American Things Europeans Find Weird

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
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    What are things that people in the US do that Europeans find weird? Let's find out in this episode of The Infographics Show: American Things Europeans Find Weird
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +721

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  • Manuel Huber
    Manuel Huber Day ago

    Here in Austria you have to serve 6 months for the militarry (called Bundesheer) or 8 Months in civil care groups. It's a law here

  • It’s Dominic
    It’s Dominic 2 days ago

    I’m sorry but I live in Britain and I haven’t ever thought of our dental hygiene as bad, I mean it’s not like America’s teeth are all pearl white and shining, anyone seen moonshiners

  • ZingyGuy
    ZingyGuy 2 days ago

    The American country to me just seems fake, Like the country it self does not have a personality. coming from a British perspective

    ADARSH SHUKLA 3 days ago

    Those bunch of service guys in retail stores makes me feel like a scam in America.

  • Laurence Jackson
    Laurence Jackson 3 days ago

    Bacon w maple syrup makes me cringe why would you put something used for dessert on meat

  • Peston Garvey
    Peston Garvey 4 days ago +1 Spain,if you put a flag now, it doesn’t mean your a nationalist,it means you like your country👍🏻😂

  • Jbuild
    Jbuild 4 days ago

    I don’t ever remember hearing about a school shooting in Britain...

  • Kutter Harrison
    Kutter Harrison 5 days ago

    Europeans mock us for having a gun culture but completely ignore the fact the Swiss have one too. Lol firearms are just objects, they’re fascinating mechanically and very enjoyable to shoot, ask any Swiss person or heartland American. I know Europeans wanna bring up “muh school shootings” but the majority of those happen in urban areas where as the majority of guns are owned by rural Americans, and are their mass truck murders and acid attacks any better? Also we can’t just buy guns off the shelf, you’re completely autistic if you think that, you have to fill out multiple forms of paper, show ID, have a background check, no criminal history, and be either 18/21 depending on what type of firearm, it’s not like buying groceries ffs

  • Illiterate Poet
    Illiterate Poet 6 days ago

    I’m sorry but this list kinda just annoyed me, it’s just a list of stereotypes that the majority of are not true....also about the teeth, Americans have worst teeth on average than Brits by far :)

  • Marvin Ro
    Marvin Ro 6 days ago

    They wear tracksuits because yanks are fat af ..

  • Julie Lundén
    Julie Lundén 7 days ago +1

    a thing I find weird about America is the fact that you can drive a car when you’re 16 but you can start drinking alcohol only when you’re 21... while in my country you can drink alcohol and also drive a car at 18 🤔

  • Eli McNamara
    Eli McNamara 7 days ago

    Why does this have so many dislikes? Like u can't dislike it because it kinda offended u based off where u came from, everything here is fact not opinion. U also can't dislike it when an American talks about gun laws.

  • v c
    v c 7 days ago

    I must not be American since i don't tip, and i don't like ice in my drinks.

    • v c
      v c 4 days ago +1

      +Scp 122 Object class : keter
      oh you're talking about gratuity yeah thats bs. Companies do that so they can make more money :/ i usually ask if they do it before i decide to eat at the place and if they do it i dont go that place.

    • Scp 122 Object class : keter
      Scp 122 Object class : keter 4 days ago

      v c, I went to this restaurant and was automatically forced to tip, like they put it on my receipt without me wanting to tip. I’s ok...I mean I could’ve used that money.

    CANESFAN15 8 days ago

    luv mr bean. 😏

  • Exploiting Robloxian

    What I find weird about America?
    They ban Kinder eggs but allow guns.

    • Scp 122 Object class : keter
      Scp 122 Object class : keter 4 days ago

      Exploiting Robloxian, only some states have kinder eggs unlegalized, but I do agree a bit, we should get tighter gun laws as some states like mine, don’t even need a background information. Like it’s just like buying a pack of chips I’ve heard.

  • Anders
    Anders 8 days ago

    Americans dress like slobs and men don't dress like men, they dress the same as toddlers do: t shirt and sweats.

