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Jason Momoa Was Naked When He Found His Missing Pet Python

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • Jason Momoa talked with Ellen about his sprawling home and the animals on the property - including a bull python that escaped its cage - which he ended up finding six months later! The "Aquaman" star admitted he was nervous being on the show for the first time. He also explained why he shaved off his signature beard, and discussed the new initiative he's leading to move from plastic water bottles to recyclable aluminum.
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  • Reborn 777
    Reborn 777 Day ago

    The Man Dress Like a MAN!

  • muhammad zelza
    muhammad zelza Day ago

    "jason momoa is so handsome"
    -my 45yo mother

  • Paulette Smith
    Paulette Smith 2 days ago

    He's fineeeeeeee


    I will subscribe when henry cavill is in your show..

  • Richard Wernsing
    Richard Wernsing 2 days ago

    He is intriguing

  • skyler sky
    skyler sky 3 days ago

    If only ellen let me sell water bottles for the audience i would be rich in instance.

  • D Riley
    D Riley 3 days ago +1

    Hes like an 8 carat diamond with a little dust on it
    *sigh* 😍

  • hassan vs Hussein challenge's and pranks

    he is so sexy omg😍😍

  • Roaster Coaster
    Roaster Coaster 3 days ago +1

    He has a python as a pet??? AND WOLVES??? WOAH

  • s.a.b mohamad
    s.a.b mohamad 4 days ago

    Got distracted by the scrunchieπŸ˜‚

  • shane Eric
    shane Eric 4 days ago

    I think elle breakup with wife no ring

  • Calliez Arnold
    Calliez Arnold 4 days ago

    Who's song on the intro?

  • Chinx Singson
    Chinx Singson 5 days ago +1

    When he's soooo hot but acts like he doesn't have a clue how amazing he looks. 😍😍

  • Rohith_ Aluka28
    Rohith_ Aluka28 6 days ago +6

    He would give a strong competition to Chris Hemsworth.

  • Adrita.
    Adrita. 6 days ago +8

    Jason: *acts cute and sexy at the same time*
    My ovaries: *_poof_*

  • Grace Rose Ann Galcon
    Grace Rose Ann Galcon 6 days ago +1

    He's so handsome ..

  • Siobhain Louiseoxx
    Siobhain Louiseoxx 7 days ago +1


  • E M
    E M 7 days ago +1

    No ever mentions him playing Ronin on Stargate Atlantis. Didn't know his name at the time but knew I recognized khal

  • Kapia'Olani Ovasuru
    Kapia'Olani Ovasuru 7 days ago +1

    Jason Momoa I love him so much β€πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ

  • satheesh chintha
    satheesh chintha 8 days ago

    I would love jason momoa reading thirst tweets on him... I would be awesome...

  • Kroulinka P
    Kroulinka P 8 days ago +1


  • hardsixteenyeah1
    hardsixteenyeah1 9 days ago

    Well.., "save the planet. Aluminum is one of the heaviest metals you can find,man.

  • Christine Musselman
    Christine Musselman 9 days ago

    Wow, if I was in that audience when he was dancing, my glasses would have steamed up. The man knows how to move!

  • Super dom C
    Super dom C 9 days ago

    Your wife is lucky to have you

  • Deanna M. Blouse
    Deanna M. Blouse 11 days ago +16

    Only Jason Mamoa can pull off that pink scrunchie

  • Madison McLin
    Madison McLin 11 days ago +2

    He sooooo cute❀️😘😘

  • kcmn00
    kcmn00 11 days ago +2

    I love Jason Momoa!

  • Mia Hamm
    Mia Hamm 11 days ago

    But dear gorgeous Jason, people can recycle water bottles at local recycling centers. And though they may not be water bottles again they are made into something else again. Plastic is derived from petroleum. And glass is recyclable too Jason. Unless that's not the case in California.

    • Christine Musselman
      Christine Musselman 9 days ago +1

      Some countries don't have the capability to recycle plastic but many of them can recycle aluminum. The problem isn't just confined to the United States.

  • Franco Subatomic
    Franco Subatomic 12 days ago +2

    That snake story is fantastic actually

  • Rev
    Rev 12 days ago +1

    That intro was fire

  • catherine Morrison
    catherine Morrison 12 days ago

    My mums pet tarantula got out of his tank 20 years ago when she still lived with her parents. They looked everywhere for him 3 months later she came home from work and found him sitting in the middle of the floor.

