President Bill Clinton Reconsiders His #MeToo Comments

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • President Bill Clinton watched back his recent TV interview and the backlash that ensued following the first leg of his book tour with James Patterson for 'The President is Missing.'
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Comments • 3 019

  • Riley McClure
    Riley McClure 9 days ago

    It feels wrong to say the names of a false gods, thus it would be wrong.

  • Zizi Scorsese
    Zizi Scorsese 18 days ago

    Bill Clinton got away with rape.

  • Michael Apichella
    Michael Apichella 19 days ago

    Clinton had a proven affair and I still love him so much...but Trump's never had a proven affair and I hate him forever...funny isnt it? Lol

  • BabySmooth321
    BabySmooth321 Month ago

    Fuck the clintons

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash Month ago

    Im just waiting for the news that this motherfucker dies. Fuck his mom his wife his kids fuck his entire family may he lose his sight and may the devil take him away!

  • Hello There
    Hello There Month ago

    As they get older, "Slick" Willy looks more like and old woman and "Crooked"" Hilary looks more like an old man. Serves the corrupt sacks of shit right.

  • Austin p
    Austin p Month ago

    I am sure I will piss off my favorite author..but these hacks can't hold a candle to James Lee Burke. The best ever.. Thank you sir

  • Austin p
    Austin p Month ago

    I read the book..the part where the president seeks out the back...Thats why Bill Clinton did in real life. There was a book out years ago about the head of the secret service. He told all about the Clintons and others. But his book said Bill Clinton was sneak out of the White House with out him being told.....

  • StevenW1955
    StevenW1955 Month ago

    Colbert is Clinton's cuckold

  • StevenW1955
    StevenW1955 Month ago

    Lock him up

  • lmrmurphy
    lmrmurphy Month ago

    fantastic head of hair

  • World War 2 Veteran

    "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is" - Clinton. I will never forget that.

  • John Richard Ogilvy

    bill clinton is a fucking pedophile wankbastard, he bush and blair fucked this world with the iraq war, maladorous wanking cocksuckers

  • beterbutz
    beterbutz 2 months ago

    Christopher Hitchens would have a thing or two to say about this...

  • Shawn Mcgnnity
    Shawn Mcgnnity 2 months ago

    Lol what a joke

  • ludens 6
    ludens 6 2 months ago

    Terrible writer and an equally terrible man

  • Starlight Battdome
    Starlight Battdome 2 months ago

    Bill Clinton made some mistakes but he sure did great things for his country. The smartest president ever...ever

  • baronobo
    baronobo 2 months ago

    Just grab them by the pussy

  • BerkleyCalifornia
    BerkleyCalifornia 2 months ago

    Bill Clinton is a genius

  • Maria S'
    Maria S' 2 months ago

    The man didn't rape nor forced anybody. Yes, he made a mistake but he already apologized, many, many times. That he lied under oath? Yes, but doesn't the actual president lies all the time?

  • AwkwrdPrtMskrt
    AwkwrdPrtMskrt 2 months ago

    Bill has the courage to apologise after screwing up big time. I don't think XLV would ever go this high even after he's finished his tenure or impeached.

  • Sunny Smiles
    Sunny Smiles 2 months ago

    Are you sorry you raped Juanita Broaddrick in April 1978?? According to her you you casually left the hotel room and told her to get some ice on her upper lip that you bit and cause to bleed as your viciously raped her. You’ve been getting away with your reckless criminal behavior for decades, you’re only sorry you got caught. You have grossly abused your power as Attorney General, Governor and President, at all levels and your wife is a paranoid, aggressive enabler.

  • Fur Queue
    Fur Queue 2 months ago

    "I'm sorry you stuck a cigar in your twat"
    What a cuck-lord colbert has turned out to be
    Bill "I'm honestly not saying this now just because you're bullying me" Clinton

  • Andreas Falk
    Andreas Falk 2 months ago

    Bill you should start your own metoo movement in your club

  • Jake Schweiss
    Jake Schweiss 2 months ago

    Bill clinton is a rapist

  • W C Guy
    W C Guy 2 months ago +1

    He's a serial rapist and always has been....but he's so funny, right? stupid liberal idiots.....hillary is even worse. She has covered up bill's rapes for 30 years......As Pinheaad once said, 'their suffering in hell will be legendary'.

