American Things Europeans Find Weird

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  • The Infographics Show
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    • Rachel Campbell
      Rachel Campbell Day ago

      The Infographics Show we are not grumpy in England! Why do people think this?

    • Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin
      Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin 3 days ago +1

      I would just like to add that the comparison is unfair. Europe is a continent and not a country. I would say that most of the rest of the Americas also think US Americans are weird

    • Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin
      Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin 3 days ago

      Not only Europeans, but on the other side of the Americas as well. I'm from Brazil, and these are my reactions to this video, relating to the region of Brazil where I live:
      - Tipping: it is theoretically optional, but in some places it is already calculated in your bill. You should ask for removing it from there if you notice it, or in case you are taking it away, it won't be added by default. Here we call it a "service fee" and it is kinda official. Usually it doesn't go directly to the person, but it is then divided between all employees.
      - A guy serving you your drink all the time: that is really annoying. Just give me the bottle and let me serve myself. I do have both hands functioning.
      - Food portion sizes: in Brazil we have a different method of serving food, being in my region even more special. Most restaurants adopt the "all you can eat buffet", in which you take a plate, fit everything you can on the top of it and weigh it to know how much you will pay for it. 500g of shrimps would cost the same as 500g of lettuce in a buffet like this, but don't worry, the price already balances this in the long run. In my region of Brazil, though, we have a limit to the price, in which if you reach the limit price, you can serve yourself as much as you want later on and the price won't get higher.
      - Breakfast: in Brazil we usually just have a cup of coffee with milk with a ham and cheese sandwich or something somewhat lighter like that. Maybe marmalade. Honey sounds too fancy and bacon with eggs sounds like you will arrive late at work.
      - Friendly staff: selling point. But it gets annoying sometimes when the shopkeeper keeps stalking you asking if you need something. We have both sides of this coin here.
      - Buying alcohol/cigarettes: back in the time when I was 15 (15 years ago), people would only care about the profit, so no worries buying it. Now it is much different, but still, they would only ask for an ID if you don't have a beard (yes, that is more of a problem for women)
      - Credit/Debit Card for everything: welcome to Brazil. Also, we have the all mighty boleto (Google/Wikipedia it) and dividing the price in fractions to be paid during the course of several months for anything, really. You can buy a £50 item and pay £10 through the course of 5 months if you wish so.
      - TV is _sheet_ everywhere, but TV in the USA is really weird. The weirdest thing in Brazil is the amount of "Christian" TVs. I really can't understand how are they still being aired even after broadcasting all their lies on TV. Remember that story about false prophets? It's started, man! And started in Brazil!
      - 24/7 venues: in Brazil, that is more or less restricted to pharmacies, McDonald's and prostitutes with some exceptions
      - Patriotism: I've got the impression Brazilians are way too self-aware to be patriotic 'Murika level. In Brazil, for instance, it is prohibited to use the national flag as a piece of clothing. In the USA, you could buy star spangled pants, which in my opinion is a huge disrespect.
      - Guns: believe-me, half of Brazil would love to have the right to own firearms and have the right to wear them on the go, but here, it is almost impossible, unless you are a police officer or a gangster. BTW, gangsters have better guns than the police. Rio saw kind of a treaty with gangs for making the games possible.
      - Roads: Brazil is also huge, so we relate

    • Abdihamid 114
      Abdihamid 114 6 days ago +1

      The Infographics Show not just Americans enjoy wrestling and there is many wrestling companies around the world specially Brittish youtuber’s WCPW

    • N2 B-1986
      N2 B-1986 12 days ago +1

      Okay. It depends what region of The United States that you are located at. That whole heavy christian and loud patriotic/nationalistic image that get's stereotyped so much is usually found within the south east or the bible belt part of the country. It is kind of different in most of the northwest and the south west states. although, it is true about the guns, you did nail that one right. Oh, and one thing you don't want do in the united states is bring up controversial political issues that are "hot button issues" such as "The Second Amendment" and "Abortion" because it just starts a little civil conflict among friends, family, and co-workers. You know? I'm pretty sure it is the same with Europe a little.

