Tom Cruise on Training for Top Gun

  • Published on Oct 19, 2016
  • Tom reacts to Kenny Loggins playing 'Highway to the Danger Zone' during his entrance and reveals that this is the first time they have ever met. Tom also recalls vomiting in a jet while training for the movie Top Gun.
    Cobie Smulders Spills the Beans on Avengers: Infinity War and it was Everything!
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    Tom Cruise on Training for Top Gun
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Comments • 1 667

  • Inetixer
    Inetixer 2 days ago

    Tom is an excellent actor and good man. Love this guy.

  • Alex isugi
    Alex isugi 2 days ago

    "they don't call me bozo for nothin'"

  • Christy Sweet
    Christy Sweet 3 days ago

    He's gotten better looking. #Cruise2020

  • King Tom
    King Tom 3 days ago

    Interview with a Vampire 👌

  • sk8ergirl 1013
    sk8ergirl 1013 3 days ago

    1:00 that laugh tho

  • jonas smith
    jonas smith 4 days ago

    REALES OLLE 1:06 WITH CONTRACT ... cant speak .-.-. a word SWEDISH .-- - USA master plan .. bring back NAZIMS ..

  • Nadia Zaman
    Nadia Zaman 4 days ago

    Well this guy seems to age backwards

  • Tom W.
    Tom W. 5 days ago

    five foot NOTHING, kidding! good for you

    LABOR OF LOVE TV 6 days ago

    "Get Your Popcorn Ready..."

  • marsha rose
    marsha rose 6 days ago

    I don't care what anyone says this man is one charismatic mf"er. A true movie star!!

  • Nyah M. Glass
    Nyah M. Glass 6 days ago

    Don’t let that gorgeous personality and striking looks distract you from the fact that Tom has a tooth in the middle of his face

  • no hassle
    no hassle 7 days ago

    Sorry, but Top Gun sucks. I prefer Hot Shots myself.

  • Laura Murguia
    Laura Murguia 9 days ago

    You look great ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Those eyes , that hair !!!! Simple perfect. Though I love Val Kilmer, you are the reason why I’ve watched Top Gun over fifty times❤️. I went to the movies and watched Mission Imposible yesterday and it was amazing 🌷

  • Itsa Games
    Itsa Games 9 days ago

    kenny loggins is amazing

  • Andrew Ang
    Andrew Ang 10 days ago

    Hate Tom cruise for what he is outside of entertainment but you have to love him inside of entertainment

  • srinivas g
    srinivas g 10 days ago

    Wow! He looks amazing, he should be acting in movies

  • Steve Kimble S.
    Steve Kimble S. 10 days ago

    I love hearing the Bozo story all the time.

  • fafa flobie
    fafa flobie 11 days ago

    tom gives us 200% every time out of the box.. i thinks hes the last of the Real Movie stars. he retains the mystique

  • karebear1965
    karebear1965 11 days ago

    I bet he is crazy good in bed. Short man syndrome plus all that crazy! Wow.

  • GuessTechSports
    GuessTechSports 12 days ago

    Top Gun 2 is being made NOW... unfortunately this is the direction of it: “The approach/film is going to be appropriate for the times we live in.”
    The film will explore “a world of drone technology, fifth-generation fighters and the END of the era of dog-fighting,”
    So they are taking Top Gun and adapting it for the "world we live in".. toning it down.. -- Come on,.. we don't really dog fight but we didn't dog fight much in 1986 either. Either way we are still prepared for Air to Air combat from other major powers. Shrug.. maybe it will come out as a decent film anyhow with Cruise as the elder.

  • Riyahnna feehily
    Riyahnna feehily 12 days ago

    Such a simpley guy with his clothing 😀

  • Brian K
    Brian K 13 days ago

    His behavior seems quite calculated.

  • me we
    me we 13 days ago

    Tom Cruise is the high rank member and supporter of a surpressive, criminal syndicate named Scientology. Only americans with zero character would cheer to such a person. Probably the same clientel that voted for Trump. Lukely the whole nation is not made up of such underexposed idiots. The question remains whether he is a good actor which probably is believe by the same idiots. LOL !

  • c doe
    c doe 14 days ago

    Tom Cruise is a master at creating chaos in the comment section. Another thing he's good at!

  • payton mccumby
    payton mccumby 14 days ago

    9gs ? Get out of here Tom

    THE URBANWOLF 14 days ago

    I do want Tom and Brad. They are at their best when talent is present.

  • Brian O'Kongkohr
    Brian O'Kongkohr 14 days ago

    Tom would RULE as Papa Boyington in a Ba Ba Black Sheep movie. Damn shame if they can't make that happen. It's an OBVIOUS role to do at this point in Tom's career. Boyington could outfight, outdrink and outfly anybody in his day even as an over-aged WW2 ace fighter pilot who started fighting the Japanese before WW2 began in the war tween Japan vs China Republic. Chinese market would love that movie too - so it's a NO BRAINER for Hollywood to get serious about making that flik SOON while Tom can still CREDIBLY play the part. Just let one Chinese neijia master and grappler kinda kick Tom's ass a little - and the Chinese market BY ITSELF will make Tom and that movie a "Number 1 star of China" and a MINT in China for sure :D

  • Jim Jorgensen
    Jim Jorgensen 15 days ago

    9.5 g's in an F-14?

