• Published on Sep 19, 2019
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  • EyeAmKeeN
    EyeAmKeeN Month ago +340

    Your Kobe/Shaq analysis was straight facts. 💯👍🏽

    • Dresta tha Gangsta
      Dresta tha Gangsta 24 days ago +1

      @yougoBoy You're right for the most part. But everyone seems to forget that you have to play defense in basketball especially in the playoffs. Phil Jackson often asked Kobe to defend the other team's best players while still complementing Shaq on offense. Maybe you can swap Kobe out with Iverson, Ray and T-Mac and get the same results offensively, but none of those players would have given you the same intensity on defense that was needed for those Laker teams. So I would argue that Kobe was not an interchangeable part. Not to mention, Kobe was a gym rat. Doc Rivers said T-Mac would simply go through the motions and Larry Brown said Iverson never came to practice. Couple that with Shaq's love for Burgers and Doughnuts and I doubt that the Lakers would still 3-peat.

    • Dresta tha Gangsta
      Dresta tha Gangsta 24 days ago

      @meg You're forgetting about the Orlando years. Shaq went to the Finals in '95 with Penny, Horace, Nick Anderson and Dennis Scott and got swept.

  • Ervin Joy Barquio
    Ervin Joy Barquio 2 days ago +1

    I don't normally like yt videos but this deserves a like.

  • Nathanael Philippe
    Nathanael Philippe 4 days ago

    Sometimes warriors motion offense didn't work deep in the playoffs so they had to go iso Durant. Sometimes iso Durant didn't work so he had to give the ball up and return to warriors motion offense. They had to pair the two to win it all.

  • Johnny Alvarez
    Johnny Alvarez 5 days ago +1

    Somewhere Westbrook is watching this and laughing

  • ben 25
    ben 25 8 days ago

    Magic Johnson said that Westbrook played the worst game he's ever seen in the finals for a PG

  • Terri Hall
    Terri Hall 9 days ago

    I think Kevin D. is upset because things did not go his way. He wanted to be the big dog and he found out that he was not. He had to play team ball. He could not be in the spot light as he thought he would be. See its not about one man. Its about the team.

  • EntreproJodie Love
    EntreproJodie Love 9 days ago

    Maaan..that's tough one..I trust Russell's athleticism but I trust Chris's veteran status a little more

  • Lt. Mav
    Lt. Mav 14 days ago

    If funny how a leadership vs. follower speak very differently.

  • Jake Rockafella
    Jake Rockafella 14 days ago +1

    You played it well with that photo of Shaq carrying Kobe is funny as hell 😂

  • yung entrepreneurz
    yung entrepreneurz 16 days ago

    The Kobe segment just proves why LeBron's the best ever with the highest iq. Nobody knows when and how to defer more than LeBron. Nobody has decided more playoff games on the final bucket than LeBron.

  • Lamar Curtis
    Lamar Curtis 17 days ago

    The 🐍

  • kyha states
    kyha states 18 days ago

    I think a good question to you, RB, is why do you think KD has been in his feelings for the past couple of years? Also, what would you have done if you were KD and kinda felt the way he felt about the situation injury or no injury?

  • Dennis James Sr.
    Dennis James Sr. 20 days ago

    Like you said, "It's three sides to a story (his side, their side and the truth) but Durant was a championship player going to a championship team that had just beat him. So, the GS fans are not going to like him especially when the others were drafted to the team and won chips before he got there. Now, Curry is still there and has to have control of the team, still and so does Kerr. Durant is funny acting anyway but Kerr and Curry are still there having to deal with the fans, players and staff. Think about it. It's about the bag.....

  • James Greene
    James Greene 20 days ago +2

    I think you were spot on about Coby. I also feel Steph Curry told what is closer to the truth. I feel it bothered Durant that he couldn't displace Steph in the hearts of us Dub fans. Why talk down on a team that got you championships ? Durant's business is really messy.

  • ryathoma
    ryathoma 22 days ago

    With those three guys (KD, Thompson, Steph) the Warriors could have been the greatest dynasty ever. But, we’ll never get to see it all because Kevin got his feelings hurt. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Scott Sophia
    Scott Sophia 22 days ago +1

    I believe that the Warriors signing Kd made them weaker in the long run. Kd is HOF, top 3 in the league for sure, but they would have been better off building up their bench, and getting guys who wanted to stay with the team, and play within the system.
    Having Kd meant they needed to depend upon their starting lineup more, because they didn’t have the type of talent coming off the bench to be able to maintain leads while starters rested. I think this is at least partially to blame for the many injuries that their players suffered.
    Now that Kd, Iggy, and Livingston are gone, and Klay is injured, they are in a mini rebuilding phase. I still think they will make the playoffs, and they will bounce back harder than ever next year, and will be around for years to come. They could pursue a guy like Giannis, who is a young and still emerging talent that I believe is the future of the league, but they shouldn’t do it at the expense of the rest of their roster, and they need to make sure that whoever they sign is committed to winning in Golden State.

