American Things Europeans Find Weird

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  4 days ago +62

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    • ToxicRose
      ToxicRose 4 hours ago

      The fact you like coffee so much weirds me out.

    • James leow
      James leow 17 hours ago

      Stop insulting wrestling entertainment

    • Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada
      Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada 23 hours ago

      Guys... do this question: "What Americans find weird from Japan.?"

    • TheTruth
      TheTruth Day ago

      I stopped watching the video when U mentioned the teeth, as I am a Brit.

    • Waterstofperoxide
      Waterstofperoxide 2 days ago

      The Infographics Show Kinda Meet Arnold Rip-off

  • Hyddan92
    Hyddan92 4 minutes ago +1

    They wear shoes inside their homes.

  • Jimeth
    Jimeth 20 minutes ago

    Audio quality is pretty bad...

  • waitinginawaterfall
    waitinginawaterfall 30 minutes ago

    Does anyone really go to Chicago to order pizza? New York pizza is where it’s at.

  • LookAtThatPxnda
    LookAtThatPxnda 31 minute ago

    im from denmark and i have my own house and i think its quite big so i cant imagine what a normal house in the us is like

  • Selin
    Selin 37 minutes ago

    Fahrenheit..............just why

  • Luke Burr
    Luke Burr Hour ago

    Waht i find weird about the U.S.A is the way Englisn is spoken.
    I personally fear for safety knowing there's armed people around me.

  • Stranded73
    Stranded73 Hour ago

    America's psycho. I'm American. And psycho.

  • Peter Oliver
    Peter Oliver Hour ago

    I think I belong in Europe

  • Charlie Bradley
    Charlie Bradley Hour ago

    It's not pancakes and fried chicken. It's waffles and fried chicken and that's a southern thing and I think it's a weird combo.

  • Sil van Broekhoven
    Sil van Broekhoven Hour ago +1

    Lol lies lies lies about europe

  • Stewartsaurus
    Stewartsaurus Hour ago

    Different isn't always bad. Don't be so self-centred.

  • TheEndlessSky Ethereal

    wait... who eats pancakes with fried chicken?

  • P R
    P R 2 hours ago +1

    Well America is the best sooooo fuck Europe?

  • StyleByMars
    StyleByMars 2 hours ago

    1 not including tax in price
    2. persistent customer service in restaurants. This is a personal pet peeve as I feel like they're just trying to get tipped and it isn't genuine, also makes me uncomfortable
    3. Tips. Nothing against but I'm not used to it and my friends constantly chide me and think it's rude to not tip but I've never done it at home
    4 guns
    5. the measuring system and fahrenheit

  • niall Allison
    niall Allison 2 hours ago

    Let me address almost everything in this as almost completely wrong.(uk based which I think is fair because he refers to us the most)
    1) tipping is not seen as charity.
    2) waiters/waitresses do return to the table to check up
    3) I live in the most depressed location in uk and I'm pretty sure every time I go to the shop there are smiles by all staff.
    4) You will get Id checked in Britain until the same age even with a lower age limit due to needing to look over an age higher than the required for the consumption of such product
    5) notes. They have numbers on them. Europeans do have eyes.
    6) roads are not confusing in Britain just we have a much higher iq than Americans which makes us able to find our way round much easier than just straight forward squares dug into the city.
    7) news. This does not seem comedic. If it says news it means news yes the British do have news channels just more reliable ones.
    8) yes Americans are fat.
    9) paying by plastic is much more common In britain than America. Ask a British man if he has cash on him he will likely say no. We pretty much only use card
    10) no we do not live by our countries high standards in an overly patriotic way as so that we worship a fake alter ego of an invisible Texan.
    11) we do not worship fake imaginary friends as much as Americans.
    12) who needs a mansion for 4 people? Why do you need so much living space. No one finds it weird just unnecessary.
    13) boobs and lips are seen as attractive in Britain too. I personally have never seen why but they are. By most.
    This entire video reminds me of some condescending ww2 American propaganda. That is seriously how incorrect it is.

  • StyleByMars
    StyleByMars 2 hours ago

    Why does canada and america not include tax in the price? gahhhh

  • Hexur
    Hexur 2 hours ago

    I love fries with mayonnaise

  • Jobo
    Jobo 2 hours ago

    This list heavily favours the Americans other than the Europeans. Most of the stuff on here is highlighting how good America is rather than the downsides, and it's narrated by an American. I mean you probably didn't do any surveys and stuff.

