I'm Pregnant

  • Published on Jun 29, 2018
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  • LilyFazbear Videos
    LilyFazbear Videos 20 minutes ago

    Matpat and Steph are having a baby and now, you are having a baby, too. In all seriousness, congrats on both of you. You both are now responsible for your first ever child and best wishes for you both and the baby. ❤️

  • Livw09
    Livw09 Hour ago


  • Shuffle Dance
    Shuffle Dance Hour ago

    I am so Happy for you !

  • brooklynn bachus
    brooklynn bachus 2 hours ago


  • DanteM8
    DanteM8 3 hours ago

    Its going to be wiiirrrred with miranda sings pregent

  • Alice Msp
    Alice Msp 3 hours ago


  • Dominique Hagen
    Dominique Hagen 4 hours ago

    The baby's name is either Miranda (lol) or Justin or Max

  • life with mi aïsha
    life with mi aïsha 4 hours ago

    Make a fam vlog

  • Divya Sasidharan
    Divya Sasidharan 5 hours ago

    that was a shady tone on channels with baby content !!

  • Arianne M
    Arianne M 5 hours ago

    😻😻😻 this is so fucking cute

  • Queenie Yuan
    Queenie Yuan 5 hours ago

    You look like my 3rd grade teacher

  • Robin Bowers
    Robin Bowers 6 hours ago

    So so so excited for y’all!!!! Congratulations!!! I love how you kept saying “I’m so pregnant” hahaha ❤️

  • ActiveYeti
    ActiveYeti 6 hours ago

    I’m so happy for you

  • sowjee ammu
    sowjee ammu 6 hours ago

    Girl you need to eat more and healthy

  • Hazel Lear
    Hazel Lear 6 hours ago


  • Plop Plop
    Plop Plop 7 hours ago +1

    I don’t know what to think lol

  • Hannah Edwards
    Hannah Edwards 7 hours ago

    I know for a fact that colleen is going to make the best mom

  • Sameer Singh
    Sameer Singh 7 hours ago

    Congratulations 🎊🍾

  • Bat boy
    Bat boy 7 hours ago

    I'm so happy for you,hope the baby will be a boy

  • DakotaChannel
    DakotaChannel 8 hours ago

    Congrats 🖤

  • legend 27
    legend 27 8 hours ago

    Awww congrats

  • kelsey lili aghakhani
    kelsey lili aghakhani 9 hours ago

    Awww dont cry its okay congrats

  • Nikki Strik
    Nikki Strik 9 hours ago

    Congratulations!!!!! Its Will be a mini you😍♥️im so happy for you Guys 😂♥️

  • Beach Goth
    Beach Goth 9 hours ago

    this baby is gonna have such a beautiful life and have the best mommy ever :’) i’m so so happy for you

  • Beach Goth
    Beach Goth 9 hours ago

    i come and check in on colleen every now and then, and every time her life seems to get better and better and she always seems happier. i’m so happy for you my love :’)

    idkk i’m not huge into youtubers that make videos like colleen. pls don’t attack me i love her lol

  • Lupe Martinez
    Lupe Martinez 9 hours ago

    you look pretty like this the outher miranda

  • Gracie P
    Gracie P 9 hours ago

    I took a break from watching TVclip and I come back to this omg congrats

  • Howard Stern
    Howard Stern 10 hours ago

    She must be a hooo

  • Akelo Costa
    Akelo Costa 10 hours ago +1

    everyone who thinks its a GIRL like this comment

  • Tyler Reese Hausfeld
    Tyler Reese Hausfeld 10 hours ago +1

    ¡puǝ ǝɥʇ ʇuɐuƃǝɹd ʇoƃ uǝǝlloɔ uǝɥʇ ¡ʎlıɯɐɟ ʇǝǝʍs lnɟıʇnɐǝq puɐ ǝɔıu ʎɹǝʌ ɐ ¡lǝɥɔɐɹ puɐ 'uǝǝlloɔ 'ʇuǝɹʇ 'ɹǝɥdoʇsıɹɥɔ