  • samson lopez
    samson lopez 22 days ago

    Say whatever you want, at the end of the day steph team made so much sacrifice for this durant... Humble himself just to make durant an MVP

  • Michael Landa
    Michael Landa 22 days ago

    OKC was right, KD a cupcake!

  • Anthony Garriett
    Anthony Garriett 23 days ago

    James Harden better then westbrook he needs to fall in line

  • estrella enverzo
    estrella enverzo 23 days ago

    kd is very selfish and restless i don't like this guy

  • antwan1357
    antwan1357 24 days ago

    When it comes down to it at the end of the day it is a contracted employee picking up a contract with another franchise , and that is all.

  • Jamere Todd
    Jamere Todd 24 days ago

    He trippin i saw tht finals he harding was snapping them games he had like one bad game look it up

  • Bernadine Miller
    Bernadine Miller 24 days ago

    I was rocking with STEPH, KLAY and DRAYMOND when we was kicking KD and Russell's ASS and I'll continue that road. BYE BYE KEVIN, still love you. 😘 Grandmas for Steph

  • Guy Gilliam
    Guy Gilliam 24 days ago

    kd is a freakin` flake, he dont make sense; but he has to say something, curry ; pretty much has always been a straight shooter (no pun intended).
    kd not liking steve kerr is strange in itself.

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 24 days ago

    KD let all the negative media talk get into his head. For 3 years they yelled it was a weak move to join the Warriors and that those rings don't count as much as rings he would win somewhere else! And he listened. Like he listens to everything else. He left the best situation he will ever have as a ball player! For what? To be looked at as the main man on your team? KD will be the same KD he was before joining the Warriors and that KD didn't win shit...I don't think KD will ever win another ring and he will grow to deeply regret leaving Golden State...

  • stacysharena
    stacysharena 24 days ago +1

    truth you saying about KObe!!

  • KMT Energy
    KMT Energy 24 days ago

    Yall just dont kno, Kd using all yall negative enegry for fuel, ion care how Kd is off the Court, the only reason i kno him, is because he plays in the nba!

    • RBTheBreakThrough
      RBTheBreakThrough  24 days ago +1

      How is it negative energy when I'm saying that if he comes back it will change the NBA? and that people are sleeping on how Good he and Kyrie will be together???

  • Cuevas Walker
    Cuevas Walker 24 days ago

    The truth is they won 2 chips..
    The truth is he got 2 rings..
    The truth 2 final Mvps..
    The truth is he is very insecure..

  • Cuevas Walker
    Cuevas Walker 24 days ago

    Shooting 45pct from the field as a career..means you only was like a shot away from 50pct..
    People understand espn not basketball

  • MrBrachiatingApe
    MrBrachiatingApe 24 days ago

    I like both Steph and KD, but in general and here specifically, I believe Steph. He seems like he knows himself better, and is a more fundamentally open and honest person. KD can be evasive and mercurial, changing what he says based on what he seems to be feeling in the moment.

  • Keisha Johnson
    Keisha Johnson 25 days ago

    I’m rolling with Steph, KD is a big overgrown whiner.

  • Facts Only
    Facts Only 25 days ago

    Westbrook over cp3, any day at this point

  • Donte Covington
    Donte Covington 25 days ago

    As for the Kobe & Shaq much of this is about hoop vs the Kobe 🐀ratting on Shaq 4 allegedly having relations with women outside of his marriage 2 Shauny? Shaq & Shauny marriage didn't last long after that.Then Kobe got Shaq traded.The UTMOST DISRESPECTFUL chain of events.

  • Kerry Ellison
    Kerry Ellison 25 days ago

    I don't understand most of you!
    he was asked a question and he answered it.

  • Tina Casper
    Tina Casper 25 days ago

    Shaq and Penny 1st Finals took 3 years, Shaq and Wade took 2 years took Shaq and Kobe 4 years that's just a fact

  • Randomnoobi
    Randomnoobi 25 days ago +1

    I love your objective, well balanced takes bro

  • ChefvEto
    ChefvEto 25 days ago +1

    This may not be realistic but I try to emulate my real self within video games. Sometimes my boy Smoke, goes crazy I’m the paint with his player in 2k. Now if this was 2k or real life, I’m passing the ball to Shaq and let him eat. I’d love to have the spotlight on me but brotherhood feels better pause. For those young minded minds out there. I’ve played ball in real life up to high school. Never played college but I do come with correct way of thinking.