  • g57a aa
    g57a aa 2 months ago

    Clinton GOD will punish you only and only GOD on other world

  • commanderinchief10
    commanderinchief10 3 months ago

    Staged. Kiss ass.

  • J.T. B
    J.T. B 3 months ago +1

    A rapist and two pedophiles

  • Mystomachhurt
    Mystomachhurt 3 months ago +1

    American consensus of Bill Clinton: Is he trustworthy? No. Will you trust him to be left in a room with your daughter. Absolutely not. What is your feeling about his presidency? He's done a hell of a good job.
    Someone, give this man a blowjob.
    Not you, Mrs Clinton.

  • jovita boniface
    jovita boniface 3 months ago +1

    The whole studio was clapping for a rapist sexual predator hah haha.

  • Parnian Faizi
    Parnian Faizi 3 months ago

    Why is he talking like that

  • hassi44
    hassi44 3 months ago

    Man, this is good pizza.

  • aya آية
    aya آية 3 months ago +1

    Damn Kevin spicy did his impression really well

  • gothic love
    gothic love 3 months ago

    And it does not matter how long ago sexually assault or rape happened. It is always bad

  • gothic love
    gothic love 3 months ago

    Bill Clinton does not deserve to be called president he is a piece of shit

  • Ellen Josephine
    Ellen Josephine 3 months ago

    I look up to you even more now, Stephen Colbert. That was direct and honest but also respectful. This is so important! Thank you!

  • Janet A
    Janet A 3 months ago

    Bill clinton was incredibly handsome and charming. He had to beat the women off with a stick. No rape was necessary. ML was a PREDATOR. The others were consensual.

  • Janet A
    Janet A 3 months ago

    Someone at this site changed one of my posts to a viewpoint that I do not hold. My post stated that ML was a predator. Just google ML and the college teacher to learn the truth.

  • No Name
    No Name 3 months ago

    Juanita Broadrick

  • Bill Zhang
    Bill Zhang 3 months ago

    Bill ‘s beautiful affair is very different from metoo movement!

  • washington huskies
    washington huskies 4 months ago

    He’s a predator . And his wife is an enabling C-nT

  • Ming Kalli
    Ming Kalli 4 months ago

    Bill Clinton should convert to republican, and this stop.

  • richard wilmot Ph.D
    richard wilmot Ph.D 4 months ago

    Whenever I see XXX President Clinton and sex in the same sentence I am reminded of Clinton's ultimate hypocrisy...
    Clinton appointed Dr. J Elders as the first female African American US Surgeon general... then he FIRED her... for suggesting that masturbation be included in sex education discussions. He caved in to the the religious right. But it doesn't end there.
    He went on to masturbate Monica Lewinsky with a cigar... but not any cigar but a Gurkha cigar, the finest cigar available to White House politicians for masturbating women since 1878.
    To learn more just Google: Clinton/cigar.

  • Ryan Oxford
    Ryan Oxford 4 months ago

    Bill owns up to the Lewinsky stuff because he doesn't want people to believe the worst, that he is a rapist. Which he is

  • Caleb Mandrake
    Caleb Mandrake 4 months ago

    He was not impeached for having an affair. He was impeached for lying under oath which is why he was disbarred & lost his law license.

  • Nathan Arroyo
    Nathan Arroyo 4 months ago

    All they talked about is Monica. What about the rest of the women he abused?

  • Donzel Pratt
    Donzel Pratt 4 months ago

    incorrect title. he never apoligized personally

  • Jonathan Gault
    Jonathan Gault 4 months ago

    this man is a liar

  • Jonathan Gault
    Jonathan Gault 4 months ago

    me too???Fuck off...we're all equal but this cunt cannot be excused...the me too movement makes a shambles of life are bad and women are great...the truth is..we are all equal...

  • Jonathan Gault
    Jonathan Gault 4 months ago

    sell outs

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check 4 months ago

    The Clintons are criminals. Hopefully they BOTH be jailed. He NEVER apologized to Monica Lewinsky. He just is sorry that he got caught! What slime balls! And Colbert is an asshole!