  • Joe Vaughan
    Joe Vaughan 2 hours ago

    I absolutely loved living in the US, but I found the 'bigger is better' culture (that applies to basically everything) mental.

  • Riesenfriese
    Riesenfriese 3 hours ago

    the sad excuse of a democracy you are so proud of. Seriously, two parties? What if they agree on something?

  • kasborsuk
    kasborsuk 3 hours ago +1

    Europe doesn't equal UK!

  • Riesenfriese
    Riesenfriese 3 hours ago

    Well its easy to build bigger houses if you build them with wood and cardboard. European houses are made of stone so they actually last. You regularly see houses 100 years or more old and still in perfect condition

    TRUMP TRUMP 3 hours ago

    I don't like Europeans that much except for the fact the women there are much hotter than women here in the States

  • Astrid O
    Astrid O 3 hours ago

    In Sweden i never bring cash, and it’s not rare to see shops that doesn’t even take cash just credit

  • AJ Awesome
    AJ Awesome 3 hours ago

    No no no no no you got the last one all wrong you see in tooth paste there is a chemical that dies you teeth white. In America the chemical is not classified as dangerous so the make there toothpaste with it. But as dentists want our teeth to be natural they denied the chemical and only use les than 1 percent of it in our tooth paste. I am from Scotland and I do not have horrid teeth. Also I have see someone from America with literal black teeth.

  • Gabby Velasquez
    Gabby Velasquez 3 hours ago

    I'm not European, I'm Canadian, and I personally find the lack of kindness and politeness in America as a culture shock. In Canada most people, smile, open the door and act very kind to the point where it feels instinctual. Whenever I cross the border it really feels like I'm in a whole different continent and not just in the country next door.

    • FirstOrderTrooper 2
      FirstOrderTrooper 2 38 minutes ago

      Gabby Velasquez just keep in mind that EVERY person in the USA has a different petsonality, everyone reacts differently to different situations. I grew up in the US and everyone was really nice and supportive, even though some things got out of hand with my town XD

  • Cassandra Osborne
    Cassandra Osborne 4 hours ago

    America sounds like a crazy town

  • Sonja G
    Sonja G 4 hours ago

    A lot of across the board statements, very generalising.

  • Renee S.
    Renee S. 4 hours ago

    Rootbeer... they don't understand why we like it.

  • Jackie Law
    Jackie Law 4 hours ago

    Europe has a VAT does it not? Is it added on top of posted prices?

  • Dylan Tierney
    Dylan Tierney 4 hours ago

    Europeans are more used to paying with card than Americans. Get your facts right

  • Courean
    Courean 4 hours ago

    Im european and i Dont really agree with everything here

  • v oli
    v oli 4 hours ago

    Well, when I went to America the 3 things that seemed weirder to me are the following:
    1- People with shorts wearing long white socks, Like really, is those people okey? Have they looked into a mirror?
    2- At least in Chicago and New York, there were lots of people walking in the street with a big soda or coffee, everywhere!
    3- All the roads from New York - Chicago - Indiana - Philadelphia - New York every 10 kms (about 6 miles ;) ) there was road work. Completely annoying

    • FirstOrderTrooper 2
      FirstOrderTrooper 2 35 minutes ago

      v oli please for the love of god don't go to the cities in America, i grew up in the states and the cities are shit. Please go to like a little town or county with only a few State Troopers that you rarely see XD

  • IslandofIdeals
    IslandofIdeals 4 hours ago

    Who eats chicken and pancakes? It's chicken and waffles.

  • mehmet rasim inceoglu
    mehmet rasim inceoglu 4 hours ago

    As long as corporations pays the politicians they can poison the food in America.
    Here in Germany our McDonald's French Fries have 3 ingredients (Potatoes, Vegetable oil and salt) but in the U.S the McDonald's French Fries have Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Natural Beef Flavor [Wheat and Milk Derivatives]*), Dextrose, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (Maintain Color), Salt. *Natural beef flavor contains hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed milk as starting ingredients.

  • Steffidoc
    Steffidoc 4 hours ago

    I sometimes watch American videos about minimalism. What some Americans consider minimalism would just be a normal tidy home in Europe. Americans have so much stuff. We are becoming more and more consumerist, too, here in Europe but America is still more extreme.

  • mer isa
    mer isa 4 hours ago

    You talk really fast i almost dont understand

  • Justin Hill
    Justin Hill 4 hours ago

    The U.S.A. is an upstart compared to the U.K.
    The U.S.A. was founded in 1776 and is only 231 years old.
    The U.K. was founded in 1535 and is 472 years old.
    The U.K. is 241 years older than the U.S.A.

