Alien: Covenant (2017) KILL COUNT

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
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  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  7 months ago +1377

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    • Charles Bison
      Charles Bison Month ago


    • Erin Eckholt
      Erin Eckholt Month ago

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    • Helen Lawrence
      Helen Lawrence Month ago

      Dead Meat I love your videos I watch them all the time I subscribed and liked and murmured that notafacation bell hope I could meet you so much

    • Slipncobra
      Slipncobra 2 months ago

      Dead Meat stop the weird fights with ridiculous names you should have it as droid fight

    • Nova.
      Nova. 3 months ago


  • Ronan Barthon
    Ronan Barthon 11 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Tennessee have the hots for Daniels right after he finds out his wife's bucket list is still empty.....

  • Edgard Tucson
    Edgard Tucson 11 hours ago +1


  • Kyle Austin
    Kyle Austin 14 hours ago

    19:36 What's funny is that i read online: a few months ago, they scrapped ideas to do a sequel to the original Alien quadrilogy to do a third Alien prequel film. But then the the third prequel got cancelled, so they decided to try to get people on board for the sequel again

  • Joe Scott
    Joe Scott 2 days ago

    At 15:01

  • Bastion Robin
    Bastion Robin 3 days ago

    “Shoot its load off”... gross lol

  • LUCI Morningstar
    LUCI Morningstar 3 days ago +1

    Wonder what happened down on the ground with other robot

  • Aaron Ingram
    Aaron Ingram 4 days ago

    I though the covenant was an halo games

  • Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez 4 days ago

    It's called a prodomorph

  • Cozmic Odyssey
    Cozmic Odyssey 8 days ago

    At 13:57 there is a drawing of a half life head crab

  • Afroza Ahammed
    Afroza Ahammed 8 days ago

    There was a face on the mountain

  • Donald Quack
    Donald Quack 9 days ago

    13:10 is so funny I’m dead and it’s so cute 😂😂😂😂

  • Jezzalinko02
    Jezzalinko02 10 days ago +3

    2019. The year the alien covenant sequel was meant to be released. Pretty sure it hasn’t even entered pre production yet

  • Kincaid McCawley
    Kincaid McCawley 10 days ago

    Here are what I think the alien timeline is
    Alien covenant
    Alien 1-4

    • Kincaid McCawley
      Kincaid McCawley 10 days ago

      I don’t think AvP is in the alien timeline and instead is in the predator timeline

  • BeerSama 25
    BeerSama 25 11 days ago

    That alien shirt is soooooooooo cool were did you get that

  • Tristan Harris
    Tristan Harris 12 days ago

    Who would kill more people?
    A species that kills every other living thing, no matter what.
    A weird ass robot that has daddy issues and just so happens to hate humans?

  • Seba1805
    Seba1805 12 days ago

    the blood in this movie looks like strawberry jelly

  • Daleen Bothma
    Daleen Bothma 13 days ago

    2:20 like 47 ronin ................ ooooh shit those guys r dead 2

  • Bob Bobbington
    Bob Bobbington 14 days ago

    Weren't the xenomorphs thousands of years old? Or were the Engineers/David the creators? Or were they just trying to mimic the natural xenomorphs into a weapon?

  • Zephyren Williams
    Zephyren Williams 14 days ago

    5:40 what the fuck is wrong with you James

  • Isaac Zhong
    Isaac Zhong 15 days ago

    It’s a protomorph

  • MaddCruiser
    MaddCruiser 15 days ago +1

    Neomorphs come out of an area they go in

  • MaddCruiser
    MaddCruiser 15 days ago +7

    The biggest sin of this movie is killing James Franco, other then that I actually like all the philosophical stuff and even the new aliens, wish it was a better movie as a whole tho

  • drae408
    drae408 15 days ago

    This crew did not make an smart decision, why not go to where you was going and setup then come back. Instead, they said let go check it out. WhY??

