Star Wars Celebration: 40th Anniversary Panel Was MAGIC!

  • Published on Apr 14, 2017
  • Day 1 of Star Wars Celebration was a barrage of The Force, fans, and the feels. A panel of actors who have touched our hearts throughout our lives, as well as a tear jerking tribute to Carrie Fisher, and a few surprise guests. Here are my thoughts!
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  • Timothy Wong
    Timothy Wong 2 months ago

    Just came here after the ten most anticipated movies of 2019 ... how did we came to this point? :(

  • Megasystem !
    Megasystem ! 2 months ago


  • NexusGamer
    NexusGamer 3 months ago +1

    I was at Star Wars Celebration, and let's just say...

    It was *awesome*

  • WarlockofWordsReturns RB

    Ah, to Yuggoth with the prequels, for the original trilogy, Indiana Jones, producing Labyrinth, Lucas deserves my eternal respect.

  • Starfals
    Starfals 9 months ago

    Id vote for you :D

  • alfred arroyo
    alfred arroyo 9 months ago

    I am still hurting over the loss of this beautiful woman..................I still do not have the words about losing her. Of course, I did not know her personally............But I knew enough that Carrie was a ....... Well, my my my.......I actually do have words for this beautiful creature............Rest in paradise sweet and your mother, The great Debbie Reynolds, will be missed forever!...... Carrie is in a galaxy far, far away.... While singing in the rain with Debbie.......By the way, did I mention that I am still hurting over this huge loss??? It still hurts so much.

  • SaixOrg13
    SaixOrg13 11 months ago

    Cant believe it's been a year....being in the room last year was truly a experience I'll never forget

  • magnes1410
    magnes1410 Year ago

    Star Wars movies are not only about planets, stromtroopers, imperial march and lightsaber duels. It's space opera with drama of heroes, rich and colorful world, story depth and symbolism. Prequels are full of that, and thats why true SW fans shouldn't hate them. Prequels added so much to the SW universe. I don't understand also comments about "cringy/awkward" love's a space opera!!! It should be like this...This is a story taking place"a long time ago in a galaxy far far away". That's why dialogues are not natural/over-dramatic, that's why we see so much CGI a space opera, almost fairy tale! Prequels are so unique. People need to realize something. In Episode II Anakin was supposed to be a awkward teenager. He just spent the last 10 years training in the Jedi way, deprived of a lot of social interactions let alone with women. Anyways, the fact that people cringe at Anakin just shows they succeeded in creating his character. Anakin has only ever been with one woman and thats Padme - his child love. The fact he isn't experience with romance only adds a plus in the character development and how he acts like an over-protective boyfriend. In Episode III Anakin is a broken man who still had his child's mind. He wanted to help everyone and make the world a better place but lost everything. Most of the people around him (especially Jedi) didn't trust and accept him and also took away the ones he loved. He was a slave his whole life - literally as a child, then as a Jedi "The Chosen One" and at the end as Darth Vader and got stuck into a machine and do whatever Palpatine wanted for the rest of his life.That's the story of an innocent man fighting to make the Galaxy a better place but instead lost all the people he loved so much and ended up in hell... What a tragic life Anakin must have lived. Hayden was great in presenting such complex and conflicted character.

  • Isaac Rorison
    Isaac Rorison Year ago

    Dude how old are you

  • Danny Stueland
    Danny Stueland Year ago

    Hayden did very well in ROTS

  • Queenie
    Queenie Year ago

    I LOOOOOVE Hayden Christensen in Star Wars!!!! I know that a LOT of people dont like episode I and II. But thoese movies was the ones that really introduced me to Star Wars... I didn's really care when I saw that the old ones was on air... That changed after that..

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith Year ago

    Jeremy can you post a link with the panel? On TVclip I found only low quality ones.. :(

  • The First Robin
    The First Robin Year ago

    Sand box??? Anakin disapproves

  • Brandon Watters
    Brandon Watters Year ago

    Jesus how old is Jeremy?

