Tom Cruise on Training for Top Gun

  • Published on Oct 19, 2016
  • Tom reacts to Kenny Loggins playing 'Highway to the Danger Zone' during his entrance and reveals that this is the first time they have ever met. Tom also recalls vomiting in a jet while training for the movie Top Gun.
    Cobie Smulders Spills the Beans on Avengers: Infinity War and it was Everything!
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    Tom Cruise on Training for Top Gun
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Comments • 1 739

  • Jake Black
    Jake Black Day ago

    2 years later and Top Gun: Maverick is in development. God help us!

  • Ana Wilson
    Ana Wilson 2 days ago

    He looks like my young papa bill version. Joke only

  • Bcfcmansell
    Bcfcmansell 5 days ago

    Can’t help but think of the microphone prank lol 💦💦

  • Andy Martin
    Andy Martin 6 days ago

    My brother was a real NAVY jet pilot, not an actor who played one. He was in when Cruise was filming the movie. He was a prick to the NAVY pilots and was not at all well thought of because of it.

  • Lorena Jordan
    Lorena Jordan 8 days ago +1

    he looks a bit like pierce brosman now

  • Joseph Cocchetto
    Joseph Cocchetto 10 days ago +1

    Amazing actor! Seen all his movies and I grew up with his movies ! We are the same age . 😊

  • Denise  Aquino
    Denise Aquino 13 days ago +2

    He is simply divine to see on the big screen! I would lose my mind in pure bliss and joy to see him in person.
    I must say my top three actors are: Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt! :-) ty you all for divine inspiration to watch you three on the big screen. :-)

    • ReallyHard NewsTV
      ReallyHard NewsTV 5 days ago

      My 3: (1) TOM CRUISE...a million light years from 2, and 3 but my 2 and 3 are:
      (2) Mark Walhberg
      (3) Matthew Mc.

    • Denise  Aquino
      Denise Aquino 13 days ago

      In the car with Melissa and Mylo. Please be patient. Ill ring u when im along. I have no trust in him and his negative vibes.

    • Denise  Aquino
      Denise Aquino 13 days ago

      Dreamy is all I need to say. In the light of life. :-)

  • salon shah
    salon shah 17 days ago

    Living Legend Tom Cruise

  • Michael Du
    Michael Du 24 days ago

    congrats, Top Gun 2 coming out years after... *:D*

  • LV S
    LV S 26 days ago

    Tom's hilarious !

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan Month ago

    My favorite guy from the Hollywood.

  • checotey
    checotey Month ago

    a jolly good fellow he is; could listen to him for hours and hours

  • Maximuz
    Maximuz Month ago

    Watching this in 2018 where Top Gun II is confirmed

  • Kylie L'Heureux
    Kylie L'Heureux Month ago

    Everyone keeps talking about how “charismatic” he is. Anyone remember what one of the main required characteristics of a megalomanic murderous dictator is?! Just sayin.

  • Kylie L'Heureux
    Kylie L'Heureux Month ago

    Too bad he’s nutballs

  • Garry S
    Garry S Month ago

    I nominate Zac Efron to be in the next Top Gun.

  • Robbie R. Esq.
    Robbie R. Esq. Month ago +1

    Best and nicest actor to work with in Hollywood, bar none. A true professional. Learns the names of all the crew, and if anyone is absent, he notices and asks about them. Nobody in Hollywood does that. But Tom does.

  • shamik chakraborty
    shamik chakraborty Month ago

    Mr. Bozo just Tom Cruised Tom Cruise

  • Devrim BABACAN
    Devrim BABACAN Month ago

    I think Jimmy didn't get "inverted" joke at 05:35. :)

  • C1rcu1tBr34k3r
    C1rcu1tBr34k3r Month ago +1

    Tom Cruise is the true definition of a movie star. This guy gives his all in EVERY SINGLE FILM he has done. Arguably one of the best actors of our era and he's humble and super committed. I can't wait for Top Gun II and I sure hope they let Kenny Loggins do the soundtrack again.

