I Betrayed My Brother Who Raised Me After We Lost Our Parents

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED  3 months ago +5316

    Well, this was Peter’s story. It will hopefully help some of you realize that you should only ever look for support from your family, otherwise you can end up making a big mistake.

    • Xenon Unleashed
      Xenon Unleashed 7 days ago

      I should only ever look for support from my family? So not from my friend I’ve known since kindergarten? Okay thanks for the great advice *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

    • Adhro Bhuiyan
      Adhro Bhuiyan 11 days ago

      he should make a gofundme

    • LAS Space37
      LAS Space37 14 days ago

      I dont understand one thing. Peter's mother could drive to the airport and nothing would happened

    • heaven Angelica
      heaven Angelica 18 days ago


    • Gloria Holcomb
      Gloria Holcomb 22 days ago

      @*Jazzy Deku* he's a kid hopefully he'll learn to trust others. He'll probably also realize his grandma already knew his brother was going to take guardianship of him.

  • Alfa_TheWolf9
    Alfa_TheWolf9 12 hours ago

    “Not used to sharing our problems to the world-“
    Actually happened: well it’s too late for that. This is going all over the internet

  • Tinsley Smith Tommy Logan Tommy Johnson

    Peter, I'm sorry to hear about your brother named Sam. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😚😎😎😚😚😀😋😋🤔😥🤔😥😋😥🤔😮😁😮😁🙂😮😂🍆🍈🍈🍆🍈🍆🍒🥖🍒🥐🍒🥐🥐🍉🍆🍉🍉🍉🍓🍓🍅🍅🍅🍞🍞🥐🌰🍟🍔🍗🍖🍕🌭🌮🌯

  • Quavo Jr
    Quavo Jr Day ago

    It be ya own mans smfh

  • hot wheels racer 23

    My Brother & my Mother always arguing everywhere in home , mall , even in public

  • Madara Uchiwa
    Madara Uchiwa Day ago

    You suck!

  • Ihakara Porena Taiki Miratana Winterburn

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring

  • Gamer14031 Studios

    So basically the grandma caused the death cause she was too stubborn to get a freakin Uber or taxi

  • xNightblood1015x
    xNightblood1015x Day ago +1


  • Bob
    Bob Day ago

    The first second of the video felt awkward

  • Veiled
    Veiled Day ago

    Damn Jane's a hoe

  • Øréø_Wølf Mow

    That one second stare

  • EthanT 123
    EthanT 123 Day ago


  • Jai Kelly
    Jai Kelly Day ago

    Start making thing fun like fortnite

  • Samantha Mohekey

    His brother is called SAM. My name is SAMANTHA please like this comment please

  • MisaelDoesAnimation

    Aww happy endings

  • exiles gaming
    exiles gaming Day ago

    I got 14 kills in PUBG

    Actually happened

  • rgakballantyne
    rgakballantyne Day ago

    My brothers would borrow money from me and use there kids as an excuse not to pay me back. Now that i have kids of my own i hardly ever see them.

  • KooKoo Bananas
    KooKoo Bananas Day ago

    The mother was a self centered controlling b&$@& its all her fault.

  • Fútbal Skillzz
    Fútbal Skillzz Day ago

    This is just a coke commercial secretly

  • Thealmightyfire
    Thealmightyfire 2 days ago

    wait wut, the title was no where near what happened, u didn't technically betray ur brother since you got back together

  • Mercy
    Mercy 2 days ago

    8:47 faze sway???

  • Harsh 1
    Harsh 1 2 days ago

    3 million!

  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile Gamer 2 days ago

    You are very lucky.. To have a brother that kind .. My brother just always find a way to frame me... I cried watching this... Ir was so good.. Thank you

  • Skullyton
    Skullyton 2 days ago

    Bro code
    Step 1: don’t take your bro’s stuff
    Step 2: have your bro’s back
    Step 3: don’t try to steal your bro’s girl

  • The Homeless Advocate

    This got me in fetal position all emotional good video!

  • Seth Wise
    Seth Wise 2 days ago


  • ImMeed
    ImMeed 2 days ago


  • TheServitor01
    TheServitor01 3 days ago

    As dark as it may seem, send the younger to an orphanage. Just..let them go. LIve your own life because this breaks them both. If push comes to shove, your younger sibling isn't worth more than you, nor you for them. It's cruel, but true.