  • Simone Morgan
    Simone Morgan 25 days ago

    A for Curry and F for Durrant!

  • Shamgar
    Shamgar 25 days ago

    Harden and Westbrook the two GREATEST BALL HOGS OF ALL-TIME, Harden the GREATEST FLOPPER OF ALL TIME come on is this a real question?

  • Andre Lewis
    Andre Lewis 25 days ago

    C'mon, Westbrook has Zero basketball IQ

  • Dan , McGill
    Dan , McGill 25 days ago

    Disagreements and responses aren't always shots.

  • hi ingles
    hi ingles 26 days ago

    Kd Drama Queen you need to grow up bro

  • Montel Malik
    Montel Malik 26 days ago +1

    Best analysis I have seen from you thus far !!

  • MrYounglegendary
    MrYounglegendary 26 days ago

    He'll yea Westbrook better

  • Twana Hedrick
    Twana Hedrick 26 days ago

    It is what it is.
    Kevin left the warriors and probably didn’t really want to leave but on the flip side of the coin Steph probably wanted Kevin to stay with the warriors but he supported his decision to leave. It’s like a bad break up now they both are salty at each other and the situation

  • Aaron Staten
    Aaron Staten 26 days ago

    KD has inner conflict within himself. He doesnt know who he is as a man and it directly translates in his NBA Career. Hes like a boy trying to be a man still looking for empathy.

  • Rusell Shaw
    Rusell Shaw 26 days ago

    I really hope Kevin Durant cherish the two rings that he won with the Golden State Warriors because he'll never see another one in his career good luck in Brooklyn buddy I guarantee you and everybody remember that I said this in about three years he'll be ready to get away from Kyrie

  • Rocker guy
    Rocker guy 26 days ago

    Kd is a great talent but he can ask LeBron about being a great player isn't enough to get rings. It takes a team effort. Not any one player can win by themselves

  • Makaveli X
    Makaveli X 26 days ago +1

    Shaq carried Kobe huh? Just like he carried L’s for 6 years before Kobe came? Made the playoffs ONCE and got sent home by the Dream while having another #1 draft pick on his team?
    Shaq really didn’t even start dominating until he was the last of the true big men in a lane all by himself.
    These nba “fans” are really sumn else smh
    RB is spot on!

  • marcus kanga
    marcus kanga 26 days ago +2

    Bro ur a genius one of a kind💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 thank you kobe was never carried💯💯

  • Ed Mojica
    Ed Mojica 27 days ago

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  • Travis Gray
    Travis Gray 27 days ago

    Rockin With Curry

  • Robby Clark
    Robby Clark 27 days ago

    Man I’m here in Oklahoma and have watched my Thunder go from a team on the verge of becoming unstoppable ( with KD, Russ, and Hardin ) to this pathetic excuse of a NBA team and I can assure you that Russ and James Hardin will have no problems getting along and complimenting each other. The only problem is that neither of them are Kevin Durant and they both have a career long tendency to fall apart all on their own when they are needed most. Both great, great players and I wish we still had them but I don’t expect any championships coming to Houston because they are back together. But they will coexist just fine.
    Btw, KD has lost his mind.

  • DeArbri Wakil
    DeArbri Wakil 27 days ago

    Wassup bro. I love your content. Keep grinding 💯. I think Durant is being petty about this whole situation. However, i do agree with what he was saying in terms of the offense not being as effective as you go deeper in the playoffs. The Warriors have been my favorite team to watch since they started this run in 2015. Their new style of play took the league by storm. However, teams became accustomed to them bit by bit. There were times where Steph or Klay wasnt getting open from their motions as well as no slashing lanes for Iggy and the others. And Curry isnt the best 1v1 scorer. Most of his points come from off ball screens, fast break threes, or switches on bigs. So especially deep in the playoffs where teams have been eyeing the Warriors for years and having a plan to defend them, there were alot of times where KD was needed to create and score efficiently.

  • RatedTHC
    RatedTHC 27 days ago

    shaq was the most dominate regardless of who passes him the ball in my opinion, but kobe should get respect but im taking prime shaq over prime kobe personally. yall can chose kobe if you want.

  • Shane Meredith
    Shane Meredith 27 days ago

    I'm a big KD supporter and fan, but I have to be honest, if KD really believes what he said, then he needs to see a therapist.

  • Daniel Parker
    Daniel Parker 27 days ago

    Kendrick perkins didn't show up

  • Daniel Parker
    Daniel Parker 27 days ago +1


  • Daniel Parker
    Daniel Parker 27 days ago

    Steph curry shot 50%

  • Dj Alizay
    Dj Alizay 27 days ago

    Friendly reminder guys: Be objective!