  • Christian  Smith
    Christian Smith Month ago

    Tom. Its not the secrets that bring us together its the sharing. I wanted your church h to sharing is what will brings who you need as the generations rising seek truth. Pass your gifts on and you will strengthen beyond Hubbard as you are destined to. Share how truth enlightened your path. Hide not from my brothers. I share them with you and other ancient wisdom that are more science then most are aware. Hubbard knew this. I heard him speak. Alone he could not finish your books that are coming from your hands. Write. Help them. You will it I know. Thank you. I know you will write for them when the spirit enters. You will know when. Peace be with you

  • Christian  Smith
    Christian Smith Month ago

    Hubbard's top gunner

  • ivan pudic
    ivan pudic Month ago +1

    bozo is legend

  • Esha Batool
    Esha Batool Month ago +1

    My heart feels like its drowning every time I watch this man

  • BlindJester
    BlindJester Month ago

    When did the Blue Angels use F-14's?

  • Summer Smith
    Summer Smith Month ago

    I’m gonna NUT when top gun 2 comes out

  • Terrance Perkins
    Terrance Perkins Month ago

    Love this. I was lock to have flown out there got credit for two F4s guy in back was a Top Gun instructor so it counoted.

  • BruteStrength
    BruteStrength Month ago

    Jerry McGuire was better than Top Gun

  • jose licona
    jose licona Month ago +1

    He is the Man ,keep it up Tom

  • Shandra9000mail
    Shandra9000mail Month ago +1

    Damn Tom's hair is looking full and luscious 😍

  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price Month ago

    He’d do pretty well in a jet actually considering how he’s one short boi


    Look at the copilot seat of an F14 and tell me if your head can reach the floor in any situation. He is always a good crowd pleaser

  • Judith Hetherington
    Judith Hetherington Month ago +1

    He has an amazing smile. Doesn’t seem to age. Seems to have an internal glow to him, despite his dramatic life.

  • Brecil Teves
    Brecil Teves Month ago


  • Hansfagerstrom Fagerstrom Gonzalez

    He's a great story teller.

  • Ifti Hossain
    Ifti Hossain Month ago +1


  • Lorita Kusiwaa
    Lorita Kusiwaa 2 months ago +1

    Timeless Tom never changes or ages ❤️

  • Glory M
    Glory M 2 months ago +1

    I don't care I bloody love Tom and he is the fine wine a would any day & time of the week!💕

  • SonOfThaSoil _
    SonOfThaSoil _ 2 months ago

    (Laughs in Xenu)

  • n1k32h
    n1k32h 2 months ago

    But he believes in aliens cults

  • LoveliAngelVibes
    LoveliAngelVibes 2 months ago

    I think I'd be willing to convert to Scientology for one solo date with Tom.. Just one.

  • Hollywoodsaint 57
    Hollywoodsaint 57 2 months ago

    Absolutely lava Tom Cruise

  • James Bond
    James Bond 2 months ago

    Hey his looks are his paycheck...

  • Evelynwashere 1
    Evelynwashere 1 2 months ago +1

    I'm going to have to stop watching his interviews because I just can't dislike this mf!!!! He's so funny and nice!!!! That jumping with James Corden interview was soooo funny!!!! I give up, I still love him 😫😫😫

  • RyderDavis
    RyderDavis 2 months ago

    My wife told me that when she arrived at UC Santa Barbara for her freshman orientation in 1989, that Kenny Loggins and his band were playing live in the courtyard.

  • bbcr11
    bbcr11 2 months ago +2

    He's an insane freak! Ever watch those Scientology documentaries? He salutes the little midget head of the cult and pictures of L Ron Hubbard! He's nuckin futz

  • Tromsat
    Tromsat 2 months ago +1

    Tom is an excellent actor and good man. Love this guy.