  • Goku Kakarot
    Goku Kakarot 12 days ago

    1:37 he looks like Edward from assassins creed 4

  • lutlut chavez
    lutlut chavez 12 days ago


  • Vanessa Evangelista
    Vanessa Evangelista 12 days ago


  • Hi_I'm_MOV
    Hi_I'm_MOV 12 days ago +1

    Is that a scrunchie on his wrist-

  • Roland Realubit
    Roland Realubit 13 days ago

    0:42 lol

  • Jazmin Baisa
    Jazmin Baisa 13 days ago +1

    OMG what a hunk..

  • Rossineri
    Rossineri 13 days ago

    What's name of the song in the first??

  • Apple Gauna
    Apple Gauna 13 days ago +2

    Those 1k dislikes are guys who actually jealous at him.

    • Christine Musselman
      Christine Musselman 9 days ago +1

      Absolutely, it eats some guys up when they see a truly great man that women adore and a lot of men admire.

  • Ivaylo Kostov
    Ivaylo Kostov 13 days ago


  • Michael Huynh
    Michael Huynh 13 days ago +4

    Jason Momoa has a pet python!? I am legitimately impressed >.

  • -1nterruption -
    -1nterruption - 14 days ago

    0:19 The most heterosexual moment Ellen has ever had

  • rohan pachupate
    rohan pachupate 14 days ago +1

    Please can somebody tell the song played when he enters..

  • Donna Rachiele
    Donna Rachiele 14 days ago

    Pleeze suddenly hes got a bulge is he stuffing his pants?

  • SeRa BBat
    SeRa BBat 15 days ago

    He looks like Maui from Moana now

  • Merel Klijnstra
    Merel Klijnstra 15 days ago


    JULIAN SMITH 16 days ago

    I'd walk in there like Momoa did too If I had that much money.

    • Christine Musselman
      Christine Musselman 9 days ago

      It's not the money, dude. It's his personality and style. Oh, and the man knows how to move.

  • js2008
    js2008 16 days ago +1

    I only read the title and I already think that Jason Momoa must be the manliest (ist that even a word?) man ever.

  • Ashton LeBleu
    Ashton LeBleu 16 days ago +3

    Jason is one of those guys who oozes attractiveness that is picked up by all people. Can't avoid being affected. He's just so sweet

  • Cynacist
    Cynacist 16 days ago +18

    His energy is amazing! The definition of a gentle giant.

  • Jah Rules
    Jah Rules 16 days ago

    He seems kinda girly

  • Shaeel Khan
    Shaeel Khan 17 days ago

    What's the song name which plays in the beginning when Jason arrives.

  • Azaria Thompson
    Azaria Thompson 17 days ago +1

    He’s wearing a scrunchie😭😍

  • Tika Princess
    Tika Princess 18 days ago +1

    i love him omg lol Eleen seems to be questioning her sexuality w himπŸ˜‚

  • mynameisalabama
    mynameisalabama 18 days ago +1

    He's so perfect omg😍😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Jill Kessler
    Jill Kessler 18 days ago +1

    Goodness gracious. Lisa Bonet is a seriously lucky woman.

  • BORISH yumnam
    BORISH yumnam 19 days ago

    Pliz meet henry cavill superman elen.

  • Ifti Hossain
    Ifti Hossain 19 days ago +2


  • Rachel Stoutamire
    Rachel Stoutamire 19 days ago +1

    He's still fine πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  • Den Ise
    Den Ise 19 days ago +1

    That scrunchie on his wrist makes him so much more cute

  • Siska Aditya
    Siska Aditya 20 days ago

    Its hot right now, what happen with the weather

  • BlineaL DiteneK
    BlineaL DiteneK 20 days ago

    he's soo uncomfy without his beard

    • Christine Musselman
      Christine Musselman 9 days ago

      I know what you mean. He says he misses it. I hope he grows it back soon.

  • Yulia Siska
    Yulia Siska 20 days ago

    He looks so much better without beard. Well done Jason!

    • Christine Musselman
      Christine Musselman 9 days ago

      I really miss the beard. Makes him look like a big grizzly bear of a man. Yum!