  • Kendall Andrews
    Kendall Andrews 4 months ago

    This is cowardice by Colbert. Colbert goes on TV every night and roasts Kavenaugh and says "believe all women" yet won't bring up the multiple assault allegations against Bill Clinton or the fact that he paid out $850,000 in a sexual harassment case. This is what should be brought up with regards to Clinton over the Lewinsky affair although the harassment of Lewinsky by the Clinton White House was also disgraceful.

    • Loreaver
      Loreaver Month ago

      Kendall Andrews yeah pretty telling

  • Sean Healy
    Sean Healy 4 months ago

    7:00 what revolution does he mention?

  • S.R. Sawyer
    S.R. Sawyer 4 months ago

    #metoo what about Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Leslie Millwee, and Paula Jones or did they not matter?

  • Camelia Shakti
    Camelia Shakti 4 months ago

    James patterson is an idiot.

  • steveforprez03
    steveforprez03 4 months ago +1

    Sorry James Paterson, but it IS relevant today, otherwise the Democrats should all STFU about Trumps sexual harassment allegations.
    Sorry Slick Willie you lied, you were impeached, you lost your law license, and you left office in disgrace.

  • Jean Jones
    Jean Jones 4 months ago

    One Bill down. One Bill to go.... A nice day is coming ... This rapist ass hole Clinton looks dead. and we will wake up to hear that Clinton dropped DEAD clutching his body falling in some sewer ... That's a good Day! Then his adopted daughter Chelsea Hubbell can continue to LIE to her kid about his rapist GrandPa... until he grows up and hears the Truth about this rapist prick. By then Hillary and Billy will be in the firey pits of hell burning with there buddies. A NICE DAY IS COMING!

  • Jean Jones
    Jean Jones 4 months ago

    One Bill down. One Bill to go. What a nice day when we wake up to hear this RAPIST Bill Clinton, died clutching his body gasping for breath... escorted to Hell to burn for eternity.

  • ML Fitz
    ML Fitz 5 months ago

    His voice sounds like it comes from the depths of a tomb. Ultimately, he'll answer for what he's done.

  • Daniel Vargo
    Daniel Vargo 5 months ago


  • Kokomiu
    Kokomiu 5 months ago

    Why does bill give me the empresion of that kid who does all the school project work

    PRANAV SHUKLA 5 months ago

    The best president since JFK.

  • Michael Cavanaugh
    Michael Cavanaugh 5 months ago

    Look! A bunch of idiots!! Acting like idiots!!!

  • Marcela Alvarez
    Marcela Alvarez 5 months ago

    Nobody is perfect. I'm sure The Almighty forgave Bill already. 42 paid for his mistake. He was a good president. Pls, do not compare him to 45.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 5 months ago

    01:23 i i i i i

  • Joe pereira
    Joe pereira 5 months ago

    The left media praising a rapist.

  • Tenzin Yangchen
    Tenzin Yangchen 5 months ago

    Steven Colbert is such a good guy

  • spunkmeyer k
    spunkmeyer k 5 months ago

    Steven stay out of Clinton's pants I think he would have worn a blue dress if the producers would have let him.

  • Soraya van der Schyff
    Soraya van der Schyff 5 months ago

    Cut him some slack plz! He’s redeemed himself over and over with his work and contributions towards the betterment of humanity! It’s done with .......he’s done his time!

  • Ranger 94
    Ranger 94 5 months ago

    It takes a low class liberal “Colbert” to give a disgraced ex president like “Slick Willy” air time, after all criminals stick together!

  • Зонора Слатният

    ''Vladimir'' lol ... Clinton craks me up .

  • jim bohn
    jim bohn 5 months ago

    Apologize to junita brooks

  • jim bohn
    jim bohn 5 months ago

    Murderer , rapist , sick bastard , how these people stand and clap this person is sickening

  • ZogYechiHamelech
    ZogYechiHamelech 5 months ago

    oh! what a great idea! let's ask RAPISTS what they think about the #metoo movement!

