Baby Driver - Movie Review

  • Published on Jun 24, 2017
  • Edgar Wright brings us a stylish crime/comedy/drama about the best youth getaway driver ever put on screen. Here's my review of BABY DRIVER!
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Comments • 2 004

  • Russ Rogers
    Russ Rogers 6 days ago +1

    Baby driver is my all-time favorite movie and edgar wright is my favorite writer/director

  • GoddessOfWhim2003
    GoddessOfWhim2003 27 days ago

    loved Baby Driver so much i don't want a sequel. not enough stand alone movies anymore

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica Month ago

    This movie has next to no CGI

  • Xander Frost
    Xander Frost Month ago

    Of course Kevin Spacey chose a young boy called Baby as his driver...

  • LeTheGenD
    LeTheGenD 2 months ago

    The first hour was good. The second hour was complete shit.

  • Annie1962
    Annie1962 3 months ago

    Fab film!

  • Abel Mantor
    Abel Mantor 6 months ago

    I think it's bad ass that the main character's name is baby.

  • alice s
    alice s 6 months ago

    well I know that truth behind car and how it goes fast

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 7 months ago

    horrible acting, horrible movie, and Jamie fox was a dick, and cant act

  • Steel Xcaliber
    Steel Xcaliber 7 months ago

    Anyone else notice that Baby says "sure" a lot? Stuff like "you sure are" or "it sure is".

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 7 months ago

    This film was a really big surprise for me because, to be honest, up till this movie I didn’t like Edgar Wright’s movies

  • drew wave
    drew wave 8 months ago

    This movie is horrible. 🚫🧢

    • G Curtis
      G Curtis 7 months ago

      drew wave Get fucked

  • wholetruthy
    wholetruthy 8 months ago +1

    He is just doing Spiderman 3 dance !

  • Arjit Gupta
    Arjit Gupta 8 months ago

    Review salò or 120 days of sodom

  • Amore C-P
    Amore C-P 8 months ago

    Hands down only a few movies have touched me or have came close Scott pilgrim was and is number 1 baby driver is a Tie then there's John wick

  • Iperial Android
    Iperial Android 9 months ago

    Retarded means slow. Was he slow?

  • Georgina Clarke
    Georgina Clarke 10 months ago

    18 months is such a fun age, but the toddler tantrums are REAL. Great video!

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus 10 months ago

    God I wish it didn't turn into a mess in the third act. Like I just wanted him to form a clever plan and save the day. But all hell breaks loose :T

  • Wetdookie
    Wetdookie 11 months ago

    Just seen it on fire stick. Good movie

  • chris duncan
    chris duncan Year ago

    this movie is fucking incredible, go watch it now if you havent

  • HeadPhones In
    HeadPhones In Year ago

    One thing though. Spacey says he never uses the same crew twice yet he uses bats darling and buddy twice?

    • G Curtis
      G Curtis 7 months ago

      HeadPhones In he says he’ll never use the EXACT SAME crew for a job twice. That means the same 4 people. Buddy and Darling worked with Griff the first time. Bats worked with Eddie and JD the first time. Then they worked together the second time

  • PruneMousse
    PruneMousse Year ago

    You and I are a team. Nothing is more important than our friendship.

  • Travis NEWgod
    Travis NEWgod Year ago

    It was good... it was a ok!

  • Nicolas Javaloyes

    The ending the suck

  • The Rebel One
    The Rebel One Year ago

    Jeremy, you are money bro...This movie is of 2017 best...and oh yeah...I just subscribe to your channel...BOOM!

  • Talan
    Talan Year ago

    Nah it wasn’t that good. Already forgot it in a day

  • Captain Jakemerica

    Damn I can't wait to watch this movie

  • TM Martin
    TM Martin Year ago +4

    Hope Kevin Spacey didn't try anything with Baby Driver during the shoot.

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool Year ago

    I think knowing what we know today, Kevin Spacey would totally "Engage in inappropriate sexual misconduct" with baby driver.

  • Ainsley Harriott
    Ainsley Harriott Year ago +1

    “I just wanna head west with a car we can’t afford”

  • Blaise Shakur
    Blaise Shakur Year ago

    Baby Driver should've been a black character.

  • The land of Oof
    The land of Oof Year ago

    its so cool because in most movies they dont go to jail

  • Kricz
    Kricz Year ago

    Come on, it's filmed nicely but story, characters and that romance are fucking awful. There is no chemistry at all between that pair of kids, and their dialogues makes no sense.

  • Paul
    Paul Year ago

    I loved it so much. My only negative was I never understood why Baby records conversations & makes mix tapes out of them. Maybe I missed something. Can some please help me out?

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago

    If you dont like this guy check out ralphthemoviemaker. If you do like this guy then check out ralphthemoviemaker. And then go back to your coloring book

  • zexz
    zexz Year ago

    What was the 10 minutes?

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ Year ago

    jon hamm is fucking amazing

  • Kostas1601
    Kostas1601 Year ago +1

    Love the fact that the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. It was so fun. That’s what action movies should be like

  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley Year ago

    Baby is badass.

