10 Most EXPENSIVE Substances On Earth

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Here are the top 10 most expensive substances and materials on earth.
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    Top 10 Most EXPENSIVE Substances
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  • RedesCat
    RedesCat 14 hours ago

    #1 Ricardo sauce

  • John do
    John do 18 hours ago

    $9000 dollar a gram sounds a lot but that works out to $1800 a while a middle off the road quality 1ct diamond like VS2\I at dealer price ( not retail) would be around $6400 or $ 45000 per gram (granted that would be the price after cutting and polishing but just for comparison)

  • Lionel Boulay
    Lionel Boulay Day ago

    10.49 what that clip from ?

  • dorman games
    dorman games 3 days ago

    You forgot the apple pro stand

  • Patrick Peters
    Patrick Peters 3 days ago

    Lol 2500 a gram need to research that a little more lol

  • jerzyrican856 gee
    jerzyrican856 gee 7 days ago

    Please can nzt 48 be real for god sakes

  • Afghan Miners
    Afghan Miners 8 days ago

    Iphone stand 999$

  • Seb Johnston
    Seb Johnston 8 days ago

    Non space energy is 36 billion

  • MrJazzyjay123
    MrJazzyjay123 8 days ago

    Turd in the toilet 🚽 with 🍏 Logo on it!

  • Ferdz
    Ferdz 9 days ago

    Aluminum (stand) but with a apple logo

  • David Haas
    David Haas 10 days ago

    The gem is NOT pronounced SPINE-UL . . . it's SPIN-EL. Another example of a hastily produced video where nobody bothers to proof the script and discuss with the narrator.

  • G Wilson
    G Wilson 10 days ago

    What movie is the last scene from?

  • Richard Mcginnis
    Richard Mcginnis 11 days ago

    there's more matter because there was no big bang and there is no anti matter and we didn't descend from apes we were always here those alive today are the remnants of the society that was destroyed in the last cataclysm or whatever happened that's why stone aged relics are the oldest thing to a certain point in the world of archaeology then things become more and more advanced the deeper they dig

  • Dogan Tosun
    Dogan Tosun 13 days ago

    Antimatter and big bang theory is made up to disprove existence of an intelligent creator. Don't fall for these nonsense. Cause that's what they are. Nothing about big bang, black holes and antimatter makes sense. Only a nodding sheep that wants a pet on the back would believe your bullshit mate

  • Dogan Tosun
    Dogan Tosun 13 days ago

    Antimatter? Didn't know this was a sci fi video. Dumbest theory ever. I cannot even imagine someone believing in that. Amazing

  • NotSee Chucky
    NotSee Chucky 14 days ago

    Aye Bruh, How Much You Selling That Anti-Matter For?

    • AzoRonics
      AzoRonics 12 days ago

      1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 fam, no shady shit 💯💯💯💯👌

  • Dark Vibes
    Dark Vibes 15 days ago

    Why isn't the macbook in there

  • KennysIceCream KIC
    KennysIceCream KIC 15 days ago

    make a drug that allows me to retain all information thanks. how much per gram?

  • Wasim Akram
    Wasim Akram 15 days ago

    10:50 where is this scene from?

  • robert Olivarez
    robert Olivarez 15 days ago

    paynit man made

  • Rahul Gaikwad
    Rahul Gaikwad 16 days ago +2

    One Ton of Californium ?!!

  • abhijith anilkumar
    abhijith anilkumar 16 days ago


  • lazy man here
    lazy man here 16 days ago +1

    I got to find some antimatter so I dont have to work anymore.

  • awakeness
    awakeness 17 days ago

    Talks about LSD but shows someone taking heroin and cocaine??????????????

  • Chase Null
    Chase Null 17 days ago

    so for 27million, your cancer can be cured.

  • Charles Stevenson
    Charles Stevenson 18 days ago

    Number one is only theory. Nothing more. Can't put a price tag on something that can't be handled.

  • Eddie Hitler
    Eddie Hitler 18 days ago

    Beta radiation CAN penetrate the skin, you're thinking of alpha ya knob.

  • Eddie Hitler
    Eddie Hitler 18 days ago

    Any chance of making the video relevant to the narration please. Dumbasses.

  • PR_GMR
    PR_GMR 18 days ago

    Well, better get to finding a gram of anti-matter. Where is that fucker?