  • Deplorable Covfefe
    Deplorable Covfefe 15 days ago

    Jimmy, if you just stay with just pure shows WITHOUT politics, you'd do great.

  • Red Pilled Paddy
    Red Pilled Paddy 16 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a tool

  • Kylo Targaryen
    Kylo Targaryen 16 days ago

    My entire life people have talked about Top Gun like it's the most awesome movie ever. When I first saw Top Gun, I was expecting a badass military movie but got a cheesy romance with some homoerotica and excellent fighter pilot sequences mixed in. Seriously what's the big deal with that movie? I hope the sequel is what I expected the first one to be. I'm not normally that kind of movie-goer but bring on the fuckin' action.

  • Tanya Brown
    Tanya Brown 16 days ago


  • Doug styles
    Doug styles 17 days ago

    We need more guys like him. Positive in every way and stands for wht he believes in.

  • Jana Giorgio
    Jana Giorgio 18 days ago

    Now I know why this man is ageless. He does not eat sugar. Handsome bastard

  • junito1957
    junito1957 18 days ago

    I think Tom Cruise most epic movie was not top gun , or mission impossible , it was the The Last Samurai.!! hand down!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue 18 days ago

    I will totally be there for the premiere.

  • seamac206
    seamac206 19 days ago

    Color of Money

  • bigcrazewolf
    bigcrazewolf 19 days ago

    Forget this crazy Scientologist.

  • Joy Panchal
    Joy Panchal 19 days ago

    I wish he would be in james bond

  • Firas Ayoub
    Firas Ayoub 19 days ago

    Sequel to Baz luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet plz...heck.... good buddy mcgillis can join in, there was a flaw in Romeo&Juliet, Romeo needed a Charlie pal, and a princess Leah pal too! PS. Shirley Manson....change the band's name to 'Saturn Love' or somethin! 'Maybe goose, and Mitch can live, and parteeeee with us, and Gibbons too, in HEAVEN Juliet' Those should have been Romeo's last words Baz! Tho Tomcat should have got the dead Romeo part Shakespeare! Dunno...maybe Mcconaughey would have done a better JOB bros!

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 20 days ago

    One of the best actors of all time. Those scenes with Pillip Seymore in MI3 was so damn good. Masters at work. RIP P.S.H.

  • brian simpkins
    brian simpkins 20 days ago

    my fav actor of all time

  • TRUTH MATTERS - not greed


  • Zach Znidarsic
    Zach Znidarsic 20 days ago

    He's an american treasure

  • vegitausa
    vegitausa 20 days ago

    All the stuff he talked about regarding bozo is on the special edition of top gun

  • DeSTRoYeR992
    DeSTRoYeR992 22 days ago

    sounds like bozo is the real hero here

  • Calvin Long
    Calvin Long 23 days ago

    Holy crap, it's Maverick and Bozo!!! Signed Viper :-)

  • taylor trash
    taylor trash 26 days ago

    so many bots in these comments it’s mind boggling

  • Luis Estrada
    Luis Estrada 27 days ago

    tom cruise is a goat

  • Track Handicapper
    Track Handicapper 27 days ago

    He ages so slowly. Must be drinking other Scientologists blood.

  • Kal-El
    Kal-El 29 days ago

    I'd like to see Tom Cruise in Airwolf :D

    KRATOS CRUISE Month ago

    He has no fears about height... it just a lot of milliimetres for him.....that's he thinks...

  • Valerie Gardner
    Valerie Gardner Month ago

    How's Suri?

  • omgsolikevalleygirl

    Come clean on Scientology, Tom

  • jason carroll
    jason carroll Month ago

    Couldn't Give a CRAP About What Religion He Follows Greatest Actor of Our Time

  • bigamusky modesto
    bigamusky modesto Month ago

    gonna go see the second one baby!

  • da'ved velazquez
    da'ved velazquez Month ago +1

    My favorite actor of all time

  • Jess R.
    Jess R. Month ago

    He's still so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • Crazy water Says
    Crazy water Says Month ago

    I will be watching Top Gun 2

  • will B
    will B Month ago

    jimmy is such a pussy

  • OldRaver1
    OldRaver1 Month ago

    What a lovely bloke he is.

  • WXOF
    WXOF Month ago

    I give him credit, at least he was honest, not really a Top-Gun ride along!

  • Herman the German
    Herman the German Month ago

    Top Gun II

  • m4ti140
    m4ti140 Month ago

    I take it that Bozo was capt. Lloyd Abel?

  • Georgina Campos
    Georgina Campos Month ago

    Goodness! He´s handsome!

