What If Every Human Ever Born Came Back to Life Today?

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  • Hallowed Twins
    Hallowed Twins 9 hours ago

    It would be *Walking Dead*

  • Junn
    Junn 14 hours ago

    All those innocent people that died in 9 11 will actually make something worth of their lives

  • Jarid Gaming
    Jarid Gaming 17 hours ago

    We could eat eachother.... That would support a higher population for a while

  • Ethan Morgan
    Ethan Morgan Day ago +1

    How awkward would it be if Hitler and all the Jews he killed where reborn in the same place

  • Saad Chourbagui
    Saad Chourbagui Day ago

    that will already happen

  • beth robb
    beth robb Day ago

    I guess the Indians ( North American) will want THEIR land back, we should clean up all the garbage we created first.🌅

  • dole
    dole 2 days ago

    Fuck this fucking bullshit Skillshare

  • 胡友裕
    胡友裕 2 days ago

    hey...what if we just bring the famous(including jesus,king/queen etc.)to earth?

  • DJ Maximum
    DJ Maximum 2 days ago

    This video was posted on my birthday just noticed xD

  • SquidWard
    SquidWard 2 days ago +1


  • SquidWard
    SquidWard 2 days ago +1

    it would be like a concert, you can't move because it's crowded cuz of the amount of people

  • Derick Sema
    Derick Sema 2 days ago

    Please don't bring them back from the dead just to kill them 2 months later

  • Frantic Deadeye
    Frantic Deadeye 3 days ago

    Have Washington and hitler fist fight

  • Random Sharkicorn
    Random Sharkicorn 3 days ago

    Bruno Mars Prince M.j And Elvis would Collab and make the dopest song EVER

  • LooLoo Milky
    LooLoo Milky 4 days ago

    *I will wait for Sun Tzu*

  • InsideManGaming
    InsideManGaming 4 days ago

    Anyone ready for the new Tupac album?

  • Eliana Pasternak
    Eliana Pasternak 4 days ago

    Palistine is not a state. It is called ISRAEL.

  • Jacky Wong
    Jacky Wong 5 days ago

    QinChiHuang (the first ever emperor of China) vs Adolf Hitler

    BOX NATION 5 days ago

    My grandma would've been alive then

  • Gabriel Fernández
    Gabriel Fernández 5 days ago

    All the worlds past and present leaders will fuck the world...

  • Genki Dama Trunks
    Genki Dama Trunks 5 days ago

    On the plus side everyone that died in Atlantis, would quickly die again.

  • Lilmorp is gay
    Lilmorp is gay 5 days ago +1

    the guy that hung himself in the suicide forest would kick logan paul’s ass

  • Bashkir Mapper - Башкирский Маппер

    This retarded comment section:
    0,1 % I would see my ancestors
    0,1 % Porn
    99,8 % Hitler

  • Richard Thao
    Richard Thao 6 days ago

    My ancestors were probably looking at me from heaven and probably will be was disappointed and if they were resurrected they will probably be more disappointed.

  • Richard Thao
    Richard Thao 6 days ago

    I know what will happen. War world 3 and 4

  • Lencie _wtf
    Lencie _wtf 6 days ago


  • Brayden Newton
    Brayden Newton 6 days ago

    Adolf and the 6 million come back.

  • TheLavish99
    TheLavish99 7 days ago

    i would only want the good ones to come back to life.

  • Cheese Burger 93285
    Cheese Burger 93285 7 days ago


  • Kathy Lopez
    Kathy Lopez 7 days ago

    Um its 2018

  • Marga Dali
    Marga Dali 8 days ago

    If we were to agriculturally farm insects would there still not be enough food for everyone? The nutrition density and space requirements of insects are alarmingly low compared to modern farm animals.

  • Coop 2168
    Coop 2168 8 days ago

    So. Hitler and Kaiser would rule. Nazi german Empire. Half of the world lol

  • Ceili Cat
    Ceili Cat 8 days ago

    Your logo thing looks like a pikachu..😳😳

  • Zionist Jewish Fascist

    I think you mean the state of Israel

  • Ducky Horse
    Ducky Horse 8 days ago

    *_Cool! The thing is, what about Black Beard? All the KKK people? What about the people who killed Jesus? Huh? Huh? I would enjoy Whitney Huston and MLK Jr.but certainly NOT the bad ones..So I don't reccomend to bring people alive.._*

  • Kitty Kat Kiro
    Kitty Kat Kiro 9 days ago

    If every human that died and came back to life I will finally get to meet Eazy E Tupac and Biggie.