  • mike judge
    mike judge 18 days ago

    Diamond is the hardest not the strongest, HUGE difference

  • EGC_Vapology
    EGC_Vapology 18 days ago

    @10:50 - anyone know what movie this is from?

  • Sparky
    Sparky 19 days ago +8

    Lost credibility at diamond. Diamond isn't rare or expensive at all. The price is due to inflation by jewellers.
    Source: ive worked with jewellers who deal mainly in diamonds

    • gunslinger7555
      gunslinger7555 14 days ago

      Yep, lost me at that one. Continued on and I see him say Buckeyballs are "$150 Million/Gram" Yeah except I can go to Amazon and get research grade 99.99% Buckeyballs for like $200.00 a gram. Who are these morons and where is their info from?

    • Arius Aneid
      Arius Aneid 17 days ago

      And since the price is inflated due to marketing, it is therefore expensive and fits in a list of expensive substances. There were no restrictions as to why its expensive.

  • Monark Snipe
    Monark Snipe 19 days ago

    Black Market here I come!

  • ItimNaGubat NgKaligayahan

    7:06 Priceless person

  • nano
    nano 20 days ago

    nut 69 quintillion

  • Marc Cognet
    Marc Cognet 20 days ago

    Um hang on its well documented that LSD was CIA made substance in the 50s/60s

    • Twist3r Official
      Twist3r Official 19 days ago

      They manufactured lsd for testing and stuff in MKUKTRA and projects related to that, but they didnt invent it

  • A A
    A A 20 days ago +2

    What about Element 118?

  • Tropical Outdoors
    Tropical Outdoors 21 day ago

    Plutonium wasn't discovered it was created

  • Dietterich Labs
    Dietterich Labs 21 day ago

    californium-252 not californium-245.

  • Sliced Marble
    Sliced Marble 21 day ago

    Bad video

  • Mataga
    Mataga 21 day ago

    Gucci products should be in this video. They cost so much LOL :D

  • Shadow the human Tube

    I heard tht animatter combain with every thing so it cant be found

    • Wholsome Otaku
      Wholsome Otaku 20 days ago

      Shadow the human Tube u mean that if it touches matter it explodes and collecting it is very hard to do because it must not touch anything and since it can’t touch matter it’s almost impossible to get

  • Total Geekgasm
    Total Geekgasm 21 day ago

    Diamonds are not rare, they are only expensive due to a monopoly on the diamond market, but why should a click baiting piece of shit like you know that.

  • jordon Garcia
    jordon Garcia 21 day ago

    click-bait fuck it

  • Wyvrenne MacDaniels
    Wyvrenne MacDaniels 21 day ago +5

    Are you f***ing kidding me? Diamonds are NOT rare. Ask me I'm a professional jeweler.

  • Lord Zero
    Lord Zero 21 day ago

    BAHAHAHAHAHA diamonds are NOT rare by any means whatsoever. The debeers company owns ALL diamond mines and they charge whatever they want. Diamonds are actually one of the most abundant minerals on the planet.

  • HouseOfPain Ministers Danny DieHard


  • PJ
    PJ 22 days ago

    $62.5 Trillion NOT Billions but Trillions of dollars for a single gram of Anti matter GTFOH...greed is a disease NASA should get evaluated

  • Saltyballze
    Saltyballze 22 days ago

    The scene at 11:14, what movie is this? I mean the buildings and upside down earth?

  • Michael Vendick
    Michael Vendick 22 days ago +3

    Imagine walking into a pawn shop: "Well hello there, welcome to Bill's Pawn shop, what can I do ya fer?"
    "Uhhhh, yeah. I got a gram of this anti matter I'm looking to sell....."

  • nutty nerd
    nutty nerd 22 days ago

    mr beast: lemme get a gram of everything

  • William Shaffer
    William Shaffer 22 days ago

    Hey I'm life, Germans didn't discover plutonium. Plutonium is a man made element created by Carl Seaborg who was born in Michigan.

  • olivewreath 01
    olivewreath 01 22 days ago

    I just had a question watching this, an answer would be highly appreciated. If water is made of oxygen and hydrogen; than what happens to the hydrogen in the water? Is it mixed with caebon than what would that do to its surroundings?

