American Things Europeans Find Weird


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  • Travis Gweth
    Travis Gweth 6 hours ago

    Infographics Show, please do a video on American things Africans find weird.

  • amar bugarin
    amar bugarin 9 hours ago

    Grumpy England? I am not from England but the level of hypocrisy and ignorancy this in this sentence is amazing.

  • CloakUnCloak
    CloakUnCloak 23 hours ago

    Dear Europeans... we hate our commercials too...

  • Orchid Blossom
    Orchid Blossom Day ago

    Thai people are very very proud of their country. My family is Thai and when the King passed away my entire family cried.

  • Aleksa Mancic
    Aleksa Mancic Day ago

    Serbians used to have many guns, but someone desided to put large tax on guns, so the number is going down :/

  • Born In The South

    This makes me want to order a huge lunch, be extremely nice and tip my big tit waitress with my debit card then go to the shooting range because nothing is on TV but commercials, all while wearing jogging pants and a pearly white smile.

  • Tracy Le
    Tracy Le Day ago

    I just find it interesting that they mentioned Liam Gallagher in the video. I scrolled down to see if anyone noticed that but it seems like not really.. You’ll get me if you watch Shameless :))

  • SoS Beats
    SoS Beats Day ago

    I would really appreciate if you could name the source that confirms high weapon carrying rate in Serbia. Or maybe you confound it with high possession rate. For a possession you have to have a 100% clean record, be over 18. It is helpful if you served or you have to bring some proof that you know how to handle guns. In Serbia you can only carry a gun if you are working in law enforcement or security sector. As a civilian you have to proof you need the gun for your safety to get the carrying permission. Basically really hard to get. You can transport weapons at any time. Weapon must be empty and the ammo/magz must be separated from the weapon. They love to see when you have a rifle in one case and ammo in other case or somewhere else. To get a rifle or semi-auto rifle you have to match same requirements as above plus you have to be member in the districts hunting association. Hunting seasons are different from district to district. You can hunt in other district only with someone from that association, mostly some friendly hunters meetings. In my district we have open hunt on jackals the whole year. And the most important, unwritten, rule for the association, you have to report in advance when and where are you going to hunt. For example, I'll hunt next week. Going to start at A and will hunt around in that area. It ain't easy to get a weapon in Serbia. So please cut that stereotype nonsense about Serbia.

  • uriely beautiful

    0:10 peruvians eat their french fries with mayonnaise too lol

  • David Nachenberg

    Not weird, but disgusting and repulsive--in Prague they smoke cigarettes EVERYWHERE--even in a bowling center. But in Budapest they were anti-smoking. I'd visit Budapest again for that reason. Europeans don't understand the American measurement system (feet, inches, pounds, ounces, quarts, gallons) and Americans don't understand the European system (cm, Meters, grams, Kg, ml, liters), but I understand both systems.

  • Lumine
    Lumine Day ago +1

    I've never even thought of any of this

  • Totum The Seath
    Totum The Seath Day ago

    I’m American af and I’ve never heard of pancakes w/ fried chicken

  • jackhius618 SHD
    jackhius618 SHD Day ago

    Thank god I live in Canada

  • Dawit Melaku
    Dawit Melaku Day ago

    They also find the fact that you conveniently forgot to represent 25% of the US population in your graphics very weird. What a trashy content!

  • Shockwave Show
    Shockwave Show 2 days ago

    The French eat snails, YUCK!

  • v78designer
    v78designer 2 days ago

    Europe doesnt have Dunkin' Doughnuts! Ive only been to America once.

  • Chris Noel
    Chris Noel 2 days ago

    I have just one...


  • Vasya
    Vasya 2 days ago

    I live in EU and all I can say is that america is better beacuse of legal guns and weed

  • DogeXD
    DogeXD 2 days ago

    Im from Norway when i go to Usa everything is so flat no mountains and hills , weird for me

  • IrishProf RoosterPotato

    Six blocks=minecraft.

  • Sandernista
    Sandernista 3 days ago

    Im from Australia... some of these weird american things have infected my country aswell.

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 3 days ago

    In that regard you don't beat Romania mate , we have churches outnubering hospitals 10 to 1

  • bbmld_
    bbmld_ 3 days ago

    Paying thousands of dollars for university is also weird. Seems like 300 years ago. Education should be for everyone, not only the rich. In Germany (usually) it's free.

  • George Job
    George Job 4 days ago

    I was married and lived in Washington state , news ? Watched ITN for news American news ?? Do they believe this bollocks ? No! I tried to watch a tv movie.
    Ugh! Ads non bloody stop how do they follow a movie ! Total bullshit"" glad to get back to sanity UK ..