  • Blue skittles
    Blue skittles 11 hours ago

    Congratts!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this i didn't want you to be a spinster

  • Cody Lowe
    Cody Lowe 11 hours ago

    Congratulations Colleen 😘😘😘😘

  • Harley_lanelle_
    Harley_lanelle_ 12 hours ago

    Dude it’s only been 3 weeks since you told us, it feels like much longer

  • laila ahmed
    laila ahmed 12 hours ago

    Is her name collen or miranda im confused 😂😂😂

    • Cody Lowe
      Cody Lowe 11 hours ago

      laila ahmed Colleen is her real name
      Miranda is a TVclip personality

  • hfv, ghjk
    hfv, ghjk 12 hours ago

    OMG congratulations Miranda i love you

  • Ava WIllard
    Ava WIllard 12 hours ago

    He just bit her butthole😂

  • Jazlin Torres-Romero
    Jazlin Torres-Romero 13 hours ago

    Omg congrats I’m so happy for you

  • Silvia Palominos
    Silvia Palominos 13 hours ago

    Its a girl

  • OxLittleangelxO
    OxLittleangelxO 13 hours ago

    anyone who says anything negative is going to answer to my (digital) fist!

  • Fizzy Glasses
    Fizzy Glasses 14 hours ago

    "Category: *Comedy*"
    Me *wHaT?!*

  • Fizzy Glasses
    Fizzy Glasses 14 hours ago

    If you weren't pregnant those simptons mean to google that you are dying xDD

  • Lacey Opah
    Lacey Opah 14 hours ago

    i heard cat litter can cause birth issues

  • Kim Walker
    Kim Walker 15 hours ago

    Ur too cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Elle's Channel1234
    Elle's Channel1234 15 hours ago


  • Brandi Bryant
    Brandi Bryant 16 hours ago

    Best reaction ever!

  • Jenn Roberts
    Jenn Roberts 16 hours ago

    While my mom's pregnet she craves pickles

  • Jenn Roberts
    Jenn Roberts 16 hours ago

    My mom's pregnet

  • Trinity Blackburn
    Trinity Blackburn 16 hours ago

    App happy for you

  • Chocolate_monkey
    Chocolate_monkey 18 hours ago

    Colleen: I’ve been soo emotional
    Me: (crying and laughing) no kidding huhn 😭😂

  • Chocolate_monkey
    Chocolate_monkey 18 hours ago +1

    I cried watching this😭😭😂😭😂😭 sooooo happy for u Colleen

  • Carolyn Campbell
    Carolyn Campbell 18 hours ago

    I am so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyy for you

  • Essence Hunter-Scott
    Essence Hunter-Scott 20 hours ago

    Try and name it something
    Unique! Perhaps Naomi, "Essence" hehehehe Kora, I can go on ;)

  • : o
    : o 21 hour ago

    ‘Mantie’ aww Frankie is so cute

  • water melon 142
    water melon 142 21 hour ago

    I don’t like babys but I’m happy for you

  • kk sings
    kk sings Day ago

    happy birth for ur baby girl!!

  • kk sings
    kk sings Day ago

    this is so cute I love little baby's theier so cute OMG it's so cute I wish I had one good luck Colleen!!

  • Niah
    Niah Day ago


  • Makenee Ferron
    Makenee Ferron Day ago

    Ahhhhhhh this is the best

  • Makenee Ferron
    Makenee Ferron Day ago

    This girl say what

  • Sayori Chan
    Sayori Chan Day ago

    You can also put some Tea Tree oil in some boiling water. It will unclog your nose!

