Rittz - Twin Lakes (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Nov 27, 2019
  • Rittz "Twin Lakes"
    Official Music Video
    Put A Crown On It | CNT Records
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    Video Directed by: Ed Pryor
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Comments • 1 927

  • Just S
    Just S 4 hours ago

    Say what u want, but Tom MacDonald stole this concept in his song "Sober"

  • Trevor Logan
    Trevor Logan 5 hours ago

    Shows how dumb the world is great rappers like Rittz can't get millions of viewers on songs like this but trash trash rappers like lil pump and Lil xan get hundreds of millions! SMH!

  • Brent David
    Brent David 9 hours ago

    congradulations one day at a time leave your light on for me maybe i can get it back christi vallelunga

    BIMIXAX 12 hours ago


  • Last Hope Reyes / Killuminati Soldier

    Heard this song for the first time last night and it made me shed a tear.. No one really understands how hard it is when your an addict.. I thank God i don't do drugs but alcohol is something else.. I been drinking for 7 years straight now and its so hard to stop. And when i do stop i get real sick. 😥 one day at a time.. To all my people out there battling addiction yalll got this!! Keep yalls head up

  • Crystal Sneed
    Crystal Sneed Day ago

    I'm crying fo'real, my husband and I both are sober nearly 5 years and wow brings back memories!! Bravo !!!

  • softvoicekilla
    softvoicekilla Day ago

    Shit iz too real.. R.i.P Popz & Momz ... thank god we have an artist that speak ReaL

  • softvoicekilla
    softvoicekilla Day ago

    Real man shit .. take that recovery.. cuz u are a beast on your art.. abuse is a mf.. lets get clean both my brother.... NY Queens is behind us .. osoRighteous

  • softvoicekilla
    softvoicekilla Day ago

    New York Queenz ... this shit iz hard bro.. Rittz keep doing u bro... ReaL

  • Ernesto Gonzales

    Rittz is forever my Idol in my eyes🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Beka Conner
    Beka Conner Day ago

    I cannot stop listing to this song. Wow..

  • Luis Jimenez
    Luis Jimenez Day ago

    6 days clean off cocaine usage. Crazy cuz most of my heavy days I was bumping rittz. There is hope there is help. Put the drugs down. Smoke a blunt eat good food and sleep

  • Hoc Del Negro
    Hoc Del Negro 2 days ago

    I dont got this problem but best of luck. I find life is funny but I'm not amused either.

  • GW gaming!
    GW gaming! 2 days ago

    Wow. Absolutely amazing!! Love you RITTZ!! Keep strong. #nevertoolate

  • kickn it
    kickn it 2 days ago

    That's some truth in his voice right thurr

  • Issac Gillespie
    Issac Gillespie 2 days ago

    I love this music it's so powerful to me I feel his pain an I will forever love his music rittz for life!!! Always

  • For20 Kidd
    For20 Kidd 2 days ago

    Jonny V.

  • bradbrad1990
    bradbrad1990 3 days ago

    Slow start,wasnt feeling the beat, wasnt sure i would like it, Didnt want it to end? dope!

  • Matt Gorden
    Matt Gorden 3 days ago

    Holy shit! That hit home hard.... wow

  • James Amo
    James Amo 3 days ago

    Love you rittz your voice hits deep man

  • Georgiabeast 706
    Georgiabeast 706 3 days ago +1

    Brh this heat made me think hard about my decision in life #2🔥 #2020CHANGE

  • Terrence Florea
    Terrence Florea 3 days ago

    What an inspiration, fuk what ppl think!!! Keep it comin!!!!! Rittz bitch

    WATR MALONE 3 days ago

    "I open my eyes up" right there I go to the speakers an bump

  • Mike Hockhurts
    Mike Hockhurts 3 days ago

    Yo i was going through hella addiction and alcoholism this mans old music saved me. Now were both cleanin up its an amazing feeling.

  • Jared Bentley
    Jared Bentley 3 days ago

    Rittz is now 10 months clean! Best artist alive.

  • Brandon Loper
    Brandon Loper 3 days ago

    Mad props & respect Rittz, you did it my guy. Yu-Uh-Yeeeah!

  • John Doe Da Boss
    John Doe Da Boss 4 days ago

    I thought rittz was gone yall glad he still goin in

  • Terrence Florea
    Terrence Florea 4 days ago

    Much respect to Rittz. Keep fighting those demons man!

  • Italian Stallion
    Italian Stallion 4 days ago

    #rittz freestyle on my channel goin viral now

  • Devin Wolf
    Devin Wolf 4 days ago

    Get it don’t stop now

  • Mike Mills
    Mike Mills 4 days ago

    7 months sober from alcoholism

  • Dick Meadows
    Dick Meadows 5 days ago


  • Trey Dixon
    Trey Dixon 5 days ago

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  • KadensWorld
    KadensWorld 5 days ago

    I was recovered but lately I feel like I'm going back to the self destructive I was , pray fr me that I dont become the monster I used to be

  • Outlaw Anon
    Outlaw Anon 6 days ago

    This shit is beautiful

  • Devin King
    Devin King 7 days ago

    Get it Rittz

  • JMS3
    JMS3 7 days ago

    A song with a message unlike the crap that's on the air waves right now, smfh.

  • Matt Berg
    Matt Berg 7 days ago

    Z-RO & RITTZ ALBULM...........is all i wish for!!!!!!!!