  • Ayman El Maadoudi
    Ayman El Maadoudi 4 days ago

    Health care , extremely expensive education!!! What the hell, America ?

  • Chazy East
    Chazy East 4 days ago

    At 16 you can drive a car and buy guns for driveby for fun.

  • Hm
    Hm 4 days ago

    can you still pay with checks in the US? because if yes, then that's weird

  • Suistamo Karjalainen
    Suistamo Karjalainen 4 days ago +1

    Europeans are different from each other, different nations, cultures and languages

  • CrystalGems TV
    CrystalGems TV 4 days ago

    I love how Europeans like to say they created America, and yet a lot of them hate it. Take responsibility for your mistakes.

  • Lola Hollingworth
    Lola Hollingworth 4 days ago +1

    No your right it’s not like our money in England is plastic and we don’t use our cards do we (sarcasm geehz) we also use our phones a lot to pay soooooo
    EDIT: and no the plastic is not bad for the environment because the plastic is being reused and not used once

  • marcus gamer
    marcus gamer 5 days ago

    well at europe you dont need to give tip at cafe as americans i think its weird

  • Handcrafted products

    Omg commercials are terrible. It’s even worse at live sports games. In an American Football game there is something called a TV timeout. THEY STOP PLAYING THE GAME TO SHOW PEOPLE AT HOME COMMERCIALS. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars to see your favorite players live and they keep stopping at certain points so people at home can get sold some garbage.

  • John Heimdal
    John Heimdal 5 days ago

    this is steriotypical of course. just for you who is about to write something

  • Jeanne d'arc
    Jeanne d'arc 6 days ago

    Why do Americans insult minor countrys like Portugal, being a Portuguese I am frequently harrassed by Americans

  • Sana
    Sana 6 days ago

    Dude, I think chicken and waffles and honey covered bacon is weird too. And I'm American.

  • Ryan Wood
    Ryan Wood 6 days ago

    They don’t brush there teeth in the UK? Lmfao 😂

    • samuel cleall
      samuel cleall 19 hours ago

      That's untrue , Americans just say we have bad teeth because they have no other insult to say 😂

    • 19 86
      19 86 6 days ago

      They dont trust me. Brits have the ugliest teeths in whole Europe. They are disgusting little creatures

  • daddy_coffee
    daddy_coffee 6 days ago +1

    Well i am a European but i must say i dont understand Americans sometimes with their choices of stuff but yeah im not going to say anything else

  • Martin20006
    Martin20006 6 days ago europe...people wear a little bra and a bikini pantie...i mean in hungary...98% of the girla do this. idk why tbh

  • marija simic
    marija simic 6 days ago


  • EMC 03
    EMC 03 6 days ago

    I'm from Scotland, U.K. and, although I enjoyed this video, it was widely stereotypic and not that true.

  • Aci
    Aci 7 days ago

    Hahahahahaha Im from Serbia everybody have gun

  • MalGamer
    MalGamer 7 days ago +1

    Things which i think are weird in the US
    -owning Weapons legally
    (Its illegal in Europe)
    -calling football soccer
    -calling rugby football
    -still having the medival death penalty
    -use of old measurements system
    (In germany we use fully the metric system)
    Things i like about America:
    -The skyline
    -Their fast food restaurants(Taco bell, McDonald's,etc.)
    -That they call softball baseball like we do in germany because the british are weird with that.
    -The shops are always open
    (Biggest problem in germany, in uk the issue is not that big)
    -The supermarkets are massive (which is also a thing i love about france)
    -The English grammatic is overall better in my opinion than in Britain
    -The side they drive on
    (I hate that in Britain they drive on the left, its very confusing for us mainland European)

  • Charmedsweet
    Charmedsweet 7 days ago

    as a european i find it weird that americans prefer an "important man" (rich, succesfull) as their country leader, whereas I think in europe, at least in my country, people prefer politicians who play the "im simple and middle class like you" card whereas rich politicians are often viewed as greedy, money-loving and untrustworthy

  • innocent_lil _strawberry

    Yes, the waiter service thing. That's what I find weird, I mean, like I'll call you when I want a refill thank you very much! Actually, I'm still watching the video and I'm finding all of these weird

  • Ethmon812
    Ethmon812 7 days ago

    If they’re actually afraid of people being overly friendly, then do NOT come to Canada

  • Deamax
    Deamax 7 days ago

    Why are you allowed to own a gun in America, but you can't eat kinder eggs...