  • Sayori Chan
    Sayori Chan Day ago

    Its weird to think she fcked

  • iiMysticWolfii
    iiMysticWolfii Day ago +5


  • Enid Grimes
    Enid Grimes Day ago

    Nothing but love for you and your amazing family xx

  • Trinity Parkinson

    If you think this is a girl thumbs up

  • Mary Lou Pavey
    Mary Lou Pavey Day ago

    Cool for you and so is my sister and she's only got THREE weeks left

  • Simon Simondor
    Simon Simondor Day ago +1

    Our baby is gonna be beautiful, love you honey

    • Simon Simondor
      Simon Simondor 2 hours ago +1

      kk sings hi, i am the real father of miranda`s baby

    • kk sings
      kk sings Day ago +1

      who are u dude? (just a curious girl)

  • Spiderboy 19
    Spiderboy 19 Day ago

    A baby Miranda sings wow

  • PB & Chelly
    PB & Chelly Day ago

    This is One of the best videos of a woman reacting to her new pregnancy journey. Happy for you Colleen😊👏🏾.

  • crookie moon
    crookie moon Day ago

    This was uploaded on my BIRTHDAY I turned 11 yay btw Colleen im so happy for u

  • Alexis Bell
    Alexis Bell Day ago


  • KK_ Cookie2
    KK_ Cookie2 Day ago

    YOUR ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lirong lin
    lirong lin Day ago

    I'm happy for you. I hope its a girl that looks like you lol.

  • Maryam Zizi
    Maryam Zizi Day ago

    I love you so much Colleen❤️❤️

  • Reese Unicorn
    Reese Unicorn Day ago


  • Kiersten Davis
    Kiersten Davis Day ago

    "I'm so pregnant!" 😍😊Awwww, CONGRATS!!!

  • Angel Obrien
    Angel Obrien Day ago

    Are u miranda sings

  • Cassandra Jimenez

    Amd congratulations

  • Cassandra Jimenez

    Was the dad corey

  • Amy Lit.
    Amy Lit. Day ago

    April 24 is my birthday! 💞🤪

  • Isabella Lopez
    Isabella Lopez Day ago


  • Linda Hill
    Linda Hill Day ago

    Girl say what

  • Brothers Rule
    Brothers Rule Day ago


  • Luke Tom
    Luke Tom Day ago

    the cats are having a baby too...

  • Lindsay Palmer
    Lindsay Palmer Day ago

    Wait does that mean that kory moved out?😢☹️

    • Janelle Tayaban
      Janelle Tayaban Day ago

      No Colleen and Cory are best friends so I don't think Colleen will need him to move out

  • Noffles
    Noffles Day ago


  • Kawaii Faces
    Kawaii Faces Day ago +5

    Whoever disliked this video doesn’t have a heart

  • PowerySisters 101

    Every time I watch this video I cry with joy

  • Marlissa Freeman

    You are pregnant

  • Gia Damico
    Gia Damico Day ago +1

    My sister was like Gia come here and she was like ok do you wanna know the secret or the favor and I was like secret and she said you’re gonna be an aunt


    Congrats on the baby

  • Ellison Fosberry


  • Jaqui Martinez
    Jaqui Martinez Day ago +1

    Gurl 1 pray for peace for baby

  • Eddie Cruz
    Eddie Cruz Day ago +1

    Wow 10 million views

  • Priya and John
    Priya and John Day ago

    Congratssssss Colleeen! Been watching ya forever

  • Francis Drayton
    Francis Drayton Day ago

    Congratulations 😀😀😀😀😀

  • Amanda Adams
    Amanda Adams Day ago


  • Meghan McGorty
    Meghan McGorty Day ago

    I’m sorry...i just back from a month of camp...WHAT???? CONGRATS COLLEEN!!!!💕💕💕💕

  • maggie alvarado
    maggie alvarado Day ago


  • HawkeBunch
    HawkeBunch Day ago

    10m views in 2 weeks YASS YOU GO QUEEN

  • Olivia brijbag
    Olivia brijbag Day ago

    Your going ti be such an amazing mother