  • david's head
    david's head Year ago +1

    Really don't get the "prequel dialogue sucked" "writing was bad" fiasco. It's a space opera, it's supposed to be melodramatic, it's a micro feature of the sub genre. The prequels are better than the OT hands down. The original trilogy are far safer film and can appeal to a wider audience, but the prequels are full on Lucas, no hold backs, an autuer making his best work.

  • Tracy Hutchings
    Tracy Hutchings Year ago

    i too approve this message

  • aazo5
    aazo5 Year ago

    That's really cool honestly that Hayden Christensen came out

  • Connor
    Connor Year ago

    Wait a minute he can Breathe

  • Adam ET
    Adam ET Year ago

    Jeremy wouldn't be a good president. when the media shows up, he'd punch all the cameras...

  • KJizzleMAne
    KJizzleMAne Year ago

    Jeremy can you review Sleight!!! We need more people aware of this amazing independent superhero movie. Thanks in advance bro!!!

  • Q D
    Q D Year ago

    Star wars is like porn for nerds

  • Jared Locke
    Jared Locke Year ago

    I completely agree. All my animosity for the prequels was washed away. I loved Star Wars as a whole. I LOVE Star Wars as a whole. Going to keep the love alive. I saw that panel and got to meet you that day, so day 1 was pretty killer

  • SuperShah201
    SuperShah201 Year ago +1

    Not gonna lie, I grew up with the prequel so as a kid, I've always been a fan of Hayden as young Anakin. It's good seeing him back.

  • Rocko Steel
    Rocko Steel Year ago

    bit late on the comment so you'll probably miss is but my mom and i were both at celebration and we're both huge fans of yours so on that Thursday when we saw you at a roleplaying game type area in the show floor she really wanted to get a picture. i probably had the greatest exchange of maybe 5 minute telling her to get a picture with you standing right next to her. obviously she did not get one but i just thought you should know that i will never forget how funny that moment was, one of my favorites of that whole weekend.

  • Dimitar Spiridonov

    Thank you for sharing this with us Jeremy.

  • Armed Astronaut JM-83

    Very cool Very cool

  • Graham Butler
    Graham Butler Year ago

    That moment when John Williams was revealed - I lost it. (I was at the other stage).

  • Vanessa Campos
    Vanessa Campos Year ago

    I was there Jeremy and you're so right.. it was magic!! I would never forget that panel! :)

  • Shawn Myer
    Shawn Myer Year ago

    It's a shame that David Prowse (the man behind the original Vader) is still not a part of the celebrations after all these years.

  • Strange Planet nyc

    I wish I had been there. Gotta go next time!

  • Vinícius Egidio
    Vinícius Egidio Year ago

    As shitty as the prequels are (and believe me, I hate them like most fans), I'm glad that everybody cheered when George Lucas and Hayden Christensen came to stage. I would be extremely disrespectful to do otherwise.
    Star Wars franchise for me it's like that prodigious child with amazing accomplishments when he was young (the original trilogy), but when he got older he was involved with drugs for some time and had a really shitty phase in his life (the prequels), but now he rehabilitated himself and just started a new a very promising new career (the new trilogy).

  • The Grif
    The Grif Year ago

    All of my friends and I grew up with the prequels, but now we all hate The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Revenge of the Sith is actually pretty cool in parts.

  • hyperguyver2
    hyperguyver2 Year ago

    I was there for this panel and it was beyond magical.

  • ragingfiip
    ragingfiip Year ago +1

    Woah, it was actually really cool and interesting seeing Jeremy make a video without any cuts. He was actually able to speak continuously for the full 7 mins and 39 seconds without blundering any words, without messing up at all, while being thoroughly articulate and entertaining. His thoughts felt more real/genuine without any edits/cuts for some reason.