  • BlockBlop
    BlockBlop 3 days ago

    My parents droped out before 9th grade. And we have a nice home

  • Biscuit _
    Biscuit _ 3 days ago

    Jane is a thot

  • Alix alom
    Alix alom 3 days ago


  • Jirka Kopecký
    Jirka Kopecký 3 days ago

    Its just me or is the older brother looking like david from walking dead a new frontir

  • DailyGracie InYourFace

    I’d punch Sam in the face

  • Fatoosh
    Fatoosh 3 days ago

    Never trust a peter

  • The doctor Reaper that isn’t a doctor

    I was left at the age 5 by my parents

    Actually happened

  • tHiCc bUnny
    tHiCc bUnny 3 days ago +2

    My hair is black


  • Fata Turchina
    Fata Turchina 3 days ago

    I agree you. I'm happy that you and your brother came closer. Family is nearby the only "friend" you can trust in.

  • OG Fortnite
    OG Fortnite 3 days ago

    *_-Your mother is the madest person I ever saw-_*

  • Mike Lopez
    Mike Lopez 3 days ago

    Hopjalltbianja qcually real

  • Christoph Lee
    Christoph Lee 4 days ago +1

    I started to envy my brother
    Me: I don't like where this is going.
    I tried to kiss her
    Me: STOP

    YOUNGANDFLY69 4 days ago

    The beginning is exactly me and my bros relationship ☠️

  • chianara
    chianara 4 days ago +2

    “ driving his used car” damnnnn i felt that

  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler 4 days ago

    ACTUALLY HAPPENED TITLE: I woke up and my my brother was not with us anymore
    What title should be: My brother went to the gas station and didn’t tell anyone

  • Annihilator Deadeye Stryker dark destroyer

    one time I went to sleep that actually happened

  • s1mple
    s1mple 4 days ago


  • Lee Weightman
    Lee Weightman 4 days ago


  • Jasmin Aachi
    Jasmin Aachi 4 days ago

    Coke bottle saves the day!

  • Krystallovesroblox 2006

    There's something strange about this video
    The video is 11 minutes long..

    PRO GAMER 5 days ago

    :-) I wish I brother would take care of me like that

  • Ewelina Mocek
    Ewelina Mocek 5 days ago +1

    1. by Malinne | ''I'm Dating My Younger Sister & My Stepmother Hate It'' (Girl)
    2. by Givo | ''My Grandfather Is My Uncle & My Mother's Brother'' (Boy)
    3. by Sugere | ''I've Been a Rich Gay, Butt My Father Ruined It'' (Girl)

  • Kristian Newman
    Kristian Newman 5 days ago

    Who else knew he was going to try to kiss her?

  • Kevin The Great
    Kevin The Great 5 days ago

    Jane is annoying feminist

  • Kevin The Great
    Kevin The Great 5 days ago

    Remake of the Outsiders . Only the real OG will remember

  • David Sapsford
    David Sapsford 5 days ago

    Me: watching these videos until 2 am.


  • Dj Pinky Unicorn
    Dj Pinky Unicorn 5 days ago


  • Sagar Wahab
    Sagar Wahab 5 days ago

    Im glad your bro came to your rescue, you are lucky to have a clever brother.

  • GabrieL StefaN
    GabrieL StefaN 5 days ago

    I also want to share my story is very sad 😥

  • Kalin’s life!!! !!!3

    My sister DOES NOT love me

  • Technoci *
    Technoci * 5 days ago

    A 16 year sore loser with no strength harras a 20 years girl.
    Brother: Clearly that's not possible.
    Your brother want to lose you as same to lose his parents.
    You think hard labor is hard on both sides? Hah! Trust me. If it isn't kill you, you'll get stronger. Cuz Caring a soul and MAKING a hard desicions will EAT your mind if you handle terrible.
    If you want your brother doimg house dishes, make it small and tough him up even he don't want to.
    'Like it takes 10 steps bring those garbages on the streets. But it's okay if you can't handle that.'

  • Daniel Jin
    Daniel Jin 5 days ago

    Where’s the betrayed part hmmmmmm?

  • Syazwani Agus
    Syazwani Agus 6 days ago +3

    life lesson boys and girls: never trust anyone except family

  • Saneeh 4 Boss
    Saneeh 4 Boss 6 days ago

    That granny is kinda rude

  • dylangeorge14
    dylangeorge14 6 days ago

    My dog started running around the house like sonic.


  • MuhammedZ Gamer
    MuhammedZ Gamer 6 days ago

    This is a Coca Cola commercial

  • Ollie Ray
    Ollie Ray 6 days ago

    I just feel bad do you guys do

  • Peeyoosh Bhatt
    Peeyoosh Bhatt 6 days ago

    This is awesome brothers are awesome (mostly) 😅😂

  • Sexual Marxism: Seize the means of reprodoction

    Your mom was pretty terrible

  • Wazahat Hussain
    Wazahat Hussain 7 days ago

    I was litterly crying