  • Arabella Ishere
    Arabella Ishere 4 hours ago

    The shade thrown at Trump with his spray tan 😂😂😂

  • Chanel Oberlin
    Chanel Oberlin 4 hours ago

    The reason British people have such bad teeth is because they have public healthcare, thus the dentists aren’t as good and the treatment they get sucks.

  • I Hate 2D animation profiles

    Thailand you mean
    Trap Nation

  • hailey rae
    hailey rae 4 hours ago +1

    I like the way europeans think

  • Uros Sretenovic
    Uros Sretenovic 5 hours ago

    Imperial sistem

  • Andrew Ivan
    Andrew Ivan 5 hours ago

    what kind of devil worshipper eats French Fries (shoestring potatoes) with mayonnaise

  • Vivek Majumdar
    Vivek Majumdar 5 hours ago

    I live in Washington DC and my cousins live all over Europe, and one of the things they find weird is how my summer break is 3 months long....

  • André Pardue
    André Pardue 5 hours ago

    American friendliness??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha

  • Hano Ali
    Hano Ali 5 hours ago

    I would've assumed that Italians are the most nationalistic country

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 5 hours ago

    Europeans are cold AF. If you don’t like the USA, GTFO.

  • Corpsnerd09
    Corpsnerd09 5 hours ago

    Been all over Europe on business and lesser extent, vacation, France, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, and Belgium. I saw no differences in food portions at restaurants, clothing, or annoyances at using credit cards... This video mostly sounds just like generalization and likely bias complaints from cocky Europeans.
    I do enjoy things sweetened with sugar vs high fructose corn syrup though, and the relaxed attitude at restaurants and bars (no rush to get you out the door to fill the table, etc)... I disagree with the majority of things said here from my own personal experiences

  • huneylove5
    huneylove5 6 hours ago

    Had a friend from the netherlands had a problem with just about everything I ate. He was a vegetarian and seemed to get mad because I would eat meat around him.

    • alex trebek
      alex trebek 6 hours ago

      veggies are annoying with their holier than thou attitude. if he's got a problem, tell to eat elsewhere. I wouldn't not eat meat because someone else gets offened

  • Sehun Trash
    Sehun Trash 6 hours ago

    Man said grumpy England 😂

  • ItsMePhoebe 1161
    ItsMePhoebe 1161 7 hours ago

    "and the president still seems to be sporting a fake tan" im dying!

  • Tech Elect
    Tech Elect 7 hours ago +1

    dude, you got 1 thing slightly wrong, cop's in the UK do regularly carry guns, you can't go to any major train station, airport or city without seeing police carrying full assault rifles etc. go back 5-6 years ago and you would be correct but things have changed.

  • Árgyelán Ádám
    Árgyelán Ádám 7 hours ago

    Actually, the gun law is totally retarded, in Hungary no one has guns, so you dont have to protect yourself with guns.

  • jack phillips
    jack phillips 7 hours ago

    I don't think the ID thing is true in most european countries. I get asked for ID all the time here in Germany. I am 21 and recently wanted to buy game of thrones on Bluray and they wanted to see my ID -_-

  • jack Jones
    jack Jones 7 hours ago

    We english are known for our politeness, service with a smile is everywhere

  • Matthew wiggles
    Matthew wiggles 7 hours ago

    Abolish the tipping system, just pay waiters and other employees a livable wage!

    • Justin Noker
      Justin Noker 4 hours ago

      then the meals get more expensive, which leads to a decline of customers, which leads to even more price increases until there are no customers and the restaurant is bankrupt.

  • Dustin Miller
    Dustin Miller 7 hours ago

    So just existing?

  • Fox Wolf
    Fox Wolf 7 hours ago

    We don’t find private weapons *weird*
    We find them *idiotic*

  • Wayne Jackson Galloway

    These Petty generalizations all Europeans find it weird when you're in Rome you do as the Romans do what's the whining about

  • garet claborn
    garet claborn 8 hours ago

    this should be titled
    Things Europeans get wrong

  • Oliver Kurzweg
    Oliver Kurzweg 8 hours ago

    Why do some Brits have such awful teeth by the way?
    Of course not all (not even closely) but when I traveled there it was disturbing. Not only the colour but also the shape. Awful :D

