • thegreat1pr
    thegreat1pr Month ago

    If only Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (G.o.T.'s Ser Gregor The Mountain) played Cursed and Malekith was given a more athletic nature and Joker style personality, they would have been great!

  • GoldNinja3
    GoldNinja3 Month ago

    They look cool, The Captain Marvel burning sensation Asgard look. I regulate their supervillainess to a grand song called InDestRuctable to your self-esteem when superheroes fight among superheroes and supervillains fight among supervillains like Civil War.

  • SPD pighazard
    SPD pighazard Month ago

    Anyone else thought the the green guy in the thumbnail was flytrap from fortnite

  • Ontos
    Ontos Month ago

    Oooooh I wanna see Mathew mcconaughey as mephisto now

  • A red Taco
    A red Taco Month ago

    Just committing so there is 670 comments

  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 Month ago

    Holy f&^ckin' s@$t! Killmonger _does_ wear Saiyan armor! How did I never notice that?

  • Wurm
    Wurm Month ago

    3:34 Is mandarin the next FarCry antagonist?

  • Spooder Da Spider
    Spooder Da Spider Month ago

    I think the six-armed Ultron looked a lot like the classic, which is great, but... remove the six arms.

  • Big Vek
    Big Vek Month ago

    Bird man would’ve looked cold

  • Marcos Veiga Filho
    Marcos Veiga Filho Month ago

    The six-armed ultron would've been Badass

  • Mr.Knight The Detective

    If only Loki was like in Avengers: EMH.

  • Tortudraws
    Tortudraws Month ago

    In 4:23 the design on the right looks like it was a new SlipKnot member

  • Cocktimus Prime
    Cocktimus Prime Month ago

    So essentially they all looked a lot better before the movies. Nice.

  • NySakeeZ Xx
    NySakeeZ Xx Month ago

    the last design for Dormammu was so sick, don't like how he looks in the movie

  • jake knight
    jake knight Month ago

    ah if only...

  • President So
    President So Month ago


  • stefan sauvageon
    stefan sauvageon Month ago


  • Clemens Kindermann
    Clemens Kindermann Month ago

    Colonel von Strucker is pronounced "fon Shtrucker" (German name!).

  • james liang
    james liang Month ago

    so Blackpanther culturally appropriated Dragon Ball Z

  • Saetyxv
    Saetyxv Month ago

    i hated ego in guardians but when they shied awayed from him the movie shined

  • Harry Savitz
    Harry Savitz Month ago

    OMG i just saw a movie with vincent cassel and that picture of him you used was form the exact same movie

  • James Patterson
    James Patterson Month ago

    We need more JULES! Funniest fuck alive!

  • The Vault The Official Channel

    Can't believe that Whiplash was going to look 👀 like a rejected 🙅‍♂️ Halo character

  • PunchianThe3rd
    PunchianThe3rd Month ago

    Yellow Jacket was on point

  • Bitoy Skii
    Bitoy Skii Month ago

    2:39 Looks like a Revenant with clothes on.

  • LukePlays MLJ
    LukePlays MLJ Month ago

    I really liked many of these concepts, I still don't know why they didn't make it to the big screen

  • Freya murtem
    Freya murtem Month ago

    The video i liked but i gave it a thumbs down . Bacause of the other bald guy in the video (he seems and sounds annoying)

  • Hunter wolfe
    Hunter wolfe 2 months ago

    Serj tankian could have been a good Dr strange

  • FBI
    FBI 2 months ago

    Children will have a word

  • yeti
    yeti 2 months ago

    i like how thanos still had his nutsack chin even in concept art

  • Sercroc
    Sercroc 2 months ago

    there is never enough general grievous

  • Tee Con
    Tee Con 2 months ago

    that last and second last ultron looks amazing, the one in the movie wasn't so great and the voice sucked

  • Lord Proteus
    Lord Proteus 2 months ago

    No, anon, Taserface is an awesome name.

