Korean Fried Chicken

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  • Anabela garrett
    Anabela garrett 4 days ago

    This makes me so hungry every time I watch this😋😩

  • Missus B
    Missus B 4 days ago

    I know u posted this in korea, but have u tried korean fried chicken downtown tokyo? Shibuya maybe? My korean friend served it last weekend. おいしいねー!

  • Hamsterccino
    Hamsterccino 8 days ago

    Running through all the old videos for nostalgia and because watching the ads is all I can do to support you guys (for now!). I really hope to sponsor you guys in the future. Your videos have put a smile on my face for years. This is one of my favorites by far! Love your growth in video editing and styling since moving to Japan. Love you guys!

  • Chika Farhani
    Chika Farhani 11 days ago +1

    Every once in a while I watch ALL your FAPFAP and WANK videos and somehow I never get bored of it. Like literally, I think I watched each video at least 6-7 times. Subscribed since 2012 ❤️

  • Sayaka Hayashi
    Sayaka Hayashi 14 days ago


  • Chin Shou Tian
    Chin Shou Tian 28 days ago

    it has reached 2 million views

  • SparkleUnicorn
    SparkleUnicorn Month ago

    Why is Simon's face so shiny?

  • mingd liu
    mingd liu Month ago

    양냠치킨 /양념치킨?

  • Nabila F. T.
    Nabila F. T. Month ago

    It's Sunday and I'm so lazy to wake up from my bed. Even KFC is only 100 meters away from my house, I DON'T WANNA WAKE UP FROM MY BED! FRIED CHICKENS, DO YOURSELF AND WALK HERE RIGHT NOW!

  • Terrance Albright
    Terrance Albright 2 months ago

    I could piss in a bottle and slap a label that says gluten-free or no zztpo and Americans would drink my piss right up and then say is good for them even though I made up zztpo they will drink my piss and swear that's it's the best thing since Jesus my big question is where was gluten 15 years ago where was gluten on 9/11/01

  • József Gál
    József Gál 2 months ago

    Martina be like: Ilike my chicken boneless...

  • xXELiNEXx [boymeetsME]
    xXELiNEXx [boymeetsME] 2 months ago


  • Amy Wan
    Amy Wan 2 months ago

    DFTBA!!!!! :D

  • Munchy
    Munchy 2 months ago +4

    I can't believe I want to go to Korea, just to eat fried chicken.

    • Freeman Always
      Freeman Always Month ago

      - [ ] If you need some good Korean food(420) Chat me up on Wickr App @strawberry420 if you know what we talking about, I will hook you up with some good food420

  • skybeIPod
    skybeIPod 2 months ago

    Fried chicken in cookeville SUUUUUCKS

  • Nyan Quake
    Nyan Quake 2 months ago

    Simon is rocking that MOISTACHE. Sorry mustache* or should I say MOOstache!

  • Isaiah 55:1-13
    Isaiah 55:1-13 2 months ago

    why is it green?

  • Ruth Perez
    Ruth Perez 2 months ago

    Hahaha extendable fork.😂

  • Ameya Gonzalez
    Ameya Gonzalez 2 months ago

    I love you guys!!! 😢 relationship goals!!!

  • tija1012
    tija1012 3 months ago

    Popeyes 👌

  • grillimakkara
    grillimakkara 3 months ago

    I come back to this video once a month and regret it every time. I want food.

  • vorkev1
    vorkev1 3 months ago

    anyone who agrees with me and thinks they are high in their videos. Pleas comment you are high.

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  3 months ago

      +vorkev1 lots of people agree with you, but I promise we’re not high. We’re just very excitable people :)

  • vorkev1
    vorkev1 3 months ago

    is their ever a time when you 2 are not high. every video I have watched you are both high as fuck.

    • vorkev1
      vorkev1 3 months ago

      you remind me of dabby and dank from Netflix show Disjointed

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  3 months ago

      +vorkev1 we have never ever shot a video high. Not once. We’re just very excitable people :)

  • The Outernet Is Scary
    The Outernet Is Scary 3 months ago

    Do they speak Korean or not because I've heard you could get around in Korea with just speaking English

  • AlexNJ0
    AlexNJ0 3 months ago

    Late squad

  • Aaliyah B
    Aaliyah B 4 months ago

    We have korean fried chicken in Maryland :) it's called Bonchon and it is soooo good . It is like how Simon said, its every different part of the chicken lol and the pieces are huge !!!

