Stephen King On Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, Lovecraft & More (55:51)

  • Published on Dec 12, 2012
  • Stephen King speaks on a number of topics and takes questions from students, faculty and others in a "Master's Class" before a bigger event at UMass Lowell. King also premiered a new story, "Afterlife":

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  • Liana Fedha
    Liana Fedha 7 hours ago

    Stephen King had ghost writers write his story that is why it's hard to have a deep conversation about character development with him. Sorry Y'all....

  • Red Shield
    Red Shield 12 hours ago

    I loved the running man

  • snellavision
    snellavision Day ago

    Faux Elvis is super annoying ... nobody cares about anything you have to say, Faux Elvis!

  • Vinicio Paredes
    Vinicio Paredes Day ago

    Good god but the introduction lady, will she just sit down and shut up ...i want to hear the legend

  • Necronious
    Necronious 5 days ago

    Gotta love that condescending bitch who introduced him.

  • Michele Lambiase
    Michele Lambiase 6 days ago

    "Rip her hair off" basically, in stan twitter language, "she was gon snatch her wig"

  • Arch Linux
    Arch Linux 6 days ago

    I hate this guy. He's a total dick bag and anti-trump, so he's def anti-american, and pro-liberalism... but his advice is solid. However, his books suck, anything after carrie is garbage. He has too many friends in the NYT and USAtoday, this is the only thing that helps him get his books out. but they always tank in sales. Over the years he has some 20 or 30mill, but all his books combined suck.

  • RedRusty66
    RedRusty66 7 days ago

    hello organizers, you always provide a floating mic for the audience for a fucking Q&A...LMAO wtf

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 9 days ago

    I looooooove King.

  • Kenneth Hoover
    Kenneth Hoover 9 days ago

    Mediocrity critiquing mediocrity. Good times. 🙄

  • matty matt
    matty matt 10 days ago


  • Kaye Curren
    Kaye Curren 11 days ago

    Why doesn't the dude on the left sit down?

  • Ryan Ozog
    Ryan Ozog 12 days ago

    50:20 I like this opinion so much.
    If I was a member of this audience I so would've asked King what his opinion on CreepyPastas
    are or if he's read any of them (Pretty sure End of Watch was influenced by Lavender Town Syndrome)
    for that's another sub-genre of writing I feel isn't payed much attention too.
    Allot of them are trash but stuff like Candle Cove & No End House I feel are story's he'd love.

  • Biggie Baby
    Biggie Baby 13 days ago

    Youre right King, youre not that smart, or, it seems the people that reads that drivel.

  • BakiWho
    BakiWho 14 days ago

    did lawrence krause walk through a portal

  • Charles Winokoor
    Charles Winokoor 14 days ago

    Disagree on one major point: Judge Judy rules!
    And the fawning, giddy intro for Mr. King was painful to hear.
    Andre, whoever he is (college professor?) is beyond annoying, especially with his stereotypical New England accent caricature.
    He says the human soul needs stories.
    More important is that the human brain needs facts, which is why it’s even more important to read good history books and biographies.

  • Ease54
    Ease54 14 days ago

    I wonder what Stephen King is worth? Y' the pound.

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 16 days ago

    I knew some people who once said in a conversation that if they became president, they’d put horror writers in jail because their minds are so weird and twisted. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m glad Donald Trump is president

  • The_Gilded_Age_Phoenix

    Skip to 48:30 to hear King's views on "Twilight," "50 Shades of Grey," Lovecraft, etc.

  • Tru Keesey
    Tru Keesey 18 days ago

    "...not necessarily literature". Literature means writin that has letters in it, literally. He meant to tell to us that letters were not used in those books?

  • Tru Keesey
    Tru Keesey 18 days ago

    The most important thing for a writer to achieve is for the reader to remember while readin to be devoted and subordinate to "God" (Wr-Alda).

