Dumbledore Is A Phoenix | Harry Potter Theory

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
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    Today J dives into the wizarding world of Harry Potter to try and reveal another of Dumbledore’s many secrets - Was he a phoenix? Was one born upon his death?
    Edited by: Scott Niswander

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Comments • 1 948

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  Month ago +888

    Soo..... did Dumbledore become a phoenix? Was a Phoenix born of his death?

    • Stuart Doig
      Stuart Doig 3 days ago

      What if he was just an animagus who took on features and characteristics of a phoenix. Like how pettigrew also acts like a rat. James Potter turned into a stag and his patronus was a stag.

    • Chris Grey
      Chris Grey 11 days ago

      I think y'all just making up stuff as you go along.

    • Dave Wade
      Dave Wade 17 days ago

      Interesting theory, but no. I don't buy this one. I think that Dumbledore certainly has a special connection to Phoenix, but I don't think he is one himself. As a super powerful, good wizard I think he can exude similar traits as the Phoenix without being one himself.

    • Niccamor
      Niccamor 18 days ago

      Mazuzu Ndhlovu it’s Guy Fawkes - you know the one who wanted to burn Parliament. Burn with Fire. Faux is pronounced like foe in French.

  • Laura Clement King
    Laura Clement King 9 minutes ago

    do you think Ron is a parslemouth

  • Zachery Whisenant

    Perhaps he was a Phoenix. So much so, in fact, that perhaps the Phoenix we see in the movies is not always the same Phoenix. It would be interesting if he was an animagus and a Phoenix is what he turned into.

  • anthony ward
    anthony ward 7 hours ago

    well great you ruined the huge plot twist at the end of fantastic beats 5

  • Maya Thomas
    Maya Thomas Day ago

    "Even in death..." I'm the hero?? DUMBLEDORE! EIDITH!

  • Nyoom Monster
    Nyoom Monster 2 days ago

    Theory: the Unforgivable Curses came from the Elder Wand.

  • Judy Coleman
    Judy Coleman 2 days ago

    We should keep an eye out for connections between the Phoenix in Crimes of Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s Phoenix. Why else would Olivander write to Dumbledore about the twin cores?

  • Lyro92
    Lyro92 2 days ago

    I know in the movie, not sure if it was in the books, he controlled the fire on the candles too. Small but another case of him and fire, the whole seeing light from the darkness out whatever. Lol

  • mugglesarecooltoo
    mugglesarecooltoo 3 days ago

    Phoenixes are a symbol for Christ. Get it? Faithful?

  • theduelist92
    theduelist92 3 days ago

    I mean the strenght to lift a water bottle should be extrahordinary for Dumbledore, he's 116 years old. Check how strong is a 116 YO person, than check back on Dumbledore picking harry up.
    Yep, that is extraordinary strenght indeed.
    And about the whole "living long" thing... Rowling said wizard's average lifespan in Britain is 137 years old so Dumbey dies kinda young... Q.Q
    And for what the teleportation is concerned, in the books (as far as i remember) Dumbledore knocks out 5 people in the blink of an eye, then talks to Harry and McGonagal and then grabs Fawkes' tail and just gets outta there, probably flying.

    Im absolutely not on board with this one, you listed a bunch of symbolisms and out of context phrases (like the Phoenix flying from Dumbledore's graveyard) and drew an unjustified conclusion. Kinda disappointed not gonna lie.

  • Jordan Greene
    Jordan Greene 3 days ago

    This is a massive stretch guys... I normally think y’all’s theories are spot on and really insightful to the magical world and other historical literature and storytelling, but I felt like this was a lot of grasping at very thin straws.

