American Things Europeans Find Weird


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    • Aaron Loftus
      Aaron Loftus 12 days ago

      People think the uk is small but in reality its actually big but just because you hear that its over populated doesnt mean its small

    • Joie Griset
      Joie Griset 22 days ago

      Wow! In about 9 months you got about a million. Eight subs! Keep up the good work! :)

    • Aaron Brennan
      Aaron Brennan Month ago

      The Infographics Show you havent a clue about europe you should actually get some insight before making videos about it and europe is more than just england

    • The Seven Deadly Sins And Ratatoskr-Smite
      The Seven Deadly Sins And Ratatoskr-Smite Month ago

      I HATE commercials! I could easily go my entire life without a single commercial or ad. They're everywhere...

    • Squishy Lemon
      Squishy Lemon Month ago

      I'm European and I was like whaaaaaaat

  • Russian slav blyat Schage

    Your to pro america

  • UZI
    UZI 11 hours ago

    Bru, "every thing is big in America" the only big thing in America is there big arrogant mouth

  • Simon Håkansson
    Simon Håkansson 17 hours ago

    Why does americans walk with their shoes in their homes? That's really disgusting and rude...

  • Mary Bun
    Mary Bun 22 hours ago +1

    4:40 I'd say North Korea, but ok.

  • Tehya Lmao
    Tehya Lmao Day ago

    Crap im embarresed to say im american :')

  • sjwilkin
    sjwilkin Day ago

    My English opinion on the Yanks... generally better looking, better teeth, tanned, way more confident, good speakers and not shy, richer and more enthusiastic

  • misskristinyoo
    misskristinyoo Day ago

    Wait I worked for WWE for four years and I delivered the show I produced to Europe every week, and it got the best ratings there. I call bull on that.

  • Zeltan
    Zeltan Day ago

    21 for alcohol, Blyat. no.

  • Marko Kobatić
    Marko Kobatić Day ago

    Im Serbian and i have never seen a guy with a gun

  • Robert Ramsey
    Robert Ramsey Day ago

    1:52 what? That's crazy!

  • anime fan
    anime fan 2 days ago

    Actually wrestling is and always has been big in Mexico, Japan and the UK.

  • Sima_ Dream
    Sima_ Dream 2 days ago

    some things in this video is completely wrong. i am from France and all the waiters always come back every two seconds to fill your cup. it is actually American waiters that never come to your table unless you call them.

  • chazz Lucas
    chazz Lucas 2 days ago

    This is the answer to the thumbnail question .. Because it is harder for the cops to tell if you are holding ( a piece or slinging dope ya ll)..... They need probable cause, so why in the hell would you where SOY MILK CLOTHES ?

  • Zack Tomlinson
    Zack Tomlinson 2 days ago

    SCUSE ME! GRUMPY ENGLAND? Not really if someone accidentally touches you prepare to hear the word sorry 10 plus times

  • Raketbaever
    Raketbaever 2 days ago

    paying with plastic is unusuall in europe, nah fam, youre trippin'

  • Beverako
    Beverako 2 days ago

    These sweeping generalisations of "Europeans" are absolutely hilarious! You do realise there are 50 countries in Europe, 50 different cultures and at least 24 different languages?

  • Theslimegamer 677
    Theslimegamer 677 2 days ago

    I’m Serbian and I saw police carrying ak-74’s I think

  • 이윤 재
    이윤 재 2 days ago

    Don’t come to the US, PERIOD! Simple

  • Maarten Allegaert
    Maarten Allegaert 2 days ago

    Another thing that might make sense in some way but can still be confussing is that for exemple a southern accent isn't a sounth-American accent, but an accent from the south of the US...

  • Zephyr Eurus
    Zephyr Eurus 3 days ago

    I'm gonna be honest, I don't know what a block is as an American. I just kind mumble or use feet.

  • AduriteSushi
    AduriteSushi 3 days ago +1

    Im english and this is very inaccurate.

  • freeman 82
    freeman 82 3 days ago

    The things I find stupid about America is how they think the country is number 1, how they believe that they are the only country with freedom and how delusional they are about their gun culture.

  • Kskdjsjsjdn Dwkdjdn
    Kskdjsjsjdn Dwkdjdn 3 days ago

    The thing I find weird is that they don’t say thank you to the bus drivers I said thank you and everyone just looked at me weirdly

  • Xirlgender G
    Xirlgender G 3 days ago

    We also have WWE in Europe? Wrestling isn't weird, but it is scripted.