  • Taner Duman
    Taner Duman 9 days ago

    The day of judgement all the people will come together from first person to the last person lived on this earth .

  • Dark Vulcan
    Dark Vulcan 9 days ago

    we'd have alot of zombies

  • Sean Hassan
    Sean Hassan 9 days ago

    The number is pi and click it into the calculator. Now try and make that a number ha ha ha

  • Piggie wiggie
    Piggie wiggie 9 days ago

    Lil peep would come back!!

  • Adriannah Jones
    Adriannah Jones 9 days ago

    Then it'd be as crowded as hell

  • Benjamin dustman unofficial YouTube police

    I can see my grandfather again!

  • Selena Alan
    Selena Alan 9 days ago

    But Adam and Eve weren't born, they were made as adults.

    MLG CASH 9 days ago

    What about hitler and Kim John ill

  • EJ Nelson
    EJ Nelson 9 days ago

    Every zombie movie in a nutshell

  • SkyzArts
    SkyzArts 9 days ago

    WW3 will come

  • Hanneke Olthoff
    Hanneke Olthoff 9 days ago

    Reminds me af the Dutch program "What if..??"...

  • itry2brational
    itry2brational 10 days ago

    Your "Global Farm Space" is impossible. We don't have that much area with vegetation let alone farms.

  • David Serrano
    David Serrano 10 days ago +1

    ¿Porque el título está en español y se habla en ingles? , ni siquiera hay subtítulos en español, ¿qué es ésto, una broma?

  • Tomas Faderon
    Tomas Faderon 10 days ago +1

    Even Adolf Hitler will be alive again

  • kokobops coconut
    kokobops coconut 10 days ago

    How do I tell Shakespeare the modern English

  • kittyyourock
    kittyyourock 10 days ago

    we would have to rekill a lot of people

  • Troll MasterFTW77
    Troll MasterFTW77 11 days ago

    If they were revived at the age they died, except they would live longer, with what they were holding and wearing when they died, imagine Normandy Beach

  • king gamer afnan
    king gamer afnan 11 days ago

    Hitler would be born , Kim long un s dad and grand father will be born , Ronald Reagan would be born , Nero would be born , Ted Bundy and millions of criminals will be born , Stalin would be born , Napoleon would be born and billions of dictators would be born

  • Trick Room
    Trick Room 12 days ago

    Ayyyyyy Hitler!!!! wassup

  • Aqua The Grouch
    Aqua The Grouch 12 days ago

    The thing that’s bad about this is that all the bad people would come to life.

  • bob roberts
    bob roberts 12 days ago

    Gaurentee people like hitler and starlin will die in an hour

  • I haven't take a shower for 7 weeks, but

    Nice, i always want to know mozart's reaction about today's music.

    • Matthew Johnson
      Matthew Johnson 8 hours ago

      He was deaf

    • Francesca Tarr
      Francesca Tarr 3 days ago +1

      He would cry

    • JotJot 3223
      JotJot 3223 5 days ago +2

      F. Funez Gucci gang Gucci gang xd

    • F. Funez
      F. Funez 12 days ago

      Saya belum mandi 7 hari, tapi he would probably be open minded, not like alot of People...

  • La Tornado
    La Tornado 13 days ago

    I can’t believe around 101 billion people have died on Earth years and hundred years and thousands of years ago..

  • diana 1987
    diana 1987 13 days ago

    There is no Palestine it's a lie

  • creative Crations
    creative Crations 14 days ago

    If Jesus was alive today he would say that he is a prophet and prophet Mohamed is one of the true prophet of god

  • Lionnco
    Lionnco 14 days ago +1

    Hitler brought back to life- WHAT HAS MEIN KOUNTRYB BEECOME?

  • mgmaor
    mgmaor 15 days ago

    I've never heard about the State of Palestine.

  • Marcus StaAna
    Marcus StaAna 16 days ago

    Atleast we could have a Golden Girls comeback.

