American Things Europeans Find Weird


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    • Tom Maika
      Tom Maika 13 days ago

      Coffee comes from foreign countries...why should it wierd you out? Its drunk in many other countries.

    • Tom Maika
      Tom Maika 13 days ago

      No... now go back to Philadelphia...

    • sounds of topcatthomas
      sounds of topcatthomas 15 days ago

      Michael Lieske I hope ur being sarcastic. Otherwise I can safely assume your racist.😢

    • Simon András Péter
      Simon András Péter 21 day ago +1

      Marijuana is now legl in more American states than European countries....

    • Fadhilah Nuridin
      Fadhilah Nuridin Month ago +1

      Most world top uni is at UK & USA. Please do video about the differences between university in UK & USA . the system & the culture & what they do when holiday. Etc 💜

  • Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams 14 hours ago

    If you lived down south you'd understand why people dress the way they do even though I can admit some of us look hideous. It's hot as f*ck down here not to mention its very humid so no matter how much you sweat it does nothing to cool you down because the water concentration in the air is so high. That's why most of us are wearing gym clothes or beach wear because it's a freakin' workout just to go outside. It's so humid that when you do sweat in proper clothing; your clothes stick to your body like a wet tissue and it's overall a terrible experience. I will choose comfort over style any day of the week unless it's for a very special ocassion.

  • mangogames
    mangogames 17 hours ago

    Americans are really short but their weight make up for it

  • Rainy Cloud
    Rainy Cloud 18 hours ago

    No hate but most of the stuff isn't true the only things that are true are the facts about the tv and the waiters

  • DaniqueJuhh
    DaniqueJuhh 19 hours ago

    Most of these things are true But I still think America is awesome!😁

    CARICA BRATE 22 hours ago

    E bre pa Srbi eeee

  • Ketih Rendrag
    Ketih Rendrag Day ago

    What you said about England was both totally untrue and insulting. Also, the bit about "God" - Americans use it at least 3 times per sentence - OH My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! Someone picks up a glass - Oh My God!. That's why Americans use the word "God" more than other nations, not because of any religious reasons.

  • Chef Orelle Young

    This is painfully antiquated and disingenuous to watch.

  • Mikkeloreo123
    Mikkeloreo123 Day ago

    I think its wierd that mcdondals in the usa has 20 cashier

  • Edward Sarmenta
    Edward Sarmenta Day ago

    I really personally hate people who put mayonaise on their ketchup

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams Day ago

    I'm American and half the shit we do I don't even agree with

  • Elinos Alberti
    Elinos Alberti Day ago

    I just came back to europe from the us and what really annoyed me was the chlorics in the water. That taste of poolwater when u drink is really disgusting.

    • NewBound Podcast
      NewBound Podcast 20 hours ago

      Elinos Alberti Wait, pool water in Germany is drinkable?!?

    • Elinos Alberti
      Elinos Alberti 21 hour ago

      NewBound Podcast in Germany there is chlorics in the Pool and the water in the us tasted like the lokal pool smells

    • NewBound Podcast
      NewBound Podcast 23 hours ago

      Elinos Alberti why are you drinking pool water?

  • pheobe coffey
    pheobe coffey Day ago

    so sterotipical brits arent rude

  • pheobe coffey
    pheobe coffey Day ago

    I'm eouopean and i wear gym clothes 24/7

  • the name is artsy

    The fact that America doesn't use the metric system. It is annoying.

  • Heinz Guedarian
    Heinz Guedarian Day ago +1

    As a European..

    None of this looks weird.

  • TheMcgreary
    TheMcgreary 2 days ago

    American things that Europeans find annoying
    “If ya don’t like it just leave”
    Like bitch this is one thing that annoys me out of many other good things I’m not gonna get a divorce just because my wife laughs like a donkey

  • Martijn Huis in t veld

    I get so angry that Every thinks that the Netherlands only wear woorden shoos smoking weed or the red light district

    • NewBound Podcast
      NewBound Podcast 23 hours ago

      Martijn Huis in t veld Not the Netherlands as an entire country, but Amsterdam specifically... maybe minus the wooden shoe thing.

  • Ryan Nanase
    Ryan Nanase 2 days ago

    "History started July 4th 1776"

    • NewBound Podcast
      NewBound Podcast 23 hours ago

      Ryan Nanase everything before that was a mistake.

  • zen daira
    zen daira 2 days ago

    This channel sucks. You do not sound all that subjective at all.

  • nivedita sivakumar
    nivedita sivakumar 2 days ago

    As an indian i find everything weird about the americans

  • William Robertson
    William Robertson 2 days ago

    As a European, this is wildly inaccurate

  • Smallcupcake Alastic

    We can pay with plastic too!

  • めいMei
    めいMei 2 days ago

    wow... i live in europe and this sounds so different from stuff we do here..