  • 3auka88
    3auka88 4 months ago

    Martina I love your sweater.....😍😍😍

  • orenji shinchang
    orenji shinchang 4 months ago

    Still watching in 2017 and I just noticed 3:12 there's Shinhwa on the box XD

  • aye it's sarah
    aye it's sarah 4 months ago

    What's the first type of kfc called?

  • Zekrom YT
    Zekrom YT 4 months ago

    More like: Korean fried Children

  • I like Stuff
    I like Stuff 4 months ago

    Ddeok is a rice cake...

  • Deadly_Sins
    Deadly_Sins 5 months ago


  • Mia Mochi
    Mia Mochi 5 months ago

    This is my fav vid from you guys

  • starofsorrow
    starofsorrow 5 months ago

    This might be a super-random question and not really applicable all that much since y'all aren't living there anymore, but when you order boneless, do you get both the dark meat and the white meat? Or can you request white meat only?

  • Ha LT Rei
    Ha LT Rei 5 months ago +1

    Whenever me is hungry me always come back to this video to annoy the eff out of my stomach and my mind

  • Will
    Will 5 months ago

    You can just order it to your house.. fuckig move me there.

  • Ellie .mp4
    Ellie .mp4 5 months ago +1

    Can I get the chicken, 🅱ONELESS?

  • 김선회
    김선회 5 months ago


  • Jasmine Savoie
    Jasmine Savoie 5 months ago

    Sooo..... can i still call it kfc?

  • Chloe M3lon
    Chloe M3lon 5 months ago

    I want ur sweater ughh 😍

  • Theblahblahgames
    Theblahblahgames 5 months ago


  • Todd Maek
    Todd Maek 6 months ago

    Never had that but it looks good as hell. I did like Kyochon??? (I think that's how you say it) they were really good too.

  • #Ryan87#
    #Ryan87# 6 months ago

    Drooling rn 🤤

  • Gerard Ohara
    Gerard Ohara 6 months ago

    U 2 rock. Lov u crazy guys

  • Akihira'sCrazyStuff
    Akihira'sCrazyStuff 6 months ago

    I really want to eat the shrimp one

  • Glory Tran
    Glory Tran 6 months ago


  • Glory Tran
    Glory Tran 6 months ago

    I'm starting to dress more like Martina and Simon

  • Kevin Lau
    Kevin Lau 6 months ago +1

    I'm so hungry

  • Llama Lover
    Llama Lover 6 months ago

    Please do the korean spicy noodle challenge

  • Llama Lover
    Llama Lover 6 months ago

    This is a moo "falls on table" XD

  • WinterLeaf G
    WinterLeaf G 6 months ago

    The part that Simon said What is it the one that look like a ball is the Chicken Oysters if I spelled it right ;~;

  • K K
    K K 6 months ago

    TaeMAN 😂

  • Il Moro
    Il Moro 6 months ago

    한국인만 좋아하는 건줄 알았는데.

  • 예옝
    예옝 7 months ago

    이때는 ㄱㅊ았는데 ㅉ

  • Farhan Rahman
    Farhan Rahman 7 months ago


  • Elx
    Elx 7 months ago


  • Sara
    Sara 7 months ago

    i'll die to try korean fried chicken

  • Christine
    Christine 7 months ago

    It's 2017 and still watching coz' its 2am in the morning and i'm hungry af!!! i waaant that glorious korean chicken!

  • BriBee
    BriBee 7 months ago

    I always come back to this video because it is the one that sparked my love for y'all

  • Jazmine Viveros
    Jazmine Viveros 7 months ago

    You guys give me flash backs of Jin from BTS eating a lot of these foods but they all look delicious.

  • StrayCatCafe
    StrayCatCafe 7 months ago

    Okay as a southerner it disturbs me that everywhere else chicken is yellow and I have no idea why
    do y'all not bread them or has all the chicken in my life been cooked wrong

  • JoshJazz01
    JoshJazz01 7 months ago

    I always get lured into watching this late at night

  • Jstn C
    Jstn C 8 months ago

    It looks so fucking good...