  • DirtE Pistol
    DirtE Pistol 2 months ago

    I think they made the right choice for thanos

  • Nanashi
    Nanashi 2 months ago

    I prefer the ones that were chosen

  • Wasteland Wonderer
    Wasteland Wonderer 2 months ago

    Man, too many of these seem cooler than the final version

  • ThatArtNutt
    ThatArtNutt 2 months ago

    I think if the six limbs would be cool if there was a part were all the avengers had to fight him at once

  • Stephanie Reneé DeRamus

    They said when Mickey was cast, they’re idea of Whiplash changed.

  • Tanscribe
    Tanscribe 2 months ago

    Sweet should work on a Dark Souls movie.

  • Bryant Lam
    Bryant Lam 2 months ago

    Ultron’s designs look like a fucking Decepticon.

  • MrSmyth
    MrSmyth 2 months ago

    I think Zemo should've aleast had a balaclava resembling the traditional mask, at least for one scene

  • Winning Grinn
    Winning Grinn 2 months ago

    The Abomunation sucked balls

  • Raphael Nova
    Raphael Nova 2 months ago

    That vibrant green version of Loki @2:05 is what he would have looked like if he'd been played by Raul Julia

    THE SHOCK MONSTER 2 months ago

    Red skull would have looked awesome

  • Nuetrina   ‍
    Nuetrina   ‍ 2 months ago

    please don't put tom cruise in a marvel movie

  • Soda 🇵🇷
    Soda 🇵🇷 2 months ago +1

    I really liked Dormammu's early designs, but honestly, they should have replaced Dormammu with Galactus in Doctor Strange, it would have made *MUCH* more sense.

    • Darth1nsidious7
      Darth1nsidious7 Month ago +2

      Sir wait! Galactus for Doctor Strange!?! What madness. Doctor Strange deals with magic not massive aliens

  • Platnim Blue
    Platnim Blue 2 months ago

    i dont understand how this artist for the chitauri could make such wild drawings. what movie was he making them for, what kind of sourcing was he trying to use.?

  • Harley Sparx
    Harley Sparx 2 months ago

    If the hobbit that is Tom Cruise was Iron Man, the franchise wouldn't have been NERLY as successful and popular as it has been with RDJ.

  • TheXalos X
    TheXalos X 2 months ago

    So, they settled for vanilla!....Yep, that's Marvel....

  • pash91
    pash91 2 months ago

    Abomination concepts look amazing, much like comics

  • Hip Albatross
    Hip Albatross 2 months ago

    6 arm Ultron would be neat

  • I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    I'd have killed for the Red Skull to really really be a red skull with eyes in the movie.
    But then again how would be form words without lips? :D

  • Owen Willicome
    Owen Willicome 2 months ago

    Woulda preferred any of those alternate Ultron designs. HE'S SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE A MONSTER, NOT A METAL HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let us freaking craze!
    Let us freaking craze! 2 months ago

    dormammu looks like a character from fortnite during early disigns

  • Silio is a Dummkopf
    Silio is a Dummkopf 2 months ago

    I would have loved ultrons final look to be golden or have 6 arms. Instead they turn him into a big grey villan.

  • Michael Hixson
    Michael Hixson 2 months ago

    shit, these would have made some of those movies way much better. Definitely would have made thor 2 worth watching and iron man 3 into a legitimate story instead of a giant turd

  • Douch Mush
    Douch Mush 2 months ago

    Did you pay loco roco for using their music for your intro?

  • Johnny Skinwalker
    Johnny Skinwalker 2 months ago

    Wow I will say Arnim Zola was the design they missed out on. He would have been cooler and also closer to the comics. I also like the Ultron looking like more like the comic version. I would have prefered if Killmonger would have fought with a creepy mask on than with another BP costume.

  • Esork Gonzalez
    Esork Gonzalez 2 months ago


  • Savcy Marr
    Savcy Marr 2 months ago

    Beta ray bill:(