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American Things Europeans Find Weird


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +666

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    • Ronnie Howell
      Ronnie Howell 6 hours ago

      666 likes and I’m not ruining it.

    • millie white
      millie white Month ago

      Your the frist channel to be not packed with lie when it comes to other conutrys

    • Jasper Westphal
      Jasper Westphal 2 months ago

      Cannabis in Netherlands is not true

    • Ashley Playz
      Ashley Playz 2 months ago

      Ya know all countries have ads

    • Nuclear Pootis
      Nuclear Pootis 2 months ago

      More like the propaganda show

  • fkgpl 99
    fkgpl 99 Hour ago

    Have you ever tried going to Europe? Because it might help you check your "facts".

  • Goldenglare_thewindeater

    Big boobs can’t be helped unless they’re fake. That’s not something that can be considered a “fashion statement”

  • Maryus Popescu
    Maryus Popescu Hour ago

    WHY TF DO U HAVE TO CARRY GUNS EVERYWHERE? oh and usa is the most christian country but there are other countries in europe that are probably even more religios like romania wich is a mostly orthodox country

  • Iulia B
    Iulia B 3 hours ago

    Your houses are big, but there is something weird:
    The walls are made of wood
    Doors are a piece of cardboard
    Living room is all covered in carpet. What do you do if a kid spills some oil on it???

  • Kahlan Rahl
    Kahlan Rahl 5 hours ago

    Tipping is indeed weird because your employer pays you properly.
    You also don't need to annoy your patrons constantly as a waiter/ress as after the meal is served almost everyone just wants to be left alone with their food.
    Everything you buy the pricetag is the final price so you know exactly what you will be paying.
    Adding the taxes later just seems a massive troll.

  • Pyro
    Pyro 10 hours ago


  • killabee4realg
    killabee4realg 19 hours ago

    just want to let anyone watching this video know that the UK have the 2nd best teeth on the planet as a country 2nd to only the Germans so the English actually have better teeth than the Americans do it's quite annoying to keep on seeing that stereotype knowing it's untrue

  • Zachary Kariotis
    Zachary Kariotis 19 hours ago

    these videos never go well because they are made by Americans. You should ask British people before you make these, because a ton of people in the comment section are totally debunking all of these stereotypes.

  • stooba lemdon
    stooba lemdon 20 hours ago

    Ah, the hatred. Try to think of our Beyoncé not our Lindsay Lohan!

  • Shea
    Shea 20 hours ago +1

    We all got perfect teeth in Britain cos we get free dental care from the NHS boii

  • Paola Andrade
    Paola Andrade 22 hours ago

    Esperaba que fuera de América (el continente) no de solo USA.

  • doktorscam5000
    doktorscam5000 23 hours ago

    Europeans might find Pro Wrestling weird? Um what about promotions like WXW (Germany), Progress (Britain) and ICW (Scotland). It isn't weird to them cause they have it there too

  • Nae O’Connor
    Nae O’Connor Day ago

    Who wears their shoes in their house that’s grim

  • Karissa nickels
    Karissa nickels Day ago

    Honestly this video focuses on very few European countries. Europe is a continent with dozens of countries while the U.S. is simply one country. There are many cultures through out Europe, that are very different from each other. While the U.S. has also many different cultures, it is simply not enough to compare to a whole continent. If you going to compare stuff compare it equally.

  • Sam Hutton
    Sam Hutton Day ago

    "pay with plastic" - Here in Europe, we don't have to get a fucking pen everytime we use our cards, and we use debit cards and credit cards instead of cash in more situations than in America. As a Brit living in America, this list is definitely written from an American perspective.

  • Paul Van Hummel
    Paul Van Hummel Day ago

    If you looked a bit better at the movie you wouldve known that both facts he told where about the netherlands never was there any talking of the france...

  • Tuomas Hoffrén
    Tuomas Hoffrén Day ago

    Oh, the smile. If a cashier smiles to me, I'll instantly assume they tricked me somehow.

  • Salvador Kleijn
    Salvador Kleijn Day ago

    Why do americans think we thinkbits odd to pay for healthcare? I have to lay for my health insurance as well and I’m from europe?


    European get upset and skeptical for showing good costumer service by smiling and being nice to you.

  • herold1985
    herold1985 Day ago

    There also many patriotic countries in Europe which consists of more then just Germany,France and England.The difference is that we don´t put our national flags everywhere.

    AQUELE_N00B YT Day ago

    I am 14 live in europe and can get to a grocery store buy beer and walk home no id nothing
    American:i'm 18
    A f****** orange person:good now you can serve the army
    American:can i open a cold one with the boys
    Orange person:nope wait 3 more years

  • ThatOneKpopFan
    ThatOneKpopFan Day ago +1

    I feel very sorry for Americans.

