VH1 Moms are Protective of Their Kids (Compilation) ft. Love & Hip Hop, T.I. & Tiny & More!

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • From Safaree’s mom calling out “thots,” to Shirleen running over Kirk’s bike, to Marcelle and Nikki Mudarris calling out Mally Mall, VH1 moms take care of their kids! Listen to their advice now and get ready to moms at #DearMamaVH1, Monday at 10/9c on VH1!
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    It's the mother of all celebrations as VH1 salutes the sacrifices and enduring love of moms everywhere with its annual Mother's Day celebration. Grammy Award-winners Ashanti, H.E.R., Ciara and more will take part in the all-star event, with Ashanti and H.E.R. performing tributes to their own mothers. On behalf of #SeeHer, Ciara will honor moms who have made strides in advertising and media.
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    VH1 Moms are Protective of Their Kids (Compilation) ft. Love & Hip Hop, T.I. & Tiny & More! tvclip.biz/user/VH1
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  • VH1
    VH1  3 months ago +272

    0:20 - Jackie Christie is not ready for Doug Jr.’s first haircut (Basketball Wives)
    5:15 - Rasheeda can’t stop Shirleen’s road rage (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta)
    9:00 - Shirleen and Momma Dee host a DNA test party (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta)
    10:51 - Momma Dee is a straight shooter (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta)
    14:04 - Who’s Nikki and Marcelle Mudarris grilling for dinner? (Love & Hip Hop Hollywood)
    17:20 - Lyrica receives an offer she can’t refuse (Love & Hip Hop Hollywood)
    20:22 - Safaree receives dating advice from his mom (Love & Hip Hop New York)
    23:39 - Shaunie sets house rules for her sons (Shaunie's Home Court)
    27:06 - Tami takes Lyric to Planned Parenthood (Basketball Wives)
    29:42 - Tiny talks to King about his relationship problems (T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle)
    31:52 - Yandy lays down house rules for Infinity (Love & Hip Hop New York)

    • Latrice Walker
      Latrice Walker 20 days ago

      Yeah a haircut can be a little weird the first time but Jackie Christy is a rich woman that's stressful to you...please lets trade stressers... be Happy you're financially stable and you have a GR8 Husband in Doug Christie....basically sthu and stop being ungrateful

    • Mary Joyce Prattsmallmall
      Mary Joyce Prattsmallmall 23 days ago

      I wish she felt like that bout her oldest child and grandkids

    • kj solice
      kj solice 26 days ago

      I would b mad if my momma take me to a clinic without my knowledge like we dont learn about this stuff in school.🤦🏾‍♀️

    • msgodiva1000
      msgodiva1000 2 months ago +1

      VH1 where is RICH DOLLARS mom at.. She gave the best and straight forward advice.. !!!

    • Alyssa’s Life
      Alyssa’s Life 2 months ago +1

      Thank you 😊

  • Latiyfa Simone
    Latiyfa Simone 13 hours ago

    Now that’s messed up... her mom had her back and she dipped on her...

  • Latiyfa Simone
    Latiyfa Simone 13 hours ago

    Ion fancy Rasheeda... but yeasssssssss her mom rocks!!!


    Lyrica mom looks horrible in the face ... stop the plastic surgery ..

  • Krist Elle
    Krist Elle 3 days ago

    I love that Jackie Christie I see here, over protective and caring and calm and loving...

  • Leslie Garcia
    Leslie Garcia 3 days ago

    They say save the best for last...yeeeaah I’m going on a hustle gang family binge in the words of pan ppppiiiiiiiieeeeeccccccceeeee

  • Leslie Garcia
    Leslie Garcia 3 days ago +1

    I c Jackie in a whole new light now...”I REALLY LIKE HER AND MOST DEFF RESPECT HER AS A MOM AND HER SON IS GORGEOUS-most DEFF. Yea May godbless

  • kalo gucake
    kalo gucake 7 days ago

    The way she run over her son-in-law bike 😂😂.

  • Teshane Butler
    Teshane Butler 7 days ago +1

    Momma Dee where is Kirk where the maggot at BIHHHH😂😂

  • Joginder X Bidar Singh

    Safaree hairline

  • Ricardo Etienne
    Ricardo Etienne 11 days ago

    I thought Safaree sister was Halle Berry!!😭😂😭😂

  • BklynGuy87
    BklynGuy87 13 days ago

    Jackie, my fellow Leo, is so hilariously dramatic.