  • R0e d
    R0e d 2 days ago

    No, the strangest thing you do is going inside your house with your shoes on!

  • Vincentz YouTube
    Vincentz YouTube 2 days ago

    I live in denmark

  • Holo G
    Holo G 2 days ago

    Grumpy England?

  • boing boingerson
    boing boingerson 3 days ago

    why are we polite and smile? Because it's required by the people who Supply the jobs and if we don't we get fired. Were it our choice we probably wouldn't even look at you let alone talk to you however we have this thing called mortgage and rent so we kind of don't have a lot of choice but to smile and talk

  • Alexander Lavoie
    Alexander Lavoie 3 days ago

    Last time I cared what Europeans thought about us was about 1776.

  • Sam NotSoSepticEye
    Sam NotSoSepticEye 3 days ago

    as a european I am surprised by how many bad chemicals are legal to be in foods.

  • Presiqn Qnkov
    Presiqn Qnkov 3 days ago

    The flag thing really offended me.
    Everywhere i go I see my flag in Europe .
    So thats a lie.
    The church thing is also a LiE

  • Joseph Sanchez
    Joseph Sanchez 3 days ago

    I like being interrupted during sediment it means your waiter cares. I love giving a tip because it means you appreciate their hard work. I love commercials gives me the chance to go grab a soda or take a leak. Dressing flashy is just what you do. And if being too nice is really an issue you must be a special type of stupid

  • Apollostowel
    Apollostowel 3 days ago

    Not used to paying with plastic, whaaaa, have you been to Europe, no one carries cash anymore. Not for 20 years or so.

  • Xiao Zhan
    Xiao Zhan 3 days ago

    Britain is not Europe, it’s part of Europe wtf lol with this mindset you’re going nowhere Americans. This vid is almost completely about comparing the US with the UK.

  • Youtube Comments
    Youtube Comments 3 days ago

    I can't wait to read this comments section! : D

  • ThePopster_ CrazyCat
    ThePopster_ CrazyCat 3 days ago +1

    I dont find those weird... I'm English

  • Lightnanobot Gamez
    Lightnanobot Gamez 4 days ago

    I swear this guy is racist

  • Lightnanobot Gamez
    Lightnanobot Gamez 4 days ago

    i can tell your american 😒

  • Connor Wilde
    Connor Wilde 4 days ago

    That moment when you’re from canada and this video has no meaning to you

  • BangTwice Tella
    BangTwice Tella 4 days ago

    I thought I was the only one who thought Americans were weird xD

  • Pubnite
    Pubnite 4 days ago

    American things europeans find weird:

    Being able to buy guns and shoot up schools

  • Wasd78
    Wasd78 4 days ago

    I'm European and I really hate the lack of patriotism in our streets, when I went to America I thought it was really awesome all the flags and guns that you can have, also I wouldn't complain about seeing more fate in Christianity here.

  • David Seeg
    David Seeg 4 days ago

    I live in Chile. And these cultures are combined in my country, It's weird, but you can choose one of those "behaviors".

  • Denise Stanbridge
    Denise Stanbridge 5 days ago

    people in the UK are soo rude and I should know because I live in the UK

  • Maranatha Soon
    Maranatha Soon 6 days ago

    Spoken waaay to fast to really enjoy this video. Slow it down so we can take it all in.

  • perlyax
    perlyax 6 days ago

    Europe countries are too different in between them to take a general opinion.

  • DoLove 08
    DoLove 08 6 days ago

    American friendliness is weird for us? 😂😂 Man you've never been to Spain that's for sure

  • Olletheboss GG
    Olletheboss GG 6 days ago

    None of that is correct

  • NoOne Alive
    NoOne Alive 6 days ago

    i eat fries with mayo

  • geo gordon
    geo gordon 6 days ago

    Fyi European bartender's that work for minimum wage don't think tipping is insulting. I rely on mine in the UK.

  • Philip Lundgren
    Philip Lundgren 6 days ago

    You’re trying to say there’s more places accepting card payments I america than in Europe? LOL. I live in America now and they’re about 5-10 years behind on everything regarding credit card technology and adoption.

  • Luke Dudziak
    Luke Dudziak 6 days ago

    I'm from Scotland so I think that guns are silly

  • Damien Trujillo
    Damien Trujillo 6 days ago

    I am american i also hate so much comercials as well

  • Loo Cat
    Loo Cat 6 days ago

    I understand cause' Im romanian

  • Lab Boss
    Lab Boss 7 days ago

    European things American find weird

  • Northern Devushka
    Northern Devushka 7 days ago

    I find basically all in usa weard but what i think most weard is usa kids 16 can drive car but vodka for 21..also it weard seems amerikans can hate anyone else but not blacks. You know what i mean if i tell mean joke about arabs..they laugh with me..but if i do same about blacks..i will get much hate..also weard how easy it seem to have gun in usa mean while there is many school shooting. 🙊

  • Kosey
    Kosey 7 days ago

    this is like 98% untrue lmao

  • Juan Cruz Piñero
    Juan Cruz Piñero 7 days ago

    Gee, what a pro-american video. Ain't that a surprise huh?