  • Rebekah Seibert
    Rebekah Seibert 8 days ago


  • Hola
    Hola 8 days ago

    i mix mayonnaise and ketchup with my fries. im filipino btw

  • Tire Clan - Roblox review

    Something I think is wired about Europe is artical 13

    • Schnauzer Boy
      Schnauzer Boy 4 days ago

      Tire Clan - Roblox review Not Europe it’s the EU

  • Ima Space Person
    Ima Space Person 9 days ago +1

    Wait, Europeans find American friendliness offputting. Excuse me, what friendliness?

    • Don Nash
      Don Nash 5 days ago +1

      I think Americans may have a tendency to be nicer to people visiting (Depending on where they are from.) Depends on the city/region too.

  • RainbowCloud Radio
    RainbowCloud Radio 9 days ago

    same with UK

  • Roseann Rizzo
    Roseann Rizzo 9 days ago

    I as an American find some of these weird too

  • Katie Morris
    Katie Morris 9 days ago

    Also Americans can’t drink till their 21 that seems weird to me???? In England we can drink at 18 and that’s what I’ll be doing on my 18th Birthday 😂😂😂

  • kennedy D
    kennedy D 10 days ago

    Why American play football with hand?

  • Dan
    Dan 10 days ago

    I find it weird that it is trendy to bash a country that seems to have influence all over the world! Not saying any country is better then any other but I don’t nit pick about what is different about countries!

    SALTMAR 11 days ago +1

    I am confused that they mistake schools for a shooting range

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 12 days ago

    I don’t find some of those thing weird and i am European hull

  • Jacob Battison
    Jacob Battison 12 days ago

    By the way just putting this out there. HAVING PERFECTLY WHITE TEETH IS UNNATURAL

  • Jacob Battison
    Jacob Battison 12 days ago

    Сіз мені Еуропа деп атай аласыз ба? Мен Қазақстаннанмын. Егер де болса, иә жоқ (Would you call me European. I am from Kazakhstan. Like if yes Dislike if no

  • Unknown Potato
    Unknown Potato 12 days ago +5

    You know the brits dental health is better than Americans get your facts right

  • Navint Abrar Oliver
    Navint Abrar Oliver 13 days ago +1

    14k people are eroupian

  • Mary J
    Mary J 13 days ago

    I was always so surprised by the gym clothes, I'd love to know why it's a thing. Isn't it uncomfortable to be constantly underdressed?

  • 321 GoBonkers
    321 GoBonkers 13 days ago

    About the gym clothes, literally everyone in Europe wears them too

  • Korppless
    Korppless 13 days ago

    America is the continent not the country, the country la united states

    • R.o.b
      R.o.b 11 days ago

      Sorry but no the americans is a continent not just america

  • Brian Arnold
    Brian Arnold 13 days ago

    They hate us cuz they ain’t us. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • River S
    River S 14 days ago

    Don’t be hating on that Chicago deep dish boy

  • The Golden Knight
    The Golden Knight 15 days ago

    Hating commercials is very universal, and it is an extreme problem. And I agree with the Europeans about the news...more times than not, it definitely comes across as more fitting for a satire than genuine news.
    Also this might just be a Maryland thing, but there's no such thing as seeing someone going down the street with a gun...unless it's a cop who's wearing a holstered pistol. Also I think the gun is culturally important and even symbolic to the American societies not run by "blue states": America was literally founded on war, called the Revolutionary War. It respects and represents our hard-won independence the "founding fathers" paid for with the blood of their communities.

  • Hasanali Akhmedov
    Hasanali Akhmedov 16 days ago +1

    I am from Azerbaijan, which is considered Europe, and yes, we like fries with mayonnaise

    • Vít Černý
      Vít Černý 15 days ago

      Sry but Azerbaijain is Asia, North Middle-East

  • Elliott theneko
    Elliott theneko 16 days ago

    not just europeans...

  • Sourajit Das
    Sourajit Das 16 days ago

    The weirdest thing is how an entire country be a shooting range

  • Its Sean
    Its Sean 16 days ago +1

    Fries with mayonaise is disgusting i tried it and didnt like it

  • Simone Reghitto
    Simone Reghitto 17 days ago +1

    A British invented the toothpaste

    • Schnauzer Boy
      Schnauzer Boy 4 days ago

      Simone Reghitto Out teeth aren’t bad.