  • Valerie Roman
    Valerie Roman 3 days ago +1

    Hey Brothers!!
    Not sure if this has been theorized yet, but as we know...
    DUMBLEDORE: Well, I’ve always felt an affinity with the great magical birds. There’s a story in my family that a phoenix will come to any Dumbledore who is in desperate need. They say my great-great-grandfather had one, but that it took flight when he died, never to return.
    What if all Phoenix's are initially born and reborn from the ashes of a Dumbledore who has passed?
    Also, could the Phoenix at the end of the second Fantastic Beasts potentially be the long lost Phoenix of Albus' Great-Great Grandfather, who came to Credence in the final scene.
    (Side note, video on Albus Dumbledore's family tree!! Please much want!)
    Thanks for all the videos, keep em coming!! ⚡❤💛💚💙⚡

  • toanzhou
    toanzhou 4 days ago

    Also, Dumbledore can create Gubraithian Fire, because he makes a branch of it for one of the gifts he sends to the Gurg of the Giants. Hagrid says it’s not something just anyone can do, and Hermione was SERIOUSLY impressed when she heard that it was one of the gifts.

  • kathrine jakob
    kathrine jakob 4 days ago +3

    Question if Phoenix tears cures everything why didn’t Dumbledore not use it to fix his cursed hand?

  • Elaine Bachman
    Elaine Bachman 4 days ago

    This will probably be lost in the many comment you get but for a week I have tried to turn on yalls notifications (been subscribed since before that started) but it keeps saying unknown error

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D 5 days ago

    Hahaha, nice modeling gaze lol. I'm ordering a watch as we speak just because of that 😂

  • David Ray
    David Ray 5 days ago +1

    Dumbledore was once a student at Hogwarts. He has a brother and a sister. And parents.
    Conclusion: your theory is false.

  • David Ray
    David Ray 5 days ago

    Um...what are you doing, SCB's?

  • Agustín Franco
    Agustín Franco 5 days ago

    maybe he was even a secret animagus

  • Emily Carter
    Emily Carter 5 days ago

    What if Dumbledore can shapeshift into a Phoenix, much like Sirius to a dog, James into a stag, etc. Which could explain why he didn’t have the rebirth effect, because while he had many properties of a Phoenix, he wasn’t ACTUALLY a Phoenix. OR he couldn’t rebirth because of the curse?
    I’m intrigued. You’ve got me thinking.
    What if it was Dumbledore’s tail feather that was in Voldemort and Harry’s wand, which is how he knew who got the wands. Maybe the gave the first one to Voldemort because he knew that someday there would need to be someone who could stop him. I always assumed this was Faux who did this, but the Dumbledore theory makes more sense.

  • James Morningstar
    James Morningstar 6 days ago

    A thought for you. Could Dumbledore be an animagus(not quite sure how it's spelled) of a phoenix.

  • Manuel Armando Contreras Flores

    What if Dumbledore was, secretly, an animagus and he could transform into a phoenix?

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 6 days ago

    Dumbledore doesn't come back to life but Harry does name his son Albus.

  • Mega Dunsparce
    Mega Dunsparce 7 days ago

    Maybe he was an unregistered animagus and could turn into a Phoenix. You would think Dumbledore would’ve learned how to become an animal being as powerful as he was.

  • michal888ful
    michal888ful 7 days ago

    Maybe Fawks is Dumbldore who came back from future with time changer?:) so there was two Dumbledors for the whole series one normal, and one hidden in form of Phoenix:)

  • Poppun Presents
    Poppun Presents 7 days ago

    Don't forget about him accidentally setting the curtains on fire as a student

  • Annalise Vezina
    Annalise Vezina 7 days ago

    I got some serious chills at the end
    I really miss Dumbledore :'(

  • Oma Cool
    Oma Cool 7 days ago

    Excellent vid. Yes I think he transformed. THATS all death is. A transformation from one form to another

  • Epic Mark Aquarius
    Epic Mark Aquarius 8 days ago

    LOVE THE BORN AS A PHEONIX THEORY... That's fact as far as I'm concern. Thanks!