  • Tru Keesey
    Tru Keesey 18 days ago

    He's a bad influence. He's possibly also my cousin. My family has Kings from colonial Maine. I would never read one, of his books. Read a few chapters and that was enough to realize what a reject he is for decent folks. Would never see one of his movin pictures neither.

  • Lizzy Sitter Designs
    Lizzy Sitter Designs 18 days ago

    why do so many people care about what a thief has to say? it's been proven so many times how he steals people's stories so i'd rather hear from those people.

  • jackal242
    jackal242 18 days ago

    36:20 what a weird answer. The question was if he would write something under a pseudonym and not as his real name Stephen King. He answers basically saying no. What he doesn't say is "I did that. I used the name Richard Backman. So yeah - I did that."
    Weird weird answer given that he's actually done this before.

  • DaWest
    DaWest 18 days ago

    Stephen King needs to get on Joe Rogan's podcast.

  • AnaReads
    AnaReads 18 days ago

    Tom Sawyer is better then Huckleberry Finn. You cannot change my mind.

  • Jose Jones
    Jose Jones 19 days ago +1

    The prolific novelist Stephen King says “spoiler alerts” are for wussies!! LOL, LOL. 😂🤣😂

  • Jose Jones
    Jose Jones 19 days ago +1

    MIC the audience so their questions can be heard!

  • Ah'At Bishokuya
    Ah'At Bishokuya 19 days ago

    Why does he look like hellboy?

  • Arnold2019
    Arnold2019 20 days ago

    48:27 50 shades
    51:25 Lovecraft

  • Dorian Ellis
    Dorian Ellis 20 days ago +1

    48:25 is what you're looking for...

  • Stephen Doty
    Stephen Doty 21 day ago +2

    Such a self-indulgent, wordy, awkward intro. Can it already and let him speak. Gosh. Annoying, idle blather. King starts at 3:11.

  • Aizu Kanna
    Aizu Kanna 21 day ago +1

    48:20 is actually what the title says.

  • Ingrid Ochoa
    Ingrid Ochoa 21 day ago

    Stephen King looks like an animated character. (in a good way)

  • Diane Stallworthy
    Diane Stallworthy 21 day ago

    I heard that he disliked Kubrick's The Shining so I guess his novel must have been through a few unwanted changes...

  • E Long
    E Long 21 day ago +3

    I remember having to read his books in full sunlight because I was so scared.

  • Kanadian Khaos Kween

    29:29 did Stephen just shit on my childhood?

  • Brian
    Brian 21 day ago

    Stephen King at 2:55

  • Teodor Angelov
    Teodor Angelov 21 day ago

    Doesn't seem more likable than the average person.

  • Alexandria Frank
    Alexandria Frank 22 days ago +1

    This is so awesome! He's amazing, and I wish I could see him speak live!

  • Connie Carroll
    Connie Carroll 23 days ago

    I saw and heard him speak at Kulba Khan in Nashville1980, back when he had dark hair and wore a beard. He's a great speaker.He and Andrew J Offutt (R.I.P)were seated together both had gotten awards so they spent time between speaking picking on each other using their awards. Yes, he sounded and acted like someone you would love to sit with and swap stories with.

  • Scott Mizzi-Gili
    Scott Mizzi-Gili 23 days ago

    my favorite author , i was a kid but my mom let me read the dragons eyes when i was really young.. while its a fantasy story it is how i became a fan of mr king. i was 5 when i started reading it.. i just loved his stories.. love the journeys you took me on.. i was happy to go on these trips. you are the reason i dream and hope to be writer just thank you... your pages on pages just fueled me.. thank you for the joy of every letter and of every word... thank you for giving me something to push for something to believe in ...

    • Matthew Newton
      Matthew Newton 21 day ago

      Scott Mizzi-Gili Hang about. You read Eyes of the Dragon when you were FIVE ???!! Most children have just learned to read See Spot Run at that age.

  • Terry Walter
    Terry Walter 23 days ago

    He looks like a cat.

  • Andy Porter
    Andy Porter 23 days ago

    I'll tell you what's scary: that hastily rigged curtain backdrop. What unspeakable horror is it hiding?