  • Trond Zaphirax
    Trond Zaphirax 3 days ago

    As a Norwegian, I find it strange and a bit annoying that Americans wants to small talk with strangers whenever they use public transport. Also, whenever I'm in any shop, I want to be left alone unless I ask for help, I don't need staff asking me if I need help (I clearly doesn't)

  • Eman Yerr
    Eman Yerr 3 days ago

    Buying a gun here in the US is just like buying a shoe.....and i love it !

  • Lilly C
    Lilly C 3 days ago

    Excuuse me, in Britain you can be the most disrespectful bloke but not saying ''sorry'' or ''hello'' on the counter is seen as a crime

  • Happy Person
    Happy Person 4 days ago

    what I seriously don't get is that Americans build paper houses and they are surprised when the tornado blows them away.

  • milo menage
    milo menage 4 days ago

    You forgot school shootings

  • Racia
    Racia 4 days ago

    In triggered lmao I'm from West London my teeth are perfectly fine it's the white chavs who have like 6 kids with different dads!! (you see them on Jeremy Kyle )

  • Luther Bullet
    Luther Bullet 4 days ago

    The way brits talk. They sound like lord of the ring or something

  • Metal13 Wolfgang
    Metal13 Wolfgang 4 days ago

    I go for European hehehe (just kidding guys)

  • Sneky Cow
    Sneky Cow 5 days ago

    what is this video.

  • M B
    M B 5 days ago

    The first time I was in an American restaurant I was confused because I got free tap water....

  • Tiago Abreu
    Tiago Abreu 5 days ago

    One thing that I really find weird , it's the racism . Honestly, I live in London, there is literally all races in here , and in 5 years , I don't remember seeing a single act of racism , and I'm tired of seeing Americans do it on instagram everyday.

  • Esper
    Esper 5 days ago

    2nd Amendment might be the most disturbing thing about the USA for me (never felt safe for the 1½ year I worked there for this very reason). That, and the stupidly large amount of lawyer firm adds. Add to this the cake that american stuburnly call bread, the flags everywhere, and the amount of Army related stuff.
    - From a Canadian

  • MzFoRi3
    MzFoRi3 5 days ago


  • JJ. Josh does stuff
    JJ. Josh does stuff 5 days ago

    The only places that cashiers are grumpy is places like London Manchester or Liverpool in the smaller places like Cumbria it is super friendly

  • Bunny
    Bunny 5 days ago

    The difference between America and a cup of yogurt is that yogurt develops a culture after 200 years.

  • Felix Hammer
    Felix Hammer 5 days ago

    Actually in studies the Brits have the best dental records any country

  • Alumil
    Alumil 5 days ago

    Um I’m from the uk, and people who work in shops are actually quite nice.... there are so many things wrong with this video, did you even visit Europe to check if these are true?

  • J Dog
    J Dog 5 days ago

    "We didn't start the fire"

  • J Dog
    J Dog 5 days ago

    Hmmm lets see... What i don't get about Europe. Why do you let the Muslims take you over, are you a buncha cucks? They could not take you over by "the sword" literally their whole religion is based on so now their taking over by migration. In France in 50 years majority will be muslim speaking. Berth rate is down while muslim is up. A continent of cucks lying down letting your cultures being wasted away by peoples who don't give a shit about your histories or your cultures. Shame on you. That's what you don't understand about Patriotism because you don't have none for your own countries.

    • J Dog
      J Dog 5 days ago

      Also our Patriotism is what fought for your right to be a country still WW1 and 2, we fight for the rights of others. We kept you from being Nazis, then we kept you from being Communists. That's Patriotism, we fight the fight to save all free peoples of Tyranny. Stalin and Hitler were nationalists. Calling an American one is a great insult to are forefathers and US.

  • Wizard of LoL
    Wizard of LoL 5 days ago

    4:30 atatatatat in Croatia we live for our country and u can find in like every vilige and lets not talk about cities!

  • Raphaël D
    Raphaël D 6 days ago

    weird things in USA: on a social aspect, they are stuck in middle-age.

  • Zoe Tryand
    Zoe Tryand 6 days ago

    I just think it's funny how u think England is gross at least we have FREE health care

  • George Boulton
    George Boulton 6 days ago

    English people are kind

  • zz12345aaa12345zz
    zz12345aaa12345zz 6 days ago

    I lived in US, and I just couldnt stand that Americans wear caps all the time and wear their socks knee high

  • Armando Rodrigues
    Armando Rodrigues 6 days ago

    I find it really, really, really weird that americans call dirty water coffee, it's well know that the majority of the americans have never tasted coffee the way it is supposed to taste, not that flavourless ddirty water you drink in the US
    NOTE: before you ask I can say this because I've tried it for a while since I had a machine like that at home, I'm not just saying it based on different habits and tastes, I have compared both and the way we make coffee is much better

  • The beast Of litness

    Your wrong the Vatican is the most Christian place in the world

  • Elina & Lanting
    Elina & Lanting 7 days ago

    Californians find not having earthquakes not weird or having celebrities walking the streets are usual.