  • Epic Mark Aquarius
    Epic Mark Aquarius 8 days ago

    It would make more sense that Dumbledore modeled his magic after the Pheonix... Like spending years and years learning magic that would compliment his Pheonix Companion, making him seem like a Pheonix because he acts like a Pheonix. Pheonix live a long time so he learned magic that would prolong his life... Pheonix are made of fire so he specialized in Fire knowing that Fawkes power would boost his own... Learning or creating a spell that mimics the effects of a Pheonix wouldn't be hard for a Master Wizard, like Dumbledore. He doesn't have to sing because Dumbledore can cast spells just by thinking them. He definitely doesn't have to be an actually Pheonix disguised as a man to be who he is... Just saying.

  • Epic Mark Aquarius
    Epic Mark Aquarius 8 days ago

    It's *REALLY* weird that you keep referring to J. K. Rowland as a Man.... seriously stop it... it's kinda disrespectful... I mean you talk so much about Harry Potter for you to misgender the author continuously... even after editing, implying that you AND your brother both think she is a Man... Yo thats too weird... stop pls

  • Jim Olofsson
    Jim Olofsson 8 days ago

    So long since i read the books so dont remember how they explained Dumbledores death, but one thing i always thought was wierd is, maybe just a movie missstake but in the movie when hit by Avada Kedavra Dumbledore doesn´t instantly die like everyone else hit by it, he seems alive and moving when falling.
    Maybe he really was alive and turned into a Phoenix and left a "decoy" body so people really would belive he was dead and forcing Harry into the right path to be able to win in the end.
    Another thing i always thought was wierd was Dumbledores knowledge, sure some could be explained by high intelligence and legilimency but Dumbledore´s knowledge of events feelt like he could see everything, future past and present.

  • Matt Slosman
    Matt Slosman 8 days ago

    Ok so follow me here. We learn in CoG that "A pheonix will always come to a [Dumbledore] in time of need" and we know that certain magical traits are strictly held within a family (parseltounge), and the pheonix is incredibly rare and mysterious. What if the Dumbledore family is either enchanted or cursed with eternal life by becoming a pheonix when they die? So yes, Albus Percevil Wolfric Brian Dumbledore is a pheonix, but so are the rest of the Dumbledores and they come to a Dumbledore in need because they're literally family. Albus even says in CoS that to summon Fawkes to him Harry must have shown "Great Loyalty to (Dumbledore)". One step further down the rabbit hole, what if Fawkes went to Harry not because he simply showed great loyalty to Albus and the Pheonixes love them some Dumbledore, but Fawkes is the reincarnation of Albus Dumbledore's obscurus...


    • Matt Slosman
      Matt Slosman 8 days ago

      This also fits the "Fawkes is a Horcrux" theory, he's not exactly a horcrux as we understand them but he is still a part of Albus Dumbledore by way of his obscurus which has to be a part of Albus Dumbledore's soul, right?

  • RJ packs123
    RJ packs123 8 days ago +2

    Anyone else think Phoenixes can life heavy loads but just make there loads very light. That's why Harry felt very light when fawkes lifted him up?

  • Varazdat Stepanyan
    Varazdat Stepanyan 8 days ago

    Not only Albus, I think all Dumbledore are phoenixes

  • Nerdy Queen
    Nerdy Queen 8 days ago

    Yay Scott

  • Alex Sheets
    Alex Sheets 8 days ago

    I mean he was an animagi right?

  • Aaron Lachin
    Aaron Lachin 9 days ago

    Dumbledore's patronus is a phoenix. Many people's animagus and patronus are the same. Dumbledore taught transfiguration and aided Mgonogal in becoming an Animagus. Dumbledore studied every aspect of magic.
    I think his Animagus was a Phoenix, and he had some of the phoenix powers in human form

  • Cre Henge
    Cre Henge 9 days ago

    They don't even try anymore with their theories...

  • Sony Gill
    Sony Gill 9 days ago

    Does he actually say at 13:02 "let me know your thoughts in the towel section down below?"