  • C&C Phx
    C&C Phx 7 days ago

    I'm American and will never eat chicken with pancakes for breakfast, are u mad? I would side with French dude with mustard on roast beef

  • Jamie Lewis
    Jamie Lewis 7 days ago

    If an employee is happy then us the customers aren't gonna be suspicious 😂 I'm an Englishman

    HUFFLEPUFF 2006 7 days ago

    im a proud brit / europian and they said rubish

  • Monica Taylor
    Monica Taylor 7 days ago

    This is completely wrong

  • Shadow soldier
    Shadow soldier 8 days ago +1

    I am eurasian

  • ethernetbot
    ethernetbot 8 days ago

    why would you walk indoors with shoes?

  • daniellekingdjk3
    daniellekingdjk3 8 days ago

    americans super white teeth super wide bodies.I went to new york .The rubbish food was dirt cheap and plentyful the healthy options cost a small fortune.Hence every other person was fat not a bit tubby but actually fat.Oh and not every american serves you with a smile some can be down right surly

  • daniellekingdjk3
    daniellekingdjk3 8 days ago

    i went to maine and flags everywhere.Some people get them out during football tournaments but most people dont need a flag to prove to the world how much they love their country if indeed they do love their country because its not inconditional here in the U.K.Gos is a personal thing and we dont like other peoples beliefs inflicted on us.We teach religion at school but pastsome point at least inmy faith ,i was a catholic i wasnt expected to believe without question or to continue once i got past lets say ten eleven years.Then i could make up my own mind and that was ok .Many kids in my school were baptized but openly rejected god or at least had hard questioons to ask the teacher.I wonder how it would be at an american school in some states at the age of ten just stating to the teacher that they no longer believed.

  • daniellekingdjk3
    daniellekingdjk3 8 days ago

    i tried to watch some star trek in hawaii and it was unwatchable.I avoid large portions of tv these days because about eighty percent is complete rubbish but in america even good shows are impossible to watch because its constantly interrupted by commercials.

  • Castalia
    Castalia 8 days ago +1

    Yee, idk the block technology. I'm confusion, America explain!

  • revolrtol
    revolrtol 8 days ago

    A lot of butthurt replies to some comments.
    What I really-really hated was that the tax wasn't included in the price. There's no way I can avoid paying the taxes too so why not just add it to the price?? I'm not always loaded with money to not care about the cost and I dont want to waste my time doing maths.
    But of course overall I had a lovely time in the US.

  • Zombie Kisses
    Zombie Kisses 9 days ago +2

    Statistically brits have better dental health than americans. Just because you bleached your teeth it doesn't necessarily mean they are in better health. Remember most of us learn about other countries through our own countries television companys. If america wasn't so obsessed with appearing perfect on tv you would see the true colours.

    • boing boingerson
      boing boingerson 3 days ago +1

      realistically there arent THAT many differences between us. some minor crap of course cuz cultural things but still.

      PHOENIX FORCE 4 days ago

      Zombie Kisses If you say British have better teeth then American then how come every time I see people from Britian on tv with crooked teeth.

  • lolly yolo
    lolly yolo 9 days ago

    Dental hygiene in the UK is better than the US so where did the stereotype that our teeth are worse come from? Was it the past royals who used to brush their teeth with sugar?

  • Maria A.
    Maria A. 9 days ago

    Am I the only one who found the flow of this video very confusing...? Beautiful graphics though.

  • Daniisui
    Daniisui 9 days ago

    I feel fat now but at the same time, we aren’t twigs like these other people soooo. IM PROUD

  • Its Aaron
    Its Aaron 9 days ago

    Americans have semester system exams right
    It must be so easy, We Europeans (Italians) have to remember the whole book all year

  • WorthEveryPenny
    WorthEveryPenny 9 days ago

    ... But most people where I live have a flag in the backyard

  • Garchamp
    Garchamp 9 days ago

    The part where you absolutely need a car to get around fooled me. In Denmark where I live, getting around by car can be difficult due to road congestion and the lack of parking spaces, but in the states getting around without access to a car seems impossible.

  • Jay Marti
    Jay Marti 9 days ago +1

    As a Russian it is weird that americand poop in a toilet, but in Russia you poop on the floor and clean it up

  • Simme Drimme
    Simme Drimme 9 days ago +1

    Wear shoes INSIDE!??!?! Thats so disgusting!