  • Goofy Fruit
    Goofy Fruit 17 days ago +1

    WWE is pointless an im not a european or an american im a vincentian

  • The Brickler
    The Brickler 17 days ago +1

    Think of farenheit as a percentage.
    0 degrees? 0% hot.
    32 degrees (0 celsius)? 32% hot
    100 degrees? 100% hot

  • Exploring with Zyden
    Exploring with Zyden 17 days ago

    I think us British people have uglier-looking teeth, not "worse hygiene." This is because our FREE NHS health system entitles you only to essential dental work, (like fillings or extractions) accessible to all in England and paid via taxes. Sadly, straight, super white teeth doesnt fall under that. So if you want that immaculate American dental-plan look, you have to pay privately for it, going into £1000's of pounds. I have paid that money, and have that American smile. But I'm lucky "new money." My friends' have clean teeth and fresh breath, just not as straight and veneered as mine.

  • CoDCrafted-
    CoDCrafted- 18 days ago

    He talks about how statistically Americans have bigger homes, something which benefits them but when it comes to Oral hygeine British people are generally better as proven by statistics, however these are completely ignored and he resorts to stereotypes which are untrue

  • Petchompu Martin
    Petchompu Martin 18 days ago

    This is strange about Americans they say I'll have a snack why does he have a full cake as a snack Twinkies are full cakes not snacks

  • [-Psycho-]
    [-Psycho-] 18 days ago

    The only thing that I see mostly weird about a fashion trend that is slowly spreading in europe (Mainly to the golddiggers/"bad"boy girls)
    Is the big lips thing. Because first of all, when I see some of them. I don't think they look any attractive anymore, they just look like they got a fish mouth.

  • Alex Buyita
    Alex Buyita 18 days ago

    So for Europeans the USA seems like Texas to us

    Only Americans will get that

    • Troy Miner
      Troy Miner 17 days ago

      Alex Buyita sal is tonight’s biggest loser

  • UnderDa
    UnderDa 18 days ago

    Us brits do have bad theath

    • UnderDa
      UnderDa 9 days ago

      Jacob Battison lol

    • Jacob Battison
      Jacob Battison 12 days ago

      Ok sorry I am from Kazakhstan and at first English looked like this яфкайгжьшдшжгчдшдизгалашзйцбалшслцкфчхчхлашсп

    • UnderDa
      UnderDa 12 days ago

      Ok I have bad spelling bye the way I’m deslecic don’t know how to spell it

    • Jacob Battison
      Jacob Battison 12 days ago


    • Jacob Battison
      Jacob Battison 12 days ago


  • James William Watson
    James William Watson 18 days ago

    The weirdest thing I have ever seen in Europe was Article 13 and Brexit.

  • Monkey 'D'eandro
    Monkey 'D'eandro 18 days ago

    I agree with the tax not being on the price but more insulting is that they pretend it doesn’t exist until time of payment😑

  • Noah Lee
    Noah Lee 21 day ago

    kids are allowed to shoot guns

  • Ricochet and Mortis Brawl stars

    Lol my cousin who’s 14 can buy beer easy (we’re English)

  • Tvo1456
    Tvo1456 21 day ago

    Most of America food is odd and big

  • Wanda Lewis
    Wanda Lewis 22 days ago +1

    I can’t really think of anything because my mother is European and we live in America so idk 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • I Crichton
    I Crichton 22 days ago

    This is pretty incorrect

  • Cownt Franchewla
    Cownt Franchewla 22 days ago


  • Mateo Art
    Mateo Art 23 days ago +1

    Everywhere where I’ve been in Europe they tip in every “real” restaurants, so not in cafees.

  • Noel Jasik
    Noel Jasik 23 days ago

    For me America being very religious isn't strange.

  • Bitlife Maniac
    Bitlife Maniac 23 days ago

    Thats because our police are split, there are normal police and when needed there are armed police, like the ones outside parliament.

  • Bitlife Maniac
    Bitlife Maniac 23 days ago

    In england it is extremely rare to be able to pay card in a chippie, which is annoying cos i hate cash and love chippie.