  • Omar YT
    Omar YT 15 days ago +1

    James: *Magic school there selves in*
    That me laugh

  • Jero Valentin
    Jero Valentin 16 days ago

    It's a Protomorph, not a Xenomorph.
    Basically a PROTOtype for the XenoMORPH
    You can see that it haves a more flesh-like body composition, unlike the Xenomorph which is an Organic/Inorganic Hybrid with a Silicon body. Xeno haves some artificial armor/exosqueleton into it's body.
    Their Anatomy and Biological Development are also different.
    Proto comes out of the host as a Miniature version of itself, unlike the Xeno which breaks free as a Chestbuster (serpertine) and then develops into a 4-legged creature.
    The Proto is smaller, with long slim limbs and moves wierd when standing on 4 legs.
    Xenos are shown to move swiftly across walls and ceilings with no problems.
    It's behavior is also different. Proto is more animalistic and savage/irrational with it's actions, often jumping straight up to whatever it haves in front.
    Xeno haves a more tactical approach, using stealth to ambush you from the shadows or ceilings when you less expect it. (Unless the Queen or Emperatress are threatned, in which case it will have no problem with going full for Kamekazee for them)

  • Seth McCutcheon
    Seth McCutcheon 16 days ago +3

    People in the 90s: Wow! These effects are so real!
    James in 2019: This sucks

  • Seth McCutcheon
    Seth McCutcheon 16 days ago

    The awesome beat and commentary in the background makes it so much easier to watch

  • AntBakedStudios - Movie and TV Productions

    Is it just me but does James seem happy whenever he ends a series.

  • Nate Ventrella
    Nate Ventrella 17 days ago

    Your hair looks like it's made of jello

  • The Humble Geometric Figure of Doom

    David killed Engineers because they were cheering with joy when they saw a ship whose purpose is to annihilate Earth.

  • Kristal Wiley
    Kristal Wiley 18 days ago

    The future of

  • KaimanaVids
    KaimanaVids 18 days ago +2

    Is that a neomorph or slender man’s cousin?

  • Pharotman 23
    Pharotman 23 18 days ago

    What is the point, if recolonization is the purpose, to have two gay guys on their way to new earth??? Makes no sense.

  • archisaurus
    archisaurus 19 days ago

    It’s so ridiculous that we have to see so much forced diversity bullshit. It just ruins movies.

  • where are ye
    where are ye 19 days ago

    melted peas made me lol

  • Swizz Dare
    Swizz Dare 19 days ago

    5:09 TVclip Video

  • Toby Hamilton
    Toby Hamilton 19 days ago

    Who else thot this was the shadow monster from stranger things when you first saw it

  • Savannah
    Savannah 20 days ago

    4:05 *Felony Charges?*

  • Machelle Bergeman
    Machelle Bergeman 20 days ago

    The xenomorphs are already around in alien vs predator 1 and 2 it shows they have been around forever and both movies took place in the 21st century our present time so way before Prometheus and soace travel existed. So now im sorry your wrong its not the evolution you soeak of in this video since they are already made/existed. Its not the origin of the xenomorphs since they have been around since the beginning of earth and iyr present time in alien vs predator 1 and 2 and those movies are considered to be the same universe and story as all the otger alien movies.

  • Adam Kurtti
    Adam Kurtti 21 day ago +1

    I just need to say thank you for not marking a big deal about a gay couple as a gay it way nice to see that it was seen as just another couple 😭🌊😜

  • jessahjr
    jessahjr 21 day ago

    What you think is gonna be in Area 51: Green Aliens
    What you really see: these aliens

  • DZA Flickx
    DZA Flickx 22 days ago


  • Cogitae
    Cogitae 22 days ago

    I feel like this movie was full of plot holes because of Scott trying to please both audiences, Prometheus's and Alien's. Trying to make the big buck out of it he forgot to cover up so many details, the most crucial for me being the last 20 minutes with the David/Walter mixup. I mean, everyone knows about the David updates and that he can heal himself back to normal, and we are even reassured by this after Walter gets his hand chomped on and Daniels is the one who sees him basically regrowing it in a very short period of time. Yet when they take off into the shuttle, she sees Walter/David injured and never healing back even though she knows that Walter could patch himself up. I mean sure, fear and shock can make people forget details but, this is something she sees several times in the last 20 minutes, and there isn't a moment where Walter/David claims that their autorepair feature is broken. There are many other dumb moments but that was the one mistake that annoyed me the most because of how forced the twist was.