  • Mya Moses
    Mya Moses 13 days ago

    Ms. Shirleen was eyeballing that bike from the moment Kirk pulled up😂🥴she even backed over the tree

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 13 days ago

    why does nkkki live in an apt?

  • Addicted to love
    Addicted to love 14 days ago +1

    Safaree pull up pull up mommy 💖👑💋💗💍
    Safaree mom learned that thot 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    King be having relationships for 3 years

  • Blake Slime
    Blake Slime 14 days ago +1

    Rasheeda's Mama don't play. Get out my way Rasheeda😭😂🤣

  • Shey
    Shey 15 days ago

    Rasheeda's mom won the award for the best mom of the year. Hands down!

  • K J
    K J 15 days ago

    Stfu Rasheeda you not going anywhere no matter what he do

  • Just Agree
    Just Agree 16 days ago

    1:30 I would think his hair would be longer than that. That doesn't look like 15 years of hair

  • shapøpin. jayy
    shapøpin. jayy 17 days ago

    “uu poud of me ?” jackie ii can’t ur son is not 1 !

  • Jade Kentron
    Jade Kentron 17 days ago

    Jackie makes me sick...Crazy ass!!!!!!!

  • Ky’Tiana Camp
    Ky’Tiana Camp 18 days ago

    I don’t really think it’s the hair. I think she’s just upset because she sees him as her baby and he’s growing up and changing. Yes, she was a little dramatic but I understand.

  • shapøpin. jayy
    shapøpin. jayy 20 days ago

    13:59🤣😂😂😂😂 agasgagaggsggagsgagsgsgsgsggsgsgga

  • noodlessurprise
    noodlessurprise 20 days ago

    Jackie watching the haircut 😂

  • Latrice Walker
    Latrice Walker 20 days ago

    Rasheeda And Kurt marriage is like A patient in Critical Condition it can go either way....he keep fuckin up and she calls the lawyer but then he cleans up and they back together... Wtf y'all

  • Georgia Isom
    Georgia Isom 20 days ago

    My momma my lawyer my shield - Beyonce

  • Swaggamactastic Moyers

    doug is fine😂idc idx

  • I dindu nuffin
    I dindu nuffin 21 day ago

    15 years, first haircut! wow you'd think it'd be down his back to his butt🤷‍♀️

  • Angela Holmes
    Angela Holmes 21 day ago

    Rasheeda soooooo freaking pretty natural . 😍😍😍😍

    Lan BURNETT 22 days ago

    So why Shirleen run over kirk bike😂😂💀

  • Angela Barney
    Angela Barney 22 days ago +1

    Jackie fake ass she gotta be seen

  • Molley Johnson
    Molley Johnson 22 days ago

    I’m dying wow I can’t believe her Mommy did that.

  • 000000 000000
    000000 000000 25 days ago +1

    I wish Rasheeda Mom was my Mother! 😆

  • tadudi aly
    tadudi aly 25 days ago

    Ms Shirleen mh mh mh mhhhhhhh!!!

  • Larisa Pearson
    Larisa Pearson 26 days ago

    15:58 he may be a dog but he will not talk crazy in front of mothers I love it he even checked her in front of her mother don't talk like that in front of her

  • NENA Rodway
    NENA Rodway 26 days ago

    Yes shirleen

  • jonnae sizemore
    jonnae sizemore 27 days ago

    Jackie is so fucking crazy

  • Monkey Mouse
    Monkey Mouse 27 days ago

    Nick's family is nasty and disgusting.......how can your mother talk to your boyfriend like that???

  • Broidk Whattoput
    Broidk Whattoput 27 days ago

    I kinda get Jackie freaking out over the haircut cause a baby’s first haircut is really a big milestone for some moms and apparently they never cut his hair. Also Jackie a lil crazy about the men she loves so I’m not surprised.