  • Crispy Connor
    Crispy Connor 23 days ago

    5:07 had me concerned

  • Alvaro Rey
    Alvaro Rey 23 days ago +1

    The opposite happens too like Article 13.

  • Ysbra Gamed
    Ysbra Gamed 24 days ago


    • Ysbra Gamed
      Ysbra Gamed 23 days ago

      +Smiling Sh15 well yeah, i'm a 14 year old. But americans aren't taller on average than the dutch

    • Smiling Sh15
      Smiling Sh15 23 days ago

      Ur tiny

  • Harrisportsgamer Harrisportsgamer

    What we find weird in England:
    1) huge portions you could feed a horse
    2) your patriotism
    3) your guns sales it’s harder to get a kinder egg in America than a gun
    5) how you think we have weird teeth?
    I did my research on this ok so don’t question me :-)
    Some scientists went through dental records look at tooth replacements and lots of other stuff and 1st place was Japan 2nd place Germany and England 3rd place America so we actually have better teeth so stop it ok😂

  • Jake Summers
    Jake Summers 26 days ago +1

    You can call it weird I’m fine with that just don’t act like it shouldn’t exist that way.Lets take football,football,and soccer as an example. To a European I understand why it would be confusing,but the number 1 thing I hear tourists say is that makes no sense.The point is i find your stuff weird,you find my stuff weird, but that doesn’t mean we have to say that that’s the wrong way.

  • Jake Summers
    Jake Summers 26 days ago

    Ok, what is this hole fried chicken and pancakes’s not true.Please Europeans check your facts!

  • Jonas Piñon
    Jonas Piñon 27 days ago +1

    How 13 ragtag parcells of random self declared states who bore arms "guns" defeated a well armed fighting global power fighting force. Yet you find the United States Citizens weird for owning guns. No wonder why you guys lost. Also Shout out to the french!!! Keep eating those fries with mayo!! Yall were a huge help. A little weird though. Lol. Keep in contact cool ally:))!!! Weird is cool...

  • JackOnTheBox je gej
    JackOnTheBox je gej 28 days ago

    My American friends find funny that I come alive from school

  • Memeologist
    Memeologist 28 days ago +28

    Something weird I think about Europe is article 13

    • Schnauzer Boy
      Schnauzer Boy 3 days ago

      Peston Garvey No because not every country in Europe is in the EU

    • Peston Garvey
      Peston Garvey 3 days ago

      Schnauzer can say it both ways👍🏻

    • Schnauzer Boy
      Schnauzer Boy 4 days ago +1

      Not Europe it’s the EU

    • Peston Garvey
      Peston Garvey 4 days ago

      It’s kind of,but if you apply it on what’s going makes sense😂

    • PokeNaruto YT
      PokeNaruto YT 12 days ago

      Me too

  • timi posl
    timi posl 29 days ago

    I have a feeling that americans think we are all just some poor farmers

    • Jake Summers
      Jake Summers 26 days ago

      timi posl where do people get these beliefs

  • DragonTamer67
    DragonTamer67 29 days ago

    Why kinder eggs were illegal but guns aren’t

  • Domino_Emery
    Domino_Emery 29 days ago

    My mom said that when she went to Scotland, she found it weird that you have to ask for ice with your drinks. Eh. That sounds weird but at the same time, I prefer no ice. But she also said that they drink their alcohol warm. Eh. Bit odd.

  • OfficialStellar
    OfficialStellar 29 days ago

    I am starting to have the feeling that this channel is biased. There are a lot of things that you are telling here about Europeans which are just not true, for example, service with a smile is a common thing in the EU. You get asked for your ID only if you look too young.

  • Keenan Locher
    Keenan Locher Month ago

    I've been to Norway several times, they have flags everywhere, even at their houses

  • Vylchak
    Vylchak Month ago

    Where do you find your information on europeans, because mostly it is wrong. That's first, second europe is the name of the continent, we are not one nation, do your research better.

  • Nëutt Matthew Nord

    At least Americans are not racist towards other race when they're not in they're country, Happened here in Philippines Racist Swedes 😒

  • Kevin Núñez
    Kevin Núñez Month ago

    USA, only country in the world where circumcisions are practiced for non religious purposes. For most of the United States, driving slow is normal on the left and middle lanes. GMOs have been ruled safe by the FDA, one last thing....for a country that is so Christian; How do you remove the United States pledge of allegiance from schools.