  • Ralph Vermolen
    Ralph Vermolen 7 days ago

    I heard there is mandatory tipping in the U.S. Never been there myself, so I can't really confirm it.
    If there is, then that is really strange to me.
    In my country you only leave a tip when you have had exceptionally good service or when you're with a big group. (Has to do with some kind of courtesy)
    But buying a meal and being expected to pay again once you're done seems so weird.
    If I ever went to the US and it would happen to me, I'd probably think I was being scammed and/or feel a little offended. Mixing this with the short fuse I have, I'd probably throw a huge fit.

  • Bacun
    Bacun 7 days ago +1

    It gets annoying when I watch American youtubers and they say "soccer" rather in Britain its "Football" yeah that's the most different part I see

  • Elio
    Elio 7 days ago

    Everything is closed after 6 in London it sucks

  • Diamond94
    Diamond94 7 days ago +1

    Its weird, that yankees think that they are a „chosen nation“😆 although they have a big poverty in the country and many people can‘t affort the medical care...

  • Diamond94
    Diamond94 7 days ago +1

    The stupid humor of the americans is👎🏼

  • Sentient2x
    Sentient2x 7 days ago +1

    Most educated Americans realize the stupidity of the imperial system. The only problem it, if we converted to metric we would have to change highway exits which would be super expensive.

  • Super whatever gamin'

    Europeans lacking guns is kinda odd...
    How else are they supposed to defend themselves from other people who have- oh wait...

  • lil saquito
    lil saquito 8 days ago

    And what about being able to drive at 16?

  • lil saquito
    lil saquito 8 days ago

    Weirdest things to me:
    -driving at 16
    -paying for healthcare
    -having to be +21 to drink

  • Patrick Wentz
    Patrick Wentz 8 days ago

    So when in Rome do what the Romans do???

  • Gang Gang
    Gang Gang 8 days ago +4

    Comment Section
    80% People commenting weird things about US
    20% Americans defend their weird things

    • Robert Ramsey
      Robert Ramsey Day ago

      *AS an AmEriCan I fInD tHIs to Be vERy WeiRd*

  • Nesha Britwood
    Nesha Britwood 8 days ago

    Healthcare in America sucks. And I don't understand why Dental isn't included with healthcare. If you're over 21 Medicaid won't pay for anything dealing with your teeth besides xrays and a cleaning. Other than that, you have to suffer in pain.

  • Myka Tumbles
    Myka Tumbles 9 days ago

    I think in Europe you don’t get shot😂and people are to quiet

  • Silverfisherman
    Silverfisherman 9 days ago

    what i find weird about europeans is their ability to start a global conflict so easily everytime the outside world turns their back on them for a few minutes *cough cough both world wars

  • bee pot
    bee pot 9 days ago

    Yup seems about right lol.

  • Afro asian
    Afro asian 9 days ago

    Judges europe hasn't even probably been in europe

  • detecтιve• ғιѕнoe•

    why would the cashier smile the whole when an idiot is running their country tho

  • Pierre Bugeja
    Pierre Bugeja 9 days ago

    The food portion part doesn't apply for the European country of Malta were the portions are very big. Thrust me I know.

  • Darko Subotin
    Darko Subotin 9 days ago

    Serbians don't carry, legally, guns around. It is quite hard to get a permit to own, and then a permit to carry a gun. If you have no good reason to carry a gun, like working in a high risk environment, you will not be given a permit to carry. But many people carry and own guns illegally, as well as other forms of weapons like knives, unfortunately.

  • Neptune
    Neptune 9 days ago +1

    *Liberty, for example*

  • wp r
    wp r 10 days ago

    US boys have the hoods of their dicks removed just after birth. They grow up frustrated, angry and people think the school killings are just about guns!

  • Sky View Ireland
    Sky View Ireland 10 days ago

    The UK is weird because it has the highest rate of divorce in the world

  • Glen Day
    Glen Day 10 days ago

    In Scotland, getting ID'd is very common even after being 25 years old.

  • Nathany Branco
    Nathany Branco 10 days ago

    We don't have spray tans

  • Burn Out
    Burn Out 10 days ago

    Putting syrup on bacon is good

  • Sergio Simoes
    Sergio Simoes 10 days ago

    Gun laws gotta be the weirdest thing ever

  • Lifestyles
    Lifestyles 10 days ago

    I’m Palestinian and studied in US. I find it very disgusting how Americans clean their asses with toilet paper and not use running water after pooping.