  • Sean
    Sean 22 days ago

    I wish Engineers were counted. "8,000 people died in Covenant include 7,940 Engineers. Giving us a kill on average every 0.015 seconds. A new record!"

  • rebas04
    rebas04 22 days ago +1

    When I saw that Juicy Smollett is in this, I turned it off. Piece of shit

  • Jacob Trujeque
    Jacob Trujeque 22 days ago

    Why there a dummy for letting the captain out into space

  • Ceeday’s Upload schedule

    They called it a Protomorph as in prototype of the Xenomorph

    • Sir Blackwood
      Sir Blackwood 21 day ago

      Actually, the protomorph came after the xenomorph.
      In the novelization its revealed that shaw was killed and chestbursted by a normal xeno, david was fascinated by it and when it escaped/died(I cant remember) David began experimenting to recreate the creature wich led to the protomorph

  • make a difference
    make a difference 23 days ago

    Is this the future of masturbation lmao

  • DemonicWeeb AMV
    DemonicWeeb AMV 23 days ago +1

    The covenant, or master chief where are you hiding

  • Omega black
    Omega black 23 days ago

    Alien,lord of the rings,star wars and magic schoolbus.👌

  • Michael Petrarca
    Michael Petrarca 23 days ago

    Really I liked the effects...

  • Sonicfan 246810
    Sonicfan 246810 23 days ago

    How did she did?

  • ItsSn0wCatalyst 0w0
    ItsSn0wCatalyst 0w0 24 days ago +1

    13:13 even the Xeno looks disappointed to be alive

  • l PacOmeXD l
    l PacOmeXD l 24 days ago +3

    Can’t believe you were told it’s a protomorph and didn’t realize that maybe its not an origin story of a xeno

    • Nigoroth
      Nigoroth 5 days ago

      This movie is an origin of the Aliens idiot. There is no Protomorph. It's just a dumb word fans made up. The end credits say "Xenomorph" so you can throw all theories out of the window.

  • Thumbless
    Thumbless 24 days ago

    Tasty humans

  • Charles Manswoon
    Charles Manswoon 24 days ago

    You so salty! I love it lol

  • neilplayz0 9
    neilplayz0 9 25 days ago

    Yo meat there are 76,926 people died in gew place

    KIRSTY JERKIC 26 days ago

    I think he was infected (I’m talking about Chris) with the black goop but it wasn’t enough to kill him so something must have happened

  • ScarTheEagle
    ScarTheEagle 26 days ago +1

    Did anyone else realise that they sent a gay couple on a mission to colonize another planet?? Who the fuck thought that was a good idea.

    • kaptenlemper
      kaptenlemper 23 days ago

      It's still two healthy adults who may have valuable skill sets for starting a colony.

    • Rxnys
      Rxnys 23 days ago

      ScarTheEagle it’s k

    • ScarTheEagle
      ScarTheEagle 23 days ago

      @Rxnys i know thats why i liked your comment, i was being sarcastic sorry to confuse you

    • Rxnys
      Rxnys 23 days ago

      ScarTheEagle my comment may have been confusing
      I wasn’t accusing u of being homophobic
      I was just making fun off the fact that 2 gay people were on that mission

    • ScarTheEagle
      ScarTheEagle 23 days ago

      @Rxnys yeah im pretty homophobic to suggest two men can't make a baby so im sure their rage is justified.