  • Ashanti Zulu
    Ashanti Zulu 27 days ago

    Safaree needs to STRAIGHT !!! His lace front👀

  • Ariana Avila
    Ariana Avila 28 days ago

    I actually feel for Jackie when Her son got his hair cut , my son got his hair cut I cried on my way home & I also got a piece of his hair till this day 🥺

  • Jewels Hollywood
    Jewels Hollywood 28 days ago

    Jackie doin too much he is a boy not a damn girl he ready for something he don’t have to keep maintaining. Rasheeda needs to leave Kirk he doesn’t try and he doesn’t care and when her mama ran that bike over I was dead as hell 😂😂

  • Teresa Spevey-Carter
    Teresa Spevey-Carter 28 days ago

    Jackie is too much

  • Rhea Shand
    Rhea Shand 28 days ago

    Jackie’s husband cracks me up 😂

  • Nikkittah22
    Nikkittah22 28 days ago

    Safari and that gorgeous family of his... 😍😍😍😍😍

  • QuietPuppy83669
    QuietPuppy83669 28 days ago +1

    me scrolling through the comments to see the reactions of jackie💀💀😭

  • Ari
    Ari 29 days ago

    Man, i love Miss Shirleen

  • Jes Paul
    Jes Paul 29 days ago

    I agree safari mom with the thots

  • A Norris
    A Norris 29 days ago

    Kirk is so freaking ugly

  • lillian green
    lillian green Month ago

    They should’ve took all the hair off at the type 😭😭

  • Mia Jackie
    Mia Jackie Month ago

    Rashida is the queen yeah. I think she is so so beautiful. And that man her man doesn't treat her right. He should be bowing down to her. He's a nice looking man to but honey Rashida is the bomb. Why the woman like her I wouldn't leave her

  • Marquita Robertson
    Marquita Robertson Month ago +1

    I love Rasheeda's Mom

  • Bri
    Bri Month ago +1

    Omggg I loveee Rasheed’s mom😂😂dats right run that bike over💀💀

  • jaslyn rounds
    jaslyn rounds Month ago

    Rasheeda is a grown women and she telling her mom who tells their mom she post to be a grown women and take care of it herself

  • Tangye Aobajo
    Tangye Aobajo Month ago

    What English are they using? Man. . . struggling to get words out.

  • Nikki Collier
    Nikki Collier Month ago

    away with them b- away with them hahah

  • Ratchel Day
    Ratchel Day Month ago

    Who is her and Mama?

  • Tried It
    Tried It Month ago

    Safaree mum and sisters are gorgeous.

  • Kianna Heart
    Kianna Heart Month ago

    Safaree's mom needed a moment for the cameras. Doing too much.

  • yungBlack queen
    yungBlack queen Month ago

    Rasheeda momma is me when it comes to my son.

  • yungBlack queen
    yungBlack queen Month ago +1

    Jackie scared bc that boy head long 🤣 he handsome tho. Lol

  • Malika Sandridge
    Malika Sandridge Month ago

    JACKIE is crazy!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ness Ness
    Ness Ness Month ago

    I’m glad scrapie happy now

  • I. Believe
    I. Believe Month ago

    I like Safaree's mother and his sisters they are so funny. They didn't like none of the girls he brought home lol... Not a one lol

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch Month ago

    I burst out laughing how Lyrica’s momma brought out how she wanted liposuction done in exchange for not bringing up the elopement! Lmao 😂. Hustle baby.

  • A Rose
    A Rose Month ago

    Rasheedaaaaaaaaaa mommaaaaaaaa omg 😂

  • Moe Mocha
    Moe Mocha Month ago

    Jackie is me

  • Eolh Stteb
    Eolh Stteb Month ago

    Girl stop making a wimp out your son damn it's just a hair cut .. get your ass out the shop.she wants a girl not a son

  • La Original
    La Original Month ago

    Rasheeda 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • La Original
    La Original Month ago

    I don’t know why women allow their sons to have hair. He’s a boy. Period.

  • dayniya burnett
    dayniya burnett Month ago +2

    That woman from planned parenthood is wrong. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Oshin Shaw
    Oshin Shaw Month ago

    The father laughing had me on the floor

  • Awesome Dude
    Awesome Dude Month ago

    So molly ur dining ur the most amazing man in the world 🌎😂😆?

  • Qetsia Etienne
    Qetsia Etienne Month ago

    Rasheeda’s mom running over that stupid ass bike is the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • zih nche
    zih nche Month ago

    Rasheeda momma ran right thruu the damn motorcycle🤣🤣