  • Alex San Lyra
    Alex San Lyra Year ago

    Excellent Louis C. K. reference... I saw that bit... it's so true.

  • endorbr
    endorbr Year ago

    Of course all that fan squabbling was put aside. The people in attendance paid a lot of money to be there.

  • Nick Austin
    Nick Austin Year ago

    Is the Carrie Fisher tribute video anywhere online?

  • Mr. Oddball
    Mr. Oddball Year ago

    I have to be honest. I'm not sure if it was the sleep deprivation of staying up 14+ hours in the celebration queue hall overnight, the music or the heart-wrenching tributes. But I was struggling to hold back my emotions and not become a wreck. This event was something special and words can not explain it. It is one of the things where you just have to have been there for.

  • Carlos Castillo Abreu

    which camera / mic you used for this different video?

  • cforbes54
    cforbes54 Year ago

    That John Williams moment was pure magic, something I'll remember for the rest of my life!!!

  • Anomalous
    Anomalous Year ago

    its incredible how mark still looks like luke from 1983

  • Charles Schaming
    Charles Schaming Year ago

    there is something in the trailer.. from the old jedi temple, one of them might be "Wisdom of Eosphoros" Why because in that book the "Baalance" is acknowleding that yin and yang are inseperable and ae the 2 sides of the same thing, and accepting both creates balance, REY HERSELF said "balance" well there is no dark and white anymore New Age Luciferian belief shows and tell you that EVERY LITTLE THING has a mixture of yin and yang, they cannot work separately, there cannot be balance unnless even a pebble is both yin and yang, its... fucking... balance... Watch Star Wars Episode 9 declares the Grey Jedi as balance
    "Wisdom of Eosphoros" according to Amazon- What is Luciferianism and how is it different from other beliefs and paths? What do Luciferians actually practice and where is this philosophy derived from? These questions and so many more are explained within this concise, philosophically-oriented book which is entirely focused on the spiritual and carnal approach towards life and the desire towards self-excellence and power. Luciferianism must be approached as a way of thinking, shaping the mind and attaining insight and power within your life. This work is the Introduction of the Greater Church of Lucifer (GCOL) and its philosophy is presented by Michael W. Ford, Jacob No, Jeremy Crow and Hope Marie; each has provided foundation for the GCOL and the New Luciferian Era! Eosphoros is focused on applying the self-transforming philosophy into tangible results, without any specific concepts of Ceremonial Magick. Beginning with the ideals of a Luciferian, exploring the origins, beliefs of life after death and how to attain individual power, Eosphoros offers The Luciferian Philosophy to those with the courage and wisdom to explore it.
    JEREMY you look wise enough to read this yourself if you like the ideas of light and dark being more complicated!

  • Hoss Mazz
    Hoss Mazz Year ago +1

    that was the best intro I have ever seen, "I'm seating like a politician, please vote to me..." that killed me.

  • wojtekgr87
    wojtekgr87 Year ago

    I could not agree motr with Lucas that star wars are made for children ... I love pre=quels of star wars and I was born in 1987...

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith Year ago

    hey are you going to do a react to the new battlefront II trailer? probably not huh

  • GypsyGuyy420
    GypsyGuyy420 Year ago

    So cool! If I were there I probably wouldn't be recording nstuff that much either. There will be a bunch of videos of it on the internet anyway So might as well just BE THERE! Ahhjdzgbgkjfzsdddgghhghghghgg

  • Caroline C.C.
    Caroline C.C. Year ago

    So the question is: Ewan McGregor not beeing there means that there will be an Obi-Wan movie or that his relation with Star Wars is over?

    NATHAN TRYNER Year ago

    Jeremy looked like he was going to cry when he started talking about Carrie Fishers tribute.

  • Gweilo Ren
    Gweilo Ren Year ago

    Damn, Jeremy's hair is looking good 👍

  • Nerdys Art Lab
    Nerdys Art Lab Year ago

    I am so mad at myself that I missed you in Orlando , ugh l live right down the i missed the con...smh

  • Gary Promise
    Gary Promise Year ago

    Well said Jeremy.