  • Krblkn
    Krblkn Month ago

    Americans are greedy , superficial and cold hearted

  • IDK
    IDK Month ago

    Commericals drive me crazy as well

  • dashing Daniel Emms

    You have to pay for hospital dentist opticians British don’t

  • Random Creation
    Random Creation Month ago

    I've never seen someone eat pancakes AND Fried chicken at the same time

  • Random Creation
    Random Creation Month ago

    What about European things Americans find weird

  • BBalls Stårz
    BBalls Stårz Month ago

    For the thumbnail, becauze we go to gym

  • Robert Schlosshan
    Robert Schlosshan Month ago

    There is not ONE europe. We are united in diversity. Everybody and every country feel different about these things.

  • Woman nthemoon
    Woman nthemoon Month ago

    The guy in the video make it seem like we gon squish the Europans. He’s like look out we gon have a Wiley coyote and road runner situation up in here-meep meep-whowwww!!!!!

  • Leo Rodríguez
    Leo Rodríguez Month ago

    Patriotism still the thing that shocks me the most

  • Slytherin Girl
    Slytherin Girl Month ago

    I eat my fries with yogurt and I'm european

    • BBalls Stårz
      BBalls Stårz Month ago

      Im American and i find it DISGUSTING, fries have oil in it and it cannot go with yogurt because the oil will mix with it so i think thats wierd sir, french fries and ketcup is better

  • stay.hydrated
    stay.hydrated Month ago

    3:55 did he just refer to london as or country or

  • Joshua Ball
    Joshua Ball Month ago

    Americans speak better English than the English... Weird.

  • Funamunanagis
    Funamunanagis Month ago +1

    Wait but isnt wrestling really big in the united kingdom

  • Artem Morozov
    Artem Morozov Month ago

    I still find it weird how Americans love to show illusion when it comes to $$$. Let's say you want to buy a TV, it will say $399 then you go to register and end up paying another $30 sales tax, another $40 disposal fee and another bs fee. And it's opposite in salary. Your contract says you will make $60,000/a year but that's not money you will get paid, you will get $35,000 at the most after all of the deductions and of course the health insurance fees. That's why there is this illusion that Americans are rolling in cash and everything is cheap but it's not better than in Europe

  • David Os
    David Os Month ago

    I am from Europe, and for me it's a litle strange to always whear gim clothes

  • Ben Falkner
    Ben Falkner Month ago

    In NYC you can't even by liquor at the supermarket, you have to go to a separate store, making two trips SMH

  • nerf 101
    nerf 101 Month ago

    You could take over London with a gun and 2 bullets

    • stylesrj
      stylesrj 21 day ago

      +nerf 101 They'd tell you very politely to knock it off and then brandish their nice shiny batons.
      Best make those two bullets count :P

    • nerf 101
      nerf 101 28 days ago

      Ice ikr

    • Ice
      Ice 29 days ago

      +nerf 101 How do they even enfore the law ?😅

    • nerf 101
      nerf 101 29 days ago

      Ice exactly what would the cops do tazer you they don’t even have guns

    • Ice
      Ice Month ago

      You're talking about a place where they ban knives

  • The Silent
    The Silent Month ago

    Fun fact: my dad, who is very allergic to mustard, enjoys American mustard because it is so not mustard it doesnt give him an allergic reaction lololol

    • Ice
      Ice Month ago

      Then how is he allergic to mustard when eats with it ?

  • Owish Football
    Owish Football Month ago

    I am British and what I find weird about the USA is that they call football ⚽️ soccer and every body only speaks English

    • BBalls Stårz
      BBalls Stårz Month ago

      What is soccer then in England

    • Owish Football
      Owish Football Month ago

      No in England this is football ⚽️. Americans call it soccer

    • Ice
      Ice Month ago

      Football you say ? Oh you meant this 🏈 :)

  • Selena Christian
    Selena Christian Month ago +2

    Look we r not weird and the thing is find it out that what kind of wired thing's Europen's do