President Bill Clinton Reconsiders His #MeToo Comments

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • President Bill Clinton watched back his recent TV interview and the backlash that ensued following the first leg of his book tour with James Patterson for 'The President is Missing.'
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Comments • 2 943

  • Michael Cavanaugh
    Michael Cavanaugh 10 hours ago

    Look! A bunch of idiots!! Acting like idiots!!!

  • Marcella A
    Marcella A 11 days ago

    Nobody is perfect. I'm sure The Almighty forgave Bill already. 42 paid for his mistake. He was a good president. Pls, do not compare him to 45.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 11 days ago

    01:23 i i i i i

  • Joe pereira
    Joe pereira 11 days ago

    The left media praising a rapist.

  • Tenzin Yangchen
    Tenzin Yangchen 13 days ago

    Steven Colbert is such a good guy

  • spunkmeyer k
    spunkmeyer k 13 days ago

    Steven stay out of Clinton's pants I think he would have worn a blue dress if the producers would have let him.

  • Soraya van der Schyff
    Soraya van der Schyff 13 days ago

    Cut him some slack plz! He’s redeemed himself over and over with his work and contributions towards the betterment of humanity! It’s done with .......he’s done his time!

  • Ranger 94
    Ranger 94 14 days ago

    It takes a low class liberal “Colbert” to give a disgraced ex president like “Slick Willy” air time, after all criminals stick together!

  • Зонора Слатният

    ''Vladimir'' lol ... Clinton craks me up .

  • jim bohn
    jim bohn 19 days ago

    Apologize to junita brooks

  • jim bohn
    jim bohn 19 days ago

    Murderer , rapist , sick bastard , how these people stand and clap this person is sickening

  • ZogYechiHamelech
    ZogYechiHamelech 22 days ago

    oh! what a great idea! let's ask RAPISTS what they think about the #metoo movement!

  • Mackenzie Hiller
    Mackenzie Hiller 23 days ago

    Bill Clinton is one of the best. The last time the United States wasn't in a deficit was when he was president. Hillary is amazing also. It's a shame the way America treats them. No one is going to be perfect for the job of president. With the two evils, it's still inconceivable that we chose the greater of the two evils.
    Congratulations, we played ourselves

  • the rooster
    the rooster 24 days ago

    Check out Billy jack Haynes TVclip. Put your seat belt on

  • katjamendez
    katjamendez 24 days ago

    Stephen Colbert was especially hard on Bill Clinton in this interview. I agree with Colbert's points and opinion and believe such interviews are good moments to ask hard hitting questions; HOWEVER, why didn't he do the same with then-candidate Donald Trump? I have never seen Colbert pander to an interviewee like he pandered to Donald Trump. I was shocked, especially knowing his longstanding liberal views. To juxtapose the Trump interview with this one shows the very worst of Stephen Colbert: biased, imbalanced, overly harsh in one instance and pandering in another. I would have preferred Colbert to have asked hard questions to BOTH.

  • Marie Smith
    Marie Smith 25 days ago it really 20 years ago. So much water under the bridge. No wonder P. president Clinton looks soooo much older

  • Antony Linteau
    Antony Linteau 25 days ago

    ''Don't make him sound friendly''

  • Info Warrior
    Info Warrior Month ago

    Bill clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick. and Colbert talks and laughs with him about the metoo movement? Does anybody see the irony in this shit?

  • Clinton Boy
    Clinton Boy Month ago

    I see that the comments section have been loaded with Trump toxic supporters Don’t forget President Clinton presidency saw the great economic boom of the 90s he was the best domestic president of the Morden post war era along with President Regan and President Kennedy Even Presidents have personal life He is a human what will ya all do when you get questioned by all the Americans asking ya about an extramarital affair it’s a human nature to tell that ‘I DID NOT HAVE ANY SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMEN’But ya all know what he still did a great jobs in his final 2 years in office...Dubya ruined it..Obama did something but trump just is just destroying America
    Trump payed all those bitches to claim Billy raped them,Yeah call him a rapist call him slick Willie but neither Trump or any of his toxic followers(Who are basically polluting America) can never change the fact that he was certainly an above average or a good president with the highest departing approval ratings that any US president has ever received.

    And to all the trump toxic supporters
    MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA..!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Nat Fitz
    Nat Fitz Month ago

    A standing ovation?? That dog should be in irons.