  • Alex isugi
    Alex isugi 2 months ago

    "they don't call me bozo for nothin'"

  • Christy Sweet
    Christy Sweet 2 months ago +1

    He's gotten better looking. #Cruise2020

  • King Tom
    King Tom 2 months ago

    Interview with a Vampire 👌

  • sk8ergirl 1013
    sk8ergirl 1013 2 months ago +1

    1:00 that laugh tho

  • jonas smith
    jonas smith 2 months ago

    REALES OLLE 1:06 WITH CONTRACT ... cant speak .-.-. a word SWEDISH .-- - USA master plan .. bring back NAZIMS ..

  • Nadia Zaman
    Nadia Zaman 2 months ago +1

    Well this guy seems to age backwards

  • Tom W.
    Tom W. 2 months ago

    five foot NOTHING, kidding! good for you

    LABOR OF LOVE TV 2 months ago

    "Get Your Popcorn Ready..."

  • marsha rose
    marsha rose 2 months ago +1

    I don't care what anyone says this man is one charismatic mf"er. A true movie star!!

  • Nyah M. Glass
    Nyah M. Glass 2 months ago

    Don’t let that gorgeous personality and striking looks distract you from the fact that Tom has a tooth in the middle of his face

  • no hassle
    no hassle 2 months ago

    Sorry, but Top Gun sucks. I prefer Hot Shots myself.

  • Laura Hand
    Laura Hand 2 months ago +1

    You look great ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Those eyes , that hair !!!! Simple perfect. Though I love Val Kilmer, you are the reason why I’ve watched Top Gun over fifty times❤️. I went to the movies and watched Mission Imposible yesterday and it was amazing 🌷

  • Itsa Games
    Itsa Games 2 months ago

    kenny loggins is amazing

  • Andrew Ang
    Andrew Ang 2 months ago +1

    Hate Tom cruise for what he is outside of entertainment but you have to love him inside of entertainment

  • srinivas gollapudi
    srinivas gollapudi 2 months ago +1

    Wow! He looks amazing, he should be acting in movies

  • Steve Kimble S.
    Steve Kimble S. 2 months ago

    I love hearing the Bozo story all the time.

  • fafa flobie
    fafa flobie 2 months ago +1

    tom gives us 200% every time out of the box.. i thinks hes the last of the Real Movie stars. he retains the mystique

  • karebear1965
    karebear1965 2 months ago

    I bet he is crazy good in bed. Short man syndrome plus all that crazy! Wow.

  • GuessTechSports
    GuessTechSports 2 months ago

    Top Gun 2 is being made NOW... unfortunately this is the direction of it: “The approach/film is going to be appropriate for the times we live in.”
    The film will explore “a world of drone technology, fifth-generation fighters and the END of the era of dog-fighting,”
    So they are taking Top Gun and adapting it for the "world we live in".. toning it down.. -- Come on,.. we don't really dog fight but we didn't dog fight much in 1986 either. Either way we are still prepared for Air to Air combat from other major powers. Shrug.. maybe it will come out as a decent film anyhow with Cruise as the elder.

  • Riyahnna feehily
    Riyahnna feehily 2 months ago

    Such a simpley guy with his clothing 😀

  • Brian K
    Brian K 2 months ago

    His behavior seems quite calculated.

  • Donald Dumb
    Donald Dumb 2 months ago

    Tom Cruise is the high rank member and supporter of a surpressive, criminal syndicate named Scientology. Only americans with zero character would cheer to such a person. Probably the same clientel that voted for Trump. Lukely the whole nation is not made up of such underexposed idiots. The question remains whether he is a good actor which probably is believe by the same idiots. LOL !

  • mbom
    mbom 2 months ago

    Tom Cruise is a master at creating chaos in the comment section. Another thing he's good at!

  • payton mccumby
    payton mccumby 2 months ago

    9gs ? Get out of here Tom

    THE URBANWOLF 2 months ago

    I do want Tom and Brad. They are at their best when talent is present.