    • Fruit500
      Fruit500 7 hours ago

      Tea discolours teeth

  • mikaila
    mikaila 8 hours ago

    im an american living in italy, and oh my god, italians are not afraid of death. i swear the motorcycles and vespas weave in and out of heavy fast traffic like its no big deal and pedestrians cross the street when fast cars are coming straight at them, and nobody is fazed. the drivers here are fucking crazy but theyre a lot more patient than americans, theyll wait for you to cross if they ever stop to actually LET you cross. also the pizza here is so flimsy and wet its thin af, i dont care if american pizza is worse or whatever, i miss holding pizza that doesnt slop around when i try to pick it up. and the roads are soooOO small and thin, but that might be me being used to the big american roads. uhhhh nothing else really sticks out, i like living here but i really do miss america sometimes lol

    • SpookyKettle
      SpookyKettle 5 hours ago

      if its thin pizza then just eat it with a knife and fork ?

  • Nightshade
    Nightshade 8 hours ago +1

    I live In Ireland : the America of Europe. Everyone here is always wearing yoga pants as well, bigger houses(if you don't live in Dublin). We get all the concerts unlike other European countries. We dont use your imperial system and last thing we don't have guns. Ireland is pretty diverse, half the population isn't natively Irish edit: we can also drink at 18

  • Infidel Cock
    Infidel Cock 8 hours ago

    When I visit the US I’m constantly scared that I’ll be injured and have to pay for it

    • Justin Noker
      Justin Noker 4 hours ago

      no need to worry. Travel insurance should cover it. if not, Hospitals offer financing.

  • allowman65
    allowman65 9 hours ago

    Your gun laws

  • 3L1T3 GAMER
    3L1T3 GAMER 9 hours ago +1

    I'm not American and i'm not european i'm African . Proud to be an african

  • Juanmauel ,Te pillo eh!


  • no one
    no one 9 hours ago

    I don’t get why americans (idk if others do it too) wear their shoes indoors? why? wouldn’t your floor get all dirty?

  • Darius Nastac
    Darius Nastac 9 hours ago

    In romania and republic of moldova you can buy cigarets even if your under 18 ,but exept supermarkets/hypermarkets they ask you for id

  • Takami Chika
    Takami Chika 9 hours ago

    True America news like to joke around at times

  • Takami Chika
    Takami Chika 9 hours ago

    Well in my country it’s common they ask your ID because looking old doesn’t mean your old, you can be tall and be 16

  • Superior Vigil
    Superior Vigil 10 hours ago

    My question for Europeans: why does every other nation have a strong separatist movement. It comes off that you guys can’t keep your countries together. Sure the untied states has dumb people in California who want to be separate and people in Texas too. However, that’s just talk. Meanwhile in the UK Scotland wants to be free, in Spain Catalonia, etc etc.

    • Fruit500
      Fruit500 7 hours ago

      Due to historic relations and cultural differences mostly. Scotland has a much different culture than England has, and same thing with Catalonia and Spain

  • Carl the sociopathic llama

    Lack of knowledge.

  • ADerpyReality
    ADerpyReality 10 hours ago

    Lets be fair here. With US minimum wage tipping is charity.

  • The Unknown Gamer
    The Unknown Gamer 10 hours ago

    Dislike this time because everytime i go to the store the staff be nice so dont think americans have everything

  • AlLaST0I2
    AlLaST0I2 10 hours ago

    Freedom of speech in the U.S. is another thing Europeans can't really dig and as a European who has lived in the States, I believe is one of the greatest things America has achieved.

  • Rosario Candelero
    Rosario Candelero 10 hours ago +1

    I have 5 yrs living in US and i still get annoyed by taxes added on top of the price you see...

  • Coolidge Dollar
    Coolidge Dollar 11 hours ago

    Of all the things on this list, Americans' sloppy dress can LEAST be blamed on "conservative" culture. Whenever I criticize Americans for wearing gym clothes everywhere, I'm called a snob -- mostly by my leftist friends and acquaintances. (At least Bill Maher is awake to the problem.)

  • Pablo de la Torre Gálvez
    Pablo de la Torre Gálvez 11 hours ago +7

    Also, no Metric System, extreme conservatism, American Football instead of Football, death penalty and the absence of socialist political parties.

    • Morgan Alexander
      Morgan Alexander 2 hours ago

      Pablo de la Torre Gálvez I don't understand the problem with the measuring system, how often do you need measurements in day to day life unless it is your job and we tend to learn both systems because we use it in science

    • Justin Noker
      Justin Noker 4 hours ago

      we almost had the last one if Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary versus clinton. though if that really happened, all the gun-owning Americans would probably start a revolution

  • Jak Jonsonn
    Jak Jonsonn 11 hours ago

    Who cares what euro trash think about what Americans do.