  • Mackenzie Hiller
    Mackenzie Hiller 5 months ago

    Bill Clinton is one of the best. The last time the United States wasn't in a deficit was when he was president. Hillary is amazing also. It's a shame the way America treats them. No one is going to be perfect for the job of president. With the two evils, it's still inconceivable that we chose the greater of the two evils.
    Congratulations, we played ourselves

  • the rooster
    the rooster 5 months ago

    Check out Billy jack Haynes TVclip. Put your seat belt on

  • katjamendez
    katjamendez 5 months ago

    Stephen Colbert was especially hard on Bill Clinton in this interview. I agree with Colbert's points and opinion and believe such interviews are good moments to ask hard hitting questions; HOWEVER, why didn't he do the same with then-candidate Donald Trump? I have never seen Colbert pander to an interviewee like he pandered to Donald Trump. I was shocked, especially knowing his longstanding liberal views. To juxtapose the Trump interview with this one shows the very worst of Stephen Colbert: biased, imbalanced, overly harsh in one instance and pandering in another. I would have preferred Colbert to have asked hard questions to BOTH.

  • Marie Smith
    Marie Smith 6 months ago it really 20 years ago. So much water under the bridge. No wonder P. president Clinton looks soooo much older

  • Antony Linteau
    Antony Linteau 6 months ago

    ''Don't make him sound friendly''

  • Info Warrior
    Info Warrior 6 months ago

    Bill clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick. and Colbert talks and laughs with him about the metoo movement? Does anybody see the irony in this shit?

  • Clinton Boy
    Clinton Boy 6 months ago

    I see that the comments section have been loaded with Trump toxic supporters Don’t forget President Clinton presidency saw the great economic boom of the 90s he was the best domestic president of the Morden post war era along with President Regan and President Kennedy Even Presidents have personal life He is a human what will ya all do when you get questioned by all the Americans asking ya about an extramarital affair it’s a human nature to tell that ‘I DID NOT HAVE ANY SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMEN’But ya all know what he still did a great jobs in his final 2 years in office...Dubya ruined it..Obama did something but trump just is just destroying America
    Trump payed all those bitches to claim Billy raped them,Yeah call him a rapist call him slick Willie but neither Trump or any of his toxic followers(Who are basically polluting America) can never change the fact that he was certainly an above average or a good president with the highest departing approval ratings that any US president has ever received.

    And to all the trump toxic supporters
    MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA..!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Nat Fitz
    Nat Fitz 6 months ago

    A standing ovation?? That dog should be in irons.

  • Amine EL-Chouli
    Amine EL-Chouli 6 months ago

    Best president in usa

  • RevivaL
    RevivaL 6 months ago

    *i did not have sex with that woman*

  • sharran vishvanath
    sharran vishvanath 6 months ago

    Thank God Hilary didn't become President! Imagine sitting on that desk, Monica spent so much time under

  • Jack Witcombe
    Jack Witcombe 6 months ago

    This guy is literally one of the biggest sexual predators ever.

  • A_Thicc_ Sister
    A_Thicc_ Sister 6 months ago

    Clinton rapped Juanita Broaddrick . He is a rapist and always will be. He should be in prison right now. I am a Democrat, but I will never support a disgusting person like him.

  • neil F
    neil F 7 months ago


  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago

    Boy vs boy

  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago

    U Clint did not have sexual accusations with THAT woman

  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago

    Donaldtrump billclinton class black gay

  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago

    My breath you Clinton is breathing

  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago

    What you lived my bust head chipped teeth hammer blades skulls daned to dead water goergemangraybible knife to neck eat not life dead shit fiercest my colour

  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago

    You eat richer than me

  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago

    You can’t breathe

  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago


  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago

    My whole life held back why we here you lairs creativity is why-

  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago

    Bill Clinton I dinai u tone deft hear my light u chose me as your shield my wife’s is my heart my shield ans donaldbillclintontrump what is painful here surport me now I a worm without being

  • Trini James
    Trini James 7 months ago

    I father here to kill farthe bill Clinton he said he is father father father afterme didtellmetoeatshit