  • Brian O'Kongkohr
    Brian O'Kongkohr 2 months ago

    Tom would RULE as Papa Boyington in a Ba Ba Black Sheep movie. Damn shame if they can't make that happen. It's an OBVIOUS role to do at this point in Tom's career. Boyington could outfight, outdrink and outfly anybody in his day even as an over-aged WW2 ace fighter pilot who started fighting the Japanese before WW2 began in the war tween Japan vs China Republic. Chinese market would love that movie too - so it's a NO BRAINER for Hollywood to get serious about making that flik SOON while Tom can still CREDIBLY play the part. Just let one Chinese neijia master and grappler kinda kick Tom's ass a little - and the Chinese market BY ITSELF will make Tom and that movie a "Number 1 star of China" and a MINT in China for sure :D

  • Jim Jorgensen
    Jim Jorgensen 2 months ago

    9.5 g's in an F-14?

  • Deplorable Covfefe
    Deplorable Covfefe 2 months ago

    Jimmy, if you just stay with just pure shows WITHOUT politics, you'd do great.

  • White Fang
    White Fang 2 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a tool

  • Tanya Brown
    Tanya Brown 2 months ago


  • Doug styles
    Doug styles 2 months ago

    We need more guys like him. Positive in every way and stands for wht he believes in.

  • Jana Giorgio
    Jana Giorgio 2 months ago +1

    Now I know why this man is ageless. He does not eat sugar. Handsome bastard

  • junito1957
    junito1957 2 months ago

    I think Tom Cruise most epic movie was not top gun , or mission impossible , it was the The Last Samurai.!! hand down!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue 2 months ago

    I will totally be there for the premiere.

  • seamac206
    seamac206 2 months ago

    Color of Money

  • bigcrazewolf
    bigcrazewolf 2 months ago

    Forget this crazy Scientologist.

  • Joy Panchal
    Joy Panchal 2 months ago

    I wish he would be in james bond

  • Firas Ayoub
    Firas Ayoub 2 months ago

    Sequel to Baz luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet plz...heck.... good buddy mcgillis can join in, there was a flaw in Romeo&Juliet, Romeo needed a Charlie pal, and a princess Leah pal too! PS. Shirley Manson....change the band's name to 'Saturn Love' or somethin! 'Maybe goose, and Mitch can live, and parteeeee with us, and Gibbons too, in HEAVEN Juliet' Those should have been Romeo's last words Baz! Tho Tomcat should have got the dead Romeo part Shakespeare! Dunno...maybe Mcconaughey would have done a better JOB bros!

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 2 months ago +1

    One of the best actors of all time. Those scenes with Pillip Seymore in MI3 was so damn good. Masters at work. RIP P.S.H.

  • brian simpkins
    brian simpkins 2 months ago

    my fav actor of all time

  • TRUTH MATTERS - not greed


  • Zach Znidarsic
    Zach Znidarsic 2 months ago +1

    He's an american treasure

  • vegitausa
    vegitausa 2 months ago

    All the stuff he talked about regarding bozo is on the special edition of top gun

  • DeSTRoYeR992
    DeSTRoYeR992 3 months ago

    sounds like bozo is the real hero here

  • Calvin Long
    Calvin Long 3 months ago

    Holy crap, it's Maverick and Bozo!!! Signed Viper :-)

  • taylor trash
    taylor trash 3 months ago

    so many bots in these comments it’s mind boggling

  • Luis Estrada
    Luis Estrada 3 months ago

    tom cruise is a goat

  • Track Handicapper
    Track Handicapper 3 months ago +1

    He ages so slowly. Must be drinking other Scientologists blood.

  • Kal-El
    Kal-El 3 months ago

    I'd like to see Tom Cruise in Airwolf :D

    KRATOS CRUISE 3 months ago

    He has no fears about height... it just a lot of milliimetres for him.....that's he thinks...

  • Valerie Gardner
    Valerie Gardner 3 months ago

    How's Suri?

  • omgsolikevalleygirl
    omgsolikevalleygirl 3 months ago

    Come clean on Scientology, Tom

  • jason carroll
    jason carroll 3 months ago

    Couldn't Give a CRAP About What Religion He Follows Greatest Actor of Our Time