  • Sunder Aldridge
    Sunder Aldridge 23 days ago

    Being paralyzed by terror is not a good thing. Cmon ppl

  • GoreQuill NachoVidal
    GoreQuill NachoVidal 23 days ago +1

    If it has over 300 adverbs it is Stephen King or J K Rowling.

  • GoreQuill NachoVidal
    GoreQuill NachoVidal 23 days ago

    The Running Man is a great movie. If it had followed the book exactly it would have been shit. And Arnold is one of the biggest stars and most successful people in modern history.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 24 days ago

    Those kids are idiots. They will invite a professional liar to speak about fantasy and yet they would implode at the thought of listening to a conservative talk about reality.

    • Andrew M
      Andrew M 21 day ago

      @Matthew Newton you want to know what college lectures have to do with politics? Seriously? College's push their politics on everyone. They try to suppress freedom of speech. They show favoutism towards low IQ liberal activists. They ban non liberals from speaking. Today's college's are basically just brainwashing factories for political activists and gender study morons. As for king, he has a lot of skeletons in his closet and is part of the group of hollywood sell outs who has been rewarded for bashing trump and spreading lies.

    • Matthew Newton
      Matthew Newton 21 day ago +1

      Did somebody turn two pages at once? I’m completely lost here. Who is the liar and what relation does this lecture bear to politics?

  • Snake Whitcher
    Snake Whitcher 24 days ago +1

    A venerable writer is being driven home by his hypeman after a Q and A at a reputable university. Things don't go according to play. Hijinks ensue.

  • Jimmy Johnston
    Jimmy Johnston 25 days ago


    • Jimmy Johnston
      Jimmy Johnston 24 days ago

      @LaraCroftEyes1 50 Shades of Gay, more like.

    • LaraCroftEyes1
      LaraCroftEyes1 24 days ago

      Awe are you a Twilight fan or 50 shade of Gray fan?

  • April Girl
    April Girl 25 days ago

    "This is Stevie King. He's wicked smart." He certainly is. How is it we have began to under appreciate the talent it takes to write and create when these are the people who entertain us, who cause us to think and lay the foundations for films, plays and novels that can live on for generations? There are few skills a person can obtain that are as lasting as this, or that bring as much.

  • Connor Wilcox
    Connor Wilcox 25 days ago

    54:07 is it just me, or does the audience clap because the annoying guy leaves?

  • Allen Peden
    Allen Peden 26 days ago

    The creepy guy that lives behind the fence out back....

  • Naughty Monkey
    Naughty Monkey 26 days ago

    Stephen King's transcendental ability to create a world out of thin air (paper?), and make you live in it to the extent that upon completion of one of his books, you feel a sense of loss and grief something akin to the death of a close relative, is incredible.

  • Naughty Monkey
    Naughty Monkey 26 days ago

    My favourite author. So often he's dismissed as a writer of pulp, mainstream horror (vampires, zombies etc etc), almost always from people who've never read one of his books, and only know him from the dozens of terrible, B-grade film adaptations of his books. With the exceptions of A Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Stand By Me, Hearts In Atlantis, The Shining, Pet Cemetary, Room 1408, Rose Red, The Mist (average movie, brutal ending!) and perhaps the IT remake, they're all so bad. And he's outspoken as not giving a shit. Oh well. It's such a shame The Dark Tower wasn't treated with the respect that Game of Thrones was (for five seasons), because those books are genius, the movie is woeful, and there's material there for a world shattering series of movies or tv series.
    And many thanks go to a drug called cocaine, without which we would not have some of the more intense fiction of his, from the insanity of the IT conclusion, to many aspects of the long Dark Tower series, to so many in between.
    May the King reign forever

  • Pon TuZz
    Pon TuZz 26 days ago

    silent questions are kinda annoying with these kinda videos...