  • Angelica Kitali
    Angelica Kitali Month ago


  • Amine EL-Chouli
    Amine EL-Chouli Month ago

    Best president in usa

  • Laser Blade
    Laser Blade Month ago

    *i did not have sex with that woman*

  • sharran vishvanath
    sharran vishvanath Month ago

    Thank God Hilary didn't become President! Imagine sitting on that desk, Monica spent so much time under

  • Jack Witcombe
    Jack Witcombe Month ago

    This guy is literally one of the biggest sexual predators ever.

  • Jenni Likes Pizza
    Jenni Likes Pizza Month ago

    Clinton rapped Juanita Broaddrick . He is a rapist and always will be. He should be in prison right now. I am a Democrat, but I will never support a disgusting person like him.

  • neil F
    neil F Month ago


  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago

    Boy vs boy

  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago

    U Clint did not have sexual accusations with THAT woman

  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago

    Donaldtrump billclinton class black gay

  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago

    My breath you Clinton is breathing

  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago

    What you lived my bust head chipped teeth hammer blades skulls daned to dead water goergemangraybible knife to neck eat not life dead shit fiercest my colour

  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago

    You eat richer than me

  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago

    You can’t breathe

  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago


  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago

    My whole life held back why we here you lairs creativity is why-

  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago

    Bill Clinton I dinai u tone deft hear my light u chose me as your shield my wife’s is my heart my shield ans donaldbillclintontrump what is painful here surport me now I a worm without being

  • Trini James
    Trini James 2 months ago

    I father here to kill farthe bill Clinton he said he is father father father afterme didtellmetoeatshit

  • VickiK12 12
    VickiK12 12 2 months ago

    I hate bill Clinton

  • La Soleil
    La Soleil 2 months ago

    Stephen Colbert is just another ignorant hate-monger whore for the Clintons. Go watch "The Clinton Chronicles" and "Banished," posted by Danney Williams. Then you can follow that up with "Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal." Wake up, Colbert fans. You are brainwashed and ignorant. Admit it now and move on with your lives. Walk away from this vile, insidious poison.

  • Anthony Tony
    Anthony Tony 2 months ago

    So-called progressive show host Stephen Colbert pays homage to sex offender Bill Clinton!

  • il ee
    il ee 2 months ago

    Monica Lewinsky is not a victim. She was an adult that knew what she was doing. They are both equally wrong for the affair. Get over it America...she acted like a hoe and so did he. If Hillary can forgive you can too

  • Aj Tamburino
    Aj Tamburino 2 months ago

    He had consensual sex with his secretary , that doesn’t sound like sexual harassment to me or me too. And neither did he use his power to persuade her and nor did she blackmail or persuade him with gestures so

  • Misty Mist
    Misty Mist 2 months ago

    Those slirpy, wet, slippy noises coming out of his mouth when he talks are VERY distracting!

  • Adam Feldman
    Adam Feldman 2 months ago

    Well🤷🏻‍♂️guess it’s time for a transgender president!,.. vote transgender 2020🤣👍

  • Allan Stokes
    Allan Stokes 2 months ago

    3:06 like James Patterson's "me and the goldfish" facial expression while Bill goes all-in on MeToo.

  • Someone Intime
    Someone Intime 2 months ago

    I like bills right hand braclet, that's very hip of him to put out the vibe for a cool political look and not so plain or showie. His suit sucks though.

  • Breah Saldana
    Breah Saldana 2 months ago

    And I'm referring to the very first question about the Monica Lewinsky scandal.... Waste of precious time he should have asked a different question! u Bill!

  • Breah Saldana
    Breah Saldana 2 months ago

    What a waste of time I can't believe this it's been what 20-something years I think it's time to move on...

  • gozepplin
    gozepplin 2 months ago

    Clinton should be as much a non entity as Weinstein, Spacey, and Cosby. Totally scandalous that he’s even sitting on that couch.

  • seamas1978
    seamas1978 2 months ago

    Fuck sake - he has paid his dues for that affair. Let it go!

  • Christopher Houston
    Christopher Houston 2 months ago

    How many millions were spent on trying to get the truth out of this fuckhead? I did not have sexual relations with this women... define sexual relations... your cock was in her mouth... nope...

  • carelessmorning
    carelessmorning 2 months ago

    How long are we gonna talk a guy's blowjob? The matter has been settled for over a decade now, and people act like he hasn't made up for it already.