  • P t
    P t Year ago

    star wars the original trilogy is not good


    The force truly binded during the celebration

  • Brandon Torres
    Brandon Torres Year ago

    This is my favorite video Jeremy has made.

  • Omar Caal
    Omar Caal Year ago

    Thank you for sharing this moment. :-)

  • ThatGuyWhoMakesVideos

    Absolution? Only a Sith deals in absolutes. Hmmm...

  • Daniel Serebour
    Daniel Serebour Year ago


  • Anthony Cournoyer

    Is it weird that I like this background, and camera better than the usual. Maybe cause it's refreshing to see a new setup

  • Aunt Vesuvi
    Aunt Vesuvi Year ago

    The Force is with Jeremy Jahns!!! ✹ The anonymity of the internet has an odd way of giving permission to broken, angry folk to revel in their negativity (and contaminate the conversation)... but STAR WARS is truly about hope... and rising above the muck... and family (and creating your own family if the one you're born into was taken away)... it is about embracing the goodness over the darkness. ✨ May the Force be with us, always!!!

  • DouglasHD
    DouglasHD Year ago

    Don't blame Hayden for anything 😂 he came off terrible because of George Lucas' directing. Nothing against either

  • Tornado Peter
    Tornado Peter Year ago

    Jeremy please watch&preview 13 reasons why

  • CynicalCloud
    CynicalCloud Year ago

    Just think about how the 50th panel will be!

  • Omar Laila
    Omar Laila Year ago

    This background is way better than the green screen

  • Rafael V
    Rafael V Year ago

    I grew up on the prequels and I love them!

  • Jared Wignall
    Jared Wignall Year ago

    Star Wars is Star Wars, no matter if you like the Prequels or not. This is a time to celebrate the Saga and not talk bad about which movie(s) you dislike. Star Wars is great and is amazing.

  • Nigel Pascual
    Nigel Pascual Year ago

    Jeremy is dressed like the Joker from The Dark Knight 😂

  • Wa Ri
    Wa Ri Year ago

    Why can't people talk about Star Wars without bashing the fuckin Prequels. How many times do we have to keep repeating ourselves? It's part of the Star Wars legacy and for once.....I'd like to see a conversation about the material and the lore. Christen came out and it was good seeing Anakin and Palpatine together again.....I don't need to hear more shit about how bad the movies were . Change the record

  • Brett WK
    Brett WK Year ago

    Jealous, man. Anyone who doesn't like the prequels just needs to remember; qui gon, maul, yoda fighting with a light saber, and ewan mcgregor... that is all.

  • Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME!

    You should BLEEP your swears

  • Ivan Barbot
    Ivan Barbot Year ago +1

    i think your review for the alien movie is the worst thing you ever did

  • Mike Barbre
    Mike Barbre Year ago

    The Fisher tribute was truly special. It's important for that video to go viral.

  • Adam Coles
    Adam Coles Year ago +1

    It wasn't Hayden thought how the prequels turned out it was just bad writing

  • Anon
    Anon Year ago

    The format of this video is the same format you would see in someone who found Jesus: "I just hope you guys find this happiness in your every day lives"

  • Dylan Todd
    Dylan Todd Year ago

    I appreciate many things as a whole in my life, including every Star Wars related item, movie, game(s), etc

  • Eleasar Silva Marins

    The Force is strong in you Jeremy

    ANGRYWOLVES Year ago

    Good job jeremy.I think you caught the spirit.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    So jealous and I hate it when people split the eras up to me it's all just Star Wars and I love every single Star Wars movie

  • Annika K.
    Annika K. Year ago

    I was born in the 90', but I grew up on the old triology. There was no way for Star Wars to be released in my country before 1989... but my dad fell in love and he raised us on the old triology. So I was kind of supposed to be the generation who grew up on the prequels, but I did actually grew up on both, with New Hope being released in 1991 (I think) in here. I haven't stop loving Star Wars ever since. It is so nice that it brings people together and I believe it had to be amazing to be there, it sounds awesome. I would lost it the moment I would see the tribute video... it was so touching, so amazing, so beautiful... rest in peace Carrie.