  • João Jervell
    João Jervell 7 days ago

    Europe is more liberal in what comes to politics and yes usually our houses are smaller but we dont have guns so we feel safer (because no has except the cops or the army) and also we are more delicate like most Europeans think Americans are people with no culture and that Europe has much more history and that we are more educated
    Also a lot of Europeans dont like some of America’s presidents like trump wonder how can that happen in a developed country also Americans serve so much food that I think that I am going to weigh more 1 kilogram or 5 pounds sometimes we also have like 10 min of comercials also in Europe people value their mark or what job or profession they are gonna get much more than sports (except football or soccer) but we still love America

  • JiTaeKook_ i ship
    JiTaeKook_ i ship 8 days ago

    I don't really understand there schooling system? Apparently they stay in secondary school (high school) much longer than us and also they don't have (I forgot if its college or university?) college/university?

  • IvanChe
    IvanChe 8 days ago

    5:03 wtf is this shit? Serbians don't carry guns you fool, where you hear that ... Stupidest thing I hear in a while

  • Ewryk
    Ewryk 8 days ago


    KEEP CALM 8 days ago +1

    Asians too

  • Matthew Shapiro
    Matthew Shapiro 8 days ago +3

    I never thought eating french fries with mayonnaise was weird...

  • Abdul Khalid
    Abdul Khalid 8 days ago

    Im from Russia.America is basically the exact opposite of Russia.

  • Matthew Gut
    Matthew Gut 8 days ago

    Main thing in America if youre guy.
    -wanting a pickup truck

  • Miko Więckowski
    Miko Więckowski 8 days ago

    Most of the countries in Europe have higher culture of credit/debit card or any other form of e-pay payments than in the US, using a pin code to verify your payment is a normal thing and not being stuck with the signature like the cave people...

  • SkellyAce The Novelist with Many Ideas

    I'm an American, and I don't understand some things about my own country. I don't really say the pledge of allegiance (let alone stand up for it) because I don't think the "Under God" verse really aged well. Heck, the extreme patriotism baffles me, since I'm not even slightly patriotic unless it has to do with the American Revolution (part of it due to having an ancestor who was a part of it.) Basically, I have a more European mindset about America despite being American myself.

  • 애리엘 애리엘
    애리엘 애리엘 8 days ago

    I eat fries with mayonnaise...

  • Kevin Sanders
    Kevin Sanders 8 days ago

    Only thing weird is why post this video of absolute bollocks.

  • Abdou Abdou
    Abdou Abdou 9 days ago

    I do think Europe is better than the U.S in terms of quality of life. I don't have intention of taking a loan in order to pay for college. This is just insanely expensive.

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews 9 days ago

    There should be a third option, some of time on the poll.

  • Javanoviccc J
    Javanoviccc J 9 days ago

    Weird: Driving available for a 16-year-old but alcohol is not allowed under 21years old... I was once in America, I was like 13 years old and i wanted a Çoca Cola, that was no problem but i got sent away from the bar because i was not 21 or older. So I couldn't even sit next to my dad..???? Oh and super weird is that so much people follow Trump like he's god but actually he is America's hell. Give him 2 more years and America will be nohting.

  • Klance Mcclain
    Klance Mcclain 9 days ago

    what I find weird about Europeans is that they have two separate types of bathrooms. Bathrooms are literally bath rooms in Britain. I don't even know what the bathroom with a toilet and shit is even called.

  • AcE ToPiCs
    AcE ToPiCs 9 days ago

    It’s not called “store” here it’s called shop you dumb American info

  • FFF V3L0C1TY
    FFF V3L0C1TY 9 days ago +1

    This video is complete bullshit

  • Tatar
    Tatar 10 days ago

    At 4:41 I was like what!? The .. I live in Thailand

  • Elaine McMurren
    Elaine McMurren 10 days ago

    It’s unfortunate that nearly all women are now wearing yoga pants, leggings, tights, whatever you call them, instead of trousers or a skirt. The sight of them is indecent and embarrassing.

  • Matso Ball
    Matso Ball 10 days ago

    What is weird is the source of information that those kind of videos are based upon!
    (Where in Europe is a tip considered as an insult?!? Can somebody help me?)

  • Nana S
    Nana S 10 days ago

    2:35 “sweetie” is spelled wrong

  • Random Chaos
    Random Chaos 10 days ago

    Grumpy England?
    Why in north England we start conversations with the cashier why u no know we exist

  • Eric Nordrum
    Eric Nordrum 10 days ago

    Wrestling entertainment is huge in the UK

  • G San
    G San 11 days ago

    This is crap then it’s still crap now.