  • Nicodimus222
    Nicodimus222 Year ago

    This was a fucking great film. I didn't think he could outdo Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz. I was wrong.

  • Dragon_of_Tragedy

    Kevin spacey should have been in the new movie you film hack

  • TP7 Productions
    TP7 Productions Year ago +1

    This movie was a pile of crap.

  • Ulio
    Ulio Year ago +1

    I don't like this movie and I don't know why.

  • oregonnich
    oregonnich Year ago +1

    saw this movie on a plane and it was fucking horrible. The kid playing the driver was so horrible at acting and extremely boring.

    • Shaymoose
      Shaymoose Year ago

      oregonnich fastest paced movie ever, best editing in any film ever

  • Andy Leggett
    Andy Leggett Year ago

    Im calling it now, this is Jeremy’s #2 movie of 2017 behind #1 Logan

  • Milmiskew
    Milmiskew Year ago

    The best scene of the movie is Baby getting fucking coffee.

  • Mottahead
    Mottahead Year ago

    Best movie of 2017.

  • Collin 115
    Collin 115 Year ago

    My 2nd favorite film of this year

  • MaximusTheMad
    MaximusTheMad Year ago

    I know it's late but I just have one question: Was he slow?

  • Humza Mughal
    Humza Mughal Year ago +1

    Hot fuzz is his best movie

  • Muddy Dirt
    Muddy Dirt Year ago

    This was a kick ass movie!

  • Dinosaurcondom
    Dinosaurcondom Year ago

    Hey I heard the director of baby driver was originally suppose to do Ant man as well? Or was I wrong?

  • What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism?

    What's with all the strange "baby driver" titles in the comment section?? xD

  • shibopshibop
    shibopshibop Year ago

    I like this reviewer! You can tell he's excited about the movie and not just some jaded aesthete sniffing at incongruities. He picked up on how the opening scene touches us because we've all had thee moments of walking around to a song or soundtrack playing on earphones or in our heads. He also loved Baby's 180 degree skid to barely miss hitting a truck.

  • Clint.Beastwood
    Clint.Beastwood Year ago

    Ending was shit

    • Shaymoose
      Shaymoose Year ago

      Clint.Beastwood is this a joke?

  • Max Review
    Max Review Year ago

    Amazing movie

  • Somebody
    Somebody Year ago

    I think I might be the only person in the world that thought this movie was dogshit. I mean what kind of fucking plot is that? I realize that unrealistic is the name of the game in this genre but come on the only characters that are at all believable are Kevin Spacey and Jamie Fox.
    edit: I retract my statement. There's something about the romance, looking back, that makes this movie very memorable for me. Even though in the context of what was happening their characters didn't feel very believable, I don't think that matters. The movie felt like the dream of every teenage boy in existence. I think this movie really captures the essence of that dream. And that's probably the most important thing.

  • Pedro Vinagre
    Pedro Vinagre Year ago

    call this meaningless sloppy footage a Movie is a offence to a proper Movie... pure DOG SHITT

    • Shaymoose
      Shaymoose Year ago

      Pedro Vinagre masterpiece of cinema what?

  • White Knight45
    White Knight45 Year ago

    baby faced guy with gay accent pulls off heist lol what a loada shit

    • Shaymoose
      Shaymoose Year ago

      White Knight45 it’s a fantasy movie for a reason

  • not to be racist, but

    I guess Kevin spacey is literally a baby driver if ya know what I mean!!

  • Rhys Williams
    Rhys Williams Year ago

    Shaun of the dead is Edgar Wright's best film

  • Henry in NorCal
    Henry in NorCal Year ago

    Found this live version of a song played in this film ----

  • A Perfect Day
    A Perfect Day Year ago

    I saw it and I was disappointed.
    The music was cool but the rest was cliche. Bad dialogues, PREDICTABLE action, standard characters, the acting was poor ( for high class actors like Spacey and Fox). A least the Cinematography was good.
    There was no or small character development
    So i didn't feel anything for the characters only for the old guy. Because i liked him and he got a small part in the film.
    The start was good but it dropped realy fast after that, sometimes it even was boring to watch.
    For a $34million budget ( i know it is low if you compare it with Tranformers 5 $217million and that was crap movie) it is a average movie, nothing more than that. I've seen movies with a lower budgets that are much better than this.
    Will i watch it again? Probably not.
    I give it a B- or say drink it with beer and forget about it later.

  • Dr. killpatient
    Dr. killpatient Year ago

    Did' nt see why Hot- shot Kevin Spacey did' nt run down, " baby' s" electronic' s every X he attended 1 of the bosses conferences. It left a laspe in Kevin Spaceys perf. That Jamie Fox had 2 cover- up 4.

  • sweetmeatlewis
    sweetmeatlewis Year ago

    This movie was okay the best thing about it was Jamie Foxx Kevin Spacey and Jon Hamm. I thought the girl who played the girlfriend was really bad and their Southern Accents sucked.

  • Eric
    Eric Year ago

    Saw this movie during a plane trip. I thought it was alright. Not as good as i thought it would be.