  • oryza nikita
    oryza nikita 8 months ago

    came here for the chicken, stay because of you guys 😂😂😂😂😂

    THE TOM GIRL 8 months ago

    Theres 666 dislikes

      THE TOM GIRL 8 months ago

      Simon and Martina btw i liked because some one else disliked so by liking it wouldnt curse you forever

      THE TOM GIRL 8 months ago

      Simon and Martina OMG YOU ACUALLY REPLIED 😳😳😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁btw i hope spudgy and meemers are alright

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  8 months ago

      +THE TOM GIRL thanks, I think?

      THE TOM GIRL 8 months ago

      I fixed it by disliking this vid even though i wanted to like it

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  • zzz zzz
    zzz zzz 8 months ago

    is that parsley on the fried chicken

    ASIAN MAN 8 months ago

    was that a extended fork? WHERE CAN I BUY

  • szorohov85
    szorohov85 8 months ago

    who watching this in 2017? again?

  • _._alkijuyo _._
    _._alkijuyo _._ 9 months ago

    They're eating this, and i'm over here, just like:
    Yep. I love this ramen. BEST THING IN THE WORLD.
    I'm Korean but I don't live in Korea.

  • michael taylor
    michael taylor 9 months ago

    oh my god this video made me so hungry! lol

  • Boy Aditya
    Boy Aditya 9 months ago

    i miss this foodporn music ....

  • Christine Ramos
    Christine Ramos 9 months ago

    You guys are so funny..and making me hungry!

  • Vicky Fu
    Vicky Fu 9 months ago

    i regret clicking on this i'm so hungry

  • Andrew McKenna
    Andrew McKenna 9 months ago

    nene chicken b my fav

  • zzoe lxx
    zzoe lxx 9 months ago

    I'm hungry now

  • 애쉬크림존
    애쉬크림존 9 months ago

    한글자막 감사합니다!

  • Ayano Ueda
    Ayano Ueda 9 months ago

    I love Korean fried chicken so muchhhh 😍😍👌🏻🐔🍗

  • ZeldaDee1
    ZeldaDee1 9 months ago

    I'm pregnant, one of my food aversions is chicken but now I'm craving this so badly! 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Savannah Dai
    Savannah Dai 9 months ago

    can someone please tell me if that's EXO on the chicken box at 3:12????

  • unaanguila
    unaanguila 9 months ago

    Thanks for sharing!

  • sarah li
    sarah li 9 months ago


  • Nek I
    Nek I 9 months ago

    the new kfc = kunt fried chicken

  • Pauline Ruth
    Pauline Ruth 9 months ago

    its in the middle of the night and im longing for some fried chicken

  • Carla Fernandez
    Carla Fernandez 9 months ago

    Omg... i just love the way they eat...

  • Oli Donohue
    Oli Donohue 9 months ago

    I want to visit Korea just for the chicken 😓

  • 원장 TV
    원장 TV 9 months ago

    한국의 모든걸 아는것처럼 지랄하지마 병신들아 You are poo

  • 저지방
    저지방 10 months ago

    all korean love chicken. and *Im korean...*

  • FOR the GAME
    FOR the GAME 10 months ago

    Since they went to japan and korea they should go to China

  • Oh Snap
    Oh Snap 10 months ago

    every time i watch this video i crabe for fried chicken!!

  • Chaos
    Chaos 10 months ago

    0:18 to 0:26 look at Simons face...

  • Michelle Ong
    Michelle Ong 10 months ago

    ddeok is a ricke cake log XD

  • Edri Suarez
    Edri Suarez 10 months ago

    martina, PLEASE tell me where you got your hat from!!

  • M Chan
    M Chan 10 months ago

    KFC and beer is the way to go.Whenever I crave the KFC, I watch this video since it's not so convenient for me to get it in my city..... I think it's my 5th time here this month... darn cold go away so I can have some FRIED CHICKEN!

  • Isabelle Kun
    Isabelle Kun 10 months ago

    Never saw a jar like Martinas .. o.o

  • 읭스터훈
    읭스터훈 10 months ago

    ..Eat your Kimchi??

  • Thomas Vu
    Thomas Vu 10 months ago +1

    "Blindly shove it in your mouth and be happy" - Simon

  • shafira ardiani
    shafira ardiani 10 months ago

    Watching this at midnight is a big mistake

  • _- YongmaLogis
    _- YongmaLogis 10 months ago

    KFC 도 맛있습니다.

  • Derp Face
    Derp Face 10 months ago