  • Silvi Labovitz
    Silvi Labovitz 16 days ago

    Well I would say hi to George Washington then ear chicken

  • Ralph Quimzon
    Ralph Quimzon 16 days ago +1

    Wow!! Just wow 7 billion people in earth but I'm still single!

  • Pepe the frog
    Pepe the frog 16 days ago

    Zombie apocalypse?

  • Liz
    Liz 17 days ago

    zombie apoclypse

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 17 days ago

    world war

  • Gray Au
    Gray Au 17 days ago +1

    They say earth is overpopulated now, but the truth is earth can support 100 billion humans, without harming the environment and without harming nature/killing species. Without killing a single animal at all. And with plenty of space for everyone.
    There's just a problem with the way we all live today.

  • Jessy York
    Jessy York 17 days ago

    I've thought of these questions all the time

  • Parker Nelson
    Parker Nelson 17 days ago

    This would make an amazing story!

  • X1-M7M D
    X1-M7M D 17 days ago

    In the Islam religion *which I am in* this event will happen >

  • Sentinelic Torjan IJF
    Sentinelic Torjan IJF 18 days ago

    Manfred Richtofen would Kill Trump by crashing his plane with a Nuke into the white house and destroy Washington DC

  • FlyingJourney [GD] Soon i record

    DON'T! I don't want that Germany will become Nazi again! 😠

  • Krysten Near
    Krysten Near 19 days ago

    Hamilton would exist YES

  • Unkwon_face
    Unkwon_face 19 days ago

    Is already 7.6 billion of people in 2017 and I heard that by 2050 will have 10 billion of people WTF humans

  • Greek Mythology
    Greek Mythology 19 days ago

    Sodom and Gomorrah all over a doorway

    LEBRON JAMES FAN 19 days ago +1


  • Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 20 days ago

    Hey hey hey it’s papa Stalin back to make the USSR and did I hear starving just like the good old days

  • Sylph of Void
    Sylph of Void 20 days ago

    I feel with resources we need to take thought of the resource waste we currently do on a day to day, and the idea that if 100 billion people popped up we'd have more rationing for each person.

  • Rafiat BM
    Rafiat BM 20 days ago

    Imagine Hitler and Trump rivalry 😜😜😜😅

  • Preston Hanson
    Preston Hanson 20 days ago

    This life never ceases to amaze me

  • Andrea Congress
    Andrea Congress 20 days ago

    Is it good because all of the people that died are back or bad because then there will be wars and hitler

  • Tram Sporting Fen Sheffield

    It would turn into a grant old people home bingo will be very popularly and nitting

  • Legit Streams
    Legit Streams 20 days ago

    He didn’t consider the fact of how advanced with technology we are. They would all die due to the major global temperature and probably wouldn’t be immune to modern diseases

  • lamborghini huracan
    lamborghini huracan 20 days ago +1

    My home: 6 humans
    My neightbour: 71 humas
    My city: 44M humans
    My contry: 63M humans
    My world: 7.5billions humans

  • LifeLikeSea
    LifeLikeSea 20 days ago


    MEGABREAD 20 days ago

    boi we have enough food to feed 11.75 billion not only 7.5 billion its just that the rest goes to waste

  • Takami Chika
    Takami Chika 21 day ago

    this sounds scary to me, there won't have space

  • TorpidGaming
    TorpidGaming 21 day ago

    A whole bunch of people could just appear in my room 😅

  • Crossman321
    Crossman321 21 day ago

    Where did you get this information?

  • kuwwi GD
    kuwwi GD 21 day ago

    Nice video

  • Jose Trejo
    Jose Trejo 21 day ago

    1500 people are from titanic

  • Pedro Penduko
    Pedro Penduko 21 day ago

    Approximately 80 billion Justin Beiber fans.

  • mini lifecookie3
    mini lifecookie3 22 days ago

    I wish because i miss my grandparents and i never met my mom's parents😝😭😭😭😢😢😢

  • Yum
    Yum 22 days ago

    Well, I’d get to meet Hamilton so...

  • Jeremy Harden
    Jeremy Harden 22 days ago

    Or if they ALL turned to zombies except our current amount of people

  • Lyrics and nightcore 98


  • Matthew Lo
    Matthew Lo 22 days ago

    Hitler, Stalin and other evil dictators come back and conquest the world.