    • Anis Jemmapes
      Anis Jemmapes 17 days ago

      Do you know the song at the begining

  • super judy
    super judy 20 days ago

    Is anyone gonna ignore how he is wearing a scruchie around his wrist

  • iron heart
    iron heart 20 days ago +2

    He's so cute and nervous❀

  • William Lucas II
    William Lucas II 21 day ago +3

    Steven Adams + Roman reigns = Jason Mamoa

  • Kim Jaz
    Kim Jaz 21 day ago +2

    He is so dreamy😍

  • danielle nicole
    danielle nicole 21 day ago +1

    That is one sexy man

  • Siyun Ding
    Siyun Ding 21 day ago

    the scrunchie tho

  • Diana
    Diana 22 days ago +25

    He’s so beautiful and has such a sweet, adorable personality I think it’s impossible not to love him!

  • Umer Zaffar
    Umer Zaffar 22 days ago

    Man he'd been busting thousands of nuts with this kind of facade.

  • Christy Muller
    Christy Muller 22 days ago +1

    Am i the only one realizing his scrunchy awww cuteee man

  • Kirsten Angeles
    Kirsten Angeles 23 days ago

    4:13 look at his face like β€œoh my God that’s so true”

  • Kirsten Angeles
    Kirsten Angeles 23 days ago +3

    I love how he has a scrunchie

  • Kirsten Angeles
    Kirsten Angeles 23 days ago


  • M. Smith
    M. Smith 23 days ago


  • Hassan Shahzad
    Hassan Shahzad 24 days ago

    Name of song at beginning?

  • Zara khan
    Zara khan 24 days ago +3

    Sexy , adorable , awesome, gorgeous , confident, funny ... I WANT SOMEONE LIKE HIM PLEASE

  • Ganji Ganesh
    Ganji Ganesh 24 days ago

    Whats d song name??

  • Black Girl Magic
    Black Girl Magic 24 days ago +1

    I thought he wasn’t gonna be hot without the beard. He’s still incredibly hot. Even if he wasn’t ridiculously hot, his personality makes him incredibly attractive

  • Caffeinator
    Caffeinator 24 days ago +2

    The Janitor had a tough job that day mopping the floor

    • Deanna M. Blouse
      Deanna M. Blouse 11 days ago

      Ha ha ha. Literally lol. It took me a sec, but I love it. And so true!

  • Paris
    Paris 24 days ago +1

    THAT mothereffer is SO fine. And such a dork. I want him.

  • Otan Dioquino
    Otan Dioquino 25 days ago

    Name of the song pls!

  • Arabian PRINCE
    Arabian PRINCE 26 days ago +1

    When I grow up I want to be like him
    Oh wait I am already 23

  • rt stout
    rt stout 26 days ago

    Man I'm telling you everyone loves Thor

  • James Bond
    James Bond 26 days ago +31

    If a lion turned human it would look like this guy

    • Aadhil S
      Aadhil S 2 days ago +1

      And Chris Hemsworth would make a great Mufasa.

    • TheKalid
      TheKalid 7 days ago +1

      Now that you mention it, he could be the human version of Scar, from the lion king XD

  • Chon Shinglai
    Chon Shinglai 26 days ago

    Ellen please invite Arat the kid who has a great football skill and can climb a pillar.please....πŸ™

  • Nish Nish
    Nish Nish 26 days ago +2

    Omg but is Ellen turned on

  • Elizabeth Cranshaw
    Elizabeth Cranshaw 26 days ago

    So sexy!!!❀❀❀❀❀❀

  • Cassandra McDavid
    Cassandra McDavid 26 days ago

    The backwards county in Virginia doesn't have recycling for anything but aluminum cans

  • vxvo
    vxvo 27 days ago +5

    The audience is so thirsty. LOL

  • Rosario Dsilva
    Rosario Dsilva 27 days ago +9

    love that hes wearing a scrunchie😍

  • McShweezy
    McShweezy 27 days ago

    *momoa* >>>>>>>>hemsworth

  • cookiesncream789
    cookiesncream789 27 days ago +44

    He is so tall and intimidating looking but his personality is like a giant teddy bear 🧸!

  • vahid rezaali
    vahid rezaali 27 days ago

    What's name this music?

  • The Wibowo Little Family
    The Wibowo Little Family 27 days ago +26

    1000% masculinity with a scrunchie on this wrist. love him!

  • SarasGAMES
    SarasGAMES 27 days ago +1

    Wait... Aluminum is toxic. That's a bit of a catch 22.

  • B. Val
    B. Val 28 days ago +3

    Hi daddy, WOW ... I have goosebumps from him talking.

  • Sara Simmons
    Sara Simmons 28 days ago +1

    That was cute. Anyone else notice how blankly Ellen was staring at him? He was nervous and she was agog.

  • Money Collector
    Money Collector 28 days ago

    so this is just recently wow , cool