  • Desireoffreedom
    Desireoffreedom 31 minute ago

    they look so 56%,it's scary sometimes,i remember meeting la luz extinguido once and he kept crawling while saying something like
    >you're not white.

  • Clumsy kathlyn
    Clumsy kathlyn 51 minute ago

    This is all fasls take it down

  • Rose potet
    Rose potet 57 minutes ago

    not all

  • Olivia Birch
    Olivia Birch Hour ago

    Do they realise that dental care in the uk is reportedly better than in the US however its common in the US for people to get their teeth whitened therefore appearing better

  • The Deflector
    The Deflector 2 hours ago

    I was born the US and I find many things weird

  • Zenzerora
    Zenzerora 2 hours ago

    you're always way more positive about the United States

  • Ryan Zasuly
    Ryan Zasuly 2 hours ago

    One thing I found strange about Europe is that there were way more smokers. At least in the countries I visited (Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark)

  • Magrat Knoblauch
    Magrat Knoblauch 2 hours ago

    "In the US you can buy nearly everything with plastic, what Europeans are not used to"
    Well, I can't speak for all Europeans but I can confirm that you're absolutely right in that matter for Germany. We Germans LOVE our cash - it provides some amount of data security plus security all in all. After all, the number on your credit card is just an imaginary number somewhere in your account. ANd if it should crash or by accident sth happens, you still have cash :)

  • Ilan Wallace
    Ilan Wallace 3 hours ago

    europe is to america as america is to texas.

  • Ciros Love
    Ciros Love 4 hours ago

    Another thing that I find weird, is that you use the world "Europeans". We just call ourselves "Italians, Germans, Spanishes, etc" not Europeans!

  • Berto T
    Berto T 4 hours ago

    I went to France and Spain and I love that there’s no tipping. I rarely tip here in the US. I’m not gonna throw you extra money for doing your job, especially at a campus bar lmao fuck outta here. If tipping is such a big deal to you, find another job. No one is making you stay.

  • Curtis 187
    Curtis 187 4 hours ago

    I'm American and I don't understand why so many people jog in yoga pants and wake up before sunrise...

  • MyDreamside
    MyDreamside 4 hours ago

    the thing is that U.S.A is one country while Europe is not, there are major diferences between European countries

  • TheSpartanWhoDidHaveADog

    P.S I love fuzzy n nutz its a good channel.

  • TheSpartanWhoDidHaveADog

    I'm European! Also English people like me aren't grumpy we just don't smile due to north americans have a lot more energy than us English people. Call fact huh?

  • Gater Rater
    Gater Rater 5 hours ago

    As I was in many european countries. It is considered really rude not to tip at all. 1 eur is atleast enough

  • filthy animal
    filthy animal 6 hours ago

    We have realised that religion is made up nonsense to control people.hopefully you will evolve that way too.p.s. Harty Potter is not real either 😝

  • Prince Ƭ̵̬̊
    Prince Ƭ̵̬̊ 6 hours ago

    This is all wrong

  • yep yep
    yep yep 6 hours ago +1

    A lot of us Brits do have terrible teeth :( but at least braces on the National Health Service are free!

  • JoelMatton
    JoelMatton 6 hours ago

    One of the things I as a European have noticed is that there don't seem to be any children or youths anywhere. I've been to America 3 times, each time for 2 weeks, and I've only ever seen 2 or 3 people under the age of 18. It felt like being in some bizaaro world where somebody killed all the children. Do American parents force their children to spend all their time at home or something?

  • Backtown gamerz
    Backtown gamerz 6 hours ago


  • Laura Guervel
    Laura Guervel 7 hours ago

    I'm not European but I still find all that very weird

  • looks-like-kristoff
    looks-like-kristoff 8 hours ago

    The tax thing does not make sense at all

  • Bogdy Yo
    Bogdy Yo 8 hours ago

    Omg..that religious thingy at the end was ridiculous...

  • Phraker
    Phraker 9 hours ago

    The title says Europeans but throughout the video they refer to Brits as if they are the only Europeans.

  • Lion
    Lion 10 hours ago

    This comparison just doesn't work. Every European country has its own culture...