  • gotnokush
    gotnokush 7 days ago

    This hits home brother. Stay strong. Stay positive.

  • Brian Morrow
    Brian Morrow 7 days ago +1

    This song was a real eye opener into my own struggle with addiction. I'm currently 14 days sober trying to escape my own hell.

  • Kevin Graves
    Kevin Graves 7 days ago

    Was only thinking about recovery before this song came out

  • Robert Trembath
    Robert Trembath 8 days ago

    As of jan-12 dumped my Alcohol out and havent looked back feels great! Thank you rittz and all his fans i wont go back down that road thanks all much love if i can do it yall can to!!! #nevertolate

  • Allen Norton
    Allen Norton 8 days ago

    Well done homie! We miss you over at Strange but you gotta do you!

  • Ricky's Lit Channel
    Ricky's Lit Channel 8 days ago

    Rittz sucks ass

  • Bradley Hollar
    Bradley Hollar 9 days ago

    I hope you stay on the righteous path man I had a homie dealing with coke addiction and shit and I seen him turn it around from the bottom served hella time if he can do it you can do it man stay strong and do all you mentally can to be comfortable in your own skin that's what matters man I'm glad to see you putting out some more positive shit about self reflection and what it takes to keep moving forward keep up the art work that trickles to the sheets from the blood of your veins through passion you are somebody and your going somewhere don't ever doubt that and know your fans out here will be headstrong for you when you need it

  • Alex Steffenhagen
    Alex Steffenhagen 9 days ago

    Mah dude ritz my fav song

  • landon peekeekoot
    landon peekeekoot 9 days ago

    Rittz is a god is this

  • Àkshãy
    Àkshãy 9 days ago

    not the Ritz I knew......but liked the vid anyways!

    MCKYBVRS 10 days ago

    Totally feel you, peep Aint Ya Friend on my channel, you'll dig it. #CouchesToCastles #MCKYBVRS

  • dem strange
    dem strange 10 days ago

    I came to Georgia to find the devil,and i found a red head by the name a rittz bitch🤘

  • Nate Lawton
    Nate Lawton 10 days ago

    As I cry the thought of being sober sounds amazing then the shock of being without a substance or drink makes my anxiety go crazy I dont know what to do. Thank you @rittz #rittz for this I doubt I'll change my ways but you make me imagine a better life love your music thank you for all the years

  • Nate Lawton
    Nate Lawton 10 days ago

    Idk If I'll ever get sober

  • Beauregard Dundas
    Beauregard Dundas 10 days ago


  • Jainie Delgado
    Jainie Delgado 11 days ago

    Great song.

  • Scott Matthews
    Scott Matthews 11 days ago

    Dope ass track brother! Love the new album! I got sober on 25 July 18 woohoo

  • alexander gutierrez
    alexander gutierrez 11 days ago +2

    This man has saved me from a few suicide attempts. He writes such deep lyrics

  • Frank Eddison
    Frank Eddison 11 days ago

    Real life shit

  • Michael Elwell
    Michael Elwell 11 days ago

    God damn I would love to see you and eminem just kill a fast track

  • Mike Mooney
    Mike Mooney 11 days ago +2

    I open my eyes up
    There's somebody sleepin' in the bed next to mine
    But I don't recognize them
    Couple nurses comin' in the room to check on me
    And maybe shed light
    Tell me where I am
    My legs are too long for this twin size bed
    She said I need rest
    Time to take my meds
    It's gonna be a long thirty days ahead
    I went for my phone
    But it's gone
    She said the staff searched everything I own
    They confiscate my razor
    My cologne
    They made me sign a waiver
    I can't call home
    So now I'm praying to the light on the fire alarm
    Thinkin' to myself "Look what I've become"?
    The tears on my face taste like alcohol
    I'm crawled up in a ball
    Fighting my withdrawals
    I was starin' in the mirror
    And the man I saw
    Was appalled at the wrong I've done
    And it's never been as clear as it is right now
    I was powerless all life long
    I'm ready for recovery
    Tryin' on to break these chains
    Ready for recovery
    Tryin' to escape Twin Lakes
    It's Six AM
    And I don't got an appetite for breakfast
    I can't make friends
    Cause I don't think that I know who I am yet
    I flick my cigarette ash
    I'm scared of talkin' group
    A girl across the room is sayin' how she got abused
    Younger kids are laughin' like it's funny
    I am not amused
    I need to mind my business
    That's the type of attitude I'm trying to lose
    Told my counselor
    I think that I fell out of love of livin'
    I drink Crown by the gallon jug
    Not an ounce of fuck is givin'
    Buzz without the fun
    Now I'm just a violent drunk
    And If I don't want to get sober
    Then it's all over
    I just hope my higher power shows forgiveness
    Victim of this drug abusive life I live
    Lose my mind
    And then another suicide attempt
    So I turn my willing life over to you to drive again
    I'm just hopin' I got time to undo the wrong I did
    I was starin' in the mirror
    And the man I saw
    Was appalled at the wrong I've done
    And it's never been as clear as it is right now
    I was powerless all life long
    I'm ready for recovery
    Tryin' on to break these chains
    Ready for recovery
    Tryin' to escape Twin Lakes
    It's never too late

  • CWB Gaming
    CWB Gaming 12 days ago

    The singing is legit my dude , this song hits home it’s been on repeat since I heard it