  • vickanhp8
    vickanhp8 Year ago

    This was such a sweet video, Jeremy!

  • Michael Rigs
    Michael Rigs Year ago

    Wow, an hour and a half with no narcissistic, arrogant, whiny, self-absorbed, woe-is-me-everything-sucks, bullshit attitudes? Felt good, yes? Maybe a little of what the world *used* to be like? (You know, like back in the 80's) You can thank Millennials for making 'feeling good' a rare breath of fresh air instead of the normal status quo.

  • Byamba
    Byamba Year ago

    i loved it cause i'm 22 this year and i grow up with the prequeals, watching the darth maul fight got me into byuing star wars comic books and i loved jango fett so much i remember playing star wars bounty hunter on my ps2 . i belive the prequeals did their thing people overhating it it's annoyoing

  • Kosta Zarikos
    Kosta Zarikos Year ago

    do you ever pause between sentences

  • wuv03
    wuv03 Year ago

    The tangled up tie makes me crazy. I'm sorry, I'm German okay? I like it neat and tidy.

  • MtMarshi
    MtMarshi Year ago

    I like the prequels. I dont love them like i do episodes 4-7 (plus Rogue One) but I like them for the set pieces and still, some of the best action scenes ever filmed.
    But when it comes to Hayden's performance as Darth Vader/Anakin people seem to give him a hard time and I dont think its his fault for how the character turned out at all. He tried his best. Its like what Harrison Ford said about some lines of dialogue: "You can write this stuff, but you cant open your mouth and say it".

  • N
    N Year ago +1

    I like your attitude. This passion is what's real. And no matter in relation to what.

  • moviechic07
    moviechic07 Year ago +1

    This guy gets it, he knows what Star Wars is all about.

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 Year ago

    This was a really good video. I got very relaxed watching it for some reason.

  • James Tiso
    James Tiso Year ago

    You got my vote.
    thanks for sharing

  • MagmaDragon
    MagmaDragon Year ago

    Beautiful vid. Jeremy you really have a talent for speaking. Clearly, smoothly, interesting, mature, yet fun. So much natural charisma! Nerd unity is certainly a rare, awesome experience.

  • Lindsay Reynolds
    Lindsay Reynolds Year ago

    Too bad it's too far away from me :'(

  • icefreeze117
    icefreeze117 Year ago

    Jeremy! I was looking for you while I was there on Thursday. I tried hard to find you, but I had no success. Thursday was my only day I could have gone. hope you have fun.

  • Nailbiter40
    Nailbiter40 Year ago

    Was Jake loyd there?

  • Bryan H
    Bryan H Year ago

    Amen brother. This was one of your best videos. I can imagine feeling everything u felt just by the way described it

  • Wildboy Wiley
    Wildboy Wiley Year ago

    They should have had the voice actor of Jar Jar Binks come out, I personally would applaud but I bet there would be a large silence.

  • Cashden Clayton
    Cashden Clayton Year ago

    2:40 quoting ep 3 right on I grew up with the prequels even I thought it was cringey at times and is not as good as the original trilogy but it did some things better than the original did so hate on me I don't care I love everything starwars every single GODDAMN MOVIE

  • ossmartdoggy1
    ossmartdoggy1 Year ago

    how old is jeremy

  • Golden_Phoenix
    Golden_Phoenix Year ago

    fuck man united

  • lucketmi1
    lucketmi1 Year ago

    im the only one who think Jeremy is sexy with this hair? hmm ....

  • edvaira6891
    edvaira6891 Year ago

    Nice suit, Jeremy!