  • Toxic Potato
    Toxic Potato 12 hours ago

    The biggest culture shock for me, an eastern European, was how americans treat race and politics. So upfront about it and embracing extremes.
    I remember being surprised when people referred to me as a "person of color" when I am 90% white with the slightest tinge of middle-eastern. Every other conversation I was in mentioned my race. I was also surprised to hear how many young americans think a better political system would be far left or far right. Makes no sense to me, my country spent the last 100 years all over the political spectrum and none of it worked.

  • Daniel Sheridan
    Daniel Sheridan 13 hours ago

    ok im english and i personally find this offensive because you are saying stuff like grumpy england and i know im grumpy right now but not everyone is! and alot of things arent weird for us

  • TheMaddness22
    TheMaddness22 13 hours ago

    We got a bunch of Irish exchange students Red Solo cups as a going away present because they were thrilled to see they existed outside of the movies and wanted to use them at their parties back home.

  • Synthusiast
    Synthusiast 15 hours ago

    That news part is indeed gringy. The headline intro music is like a michael bay movie lol.

  • Ellie Buckingham
    Ellie Buckingham 15 hours ago


  • Da group Bros
    Da group Bros 17 hours ago

    Wait we eat fried Chicken with waffles

  • elZach _Arion
    elZach _Arion 17 hours ago

    I experienced it.

  • Gamerman
    Gamerman 17 hours ago

    It’s parking lot and you know it

  • odoloid
    odoloid 17 hours ago

    This channel is basically WatchMojo, but trying to look as if they're actual authorities on anything.

  • DrDread
    DrDread 18 hours ago

    "Grits," what the hell is that? Call it "polenta" and the European immediately understands.

  • Perplexion Dangerman
    Perplexion Dangerman 19 hours ago

    America just means More so there's going to be More.

  • Chris Doyle
    Chris Doyle 19 hours ago

    What a load... should be called "What an untraveled/uneducated American thinks is weird about his own country, with a splash of
    insults to Europeans"

  • Eric Russell
    Eric Russell 19 hours ago

    Didn't a European create the chicken and waffle combo?

  • Hi There
    Hi There 20 hours ago

    Actually pulp fiction begins with a couple who’s about to rob a diner

  • Ryuko Chan!
    Ryuko Chan! 20 hours ago

    why are these animations thin?, last time I visited America, almost everybody I came across looked like fat bastard from Austin Powers.

  • Nay Pedersen
    Nay Pedersen 22 hours ago

    The only reason tipping is not "normal" in Europe, is because in most of our countries, the restaurants actually pay their employees a decent wage, unlike the US.

  • Takisha Edwards
    Takisha Edwards 22 hours ago

    This is sooo generalized

  • Hamilton.Is.Life
    Hamilton.Is.Life 22 hours ago

    Lol thats funny.

  • Bill Gibbo
    Bill Gibbo 22 hours ago

    You made fun of British teeth in this video then a month later you make a video saying we have the best teeth in the world, you need to make up your mind 😂

  • Fraustgard K
    Fraustgard K 23 hours ago

    How is people wearing gym clothing weird to Europeans? It's not a stretch to say that more than half of Europeans wear at the very least track trousers on a daily basis.

  • Confused Gamer
    Confused Gamer 23 hours ago

    America is the most Christian nation in the world?

  • bleachcom
    bleachcom 23 hours ago

    Eating fries with mayonnaise is weird???

  • GalladeGuy
    GalladeGuy 23 hours ago +1

    What's with all the dislikes?

  • Yas Oum
    Yas Oum Day ago

    Fries and mayonnaise is the best ever

  • Lumos Maxima
    Lumos Maxima Day ago

    I find a lot of shocking things in the US. You don't have free healthcare at all, in fact it's horrendously expensive. Your education system sucks. Your prison system is inhuman torture and slavery, like private prisons, this solitary thing, it's not middle ages anymore. Basicaly everything is corrupted by rich people, and if you've been born poor your a lazy communist asshole. I'm not even starting on Trump. America could be great, but right now it's so fucked up.
    And for the record, my country's not perfect (just in case, sorry for my english), it sucks rigt now. We don't have marriage equality, people in charge are basicaly white, straight men in their 50s, and it's been extremely catholic recently. But, fucking hell, i don't have to worry about my neighbour shooting me with completely legal gun and that i'm gonna have to sell everything i own to pay my hospital bill, and if i get pregnant i'm gonna have paid maternity leave. America, get your fucking shit together.