    • ThatOneKpopFan
      ThatOneKpopFan 16 hours ago +1

      +Zachary Kariotis Yeah. and Trump too.

    • Zachary Kariotis
      Zachary Kariotis 19 hours ago +1

      You shouldn't. I'm happy here. only SJW'S make it hell.

  • Paula
    Paula Day ago

    One thing that is weird in America is that you don‘t seem to have common knowledge. Like there are things you just should know but you dont

  • Mia Martic
    Mia Martic Day ago

    Lmao they said that serbians won't find it weird if somebody has a gun, that's not really true, i am Serbian and i use to live in USA for few yrs and man, it's fucking weird having so much guns around

  • Iljen Shumilin
    Iljen Shumilin Day ago

    Most Americans don't know anything about Europeans the don't know even Belgium or Luxembourg

  • nando pereira barboza

    I don't understand why america still uses lbs and not kg
    That they use feet instand of cm or meters.

    • Zachary Kariotis
      Zachary Kariotis 19 hours ago

      We use it because we wrote it on all of our signs and regulated every distance or road with miles. Changing it would be too hard, and it's not like it's impossible to convert when you have to.

    • Tirpitz Gaming
      Tirpitz Gaming Day ago +1

      +nando pereira barboza Neither did the US. That answers your own question

    • nando pereira barboza
      nando pereira barboza Day ago

      +Tirpitz Gaming that's because napoleon never won from the UK

    • Tirpitz Gaming
      Tirpitz Gaming Day ago +1

      They do the same in the UK

  • Dark Unknown
    Dark Unknown Day ago

    THIS IS SO WRONG, Everybody is different

  • Duarte Ferros
    Duarte Ferros Day ago

    I’ll never understand the tipping thing... that’s so random, weird and rude... so AMERICAN

  • Weirdo264
    Weirdo264 Day ago

    We love some subtle presidential shade at around 6:10

  • ReDance
    ReDance Day ago

    Tips is not a common thing in Norway at least. One time I had paid my stuff and only had one coin left and I said “just keep it” in Norwegian with would be equivalent to “you can keep the change” but they literally can’t accept it. Because it messes up the cash register that counts the money.

  • ReDance
    ReDance Day ago +2

    Wth mayonnaise with fries!!!! I mean I am a European and I think that is nasty. What? I don’t know a single soul who does that.

  • Bertram Stauning

    I find it strange how yall so dumb

  • Red
    Red Day ago +1

    1. I like how you say that just cause the people in America's service are happy that Europians will be suspicious. 2. Too many ads will drive Europians crazy, not true. 3. 80% of young Americans have never been to a dentist. True fact.

  • Francisco Gimenez de Cordoba

    Yoga pants and uggs. An American woman only wears two kinds of shoe. Flip-flops and UGGs

  • Monica Elizabeth Pelled

    All my friends are anti-firearm, but I totally want a gun when I’m old enough.

  • Lester Hitch
    Lester Hitch Day ago

    Ugh, you can literally pay on card everywhere in Europe.

  • Pisces
    Pisces Day ago

    I learned that Europe is strange except when it comes to TV. Americans hate long commercials too.

  • November
    November Day ago

    Everybody loves to hate America, but what they don't realize is that Americans just don't give a shit.

  • sLIMEcAT
    sLIMEcAT 2 days ago

    This is so painfully stereotypical. Especially the part about english people thinking it weird that american cashiers are nice or domethimg xD

  • Emilio Sto
    Emilio Sto 2 days ago

    Fries with mayonnaise goes hard

  • ImmortalTyrant2
    ImmortalTyrant2 2 days ago

    4:56 Haha! In the rest of the UK the constabulary don't carry firearms but they do in Northern Ireland!

  • UneseDeer
    UneseDeer 2 days ago

    Yeaaa WWE IS FAKE!!!

  • andykeef
    andykeef 2 days ago

    Pro wrestling is huge in Europe TF . Wwe has its European championship and UK championship with whole English roster and viewers ,

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago

    Let us not forget the fact that Europeans tried to ban memes.

  • Miss Валентинка

    People in america wearing slippers outside. I mean why ? It doesnt really look appealing.

  • Matthew Chenault
    Matthew Chenault 2 days ago

    The lack of freedom in Europe is appalling to me, an American.

  • mölk
    mölk 2 days ago

    the rest of the world @ this comment section: *sips tea*

  • Dasha Lavrinenko
    Dasha Lavrinenko 2 days ago

    I'm Canadian...

  • Sergio Alcantar
    Sergio Alcantar 3 days ago

    Europeans came and complain. If you don’t like the way we do things then don’t come. Nobody’s forcing you.