  • Axolotl - Guy
    Axolotl - Guy 11 days ago +5

    America is just a creaded country by other european countrys. I see America as a catastrophic creation from a lap that nobody wanted to created.

  • Axolotl - Guy
    Axolotl - Guy 11 days ago +2

    And in the U.S.A people smoke WAY MORE drugs then in to the Netherlands. Thats funny because SOFT drugs is legalised in the Netherlands.

  • Axolotl - Guy
    Axolotl - Guy 11 days ago +2

    It's the (Kingdom of) Netherlands. Not Holland!

  • Faith Dreemer Go Gamer

    Any brits what’s biscit?
    Just asking

  • Filip Petrovic
    Filip Petrovic 11 days ago

    As European i hate american wrestling because it looks fake and football is stupid soccer is better

  • Fb 62
    Fb 62 11 days ago

    I found this video interesting. You pointed out a lot of things I would never have noticed, but you also seemed to talk about certain people from American a lot, and not America as a whole. I don't know anyone who watched wrestling passed the age of 10, or anyone under 40 who watches cable tv nowadays instead of netflix/hulu/hbo. I've also never had or seen anyone eat fried chicken and waffles.

    Overall I'm jealous, Europe does most things better besides the food portions.

  • Blake Gill
    Blake Gill 11 days ago

    It is chicken and WAFFLES, not Chicken and Pancakes. 😂

  • Fiona Gregory
    Fiona Gregory 11 days ago

    I AM glad to have yellow teeth. It proves I am not a vain, gun toting yank but British and best full stop.

  • Fiona Gregory
    Fiona Gregory 11 days ago +1

    God and guns are CRAP

  • Laymen Ordan
    Laymen Ordan 11 days ago

    United States is still the best country in the world🇺🇸🇺🇸🖕

  • Assassin Dude
    Assassin Dude 11 days ago

    What is weird about USA is:
    They are blessed with some of the most genius minds that work to make their country better yet like 90% of the population is dumb
    So much feminists
    People are generally uneducated about general stuff
    The lust there is so much it becomes annoying
    What I feel is weird about Europeans:
    A lot of them are racist

  • JuKnoWho
    JuKnoWho 11 days ago

    I find it wierd how europeans werent born american.

  • Assassin Dude
    Assassin Dude 11 days ago

    I'm neither and I feel strange that both straight up use tissues to wipe their asses without cleaning it with water first

  • godking331
    godking331 11 days ago


  • Ludvig Hovold
    Ludvig Hovold 12 days ago

    The lots and lots of school shootings it happens so much my friend out of the blue said i predict there is gonna be a school shotting somewhere tomorow and guess what happens the next day on the news they fucking say a school shooting happened in the U.S

  • Yutika MSP
    Yutika MSP 12 days ago

    In Australia you have to be over 18 to drink

  • lobsterzaak
    lobsterzaak 12 days ago

    So wrong

  • Non anlique
    Non anlique 12 days ago

    In Europe the pharmacies are close at middle of night and America is open yey

  • Trickmcniz Boi
    Trickmcniz Boi 12 days ago

    The are the gardaí not the cops

  • Jeremy Patrick Ray Vasquez Zyquedelik Patty

    Bro there’s a whole ass uk channel dedicated to “pro” wrestling lol

  • Kat Princess
    Kat Princess 12 days ago

    I also(sometimes)eat french fries with mayones

  • Josh Drifts
    Josh Drifts 12 days ago

    We say adverts not commercials

  • OFFline
    OFFline 12 days ago

    Lets set aside our differences and I will say a wierd thing about america and europe.
    AMERICA: guns over free healthcare
    EUROPE: england crime rate

  • KAREL Vermue
    KAREL Vermue 12 days ago

    We pay a lot with plastic in the netherlands

  • sgomez8194
    sgomez8194 12 days ago

    3:17 that’s why Netflix is destroying cable subscriptions

  • Bertil Billig
    Bertil Billig 13 days ago

    In Denmark you can drink as 14 years old, you just have to be 16 or older to buy . I'm a lucky Guy XD

  • Clare Hobbs
    Clare Hobbs 13 days ago

    Few things about america: 1. Greedy with houses that make every american look like a millionare, 2. Too much tax like this you pay £100 for a car in britain no taxes america you pay $150 for a car you have to pay $370 how stupid, 3. Too much religion it makes countrys poor, 4. To much guns and you need no training for them anyone can murder you on holiday.

  • chef2224
    chef2224 13 days ago

    Hey every white person on the planet comes from Europe fact, so Americans are just over the top Europeans