    ALEX ARLETH 11 days ago

    I'm both American and European and Idk how to take this

  • Tango Freak
    Tango Freak 11 days ago

    I live in England and I find it weird that in some places in America, you can drive at 14.

  • Helmer Burncreek
    Helmer Burncreek 11 days ago

    I’m from Sweden and has never been in the USA at all (mainly been in Sweden for 99,999% of my life), but my father has been to USA. I should ask him someday about what HE thought was weird about Americans

  • Vanessa Ann CHAN
    Vanessa Ann CHAN 11 days ago

    I'm british and the wierdest thing I found in America is probably how everything is so friendly. Also the 'subway' is so clean! Do they hire people to make it sparkly and modern?

  • Ecryptic
    Ecryptic 11 days ago

    People wearing shoes in the house
    Paying for healthcare
    Imperial measurements
    You have to be 21 to drink
    No Kinder eggs
    Banning books in schools for no reason
    Awful sex education
    Extreme patriotism
    Guns everywhere
    Did I mention tipping?

  • alexmansiz
    alexmansiz 12 days ago

    why r da us citizens so idiot? stop callin urselves americans.

  • djctoafn
    djctoafn 12 days ago

    Lisa needs braces
    Dental Plan
    Lisa needs braces
    Dental Plan
    Lisa needs braces
    Dental Plan

  • Turtle Brain81
    Turtle Brain81 12 days ago

    I am British and I know no one with bad teeth

  • Keith Orleans
    Keith Orleans 12 days ago

    Man, Europeans are weird...

  • Iceburger
    Iceburger 12 days ago

    I am American and I get mad about commercials being longer than the actual content

  • Aldo
    Aldo 12 days ago +1

    Europe is far better

  • Jedindianajones
    Jedindianajones 12 days ago

    they have wrestling in other countries so wrestling shouldn't be a problem.

  • John B
    John B 12 days ago

    Americans find European language(British)as funny. They talk like they're gay...........they pronounce many words the wrong way. Also spelling some words different.

  • ItsYaGurl RiRi
    ItsYaGurl RiRi 12 days ago

    I think it's weird that you elected a clearly prejudice president who promotes gun violence which grants all people access to gun's whether mentally stable or not which explain's the school massacre's and gun violence statistics that have sky rocketed in the past couple decades, also the sexualisation of minor's (e.g beauty pagent's) and impossibly high beauty standard's that's enforced on people especially young adolescents explain's why 50 thousand people commit suicide annually. And I haven't even started on the shocking obesity rates and blatant racism and stereotypes and don't forget about the poor standard of education and health care. So yeah, maybe that's why Europeans including me may find America a little weird.

    • jaksap
      jaksap 11 days ago

      Very uninformed. Having guns is a constitutional right in US, no matter who the president is. The current theory is that mentally unstable people are not more likely to commit violent acts, therefore denying them right to bear arms would be a discrimination. Most gun crime in US is committed using illegal weapons. All the things you criticize about US society are very welcome in Europe and elsewhere thru globalization. We have many McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King restaurants in Europe. How many EU restaurant chains in US? Most Americans are very proud of their healthcare, and consider socialized medicine substandard. Is it possible that you are using some stereotypes in your criticism?

  • Aaron Loftus
    Aaron Loftus 12 days ago

    Im a brit, and for everyone saying that its disgusting to wear shoes inside and europeans dont do that then your wrong, a tone of people do it but wearing shoes in bed is out of order and i agree

  • Aaron Loftus
    Aaron Loftus 12 days ago

    In america it seems very dangerous to just well..... walk outside, if i saw a gun in scotland i would report it unless its police obviously

  • Wojek400
    Wojek400 12 days ago

    In U.S you can't buy a Kinder Suprise Egg

  • Brain Dead
    Brain Dead 13 days ago +1

    Why do you have to be 21 to drink yet there’s kids shooting their class mates with guns

  • HappiestKitty !
    HappiestKitty ! 13 days ago

    “Large enough to crush Mr Bean in his mini”
    Dude I think you can’t canoe to Britain now
    1) never diss the Bean
    2) never diss the mini
    3) me and everyone I know has perfect White straight teeth

  • HappiestKitty !
    HappiestKitty ! 13 days ago

    Oh my god we brits aren’t that thick
    Jesus all this stuff doesn’t surprise me and I’ve lived in England since the day I was born. And I’m hardcore British. So no I’m not shocked more like I’m just concerned more than ever for this British stereotype

  • Pearls Pears
    Pearls Pears 13 days ago

    I’m 13 and I got alcohol in Ireland and they didn’t ID me lol (ON ACCIDENT OKAY?I thought Irish coffee was just coffee...)