    • carelessmorning
      carelessmorning 2 months ago

      Did you watch the video at all? How many times does he need to apologize to you, how many charity organizations does he have to donate to, what else do you want him to do? Your current president has never apologized for his sexual misconduct, in fact he's literally calling his accusers "too ugly to be harassed".

    • Christopher Houston
      Christopher Houston 2 months ago

      How did he make up for it?

  • Kris B
    Kris B 2 months ago

    Bill's head is way too big for his body.

  • jamaicangirl2000
    jamaicangirl2000 2 months ago

    Clinton look and sound very frail.

  • Jacqueline Knauff
    Jacqueline Knauff 2 months ago

    Ask him about GESARA

  • Tao Forte
    Tao Forte 2 months ago

    Raping women is not even close to the worst thing Clinton has done.

  • Johnny Canuck
    Johnny Canuck 2 months ago

    Especially IRONIC appearance, given the fact SO MANY people (MANY women among them) say #Kliton is a #RAPIST #factcheck

  • Kris With A K
    Kris With A K 2 months ago

    I'm going to be completely honest with you Stephen, I wasn't going to watch that video cuz I really didn't want to hear what Bill had to say! However you challenged him on him taking offense and pointed out that he was the biggest story in your lifetime! I honestly don't think there is another host that does what you do that would have the balls to speak to him the way you did they would be too worried about offending him so 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ramon Suarez
    Ramon Suarez 2 months ago

    I can't believe people here give this man a pass. Most anyone else who had sex with a teenage employee of theirs in the office place would have been fired from their job on the spot. Hypocrisy is something else.

  • Kelly Kicinski MD
    Kelly Kicinski MD 2 months ago

    The CLINTONS are known for INFIDELITY.

  • buryitdeep
    buryitdeep 2 months ago

    He's sorry alright.... Sorry he got caught.
    And if the other things that he's done come out, he'll be sorry some more.

  • Phat-N-Sweaty SlowAssEddie


  • Titus McCarthy
    Titus McCarthy 2 months ago

    Heard the book was HORRIBLE.

  • Meat Machine
    Meat Machine 2 months ago

    Gotta give the exiled American monarchy their unconditional positive coverage.

  • Kornelije Kovac
    Kornelije Kovac 2 months ago

    Rot in hell Clinton, you mass murdering nazi bastard.

  • Gila Monster
    Gila Monster 2 months ago

    When you compare what he did and what trump did 😂 but trump didn’t do any of that as a president

  • The last of his kind
    The last of his kind 2 months ago

    All those women in the audience cheering for Bill Clinton. Fucking comedy gold - you can't make this shit up.

  • Chad Parks
    Chad Parks 3 months ago

    I used to love Colbert. I even saw him in New York. Now he sees himself as the moral high ground police. It's nauseating. Two consenting adults gave into their desires two decades ago and the left is making the man apologize for it, as if Monica had nothing to do with it and she is supposedly a victim. We will just continue to watch the left eat itself. #Metoo takes the spotlight off of actual victims and has lost credibility. I voted for Obama twice and Hillary in '16. I won't vote left again due to the current narrative that is taking place with this persistent victim mentality. (And I'm not alone)

  • modestymaltese
    modestymaltese 3 months ago

    Stephen Colbert, you lost all credibility. "Sexually misbehaving?!" This man has been accused of rape. He said with his deeds what he thinks about women. The only difference between him and Weinstein is that this man is obviously above all law. Shame on you! I am disgusted as a woman to watch this blatant attempt to turn a proven sexual predator into a kitten. Disgusting!

  • Some One
    Some One 3 months ago

    No matter what anyone says, this 20 year old situation is getting old and doesn't matter if people like Trump didn't learn from it and continue to do it on "all" his wives!

    DJT FOREVER 3 months ago

    The book should be called "The President is impeached: the Bill Clinton story".

  • italia543210
    italia543210 3 months ago

    *former president

  • Malik Harris
    Malik Harris 3 months ago

    Its unfortunate the way the Clintons are being dragged through the mud..

  • Blew
    Blew 3 months ago

    I don't understand what is wrong with these people who are linking Bill and Monica with #MeToo. IT WAS A CONSENSUAL AFFAIR.

  • MrNaf
    MrNaf 3 months ago

    Bill Clinton should have apologized ONLY to his wife, Hillary. NOT Monica because she knew that he was married

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 3 months ago

    what a clown!