  • 1978Sassy
    1978Sassy Year ago

    Jeremy how much did you get paid for this? Baby Driver was shit!

    • Shaymoose
      Shaymoose Year ago

      1978Sassy Baby Driver is fucking incredible

    BDXVI Year ago

    The movie was awesome

    HESHAM SH Year ago

    great movie but stupid story line

  • MunMun MurMur
    MunMun MurMur Year ago

    The fucking music that was intertwined into the scenes themselves turned this from an average movie to a masterpiece of this year.

  • keen
    keen Year ago

    I didn't like it that much. They played more music than Suicide Squad and it was pissing me off.

  • Ramen Bowl Productions

    Why does Jeremy do the same stupid smile face in every review he does now???

  • William Grand
    William Grand Year ago

    I can't beleive I've lived my life without hearing Baby Driver by Simon and Garfunkel!

  • Michael Hekkenberg

    not sure if I agree with the awesometacular rating, but definitely better than a lot of the crud this year!!!

  • BadTooth
    BadTooth Year ago

    Honestly it's one of my top 10 favorite movies!

  • Shady
    Shady Year ago

    watch this movie its A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

  • Mohamed Waheed
    Mohamed Waheed Year ago

    Movie was boring af!! Only idiotic kids like this shit.

    • Shaymoose
      Shaymoose Year ago

      Mohamed Waheed shouldn’t that mean you like it?

  • MovieFanZ
    MovieFanZ Year ago

    Just saw Baby Driver today. I really enjoyed the movie. I liked the story, intensity, and the acting. My only negative in the movie is that the opening scene was so strong that it seemed like the rest of the movie didn’t live up to it. Therefore, I will watch it again but it is not a movie to own. Overall I give it 8.5/10

  • Jackie Nemith
    Jackie Nemith Year ago

    A great movie I loved it. So much adrenaline! Greatest action movie this year.

  • Joe Hill
    Joe Hill Year ago

    The end got a little off track

  • bullfranthrow
    bullfranthrow Year ago

    Did they pay these idiots to review this movie? This was the worst movie I've seen.

    • Shaymoose
      Shaymoose Year ago

      bullfranthrow just wasn’t though

  • CarsAndProfits
    CarsAndProfits Year ago

    This movie was 50% music

  • CarsAndProfits
    CarsAndProfits Year ago

    This movie needed more driving and robbing. Too much fucking music drowning out the plot

    • Shaymoose
      Shaymoose Year ago

      Maaz Sharief that’s the point of a musical

  • Shrimpus Jr
    Shrimpus Jr Year ago

    My dad worked on this film he's like the production designer and I was there for the car sliding stunt were he drifts and stuff that is mentioned at the beginning of this vid and it is all real and was super cool and loud

  • Robert
    Robert Year ago

    Soundtrack lets it down in key places.. Its got nothing on Drive.. Was like he was trying to imitate a Tarantino soundtrack but failed...

  • HD Film Tributes
    HD Film Tributes Year ago +4

    This movie was idiotic.

    • FutLui
      FutLui Year ago

      HD Film Tributes Fast & Furious? Nah, this movie was better than any Fast & Furious movie.

    • HD Film Tributes
      HD Film Tributes Year ago

      Ethan H, It was completely implausible from beginning to end. It was trying so hard to be "cool" and "stylish" and cater to the ADHD crowd that it ended up being basically a dumb "Fast and the Furious" type film.

    • Ethan H
      Ethan H Year ago

      HD Film Tributes how

  • dark0o16
    dark0o16 Year ago

    that ending thou.. did not expect the twist

  • Jagdeep Singh
    Jagdeep Singh Year ago

    Bro u know which company or which earphones he use in movie

  • Rob Robberson
    Rob Robberson Year ago

    The romance plotline held the movie back imo.

  • lone wonderer
    lone wonderer Year ago


  • Miguel Pabello
    Miguel Pabello Year ago

    The only gripe I had with this movie is how fast Kevin Spacey's character turned from evil crime overlord to willing ally at the end.

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar Year ago

    and get stuckmnized

  • Osakattack
    Osakattack Year ago

    It was meh. The soundtrack is used as a crutch and it's becoming the cliche of about the last 5/6 years.

  • Drake Hall783
    Drake Hall783 Year ago +1

    Started out good then turned out shit.

  • kang charm
    kang charm Year ago

    Edgar wright nailed it again

  • Rory Glynn
    Rory Glynn Year ago

    I agree with pretty much everything Jeremy says here. Such a great movie.

  • Samuel Ancer
    Samuel Ancer Year ago

    Okay jahns you won me back, felt the exact same way

  • Misty Rose
    Misty Rose Year ago

    LOVED it! It came out late in my country so I just went to see it today. Definitely one of the most creative and awesome action movies I've ever seen 😄 Also, HOW HAS NOBODY MENTIONED FLEA?!

  • cohobast92
    cohobast92 Year ago

    This movie was so good that I didn't even notice the issue of there being, like, 3 black people in a movie set in Atlanta.

  • sariig
    sariig Year ago

    The music in this.. the timing everything. Amazing