  • Alex Nikis
    Alex Nikis 11 hours ago

    Imperial units and rednecks

  • tristan roberts
    tristan roberts 11 hours ago

    The teeth one is bollocks. There've been lots of studies showing that, on average, Brits have healthier teeth than Americans; the big difference is that we don't waste a ton of time and money whitening and straightening teeth for purely aesthetic reasons

  • Evelyn Case
    Evelyn Case 12 hours ago

    not a lot of people actually have guns, but the people who do make a huge stink out of it, and have a lot

  • Eleanora Dzen
    Eleanora Dzen 12 hours ago

    I'm a foreigner in the UK right now and the number of times cashiers said words like 'Darling to address me or any other shopper is quite creepy and seems like a waste of a word. If this is classified as grumpy- America might creep me out a little

    • Eleanora Dzen
      Eleanora Dzen 3 hours ago

      Actually, in the north, it was very normal for people to show the middle finger with no reason what so ever and they were very rude- and when you told them you were offended they made you feel worse by bitching behind your back
      EDIT: I do mean north England. Scotland is very nice

    • SpookyKettle
      SpookyKettle 4 hours ago

      if you think northerners dress slutty youve never been to essex.
      i assume youve been to both as in visited. ive spent alot of time in both the north and south and you pick up little things such as in the north its (somewhat) normal for someone passing you to smile or greet you , heck if i smile at someone in london i might get deported for suspicious behaviour.

    • Eleanora Dzen
      Eleanora Dzen 5 hours ago

      I've been to both and I see no difference
      The only thing i noticed is how much sluttier northeners dress

    • SpookyKettle
      SpookyKettle 5 hours ago

      grumpy england pretty much is just south england. people up north arent exactly friendly but we arent cold and grumpy like down south.
      think nothing of it if someone calls you darling because it isnt meant to be endearing or special, just friendly.

  • pikapiku
    pikapiku 12 hours ago

    omg the news things is so true
    they all look so dramatic and biased

  • Jukrates
    Jukrates 12 hours ago


  • Martha- Rosalie
    Martha- Rosalie 12 hours ago

    I like having money ready before I go to the counter to pay if I am not using card. But in America, the adding taxes to the price was so annoying when I was there. Why could it not just be included in the price!? Where I live in Europe, they just write how much of your product price was taxes on the receipt. Easy

  • Victor Parvanov
    Victor Parvanov 13 hours ago

    I love how you can buy anything in eastern europe even if you are underaged

  • Listen to KOKOBOP by Exo

    Keeping up with the kardashans

  • Arbi Ibrahimi
    Arbi Ibrahimi 13 hours ago +1

    In my opinion it's bullshit that you are comparing a whole country against a whole continent wich has 44 different countries in it. Wich they all have different languagges. Cultures. and Religion. I travelled a through whole Europe and nothing was the same. Each fucking country is different than the other. Take a lot at the german speaking countries: Germany,Austria and switzerland. They all speak german (besides switzerland wich also speaks french,italian and romanch) They have 3 different cultures, 3 different histories and 3 different goverments. They just not the same. Nothing in europe will be the same in every country

  • csfelfoldi
    csfelfoldi 13 hours ago

    orange cheese...

  • sick for life arsenal
    sick for life arsenal 13 hours ago

    take that back

  • PewDiePie Brolordeded
    PewDiePie Brolordeded 14 hours ago

    I am euro READ MORE

  • rufus gillespie
    rufus gillespie 14 hours ago

    i am British and are teeth are fine >_<

    • Fruit500
      Fruit500 7 hours ago

      You're british yet your english still sucks.

  • Jen Huang
    Jen Huang 14 hours ago


  • Mita Man
    Mita Man 14 hours ago

    I dont know if anyone notice at least in Balkan houses seems to be lot stronger then in US,as shown on many shows where they rebuild houses,they make houses like wood. Thats seems to be odd since US usualy have problem with tornados. Correct me if im wrong.

  • MasterLocket
    MasterLocket 14 hours ago

    Not everyone in the uk has bad dental hygiene! OK alot do but still not everyone

  • Jarno Modderkolk
    Jarno Modderkolk 15 hours ago

    If you are in a good restaurant in europe they refill your glas a lot. And supermarket workers are friendly here, not really shure why they would not