  • D Winter
    D Winter 3 months ago

    What a disgusting trio of men. Go watch "The Clinton Chronicles" and "Banished," posted by Danney Williams. Grow a conscience and get some brains, Colbert/Clinton/Patterson fans. This show is just another bribed PR firm for the Clintons that helps to cover up for their crimes. What a disgrace.

  • thepokkanome
    thepokkanome 3 months ago

    Imagine Trump being treated this way

  • buddy buddy
    buddy buddy 3 months ago

    Buenos dias Montenegrooooooo

  • Christine Inman
    Christine Inman 3 months ago International Tribunal For Natural Justice changing laws for sex trafficking and raising consciousness.

  • eakherenow
    eakherenow 3 months ago

    Bill Clinton a predator as evil as Trump and Colbert who makes nice with all the rich and powerful criminals.Clinton pardoned
    and STILL plays with a convicted sexual predator.He and Hillary lied and insisted "That woman" was lying.

  • Cantatrice Chauve
    Cantatrice Chauve 3 months ago

    Colbert is a ass kisser.

  • Order in Chaos
    Order in Chaos 3 months ago

    What was the prelude to having Monica under the desk? Did Clinton gesture with his index finger? Did he lower her head down there with the palm of his hand? Did he ask her "wanna suck it?" Did he have a date pre-scheduled? And most importantly was it worth it? I'm pretty sure the answers won't be in his book.

  • SweetandSour
    SweetandSour 3 months ago

    Awwww rapey bill Clinton . Forcing girls to do what he wants them to do.

  • Largo Winch
    Largo Winch 3 months ago +1

    Colbert is a POS hate-monger who caters to ignorant, low IQ morons. Go watch "The Clinton Chronicles" and "Banished," posted by Danney Williams. Colbert, Patterson, Clinton- all POS sorry excuses for men- an absolute dishonest disgrace with zero conscience.

  • The vaping Polisher
    The vaping Polisher 3 months ago


  • PutinWithAnimals
    PutinWithAnimals 3 months ago

    Have to say, Bill is quite brave facing all these accusers and looking them in the eye; either he's a sociopath, or he has nothing to feel guilty about.

  • PutinWithAnimals
    PutinWithAnimals 3 months ago

    Vladimir is very friendly!!

  • sccello
    sccello 3 months ago

    James Patterson, Bill Clinton does not need you to shill for him in front of his face. Your recommendation of him as a person means nothing in this context or in light of #MeToo.

  • Renbencanaan
    Renbencanaan 3 months ago +1

    Eh why won’t the Clintons ever go away?

  • Jaime Browzki
    Jaime Browzki 3 months ago +1


  • Shyam Chandrashekar
    Shyam Chandrashekar 3 months ago +1

    Bill's a monster and Colbert should stop pandering to audience, that consists of largely 12 year olds, and ask Bill about Juanita Broaddrick.

  • Etheric Zone 11:11
    Etheric Zone 11:11 3 months ago

    Zombies clapping

  • Ken
    Ken 3 months ago +1

    Did not she throw her hand down his pants? How is this always the guy's fault? She was an adult. He didn't force her to do anything. Her job wasn't dependent on it.
    Meanwhile, Stephen calls men that aren't "manly" enough, Pussies. You know, because they're girlie-men and women are apparently weak. But that's okay....?

    NYC SHT 3 months ago

    Go watch "The Clinton Chronicles" and "Banished," posted by Danney Williams. Grow a conscience.

  • Peter Kazavis
    Peter Kazavis 3 months ago +1

    The left continues to eat itself

  • MrFrankqu58
    MrFrankqu58 3 months ago

    Clinton said during this lame interview, that the Democratic House would have done better after 2010, but it did not. The Democrats were always a problem even when Bush was in office, not that Bush is better!!! If you note on the Democratic house seat, before the Republicans took over in 2011, the unemployment rate reached on all time high during the 21st century which is 11%. Again Clinton is full of it when he said that the democrats would have done better job.... AHHH It did not do better as a matter of fact it was worse. Look at link below to back up that claim! Remember that the Democrats were in the house from 2006-2010, accomplishing nowhere during that time. Pelosi was the House Speaker at that period, before John Boehner, and the Republicans took over the House in 2011.

  • MrFrankqu58
    MrFrankqu58 3 months ago

    The evidence is made clear, Clinton is guilty!!!! Even though Colbert may have been clear with his questions, his show still stinks.

  • Adam Mcgrath
    Adam Mcgrath 3 months ago

    Wow!!! Colbert did a great job!!! I dont even like him any more