    • olivewreath 01
      olivewreath 01 22 days ago

      Please, i could look it up and do research but im not in a state right now to seperate theorys and knowledge(true science) to my mind twisted question(honesty over ignorance)

  • Kyle Hendersonjones
    Kyle Hendersonjones 23 days ago

    How about iridium that's rare really rare

  • Hey im Life
    Hey im Life 23 days ago

    No the germans discovered plutonium but ok

    • Christian Voigt
      Christian Voigt 22 days ago

      @Hey im Life I'll try to dig up more information. Thx for replying

    • Hey im Life
      Hey im Life 22 days ago

      @Christian Voigt I think they were Jewish/German scientists so they defected

    • Christian Voigt
      Christian Voigt 22 days ago

      @Hey im Life Any sources on that? I can't find anything :( Sounds intriguing

    • Hey im Life
      Hey im Life 22 days ago

      @Christian Voigt germans captured during the war

    • Christian Voigt
      Christian Voigt 22 days ago

      By whom? You seem to know. All official sources I can find say it's americans who identified it first.
      Which german was it?

  • Gusssugs
    Gusssugs 23 days ago +8

    No one has harnessed anti matter so it doesn’t matter.

  • Deepak Agarwal
    Deepak Agarwal 23 days ago +7

    50k USD for 1 grm diamond. That's not true.

    • skalmaa
      skalmaa 9 days ago +1

      Perfect condition may go for that much. However, that industry is a damn scamm. So anyone paying those absurt ammounts for something like that is just stupid.

    • Christian Voigt
      Christian Voigt 22 days ago +1

      It's true on average. 1 gram diamonds have been sold for like $1.000 and for $5.000.000. It depends on how they are cut

  • Deepak Agarwal
    Deepak Agarwal 23 days ago

    Wrong data are presented in video.

  • miles styles
    miles styles 23 days ago

    WTF !l!! 2 fuckin adds now is it ?? 1 add not enough ?? GREED !!!!!!!

  • irishbreakfast
    irishbreakfast 23 days ago +1

    the omniverse WAS anti-matter until the great flash of matter occurred after there was suddenly an imbalance in the omniverse causing something to build up and suddenly move. then WHAM bbbzzzzztttttttttt!!! the infinite reaction more akin to a bolt of lightning rather than a bubble expanding shot out at superluminal velocties to thusly create time space and matter. the gravity came once mathematical cohesion was established and momentum was given to the matter. everything after that fell into place all by itself. and the most part of the anti matter was pushed /remained/s outside our 3d innerverse, in the eternal darkness of null and viod of the outerverse. but in the eternal outerverse anti matter is STILL the dominant form. our 3d created innerverse of matter gravity and energy is like a spot of oil floating expanding out upon the surface of the water, to visualize it in a 2d simplified format. matter is still the odd man out. the minority. the tiny dot in the midst of the endless expanse of.....eternal nothingness. our 3d innerverse cant wont and doesnt have much anti matter at all except in rare circumstances or if we create a particle of anti-hydrogen for a femtosecond or so here and there. well not really create it but to 'bring it out of hiding'. we cant make something that doesnt exist in this 3d innerverse. all we can do is expose it if its there. but there isnt much here, for sure. there isnt an equal volume of matter to anti matter, there is way more anti matter outside our innerverse than there is matter gravity and energy in here. so if an anithydrogen particle was exposed it would only last such a short time it wouldnt have time to be sold and utilized, because the nature of our 'verse' is the opposite of what it needs to exist. get it? so ythereal value of antimatter is exactly NOTHING. because it cant be sustained to be purchased.

  • Loyal Casanova
    Loyal Casanova 24 days ago

    Wish I had a gram of antimatter! Daaaaaaaaamn

  • David Burkholder
    David Burkholder 24 days ago

    One of the most idiotic videos on you tube. LSD is valuable...wow. I guess if ending human life is valubale then yes. Nuts.

  • Gabriel Vukovic
    Gabriel Vukovic 24 days ago

    Did you leave the video when the music freaked you out or when they sold single gram for 27 millions dolars

  • eduard lubas
    eduard lubas 25 days ago

    Umm I think the #1 of that the earth core

  • zann1001 Zann
    zann1001 Zann 26 days ago +1

    This video contains terrible misinformation. None of these off-putting drug images actually shows LSD or its effects.

