We Stole Spy Hacker Van for 24 Hours! (Game Master Event Clues inside)

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • Matt and Rebecca Zamolo escape the quadrant while trying to stop E3. Daniel and Matt explore the back of the van while Rebecca gets a new disguise for her next mission of Clue in Real Life at the Hacker Mansion. While inside they found two mystery boxes full of spy gadgets. Could these help them out during the next 24 hours? While unboxing they discover that the quadrant is outside next to a tesla. He is starting to get close and they need to find the best hiding spot. Daniel gets out of the hacker van and distracts them while matt drives away leaving Rebecca his wife. She tries to facetime and they have to meet up later. Can they stop e3 and clue in real life or a will they get into a battle royale. Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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