  • Frank Bugack
    Frank Bugack Month ago

    Happy birthday Tom.

    BARON SAMEDI Month ago

    Brian Adams was the person should sing the "Danger zone"
    He didn't accepted finally Kenny Loggins got the song.

  • louisfriendhastaste

    Gives me the heebee geebees.......creepy

  • vladimir trump
    vladimir trump Month ago

    He seems little small ;-) . But a great actor

  • Isaac G.
    Isaac G. Month ago

    Scientologist madman

  • sammvoyager
    sammvoyager Month ago

    Nobody wants to be reminded they threw up on their "Top Gun" test flights. TC didn't like that. The F14 pilot TC mentioned is featured on the the Collectors Edition -he said TC threw up on the 1st F14 flight. Here he says he also t up on the Blue Angels flight.

  • Super Day Day
    Super Day Day Month ago

    He is talented don't agree with this religion but that is his own, in movies he does deliver. Hope he is putting in time seeing his daughter, who looks a lot like him.

  • Montażownia nr1
    Montażownia nr1 Month ago

    I know Top Gun 2 will fail just like others continuations after years, I wonder how badly it will fail ...

  • Rocky Silvestre
    Rocky Silvestre Month ago

    I really hope that there will be a sequel... Fingers crossed...

  • Trigger Party
    Trigger Party Month ago

    Tom cruise is a literal psychopath. And I love him. Crazy old bastard. Aging terribly. Defying all odds. He looks the same as when he was 24. He’s not good at aging at all. Looks to handsome the crazy nut buster. I’m camming

  • Ken H
    Ken H Month ago

    He tells the coolest stories

  • Artty 1975
    Artty 1975 Month ago

    Tom sempt normal. Not like such a weird crazy guy.

  • Double Star
    Double Star Month ago

    Cruise always gives you that feeling he’s very personable. If he’s in the movie you know it’ll be good.

  • WXOF
    WXOF Month ago

    A "ROOOOGA TOM!!!! Yea buddy, "Keep em FLYING!!!!!

    • WXOF
      WXOF Month ago

      Tommy- welcome to the real world buddy, that bag of ROOGA after a full stop.. No, you carry your own bag of Boof buddy! That's the real walk of shame !!!! ROOOOOOOGA!!! TOM

  • WXOF
    WXOF Month ago

    Tom did a Ralphs bag! How cool is that? 3Gs? Scientology and RALPH'S are cool!

  • ETV
    ETV Month ago

    Dismantling of the communist Chinese and North Korean air defenses on the western coast of the United States begins with miniature air launched decoy’s (MALDS), launched as the first wave of the attack. Eagle Strike:

  • Nick H
    Nick H Month ago

    Who is henry Greenberg?

  • Jason  Bettencourt
    Jason Bettencourt Month ago

    Can't help but to love the guy but hard to forget his turning a blind eye towards the blatant abuses taking place within Scientology.

  • Oliver Hernandez
    Oliver Hernandez Month ago

    Man I wonder how he is in real life like Tom cruise from movies like a few good men days of thunder the firm mission impossible series Jerry Maguire he has done a lot of good movies and like mostly with paramount

  • Oliver Hernandez
    Oliver Hernandez Month ago

    Man like top gun is one of my favorites movie he has done like the first time I saw that movie like the action and the things with the jets good ass movie

  • Felony Strutter
    Felony Strutter Month ago

    I was 11 when it came out..I think (84?) anyway ….I never saw the movie, never. I do like the song though, they used to play it during Cowboys games at Texas Stadium.

  • 1wibble2
    1wibble2 Month ago

    Well that confirms it, Cruise has had plastic surgery

  • Jorge Seise Albino
    Jorge Seise Albino Month ago

    Top gun 2 " IN SEARCH FOR DAD"

  • Geoffrey Lilge
    Geoffrey Lilge Month ago

    Look how yellow his fingers are - hardcore smoker???

  • Nancy Romero Munoz
    Nancy Romero Munoz Month ago

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  • Rob Jackson
    Rob Jackson Month ago

    Tom he’s just cool 😎 dude

  • allrequiredfields
    allrequiredfields Month ago

    Sure, he plays himself in every movie, but it’s a great character.

  • Scorehound
    Scorehound Month ago

    I love it when Tom Cruise tells stories... they're so entertaining.

  • Noiseheads
    Noiseheads Month ago

    "I watch it every day." HE'S NOT JOKING GUYS

  • Alan M
    Alan M Month ago

    He never ages , he still looks the same, he's taking great care of himself

  • Alan M
    Alan M Month ago

    He's a true legend, and a great actor,😎👍

  • Besta Levesta
    Besta Levesta Month ago +1

    55 years old. Dude looks aces.

  • Casey lawton
    Casey lawton Month ago

    “I could do it inverted “ Yusssssss!

  • Chase Ashworth
    Chase Ashworth Month ago

    0:57 Funny thing is...he's not joking

  • travis aaron
    travis aaron Month ago

    sucks dickz