  • India Newton
    India Newton 26 days ago

    please buy my book

  • Doris
    Doris 26 days ago

    Mr. King has made my life more wonderful since I was 9 years old. I was a kid who came from Nicaragua in 1978 and loved to read. I went to the library in the Bronx and there were several books written by Mr. King. There for the first time I picked up Carrie and Salem's Lot. The rest is history for me. I own almost all of Mr. King's books, and I am now 47 and still read like I am starving for books. When someone once asked me "Who are your favorite authors?" (God I hate that question) I said, Stephen King, Edith Wharton, W. Somerset Maughn, Henry James and HP Lovecraft. I was a weird young kid, carrying around all my books and other kids making fun of me, but I thank Mr. King for making me feel normal, from youth until this day. Mr. King, if you ever come to New York City we here in the Bronx will meet you at the Poe House and throw you a festival!!

  • Buffy Scarlette
    Buffy Scarlette 26 days ago

    I don't know who that other bloke is but he's a fucking idiot.

  • Fabius
    Fabius 27 days ago

    2:27 Christmasday mother was calling me:"Come celebrate, have christmas dinner, have some misery on the table..."

  • Lea Speer
    Lea Speer 28 days ago +48

    Also: A little advice for writers who have found themselves here.
    Don’t aim to be like Steven King as a writer.
    Or any of your author faves.
    Be like You.

    • Xtof
      Xtof 12 days ago

      My writing is abstract and intellectual. I slap my penis against the keyboard and let autocorrect try to fix it. If you don't get it then use ate s fiol

    • Mango Roxx
      Mango Roxx 16 days ago +2

      @Matt Diazepam Hey! Don't tell me how to Eat/Pray/Love when I'm trying to Live/Laugh/Love! I heart my empty, brainless platitudes TO THE MOON AND BACK!! Seriously, I became nauseated just reading the original post. Namaste, Motherfucker!

    • Matt Diazepam
      Matt Diazepam 20 days ago +3

      How generic and trite.
      Any other meaningless tit-bits of advice you found stencilled on a single woman's kitchen wall?

  • Lea Speer
    Lea Speer 28 days ago

    HES A NUT! 😂

  • dr rd
    dr rd 28 days ago +1

    People go on about his horror stories but forget he wrote two amazing prison dramas that became popular Hollywood films.... the Shawshank redemption and the Green Mile.

    SNOWINGSART 28 days ago

    @t has a FREE Art therapy course. I took it. Loved it! @t.
    FREE! Because part of minimalism to me is not to have to pay. To fill
    out forms, get money, get credit, get accepted at the school/university.
    All that is stress!

  • Robert Caskie
    Robert Caskie 29 days ago

    Stephen King is a genius!

  • gemma berlanti
    gemma berlanti 29 days ago

    It's a bit uncanny how Stephen King's voice sound similar to Donald Trump's is you listen closely.

  • pooth27
    pooth27 29 days ago

    He doesn't seem to have any concept of good and evil. Wow!

  • dragonofthedawn40
    dragonofthedawn40 Month ago

    A great talk, the only improvement would be if the people asking questions were given a microphone....some of the questions were repeated for the viewers could hear, but not all. Other than that, very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing.

  • Suzette Powers
    Suzette Powers Month ago

    Love the man and his books. I've read most of his books and have read most more than twice. Great guy.

  • Филип Стефанов

    For 50 shades of grey and Lovecraft, skip to 48:00

  • Michael Sheridan
    Michael Sheridan Month ago

    49:41 so it's porn

  • Michael Sheridan
    Michael Sheridan Month ago

    Something tells me he's still a bit salty about the shining

  • Michael Sheridan
    Michael Sheridan Month ago

    20:58 he only watches AMC

  • Eugene Aniar
    Eugene Aniar Month ago

    Love it very interesting to hear Stephen King himself about writing and his take on current novels in the market. Thanks for sharing!

  • KpopHooked Channel
    KpopHooked Channel Month ago

    That other author is so annoying. He made this a tad awkward than it needs to be. He even said, "I'm gonna choose a woman." When choosing people to ask questions, that was just...