  • TheCOmpany
    TheCOmpany Day ago

    Peanut butter is weird as hell and cereals with at least 30% sugar for breakfast, good luck finding cereal with more than 15% sugar in Sweden

  • B1ockboy 11
    B1ockboy 11 Day ago

    Britain dusnt have bad denial higen eny moor

  • Callum Herity
    Callum Herity Day ago

    Really? The US was voted the most Christian nation in the world and not the Vatican City? Like come on

    JAMZ GAMING Day ago

    I live in England and usually the shop assistant does give a smile and people are generally friendly

  • Caleb Bailey
    Caleb Bailey Day ago

    American here. Damn near all these bother me too.

  • Andrew Daigle
    Andrew Daigle Day ago

    hahahahahahaahahaha american friendliness

  • -RANE-
    -RANE- Day ago

    Not true ;(

  • Starblade the cat

    As I visited the USA my first time, random people just ask me how I'm doing. I thought my dad knew all those people. 😂😂😂

  • Amro Hegazy
    Amro Hegazy Day ago

    Okay okay i stopped after 3 minutes, i can say this guy never been to europe or seen an european in his life like wtf are you talking about man?

  • Nelson
    Nelson Day ago

    Sweden is the most secularised country in the world according to statistics. If a politician would say “God bless Sweden” that person would DEFINITELY be harshly criticised.

  • Gonzalo hdez
    Gonzalo hdez Day ago

    the beer, the beer in the US sucks honestly and the coffee, it's like tea made with coffee beans

  • Rexy 1776
    Rexy 1776 Day ago

    Your pancakes example only applies to the Midwest and South.

  • the ağaç
    the ağaç Day ago

    Dude, Europa is not a fucking country.

  • Maja Henriksen
    Maja Henriksen Day ago

    Uhm... I'm from Europe and no one asks you for an ID if you're obviously an adult. And no, that doesn't mean we sell cigarettes or booze to kids.
    And european cities aren't messy, we just know how to point directions using distances like "go this way 500meters then turn right" or "...until you reach KFC and turn right"
    Thing about Serbians is plain inaccurate, as I come from Serbia. Owning a gun is practically impossible here, as authorities grant fairly few permits for firearm possession and for that you must be completely mentally sane, have never been arrested or had troubles with a law and even then they will grant like 3-4 permits per county. You also need to have viable reason for wanting to have a gun, and you can only carry hand guns, not rifles, shotguns or anything bigger. So that "fact" you pretty much pulled out of your ass. The thing is, Serbs don't find owning firearms weird, cause they are pretty conservative and like guns for some reason.

    • Maja Henriksen
      Maja Henriksen Day ago

      Also it is British genetics that fucks with their teeth so they have crooked or oversized teeth, not dirty and yellow. And no one finds nice white teeth "weird" cause with dental hygiene you fall far behind Norwegians for example.

  • Matt Gee
    Matt Gee Day ago

    I'm from the UK and pretty much everything in this video is wrong from my perspective, also most countries in Europe are completely different and they all have different cultures and opinions. I'd say the USA is more similar to the UK than other European countries like Greece, France and Spain.

  • Alexandra H
    Alexandra H Day ago

    Most of this is true, but the commercials are the same for me! The food thing definitely! (I’m European and live in Europe) The flag thing too! Some of it was a bit stereotypic, but I’m sure he didn’t mean it

  • William Hulme
    William Hulme Day ago

    The credit card thing is blushit. Americans way of using cards is so much more retarded. We can use contactless literally everywhere and in USA you still use chip or even the stupid swipe! I never use chip unless its something expensive but even then apple pay still works.