  • Ryan Watterson
    Ryan Watterson 27 days ago +1

    i would never do LSD; antimatter is really interesting;

  • Aleksandras Fedotovas
    Aleksandras Fedotovas 28 days ago +1

    fake diamonds are too perfect...you can distinguish them only by knowing both types i guess

  • Travis
    Travis 28 days ago

    This video was pretty cool until we got to eat matter and antimatter part then it got real stupid real quick

  • Chance Mullan
    Chance Mullan 29 days ago

    Diamonds are not rare. Look up Russia an the diamond pit they have. Diamonds are a scam.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 29 days ago

    Ummm diamonds are not rare at all,people are led to be made to believe this ,only to keep the price of diamonds high"as to many greedy dillholes would loose out billions"diamonds are pretty common

  • Vexx Hearts
    Vexx Hearts 29 days ago +5

    Yo your dealer is ripping you off

  • M's Opal World
    M's Opal World Month ago

    I sell Opals worth more per gram than LSD, interesting...

    CAMZBFR Month ago

    German scientists right

  • MJadventure12
    MJadventure12 Month ago

    You missed one


  • Max Dam
    Max Dam Month ago

    Could You put more ads in your content ?

  • Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson Month ago

    I'm so high I just drove to the store and walked home SMH this gotta stop!..😜

  • Zul Izwan
    Zul Izwan Month ago

    substance? cocaine/meth

  • Biol0gical
    Biol0gical Month ago


  • XhellscreamX
    XhellscreamX Month ago +1

    Can we please stop using the term "rare/rarity" when talking about diamonds. They are "CONTROLLED" they arent rare at all.....

    • THE ONE
      THE ONE Month ago

      The correct term is scarce

  • Carrie Evans
    Carrie Evans Month ago

    Oh my goodness, I know this damn narrator did not just say SPINAL. They found that pretty lavendar stone and thought was SPINEL which is not pronounced pronounced like SPĪ- NULL!!!! My Lord! It is prounounced SPÉ-NELL...the first the first syllabel is more pronounced and the second one the NELL is more pronounced. Someone should have given a narrator of a channel this size some heads up on pronounciation!!!!

  • Dalton Wilmoth
    Dalton Wilmoth Month ago

    They forgot DMT

  • Z Pan
    Z Pan Month ago

    half of them are somewhat useless

  • Adarrious Robertson

    Dammmmm I'm in the wrong business

  • Pitbull
    Pitbull Month ago

    too much talking

  • Jay Peek
    Jay Peek Month ago

    Tritium is also a key agent to most U.S. nuclear war heads, with only a 12-year lifespan. So when the Tritium expires the nuclear warhead doesn't blow up; it just becomes a dud. Nevertheless the U.S. is desperate to manufacture it in the U.S. since mysterious peace keeping entities shut a nuclear elements producing plant down as soon as it gets funding.

  • Piggy's Power
    Piggy's Power Month ago

    I clicked on this and got an ad for beer

  • Alexandru Macedon
    Alexandru Macedon Month ago +3

    a good looking non cheating woman should be last on nr 1

  • gamer nextdoor
    gamer nextdoor Month ago

    The gems are the infinity stones

  • Steve Evets
    Steve Evets Month ago

    it ended abruptly i hate that

  • Harvey Putnick
    Harvey Putnick Month ago

    theres a hair in the bixbite display glitter

  • Nepu-Tech USA
    Nepu-Tech USA Month ago

    Wakandan Vibranium is worth $10,000 per gram

  • Niemand Beats
    Niemand Beats Month ago

    big bang 😂

  • Tobias Berggren
    Tobias Berggren Month ago

    Omg LOL escape the Problemes of Society haha get your facts straight

  • Rath YHWH
    Rath YHWH Month ago +1

    The only antimatter come from Switzerland home of Antichrist

  • Earl Clayton
    Earl Clayton Month ago

    If diamonds are 50000 a gram then I must be a millionaire

  • Eric Rosenwald
    Eric Rosenwald Month ago

    It’s not that the space station moves too far away from the sun for solar panels to work, it’s that the space station travels through the shadow of the earth

  • Random Sog
    Random Sog Month ago

    Printer ink should be in this list.

  • The Anti Christ
    The Anti Christ Month ago

    Apparently I'm part of the black market then...lol

  • punishedexistence
    punishedexistence Month ago +2

    What is the lightest and potentially the most costly element of life known?
    Penisonium. It can be lifted with but a thought and has costed humankind quadrillions at least.

  • Jeremiah chong
    Jeremiah chong Month ago

    I live in Utah lmao