    • Judas danger
      Judas danger 2 days ago

      Well there's no point when crumbs and crap are in your couch

  • Danny Cleary
    Danny Cleary 10 days ago

    Dear Eurofags, Americans don't care what you think about them. We know we're better than you in every way (the game soccer is pointless rubbish) and you know it too. Big facts, if you don't like America, don't visit America :-)

    • Jackalack313 M
      Jackalack313 M 7 days ago

      Danny Cleary If you don't care, then why are you crying? Is that why you're statistically more stupid? Is that why Soccer has a world cup & football doesn't? Go shoot up a school you redneck & die from heart failure.

  • dudeboy10g plays
    dudeboy10g plays 10 days ago

    The fact that your president thinks its ok for innocent children to be shot in their classrooms every week

  • Quimper111
    Quimper111 10 days ago +2

    The fact that you (and two low-tech countries in the world) still haven't updated to the metric system. What is this? The time of Charlemagne? :)

    • boing boingerson
      boing boingerson 3 days ago

      we are TECHNICALLY metric. its just that nobody gives a damn cuz an inch a mile a pound is still an inch a mile a pound whether or not you choose to convert it to metric

    • Evon Bronner
      Evon Bronner 9 days ago

      Quimper111 it's expensive to change signs on the highways and reach everything we tried it once and it failed so we just gave up.

  • Seth Miles
    Seth Miles 10 days ago

    The USA is not more patriotic than Mexico. Mexico is proud of the little they have. The USA is patriotic in most states but in California and Florida there is no patriotism unless if you run into a hard core patriot.

  • Jacob Roden
    Jacob Roden 10 days ago

    Just saying, the UK actually has better dental hygiene than the US statistically.

  • Sebastian Pervaza
    Sebastian Pervaza 10 days ago

    Honestly it was the lack of bidets that got me the most

  • 666 777
    666 777 10 days ago

    You forgot how fat American people are and how it's all about listening to black people pull the race card over and over again

  • soSAMuk's UK slot channel

    According to a recent study the British have some of the best dental hygiene in the world, but well done for doing your research and basing it on a cartoon that was aired in the 90’s 🙄

    • John S
      John S Day ago

      Having dental care as part of the NHS allows us, in the UK, to have great dental hygiene because it's relatively cheap to maintain.
      The common misconception is that, most people in the UK have bad teeth because they look stained.
      But, really we just don't feel the need to walk around with a set of perfectly straight, pearly whites.

    • Alexandre Tellier
      Alexandre Tellier Day ago

      British boi triggered

  • soSAMuk's UK slot channel

    British people don’t think the Americans owning guns is weird, what we think is weird is their fascination in shooting everyone especially loads of kids in schools!

  • Thomise Sodomise
    Thomise Sodomise 10 days ago


  • Thomise Sodomise
    Thomise Sodomise 10 days ago


  • Mike Van Exel
    Mike Van Exel 10 days ago

    Fries with mayonnaise is BELGIAN not french!!

  • Kvinsi du
    Kvinsi du 10 days ago +1

    Tbh im from serbia but i dont think we have that meny guns but idk maybe we do 😕😕😕

  • Aaron Stuart
    Aaron Stuart 11 days ago

    Having big breasts is a fashion decision? 😂

  • General Kawasaki
    General Kawasaki 11 days ago

    Short and easy names for the roads that any tourist can understand and pronounce! What's the point of naming the streets Käskynhaltijantie, Mangosuthu Buthelezi Cul-De-Sac, av. avelino texeira da mota or ingenieur meester dokter van Waterschoot van der Grachtstraat in Europe? Wait that's a good thing.. a weird one, dollar notes almost always seem completely worn out.. carry them in a wallet, not in your briefs xD Oh and all US newscasters talk in an annoying robotic way, why? I c a n n o t stand this.

  • Cake is the best in the world

    This just makes me sad :(

  • UnitedEarthEmpire
    UnitedEarthEmpire 11 days ago

    Even though my country was colonized by british i find most british norm are weird than american one...

  • Jake Shattuck
    Jake Shattuck 11 days ago

    If it involves mayonnaise, it's UGH

  • Gilly
    Gilly 11 days ago +1

    Why are there so many of these videos? made by Americans? I’m Australian and I’m like who the hell cares what Europeans think! As an Australian I want to know why Europeans let their refugees shit in the street in front of passerby’s?

    • Jackalack313 M
      Jackalack313 M 7 days ago

      Gilly As a European, I want to know why you're in the Eurovision? You want to be a part of Europe so bad. Get a culture mate.

  • suzycreamcheesez
    suzycreamcheesez 11 days ago

    Him not him

  • Spread Love
    Spread Love 11 days ago

    I’m an Australian-European and I find America just weird. You can buy a gun before you drink. Like what??

  • Ollie Goodman
    Ollie Goodman 11 days ago

    What a load of ****