  • Carolyn Yangas
    Carolyn Yangas 9 days ago

    I'm really struggling with the fact they say dumbles was really old. I mean bagshot was grindys aunt. And he was 17 when she took him in that summer. And bagshot was old friends with Muriel prewetts mother.... i just dont think 115 is that old in the wizarding world...

  • Lex Rue
    Lex Rue 10 days ago

    Have you guys ever heard of symbolism? I know this making up weird theories is fun and all but really... some things might, perhaps, sometimes be just (I can't believe I am saying just to qualify symbolic but yeah...) JUST SYMBOLIC

  • Rajesh Thomas
    Rajesh Thomas 10 days ago

    At 10:00 maybe a phoenix physically carrying someone is like teleportation to outside observers. Maybe a phoenix can increase its velocity to near the speed of light when its wants to "teleport" (perhaps while carrying someone). So for outside observers, the phoenix disappears in a flash. But for the observers riding along with the phoenix, time flows normally due to relativity.

  • Sawyer Landreth
    Sawyer Landreth 10 days ago

    Wanna know why Dumbledore was called the HEADmaster

  • Natalia Lais De Souza
    Natalia Lais De Souza 10 days ago

    omg, i just got back from a road trip and i love the new intro!

  • K C
    K C 11 days ago

    I read the entire potter series when I was 7-9, never picked up a potter book since then but wow just reading some of these passages from the video makes me want to completely rediscover this world Rowling created, I missed so many things being so young

  • Michel Fortin
    Michel Fortin 11 days ago

    You need to read a Dungeons and Dragons description of a Phoenix. I think J.K. got a lot of info from D&D.

  • stefano rodriguez
    stefano rodriguez 11 days ago

    There's a thing I don't get and actually don't know if it's explained somewhere, can ani-mages turn themselves into magical animals? such a basilisk or a phoenix?

  • Dingy Ostrich
    Dingy Ostrich 12 days ago +1

    I think he was an animagus who could turn into a Phoenix at will, so when he dies his Phoenix is reborn as a chick in the flames that his body bursts into. Meaning that because his animagus form is nearly immortal, it lived on past his human form’s death

  • Taylor Mauch
    Taylor Mauch 14 days ago

    Thank you for that X Files nod

  • Eddie Hirst
    Eddie Hirst 14 days ago

    You guys should read Percy Jackson. It’s like Harry Potter with Greek Mythology, and PERCABETH. Cause Percabeth

  • E play_859
    E play_859 14 days ago

    Snape said he only has a year to live

  • Vrededromer
    Vrededromer 15 days ago

    I really like the Fantastic beasts Idea that the Phoenix would be Corvus, that sounds really interesting.

  • Anonymous Animator
    Anonymous Animator 16 days ago +2

    1980’s: We will have flying cars in the future!!!
    2019: DUMBLEDORE IS A BIRD!!!!!

  • Legendary Yoshi
    Legendary Yoshi 16 days ago

    Did you put your name in the goblet of fire?!?!

  • Ari s
    Ari s 16 days ago

    Is it just me or does the new intro look super weird

  • Amanda Schipper
    Amanda Schipper 16 days ago

    I had this very same theory when I read HBP for the first time, except I was sure he’d come back. I love the bit about him being the embodiment of a Phoenix though. Good stuff.

  • Dave Wade
    Dave Wade 16 days ago

    It may be possible that Dumbledore is an animagus who's form is a phoenix. If an animagus can be a magical creature. If so, it would give him all of the abilities of a phoenix without him actually being one.

  • lethal function
    lethal function 16 days ago

    I'm going to rule out the age thing because Grindelwald is the same age as Dumbledore and you see Voldemort visit Grindelwald in Azkaban

  • Stephen Brady
    Stephen Brady 17 days ago

    All Dumbledore's are phoenix. His sister was reborn as Fawkes. 🤷