  • Emil Aslan
    Emil Aslan Day ago

    fahrenheit and lbs !!

  • jonasxdufek
    jonasxdufek Day ago

    im from europe and i feel confused after watching this video xD

  • Niom
    Niom Day ago

    The animations of Kurzgesagt, but the content of a moronic top10 channel.

  • Felicia Faulkner

    Growing up, I had cousins by marriage from England. Whenever they came over to visit we loaded up on grape flavored candy for them to take home. At least then (early 2000s) grape flavored candy wasn't a thing there like it is here.

  • KFTV
    KFTV Day ago

    A study once showed that brits have better dentle high gene then Americans

  • WalrusPanda
    WalrusPanda Day ago

    Top 10 things that piss "Europeans" off
    N° 1 calling the population of about 40 different countries all with unique cultures, languages, and religions Europeans.
    A Frenchman is not a Belgian in the same way that a Slovak is not a Czech. Americans need to stop referring to Europeans as one big culture groupe

  • Pajo Lee
    Pajo Lee Day ago

    The further I get into the video, the more incorrect it gets....

  • Pajo Lee
    Pajo Lee Day ago

    Mayo on chips in Holland, not France.

  • Abbie Unicorn
    Abbie Unicorn Day ago

    Yeah I don't think this is true as someone who lives in the uk 🤦‍♀️

  • Always Right
    Always Right Day ago

    asking for a tip before giving someone directions pissed me off

  • Cobalt1140
    Cobalt1140 Day ago

    You talk about europeans as if they're weird aliens who live in a perfect society and that don't understand american humans.

  • Crni Covek
    Crni Covek Day ago

    This is so wrong. Europe has so many different etiquettes, this generalization is just nonsense

  • Christian Boyanov

    We find everything bout Murica weird ! But we still find them charmy !

  • Lucas EverGrowth

    This video confused me cuz most of it isn’t true, apart from the guns and 6 blocks part😂

  • Ivan Grobler
    Ivan Grobler Day ago

    This is so individual. I live in a country most of you haven't even heard of in Europe, and our behaviour and general relations between people are muuuuch much different than you described :)

  • CJ636C65
    CJ636C65 Day ago

    We id in Europe

  • Asian Combination!

    This was just shitting on Europe and American cocksucking

  • Nick DeGugs
    Nick DeGugs Day ago

    Honestly, who in America eats fried chicken WITH their pancakes?

  • TheMorganaic
    TheMorganaic Day ago

    Lol we don’t pay with plastic, we tap 😂😂 you still swipe and sign 😂

  • KAT
    KAT Day ago

    It drives me mad that Americans always say 'I went to Europe' and leave it like that. Where in Europe? Paris or Scunthorpe?! It's such a vague statement!

  • james Dunne
    james Dunne Day ago

    I find the flag thing really weird

  • Ewan Croft
    Ewan Croft Day ago

    I’m British and that is true, we do need better dental care.

  • Plinkska Lampshade

    Did anyone else find this sorta condescending?

  • Black Winter
    Black Winter Day ago

    This is mostly wrong

  • Bits of Pulp
    Bits of Pulp Day ago

    Most Christian nation in the world. Dumbest leader. This is not a coincidence.

  • Ozer Harry
    Ozer Harry Day ago

    As an Irish person I hate the way any American who knows where I'm from will claim they're Irish because their great grandfather's second cousins dog was Irish

  • The Black archer12

    Toen The forgotten country steps in Dun dun duuuun its belguim

  • Wiebe Haksel
    Wiebe Haksel Day ago

    H i there, i'm from the Netherlands. I think your metric system is bonkers, if you have anything to say to me about that. i. will. be. here

  • Charlie K
    Charlie K Day ago

    Apart from food portions m sizes most of this is absolutely ridiculous. Staff are supposed to be friendly everywhere for the good of their service, why would they not be in the UK?

  • Bill Overbeck
    Bill Overbeck Day ago

    My uncle went to southern America and was surprised by how much butter they use...

  • noteamaasime
    noteamaasime Day ago +1

    Well play in my country breakfast is only a glass of water or a milk ... i wish i had those for breakfast